The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 4, 1945 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1945
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINTON! AN Tage Six Thursday, January 1, lflM Clasjif cd Ads Sell Most Anything YANKS SNAP SALUTE TO THE BRAVE spent Sunday evening in Dana as the guests or Mr. and .Mrs. C. E. Church and family. Hurley Stokes moved to Cliuion last week. Miss Lorene Drown of Terre Haute spent the weekend wiih friends here. Ira Richard has been ill this week at his home here. Current News In Eugene Local Resident Returns After Tennessee Visit; Sergeant on Furlough PAID NOTICES r-i : i Big Turnover ' A total of 45.51 per tent of the I women and 39.4:1 per cent of the j men in the aircraft factories on the ' West coast left their jnbs without ! working a full year. Thus, after I one year, at these rates, approxi- ; mately B5 per cent of the total num- ber hired in that yenr leit tiie pro- ; duction lines. i 'I cqlSmSia" OTSATRE Si, mil si. i f '-',-' ' p .Jk M C - ' 1 ft: iH4- -f- H'-' - ' i ?' - p A 1 l-i-" ' s : ij:,; ;-, :: -; . 1 5 v i . 4 4 to relisve slufTiness, invita . if nose fills up f3 IVr, ".Tcic-.f';! how a little Va-tro-nol t;j tad; i.oj.r'tl relieves stuffy transient coh', r.tJc:i. A'.sa relieves distress of -X'f c::C .'- rui low directions in folder. Cliuion, Ind. )c WED. & THl'K. 35c Musical Comedy "JIVE BUSTERS" Bargain Matinee Thur, )&lr)C 2:00-2:30 P.M. TUriJSDAV, JANUARY I Air.lISSKiV and i;m- DAYS OF GLORY Tamaru roumanouva Gregory Peck "LETTK:-: TO A HKKO" RKO Short THIS !S AMi:?:iCAt No. 2 TlirKer Flash Back A SALUTE for the valiant makes this dramatic scene in front of tha J.ucm:an Central Mai ion in Dei rou, as four YanKS rnap a saiuie 10 Vint Lieut. John H. IJroivn on his way to Percy Jones hospital to receive a new leg for the cne he lost at Anzifi. (International) TH PICTURES Hillsdale Hom B a ' " g jJ f A 'lory .Mrs. Fiora Weatherman returned to her home Saturday evening after spending the Christmas vacation with her daughter and son-in-law. Mr.aml Mrs. Howard Sager at .Mor-ley, Tcnn. Slie a-as accoiiiiiaufed ity her grandchildren, AHfs Jeane Sager and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Safer i Terre Haute. Ind. While there they attended the marriage of Iheir granddaughter. .Miss Hager, who was married to William Davis, also of Morley. Young Davis who has been ill the service for 29 months, is just hack from overseas. I Mr. and Mrs. Fred McCoy and i children were Sunday guests of Mrs. hoebie McCoy and family. .Mrs. Ellie Woodard and MfK Lois Dixon returned home Saturday after extended visit with Mrs. IPUe Clark in the absence of Mrs. Weath erman. Marvin Dowers was a dinner guest of his grandmotiier, .Mrs. Mattie Ilrown, Saturday. sir. and .Mrs. Charles Dowers and sons, Wayne and Marvin and Mrs. Mattie lirown of Eugene enjoyed a duck dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Collier of liumricl: Sunday before Christmas. .Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aldridge und children six-nt last Monday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jlllia.l Aldridge. T. Sgi. Gleniand Tillotson of In dianapolis spent a few days during Christ max week with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tillotson aud other relatives. On bis return to the hospital at Indianapolis, be will be transferred to another base hospital. Mrs. Christine Johnson of Clinton pent last week nd witli her mother. Mrs. Francis Keister and familv. Russell liaJdwin spent a few davs last week with bis sister. Mr. Clara Morris and family. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Clark bad as dinner guests Christmas. Mr. and -Mis. Raymond Sager and children and Mis. Hell Clark. George Keister is back at work after several days flleuss. Mrs. Edith Devore has returned to the home of her aunt, Mrs. Edith farthing after spending severe! days witli relatives at Terre Haute. James MeCurtey visited bis sis-ler. Mrs. Edith Farthing and bis children, Charles. Carl and Donnie Mcfurtey and Mrs. Edith vorc during the holidays. .Mr. and Mrs. William Canaday spent one day Inst week with Mr. and Mrs. William Dinoii of near I'er- rysville. Muster Gale Dijon sia-lit a t day last week with Mrs. Ellie Wood- erd ud Mrs. Rell Clark. Mrs. Helen jud and son. Ronnie, visited relatives at Terre Haute this Week. 'hillip I'ritrhard of near Danville spent a lew days last week itii hi, uncle ana aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Reid. Pcrrysville Club Meeting Womans' Study Club Has Two Meetings; lli Church Host to Watch Party Pvt. Da If Cadiaan lia conclud'-d lii furlouKlt Jjr w itu hi w if-jand dauj-'tjior and l"lt Monday alt-r-noon for Fort Ord. alif. H" has a brother Robert ('adman, wainan Bf-rond class nol at Bn ijuTton, U'asli. Mr and Mrs. Hcrs'-hd Aln r-cived word a lw days hzo that HiWr son. Orvjllf AJI-n. Vo4tnaii tliird class was ready to ave th states for tlJie J'aciJic aria. Sain Cibson liaK juovd liis Kataye into the buildiim lif ncntly louKht of Htanlr-y Heaver. T1hj town board iiimn-diaiHy moved into tho build-in,; vapaU'd by Mr. Vinson and was purehasHd a fw wHjk8 aro by tin-town of IVrrywville. Donald Carpenter and wife of Chicago spent ih weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C, ('arpenter and sister, Mrs. Kalph Fauctt. A watch party was held at the V. ill. church Sunday night. About t' were prewnt. A program of wings, talks and readings was held in the church basement. The remainder of the program was given in the church auditorium. K'V. Willard Miller de j ! t Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Flnt dar Insertion: 8c for each iMdlng line (one column Un, Ilk one of thesa). Next two day Iracrtion: th aame le charge (you set three dan at inubla the coat of tba first day). Next three ds Insertion: the Mm 8 charge (you get a whole keek fire dare) at three times the oat of one Insertion). Each group of throe dan thereafter. 8e a line. Blackface (like this) 10c per line. All classified ada Including mem-ortams and notices of all kinds must be paid in advance except those by regular customers whose accounts axe paid monthly or those from or unliationj whose bills must be al lowed before being paid. In the latter ease the person asking thf publication of the notice will be held responsible for Its payment FOB SALE FOCfi ACJilCS OK GliOl'ND. XKAR Klondyke, house, barn and outbuildings, all witli new roofs. Al-doiia Skinder. 48 S. Fuierald Ave., Chicago, 111. 152 MIIK'K. AW KI.M VOI' WANT. Cliiiloii Auto WrecUne Parte t o. Krnle'a, lluine H. 4'llntoD. SSIf FIFTH VKIN COAL. CHAKLIK It. Ferguson. Phone 13'j-V. 17-17-44 f VOI'MJ VEAL CALF. JOHN VAii da. Klondyke. Ind. li. K. 3. ttitx liiCVCLE. Street. 1458 SOl'TJl khuith FKi;iiAii!i;. I'niversal. Iii; JOE'S J'LACE. i4H 14') HALES OF S'J'JiAW. SAVAXT. Slaughter House. I4s GIKL'S HICVC'LE. ;JOM CONHI-tiou. 255 No. Fourth Street. H7x BUSINESS SERVICES FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Coodyaar Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Reeappin? neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and liogurt Mobiles! Btation, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 3109 T.-rre Haute or Dana 142t. We pay all phone charges. John Wacfatel Co., Terre Haute. tl 37 DEAD ANIMALS liEMOVED FMKE of charge by lH-iKg-ins ajid tions, t licensed dealers. Call us as eooo as tliey die and reverse charges, Iljuia Peed Kervlce, Dana, Plioue 50. tGxi GUARANTEED 24-HR. REI'RIGEH-ntion Service, t'ommerciai and Domestic. F. L. IJonebrake, Phono 1034-4 Clinton or 1U5-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 FOR VOl'R HEALTH'S SAKE, EAT more fresh fruit . Our oranges are better because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. tlOf IfKCAPJ'IN; ANJ VCLCAMZING. I . J-ivf-My jiaKsoiiKcr rar tinH. i'U'ti- ly oi Km. vi and auii-lreey.'. 1 he Gas Market. 11-2-44 Hit I'd H lltli:KK d.fl 0l, ATI nil titnfu. o iiaiiinu. I'uvcd rad. H Mi('w hi'n of d'ljiitoii, Hael Itluff. K Jt t oitl Co. f2Hx lirriosAi.s-iakte"w a x fok your floors. Clinton Lumbt-r and Bupi'ly Co. Tch'pliouv 32. UKNNKT THANSFKIt LOCAL AND lonjr dislaiHw jjioiuK. 4J(j Houth i'onrlb Strict. Tlion? ioi. ' t5f MALE HELP WANTED BOYS TO CARRY PAPER HOUTES. 10 years or over. ApUy, BUI Black buru, Ciiutouian. EMPLOYMENT WANTED MAN WANTS FA KM WORK. CAN limidle tractors, give n'lfi'iicch. tlirc mil'K Hout It of JJsina. onj mil- west uf Bono. Jolm Jj. Smiih, Dun a, joule one. FMALEHELP W ANTED Oi'KM.N'U FOK perii'llce pr'fi' HAl.KSl.ADV. rri'd. Luuisf, KX-J in-. I i.'f CUM. TO CAKK FOK HICK i.A 1V $10 itvr H-k. t'linlon iioulc on' J'Jlvifl Gnilittin. i HT FOB KENT KOOM. OITSIOl: K.MKANCK. close in. 040 Souili 4ili Htiv-t. tiTi looi;i(N hoom. (I.osK i. Walnut Strcel. I'Iioiip r.lliK. t4'.l. HELP WANTED Cl.INTOMAN - M;WS! CAHHIKli boys for rutil oimmi on s'-ulti. (.'ilitli. and nintli firef'ls. .(.'all Clinloutau Oftice. j ' XOTK'i:! stated C'onvaralioii of Wrlnih million Chapter 125 of 1 lie 1( A. .M. Thursday Jan. 4 7::iu p. m Leonard Hill. II. I'.. l!ay Shew. Secretary. IH nothi;: .Sale of year around felt halt. iiOc. Il.ini ami .2.0) Saturday, January i. La IJrace Hut Shop. l4Ss xotkk: Klsh Fry Friday night. Cozy Corner. 4 ' 5 North Seventh Street. 148 WANTED TO KENT HM ALL, AIOHKHX. FIKNISH LIJ apartment. Call Kathleen Cobble at 55. between 8 a. m. and 5:3" p. in. I52. LOST LAWKS DA ft K CKL'iv.V lilLLFOLU containing money and basketball containing name of Joan Dicks, lietuin to 'Jit, Elm Street. He- ward. t4Kx PUBLIC NOTICE Claims filed iv wavmw.h ALLOWED AT J AN I' Alt V TKItM, I 1.1. CEXEKAL I TXI): Carl K. liiggs. clerk fees t 5.i0 Homer Mitchel, aud. iff. mo. . 155.:i Howard E. Watson, coroners exp. fi8.50 Frank Slielato. comill. exp. IK."" lioss James, same 7.20 Fountain Strauglm, same 28.20 Margaret Helms, attend off. mileage 40.0 Indiana Institution Ind. C. It. aunp. 17.74 Howard Erwiu, I'. A. rep. ij.SO (Jiiiis riiarmacy. 1'. A. supp. 50.5 1 Claude Si. Foos. same 171.52 Ohio Oil Co., same 5.n Cayuga Herald, public prig. 3D. 45 Ai-1 Kennedy, miners exam, board 12. no Ed. Huby. same 12.' Ernest Johnson. ame I2.'io GRAVEL HQ AD liEI'Aill: Jess Jenkins ?I'"i.d Clinton Auto Co. Ohio Oil Co. JetiS Jenkins While Motor Co. -Macitllister Traclor Co. Joe Ciacolctto Emory Lombrake Fr-d iieiUbriiier Neil I C. ravel Co. C. I'. Ouniiyii! , Heiloniile Limestone Co 2;.4.-; 234.21 13.54 151 71.5k 4:;.4' 4.42 21. in 73.6'J 11.1" 141.70 IS. til 24. :n; S. H. J'awjey Co. s:. H awhy Jbr. Co. Lester IDaper 24M.k J'"ergubon Lumber Co. Hh.iiH LEFT. OF I'l'DLIC WELFARE I he Dally Cllnloiiian $ ft. 40 The Dajly Cliiitoiiian 3S.25 IliA J. CHI RCH, Auditor. Vermillion County. Indiana. 122X 44; 1445. End of Semester Exams Scheduled at High School Semester exa miiial ions will be giv en to Junior and Senior Hittli School, Classes on Tuesday and Wednesday. I Jan. Hi and 17. E. C. Hoyd. super-! jiHciidnt of -ii- scljools. announced (today. Ta-lr will ehk papHris and rword wnjetilir rad-s w Tliurs-' day. .Jan. IK, arcordiiiK to Mr. IJyyd's ntal.emj)t . fcludeitlK j jj Junior and Ki'iiior Hicli will ail.'iid Bhort jwiods to bunk liuls and assicuini-nts for "t'W 8''iii'Nt'i Fridii- at y a. in. iradi' ScIkjoI Mudiuls will liavi. -aniiii;j ions on Ttiur.sdav and rtJ-iuin lor llii'ii- ;i'ad' card at 1 n. 111. Friday, Jan 3. Poor fcyei The superiority of .imerican sir-men ovur Japanese fliers is believed to be partly due to the notoriously bad eyesight of the Japanese. CKMliTKHV MKMOHIAIjS MOM MI NTS vnd M.MtklUtS Terre Haute Monument Co, HIKLL V. 1.1 (t fhuu. as: 400 H. MnMltb, CllutM With TtM CoBpbnMUj Of THE DAILY CLINTONIA.N. There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATKE Wait iii g At Our Office for ANTON LOBIA North Tt-nth St. Just Come la And Ask For Them! U'atrb Xbie poe Everr Omf rot'll H tME MAT BE NEXT Phone i2 INDIANA i ' t , j j t j i of M er I IP ALA It M- Only First Rue I " NOW SHOWING y,"-:r,c FwiturPH I THRILLS FOLLOW THILLS...and from li ik Hon Oil. Jaui'-s Uuiiivati tatii(jf that w liud arrhfl "niv iy hi Knaland. Caiilain H. L. (.'hiKlr. K"ll Kiold. T x-, in Hii-nding a I -' ,isy J u riiu--h wiih his ijarntK, Air. and .V. liiHlr. liv will return to t-snuu about, Jun, 7. Tin "iiisr:i r' fHvrtij word Iroiii aiiothjr sou, Li. i. H. K. liinl'r, KUiinrry cfiU r oh a cart:o sli;i. that li- is uii!''JMjn' on 1 tli Alluntk 0-an. Mrs. I,, li. i'ry and Air;, Smitli ar maltiiiK an indi fiiiM' vif-it with 13jjir h r-liand and unlwr. I. I. Crisp. Petty Officer, sj rood class in Norfork. Va. Mr, and Mrs. Wayne Jester of Crawford vi e and Harold Jester and children of Champagne, 111,, were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jester, Marion Brown has been honorably discharged from the armed lorces and is now at home wiih his motiier, Mrs. Cora Brown- Mr. and Mm. Frd Karnes and son, Bonnie, of India uawolis were Christmas guests of ber parents. Mr, and Mrs. W. S. ChL'iler. Mr. and Mrs. HusseJI Nale of II u 6- Wlhille, Ind., were Hie g!l4'StS of Mr. BusscH'is mot her, Mrs, hunnu Nae on Thursday. Bob CHngan made a trip to Valparaiso. Ind.. last w'k and purchased a cub airplane, Betty Jean und l,ane Mcljin of Cayuga spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Chisler. Orille Brown and Kll Volkel made a business trip t Kat St . Louis last Tuesday. Mr. Brown pur chased a criuser airplane while there. The perrysville lire department was called to HUeysburg about two a. m, Monday morning to help extinguish a fire in the elevator iln-re. Origin of the fire was not known. Not much damage was done it wa: reported. ' Mr. and Mrs. Le Boy Brown of Danville, ill., attended the WSC party at C. M . Hand'Ts on Tuesdav night. Miss Vciine'nore Brow n !,as re- urned from ii an si on. 111., where she .spent BeveJ'Jil of her holidays with a cousin. Mrs. Mary Jrgang. Jn Christmas day they were guest:; of their aunt. Mrs. Joe Williams oj KireauiM. 111. Hii' returned home Jan, The, Woman's J-'tudy Clul met on Thursday at the home of Airs. Flo rence Chislcr. Nine jnembers answer- d ntl call Milh a Christmas quota tion. Program for net year was pre sentee) and discussed. Jtesnlut ions were made to tin- iiu-jnorv ot Mrs. Kva JohiiKuu. a former member jjow deceased. i;;ect jon of officers lor 1!45 was as follows: President. Mrs. N'elle Johnson: ic president. 'Mrs. Madge Carpenter; seerciary. Mis. Mrs, Clara Miles; and treasurer. Mrs. i,'tt and Miss Coral Prather were guests. They Captw also had as a pi-c:;!l ii Pi. L. Chisler. who the service six yea rs. i',afi Henry tl. Kmiih who has been it poor health several month wa ta'. ' U to the Danville hosui'al htsi week Mrs. Henry Jeinier entered the St. FliT.abeth hospital Monday for ob servation. Interesting Social Newj Everyday , j j by Fire Fred flendrix RpmuViicp Dcstroypd pi Fire; avy Man is Home on Leave D4W TUouivx f(j-ridiu a 1',-ivi ! an'l rUidu .Mr. and Mr. K. i the P. Navy i at home wiih his ii and tiiii parents. 'nn"ih Thomas. Paul Karls of' P. S. At my from Camp If ood. Texas spei:t last week here with ins parents, Mr. and Mrs. Haloid Karlefi. Mrs. Aliiildt Phillips lias h-n very ill at the home of Mrs. Martha Jones, fepenJy, The dwelling of Kred I!eidrix U no Wli a s t he d d J Yu me seven teen school lioue was destroyed by fire Monday. All of the houwjhold good of M r. a nd M n. Vibberl . w ho recent Jy moved there, were d'-stroyed. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Ogle are ihe ; pareniH of a sou born Monday at the' Clinton Hospital. .Mrs. .Pick McFalJ was c-ifled to I he hoiije of her parents. Mr. and 'Mrs. Floyd Judy m-ar Clinton Saturday, due to a seriously injure to her father. Mr. and Mrs. James Ingram from Kansvil!e spent a few days here he guests of Mr. and Mis. Bicijard Her- rick . Mr. a n (I M rs . V i rut. I White of Terre HatHe spent the week end 'here with Mr. and Mrs. Flvin Miss Frances Oliver spejn , Vear'K (-Mjkend in Indianajolis. Byron Blakesley of F. S. Navy spent a short leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Baymond Ulakesjey. leceiitly, Mr. a;id Mrs. 'Mto Oavis s)eUt Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Barley Ken in dy. Mrs. KleuJior ;y! Sunday in India 'japolis Angel spent as the ;ueM of her sister. Mi' Mr. and Mrs. s. Frances Mitchell. It it church. Ff -d Church and .Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mack LOANS... S50 S100 S200 S250 2nd S300 Vv, you ran obtaiu a loan buBe4 ou your e;.riiilig ubility auil you pay interest OM.V for the time you have tlie Joan. Tiie Public Jiau Couifiauy will ae-eirt you quickly and privately. If you are Fteadiiy employed iu a factor;, clfiee. Klore or-elbenhere. Conie in and talk over your money problems with us. We will ; rani;e your payment to Buit your income. Costs are reasonable. Interest rate of Z jer tnonth on unpaid balance for amounts up to amounts I15U to f"0t). 1 per month ou unpaid l.alance. A 150.00 loan repaid in five monthly Installments of $lti.2 each, costs II. GO but if repaid in U days, costs only 0'c. You may borrow to pay old bills, your doctor or Dentist, taxes or insurance . . . or any worthy purpose. If a loan can beip you. phone or come to the Public Loan Company. Find Here the Cash Loan You Need. I'ay JO Pay J2 l menu. nicats. S.Htl H1 1.72 S2.-I.2tt 28.K7 luentw. 5.2 K".r, .. 24.7 2.83 SO 7.12 KM CI l.3 2M 2M.: PUBLIC LOAN CO. itt-i Main St. 1' 252 livered the sermon and altar prayer j Florence Chislc-r. A gift erl:nig' until the New Year was ushed in. J was enjoyed. JtciYeslimcnts were s-r-Woi'd has been received herp Of . Vt'd by the hostess. Ttl" Janiliiry ITS A FiQHT 13 VAtFlUM! v ,f t - A V. 1 9 J.-'-K.'. he marriage of Miss Margaret Tobv. metinr will be held with Mrs. K. T. jo'ily daughter of Mrs. Ituchel Landis Mib-s. of Veedersburg. Ind. .Miss Toby was' The "Woman's Kmdy club eiit.T-I united in marriage to Kngene (Jroce tainej their husband Tuesday night of near Wayctown on Dec. 14 at t'"' h'une of Mr. and Mrs. ( harles Covington. Mrs. C.roee is a native of M. Fanders. Twenty-two wre ,rx-: Pcrrysville and spi-nt sewra! years of nt- M'"- "d Mre. Orville Wait. Airs, her 4-arly life here. Tlie couple are L"ah Jtae fluff. Mrs. KlizalM-tb Kau- now living at Wayntown. Ind., rural route. j Charles Brather and familv audi Mr. and Mrs. Oene Hicku spent Hun - a ' 1 'il v dav in Bileysburg. the guests of Mr. ; 'apt. i'his'er was the guest speak-and Mrs. I wey Prather. j 'r- heing Alaska and M. H. Anderson and Howard ilol-!,'"J Ab-utians v.liere he pent about den each rereived as a Christmas-" months. The meeting was open d inesent a bushel basket filled withj' Hinging America and giving the citrus fruit and nuts. They were gifts riuu collect. Coffee, pie. sandwiches from Warren Trosper. A M 2 c of a,uI hom made candy were served. IF 1 rp DON RfB" M-O-N-E-Y FOR WINTER NECESSITIES SECURITY LOAN CO. STAKTIXf; S.1TI I.UAV AT 11 P. .M. I Banana Biver. Fla. He is a nepln-w M rs. Anderson aud a brother of rs. Boideu. , Private Forest Wooster of Camp1 Hood. Tew. spent from Wednesday until Monday with bis wife and oth relatives. He left IVJonday for Ma- J c b lu ii h an receh d a let ier 224 Blackmail St. CLINTON,

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