The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 4, 1945 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1945
Page 5
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Fage Flvfc Thursday, January 4, 1915. TJIE DAILY CMNTONIAN and one Yank plane Ernie Pvle LeOVCS U.S. more pi'oliali was lost. Tic ! New JUacAiilinr bombs found Ihclr lar- Landings Bracket otis insliiniions from payment of the jlit;ingilles lax. Kkeinpl MeiHeul irn)lmi..'B Kxenipiing gradiiiiies of medical colleges who winl to war from taking (he slate medical hoard ' xitiii i na-lions before pntrl iriiifj. Although consci-v al ion of the ml ance in tin Kiali- lr'iisury will he ured by tJovei'Jior-Kh'et ( Jales. all indieaiions arc Dial the H-puhi);uis gets on I lie already heavily plastered Jap airfield. In addition lo I In- .lev en Jap plains bagged owr Clark Field, eight and probably nine more wen-knocked down by auti-aliTiall fire and fighter planes our .Mindoro. I'T's I'Mlnil .1-cu- he got hack and actually wasn't rested at all. Most of bis lime, he admitted, was taken by a thousand and one details anil a heavy correspondence with i. I. friends overseas. He read the complete luauusf rifit of bis latest hook. "Heave Men." for the first time a few' days ago In- said, and noted in passing (hut Ifi of thi men mentioned in it have been killed. "Fifteen that I've heard about, thut Is." Island oro really toothing becoow they're really For Western factttc On New Assignment Columnist Ernie lyle. en route lo the Western Pacific after a three moll Ml respite from war coverage, seemed satisfied Friday with the movie version of his foesl-scller, lien-Is Your War." "I really couldn't tell much about it." be said after looking over preliminary 'takes' of the film. "The Story of (Jl Joe." Jt was all in pieces. . medicated (Coutlriiiefl tram page 11 will pass a citianite tax bill lo at'-! '-t hoals patrolling inland l'liil-j ippilie waters West of embattled Ley-j le sank the .lap coastal w-ssels and a launch. Yank doughboys continued the; COUGH ' ford additional revenue for posi-war measures. Jfntii I'atronugi The G. O. V, also It, cur.sidi'r.jir passage of a number of governmen- Brazil to Be Clinton's Foe Friday Night Wildcats Itenew Strong . Rivalry with Kd Devil Five Tomorrow Night In Gym; Games at 7 and 8 In liie first home munie of liM.j. the Clinton Wildcats will iihm-i Um lirazil Red Dovils hw tomorrow nielli in a faHt and liard-hiiting ball-game. The main event its et for 8 i. m. with a curtain misir between the ii teams set at 7 p. ill. The strong rivalry whifh exists between the schools, both in foot-hall and in basketball, promises a hang-up game of ball for the Clinton and lirazil customers Friday night. Both teams will be entering the LOZENGES l"ied any opposition. The original American bases on Mindoro. hacked out in record lime since niid-Diceniber, were approximately 1 n r. air miles from .Manila. American assault forces damped a lighter grip on .Winilorojis heavy, medium, aitaek and light bombers roared over coastal and Inland areas of blasting eneitiy' sliip-ping and ground Installations with de-.aslaling effect. but it looked like they were trying , lo do It right." j I'yie who came home from I Infighting In France for a rest sairl jtal reorganization measures to fa mop-up of scattered enemy purlieu on L'-yte, killing an additional 1-2S7 Japs and taking fifteen mule prisoners during tin dny. Total ei.e-my casualties In tin- I.eyie campaign have leached 121 mil. Need American Degrees More than half of the states won't accept doctors who do not have American college degrees. This automatically keeps out all the v.OOO foreign and refugee doctors now in the U. K. A. gome 2,000 of these have become American citizens. Many, with first papers, have been licenced by New York, Massachusetts, California, Ohio, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland. lie liadnl two hours lo himself since Millions use F 4 F Lozenges to givetlicirtliroata 15minute soothing, comforting treatment that reaches ull the way down. For coughs, tliroatirriUtiousor hoarseness resiling from culdsor smoking, sootlio with 1'' & F. Box, only lo. !M Ship Koiulied Twenty-five ships, including T..Schricker Urges State no person or combination of persons should have the power to keep him from the polls," the governor cilitate allotment of pnlronage lo (he ItejiLihliean stalwart .i. The reorganization bills will iifl'tci the alcoholic beverage commission, so that lucrative wholesalers' licenses may pass from Democrats to Republicans; the highway commission, which would be changed from n bipartisan to a ItepuMicati-coul rolled body; the Cross Income Tax Division, which wolld be shitted from management by the governor to that of the treasurer of state, and the Welfare Balance Conserved in Final Assembly Speech iCoittllinc-l floin page I I (100-ton transport, a 6.0'IO-ton I freighter, 21 smaller freighters and! two large trawlers, were bombed to the bottom or sit burning furiously, in waters along Ihe west coast of the' island. (Manila and Luzon's other' principal ports are entered tln-on:Ti the South China Sea which washes whose hoard members I :-es ill u:il.- 'i. collec- ; d game on the heels of a winning meet tf part men t with the Cuts having chalked mi a would been would become full-time instead ot 27-17 win over the Cayuga Indians part-time ofrielals. TiiosHnv nvht mill I ho 1)irl DlvIIk I Coil t i 1)11 at ion of till Indiana Kco- wilh the addition of rtefeaMnir the (Ireeneastle Tieer ""Ulic Council likewise Piiha hv a -3r, KPni-H Wediieadav a bureau of stale pubMfity lions, v Iiti ii in !'. X r "t-eii an an-linie high of l3,v:!.7i:.T:. approximately twice (lie tolel in l'.i:tll. Merit in i:ie(lii,n Change, The governor took occasion lo tell J the O. P. majority lawmakers j that there is merit in the recomnien- dations of the stale .cleciimi codi- lication coniniitloe .and to remind i (hem. by Inference, of the recent United stales senate investigation in night. ;l8 probable. The Office of Civilian In addition to the fact that the i Nea-nse probably will he continued, game will renew the Clinton-Brazil ,)UI usl exist, on unexpended ap-series, the game will mark a West propria, ions. Central Indiana conference nialcli M Totafoes" tile western shores of (lie island.! While Liberators and attack milliners were reaping their rich harvest of ships, Mitchells and fishier-bombers swung inland and along Ihe south coast to pound railway facilities, reser'oris, barracks and barges from Legaspi to llalangas. Strike hI ( laik Field . Life ra tors with tighter escort struck simultaneously at Clark Field in Ihe Manila area. Twenty .lap in-(ercepiors rose (o challenge the Americans and in the ensuing sky light eleven Nips were shot down, two are for both schools. I' A number of "hot potatoes' I Indiana. - ! "Kvery legal voters nillal be pro-! let-led in his Inherent rigid to Ihej ! ballot, , and having once qualified ; I himself as a voter under our lawn, 1 Coach Bob Burton will be starling Jiunes and Foster nl rurwai'd; Hungorford, center and Smith unit Watson, guards. Brazil's starters will foe Sweuriii-ger and Clark,- forwards; Johnson, center and Crafoh and Hayes, guards. expected. The Indiana Anti-Saloon League plans to imrmlTleit a local option hill, probably referring only lo counties. The proposed recodification of election laws likewise-ii; a controversial Issue. " ' 1 Deniorratic minority leaders have Indicated thliey .would introduce oilier vexatious problems. , I'lll jour enth-e order from our dispiuvs of fine quality foods and see how fiiickly our dully low pi-tees mid i to H VINtiB! Mere . . . there , . . ei ery ulien' ill our complete food market yon will see convini ing proof Hull ne Jiuvc Hie VAK1KTV aUMl the t ALIUS! No need to Juniii ull ii'-olilld ton" like n ',Itlei--liiig" lo find the ipiBlily nnd Ihe pi-ices you want come here mid get IIICI'll . . . plus ell-a sallligs, because every it h e is ll low price every da) ! Regal Coffee 32 Eighty-fourth Session of Slate Assembly Open a (Continued F-om Faga 1) WOODBURY- SAF PRUNES ' ' " ' CTrvDP I - House Coalition Probe Commitlee Seoics New Strike (Continued from page 1) 1 rlWWh J&il J! "Sand W" ib. Pkg. 2BC saby, quart jar Create the position ot stale service officer, wlio would supervise aid to members of lite armed forces in obtaining their i-IcJiIb. Make it a fjctinl offense to wear the uniform legally. To permit fighters under 21 lo borrow money under I lie federal loan allowance. To allow similar minors to make a will. PEARAI icld HEINZ 17 sored tlie rules anienduienl which re-crealed tlie coininittee, said Hie new body will be certain to oblain tltese by resolution. Not until's amendment had been approved did some members get Ihe full inipucl of Ills move. 1'nlike other standing committees, the new Investigating group was given power to subpoena. And unlike oilier special coniniiteees, II has the leglslalive aulhority lo draft and report bills, Members V-ho supported .Jiankiii in bis anotion urged that Uui coiu-mitlna bo continued to "stand guard To protect attorneys acting for. PEAR JUICE 12 oz. jar 14c Extra Fancy Lcng Grain RED, 15 0Z. CAN RseEib.i5cKidneyeeans1l Tlie moment you feci a cold coining on, do all you tan to relieve those dioinfurls such as heiid-ielits, muscular war fighters, in case their clients die In service. t A certificate of not ificat ion from the "War or Navy Departments shall he deemed prima facie evidence of deatli of a war righter. 1 1'rovisloiiB of the other four bills are; Appropriation of $2(111. DUO to defray expenses of Ihe Ill-day legislative session. Authorization of Indiana governmental units to buy surplus war e-(juiiimeiit. Exempting charitable anil religi- Fancy Orade aches and "sniffles." These dependable couch and i GOLD DUST cmcdics can help. lor America" against un-American movements. Itankln, who could mil serve as chairman of tlie new committee without resigning his chairmanship of the veterans committee, said today: "We're still at war. A lot of peo eanser3 Ib. jar HONEY 35c Hill I'llcelesl ple engaged in subversive activities need to lie rounded up. "Hut tlie great need is to ensure I lie American way of life its con Aspirin Taiilt'ts 4!c Yicks Suite 2i)t! tinuance - dining the peace days McKENZIE'S BUTTERMILK PANCAKE MIX 20 oz. pkg. 1 6c Grapef ruitJuiceP' k Teson 18oz can1 4c Spaghetti Sauce kurtz 8OZ.cani0c Pimento Cheese SpreadKrafl's 5c 5ai'jjggCeiitury,InTomSauce2-15oz. cans 23c QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS due to EXCESS ACID FraeBoakTellsofHonMTreatmenttliat Must Help or it Will Cost You Nothing Over two million bottles of the VYIJXAItn TitEATlIKNTImvaboen solii for relief of lyoilil ohm of (list i'hks ariMinr from Stomach anil Duodenal Ulcers duo to Eacett Acid P. or pigeitlan. Sour or Upset Stomach, Gasslnels, Heartburn, Sleeplessness, etc., due to Cscess Acid. Si, hi on i fi Iriait Ask for "Willard's Mittarr" nliicli fully Mpliuua this tnialaiuiit Irea uC (ill, I. IS I II VI1VI VI v l-OVV III I.S I'll lllMM V ' UII1TK S I U VltM X V lo come. Tlie first five or ten years may in- the liardesl after the war. During this time there may he an infiltration of foreign ideas, planted here by forces seeking to vvealii-ti us lor another war they w'sh to make a generation hence. "It shall be Ihe business of this committee to stop Hie iufjHtnttnii of such ideas." . , Classified Ads Sell Most Anything Cold Tablets 27e and -iAii J-W'av Chest IUU 4-Va Cold Tablets Uoth for 20e The I'aulliy I'Mvorile ill MEATS T , KIMGAN'S ill mrkiir " 0t0-te4 OKAOK "A" VEAL BREAST ' , m run nic 2 w irn, RIB END PORK CHOPS ..uuMOiruiras HAMS " ,:'uu ' 2 "Iteady-to-Eut" l;fleliM- for . iyfVi V- 1 x, u l li-r L-i ti uv OPTOMETRIST . Eyes, Tested Glasses Made For Those Who Need Them I II I - . . H I niin v t mi 5 I'oinis fp m No I'oints J.b. UU : .. A&IR 1 Lb 30o I I r 5 Points SU8 Illackiiiaii St. CLINTON, INI). l'bono J73 ' l! QEirlnin $f oaff Grade Beef CMiLSION 3. ,57c BE WITT'S TABLETS 11 Points 25c ;i U?ES BfcJ'iiB Mfcat 39 30 ! PorE( Roast LinE,,d 5pints Lb BASKETBALL FRIDAY, JANUARY 5 I A 1 iMtiilrl' 11 1 il.tllf PiXM ANALGESIC BALM 60c FiNEX Make p'ni 5 cuh Syn,p 59c BRAZft. CE3S v j fsafi Stsak k i 28c X ... ' '-if'flMBMI II i-i-isitil a. uImm'--" Looh r. Our "? REfO ALBUM WINDOV See what Just $2.50 Can Add to Your Collection CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM (iA.MKS AT 7 AND 8 1'. M. General Admission 35c - ... SI I HAVE A LETTER PtKUiPS IF 1 WAMlKtL f y?i l FOR BtLlMPA Jl .AVINS , M fr I CANT BEAQV --JSI ife'riVC i FOR BtLIMPA t)V lut RA,GiiMUM l Blinks " r..m-u mn a, it o. ..lT ts rv.i t s.-. .1 -v . BtLINDA X Jej J sr. - HAIR -BREADTH HARRY NEXT HOME CAME TUESDAY, JANUARY 9 IK KV A.-1J CHS vs, ATTICA .fr TO CHILL? lA-

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