The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 4, 1945 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1945
Page 4
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Thursaay; January 1, 1M& TII1S DAItT CUNTDNISff HIGH TENSION LINES! WOLF IN MAN'S CLOTHING 'WHf THE DAIfCypiTONIAN . in . .1 a.. nUHtAnbfcm lBaBfi i pwnim iwue Ik OUmUm PUlndeder absorbed In loa FnblUb DllT Bwept Saturday and Sunday friend. I mean, she hadn't mpney, Mrce I Carey - Editor and Publisher .... a minn InHlanA for a motive." I said, a little gloomily, "Unless they think she hoped to remarry Craig and thus get money. That is, if Craig does inherit." ArtU l.o inhnritM. Conrftd Maud said to Peter, "I th""' Claud would come in here after th inquest I wanted to know wta happened." U thought, parentheU. cally, that she bad heard that, and some other things too.) Sh went on quickly, "Have yeu aeen bias T "He left the inquest a few minutes before it was adjourned. "Oh." said Maud. "Well, th" .... ,,..u It vaii doti t m OMMind Matter CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE ' ) Peter steered me in the direction of th inn, and the clerk called after us, "You look fine, Mr. Hu-ber. Glad the things At." "Thanks," said Peter. "Yes, they were all right" "I'll never forget what you looked like when you came to the store that morning," added the clerk with a chuckle that carried clearly through p IndluM BepabUcM fiditr. tI wouldn't have cut him off; Conrad was strong on inmiiy. "Yes, I know," then added, "He seems to have felt that Alexia fitted into his family particularly well." 1 11 gO nOIHA WM.A l mind." She folded her cloak around ber, fixed her bright dark eyes up- Phont S3 HP ph0M M flfl?? Muunlnm g&tlBUCAM foiiou VV7 Assocuriot oa Feter and said, " about the money? Conrad's money, feter giancea as me, Q,u slowly, "Perhaps he married ber because Craig had as good as jilted her. The honor of the family all that." the winter silence. Peter grinned back at th chatty clerk as we crossed the narrow whit porch of the Inn. It was a hospitable and warm old tavern. We went along a dark passage and I 1,,. tan nnm ffv.ont fnr I mean. Doesn't any of it eom "Nonsense," I saifl. "K was in ,;,U L.A... Via " f hAHitlited rect to meT" "Dr Chivery told me th money comes to him, but Conrad must hav meant it for both of you." riinnu tits w... ' - r - the bartender, no ene else was there and then went on, "But, that doesn't or at least 1 oould see no one, although the high-backed settles nlnnjr tbA aida walla c ut off mv view Maud pulled Ber cms a ur around her and let Peter pay for her drinks. I got up and prepared to go. I didn't leap to the conclu matter, and t s nothing to me. "Nor to me," nodded Peter, and added thoughtfully, "But there's Mrs. Chivery, handsome and brilliant. I should have thought some of one corner of the room. Beside the bar was the kind of machine where on drops in nickels and oLai arVi u4 Annaos i B vf-ei 1 11 C 'i sion that Maud univery was um-somaniac because she chose to -t tua HorAhs nf Balifold s bar. body IlKe wen, llKe airs. mci7, would have attracted Conrad." "Hello, Mr. Hiiber," beamed the but I did think that her eye were "Mrs. Chiveryl itru I JUnt Aa OAVt-JlWIlT " h bartender. "Hello, John. I guess well have . ..Vtof An ..mi nnt Mica VaaIa?" a little glassy. On the way out I stopped at tn , . A.loa ana Malld had said hurriedly. "It's only Uiat she's tery well, attractive, you know." T nwA a him Ha hnt S nlefiS- FACTORIES ON FARMS. One of the favorite solutions of the problems of American farmers is the sug-pe-tion that factories and farms be near sust maciiiiMs. gone on ahead when rather unex I tool: ?inger ale. Peter ordered whisky id soda. And suddenly the berttmutr chuckled much as the pectedly I touna tnsi my had explored the pocket of my cap --J A 1 a nifal Rn I DUt it Ul ant face; calm blue eyes well spaced above high, rather sharp eheek-Vwih.m. hlnnt Ahin. wide mouth, and haberdashery clerk had chuckled. "Ym aertfiinlv look different. Mr. to- c; ' er, so that industry can ue t-- aim luu'i" ' j ; the machine and turned a erami. thick blond eyebrows . . . Perhaps Huber," he said. "Ever find your it was Maud Chivery be a lanen m i ...;.t. 1 ll.via TriiA. baggage .'" t'hJn ftnnaa it's trnne forever Thereupon a shower of nicxeis ms out of the machine many -of them rolling merrily on th floor. . Maud was at least twenty years "Too bad. You looked as if you'd "riculture. ' ; apparent that a proper solu-" i; ills of agriculture constitute imperative tasks of the nation, vna r-oaann tn believe that the for older uian ne, oiu. . . , J3at.ii. intAvnintAll W1V SUACUla been snipwrecKea. "t'olt like it too." Emitted Peter Hons with, "Chivery knew about Conrad's will: before the inquest If unbuttoned his short leather Peter and Maud came cwea aim helped me gather up nickels. M least Peter did. Although I ra npt sure that Maud didn't pick n nj or two, but, if Bhe did, sh d'dpt give them to mi. ,.,,a jacket, untied the whit scarf oegan ne loiu me nuuui in around his throat and said, "Any Chivery tiimsell mnents nrty thousand dollars." body been in here Iron) me inquest, 11, yyV AViftv - - tinnd D-r&ciousI " The bartender's face sobered instantly. "That's a bad business, But it was owing v vne Knm (and perhaps a little to th brandy she'd drunk while waiting for her' husband) that Maud said just what she said, - "they were old friends. And Mrs. Chiverv manatred the house Mr. Huber." he said. "First mur nA x,oarB Until Via 4er in Balifold since well, I can't remember another and I've been married Alexia. Then there were Peter had pursued several spinning little disks behind the bar where he and the bartender wer ,.n.: Ua.i.t 1aaH tnwurd MB. a few bequests to servants, some-thine- like five thousand to the here a long time." iie ambled away. Peter leaned his chin arloomily in kutlA. Thapa iVAfA MmAlliAn BuBll -t aw. his hands. "I lost my baggage," he M11AIUB. j touched the nickels in my supped to one or two charities, the rest explained ruefully. "I arrived here was divided between Craig and Aiov;a in what amounted to fancy dress. Tka nalivna nnnV fnpt it." ' r -,oes can be abolished by locating -I';' fact, the problem will be solved . - illy, if at all. The advent of plasties !';ie use of farm products in manufac-i ' is promising, but such processes do no., Jvelop overnight. They rarely develop completely in a generation. Our advice to farmers who face ditti-culties is that they make a resolute effort, as individuals, to improve their lot, taking advantage of conditions that exist. It will not do to wait for chemistry to present a panacea. Af 'er all, the individual who succeeds In an v line of work scores a success through his own efforts. There are exceptions to this statement, but there are scattered fev; and far between. So Alexia had that for a motive. If Iia iv nc trvinff to divert me. he Suddenly I remembered Nicky. "Wnthino, n KipifV fienour?" Taking a Backward Clance Electric presscr An ingenious little electric device that will press trousers while you wear them is being manufactured. It looks very slightly like s email, AXTn n.,t M1..1a.,o ali-oatt, VinH Mr didn't succeed. "You were at the inquest. What happened?" "Nothing, really. They didn't intend anything to happen, I suppose. It was a formality. Dr. Chiv- double-bladed meat cleaver. It is TUN VKA1W worked out and may be subject share. The police learned that for two years or so Conrad has been paying Nicky substantial sums. At irregular intervals. By check." If that was true Nicky Senour had every motive to keer Conrad to change, it was stated. ery was there; ne and tne ponce doctor both testified as to what they U1 fmiiui TIia nnlipa tpjitinAri. too l'eto!iale that is, Nugent and one of the Miss Mabel and Miss Dorothy designed especially to crease wuu-sers and press neckties, -collars, hat brims, pleats and so on, withuut the use of any Ironing board or wet cloth. This mechanical valet needs no wet cloth because it Is able to utilize the natural moisture present in ell materials. troopers. Then tney liad tne lawyer alive. PotAA want nn almlv. "But I Kelty of Terre Haute, who have been visiting at the home of their that had drawn up Brent s will ten .nnutkintf nf l!t AAntpntjI.1' sister and brother-in-law, Mrs. hands with positively loving swum- and aaid, her face all aglow, "Money I'm going to have lots of money, soon. As soon as they can get the jewels. All behind ih church." - ' "Ch church!" 1 stuttered In a. kind of gasp, clutching nickels. 1 Maud nodded briskly, with shimmering hard giaae ewer hsr, eyes. ' - " "Truckloads of jewels. Spanish; . . ." she said in a whisper. Theb Peter came back and we want di- , rectly eut to the car, Peter laughing a little and Maud suddenly S !, silent as a little black Bhadow. As ; well she might be, I thought a little -tersely, if brandy affected her Ik ' that. ' .. r It developed shortly that she had an errand at her own house md. Peter offered to take her titer and : bring her back to th Brent plase.rf "Alexia insists upon m staying on." said Maud. - -.. r - Bo they let me out at trul prnr-where the main road to Balifpld . branched onto the road part b Brent place. "They said nothing of Drue?" don't think it was blackmail. It" His head jerked around and his eyes fastened on something behind me. I hadn't heard a sound or a rustle, u.. ntn tifrir in hia fnAt. MM TODAY i Templars induct New Officer At their annual Installation services ut tlie Masouic Hall last night, which were preceded hy a dinner and an entertainment urogram, members of the Clinton Commandery, 48, Knights Templar, Installed Fred Van Horn as the organization's commander tor the coming year. Other officers installed at the ceremony were Carl James, generalissimo: Max Johnson, caption Don Jenkins and Mr. Jenkins of South Fourth Street have returned to their home. Peter shook his head, rubbed his hands across his thick, curly blond hair. "Not a word. And Soper can't ask ior a Grand Jury indictment until after the inquest renders a verdict. So Drue is safe till then. And J turned around just as Maud At the American Region Auxil iary's meeting last evening the Chivery emerged irom tne nign backed settle in the corner. SAVINGS SET NEW RECORD. The average American should be saving some money, at least those on the home front who participate in the war-inspired flood of money that is circulating here as a result of the unprecedented ac members decided to aid with Ihe President's Hull to be held Janu Notified pf New Address A young man, mindful of selective service act requirements, wrote the Seattle draft board: ". . . My former address was the county jail at Salem, Ore.; present address the state penitentiary. I will get In touch with you when I get out if you're still there " The inquest can't be concluded, un :i hair mnra nui.lnnpo." She wore a long black cloak and nA V,at An thnt nAAt. hiffh. black The bartender ambled toward us on1 ant mi r ahiRxes nn the table. pompadour. She Hoated toward us, :..lnaUr nar timull Utllta faC ary 30. It was reported that tive Christmas baskets were distributed to needy families. general; Robert Anderson, senior IIUWBKIUIJI - suspended above that black cloak, warden; David Ueweiiyn, junior Peter went on, "Alexia wanted me to go and hear what was said, so I Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Bcptt of warden; Cecil Harrison, prelate; her bright, peering eyes upon us Ti l.nrtAnripr materialized ton went. Khe man t warn io go ner- Via tnnU n lnno firink. But Mulberry Street- ure-'to entertain the Picnic Club with a turkey .In..,., hia rlnas anil Rnid iimxneet- beside us, but more noisily. "That'll be for three brandies, Mrs. Chivery," he said, and peter begaB to ( To be continued) . dinner at their home this evening. edly, "Conrad really had a lot of Dr. W. N. Kelly, treasurer; joim Qllmour, recorder; (ieorge Jar-dine, Bword bearer; William Nis-bet, warder, and Bam Hell, sentinel. Bert Huffman acted as in-ntuiilnir officer and was assisted Uridge will be played after the Copi rlEltl Dy Minion 0 ElMtiilftl .. ( t DlltrlhulAl 13V Kill fc'elturai SwUcif. money. And it won t go to Drue, o that ought to help put your little tivity of war production. The Securities and Exchange Commission reports that in the last three months, for which figures are available, public liquid savings totaled $10,600,000,000. This is the greatest increase in the nation's history. While the significance of wartime sav-ines depends upon its distribution, by pop dig quickly into his pocket. dinner. Mr. anil Mrs. I.,.' D. Scott of Longer Laundering Cottons and linens will require a longer time to launder than other fabrics because they hold their soil more firmly. They are stronger when wet and can stand longer and "harder washing. lint water can be used for these fabrics 180 degrees Fahrenheit is not too hot. For th most sheer cotton fabrics the water should not be more than 1J6 degrees Fahrenheit. hv neon-a Barver. marshal, and Terre Haute are to be guests. Hugh Van Liew, prelate. Mrs. K. W. Powell of Sout-b Gunpowder for Skin Trouble Our grandparents used to bathe with a mixture of gunpowder in water for skin trouble, apply a hot Baked potato for earache or wear a nioAA nf nutmea strung around the Urease dost When cleaning a mud spot that contains oil or grease, treat It Ilka a hard grease spot. To loosed ,tn grease, a little vsselln or lard li rubbed on and followed by sooni'M with cleaning fluid. ,' Hanks To Make April the War Mouln Particlpitlor. of the United Stalc-t in four great wars beg;in in Ihe month of April, namely: the Revolutionary war, the Civil war, the Spanish-American war, and the Fourth Street, who has been 111 several weeks with the flu, re Vermillion County banks today able to be out. . r i neck to prevent nosepteeo. World war are announcing a service cliurgi effective the firnt of the year Charges for the banks are uni ulation and economic groups, there can be little doubt of the fact that such savings prime the pump for terrific inflation when controls are removed and, thereby, make a strong argument for continuation of controls for some years after the war. form and follow closely those a ilopted by Parke and other coun ties of the state, At the time the Newport Citi- ai.iis Bank petitioned lor pornns Bion to operate a bank in Clin Ion. the state banking commission The figures are tor Juiy, August aim September and reflect heavy growth in individual's cash and deposits. There was an increase of $1,300,000,000 in currency, $2,900,000,000 in demand deposits and $1,-100,000,000 in time and savings deposits. IT AT.V'K TliOITlif.F.S. , NO NO -MOT THAT f "J.r SIR, MAV I HAVE H- NOT -VOUg tUlPE ?j KZAO.V J -y-HU-iHj ( VOUR PAUSIITERS) O , 0 I -7 Xl " 7aTSX S advised that a service charge to put Into effect but permitted its operation to be postponed until Jan. 1, at which time the two-cent government tax was due to In-come inoperative. A schedule of the charge which lire to be made will be found on another 1 age of this issue. Charges which will affect only a very pinall per cent of the patrons of the bank are being At the Movie r Tin" if toiler" 1 ntiMiMTn llSfSI ISSuSKSS NM?g?i TILLIEthe T OILER 1 1 FINISH THAT PICTURE NOW' DONE, fdlZxtZa HuVmeD IT! .r 1 PAIAtl'l Thursday, Kridttj-and Kollililnv The ISast Sida Kids, those ruf rai m i fians who are eternally popular aniline movie uutliencc-s, have llicir rules. One is never lo lilt lady. In "Mowery Champs" open- Ine at Ihe Palace Theatre tonlghl their ruin meets a test. They run into a lady who lakes advantage of the boys by socking them. "I'm hi.irlnnlna to think you ain I no ladv." says one of tin-in alter the third wallop. It's a conn dy-drsina with no other punches pulled. 11,11, ul, I Harry co - slurs with himself in his latest picture for The main problem in Italy, we are advised through the public prints, is how to fill Italian stomachs with food. The near-famine that exists represents the work of Hitler and Mussolini and the willingness of many Italians to be led by the gangster-statesmen. It was not caused by anything that was done by the United Nations. ,It is an interesting demonstration of human nature, however, that many people now blame the Allies for lack of food in Italy. Very few take occasion to blame the Axis for present-day sufferings of the Italian people. Washington: Sen. Warren Austin (R) Vt., proponent of a labor draft bill which made no headway in the 78th Congress: "It was apparent that the Senate Military Affairs Committee was opposed to the draft proposal as it was to the National Service Act. This attitude, however, should now be changed in the light of greater needs for manpower in essential industry." With U. S. Forces on the Belgian Front: Maj. Ben Cothran of New York City, on the American defense of St. Vith: "We looked like an oil painting of Custer's last stand. We were drawn up in circular formation -r- but that was all we could do with what we had left." Washington: Rep. Clifton A. Woodrum (D) Va., House Postwar Policy Committee Chairman, announcing hearings this month on peacetime universal training: "It's going to be a very hotly contested thine. But it's going to be taken up right away it's not going to bt put off. HAiniblle Hlmlio. "Fugitive From Minima." currently alum-lug al Ihe Palace Theatre, lie plays a dual e I sr- k av f INf T sV T iVI role, being both hern and Wllaln. r MV MEN ARE ALL READtf ."TTT V?&fifSV T' WtlUSII U I'diu-Mlay ami Tlilimliiy "In the Meantime. Darling Bta i .BBtB-LeM, UAeAJ V J I I "V !tl P-i V 1U5UKKCKI;wwimvivi. ihA aiiirv nf a HI lionevnionn and of the gallant army of women who follows their men from camp lo camp until the moment of heartbreak when their loved ones are Bent overseas, is scheduled to open at the Wabash Theatre tonight. Starring brilliant screen newcomer Jeanne Crain. who starred ill "Home 111 Indiana," the 2lllh Century-Fox picture introduces more than ten young players in their first important film roles. Featured in the cast are Frank I.atlmore, Eugene Pallelte. Mary Nash. Stanley Prager and Gale Bobbins.

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