The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 4, 1945 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1945
Page 2
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Till: DAILY , CLINT ON I A N 1'age Two i . I hlblreii. Mr. 'Howard and Who Fed Cross Knpjdirs Reaeh TTT o -a Shewardsv to fill Ihe prisoners' chhf need. At the time the parcels were prepared in the St. Louis lied Cross packaging center, the women volunteers worked extra hours lo make possible the change In the standard parcel. . Thursday, January 4, 1915. Culling Hens When culling liens, try not to frighten them. Use a catching hook, or pick them ufT the roost by hand in the evening. When the entire flock must be examined, use a catching crate or a small panel, a gate, or roll of wire to confine 25-30 birds in a corner. Laying hens are easily injured when tiiey pile up or become frightened. News Event -l- Hacks Down On German Salient Ya:iu Prisoners in Japan lied Cross relief supplies which arrived in Kobe. Japan early 111 November Were to be distributed to American and Allied prisoners of war in Japan proper during that month according lo Hie plan for distribution received from the Japanese delegate of Ihe International Committee of lied Cross. It has been announced by Basil xO'Connor, chairman of the American lted Cross. U;,'au e;ti a 'I'm rday afternoon ti join her liusband 111 Wasliluiiton, D. ('., wlio Is wltli Hie U. S. N. Mr. and Mrs. William Wheat tire the parents of a son born Sunday evenlni: Dec. 111. The baby has been named Itichal'd Dale. They have one other small son. Hilly. Mrs. A. It. Haimht. formerly Miss Mary Drenxocs of Chicaco. vlsiled hi'!- mother, Mrs. Tresa DrellKucs over Christinas holidays. Mr. HauMlit Is witli t lie 1'. S. Navy. Mr. and .Mrs. Charley Watts and File Kcturns In 1 0-10 42 per cent of the total number of Federal incot..e tax r-3-tui'ns were Hied by women. and cast anil shortened from north ! u sout h. ! m t line r. pons told of spirited (action by Uric. Ceil. Anthony ('. .Me- Aulii'ic's famed lulst Airborne Division In the vicinity of Pastocne. Idcrman troops alteiniilid to close in j on their positions with a sizeable I force of lanU lint the 101st liirned ! In on Iheiii with artillery and ba-jzoohas and lnllicled considerable losses oil I lie enemy, i Soon afterward, the Cernians nl-j tempted a second onslaught vvilli .'id ! tanks In the vicinity of .Mlcl.anil'8. but this also was thrown back and jthe situation, arcordlnu 10 frontline I reports, now is 'well in hand." j Nazi broadcasts ineanwlii.le l( port-led that British tanks of Field Mar-'shal Sir liernard i,. .MontKunu ry's i Second Army have b"en thrown into I action In support of the American i offensive, which Ihe Nazis concede d ! Is now on a "larce scale." 5 The. otticial inossano fronu the j delegate also reported coinph'timi of the tluloadinir of the ahlpload of' ICK ICEFKIGERAT10N IS BEST 15ECAFSE: Parents Club Organized In Community; Son Born To William Wheat Family Mr. and Mrs. Cl.vde Stewart lias iiinu'd to Crouipton lliil. Mrs. l.ou Curry has returned home I rum I'nion Hospital alter an opcra-tioa. she is at the home of her dalle.l ' Mrs. llessle Kberwlne, .Mrs. I. on Ueyuier, win) under ent an operation at the I'nlon Hospital, is now recnpcruliiiK at her home, .Mis. I.etlia Kllis. who accidenily fell on tin- icy Nad, Christmas niorn-int. injurl; n the had! of her head, is slowly iniprovliif;. Mr. and Mrs. Isonl Cossett had as their liuesis Christmas Day. I.ovde (lossett and sons Donald and Kenneth. Mis. t)wen I'unh and children. Mrs. Harold Drehei and childreu. Ctmilnllnn of lr I'reveiim Intei'clinnKv uf KimmI Odors! K'E refrlgi'rntlon la an air conditioned (ContJnuoa riuio page 1) iter and imiitT juviukiU'r uniirt in an effgit !o blurk I In- Ami'rirun ud-vauce, appari'iuly dfyit-'iu'd to mala-possible a junction with Third Army troops und'T command of I. lent. Gen. Cc-orci" S. Pat ton driving up from JJastoKnt' alnni; thf Ailon-I.iere road. I'hiioii llnlils Finn Gen. l'atloii'8 forces lirld firm a-:iir.3t uli t-in'ni iiii'UMs and the orridor by which the Allies arc attempting to bisect the entire (ier-muu ealient was widened to west liarbara and Jim WaUKh spent j Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs.': Hubert Saltnond and family of New iloslieii. ' - le". and Mrs. Joseph Hiimcrick-j house anil son. had as Ibeir jiiiesls ( -tier the Christmas hoiiii-ay. Kev. j liainerlcklious''s mother. MrB. Huni-erickhouse of Omar. Michigan. I A sacred program wai M'ven nl ihe Shepardsville church.. Sunday refrigerator that prevenls the interchange of foort odors. Von don't have to worry about covered dishes wben you use ice. You can put everything you want In the refrigerator and he sure that it will remain sweet mid fresh . . . retaining it's own odor and taste. Come In, Sec the Itcfiigerator. lii-t L s Trove That it Is Bestl supplies. iucludiiiK about :t0o.iHMi j American and f'anaoian Bed Cross standard food parcels, as well as ! clothhm. medicines and other supplies, j Tills Is the first shipment sent I from the Culled Sta'a lo Hie Far Fast via a Jttisslall port, and like j shipments made by other routes i from the British and American lted ! Cross societies, will be pooled fori Allied prisoners of all nationalities, j The distribution plans involved sending 15 per'eent of the cargo, or! approximately J5,"UU parcels and I proportionate amounts of other sup-j plies, from this shipment to prison- i ers of war and civilian internees in! the Philippine Islands. The food parcels in this Shipment were specially prepared to include j more protein and less starch than those sent, to Germany. Escaped j .prisoners from Ihe Far East have' ffi i Mr. and Mrs. Jolinl" Mtiir 01 i nn-Iton. A delialittul dinner was served I at noon. Their sous. Fred and Harry 'were unable to be with them us both j hoys are ill service. Fred ol (Ileal j Lakes and Pvt. Harry is. serving ov . veninE Dec. 24. There was a lari;e attendance out to enjoy Ihe service. There were two service boys present. Hex Deny, son of Mrs. Katy Berry and James Scott. Jr.. husband of .Mrs. Vera Scott. Both are on fur-biut'lis after serving overseas. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Pugh and daughter had as their quests Christmas day. .Mr. and .Mrs. Clifford Montgomery of Clinton, Mr. and Mrs. Leiiord Wheal and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Dreniracs and daughter, .Mr, and Mrs. Dab- Pupli of An.der-. Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTKKTir, n pleriirit ;ilti;iliiu' (itmi-m-iii) piMvtlor. li'I.!s' t trill ui'in- linn-Iv. T eat iitul t.iIU in iii.ui' comfort, jnt Hirlnklc i liltle 1 ASTKIOTII m your rlnU-H. No cumiiiy, evy, i';ity tnste or fwlinir. 1'lu-ckn "i.l;i!t" minr" (ili-nhn-f lireafji). Ui;t l-'ASrKKTH tit any ilmy Pi ore. TON ICE CO. CLIN erseas. There has been a club -formed by the parents of Shepardsville Com niiintiy. for (lie benefit of. the school and children. A mcetiiiK will be held Tuesday ' evciiilis' 'at tile Shcpurds-vilte aflioijh. Morn. inforruariiin,im lYnMlshr,(i',lai!vr? D1 any oiii inler- Former New port Resident Dies in Terre IIaue Mrs. Helen Aikinan. Gl. of Terre llaule died nt 11:311 p. la. Tuesday at the I'nlon Hospital in that city. .Mrs. Aikinan is a former resident of Newport. She was a member of the Central Presbyterian church, the Woman's Department Club and the Pi Beta Pill sorority. .Mrs. Aikman is sunivcil by the husband. Homer A. Aikman: Ihne sons. Peter of Slieldin. 111.; ,!. Barton Aikman of the I. S. , Army' stationed in lUississippi; and John Cliai'i les 'Aikman .f f.awrt'uci-liure: ' l;i daughters. .Miss liarbara Aikman at; home; and .Mrs. jilary Louise Duen-weK id' CanihriilKe. Mass.; two sl-i-j lers. Mrs. Thomas1 Reese niid' t-llVs,' Sarah. Dfalle. bplll of; !l.'IJ"'UtV!i')"( one lirollier. Lynn Sliamb.tunh of l.a-' i'a.vetle. Tile huily was laltoli to I lie, ( '.i;iyt Funeral Home in Terre Haute ie.ud- j reported the disproportionate1 'on and little Jimmic of Hie Andel' Phone 475 Ill Mulberry son orphanage. Owen Push. Mr. and, ! !'"'"" " '".ii in me jaoanese ru-, Mrs. Paul Wright and family of Ter-j!11""8' 80 "! modification was made: "'I re Haute. A lovaly dinner was en-l .jksjTf's , Up liecoiae .-fl jnf - joyed at noon. Accordian uiusicidj Midi home of the firosl- ife'al 'ihe' In Tier iniiillr STOMACH YIELDS . - INCHES OF GAS! ,' "I 'was "lift full of Kits I' was afraid 'I'd bunsi. Sour, bit i -r substance roijo i'uii in my 'liifoat. I not KKIi-llKU' rand ;t "w-yclieil inches of Ktin and ; bloat from me. Meals al e a pleasure, '1 praise Ki-b-HHp to the sky. "- -Tlds '.in an n(fuul testiuioniaJ frotu a JUi ;im 'jlvliiK l'iL'iil liere in I'liiituii. - . furnished 1)1 jMn .asidj ihavU KeWnw h SUtM'Ard. Ml'lt.,Vrigilt. I 1 WW 1 A I . Melts vmm 1 Mi's' fteul'ali 'Mae 'Drengocs visited a lew days in New (loshen with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Italph rreminlug and family, recently. . M'r'.' and 'Mrs. Chnrles P.yau anil itaugiilor. Mrs. Margarel Barber and Mrs. 'Howard Ityan were supper guest if of Ml. and Mrs. Leonard EliU-H i;i,l' eunlains luedicinsl "juices from it Herbs: so don't (to on sufferillK. (let Ibis n.-u- lueiiici tie. While's (KcxalU I'barinacy. Revvs ananoi compbtii.u of funeral arraime-j leg lieu i s. 3 mSST7T Added "sunshine" vitamin D. Country Club Milk is homogenized; favored by many for baby feeding, for coffee and cooking. There's nothing new in the 1945 pledge of these locally-owned stores . . . it's just I1. Points a Can to continue giving you in the future, as lliey nave in ine pasi, every penny s tJome in anu get actjuHiineu mi reui laiuc 24c 23c Country Club 48 Oz. Quick or Kegular! Pkg. Kiver Brand A Lb. io Points! L Box Mrs. Forest Mack Home ! From Western Trip; ! Holiday Guests Here School reopened for local children ! on Jan. following a lwHo day vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nickle and daughter Helen and Ml', and Mrs. Hob Nickle and daughter Judy Lynn were recent Sunday dinner guests' of Mr.- and Alt's, Herman Walthall, near Ridge Farm. ' ! Mr. and MrS.' Zolly von Schwartz1 and son ForreBt Rptnl of Akron, j Ohio were giiests of Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Reed during the 'holidays. Other! dinner guests of the Reeds on Christmas Day were Mr. and MVa. Charles! Flint of i'aris. 111., and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson of South Hend. Mrs. Russell Ilanes of Lafayette Hpent ',tho hntiday iftpok : "with lit'r j pit itn tw; M r.' ami: 'Mp.' H'jyrlow Frist. Pvt. Herman Mayes of Fort Knox, j Ky. spent Dec. 24 and 25 with his' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Mayes. Max Turheville of- Chicago ppont j the Christmas weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kverettp Turbe-j ville. Other guests at the Turbevillei home for Sunday dinner were Mrs. ! Pearl Knight of .HilJsdulw and Mr.: ROLLED OATS FANCY RiCE KROGER'S AVONDALE QUALITY GrGsn Bssns I SI--11 WIJj-' Piektd gjrJcn- v frt"h! A ,ow P'icc r--T ,) scnsaliun! Vour V 'i. , best buy in bijni! lie Country Club 18 Oz. 18 Bi Servings! Pkg. , CORN FLAKE FARMERS PRIDE i& D.eliciQIHL, III! IfPib ,h ' CRYSTAL PANCAKE FLOUR Country Club - Si-lf J!i-iiiii KARO SYRUP Itllie l.nhel - ol(Kll ij,:;;'..i4e No. '2 TOM ATO JIKK I 3 ft Confidence Itrawl an BEEN BEAi Vitamin Enriched g. Loaves 21c CLQCX BREAD 230 290 IN ji Can! i; a.. Can Point I-' i No. l Can Points Ni. li vts. 'JO Point up 1 1 nil .11 H I St'eteiii'(I Coiinlry CIiil) si;i:i' picas Preferred itrand Knrly .lime SPINACH Coimiiy Clul Cross Roads A Lb. A fi Of America L Jufr lUv PEANUT BUTTER and Mrs. Rob Nickla and daughter. Kermit Price of Sandusky, Ohio spent Christmas week with Leigh Mack. Mr. and Mrs. Curl. Johnson spent No. 2 14c 5 lbs. 35c E-Z BAKE FLOUR AUNT JANE'S Lb. Pure Grape Jar Uv PRESERVES I3e 110 250 No iiit or Smiil! TO.MATUKS No. a lied Ripe Cim 0 Points a Can! TOM ATO SOI I a HMa Oz. Farmers Pride Suuday Dpc. 24 with Mr. and Mrs. t Harold Johnson. ! Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hugg have moved into the property lately vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Austin Mayes. I Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hamersley and ; son of Dana and Mr. and Mrs. Har-: old Hamersley and children of Kast ! Chicago and Mrs. Donald Hamersley ' were Christmas guests of Mr. and CORN MEAL n?T 5 27c SELECTED - . ( atis CumpbellS rmnt (E U. S. No. 1 MAINE, FARMERS - PRIDE Mrs. Ray Hamersley. fAKi!-'4i):Di; Pancoke ; F Hour l mm I0ibs.;43c Buy Now l l iLJU Christmas dinner . guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Mayes were their son Pvt. Herman -Mayes of , Ft. Knox. Ky , Mr. and Mrs. Kl-nii'r . ftiford stud fliimily. Mr. anil Mrs. W i I lard Ma Lies and daughters. Mjp lfilia Kwitiford. Miss Kessir- ! S wtnfoid and Mrs. Maxine (JonelJ and sn Donald. ' j-TrsT" Forest Mach has rcturijed lo j lir hume from a t lp which took her j to Texti s and New Mexico. Al Carls-j lad, N M., site i -tiled her son, AC Roljert K. Mack, wlio is in training! there. She spent one day in Stillwater, Okia. witli her nephew John A. ' Klliott and wife and at Ft. Smith.! Ark. she slopped two days with her : 500 "' Wr ; .III(;.KI.K lb. ;iMri;Ki!irr in i.i. Mar-li (Sc-(ll IV IJJiK ROLLED OATS Farmers Pride !. 48 oz. pkg. Q Voll a't lltol'C l'ir Jimp lllHIlry I l'"1"1'11 Kl'I'M'lM'U --- ' ' " s NAVV IlKAXS It AGp s No roimi ll(? HOP HH.W) I.KTTI K Liii-Bf III) Si.i' Hi-ail 120 Presto Wfiite 1 Mm ".li Solid Cri 1 I I s. eVL Choice Mitijipm I A( V VWIS .a. J'orto Hirair vi:i,i,iv iivions helii -ions ( mihIhmI! 5" 19c AI'I'l.l': Itl ITIili B .. Ml, Mi-( lioh.' . rt. KrH- .-it fclp Smim'I ami .Mini OK.Wf.KS A IJ -in . Sl'llTll-tl IV IvC v. Jim i l- lot ill son. Lt. it. A. .Mack wh') is station-d at Camp Chaffer, Ark. Mrs. John Kinney, former Air Clinton Pure; Marr Kraml ;lus Swi'el Thin Skills rri.i s o m. In- ;lt) I mil a 1 an. I itlie . f 10 A I S hi lied or .ihlt ii Ifc Mriitiis ILK A I'll Id ITS o. 23 Ji rant ltlll fAHHOTS l.iiiu1 f : '-' O lllilll'l mil - 7- V ,J. i' I j , i i a h Jli III l'oiul-i a ( mi iilil. - Sweet Jui' V .ltlllli Mill CAIIIIHiK Q. T.xa!. (.r.'.n WW Slid l-'ii'iti H.'Utls SUB IfN THE BEAN.. J 1 KRO&BR'S HOT-DATED I j SPOTLIGHT I ASCAI, i:i,l.l(V JuiiiImi 10- CI.IM K IIII.M TS !". Sll.-'l'i-tl - I'liiill IH. lie TilK -IK Irv li: M(k WW 4 Med. Kars Start Hie New Ye;ir Riyht . . . Willi CLINTON rCKE MILK "7 r.-r- :i lUrs tie : Larue J5ars J ull lU litiotis Kaiin! CHUCK ROAST 4Pts. 27c Tender Juicy Grade "A" Lj;e. Box 'Z'jc DIZ Corps nurse, has spent (he last two w ri'ks w ith her niol her Mrs. Idi-na Hughes. They will go to Damilk. III. eaiiv this mont It to spend I he rest of (he w inter. Mrs. Kinney 'it husband. Lt.. John Kinney, who is a I ig liter pilot, haft left lor overseas duly on a P-4 7. Mr. and Mrs. Lester McCoy had as their dinner guests on. Christmas Ke Mr. and Mr?. Loren Milhr and two daughters and Ivory Powers of Indianapolis and Mcs. Alie Jit nt-s of Clinton. M rs. James and .Mrs. Powers remained over Christmas. ' H roil Ulakesley of the I. S. Navy spent last Tliur.-day with his par-eiits, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rlake-sley. S;an Gosn-ll of Cary spent last Wednesday with Mrs. Maxine (iosnel! and sun Don. Mr. and Mrs. Charh-s Rns.11 of Dana isited Mr. and Mrs. Harold Johnson on Christmas Ee. !' 35c i;HAI .VSU IIKK.KII Sliii'il - INiinl fr'riM' ! SI'AHK lilllS l.b. s.,mll I. mi m. alv Pis. fcfcC BEAL'S MARKET VICTOR PALONCY IVAN SVETKOFF '"29c Iarge, Tender Juicy Dinner Size FRANKFURTERS l'01 North tth Street I'ike S. Limoiu Streets SIS N. Niiih St. 24i Jf X . U HITIM. M. IP. WIIITIMi KIIJ-KTS No Italic or Ua-Hii! I'oint l-'ii" r Jack Sttiiiioii N 1'. Wfc MINNIE GIOVANINI Lb. Wise. Longborns or Daisies EiUikfU f 33c CREAM CKEESE 5o8 X. Kightli St. SUPER MARKETS Flaf Over Schoolhouse It is believed the first American flag to Py oer a p.iblrc srh.vjiho-ise in the United States v.-;s 4he ere fiuwn in H'ver og school-hiiui at C H? nint Hill, -jkass. A s4abiet now rrjts te plfc4vu,hez LT k.. til

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