The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 3, 1945 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1945
Page 6
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Wednesday, January 3, 1015. THE DAILY CLINT0NEA Page Six V. S. Iron Ore Fources f The cliirf Americnn source of iron ore has Ions been the Lake Superior ...i.:..u nm fuinir.hed more BULLDOZER SMOTHERS FLAMING B-29 ON SAIPAN Fines levied for Traf lie, Violations, Intoxication ' Numes on Ihf I'linton I'i.Mi'h rer- oid loilay wire Guy liiltnn Harry tla fli 0f the V2 million domestic Hunyan. Karl llolyc-ross, ami lioliert : tnnna(?e prorlurrd. Autliormes pic- O. Swain, H was reported today. j diet, however, that by 1850 high Guy union. iViilmarv, w a s j grade ores ir.ay be exhausted in rluirged $5 and costs ami H" bi.v In thu rcKion, Ii'avinB only ores the the 11,'iuil rami for pil,Hc lnio.lea-! rnininn of v. Iiieh require much more , I i .is i.i i - tin A pnnrpntra. Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices PAID NOTICES NOTICE! ,rz. Stated Convocation of Vermii-VVI million Chanter 125 of the R. AM. Thursday Jan. 4 7:30 p. m. Leonard Hill. H. P.. Ray Shew, itwii .inn in; im ill'. 1,1 IIHIOIMI .-Olia.ii. : psienhlVi: i;JL'i iiimin Karl lliilyrniss. I'errym III", ami lion. Of V. fi. imporis now ii IlolM-n o, saiii or Marshall, lad.. ! lii;:lier than three million tons an-were charped tor ir.nii,- ;.,!hihiih ' nt'iilly, "hi !o supplies more than ono Sunday. Iloih wore lino.l million ami Venezuela UUO.OOO tons. " ja. inaartinn: e for each m reading line (one column line, like one of these). ,... iqi insertion: the lame le charge (you get three daya at iouble the coat 01 me um Neit three oaya Insertion: the am 8c charge you get a whole NOTICE! Jerusalem Lodge No. (19 P. & W'X A M. culled meeting, TueRduy. January 2. 7 p. m. Work In M. M. degree. Thuiim Conneiy, W. M., Charles Drown, secretary. t4 Clinton, 1ml. . mil si. eck five days) ai inree um . .i.. Imaurt inn I. Each group of three day. there TliKSDAV ttiiil V' KB X !' DAY, Jan. 2 and 3 .i.i..m t) ami am- mil 111,1: it. vrritE LOST after, OU Blackface (like this) 10c per line. LAUwk DARK OR KEN UILLFOLD containing money and basketball - .,.,,.. f Jnull Dicks. youth mm wi CUIIUUlim ' - ,i All classified ad Including niem-orlami and notices of all kinds must be paid In advance except those bv regular customers whose account Peturn to !M5 Elm KU'eei. n- ward. 11 noiiiki CU'aiiviHe Kent Smith puis AKB YOUR OWN B Card of Thanks re paid mommy ur .. -mnliatlons whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the tatter case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible for Its payment. FOB SALE X9 .' J " . ., - - the h-.cU Ciirsc.ii, .Iuik" Wyiiinii, Irene Munniiip; THl':KSDAY, JANUAUY 1 ADMISSION II and stN- DAYS OF GLORY Tunmra. Twun-uiKiuva Grccnry Peek " "LElTI''l TO A IIEKO" UKO Short TIHS IS AMEU'ICA, No. 2 Flicker Flash Back AVIATION ENGINEERS ram their .bulldozer Into ' T, ve S faint the huge ships based crackling flames started when Jap planes came n to, tow level a t & o( on Salpan Inland. .Humped against e rifle heat the do, r c plane. aa.?0 FOUR ACHES OP GROUND, NEAR Klondyke, house, barn and ou -buildings, all with new roofs. Al-dona Skinder, 3448 S. Emerald Ave., Chicago, 111. ta-x biuck, any'kind YOU WANT. An wriM-kinir Parts Co. snite of the threat oiuJijr.-t.T We wish to exprc3 our thanks ami appreciation to our friends and neighbors and to the ministers, the pallbearers, singers. Prist Funeral Home and to tboso whq Rave beautiful flowera and to all of thoHe who were so thoughtful during the illness and death of our beloved husband and father. Mrs. Alda McCown Homer McCown and Family. nl,iv inrlinna. lie has re-appolnl- ed Angolo Tasso of (.'llaton us Dep CROSSES COUNTRY WITH NAGS i;iuii"ii i-.i'u Il.i,e H. Clinton. tji .... , FIFTH VEIN COAL. CHARLIE R n.....n Phnnn 13fi-W. ' l 17-17-44 f I FRIGIDAIRE. BIO JOES PLACE. TT.-,-D.,l t48 1,1,1, C, ,,. First Kun Feallire-i uty Sheriff of Vermillion toiiniy. Sheriff Griffin lias also re-appolnt'-.l William White of, Newport as Jury bailiff for both grand and petit Juries, for the January Term of court,, which convenes on January 8(h. ! Harry Runyan, 50 or Clinton entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of assifiilt and battery with intent lo kill in Vermillion Circuit Court Tuesday morning and was pieced under $3000 bond. He Is charged with stabbing Floyd Judy, tr, of Illanfoid in the Dixie Rar Tavern on Main Street In Clinton on the : night of December 31st. Judy Is In the Vermillion County hospital and Runyan TOM I K ' i Card of Thanks 40 BALES OP STRAW. SAVANT, Slaughter House. '48x GIRL'S BICVCLE.fioOD CONDI-tion. 255 No. Fourth Street. I47x BUSINESS SERV ICES FOUND A "LARGE STOCK OF SHEER E4GRROR!!! Y " - 1 S, I. "3 'H ,t Goodyear car, itucr m Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. Sth and Bogart MobllgaB Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. ,1 r.f Am back in Behool; and I wish to thank all The faculty, school mates, friends, hospital staff and doctors for all the nice tbiiiKS they did for uie while I was shut In. Gilbert Barbee. is held in the Newport Jail in lieu of bond. As court is now in vacation no trial date has been set, but It will probably be tried during (he January Term of court which convenes on January Sth. x ' a5 f g ft K - y f 4 A 1 DEAD A N I M A L 8 REMOVED, large or imall, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford B3109 Trre Haute or Dana 142. - .11 nhnna charges. John 1 fir Kzm&iTt l I ' i m j, ut x -jesi ska'- - -zais- , f i Victor Wimselt of Dana entered a plea of not guilty lo a charge of vehicle taking In Vermillion Circuit Court Tuesday morning and was placed under bond in thP sum or $2000. He is held in the Newport Jail In lieu of bond. Wlmsett Is charged with taking a Dulck car belonging to Elmer Potter of the value of $1700 on December 27th. This cause will probably be tried the January Term of Court which con Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. t!37 DEAD ANIMALS-REMOVED FREE of charge by Dwigglns and Hons, licensed dealer. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, Phone BO. t5xf U.S. Airmen Strike Jap Shipping Off Formosa, Leave 5 Ships Burning HELENEKiC EDll.i BAf.KLfT t S '-'4 "so - r f - .i.t , (VDllnul F "m Page l venes on January 8th. GUARANTEED 24-HR. KEPRIGEfi-atlon Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Bonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 1C5-J-2, 8-1-45 ciuATnn WAYNE MORSE Oregon senator-elect, srrlved in Washing-Jonakhs newdutles on Cpdol lb" folW . h.clie tr .astward He was accompanied by his w-ycar-old daughter Nancy and Two of his prize saddle horses, and en route, he ran nut of b. Father and daughter are shown above unload.nS the riding academy near the capital. (lnternalion.,1) ""Mitchells ranging furl her north over the capital isle of the Philippines struck enemy facilities at La-oag, Igniting large fires, and sank a 2,000 ton merchant vessel on uie n,!,lia natrol ohilios blew up ihh 4 Auto Licenses, Plates To Go On Sale Next Tuesday INDIANAPOLIS, lnd. Automobile license plates and all driver's licenses lor 104 5 will go on sale Tuesday. Rue J. Alexander. Secretary of State, has announced. The new plates, along with op a Jap gunboat In the south China r COURT NEWS Sea. lCwttli Vmmw Afl'ril'Ome FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE, BAT more fresh fruit. Our oranges are better because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. tlCf RECAPPING AND V ULCANIZING. Five-ply passenger car tires. Plenty of Ethyl and antl-freeze. The Gas Market. 11-2-44 NEWS OF MEN IN THESERVICE (Continued from page 1) u In the central Philippines, bombed the Kiray airdrome on va -ndinrlt. colored, has been i, o rinal discharge from his par- Neeros Island, starting rresn ures erators, chauffeurs, ana punnc passenger chauffeurs' licenses wilt be available In the main license ofrice " , " . .. inrfiuna Stale Prison ac- in supply areas. Dride, conulialKiing f"'' " , , . ROth Inlantrv Division in France, cording to or,iB w'nt "e 6(1111 llliannj , ... .,,.!, r ih Verm 1 ion at the Stale House and in branches pfc Helegda is the son oi nun. oinie ui iw- - aline Helegda of 136 North Seventh ' circuit Court. The parole was sign-slreet Son. He was graduated ed by the Governor on December throughout every county In the state. Deadline for use of old licenses is February 28. TRUCK DRIVERS CJOOD COAL AT all times. No waiting. Paved road. 8 Miles west of Clinton, Hazel Bluff. S O Coal Co. t28x J3URDSALS PASTE W A X FOR your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. v a.v Lif i fiu uj wj 'a On Leyte Island, 77 8 more jai were killed and one taken prisoner in continued mopping-up. raising to 119,762 the number of Japs who have perished in Japan's fatile fight to hold the island. Light naval units on patrol in the Oamotes Sea, west of Leyte. blasted four Jap barges to the bottom and shot up enemy supply areas on Poro from Clinton High School in i. 2uui. woou.o. , v' -mii and entered service on Jan. 15, killing of Hurton Brown in, I Hon Circuit Court on February 8. 1"". I . llfu uutll,fi Indiana Cold Wave To Continue Through Tonight Ti s A. 1I0Z6 ana was bi-h "" . . . j n ...., ,,n,lKl lo Attorney Frank INDIANAPOLIS, lnd. Indiana S cold wave will continue tonight, the j !)e WKD. cfc THl.'R. 35c spending an 18-day l"oui n '; , ' WM , by Indianapolis . Weather Ilureau pre Ms parents. Mr and Mrs. .... .-.u - - ; ... m5 wll)le Smith of Crompton 11,11. ' -,, ,a on thhe Levee Island, starting large lires. lit Mindanao Airdrome On Mindanao, south of Leyte, Liberators struck the Rassa and Parada airfields on successive days, inflicting new damage and destroying two parked planes. dicted today. Temperatures will range from five above zero in I he north to 20 above in t lie south tonight, according to c -u rhu-les 'w Clark Is home ! in I'arhe County, and the case was S Jc Chail-s . '-ir" ,,. J ,.,.h , Vermillion Circuit Court. venued to Vermillion Circuit Court. iov niter cnninleting tell wer Musical Comedy "JIVE Bl'STEKS" Bargain Jlatinee Thur. !)&23c 2:00-2:30 P.M. the forecast. yiiili llt'tid nl one below, was BENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. t85f " MALE HELP WANTED jiOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly, Rill Blackburn, Clintonian. emoymeWwaWed manvant?"farm"vork, can : handle tractors, give references, three miles south of Dana, one mile west of Bono. John L. Smith. i Dana, route one. t47x FEMALE HELP WANTED the coldest report spot ill Indiana Garnet VanCamp of Newport has riled a petition ill Vermillion Circuit Court for the appoint meat of a guardian for James Van Camp, an in last night. Other temperatures were Fort Wayne, one above; Indian Soldier's Cotton Every soldier requires 250 pounds of cotton, or about 10 times what the average civilian wears. liny More HonfK! apolis, 16; Terre Haute, 17 and of boot training. He is the son of Raymond Clark of Mulberry Street. U.S.A. First , Lieutenant William. A. Moore, son or Mr. and Mrs. William H. Moore, of 4435 Cadillac. Detroit. Michigan, and husband of Mrs. Norma E. Moore, of 442 Walnut St.. Clinton. Ind has been awarded a third Oak Leaf Cluster to his Air competent. Evansville, J Jan. 31 Deadline Set On Gross Income Tax Payment INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. January Joe A. Marietta of Clinton has riled petition in Vermillion Circuit Court for the appointment of a guardian ror Fred Uongiovnani, a person of unsound mind. UTWONTAPS ANDmElue- OMCir, ' CEMETERY MEMORIALS MONUMENTS and MARKERS Terre Haute Monument Co. SHIiLL V. LBCE J-hone 882 It.prracntatire MB 8. 8evffnttl, Clinton 31 is the deadline set for I he pay- ! Medal, it was recently announced by the commanding general at an OPENING POR SALESLADY. EX-uerience preferred. Louise, Inc. t4Df GIRL TO CARE POR SICK LADY. $10 per week. Clinton Route one. Elvia Graham. l4"x A grit? income tax on 1944 incomes. The reminder was given by Gilbert K. ilewitl. director of the Gross Income Tax Division, along with the announcement the collections for the ralendcr ear of 1944. which ended on Dec. 31. was the largest Tor tin) year in the division's history. Ilewii said the division lind mailed out several Ions of lax forms lo license branches alld individuals requesting them. FOR BENT Eighth Air Force bonnier siauou m England. Lieutenant Moore is a bombardier on a 11-17 Flying Fortress, and is a veteran of more than a score of the Eighth Air Force's huge daylight precision bombing assault a-gainst the Nazi war machine. He has participated in the hoiubing of-ifenave against the Reich's transportation centers nl Hannover. Frank-- D ,,,,,1 Minister, as well Hearing was bad in Vermillion Circuit Court on the application for suit money and maintenance in the divorce case of Anna Faletti vs Peter Falettl Hy agreement or the parlies defendant is lo pay the $r.n attorney rees on or before Munch 1st and $15. on the 8th and 23rd of each month maintenance pending the divorce, paynienls to begin on January 8th. ROOM. OI'TSIDE ENTRANCE. close in. 340 South 4th Street. t47 MODERN ROOM. CLOSE IN. 231 Walnut Street. Phone 61 lilt. 1 4 Ox It t'''' mri . un.H.'r . and the area around Aachen, all oi nnmilii' Knxnkevirh lias filed ar- as troop support missions or , , rort With The ConpUmeata Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN. There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for FRANKLIN 15. MOREY South Fifth St. Just Come la K And Ask For Them! Watch Tills Space Every Day OLB NAME MAS BK NEXT 7" B Dry Cleaners Ordered To Post Ceiling on 12 Services All dry cleaning establishments ,- rnnii-,H lo nnsl on a suecial lios- lit ,..,,. f c, ,iih for failure to niak HELP WANTED CLINTONIAN - NEWS CARRIER boys for route open on seventh, eighth, and ninth streets. Call S2 Clintonian Office. I .It -i. ........ ,,h fnreps The courage, coolness payment for maintenance as ordered uavnient ror niainieuance s uiin-n-u - - - bv Die court. The affidavit alleges ter their maximum prices charged it, n ine vuuii. i i. n i,iuroi, 1QJ9 tnr I ? npfv ces. il was S "Ti that two payments are in arrears in "- ' . . - is r x , . land Rkill displayed by Lieutenant Moore on all these occasions reflect ! great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces or the Pnited States. Prior to his entry into the Army "IS row..A t .- n.,ni, rin.riikp- (h to aiiiimiiH'cu iiiuu.v i,. mi.. the sum of -.. each. Hearing Is to "Won, i WANTED TO KENT he had on January 4th. Anyone that receives garments for l..!,iti! riiiHt also nost this ceiling. I The posters call lor four ceilings SMALL. MODERN, F.'KNISHKD apartment. Call Kathleen Cobble at 65. between 8 a. m. and 5:30 p. m. t52v 11 Jndee E. A. Davisson of Vermillion Circuit Court has ordered Ibe i.iv onnimissioners. Otis Watson on each of the 12 listed services. I They are "call for and deliver" and "cash and carry" ceilings for clean-i ing and pressing and for pressinj; 1 and Si rand Ory. both of Newport. Air Forces, in 1!M2. Lieutenant Moore was employed, as a timekeeper by the Wabash Ordnance Plant. U.S.A. The public relations orriee at Fletcher General Hospital. Cambridge. O. announces the promotion of Technician Firth tirade Nona C. Vermillion of route one. Rosedale to the rank of Technician Fourth Grade. 9' IIPI ur(M0;r:'!,fb NOT A SLOGAN . . . BUT A POLICY! "THE FRIENDLY FIRM." Personal Loans to $300. lo draw names for ine juries iui the January Term or court on January 3rd. The first twelve names will be tor the grand jury and then twenty-four names for the petit jury. The January Te'm of court convenes only. Mrs. Doolin stated that anyone required lo file who has not received price guide letters and posters is tu contact the local ration board. Sgt. Vermillion has neen in ser SECURITY LOAN COMPANY Her on January Sth. vice since December 10. li42 hone 2 225 Blackman St. Interesting Social News Everyday husband. CP1- rrariK , (.ntf) . ; serving overseas with the Army at as f of VermIllion I the present time. I " CLINTON. INDIANA

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