The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 3, 1945 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1945
Page 5
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Page OTv THE DAILY CLINTONIAJT Wednesday, January 3, 1945. - By Jack Sords .("MM ' Quaker News RING INVADER REVIEW OF YEAR IN SPORTS BOWLING RESULTS WISKHAUT liKAOt'K MODEL CLEANKRS Evitt, 141, 115, 147 403; Purcell, 130, 123, Uo' 363; Gill'oy, 133, 127, 133 393; Fenoglio, 160; 200, 148 508; Mott, 142, 158, 105 405; handi Of Interest Bert Riley Home After Three Years Overseas; Local Guests are Noted Mr. and Mrs. Merle Jones of near tist -me hoar's pefjRts fisof- 25 To 7 AMP TUB 6AV PACBBS JoM -rtte cap, 230, 230, aau Cayuga, Ind. visited Mr. and Mrs. a. 936. 953. 873 2762. REXALL Weir, 154, 199. 146 499; Stevenson, 125, 181, 149 455; White, 134, 161, 162 457; Hain, 154, 155, 148 457; Kirk-man, 158, 148, 157 463; handicap. 185. 185, 1S5 555. Totals, 910, 1029, 947 2885. Cats Victors Over Cayuga Indian Crew Clinton Hardwood Five HundH IJp-County Outfit 21-17 Defeat In Meet Tuenduy; Schedule Brazil Knellng Hie limn Christmas-New Yi'itr's liollilny on B- Kood note, the Clllitim HlKh Hchool basketball iiinil ilefi-nted Hi" Cnyuda Indians by 17 to 17 wore lust nliiht In the lip-rolinly fleldliouse. PusliT l'd I lie Clinton scoring, ilroppliiK In fmir burkcta nnd six fltld gimls while W'lllilte led for III Indium Willi two field goals nnd two free llirowt. 'Ilnton led nil the wy with Fos-i., nimiilnif the mime liv scoring on C. Cooke Tuesday arternoon. Ella Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hugg and daughters Loretta and Rosalie have been ill with the Claudia Howlett was guest of Beverley Arrasmith at Newport Friday night and Saturday. Elsie Trosper of Henderson Chapel and Mrs. Dewey Mock and son S MATERIAL Hlld. 150. 151. 147 448; Zandrea, 101, 109, R9 299; Hatfield, 134, 114, 119 367; Plttenger, 196, 112. 180488; Hollingsworth, 198, 202, 119519; handicap. 200, 200, 200 600. Totals, 979. 886, 854 2721. FRISTS Cloyd, 188, 155, 145 488; Berto, 140, 139, 158 437; Turocl. 121, 148. 167 436; Foster. ir4. 120. 165 445; Lammey, 194, 140, 179 , 513; handicap. 144, 144 144 432. Totals, 941, 852, I I 1 v. JiA( & , 1 Billie called Thursday afternoon on Mrs. B. C. Cooke. H. R. Youmans has been ill recently. Rev. and Mrs. Melvin Smith returned home Wednesday from Louisville, Ky. where they had been visiting their son Virgial and family several days. Thelmx Nickle visited Claudia Howlett Sunday. Mrs. Howard Smart, Norman Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ellis called at Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Cooke's Monday. Bert Riley of near Scottland and son, Capt. Max Riley, who is home II free throw. IltirlliK the first period 958 2751. lie added four more una one DasKei while Htinxcrford 'nn a ,onK one rt nut Cuts nut In front 0-5. MOUCAN CROrERY Swick, 156, minimi aurued fur out In front in I 208. 100 r,;!0; Inrrntu, lul-,15 352; Rhoadn, 117, 129, 141 u&r i tl aa,ai pijs vee A" l8L!fe Axl wiuYpepA io-p "a i 3tr -v. -t . - I ha eeond iiuiuter with the Cats ri'iienllntt their nine-point performance while holding the Indiana to four to no Into the. second half on h 18.0 score. ,i,,rln iim third nerlod the Cats 387; Garrigus, 147, 14, i" 442- Hickman, 142, 147, 175464; handicap, 240, 240, 240 720. To- tals. 938, 972, 985 2895. STEVENSON Newsomft, 120. 1B'4i !77 451; Rogers, 101, 111, ji-,2 364; Foncannon, 141, 149, 1G3 453; Gilmour, 139, 143, 99 381; Rentier.. 163. 126, 147430; handicap. 241, 241, ?41 723. To-,1. 899. 924. 9792802. 6oDov"fWice- on a ten leave, after serving ovi-i-seas In South Pacific for three years, visited Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Cooke Saturday afternoon. '. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Youmans and sons Jackie and Davie returned Frl-, took a short rent, with only two point! belli added to their score uiiil rnnit uu six markers l.nsi"k) Jofe ?mL- MPT:, jmrv'wr. , II . W t 11 10 end the third muiiiu 2(1-15, Clin SoOfA AMgUlCAfJ iM AMP- JANUARY ' " ,w - - -iwe f.MAM opeiJ, sam s4bap vteA -rue Kicrtv3o open GRAPETTE Crowley, 163, 162, 162 487; Bussing. 121, 140, 113 day to Westfield after spenoing a -few days at the home of the former's father, H. R. Youmans. , Mrs. John Howlett and daughter Claudia were shopping in Danville,.' 111. Friday. The Missionary Society will meet Thursday with Rev. Anna Smith. Cfc TA&- vf5Aff 374; Quinn, 143, 107, 118 versal service bills introduced by auguration" on Jan. 20 and express Real Estate Transfers May and Rep. Wadsworth ill) N. .. 30-sponsor of the Selective Service Act. Wadsworth is also a member of the Woodrum Committee. ed the hope that tney couia oe completed "in two or three weeks". A definite date would be announced soon, he added. Scott, 160. 156. 170 48ti; i-oiu...-bo 130. 130, 153 413; handicap, 227, 227, 227 681. Totals, 944, 922', 943' 2809. PEPSI COLA Hays, 159, 218, ton, The Call not buck on the beam In the lust eluht minuted, sendinc seven point! throuxh the hoops while (midline Cayunu to two to end on the !7 to 17 seore. Fouls were plentiful In the came with the Call having two players with four fouls while one Cayuga player was fouled out. Clinton'! Kltlens eamo out winners In a hectic 19-18 curtain raiser before the regular match. The Cuts will spend the rent of the week drilling for the rough and ready Mraill lied Devils who are scheduled for a session here Friday night. Summaries: CLINTON (27) FO TT PF Largest Ore Deposit Caue peak, Brazil, is the center til the world' largest iron ore deposit. Notre Dame Set Iiaek by Purdue Squad, 44 -32 INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Notre Dame had lis second basketball de-rni nf Hie season today, a gift from Among the witnesses, said tne ' United' Mercantile Agencies to Mario Terrando lot 9 Matthew Park Congressman, will probably bo Sec Thiamine Content mi.. .u:nn.;A nf canned 214 591; Cheek, 12a, m. " iGT Allison, 149, 229, 128 506; Hag'eman, 1 66, 180, 160 512; ., 09J 1 04 213 631; han add. to Clinton. Jl. will.inl I.. Newman to LaVernn retary of War Henry L. Mtimson, Secretary of the Navy James V. For- Hie uuaiiiMic,v,ia,3 cinriifia fihnw. is affected reslal and Veterans Administrator by differences in methods of pre Newman lots 344 and 345 in Cron-dyke and McKee's 4th add. to Cay dicap,' 171, 171, 171-523. Totals, tiu 1104. 1018 3116. Or. G. R. McGUJRE CmEOPRACTOB X-Baj 235V Blackmaa paring tne vegeiaoies, yai m-uie. j in the method and time of blanching, and by the grade and size and a Purdue squad the. Boilormaners previously hail conquered. The usually high scoring Irish were held to 32 points while the Boilermakers ac Frank T. IHnes. Following completion of the hearings, Woodrum revealed, the House Military Affairs Committee would probably hold its own. He said he understood its chairman, Rep. May (D) Ky., who is a member of the Military Policy Committee, intended structure of. some 01 me prouui-i, due to the surface areas exposed uga. $1" Henry A. VanBrunt et ux to Indiana Baptist Convention pt. lots 21, 22, 23 and 24 in Reed's 1st add. to St. Bernice. $1. Carl E. Shepard et ux to Milton W. Thompson pt. 18-19-10. $1. to treatment. Hearings to Open On Hot Issue Of Peacetime Training quired 44. lioth Lafayette and Bloomington were scenes of collegiate net encounters last night which mark the last .. . mnrerenre game before the ttttt. '''' t X Marie Wilcoxen et al to Milton to hold his hearings in aoeyame until the Woodrum group had complet Foster 4 James 2 Hungerford 1 Rejnerlo n Watson n Smith - 2 Curry 1 W. Thompson et ux pt. 17-19-10. i. ed its work. WASHINGTON, D. C. Rep-Woodrum (D) Va., chairman of the House Postwar Military Policy Committee disclosed today that public Marie Wilcoxen ct al to Milton . hosts begin conference play. Indiana University, who won from the Penthathlon of Mexico City quintet, 53 to 33, will open the Big Ten sea DR. O. R. BREDLWeAj OPTOMETRIST Eyes Tested Glasses Made For Those Who Need Them Tlinmnsnn et. UX Dt. 17-3 9-10. $1. The hearings will provide the first ,,Mic nirine in Congress of pro posals for a peacetime draft. The wnrtrnm Committee will not rec Totals I" ' May Long to Milton vv. Thompson et ux pt. 17-19-10. $J. Public Service Company of Indiana to Milton W. Thompson et ux pt. 19-19-10. $1. CAYUGA (17) FG FT hearings will begin tins monm u.. peacetime universal training, one of the most controversial issues faced by the 79th Congress. !,! ih. hoarines would son at Ann. Arbor against .viicnigan .Ian. 5. Purdue will open the Big Nine campaign the following night, play ommend legislation, leaving that to Phone 17B CLINTON, IND. Woodard " 248 Blackmail St. the Military Affairs Committee which is expected to consider uni , ...ttMtMtMttMttlMt ,, vvooaium b, probably open '"right after the In ing Ohio State at Lafayette. Hoosler collegiate games tonight iMnitn a visit to WaboBh by Illi CO TO CHURCH SUNUAl . n.. ,,- .1 r urn, T Dl IT 'UP FINISHING! Kuhns " Potter 1 Brown 0 Hudson 1 Julian r 1 Dickerson ..-- ' Wllhlte Totals 7 814 Officials; Patterson nnd Thomas. nois Normal " TPfaSj Chrtetiuji: t Valparaiso. ' - In the Purdue-Notre Dame game, the margin of defeat for the Irish was held to the 12 points by virtue of Coach Ward Lambert's use of Purdue reserves during the last quarter. Score was 36 to 16 at the time he began substitutions. The driving offense and alert defensive play nf the Boilermakers were cre-,111. .,1 r,,r the victory. Poor shooting contributed to the dereal of (he Mexico City quintet at the hands of the 1. V. learn. The Pctilhiiililon out tit . on an 11 game good will lour In the United States, has lout flie gauiiH, while the lloo- .lei. hale won six of eight games. Racing Cornea to Halt Throughout II. S. Today NEW YORK, N. Y. fuel" Hum clamped the lid on ruclnii yesterday and there are no bniiKlulls raelim anywhere In the rnlied Klutes 10-day. Most horsemen fenrliin H-worse but hoplnn for the '"' lleve the ban on racing will last for the duration but a few are hopeful that Uncle Sam will relent when the war situation Improves. The question now Is; What will become of the 1.200 ) who rode last year or the 1S.0" race horses that saw acilon or the iin-n-tlmated thousands of slalile and track employes? Representatives of !IS race track" will try to solve these and oilier problems at a meeting In New York Jan. 12. Larvae Ilamnclnc Most housekeepers know, of course, thnt the adult or pa.ent moths don't eat bole: 'n garments or fiirnii.limis They just fly around ml lay Mile while vi'gs where their "eluUlieii" tun develop. The short light l.mwn, Koi 111 like larvae that Imli ll (nun the ninth do nil the dniiiUKc. Vvunl is lli u favorite food of tliv larvae. 1-nt they 'I'e tur just aU.ilt as well, uud feolhcrs und hair. Get in ttw Scrip I ' ' pj 'N'y oFipp;h TO " ISuveT) ijN ""SHALL tUE I7ANCE? " STV yAVL quit ) IV I TRUST VOUR LAWEgJS I UJAMTCHA ,y. - iW'.LL OU MARJ?V ME? ) rm. ,1 ' ( TR'TO j (M LL-STOC(gg TO MEET ) t0f ffiL' UVE 0 Tlr JTiMp cSy ' . II 'Wwt VULCAM- lerC1' FOLKS -j v (?) tff ,vM MEETS OUVEJ C'.M THE '---) SJ 1 Tt' -dJLfiv- ji s -1 BET HE - V. VOLCAMO7 Ti'.'.V ' fCM., 1, Theatre , t W 5 Starring M'i SQMk fe 4V: ; li Jp '''-: Zl1 HT' ' Z f I C HAVE VOUR MEN ' r r xi ,'oc pAgoTiARiiyT" GOOD ' W NOW HERE'S A ROUGH MAP p 2aaA4- m i TAKE THEIR PLACES , HAN lNTHI5lZOA?nSP I RIFLES AT bTcADD" APNX Bar-1 STRIKE AT DAWN I Villi ILL ORDER THE RAID, 7.. I : iLL BLOCK THE ROAD ) Z7 m MJ 1a1 a. a a . K S- DUmJmmi AT A AND F MEN WlTH A0Wk Wr- VW?AIM Secret 'MmM WL WkWi ; " 1ta-inl " . - - ' - r r . iTTTTI " ill j : Bin VI I W LITTLE RUDrSRTV-rRUDV SPEAKIMG ' TOLp ycu 1A" . f ., mfW ' SvS' m ISgss. -i GET THE "PLUS-VALUE" OF REDIFORM AT MASS PRODUCTION PRICES : "The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker . . ' oil need a different type of lales book and we have ' them. The wotld-famow Redilorm sales book line gives you greater variety, better construction, and finer quality, all at "mass production" prices. Let ui quote on your sales book orders. The Daily Clintonian Vermillion County's Home Ncv.KiaxT PHONE 8-2 LET US SHOW YOU OUR COMPLETE LiNf! a witch gave psrj r, : ca A.. i mux k y x WITNESS TliE CiLUMWlES FWREO WWN OOR POOR UTTL6 HERD'S HEAO.JOST CAUSE TMC SSAT OP WIS ffcNTS IS OOT! j f-V-lL-- -ilT lit f -r -r " y '

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