Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 18, 2015 · Page T27
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page T27

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Page T27
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Page T27 article text (OCR)

27 ROC TV • Democrat and Chronicle • • Sunday,October18,2015 FRIDAY LATE NIGHT OCTOBER 23 DSHDTV 88 Late ShowLate Late Show Guest in ter views. (TV14) (:37) Com ics (N) Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program This Week In Ag ri busi ness (TVPG) (N) Paid Program Paid Program Dou ble Team ‘R’ Eddie (‘96) Whoopi Goldberg. ‘PG 13’ Juwanna Mann (‘02) ‘PG 13’ Off the Chain 1010 To night (TV14) (:37) Late Night with Seth Meyers (TV14) (:37) News (:07) The Meredith Vieira Show (TVPG) Mad Money In vest ingad vice. Last Call (TV14) Sport Sci ence: Out of Con trol (TVPG) Home owner (N) Ma sonMcMillan: Seven Point (‘71) ‘NR’ Gal leryGal leryHitch cock Adulterer. Thriller (TVPG) F TroopF Troop 1313 Kimmel Live (N) (:37) Night line (N) (:07) TMZ (N) Dish Na tion (N) Paid Program Paid Program Com edy.TV (TVPG) (N) HouseSmartAmer i can Ath lete Bi ble is Right Bi ble is Right 14 Simp sonsFam ily GuyMike MllySeinfeldCleve landFam ily GuyQueensThe Of ficeRulesRulesHomeRules 2121 BBCSmileyWash WkCon traryMas ter piece (TV14) The Wid owerMas ter piece (TVPG) Old House Hour (N) Fes ti val (TV G) Awards (TV G) In de pend entLensPBS NewsHourBus. RptSmileyAny one and (TVPG) Cook’sMingMealsEu ropeKitchenCook’sBBQSmokeOld HouseEu ropeTrav elsKitchen 3131 Paid Program 2 Broke Girls An ger: Fly ing Fist Paid Program Cou gar Town An ger (TV14) Com mu nityCom mu nityFriends (TV14) Rais ing Hope Paid Program Paid Program CopsPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidCitywise 216305 Sav ing Hope (TV14) Flashpoint (TV14) Flashpoint (TV14) PaidPaidIn spi ra tion To day CampMeet ing (TVPG) 239307 How I MetHow I MetParksParksRulesRulesHopeHopeOr der: CI (TV14) SingSationCamp Mtg. Boxeo TLMDSe ñora AceroPagadoPagadoHoy he soñado con Dios (‘72) ‘NR’ PagadoPagado 200202 This is LifeThis is LifeThis is LifeThis is LifeCNN News room (N) CNN News room (N) 208355 Amer i can GreedAmer i can GreedPaidPaidPaidPaidJay Leno’s Ga rageJay Leno’s Ga rage 140206 SportsCenterSportsCenterSportsCenterCol legeFoot ball: Memphis vs Tulsa SportsCenter 144209 (10:30) Col legeFoot ball (Live) NFL LiveFirst TakeSportsCenterSportsCenterNFL Live 691 PaidPaidPaidPaid Pro gram Spon sored. PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid 241241 CopsCopsCops (:45) Jail (:15) Jail (:45) Jail (:15) Jail (:45) JailPaidPaidPaidPaid 160331 SouthPrkSouthPrkSouthPrkSouthPrkJackass Presents: Bad Grandpa .5 ‘NR’ Texas Chainsaw 3D (‘13) Vengeance. ‘R’ 162335 Sat ur day NightLiveSat ur day NightLiveFletch (‘85, Comedy) Chevy Chase. ‘PG’ Fletch Lives (‘89) Chevy Chase. ‘PG’ 170299 FriendsFriendsPrincePrincePrincePrince (:18) George LopezLopezLopezLopezLopez 180311 Matilda (‘96, Fan tasy) Danny DeVito. ‘PG’ PaidPaidThe 700 Club (N) PaidPaidPaidPaid 105242 (:01) SVU: Shaken Sat is fac tion (TV14) The Sap phires (‘12) Chris O’Dowd. ‘PG 13’ Or der: CI: Con soler Or der: CI (TV14) 138245 MummyHellboy II: The Golden Army (‘08) ‘PG 13’ Ha waii Five-0Ha waii Five-0Grimm (TV14) 131254 The Walk ing DeadTalk ing DeadTai Chi 0 (‘12) Yuan Xiaochao. ‘PG 13’ Iron Monkey (‘93) Rongguang Yu. ‘PG 13’ 108252 Step It Up (TVPG) Step It Up (TVPG) Jacksons (TVPG) Jacksons (TVPG) PaidPaidPaidPaid 182278 Pa cific War riorsGold Rush: The DirtGold Rush: 5 Mil lion PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid 118265 My Haunted HouseMy Haunted House (:01) Enfield (TV14) My Haunted HousePaidPaidPaidPaid 107249 TripTank30 Nights of Paranormal ‘R’ A Haunted House (‘13) Marlon Wayans. ‘R’ TripTankPres entsPaidPaid 114236 The Soup (TV14) Sex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CityPaidPaidPaidPaid 185312 GoldenGoldenFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierCheersCheersLucyLucy 124329 Wendy Wil liams (N) The Real (TV14) (N) ComicViewComicViewComicViewComicViewBETIn spi ra tion Re ligious events. (TV G) 270402 Contacto deportivoCorona de lágrimasAlma deIncluidoComo dice el dichoEl gordo y la flacaPrimerNoticiero 261370 Daily Mass (TV G) Life on the RockEWTNNwsWorld OverTra di tionSymbolonSav FaithVir tue,Light fromThe Twelve 110231 Diners: Ap pe tiz ers DinersBBQ BlitzDinersDinersDinersDinersIron Chef Amer icaPaidPaid 639 SportsSportsSportsDaily NewsPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid 631 Run ningYan keesCenterStagPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid 209356 Lockup (TVMA) Lockup: Wabash To Catch a KillerEight Times a KillerGet tingAwayLockupBusi ness 139247 (11:15) The Hang over (‘09) ‘R’ The Hang over Part II (‘11) ‘R’ Home Vid (TVPG) Home Vid (TVPG) Mar ried 260372 PriceFontaineMax LucadoCrefloTravelBless LordWor shipXtremeH2OBless LordLad’s TVGang 634 NY Gi ants 1st & 10MSG FightMSG FightMSG FightPaidPaidPaidPaid 183280 #WhatSheSexSay YesSay YesSay YesSay YesPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid 635 (11:30) NHL Hockey (Re play) NHL Hockey: Boston vs New York (Re play) PaidPaidPaidPaid 129237 StepmomStepmom (‘98, Drama) Julia Rob erts. ‘PG 13’ House wives (TV14) PaidPaidPaidPaid 112229 Love It or List ItHunt ersTiny HouseHunt ersHunt ersLove It or List ItPaidPaidPaidPaid 205360 The Kelly FileHannityOn the Re cordRed Eye (N) The O’Reilly Fac torHannity 176296 Heart, SheSquidMetalBob’sFam ily GuyFam ily GuySquidMetalLucyCleve landCleve landKing Hill 122244 Ha venZ Na tion: Down the Chil dren of the Corn (‘09) ‘NR’ The Dead Zone (‘83, Thriller) Chris topher Walken. ‘R’ 132256 Hunch backFallof House of Usher ‘NR’ The Pic ture of Dorian Gray (‘45) ‘NR’ The Curse of Frankenstein ‘NR’ MGM Par 172290 Girl MeetsGirl MeetsLivLivA.N.T.Shake ItThe Scream Team (‘02) ‘NR’ ZackWiz ardsGood Luck 166327 SkullCopsCopsCopsHopeHopePaidPaidCMT Mu sic (N) CMT Mu sic (N) 120269 (:01) An cient Aliens (:01) An cient Aliens (:01) True Mon sters (:04) True Mon stersPaidPaidPaidPaid 106304 QueensQueensChris tineChris tineHow I MetHow I MetRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneNannyNannyNanny 401218 (11:30) LPGA Tour Golf: from Miramar Golf Club in Tai pei, Tai wan (Live) PGA TOUR Golf (Re play) 136248 The Twi light Saga: Eclipse (‘10) ‘PG 13’ Abra hamLin coln: Vam pire Hunter (‘12) ‘R’ How I MetPaidPaid 184282 Tanked: N’ Roses Tanked: Un fil teredTo Be An nouncedTanked: Un fil teredTanked (TVPG) Tanked: N’ Roses 159220 Super HighSuper HighSuper HighPaidPaidPaidPaidDeer HuntWingshoot 127251 Big Happy ‘PG 13’ Wel come Home, Ros coe Jenkins ‘PG 13’ PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid 242246 Jok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersBilly OnA Ru insHack MySix DegreeBarmageddonLiz ard LicPaid 196277 Mys ter ies (TVPG) Mys ter ies (TVPG) Mys ter ies (TVPG) Mys ter ies: Margery PaidPaidPaidPaid 300501 A Schumer (TVMA) Amer i can Sniper (‘15) Bradley Coo per. ‘R’ (:15) Jarhead (‘05, Drama) Jake Gyllenhaal. ‘R’ UCLA 310515 The Knick (TVMA) Sex u ally ‘NRAO’ Lucy (‘14) Su perhuman brain. ‘R’ Femme (:20) Wolfen (‘81, Hor ror) Al bert Finney. ‘R’ 318545 (10:30) ShoBox: New Gen.Home land (TVMA) No tre DameIn side the NFLThe Af fair (TVMA) Bar ney Frank (‘15) KIDS SPORTS MOVIES Sandra Bullock

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