The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 3, 1945 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, January 3, 1945
Page 4
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Wednesday, January 3, 104S." ivnKc Vour THE D AIL V CLtNTONIAN THE DAILY CLIM01VIAN "MADEMOISELLE FROM ARMENTIERRES' Behind the Scenes 1M1 At th Moviet 1 J v HOLLYWOOD ; MdHiM M Th Weekly OUatontoa MM 1 The OUaton PUIndealer absorbed In ltxw FvbLtshed Daily Except Saturday and Sundaj fwirge L. Carey - - Editor and Publlshei MMCK Tii-wln,v ami Wnliiewlay V1lllnm Terry and Virginia (irey are u new romantic team In llepubllcH psychological my-slery drama, "HtrnnKers In The Nlnlil" now hIiowIiik t the 1'nl-nee Theitlre. llelemi ThlinlK and Kdllh llarretl have featured roles In the unusual ncreenplny. "KnnKo Ihw" wilh Johnny Muck Hrown und Itnyinond llallnn opellH lollllthl as Hie second fea-turei I at the Postofflce at Clinton, Indian H Second Class Matter tndjajia Republican td'tr..'tat Aawieiaciom By HARRISON CARROU Kin;; FoattirM Syndic-IP V rilrr IIOI-LYWOOD No matter if the lille docs sound like it, "Johnny Angel" 13 not another gangster piciure for George Raft. GcnrRc plays the copt.-Vin of a merchant ship Phone 38 Phone 32 F$aT In his new vehi if t- cle which gets under way this week at the )kSy ftlPUBUCAM NTomm. wOT Association mm&P' club L W ABASH f ' WVilnewlaj mirl Tlmrwlay "In the Meiuitlme,' Darlinp," the story of a fll honeyiuoon and R-K-0 studio. I watch Director Ned Marin shoot a scene in front of a of the gallant army of women who Jran""aaMa New Orleans follows Ihelr men from camp to cninp until Ihe moment of heart break when their loved ones are sent overseas, is scheduled to op- cafe. George is boarding a taxi driven by Hoagy C a r m ie h acl, M the Wabash Theatre to- nlKht, composer of Hurriton Carroll Slnrrlne brilliant screen new "Star Dust, ing, exclaims: "Well, nobody wfl see me at all. What can I flfWt out?" ' ;'- Raft pats her on the shoulder. "Honey," he snys, "With wht you've got, you don't Tiectl' any One of the key scenes In ''A Bell for Adano" is where llttls Italian jackass balks on a -brldgt and holds up column of American transport, including a major general in a jeep. Director Henry King Is shootlnj the scene this week on Twentieth Century-Fox's old "Chinese" lake, which now has been transformed Into i n Italian river spanned by n Army Bailey bridge. The little jackass 'is blocking line of Army trucks, only it really Isn't a jackass but s. 25-year-old ninny (cross between a horse and a burro) that once belonged to ths late Will Rogers. The cement Tm-neath the ninny has been cushioned with dirt so that the animal's hocks won't be burned when Henry Ar-metta. Bill Bendix and three other men try to drag it off the bridge. If the hlnny were hurt, it wouldn't do the trick again. They rehearse the scene several times. The apoplectic major' general, who orders the hinny dragged off the bridge, is played try Minor Watson. Nobody will admit whom the character is patterned after, but Watson looks an awful lot like Patton. . Playing the general's chauffeur is John Hodiak's standin, Sgt. George Bohannon. It's a small world, Bo-hannon will tell yon. Only a few months ago he was piloting a Jeep for a real major general in the South Pacific. That's how he got wounded and sent back home. . comer .leanne Crnln. who starred In "Home In Indiana," the 2 0 1 Ii WEST COAST RACE QUESTION. The West Coast seems to be somewhat agitated over the possible return of Jap-anrr - who were removed in the early days Century-Pox picture ' Introduces more th 1 ten younx players In of en ! c their rust important film rules. Featured In tin. oust are Frank P.nflmore, lOuuene 1'nllelte. Mary Nash, mauley I'm kit and dale Robbins. . . t. - Vlnrtar for Stitnt Vinctar will remove most ilnln from hands " Reds Close In v "t and sent into Government relo-.11 :;c'.i"cents. vi, i ; years, the race question has i coiix.vhat intense along the Pacific tvo than thirty years ago, a deli-i international issue was raised be-e.i ' ' ; United States and Japan by the I- i laws of California. The situation -. improved much since that time i p who suddenly is blossoming out as a movie character actor. Hoagy was the broken-down piano player in Howard Hawks' "To Have and To Have Not," and now he's an eccenW-ic taxi driver for Ned Marin. . He is taking his new career seriously and spends more time fussing over his makeup than Raft, Signe Jiasso or anybody else in the picture On top of this, he has worked out a bit of physical business to attract attention. 'He has a notched stick wilh a little propeller at the end of it. Ey rubbing another stick across the notches, he makes the propeller turn. All thrt ugh the' picture, on the slightest provocation, he pulls the gadget out of his pocket and goes to work. They kid him about trying to steal scenes from the stars. "1 Rotta wntch that Hoagy," says Mack Gray. "I gotta see he keeps that stick In his pocket while George is talking." "Yeah." says George. "Maybe I should llqure out something to counteract him like flipping the quarter in 'Scarface'." "Mr. Raft," snys an electrician, "I have a suggestion." "I'm way ahead of you," says Georqe. grinning. "You mean 1 should pluy with a couple of dice In one hand?" Signe Hasso, who's been listen TcZECHOSLbVAKIA r. iV V ''" '1 -' J' I J. ' t i x.HUNGARYy t. . :,, "X. . t -..V 1 A quick look at the "Good Intentions" set, where Veronica Lake, Eddie Bracken and Albert Dekker are furiously studying their Stripts and Director George Marshall is in deep conference with the camera crew. "Why don't you learn jour lines the night before?" 1 ask Veronica, "She can't," says Scenarist Eddie Moran. "That's when we write them." Taking a Backward Glance . -, . ; ; I mm " """" k fXjMQ. with Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kruse. Mr. and Mrs. David Ross of St. Bernice were Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Aquilla Pearman and family. Mr. and Mrs. Will Louden of Chrisnian, 111., arrived here Tuesday to live at the home of Mr. Louden's brother, Curtis Louden, and Mrs. Louden of South of the city. Mr. Louden, who has been seriously ill for sometime, was removed here in an ambulance. Maxine Miller and Dorothy Wilson of Terre Haute and Mary-Jane Nolan called on Mr. and Mrs. Brownie Wilson and family Wednesday. The Wibwns spent Sunday arternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fored and family, who live near Tennessee Valley." Adapt Eyes to Night ,r Reports from Russia assert that (lie lime needed for adaptation of eyes of night aviators to dim light has been reduded to five or six minutes by new methods. Ordinatilf it takes about half an hour to corii-lion a flier's ej ,s for night flying. - SUSSIAN FORC1S liavf driven t( the western city limits of Budapest, Hungarian capital, nnd, In another 10-mile advance, hnvc cut the last railway escape wntward. The P.?.-.i have conic within in miles of completely snrrcuivlln.T the capital, (International) (iiiilltd Animal Pupil Kiuneons crafted pupils from the e.e 01 an animal to the optic nerve of a boy who was born without pupil 25 years ago. The boy, Fmnk Bcntz, since has been graduated from Ihe University of Wisconsin lew school. ' : lie advent of war gave impetus to the . .oj if 'on with which some of the Japanese wj: jgarded. The Japanese, we understand, have been, for the most part, thrifty, intelligent v and well-behaved citizens. The same can be said, we presume, about the white res-tend to create racial friction, anywhere a idents' of the coastal states. Even so, dif-feraie:-; in manners, customs and culture minority moves in on a majority. The practical difficulties that face the people of the West Coast are not explained a:ay by referring to the fundamental rights of men or the guarantees of the Constitution. The differences that exist between races is more fundamental than the proclamations of freedom that have com'e to men. The question is not one of good Americans against bad Japanese; it involves the slow development of entirely different peoples into a state of mutual respect and esteem. . "PLAYING THE GERMAN GAME"! Lord Templewood, who recently resigned after serving five years as British Ambassador to Madrid, urges his people not to divide Europe "into definite camps, intrj reds and whites, communists and fas- cists," and adds that "this is playing the German game". The British diplomat went to Madrid in 1940, with instructions to keep Spain as neutral as possible. He says that the Germans "morally occupied" Spain and that Nazi influence directed much of Spain's national life, exercising great influence WOLF IN IWS CLOTHING Sti 94S Br AUTHOR - DISTRIBUTED BY KIN6 FEATURES SYVOlCATB, INC. lm Cradle Roll: superintendent, Mrs. George Kyle and assistant, Mrs. Minnie Wliitcomb. New Officials Assume Duties Numerous changes in courthouse personnel were observed in Newport loday as incoming officials busied themselves with setting offices in order lor their newly begun terms. Occupying the Circuit Court Judicial chambers is Judge G. f. Bingham, succeeding Judge William C. Wait. Judge Bingham's court staff Includes Fred Baldwin, Cayuga,- bailiff; Mm---Ninni A, Thomas. Clinton, probation officer, and Miss Joan Vallero, Clinton, court reporter. Other county officials beginning their term of office this week include, Dr. I. D. White, Clinton coroner; David Hanna (re-elected), U. F. Skidmore (re-elected). Solon Foltz and James Handera, county council members. lVrsonnls Miss Virginia Crane of the Center neighborhood has gone to Kn-gleltood. Fla., where she is to spend the remainder of the winter tex ykahs Ago today Sunday Hchool To Install Officers Presbyterian Sunday School officials, Installed last Sumlay who will assume their new duties next Sunday are announced as follows: general superintendent, Ramon Medlork; assistant superintendent, David Llewellyn; second assistant, Mrs. Alma Foltz; secretary, Mary Ellen Ivy; assistant, Janet Gray; treasurer, Miss Sara Downing; chorister, Mrs. M. J. Tonner, assistant, Violet Bly Wil-kie: pianist, Josephine Tninko, assistant. Mrs. Everett Davison. Primary Department; superintendent. Dorothy Walt; assistant, Mrs. K. W. Powell, organist, Mrs. Minnie Witcoiub. Junior Department ; superintendent. James Murdock. Intermediate department: superintendent, Jack Turner; assistant. Margaret Ann Donley. Y. P. Department: superintendent. Anna Young. Adult dcpai'tinenl : superinteu-denl. Mrs. J. ('. Ctffeli; assistant, Mrs. Ura Doyle. IV I,: rl"" "I li.ll llif opportunities for eonceilmeiit offered by the walls and hedges. ' . . , So I turned back, but befor 1 had gone more than a dpzen steps,-Peter Iluber came along in a long and very handsome gray cotipe Una stopped. He'd been to the induest, he said, leaning bareheaded from ' Grown "From Crowns Both the black and purple raspberries grow from central crowns and are usually kept in hills. Last summer the canes should have been tipped at 18 n 24 inches, to grow side shoots.. This spring dead canes and weak growth should be cut out. The lateral branches on black raspberries may be shortened to 5 to 8 Inches: laterals on purple raspberries should be left 10 to 14 inches long. "S'-nih. I t'iii, I M .I ". any n-nre. Don't ark n.- il'i.'l . ." t-'hc Hopped. Al.d pat Ivr fa 'C dnwn mm her anus nivl again! l:-,e llltle dug and began tn sol, -Ifn. shinlHering sobs. I thi'ii; I put my hand nil her shoulder. She said, in a stilled way, CHAPTER TVENvr-ElGHT "But you mean his father wa--jeaious?" Drue said slowly. "He was in love with his wife." "If he shot Craig in fit of jeal-ousv and Craig knew it, he wouldn't tell that's true." I was struck by a sudden memory. "Was that why you told Conrad you had found his revolver in the garden?" "Yes. I knew it was his revolver; "Go swny. It's all right, .Sarah, at least I thought he had one. And CR.OSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer Fall L-eiruce In the fall lettuce may be grown again; and Ihe Chinese cabbage leaves are delicious. Chinese cabbage may be grown in the spring, wilh rich soil and an early start Put in midsummer, it always runs to seed. A late crop has no suftli tendency, and hey:is are easily produced in the fall, from plants start ed in laic J-ne I knew him. I didn t know what had happened I don't really know now. But I thought you see, I was afraid. For Craig. If his father h:.d shot him in a fit of jealousy, I wanted him to realize the horrible thing he'd done. Everyone else, I knew Craig himself, and Dr. Chivery would try to cover it. Conrad said I was trying to blackmail him into letting me stay. But I wasn'tI really wasn't." with the police and the press. At times, tne Gestapo spied on him, tried to bribe his servants and stirred up mobs to break windows of the British Embassy. The British Lord, formerly known as Sir Samupl Hoare. advised asrainst British intervention in interior politics of any I knew that. And Conrad's de country and, referring to general elections Removing Rust To keep the inside of a gas range in Rood condition, remove rust that may have accumulntcd with coarse sandpaper, then rub over entire surface with olive oil. fiance savored of guilt; his normal reaction ought to have been to start an immediate investigation. Yet, again, I couldn't believe it. "N'o, Drue, it's impossible! 1 can't think jealousy over Alexia would so blind Conrad. Den't believe Nicky. He4 in love with you himself. "Micky in love with me!" ' only go away. 1'lrnnr, After a moment I went. But first t hid the little Hat box in a handkerchief and pinned it inside the blouse of my uniform with a strong safety pin. It turned me cold to think of the danger it had been to Drue. But there was only one explanation for her possession of the box, for her refusal to explain it to me, and that was that she was protecting someone. And the only person she would protect was Craig . . . Still I didn't believe he had killed his father but Dme u-as afraid lie had, because she believed Craig had a motive. I had to get outdoors. I had to reach some sensible conclusion about that box. In the hall, as I was starting for a walk, I met Anna. She had an enormous black eye, a perfect mass of green and purple bruises. I stared and she said quickly, "I ran into a door, Miss." "Really, Anna. Dear me." Then I added, "You're sure yi didn't see anyone in the meadow last night?" "Yes, Miss. I didn't see anyone but you." However, I persisted. "I thought you might have seen someone in the meadow. Someone you were afraid to tell the police about" - But she didn't show any change of expression. "No, Miss," she said stolidly. But Nugent had been sufficiently impressed by my story of the shooting to question Anna.' For she added unexpectedly, "The Lieutenant says it must have been someone hunting someone from the Work Accidents Lost time from work accidents totals 4FO,00(t.OOO man days, enough to build 7,500 nverase sized merchant TirJpLjVl,','"Tu' 1 t.3 9 io il 1LT WST'l X Z3Z4 rt , 2fc 27 28 54 IS V' Jo -57 lilt'"' Hill! Hj 4S" 4u i"IIlitD "But. he asked Craig if you were perfectly free. From your mar Marine Queen riage to t;raig, ne meant. "He asked Craig that?" Yes." She didn't look at me. "What did Craic flay?" and plebiscites, said "tney may De necessary" but "let no one think for a moment that in certain parts of Europe today general flections and plebiscites are going to resemble anything like what they would be here". Romei Pope Pius, expressing concern over the possibility that the end of the war will engender a new one: "History teaches that technical and jurisdictional measures are insufficient when not accompanied by justice, a breadth of outlook, a readiness vto banish prejudices and undergo sacrifices for concord." Washington: Sen. Walter F. Geqrge chairman of the Finance Committee: "Personally, I think that the most that can be "Nothing," I said hurriedly, per the car. "Is everything all right at the house?" I told him yes, and thai! Alexia was staying with Craig while I took a rest. "Good," he said cheerfully. "How about a little ride? I'll tell you, we'll drive back to the village and get a drink. Hop in." - -. It suited me perfectly, for I wanted to hear about the inquest. So I got in beside him, lookirlg with admiration at the luxurious car. "A beauty, isn't -it?" he sid, backing expertly so as to head the long gray hood toward the village. "My means don't run to ears like this, though. It's Alexia's." After a short pause, Peter remarked, "You must be ' tired. They've kept you going. What with Craig sick and all the to-do over Conrad's death." - "And such trifles," I suggested, "as the bump on the door and see ing Nicky?" ' - ' , "Seeing " 'The car swerved ; toward the stone wall at the edge ' of the road, jerked back to the middle. "What do you mean? Was it"" Nicky you saw in the hall?" . "No, no. I didn't see anybody; I opened the door after that wed, bump against it. But not right away. So whoever went past trie door was out of sight by that time. It was earlier when I saw Nicky coming out of some room along the hall." Suddenly I remembered Conrad's white starched shirt ' front and black tie. "Nicky must "have changed after dinner again. Unless he didn't change for dinner. Do yoo remember?" ' " - "Do I oh, I lee what you meat). He frowned, seemed to think back and said, "Why, yes! He wore dinner jacket that night. So did Conrad and I. But I bclieve--jres, you're right. It must have been my room you saw Nicky come from; he'd tieen in to get 1 book I was reading ... 1 remember no, he changed back to, I think, tweeds brown .becked coat, anyway. But I . . ." He drove in silence for a moment. "I thought nothing of ft then. And I don't see that it makes any difference." - "Well," I agreed, 1 don't either." Wc had already topped the ridjf. where I stood the previous night and could see the village ahea4, snug and peaceful in the gentle dusk. And then all at once we were there. We parked along street of low-roofed shops, in front of small haberdashery and a clerk In the doorway recognised Peter with, "Evening, Mr. Huber. Hear thert was an inquest this afternoon." "Yes," said Peter as he helped me from the ear. . . . . (To be continued) - - Jjf OapTrifM bT UlfnM Q lrhrt: puui-iaaa ir aii t'nutw iti.4,rM. iks ceiving shoals too late. "What did he say?" she repeated. So 1 replied reluctantly, "He only said that your divorce was final. But, my dear . . ." Her lips had closed tightly. "Quite correct of Craig. And r4 , I' no ho HOIIIZONTAL hoped for is that, if we come in sight of blue 51 the town, perhaps. He searched the 1-1 8. of the backbone 9. a lending 10. poker stake 1 1 . encounter J7.also the end of the war in Europe, to cut back all individual and business income taxes VERTICAL 1. charge 2. aflirm 3. sycophant 4. cricket team 5. ill 6 skin tumor 7 beinp say 10 per cent, and then undertake some titmouse 52. wea ing- machine 5'J, instead r4 . pionue 5.". i on led escutcheon general revision as the war actually closes Chicago: Board Chairman Sewell L. Answer to Saturday's pnzztc. Avery announces his intention to return to house and says the only guns in the house anyone knows about belonged to Mr. Brent. A revolver," she said flatly, "which the police took from Miss Drue's room yesterday. And a shotgun which hasn't been fired for a long time. They said they could tell. So you see, Miss, I I was right." "I see, Anna." Her eye looked terribly painful. "Try alternate hot and cold packs for your eye," I told her and went for a walk. I had walked along the driveway down to the public road, meeting no one, deep in thought of Drue and the little medicine box, before it occurred to me that if I had been the target for gunshots the previ Nicky." "You can't really think of marrying Nicky!" ' Her mouth and chin were set, there were two scarlet spots on her cheeks. I Btopped and took another ronrse. . . - "Drue, you said you intended to find out what really happened here. When Craig came back, I mean, at the time you left this house and went back to New York. And Conrad said Craig wanted a divorce. Did you?" She flung down the pen. "It's too late, Sarah ! I was a fool to try it. I..." The Abrupt motion of her hand knocked over a little blue jar of pebbles intended to hold the pen that rolled across the desk. And a small pasteboard box fell out upon the desk amid a shower of colored pebbles. It was a medicine box; there was the prescription sign, Conrad's name, and Dr. Chivery's directions, and it had held digitalis. It was empty now. Drue had made one quick, stifled motion to snatch the box, but I had it in my hand. "DrU4 , . . l.heaillnml 5. sheep $ ban? 12 vlhptkal 13. irritate 1 1 corn Im-a l 15 ilry Itf beiitn IS journey 20. verse Un m 21 stitch 22 pfirlico 2 Ma k spiurp 2'i sce h defect ;;0 rmicnt 1 . w et and not ;;4 fxpanse :;t; tixedly S. puy-ntpc inaut) 40 recline 41. ability 44. clergyman 47. 4f. town in rtdanil; bat- I 1 f lOlltill 19. pitcher 22. prick painfully " 2. period 24. common level 25. defiling 27. inside 28. sun 29 ferret out 32. shout 35. reluctant ol. ornamentation on metal by filling incisions with a black alloy 39. emmet 41. large volum ' 42. of grandparents 43. fewer 44. U. S. coia 45. image 46. armetl 4$. Ulttt . his desk as usual despite government seizure of Montgomery Ward plants: "I'm in charge of the place as before and the Army is in there without a court order. They have no legal right there and until such a legal right is established I'm in charge." New York: Former Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles: "America's failure to take a more constructive and vigorous VASclSri t A pHp I A M AjlliC ERAlTlES T A R O S EtlEk L a N il IjB mc aItJo pa n rtc vtlBTFAlMtZI A L AUA I PJUE 5 Mb E E CjtJR SJinI JltlR S i3ii etDA y eMi ICS A R AjaOV EROR n3 M A RJjjN E RflA j R E Ql A NLiNETslSiiaQSEDl ous evening, I might well be again. This time pernaps more successfully from the hunter's point of AFTER 18 MONTHS of suspense. Madonna Jean Scully of St. Louis, Mo., has finally found out where she reig-ns as a Marine mascot queen. Censorship did not permit the South Pacific Sea Soldiers to tell Mis-3 Scully where they were, but now it can be told that the yuung lady is queen of Marines on Guadalcanal. She was awarded the honor after a photo of her naclii'd the base. (InternMtional) view. It was getting on toward dusk again and the February landscape was deserted, but there were nlentv of little thickets of brush part in determinations wnicn are now De-ing reached with regard to many European questions is a trapody." Arrjcr ! hulutivn: !:l mianlr. end evugreeus, U say nothing of

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