Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 18, 2015 · Page T26
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page T26

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Page T26
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26 Sunday,October18,2015 • • Democrat and Chronicle • ROC TV KIDS SPORTS MOVIES FRIDAY EVENING OCTOBER 23 DSHDTV 239307 Blue Bloods (TV14) Blue Bloods (TV14) Blue Bloods (TV14) Blue Bloods (TV14) Per son ofIn ter estPer son ofIn ter estPer son ofIn ter estPer son ofIn ter estHow I MetHow I Met Lo mejor (TV14) Al rojo vivo (N) Caso cerr.Caso cerr.DecisioneNoticieroCaso cerrado - (N) Celia (N) Bajo el mismo cieloSe ñora Acero (N) Al rojoBoxeoTLM 200202 CNN News room (N) Jake Tap per (N) Sit u a tion Room (N) Sit u a tion Room (N) Erin Bur nett (N) Coo per 360° (N) CNN Tonight (N) An thony: Oki nawa This is Life 208355 Clos ing Bell The day’s last hour. MoneyOp tionsMad MoneyAmer i can GreedAmer i can GreedAmer i can GreedAmer i can Greed (N) Amer i can Greed 140206 In sid ersNFL LiveHighlyHornInterruptnSportsCenterCountdwnCol legeFoot ball: Memphis vs Tulsa (Live) SportsCenter 144209 His & HersSportsNationFirst TakeHighlyHornInterruptnHigh School Football: Paramus vs IMG Academy (Live) SportsCol legeFoot ball (Live) 691 Soc cer (Taped) PhenomsFoot ballBen galSide linesCen terNYSPHSAAHigh School Football: Sec tion V Quarterfinal (Live) Side linesCen terCol legeSide linesFan tasy 241241 Gang sters (TV14) Gang sters (TV14) CopsCopsCopsCopsCopsCopsCopsCopsBellator MMA Live (TV14) (N) World’sCops 160331 Mid dleMid dleNew GirlNew GirlNew GirlNew GirlAre You the One?Mid dle: The Miz Ri dic u lousRi dic u lousRi dic u lousRi dic u lousJackass Presents: Bad Grandpa .5 ‘NR’ 162335 The Temp ta tions Iconic Detroit soul group’s his tory. (TVPG) Love & Hip (TV14) VH1 Spe cialTI & TinyTI & TinyTI & TinyTI & TinyCou ples Ther apySat ur day NightLive 170299 SpongeSpongeSpongeSpongeAlvinAlvinHenryThundermAcad emySpongeHarveySanjayFull HouseFull HouseFull HouseFull HouseFriendsFriends 180311 Mid dleMid dleReba (TVPG) Reba (TVPG) Reba (TVPG) The Hun ger Games (‘12, Ac tion) Jennifer Law rence. A group of 24 young people are pit ted in a bloody game of sur vival. ‘PG 13’ Sleepy Hol low (‘99, Hor ror) Johnny Depp. NYC investi ga tor looks into beheadings. ‘R’ The 700 Club (TV G) (N) 105242 SVU: Home (TV14) SVU: Mean (TV14) SVU: Care less SVU: Sick (TV14) SVU: Low down SVU: Pro ducer’s SVU: Man i festo Sat is fac tion (N) (:01) SVU (TV14) 138245 Bones: Spark in Park (TV14) Bones: Ghost in Killer Re opened case. Bones: Big Philippines As pir ingsinger. Con Air (‘97, Ac tion) Nicolas Cage. An air plane is hi jacked by in mates. ‘R’ Res i dent Evil:Ret ri bu tion (‘12, Hor ror) Milla Jovovich. Vi rus spreads. ‘R’ The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (‘08, Adventure) Brendan Fraser. ‘PG-13’ 131254 Res i dent Evil ‘R’ Res i dent Evil:Apoc a lypse (‘04, Hor ror) Milla Jovovich. A woman battles zom bies. ‘R’ Res i dent Evil:Ex tinc tion (‘07, Science Fic tion) Milla Jovovich. Corp. vs. sur vivors. ‘R’ Hal low een II (‘09, Hor ror) Sheri Moon Zom bie. Mur der ous brother searches for sister. ‘R’ Day of the Dead (‘85, Hor ror) Lori Cardille. Zom bies rule world. ‘NR’ 108252 Grey’s Anatomy: Su per sti tion (TV14) The Jacksons: Next Gen er a tion (TVPG) The Jacksons: Next Gen er a tion (TVPG) The Jacksons: Next Gen er a tion (TVPG) Step It Up: Fix Your Face (TVPG) Step It Up: Fan Chat: (TVPG) (N) Step It Up (TVPG) (N) (:02) The Jacksons: Next Gen er a tion (N) The Jacksons: Next Gen er a tion (TVPG) 182278 Gold Rush (TVPG) Gold Rush (TVPG) Gold Rush: Mil lions Gold Rush: Blood, Sweat (TVPG) Gold Rush: The DirtGold Rush (N) Pa cific War riors (N) Gold Rush (TVPG) 118265 Stor ageStor ageEnfield (TV14) Enfield (TV14) My Haunted HouseMy Haunted HouseMy Haunted HouseMy Haunted HouseEnfield Haunt. (N) My Haunted House 107249 (:06) SouthPrk (:37) SouthPrk (:07) SouthPrk (:37) SouthPrk Futurama (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Nightly (TV14) (:45) Daily Sh30 Nights of Para normal Ac tivity with Devil Inside the Girl with Dragon Tattoo ‘R’ Futurama (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Moonbeam City SouthPrkAr cher (TVMA) Ar cher (TVMA) 114236 Sex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CityBotched: Dr. Nassif Botched (TV14) E! News (N) Kardashians (TV14) Kardashians (TV14) The Soup (TV14) (N) E! News (N) 185312 Little House on the Prai rie: Di vorce Little House on the Prai rie (TV G) The Waltons: The Vi o lated (TV G) The Waltons: The Waiting (TV G) The Waltons: Sil ver Wings (TV G) The Waltons: The Wager (TV G) Mid dleMid dleMid dleMid dleThe Golden Girls The Golden Girls 124329 Mar tin (:35) Black Knight (‘01) Mar tin Law rence. ‘PG-13’ Mar tinMar tinMar tinMar tinMar tinMar tinMar tinMar tinMar tinMar tinWayansWayans 270402 La vecinaEl gordo y la flacaPrimer impacto (N) IncluidoNoticieroMu cha cha (TV14) An tes (TV14) Lo imperdonableYo no creo (TV14) PrimerNoticiero 261370 Re flec tionLit anyofCath o licCrossGrandpareChurchEWTNNwsUkraineDaily Mass (TV G) Life on the Rock (N) EWTNNwsRo saryEWTNNwsChurchVoiceWomenGr 110231 Diners (TV G) Diners Lo cal spots. Diners (TV G) DinersDinersDinersDinersDinersDinersDiners, Dives (N) DinersBBQ BlitzDinersDiners 639 Mets Classics: St. Louis vs New York Daily NewsLoudMthsJets GameRed Bull Sig nature Se riesBroad way Box ing (Re play) YeahSportsSportsSports 631 TBAWeek Foot ballYan keesYankeeographyYan keeWeek FtbalYan keesRun ningForbesPenn StateCenterStagForbesCenterStagNo tre DmeHOPE WkNets Mag. 209356 MSNBC Live: with Kate Snow (N) MTP Daily (N) MSNBC Live (N) Hard ball (N) Chris Hayes (N) Ra chel Maddow (N) Lockup: Wabash Lockup (TVMA) 139247 New Girl (TV14) New Girl: Bells Friends (TVPG) Friends (TVPG) Friends (TVPG) Friends: Skip Trip Seinfeld (TVPG) Seinfeld (TVPG) Seinfeld (TVPG) Seinfeld (TVPG) 2 Broke Girls 2 Broke Girls The Hang over Part III (‘13, Comedy) Bradley Cooper. Friend kidnapped. ‘R’ The Hang over (‘09) Bradley Coo per. ‘R’ 260372 The 700 Club (N) HageeChris HillPraise the Lord In terviews & songs. (TV G) Sid RothPot ter’sBless LordLindseyHar vestPerry (N) Praise the Lord In terviews & songs. (TV G) 634 Bas ket ball (Re play) Rang ers in 60Knicks in 60NY Gi ants 1st & 10NY Gi antsNY Gi antsMSG FightMSG FightHall FameGame 365MSG Fight 183280 At lantaAt lantaSay YesSay YesSay YesSay YesSay YesSay YesSay YesSay YesSay YesSay YesSwipeSwipe#WhatSheSex (N) SwipeSwipe 635 ACC Gridiron Live!Ac cessRutgersNY Gi ants 1st & 10BelmontGame 365PregameNHL Hockey: Boston vs New York (Live) Post GameNY Gi ants 1st & 10NHL Hock 129237 House wives (TV14) House wives (TV14) House wives (TV14) House wives (TV14) Teresa: Tre of Life Teresa (TV14) Bravo First LooksStepmom (‘98) Julia Rob erts. ‘PG 13’ 112229 Love It (TV G) Love It House flaws. Love It: Main Floor Love It: Money Pit Love It More room. Love It or List ItLove It or List ItTiny HseHunt ersHunt ersHunt ers 205360 Shepard Smith (N) Your World (N) The Five (N) Spe cial Re port (N) On the Re cord (N) The O’Reilly Fac torThe Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O’Reilly Fac tor 176296 GumballGumballTi tans Go!Ti tans Go!WabbitTi tans Go!Ti tans Go!Ti tans Go!Be CoolGumballKing HillBob’sCleve landCleve landFam ily GyFam ily GyBlack (N) Eric An dre 122244 (2:00) Lost Boys: The Tribe (‘08) ‘R’ Lost Boys: The Thirst (‘10, Action) Corey Feldman. Vampire hunting brothers. ‘R’ The Wraith (‘86, Sci ence Fic tion) Char lie Sheen. Spirit seeks re venge ‘PG 13’ The Texas Chain saw Mas sa cre: The Be ginning (‘06, Hor ror) Jordana Brewster. ‘R’ Z Na tion: Down the (TV14) (N) (:15) Ha ven: En ter Sand man (TV14) 132256 Broad way Host ess (‘35) Wini Shaw. ‘NR’ The Goose and the Gander (‘35, Com edy) Kay Fran cis. ‘NR’ The Woman in Red (‘35) ‘NR’ (:45) Snowed Under (‘36, Com edy) George Brent. ‘NR’ Dr. Je kyll and Mr. Hyde (‘41, Drama) Spencer Tracy. A doc tor un leashes his primal in stincts. ‘NR’ The Hunch back of No tre Dame (‘39) Charles Laughton. ‘NR’ 172290 Girl MeetsTwitches Too (‘07) ‘NR’ Aus tinLivDescendntLivLivLivDe scen dants (‘15) Dove Cameron. ‘NR’ Star WarsGrav ityBUNK’DBUNK’D 166327 Home Vid (TVPG) Home Vid eosRebaRebaLast ManLast ManLast ManLast ManRebaRebaRebaRebaParty Down SouthGainesvillSkull 120269 An cient AliensAn cient AliensAn cient (TVPG) An cient (TVPG) An cient AliensAn cient AliensAn cient AliensTrue Mon sters (N) (:03) True Mon sters 106304 Bo nanza (TVPG) Bo nanza (TVPG) Gilligan’sGilligan’sFacts LifeFacts LifeFacts LifeFacts LifeAir Force One (‘97, Thriller) Harrison Ford. Plane hi jacked. ‘R’ QueensQueens 401218 LPGA Tour GolfPre Game (Live) PGA TOUR Golf: from TPC Summerlin in Las Ve gas (Live) Golf CntrlPGA TOUR Golf: from TPC Summerlin in Las Ve gas (Re play) LPGA Tour 136248 An ger (TV14) Two & Half Two & Half Snow White and the Hunts man (‘12, Fantasy) Kristen Stew art. Snow White is joined by a hunter on a cam paign to kill her stepmother. ‘PG 13’ The Twi light Saga: Eclipse (‘10, Fan tasy) Robert Pattinson. Ed ward and Ja cob vie for Bella’s love. ‘PG-13’ The Twi light Saga: Eclipse (‘10) ‘PG 13’ 184282 To Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTanked:Un fil tered (:01) Tanked (TVPG) Tanked (TVPG) (N) (:05) Tanked (TVPG) 159220 For mula One Prac tice (Re play) NASCAR SprintNASCARScan AllNFLCol legeFoot ball: Yale Bulldogs at Pennsylvania Quak ers (Live) NFLSuper High 127251 Top Model (TV14) Top Model (TV14) Crazy TalkCrazy TalkWel come Home, Ros coe Jenkins ‘PG 13’ Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Fam ily (‘11) ‘PG 13’ Happy Fam ily (‘11) ‘PG 13’ 242246 truTV Top Fun niesttruTV Top Fun niesttruTV Top Fun niesttruTV Top Fun niestJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersBilly OnA Ru insHack MySix Degree 196277 Ter ri fy ing5 (TVPG) Ter ri fy ing6 (TVPG) Mys ter ies: Rail road Mys ter ies (TVPG) Mys ter ies (TVPG) Mys ter ies: Margery Mys ter ies (N) Mys ter ies (TVPG) Mys ter ies (TVPG) 300501 (:15) Char lie’s An gels (‘00, Ac tion) Cameron Diaz. Sexy de tectives. ‘PG 13’ Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel The Maze Run ner (‘14, Ac tion) Dylan O’Brien. Trapped in maze. ‘PG 13’ The Leftovers: A Mat ter of Start ing over. The Leftovers: Off Ramp Soul saving. Real Time with Bill Maher Po lit i calsat ire. Real Time with Bill Maher Po lit i calsat ire. 310515 (2:10) Find ing For rester (‘01, Drama) Sean Connery. ‘PG 13’ Dal las Buy ers Club (‘13, Drama) Mat thew McConaughey. Man with HIV. ‘R’ Work ing Girl (‘88, Comedy) Melanie Grif fith. Sec retary moves up. ‘R’ (:25) The Boy Next Door (‘15, Thriller) Jennifer Lopez. ‘R’ The Knick (TVMA) (N) The Knick (TVMA) 318545 (2:00) Mis sion: Im pos si - ble III (‘06) ‘PG 13’ Fail ure to Launch (‘06, Comedy) Mat thew McConaughey. Parents are fed up. ‘PG-13’ Run away Bride (‘99, Comedy) Richard Gere. Writer falls for nervous bride. ‘PG’ The Af fair (TVMA) Com pared to What: The Im prob - a ble Jour ney of Bar ney Frank ShoBox: The New Gen er a tion

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