The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 3, 1945 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1945
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Wednesday, January 3, 1943. n,unu-n THE DAILY CLINTONIAN 1 'age Two U. S. BOMBERS R3P RAIL YARDS AT SALZBURG Liquid Vitamins On an equal weight basis the thiamine content of the liquid portion ol canned vegetables was found to be equal to or slightly greater than that of the solid portion. This emphasizes the dietary benefit of utilising the liquid portion, which, on the average, represents approximately one-third the weight of the canned product. son of Gary. Ind., Mrs. Herbert Ernhart and son of Clinton and Mrs. Or-ville Hasty of Brazil, enjoyed the holidays witli Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ernhart. Mrs. Dolly Newton received word from her son, Gene, who is in Italy that he Is well. Torpedoman Bob Noble and bride, the former Barbara Jane Perkins of Danville. III., are guesls of the former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Noble and dnughler, Peggy. The couple were married Dec. 3 In Newport, R. I. where the groom has been stationed. At the end of his furlough he will leave for Norfolk where he has been transferred. He has been In active service for nlinost two years. Jacky Chambers und Jerry James have gone to .('amp Allerbury nnd Tommy Hall has gone to Great Lakes,, 111. Mrs. Earl Mullen was hostess for a Clirlsnnas party for her bridge club Friday. Mrs. llerschol Donne and Mrs. Noble Mayes were guests. Mrs. Thllmn Klger nnd children of Danville, III., Mrs. Mabel Coleman of Chiton and Mrs. Mary Keown were holiday guests of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. CharlcR McCnuley. Air Cadet Earl Eugene Blue and wife. Mrs. Mabel Blue, called on re i , i ' r - i , -w-4 - j bWV , . 11"' v , J A ' WW i i U. S. BOMBERS of MaJ. Gen. Nathan F. Twining's U. S. Army 15th Air Force thunder over the railway yards at Salzburg, Austria, with the smoke from their bomb hits mingling with that from the onrmv's many smudge Dots. O.Mnlal United States Army Air Forces photograph. (International) PALACE 1 -J' I RATION If REQUIRED I tammmea A scene from the horrific mystery "Strangers In The lhtM wldi William Terry, Virginia (irey, Helene ThiiuE ami Kdilh lliirn lf. ff Classified Ads Sell Most Anvthint B. I. PAVEY ABSTRACTS NOTARY PUBLIC NEWPORT, IND. Res. 784 Walnut St. Clinton, Ind. TeL 41 W fir-' . jtt 4"i y . 6.00-16 Other Sizs Proportionally Low KGIV - Mga'HOD RECAPPING TO YOUR TIRES: 2. Buffing Firestone's Dyna-Balance buff-ins equipment assures finished treaded tires which conform to the highest balance requirements. 4. Camelback Firestone Grade A quality GR& Camelback compounded with Firestone's exclusive ingredient, "ltfutac," gives prewar mileage to passenger tires. 6. Final Inspection Only those tires which conform to Firestone's high standards of quality are permitted to pan the strict final inspection. every Monday evening, over N. B. C PHOXE 733 I.M). a. i. , Ik St. Bernice Club Dinner Mrs. Ray Hostess For Annual Christmas Meet; Servicemen on Leave Here Thirteen members and one guest, Mrs. Mayme Grace of the St. Bernice Home Economics Club met for the annual Christmas dinner at the home of Mrs. Burlln Ray recently. After the dinner, members answered roll cull with "The Origin of a Christmns Carol or Custom." The origin of the song of the monih, "It Come Upon A Midnight Clear," was given by Mrs. Florence Miller before It wns sung by the members. Mis. Juanlta linker reviewed the Christmas story. A gift exchange was enjoyed and the meeting adjourned after the singing or "Holy Night." Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Bolt of Bloomfleld, Ind., nnd Mr. and Mrs. Guy Barker and family of Carlisle, were holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eldo Boltz. Ensign Charles Brown and wife of Indianapolis and Mrs. Mabel Brown and son, Robert of Clinton were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stevens and family. Mrs. John Elliott and son, Larry of Indianapolis and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ferguson am' children of Terre Haute were holiday guesls of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fergu son. Mr. and Mrs. Ared Lamb and daughter, Carolyn and Mrs. John Beard enjoyed a turkey dinner with Mr. and Mrs. James Ammerman west of town. Mrs. Burlin Ray and son, Gene. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holbert, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frazler, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Frazler and children gathered at the home of Mrs. Rhoda Frazier for a Christmas Eve supper. Mrs. Walter Chambers and daughter, Judy were guests of the former's parents in Petersburg, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Rigsby entertained during the Christmas season, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dunn tand daughter of Danville, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Joe Carey and Betty Rlgsby of Paris, 111., Mr. and Mrs. William Everett and family of Jonestown and Delbert Everett of Logan. Lt. (J.G.) John Nelson, Jr. of Camp Sampson, N. Y. is visiting with hi family In Dana and with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Nelson of St. Bernice. Lt. Nelson and Mrs. Nelson attended the Elk's New Year's ball In Mount Vernon, Ind. Saturday night. Cadet Nurse Helen Gallatin of Terre Haute and sister, Mrs. Betty Trogus of Indianapolis visited with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gallatin and son, Paul. Cadet Nurse Gallatin accompanied Mrs. Trogus to Indianapolis for a few-days visit. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Platz and Mr. and Mrs. Verne Platz and daughter, Barbara of Deputy, Ind., were house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert King last week. Mr. and Mrs. Platz are here for an indefinite stay. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hickle had as guestB last week Mr. Hickle's parents and sister of Paris, 111. and brother of Mattoori. 111. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sheets have Bold their home to Charles Potter of Dana and have moved to Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ernhart and SPOTS? Not Before Your Eyes! Not Even v After New Year's Eve! Not on Suits or Dresses Or Drapes or Anywhere in the City! That's Our Resolution for '45! Let Us Make Clinton a Truly Spotless Town As far as Suits And Dresses And Drapes And Everything Is Concerned! Misleads A LITTLE 6ETTER READ FSRESTOriS FACTOKY GIVES EW LIFE 1. Original Inspection Actual experience has dictated our inspection standards. They are designed to select only those tires that justify additional labor and material. 3. Repairing Bayon repair patches, together with spocial repair methods, combine to produce the highest quality repair work for broken or weakened areas. 5. Curing Firestone's treading cures are governed by strict specifications developed by Firestone Laboratories and controlled with precision equipment. Listen to the Voice of Firestone i4BMAi;5 . we loan mms vie latives and friends here last week. Air Cadet Blue is being transferred from a California post to Colorado. ! He will receive his wings In about six weeks. Pfc. and Mrs. James Griffin are the parents of a daughter born at the Vermillion County Hospital. The infant has been named Belinda Sue. Pfc. Griffin is in overseas service. F 2c Harry Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Scott is home for a ten day furlough. He has been on active duty in the Pacific. George Hale is visiting with his daughter, Mrs. Edth Wimsett nnd granddaughter. Mrs. Gladys McRey-nolds, former residents of St. Bernice but now located in Los Angeles, Calif. Mr. Hale was taken ill soon after his arrival and Is yet seriously ill. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hehman entertained with a turkey dinner the following guests, Donald Hehman and family of Terre Haute, Mrs. Bertha Kuhns, Mrs. Orville Miller, and Mr. and Mrs. John Prltchard and family of St. Bernice. Mr. and Mrs. Forest Hasty and son, Wendell of Crete, 111., were holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Stratton nnd family. The Strattons have recently returned to this community. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wagner and daughter of Delphi, Ind., have been the guests of relatives here. Mrs. Wagner and Rosalie spent Saturday with Mrs. Rendle Endicott and family. Farm Information Sought in Census Of Agriculturists LAFAYETTE, Ind. Information valuable to farmers and to legislative bodies framing farm legislation will be obtained from the 1945 census of agriculture for which enumerators will begin work Jan. 8, according to L. E. Hoffman, Associate Director of Extension Services at Purdue University. All agricultural agencies in Indiana will cooperate in the census, which includes all counties. Completion of the census is expected by the middle of February. Information which the enumerators hope to obtain includes the number of head of all classes of livestock and poultry, the number of acres in various crops, and similar data. Norman Edward of Paoli, is state director for the census, with six district supervisors and district officers. Advisory committees pn ' the census have been set ' up in each county with hie County Agricultural Agent Chairman of the local committee. "We need accurate information more than ever before on the agriculture of the state and nation," Hoffman said in asking farmers to supply the requested information. "The information given the census taker is strictly confidential." its Iodine Output Chile leads the world in iodine output and export. Iodine is a byproduct of nitrate. Low-Spirited Mooas And Fatlgu Ar Often Symptoms Of Constipation I For constipntion take Nature's Itemed)' (NU Tablet ft). Contains no chemicals, no minerals, noplu-nol derivatives. HH Tablets are different act different. Purely vegetable a combination of 10 vegetable ingredients formulated over 60 years ago. Uncoated or candy coated, their action is dependable, thorough, yet gentle. Get a 2o Convincer Box. Caution: Take only as directed. W TO-NIGHT, TOMOSBOW ALXIGHT ALL-VEGETABLE LAXATIVE W WtTABLETS-rW S I ONE WORD SUGGESTION FOR ACIO INDIGESTION 1 TONIGHT .v;i- tor Charles R. Morris, Salem. House: Speaker Hobart Creighton, Warsaw. Majority Floor Leader George W. Henley, Bloomington. Majority Caucus Chairman Howard R. Hiestand, Kentland. Minority Floor Leader . Robert H. Heller. Decatur. Minority Caucus Chairman Leo Meagher, Evansville.1' Vermillion County's Representative Wesley Malone will attend the session of the state legislative following his recent honorable discharge from the United States Army. Rep. Malone, who was a corporal in the Army, was re-elected to his assembly seat in the' November elections. Three Major ap Industrial ities (Continued Iron) page 1) Today's attack on Honshu was the first major air blow against the Japanese homeland in the New Year. The last big attack against the Japs was carried out a week ago when a medium force of Saipan-based B-29's scored at least 12 bomb hits on the sprawling Musas'iima aircraft plant in the western suburbs -of Tokyo. There have already been several nuisance raids on the Jap islands, however. The enemy radio reported last night that three American Superforts had dropped incendiary bombs on Tokyo during New Year's Eve and New Year's morning. Heport iiisance Raids Enemy broadcasts said tlies raids were conducted by single B-29's with long intervals between them and claimed that not much damage was done. a Chaplin Paternity Trial To Be Sent to Jury Today LOS ANGELES .Calif. A Superior Court jury of Meven women and five men will beIn deliberation today, to determine whether Charlie Chaplin fs the father of Joan Bar-: ry'8 baby, immediately after Judge! lietirv M. Willis cives them their! I'iei'.l instructions at the opening of! court. Confronting the jurors when they retire will be the choice between two verdicts only: "We find the defendant, Charles Chaplin, is the father of Carol Ann Barry," or "we find the defendant, Charb s Chaplin, is not the father of Carol Ann Barry." To return a verdict, the vote must be at least nine to three. v.Eti vorii I'Aitnox I Through an oversight, the name of Prosecutor E. P. Zell was omitted from the story en new and re-elected county officials who have begun their year's work, appearing in 1 lie Clintonian yesterday. Prosecutor Zell, who has made an emiable record during his first term, is beginning another two years in the office. The Clintonian regrets the omission. New Congress To 'Get Tough' On War Issues (Continued from page 1) authority to "crack down" on labor as well as industry overshadowed all other issues as the congress met. President Roosevelt indorsed Byrnes' proposals .at his regular Tuesday news conference and may include them in his forthcoming message. Sen. Kilgore (D) W. Va., proposed that congress go to a universal draft instead of being content with drafting four million men in the 4-F class. Complete Oi'ganizatiott The new congress was expected to complete its organization speedi ly. The house was set to elect Sam Rayburn of Texas once more as Speaker. House Democrats reelected Rep. John McCormack, Massachusetts, as Majority Leader, while the Republicans again chose Rep. Joseph W. Martin, Jr., also of Massachusetts. Democratic and Republican senate organization meetings were delayed. Sen. Alben Barkley, Kentucky, however, was assured of reelection as majority leader with Wallace H. White, Jr., slated to again be the Republican leader. 80 New Fares With SO new faces in the house and 11 in the senate, a lively scramble was on for preferred committee posts. The increased New Deal strength in the house was felt with. Rep. Andreson (.D) N. M., named to succeed retiring Rep. Disney, Oklahoma, an anti-New Dealer, on the powerful ways and means committee. Capchart Senate Seat May Not Face Contest; Hoosier Is Sworn In i Continued n.p- nage II At the f.amo time, Capehart and Willis declared they were assured there will be no contest. Gov. Henry Schricker,. defeated Democratic opponent, has refused to contest Capehart's election, they said, adding that "there isn't anything on which to base a contest". Cleaning Suede Bag The best method to clean suede bag is by using a dry rubber sponge. Rubbed across the surface of the bag, it restores the cyJor and life to the leather and also helps to take ofr some of the surface color to avoid soiling the clothing. Lemon JoiceRecspe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you uflff from rheumatic, arthritis nr iw'tirltta I'uiu. try tlti iliuiile intxpcratlve home n-'lli that ttwUMiiiU we UbIuk. C'.et A park tin of Itn-Iix ('.impound, a two-wit supply, tixluy. MU It witli a yuiirt of water, add Uie June of 4 Irmuus. It a tuay. No trouble at nil and plrflflimt. You tired only 3 tuhlraitooii-fuH two tlmta a day. orten wltbln 48 Lours aomi-tlmcs overnight splendid mantta are obtained. If the puiiii do nnt qul.klv leave mid If you do not feci better, ri-turn the rni'rty r:irkafie ami Itu-Fx will cont "U nothing to try us It Is Bold ly your drueeiM under mi uhtK'lute money-hark Ruiirumce.. Ru-Ex ('im'iiml tm for nHe uiut recouimndd liy dill I'imrmary and drug sturea everywhffre. NEW SOAPLESS SUDS Mokes 7 limes more suds than soap flakes in hard water Needs no water aoftenert Removes urease quickly makes Heavy US Bombers Swarm Over Nazi Kail. Road Hubs (Continued from page 1) (A German aircraft warnlnR reported a bomber formation was over western Germany and approaching southwest Germany, the FCC said.) Observers on the east and southeast coasts of England reported that American Fortresses and Liberators, escorted by fighters, headed toward the continent in an unceasinpr procession which required two hours to pass a given point. From dawn yesterday to 7 a. m. today, British officials said, the Germans carried out air action against southern England. Both damage and casualties resulted. The air ministry, describing the mission to Nurnberg as a "successful" attack, sal dtliat Britain's big bombers had left the German city ablaze. Industrial and railway targets were b lusted at Nurnberg and the principal target at Ludwigslmfen was the I. G. Farben Industrie Chemical Works. COP Majorities To Rule Indiana Assembly Session '. "M" "I " . v (Continued riom paga 1) ' ..f , . v ., . . - j -- .. serve the $4:1,000,000 state treas-nry"balanceto finance pout-war recovery measures. Xine-lNniit Program The "personal platform" voiced by Governor-Elect Gates is not complex. His major recommendations are: 1. Measures to promote the war effort. 2. A legislative committee to study plans for assistance to war veteran s. 3. Necessary aid to state penal, charitable and benevolent lnnLilu-tlons. 4. A long-range program to nn-et the increasing needs of c-ducalfomil insliluiions. 1'romotlon of belter personnel relations In business and industry. G. Protection of the .stale's surplus funds. 7. Consideration of a retirement plan for state employes. Flood Control Issue 8. Legislation to expand the slate conservation program, assure adequate flood control and provide "needed improvements for agriculture. . 9. Retention of the principle of "home rule." Organization of the legislature follows: Senate: President Lieut. Gov. Richard T. James, Portland. President pro tern Senator John W. Van Ness, Valparaiso. Majority Caucus Chairman Senator Albert Ferris. Milton. Minority Floor Leader Senator Walter Vermillion, Anderson. Minority Caucus Chairman Sena- POLAND'S HOME Clean, protect fabrics Won t ,Jtf7 shrink woolen, won t dull 7 coiors. won t redden hands. k i-pjM 12 oz. 0M wtmr) 59 24 or. (Wwnhisrl 98 $ J 14 S. MAI ST. Cl.IXTO.V, 3a

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