The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 2, 1945 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1945
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

.Tuesday, January 2, 1-9 15. THE DAILY CLINT ON IAN Page Six BOTH SIDES IN ACTiON ON THE WESTERN FRONT Old Bread Day-old bread, sometimes sold at reduced prices, has us high nutritive value as does fresh bread, and is satisfactory for many uses. PAID NOTICES troops in the seventh sector around llitchc were absorbed by American forces but the Nazis gained a mile and a half although failing lo exploit their advance. Meet New Thrusts The headiii:irlers poKf-Kinan said that Allied rorces in the vicinity wen-more than capable or dealing with any further thrusts. The Americans also retook War-din.'three miles southeast of Itasl-ogne, and an unconfirmed Luxembourg radio report said that the Yanks bad again entered the communications center or WilU. between llaslogne and the German frontier. Itnllles Kiiiie at llnxlogm- Headillaliers said that thunderous bullies were raging in the Itast-ogne sector as a result of Ihe series of desperate Nazi counter-attacks In which the enemy strove vainly to recapture the Ardennes communications center and cut Ihi- American held liastognn corridor. rW. t I f-i . , ... pmz t n Warm Motor In cold weather, be sure lo wnrm the washing machine motor by bringing the machine into a warm room at least an hour before using, or, place hot water in tub before sta'rting to wash. . Peanut Uullcr A peanut butter idea lor bre-jkfast is to top the toast or pancakes with peanu butler and citrus marmalade. For lunch combine peanut butter and bacon in broiled sandwiches Guaranteed J ARTS and SERVICE On All Makes of RADIOS and WASHING MACHINES Tayior's Kadio Service I 450 N. Oth St. I'hone 703 i - ... 4 ' i t V' . . - i. A -r AN ANTI-TANK GUN is wheeled into position by U. S. troops in the forward area on the (je:-man-aci-gian border in the photo at the top while Nazi troops arc shown advancing during the precent enemy offensive in the photo bolow. The Nazi troop picture is from a roll of captured film. Doth pictures are United States Army Signal Corps radiophotos. (International) ARMY DESERVES AN ASSIST E 1 V u Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Flrat day Insertion: 8c tor each reading line (one column line, like one of these). ' Next two days Insertion: the same le charge (you get tliyoe days at double the cost ot the drat day). Next three days Insertion: the am Sc charge (you get a whole Seex five days) at three times the tost ot one Insertion). Each group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (like tola) 10c per line. All classified ads Including mom-Mi. m. anil notices of Bll kinds UlUSt be paid In advance except those by I regular customers wnose accounts are paid monthly or those from organisations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter ease the person asking the publication ot the notice will be held responsible for Its payment. FOR SALE FtM'lt ACHL'S OF (iitOI NO, NKAII Klondykc. house, bum and outbuildings, nil Willi new roofs. Al-donn Skinder. ::-!4K s. Kmerald Ave., ChicuKo. III. I"'-'" llltUK, AW KIM) JOl' WANT. ( Union Auto Wrecking 1'arls fa. Krnie's, rimne 8, Clinton. "tf A.ll.C. KMXTHIC WASIIl-Ml. HOOD 1 condition. I'. Nolilllt, Slunteziinin 1'hoiie 97-lt-:i. FIFTH VEIN COAL. CHARLIE II. Ferguson. Phono i;ili-'. i 17-17-U f BUSINESS SERVICES FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Coodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogort Mobllgas Station. Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 83109 Trre Haute or Dana 1426. We pay all phone charges. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. 1137 DEAD ANIMALS UKUOVKU FKEE of charge by Ilgi;ln and Hons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges, liana Feed Service, Dana, rnoiie no. I tBxf GUARANTEED 24-IIR. KEFUIGF.R-ation Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Ilonehrake, Finnic 1034-4 Cllulon or lUj-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-4 5 FOR YOL'lt HEALTH S SAKE, EAT more fresh fruit. Our oranges are better because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. UCf REC'API'INti AND VI'LCANIZINO. Flve-ply passenger cur tires, plenty of Ethyl and anli-freeze. The Gas Market. 11-2-41 TRICK DRIVERS liOOII COAL AT all limes. No wailing. Paved road. Miles nest of ( Union, Hazel Ithiff. H H O Coul Co. I2K lil'RDSALS PASTE WAX FOR your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. DEN NET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 4h Souih Fourth Street. Phono 4D4. tKSf LOST Mack Eversharp fouiilain pen. Reward for return. Homer L. Milch-ell J'osl Office. 14 5 x 25 War Bond between Clililolt Return lo rlin- and Croniptou Hill Ionian Office. Reward. I r,v MALE HELP WANTED uovs : tocarry1aper routes. 10 years or over. Aplly , Dill Dlackburn, Cliutonlan. EMPLOYMENT WANTED MAN WANTS FARM WORK. CAN handle tractors, give references, three miles souih of Dana, one mile west or Mono. John L. Smith. Dana, route one. 47 FEMALE HELP WANTED GIRL TO CARE FOR SICK LADY. lo per week. Cliiiinn Rome one. Klvla Graham. t47x FOR KENT l-'Ol lt KOOM AI'.WiT.UKNT. MHO-I ern It :'. Itl iar Hill. Also 1 acre farm, at bottom or c-neia Hill.! fee John Heldel, It ::. 1 1 It I) M . close ill. OI'TKIUK 34 0 South KSlllASVK. Illl .xin-ei. tITl .IX KUIIM MoDKItX HKl Si:. II. II. Wiw-bart, n or v::", 1 1 U HELP WASTED CLINTOMAN - NEWS f:AltUIKI! boys for route open on sevenili, eighlll. and ninth streets. Cull Cliutonlan Office. COLUMBIA. THEATRE o. nth St. ' Clinton, hid. SUNDAY and MONDAY, DEC. 31, Jan. 1 llillissiiiv anil a.-.c A GUY NAMED JOE Spencer Tracy Irene Dunn "HAKE KI15BIN' " Burs Bunny Cartoon KKO News No. 33 TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, Jan. 2 and 3" MIMISSIOX t) anil Ullr not 111, i: Fft.VrrilK YOUTH RUNS WILD Bonifa Granville Kent Smith Plus MAKE YOUR OWN BED Jack Carson, Jane, Wyman, Irene Manning THURSDAY, JANUARY 4 ADMISSION' 1) mill aile DAYS OF CLORY Tamara Toumanouva Gregory Peck "LETTER TO A HERO" RKO Short THIS IS AMERICA, No. 2 Flicker Flash Back Af( , , r ' '"'9 It ' V, ' v p- ' I I MHKK! ,TT . Staled Convention of Vermil-million Chapter 125 of the H. A. M. Thursday Jun. 4 7:30 p. m. Leonard lllll. II. I'., Kay Shew. Spore In ry. H" NOTICK! Jerusalem Lodne No. A. M. called meeting. Ill & Tuesdav. .Tnniiarv 2. 7 i. in. Work in .M. M. degree. Thomas Conncly, W. M.; Charles Drown. Decretal-. H NOTICK! LoiiIbc's Lunch Kooin, under the inanageiiient of Mrs. Louise Aber-natliy will be open to the public on January 1 lit l'nlversal. t45.v "public notice NOTK E OF FINAL SF.T TI.KMKXT OF KSTATK Notice is hereby give n lo the cred-ilors. heirs anil legatees or Albert s. Wolfe, deceased, lo appear in the Vermillion Circuit Court, held at Newport. Indiana, on the 22nd day of January, 1H14 and show cause. If any, why the FINAL SKTTLK.MF.NT ACCOl'NTS wilh the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified lo then and there make proof of heirship, and receive their dislrlbulive shares. WITNESS. Hie Clerk or said Court, this 22ml day of December, 104 1. CAUL H. IlKKiS, Clerk or Vermillion Circuit Court. Will. H. Heeler. Ally. 122T.; 12-H 44. Card of Thanks We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our many friends, neighbors a:.d relatives for our beautiful Christinas gifls. We received Dili greetings from eight different states. Australia and England and 39 pros-enis. May Cod's choicest blessings rest upon you till is our prayer. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell. In Mt?moriam In memory or our father. Adam Scott who died one year ago today. Ills life was earliest, his actions kind, A generous hand and an active mind. Anxious lo please loath lo offend. A loving father and faithful friend. Sadly missed by daughters, Mrs. Sarah Goodhue and Mrs. Mary Lloyd and grandchildren. Fountain Manikin In Brussels, Belgium, a personable little bronze fountain manikin hss been a favorite of natives and visitors alike since the 15th century. Once Louis XV of France spirited him away. Such was the uproar 1 that the monarch returned him, ar- i rayed as a French Chevalier. Other j celebrities contributed costume's of i their nations to his wardrobe. Manikin and wardrobe are famous among tourist attractions of peacetime Brussels. Keeps Long Dried, whole milk, packaged in moisture-proof cardboard boxes or sealed cans, will keep on a grocery sholf for weeks, perhaps months. CEMETEKY MEMORIALS MO.NT.tlE.NTtt anil MARKERS Terre Haute Monument Co. H11EI.L V. LITIS rhoM ssz llrprrMentatlre 4119 8. Hm-nth. C'llnlon With The Compilmeata Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for NELSON WILLIAMS 517 N. Ninth St. Just Come La And Ask For Them! Watch This Space Every Day TOm NAME MAT BE NEXT INI). I I i I ! THSPCTURES liny More Itondsl fle Final Tonight 40c ff - w,,f ,h 8"1 'o le v in mo n power snorrogo I n. ....nn Ih.l, "i i lelromantei R fftnA Betty Rhodes A MUSICAL COMEDY NEWS NOVELTY ALACf? TONITE sr:m tot ,Mf-1m. v V. "SEE""'" 1'4'vfr'" TUAV I-' iff,' i S i sic1,' Twin -Pronged Attack Strikes astogne Continuort from page I) "ft ions in an apparent effort to w-'itki'ii Hie cue in. v flanks and eventually permit a northward drive from iliiHtot'ne along the Arhm-LU'W road tr Honffalize. which apparently Rhelters the core of Cerinaii streii-lith on the eastern end of the Nazi client. The Germans savagely contested every yard pained by the American and improved (heir own position hy retaking the town of Echternarh near the Luxembourg frontier. Hrnvy light inf; on Line Fragmenlary bat ilef rout dispatches and the long-delayed informa-I ion released by (Jen. Kisenhower (old of heavy fighting all the way from the town of St. Hubert, some miles west of llaslogne, lo the Nazi border. No deUib-d announcements were marie regarding the filiation on the western end of the Cerman bulge, where the Nazis pressed to within four mites of the Meitse Iliver before Fieid Marshal Karl Cerd Von Kund- stedfs surprise offensive was brought to a halt, thrown back and then Mtalemati-d in posit inn promising an early Allied bid to roll ft in r-vers to the fastnesses of the Siegfried line from which it sprang. Sharp counter-attacks by German LOANS... S50 SI 00 S200 S250 and S300 Yes, you can obtain a loan based on your earning ability and you pay Interest ONLY for the time vou have the loan. The I'lihllc Loan Company will assist you quickly and privatoly. If you are steadily employed In a factory, office, store or elsewhere. Come In and talk over your money problems with us. We will arrange your payments to suit your Income. Costs are reasonable. Interest rate of 'i'r per month on unpaid balance for amounts up to fl50; 'amounts $150 to $'100, 1 'o per month on unpaid balance. A 150.00 loan -repaid In five monthly Installments of fl0.92 each, costs 4.GU but If repaid In 10 days, costs only 5"c. You may borrow to pay old bills, your Doctor or Oentist. taxes or insurance . . . or any worthy purpose. If a loan can help you, phone or come to the Public Loan Company. Find Here the Cash It: ''!. .... .iim'- .-.-z,'- ..r,.,:- . 5 ' fiV 4? 5 f 4 - 'cw" labor board," Byrnes' report said. "The war labor board should have the right, whenever it considers It necessary. In Ihe public Interest, lo make its decisions mandatory and legally enrorr.-abb- In the conns, without resml. to seizure. " II,. I, ,1,1 renortelK. "courretss can draft a law. 1 am satisfied, to treat ln-i'iiloii and averys alike. " ( milium- Meii lianl I h-et rasa legislation aMirin;; continued operation of the war-buill I'niled Slates Merchant Fleet after Hie end of hostilities. 4 Kxlend the iraue agre, tneiiis ads and lind means of pioiiditu; dollar en flits abroad to Insure i luinit ion of a high level of eMiorif aMI imports after the war siudv seriously tin- t'Xtt'fishrii of ili- i-'-iM-pniictinn mid muhiluaiion acm. C. Kind ini-aiiH to rf-el;tblil! liinull buKiiK-KKf k cloHfd down by tin war and of op"iiliie lif-w lines hi tin-lifilod Iniinpdlalfly followiiiK viclory. 7. Carry out in-ac-tlmo oxiiainion of iire-war ii!f.afurs lo makf po- J ulldf- the pn-ntf'si increaBe In lioine and commercial building as a post-i war economic Ktiinulant. and lo re-, consider the prf-Hent Lanlialll act J whl' li inoliibits the vale of temporary ! war IioubIiip for residenlial urpoes. 8. Increase authorizations for all , types of public works so they niay he read' for eonistructiiin willi Hie! end of t!ie war. ! W. Liberalize unemployment com-1 peii-atii,ii benefit payments for war' worker to tide ihein over the re-' comenuon period. 10 It-vise th'- f.d. ral lav structure in ord-r lo remove inii-edimentu In CDiiM-rsion of III.- nnti'in'ii indliKlry fi . tin war lo peace production. BECAUSE Xt. Jesse Arnold lost a leg In the Philippines' fighting and couldn't go to Long Beach. Cal.. to be with Ins wife at the birth of their rhibl, the U. S. Army brought the wife via transport lo Bushnell (Jcneral hospital. Hrigham City. Utah, where Arnold Is recovering. The hahy, born in the military hospital Dec. 17, since has had a hernia operation, but is making a satisfactory recovery. Lieutenant Arnold and his wife are shown In the above pholo. (International) Lf- - First Run Features Only 9c - 35c SHEER HORROR!!! bitch nc utfi n lor ur ii m I l : WILLIAM TERRY - VIRGINIA GREY KELEKE THIMIG EDITH BARRETT Demand to Place IF's in War Work Heads Byrnes List (Contlnueo trom page M submission lo the new countess convening tomorrow. Ilynn-s also railed for greater powers for the war labor hoard lo enforce its rulings by methods other than soverniue-,1 s-iz- lire and oie-ralion of priiale produc-j lion facilities. (, lent it War Kfforl Ilirnes' lirst quarterly reoert tuobllizatlon and re.-on version dii'-c- i..r f.M'ltn,.,! u M-:-ies or reeoninienda-I lliniH lor new and renewal K-jrixiallon and tliwlosfd many administration plans which, fiinnied up. spell a Bn-ater iiilensiflcaliou of the war tlii-oiiKli appropriatloua to back the effort on the home front under more sweepiui; executive authority than exiifts at present. He asked collMl-ese to take the lol- lowini; course: 1. Knact controls over tltone physically disiiualllied for military service so that they may render their war service In essential war acth itles. At a news conference. Ryrnes declared this step should be accomplished by drafting l-F's into the armed services where they would be assigned to war activities or "limited" military service. f.realer W. I.. It. 2. I'roiid- Ihe V. L. H with other means to enforce its orders in addition lo plant seizure. "In some cases, se zure is not in e fesi way Ol I ' CA "J Loan You Need. ' 8 Pay 10 I'ay 12 Toy inentA. uienls. mentM. $ SO 7.12 S.HA $ 5.03 VIOO It 1 4.2-. $11.72 KI0.03 2M1 i!29 III ..' i KUJ.-i.17 S-JH.87 924.07 :WM 941.94 934.39 929.83 LET US SHOW YOU HOW TO PAY WINTER BILLS THE "PROMPT CASH" WAY. PERSONAL LOANS TO $300. SECURITY LOAN COMPANY joewr y2S55V BROWN PUBLIC LOAN CO. 2l5i Main St. Phone 232 1 1,3; Milt, r;tD; 'IS lilai kman St. CLINTON. decision of the war I enforcing ilu.-. f

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