The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 2, 1945 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1945
Page 5
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Pa;i' riv Tuesday, January 2, 1915. H SURE SHOT By Jack Sords Clinton Man Wins Honor in Southern France Invasion (Cotillnued from page ) Mr. and Mm. llarl yomnaim of (Million and mm, I.I. Max Voiiinans, nl" Klllnalon I'li ld. Ti'XHH. wlio U hollio on fnrloiili; CunwHiii and Mrs. Kent Mmiii of N. wiioit, Mr. and Mra. J, V. Nlclli'll of Kalivllli', III., hii nt Kiniday ufti iiioon Hh ttm VotimaiiK. Mr. and Mm. Arthur llwimlmrtc and family of Newport Kiient Huiur-day nlalit and Sunday with Mr. lleniBliurK'H hroilier, Mr. and Mm. Jay Hi nisliiiri; mid fmnily of Fowler, Ind.. and Chrintmun with Mm. HeiiiB-l,urii'i mother. Mm. (iladys Martin of I-afayetl e Her brother, l.eroy Wildcats Meet Cayugaris In Match Tonight Cats Wind Up Holiday With Cayuga Encounter In Up-County Gym; Meet Brazil Devils on Friday 3. 2 1 Newport News A fuiiilly ('In idiiium iliiincr wuk In I1 al tin- Iihiih' "f Mr. Mi'H. Hum HIi-wmi I CIiI'IkI iiiiim Dliy. Kiillnw-Im; I In' illiiin r, 1 1? i.uiiII) had a kIm I'Xrllllimn. Thoii: wliu wi-ri. iiri-Ht'iit wi'ii' Mr. mill Mm. Hoy Mil-wart, .Mr. mid Mm. 1 1 civ. a 1 '1 Kirwurl iiml fauilly, Jim, Klura Kli'wai'l, all of Ni-wpoii : Mr. mid Mm. I'liil A'I.iiiik of llm'liUll'-; .Minn .Mary Jain' KK'W.'il'l of Ciaw-riHdwUlh', and .Mrti. Anna Jti-i'd ol' IlyiiH'ra. Mra. 1'ikI.i Dale and mill, Jnil. Mr. and Mrti. Hayinohd Andi-rHon, Mih. KiibbcII l-'ahli' and clilldr'-n, Larry and Valid' nt of IndimiaimiiH, Mr. and Mm. Tlinmati irady and Hill-drcii, Jnp. and Juanlia Jlnmdy, Mr. and .M IB. Audrey K. K. J'uliz ami iiauu"l!t'i Marrarjl Jo mid m'and-dauxhlcr. Sally Su. were rhrlBtinan dlnin-r u't of llii'lr molli'jr and Krandinollii-r. Mrs. Murari't Jail'' Aml'-rKon. Oua mm. who U lu KnK-Iand was not uhli' to lo Iioiim. J i.'lirlHtmau Day callers at tlifl homo of Mr. and Mrn. Koltli YoumatlH were In Hie first (tame of the New Vi-ar 4S A the Clinton Wildcats will lay l Ik Cayuga Indlunn timlnht In Uip Cay SeASOfi ptC AS Ttte , sy (4AIK'eeS'Bi& STAR :-, jt ' uga K'i- Winding up their holiday vacation. thR Cats will he hack on Mhe Job tonight with ihi-ir fourth M6 SMOc'i-P MAKfc- AU1-- 5CMetHl3- J f ' M arl 1 11. returned home with them to iend (he (.'hiiminan hollduy. Mr. and .Mm. Vomer Van Vllet relumed to their I101110 lu Newport thin week after vIxltliiK Mm. Van Vllet mother, Mm. I.eora Harvey and family of Danville, Jud., and tin lr daughter. Mm. Charles William of HlllKhoro. lud. Mr. and Mrs. (Ilenn youiiiann of Newport spent (.hrlstinas with Mr. and Mm. James Dowers of Cayuga. Tommy Walthall, sou of Mm. filial Walthall of Newport Is sound- ink' his Christmas vacation with his tinier III Terre Haute. (Ceniuryj Dhision, inn of the newest units fUhiing on the (', H. 7th Army front In Kastern J-'rance whose members have the satiHtuciion of knowing tiny played an important part In th" "squcezo play" so llior-ouvbly upplleij to the O rnian l!ttl Army, , ShAh Ci.imhl hi Middle While ('reuch troops spearheaded drives through the Haverne Cass in t he uort h and Helfort (iap In the bouth. both routes leading to HI ran-bojrg and Hie Jtiihie, the principal part of the 7th Army fought relentlessly against the thousands of Nazis oauKht in the middle. With the Krnch holding the enemy In on the sides, the 379th - and other units of the 7fli Army -- drove pistonlike ngaim't the middle. The 3 7 1Mb began Its push, and its baptism of fire, lu the dense forests of the Vosgeg Mountains in the irinity of Hacrarat. The fUhling conditions were as tough as any that any troops faced along the extended Hfxth Army Croup front the Croup consisting of the American 7th and (he French 1st Armies. Defer ItiMjillutfoti In addition to a faiiftfc enemy county game In store. A good record will accompany the Cats up-oounty and the Clinton cri'w has an edge on the Indians In line of 1 " record and eKperlence. Coach Dob Burton's hoys will far the Indians at 8 p.ui. In the varsity game with a pre-gamc curtain-raiser A at 7 p.m. between the Kittens and the Cayuga B's. AIbo on tap this week is a top- A .. .. . - n ranking match between the Clinton five and (he Brazil Ited iJevils set . '4 4'i "7 for Friday night in the local gym Pick up ludianapolfs story. ft' pick Vies, You Uon t nave to unve rar 10 Have an Accident llo you Hunt your aeildent i iui'l. or wniit It C.'I.K.? Vou can't rlloow uhcil or liell- you will have nil ucciitent. Vou have lo lal.e )onr tii lilent h In n or where It coineu. Are you liiMired? Tlie new Kdilo Farm !tillilal Alllo liikiiraiui fMillry In a leel Itesei-K-, .N'ou-aswiihiilik iBilliy, ruvcriiiK you and your wife In every way, while l-l v iittc )our car or a car not mined li yon. II also covers, ut n small ilra cliarniV your )nu ur lesldencc Jiuhilily. . ' CAI. I, tH U HITN ; 1 ,. ( FOREST AIRMAN, DANA, IND. I-or More I nfoi nutlfou who fought with the ferocity of a trapped ia(, the :;7.ftii faced innumerable land-mines, booby-traps, and well-prepared defense Installations. The weather was cold, it rained fie-'juently and mud was ankle-deep. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. After downing (lie Ueretufoiv unoWeated Anderson Indiana, the Kokonio Wildcat! Wpnt down before thrive-defeated Npw Castle-in oiip of the New' -'Yea r day tournament were a holiday featur of Indiana rp basketball. in regular play An- The forest . covei ed with a h ea s y undergrowth, provided cover for a-zi snipers. ' j Cud Bowl at UaHaH, the Oklahoma Ajjfeifs winning about as they pleased ii 4 in t), oer the Texat ' h ri ( j m j .Homed Frog. Hib Fetiiniore, lejt New, Current County Officials Take Over1 Dalies as Year Opens (Continued from page J) V dfct'Bon had defeated the tourney winner by a wide margin. ' Hcore ,ot lm final game of the AnderHoii tourney wan New Castle. ZH, Kohontp, 29. Anderson whn etini-InaJed.. 23 to 49 by h- YViMunut while New CanUe .reached the finaJn by eliminating Lot-aw-sport, in aii overtime gamo, yu to 27. JdifayHI Mim Tourney j Lafayette emerged wetor from ai Two Upsels Arc Scored in Bowl Classics Monday Southern Cai Wins Kih Uose liowl A'ictor-; Tulsa, Weilrerft Score Wins liali, did 'about everything, sconne two of the touchdowns for the Aggies and putting on an exhibition of passing, punting and running that Jhk-v.lvd tiie crowd, and his oiionen;-even more. Southwestern 1' n i v o r sity o t tjeorgeiown, Tex., won jj a second Sun Bowl title ax Kl i'aso. Tex,, by whipping the IR'lit but'flasfiy .jition-al I'niversity of Mexico team, ZT, to u. JJut stubborn slugging and skillful maneuvering enabb d the 37'Hh to p'lHh through Kaon J'Ktape, Kem nea and other key (owns leading, toward tlie niiine und the eventual defeat of the last Cei'ioans in France, Other Wabash Valley men in the regiment include i'tc. Max C. ilal-tuui of route one, ilowdale; Ffc. 1 ' 11 1 on i 1 , Web h of West Terre lluut; Ffc. Uaymond C liollings a-id Ffc. Ma 1,. Diel of 'IVrre Haute and I'vt. John W. and J'U. tJeorge J. Wallers of Sullivan. Uicl:eii in I be treasurer's office. Je-puiy treasurer will be Aliss ioujse Woher ft ;ehie. THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD: Judge Kverett 11. I)a Ishoii contin ues on the bench in Vermillion Cir four-team tourney at Muneie by firwt winning; from Munr-fe, 2S to 24 and defeating Frankfort. 45 to :;9 in the finale. Frankfort eliminated Marion, 38-31. cnii i-onrt for two more .-iiis of his With tiie lant Kplurge of footbfill now history l lie annual New Yi -.-.i- h how! gaiueK --sportB InJIownrs 'today At the Vincnne(s New Year's day; could turn their attention to banket- Nitrate Monopoly Chile has a world monopoly of natural nitrates, and is second only to the United Stales in copper production Nearly uli :A Loth products are exported, largely to the United States, Before the development of synthetic nitrates (for explosives and fertilizers) this Chilean product was the country's foremost item of world trade; today cupper has taken its place. piesent term. The court bailiff and jury bailiff will be appointed with tiie ip h"S 01 "!t' ut W 01 coUrl on Jan. . Carl Iii,;'s am' Mi'H, Uuth Je!p Owens resumed tin if diiiies in the -t"fi-e uf Vennillio!) Circuit clerk. Higgs. a Clinton resd nt, was re-ceniiy named ice-pi 'id m ;f the state orgaiii.:iliin of county ejeritn. J-'r: i!k Jet;i r. I'ei rysville, remains in 1lie i)Jfi(v i)l county assesors as does Abel At-bury. recorder. Ira Ctiurch, Clinton, and H. A. rilliiifer re -assume the dudes ot tli it- eftic s as auditor and survey .. r,...S.ct el ball, hockey and other more seasonal atlih'iic content b. Four of the New Year'u gamep turned out about as the experts had forecast, but two of (hc.ij. tii1 delem of Georgia Tech by Tulsa I uh ersit and that of t he east ;til-Htar tea by tlie western agareg it ion were mild tipbetH. TeiHie.se4 f,iw, 'JTiA The t'niversi'7 of K'i''i jrn Ciili:'-fornia which never hii - h-ti beut.'n eveut, the Washington Hatchets showed an upsurge of utrrngth hy coniing out on top. first winning, 27 to 22 from VincniH's and then 4 2 to 39 from Oniral of KvanKvilh; in the finalw. Central croBh''d out Hun'-ingburg. 42 to 33. HhelbyvilJ name out on top of the GreefiKhurg tourney, winning flriit from Coniiervillt and then in the finale from JtUKhvllle. 44 to 2K. Greensburg lost to liushvillc hut won the consolation lift with I-eftoer Fish If you have cooked fish left over, pick it Irorn tiie bones and use it in jjalty cakes, scsiloped dishes, croquettes, chowders or salads. Increase tiie number of servings by combining it with rice, nashed potatoes or spaghetti and a well-seasoned cream sL.uce, Oysters and clams are ideal tor quick Mews and chowders. HELPS YOU RELAX KEEPS YOU IN TRIM LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY particular star lor tiie Trojans, coin-liing Ui its eiyijtii v!.;.jiv in I classic by wliiijiin;n a gaie and ! even brilliant Tt ine- oi'l , Dr. G. R. MsGUIRE 'arey 1 p 1 a y appear m me county coniifiissioners af-l eiing of me -utn-ujdyy.. Court htute .cjlu-. ,ew 1 hourd of l ll.C i! UliS-iotK'f Blended With Honey Allspice comes from Jamaica ad Mexico, although Mexican spice is different botanicslly. Mexico also seoc!anie,iiich-4often is used in apple pie in place of cinnamon and blended with honey or corn syrup for una on v.atHes or griddle cakes. CUIKOl'KACTOU Civilians Face Lowered Food Supiiluh I12 3945 NKW YOKK f ivilians today face a 194,5 -prospect of smaller supplies of meat, butter, sugar and some of the processed foods than at any time since Fear! Harbor. Ho declared Paul R Willis, pres oloyes, eh utoj ope 1 at or, janitots jt! i;e named at the meeting as ..J i.a 111 f 'jji.mitsioners. Quarterback J i:n Hai dy was -he particular star for .!ff Tte-.ta1!.;, foil ing through wiiii tv.o per!ec foiicii-down passes and iiiinllur oc:-.p-ion crouhiiii: up the k-hii henier ' 'v running over tli" go;i.I line 0:1 a tiid- ""nTwhadda VOU J IF 'l JPF OLD JAKE HOW THE KRUGGTAVI DROVE HFCF. THEY'VE PROBABLV T Al L NIGHT WE BEEN W IKNOW IT'S A WILD II MUM nilNNV F J IM SWARTZ AND HIS BOYS CONVENIENT, .... , - ,jf- DISMAiJTLtD IT AROUND IN CPUISIN' AND ALL V HUNCH SUT ITS THE FIND IS WAFFLE-TREAD ONLY CLUE WEVE HAD ti&P-TSAK IN THIS J OOYOU HAPPFNTO 1 -THEY RUN AN AUIU m-WRECKlfJOyARD f BACK SOMEWHfckt irn r.Vl-3 r.rsi Wrt to 7PF I P I CAN OLD clUNKVARD.' L KIJOW WHO LIVES HERE? I- 6 lf& FIND THAT YELLOW CAB 7 1 . ident of the Grocery Manufacturers ; den ball play. of America, who quickly added how-jTul Sweep ;nti" e.'n ever thai each American in the com-j The rniversity of Tulsi. which ing year may eat at least " per cent ! tew rated equal to the task, practic- more food of all lands than w-v'e a-i ally swept Georgia Tech out of th vailable between lftsr, and Orange Howl at Miami. 21 to 12. The d'ficit will he made up. lie j although Tech was regard"d us the said in an analytic forecast, by in- , strongest team in tiie southeastern 'creased supplies of milk. eggs, cer-1 conference. MAYBE YELLOW CABS rt uc TiW2 VArru TREADS LIKE THAT. BUT- J... 3k3 I W -"" I IsTMJ-A r -T. --T if. 1 eai prouucis. certain vegetables and hu the nrore ds of tiieir Shrine perhaps turkeys. dan ,LY7f s Jk m r v4r3 Read Our Up-to-Date Sport News yme e.(,inj: ut the aid o) eripjjled ejiildleij, tiie West A Jl-StillS bcored 1 a dramatic ifMory oer the Kust in' the last tit "ee leimiteti of pl;i at Sun ' Kranciseo (nt Bob Water) teid )ta.s j lo Hoti Kennedy. l' y i!i )i:- score at to . i Blue J'eiil Win Dllke't? Ullie Jjelilt- tt OIJ H S eJtif- t-d in a tree-hcoriiip i;auie nl tle SuKar liow j in New Orleans, liitf to)j- led Alabama only tbree-oiiitH. I Sftrret f m wire i f -won deb what's? in i i-V 6' 4 ? J iV:!?fJ 2U tt 2' . Willi i ;ef'(:e rtartt i niin- . K THIS I THATGASEOWTHERE -PVfl &&-X6u 4 flnpraftvp isv' . . voxtor krugg I f, am-wi y. -iLr-sv I stand guard here while I I .liver the Un iMie for 1 lie ' vj nfi'lK ! ihIU' in 1 lie l;-:-' t href tntti H-- nt j i i. hilunjj-ou ' rw:', -'. vi, 1-' '.". i n t 1 round up a ra dins touad NOTICE! The . firsl Uotmei)f i f CommTrial Motor Trucks for Chilian usr will hood he available. International tvltl manufacture the fol- lowiDK IIMHlelK: - K?3 l ton K-5 IV ton K-7 2 to 3 ton K-S 3 to 5 ton K-ll 4 to 6 ten If joti lmvr m priiiil r imii iua-lif for m iru k, imiuii-e at tiw. WABASH OIL CO. Klin t the Itivef Hinl4' ' r r t s. X 'tysJ&& .fi t K backatweadquartIp? 4g 1 Lt$ to wv B?v- , , . . v, feii JLxl j rT'jff'--" - 1 lAl?z2 ' '7.- - t . -t -d i 5irT -- " Fs- .'.'.-i -y w oan ST a Ri yc'4:ci j play. Ai;uie Jlefeul j '1'tieie 'Ui IJO at'KUtueut in tije (.ul- Relief At Last I For Your Cough i Creomulsion relieves bc-j rati n, jjoi-;, riuiit jo tbr v ,a of tt ; in.'iible to tielj loojeii and -.ei e.i,r,:. f latien phlegm, and um imnire to soot1.- i and h'-iti raw, tenaer mllama tnc. j ! 1 mueo't.s iHv:nl.raiii'.-. Tli your : : lO Mjll VOU J. bdUie Of (-'teOl-M;1 ,1' ! tiie uriti'-rtaudii:: yoii m t.M 1 i . , u-iy it q ut,;iy ulhiv-, the tou . i u are to inv.- vou! mci,"'-: Uu : t .GREOMU'LrON For Coushs, Che' Cclc, Irunr.hHr. DR. O. R. BREDEWEG OPTOMETRIST Eyes Tested Glasses Made For Those Who Need Them SttH liUiklimn Kt. I.I VIilV. 1MI. I'iionr 1 ! fab Nl;A KUDTB t5, SSS I,'-S? Er-;:i vpn?T'- Highest Ceiling Prices PAID I'OU I OI K USED CAE M.K ih i; toi ki ll: WILSON, JUSTICE 2nd OSELLA 53 K. 31 Kl. Al TO HI I. U -Sr&- r -r . I,. ....,...,, i .j-iLffCff?. .ak.::f-I r , - - - - ! t Lrf..--r L! ii i : -- 1 - ----- - - ?J

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