Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 18, 2015 · Page T20
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page T20

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Page T20
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Page T20 article text (OCR)

20 Sunday,October18,2015 • • Democrat and Chronicle • ROC TV KIDS SPORTS MOVIES WEDNESDAY EVENING OCTOBER 21 DSHDTV 239307 Heat Night (TVPG) Blue Bloods (TV14) Blue Bloods (TV14) Blue Bloods (TV14) Per son ofIn ter estPer son ofIn ter estEl e men tary (TV14) El e men tary (TV14) Manhattan (TV14) Caso cerr.AntesalaCopa Mundial Sub-17 (Directo) DecisioneNoticieroCaso cerrado - (N) Celia (N) Bajo el mismo cieloSe ñora Acero (N) Al rojoTitulares 200202 CNN News room (N) Jake Tap per (N) Sit u a tion Room (N) Sit u a tion Room (N) Erin Bur nett (N) Coo per 360° (N) This is Life (N) CNN Tonight (N) Coo per 360° 208355 Clos ing Bell The day’s last hour. (N) Fast Money (N) Mad Money (N) Jay Leno’s Ga rageShark Tank (TVPG) Shark Tank (TVPG) Jay Leno’s Ga rageShark Tank (TVPG) 140206 In sid ersNFL LiveHighlyHornInterruptnSportsCenterNBA CountNBA Pre. Bas ketball: Washington vs Mi ami (Live) SportsCenter 144209 UEFA Champ. Soc cer (Live) ESPN FCSportsNationHornInterruptnFan tasyInterruptnCrossFit: Men’s CrossFit: Men’s Women’s Int’l Soc cer (Live) 691 Soc cer (Taped) Syr a cuse in 60High School Foot ball (Taped) Cen terCol lege Bas ket ball (Taped) Syr a cuse in 60Syr a cuse in 60 241241 Su prem acy ‘PG 13’ Ar ma ged don (‘98, Sci ence Fic tion) Bruce Willis. Asteroid threatens. ‘PG 13’ Transformers: Re venge of the Fallen (‘09, Ac tion) Shia LaBeouf. ‘PG 13’ Star Trek ‘PG 13’ 160331 Roll Bounce ‘PG 13’ New GirlNew GirlNew GirlNew GirlBroke-A$$ (:40) Catfish: The TV ShowAre You the One?Are You the One?Are You the One?Mid dleBroke-A$$ 162335 You Got Served (‘04) ‘PG-13’ StepUpRev o lu tion (‘12) Cle opatra Coleman. ‘PG 13’ Cou plesRe treat (‘09, Comedy) Vince Vaughn. ‘PG 13’ Cou ples Ther apyLove & Hip (TV14) 170299 SpongeSpongeSpongeSpongeAlvinAlvinHenryThundermAcad emyThundermBella andShak ersFull HouseFull HouseFull HouseFull HouseFriendsFriends 180311 Mid dleMid dleReba Lost dream. Reba: The Nanny Cas per (‘95, Fan tasy) Christina Ricci. Therapist and his daughter meet a ghost. ‘PG’ The Addams Fam ily (‘91, Comedy) Anjelica Huston. Creepy fam ily. ‘PG 13’ Addams Fam ily Val ues (‘93, Com edy) Anjelica Huston. Killer nanny hired. ‘PG 13’ The 700 Club (TV G) (N) 105242 NCIS Fa ther set up. NCIS (TV14) NCIS: Se crets NCIS: Psych Out NCIS: Crescent City NCIS: Cres cent II NCIS Delilah help. NCIS: Al leged Mod ernMod ern 138245 Bones: Lady on List The bucket list. Cas tle: Al most Fa mous Male strip pers. Cas tle: Mur der Fowl Sub way mur der. Cas tle: En coun ters Alienab duc tion. Cas tle: Last Call Cas tle’s quest. (TVPG) Now You See Me (‘13, Thriller) Jesse Eisenberg. Bank heists. ‘PG 13’ (:15) Pre mium Rush (‘12, Thriller) Jo seph Gordon Levitt. Cy clist pur sued. ‘PG 13’ 131254 House of Wax (‘05, Horror) Elisha Cuthbert. Friends trapped in deadly wax mu seum. ‘R’ The Last House on the Left (‘09, Hor ror) Tony Goldwyn. Par ents of as saulted teen plot re venge. ‘R’ The Amityville Hor ror (‘79, Hor ror) James Brolin. A family fights a malev olent force. ‘R’ Amityville II: The Pos session (‘82, Hor ror) James Olson. ‘R’ 108252 Grey’s Anatomy: Break Through (TV14) Little Women: LA: No Pain, (TV14) Little Women: LA: Off to Races (TV14) Little Women: LA: Bachelorette or Little Women: LA: Truth and Lies (TV14) Little Women: LA: Ha wai ian Cou ple Little Women: LA: Big Vow Re newal Trou ble in Hawaii. (N) Little Women: LA: Big Vow Re newal Trou ble in Hawaii. (TV14) 182278 Dual Sur vivalDual Sur vivalDual Sur vivalDual Sur vivalDual Sur vivalDual Sur vival (N) Dual Sur vival (N) Sur viv ing Cut (N) Dual Sur vival 118265 The First 48 (TV14) The First 48 (TV14) The First 48 (TV14) DuckDuckDuckDuckDuck Dy nastyDuckDuckDuckDuckDuckDuck 107249 (:54) SouthPrk (:25) SouthPrk Futurama (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Nightly (TV14) (:28) Daily ShKey & Peele Key & Peele SouthPrkSouthPrkSouthPrkSouthPrkSouthPrk (N) Moonbeam City Daily Sh (N) Nightly Show (N) 114236 Kardashians (TV14) Kardashians (TV14) Kardashians (TV14) Kardashians (TV14) E! News (N) Kardashians (TV14) Kardashians (TV14) Kardashians (TV14) E! News (N) 185312 Little House on the Prai rie (TV G) Little House on the Prai rie (TV G) The Waltons: Home Front 1 (TV G) The Waltons: Home Front 2 (TV G) The Waltons: The Kin folk Rose visits. The Waltons: The Di plomaGrad u ated. Mid dleMid dleMid dleMid dleThe Golden Girls The Golden Girls 124329 (:56) Diary of a Mad Black Woman (‘05) Kimberly Elise. ‘PG 13’ Mar tinMar tinMar tinJohn son Fam ily Va ca tion (‘04) Ur ban fam ily. ‘PG 13’ #TheWestBrooksroomieloverfriends 270402 La vecinaEl gordo y la flacaPrimer impacto (N) IncluidoNoticieroMu cha cha (TV14) An tes (TV14) Lo imperdonableYo no creo (TV14) PrimerNoticiero 261370 Re flec tionPa pal Aud.FriarABCatholiChestertnWorld OvEWTNNwsMagadanDaily Mass (TV G) EWTN Live (N) EWTNNwsRo saryEWTNNwsCat a logueFor WomWomenGr 110231 GiadaGiadaBare footBare footPi o neerSouth ernDinersDinersCut throatKitchenWorst Cooks (TV G) Worst Cooks (N) Mys teryMys teryMys teryMys tery 639 Col legeFoot ball: Princeton vs Brown Daily NewsLoudMthsYeahOpen MicCol legeFoot ball: Villanova vs Al bany (Replay) YeahSportsSportsSports 631 TBAWeek Foot ballYan keesYankeeographyYan keeWeek FtbalYan keesRun ningForbesPenn StateCenterStagForbesCenterStagNo tre DmeHOPE WkNets Mag. 209356 MSNBC Live: with Kate Snow (N) MTP Daily (N) MSNBC Live (N) Hard ball (N) Chris Hayes (N) Ra chel Maddow (N) Last Word (N) Chris Hayes 139247 New Girl: Pi lot New Girl (TV14) Friends: Tun nel Friends: Frank Jr. Friends (TVPG) Friends (TVPG) Seinfeld (TVPG) Seinfeld (TVPG) Seinfeld (TVPG) Pre-Game (Live) 2015 MLB Playoffs (Live) Postseason 260372 The 700 Club (N) HageeDes tinedI Will Bless the Lord at All TimesBilly Gra ham (TV G) Trin ityTurn ingReignLiv ing ByPraise the Lord In terviews & songs. (TV G) 634 NHL Hockey: Ar izona vs New Jer sey Devils in 60NY Gi antsNY Gi antsThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe Lineup 183280 At lantaAt lantaSay YesSay YesSay YesSay YesBig FatBig FatBig FatBig FatMy Big Fat: 5K Run Big FatBig FatSud denlyRoyal (N) Big FatBig Fat 635 (2:30) UEFA Champ. Soc cer (Live) Mon ster: Arlington BelmontFlash backIn siderNY Gi antsBox ingACC Grid iron Live!NY Gi antsNY Gi ants 129237 Los An geles (TV14) Los An geles (TV14) Los An geles (TV14) Los An geles (TV14) Los An geles (TV14) Los An geles (TV14) Los An geles (TV14) Los An geles (N) Watch WhL.A. 112229 Buy ing (TV G) Buy ing (TV G) Buy ing (TV G) Buy ing: Hoard ers Buy ing: Feeling Prop ertyBroth ersProp ertyBroth ersTiny HseHunt ersProp ertyBroth ers 205360 Shepard Smith (N) Your World (N) The Five (N) Spe cial Re port (N) On the Re cord (N) The O’Reilly Fac torThe Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O’Reilly Fac tor 176296 GumballGumballTi tans Go!Ti tans Go!WabbitTi tans Go!Ti tans Go!Ti tans Go!Be CoolGumballKing HillBob’sBob’sCleve landDadDadFam ily GyFam ily Gy 122244 Ghost Hunters: Fright at the (TVPG) Ghost Hunters: Over My Dead (TVPG) Ghost Hunters: Fright at the (TVPG) Ghost Hunters: There Ghosts (TVPG) Ghost Hunters: Plot Thick ens(TVPG) Ghost Hunters: For tress of (TVPG) Ghost Hunters: Houghton Hears (N) Para nor mal Wit ness: The Fireplace (N) Ghost Hunters: Hought on Hears (TVPG) 132256 (2:00) Ivanhoe (‘52) Rob ert Tay lor. ‘NR’ Knights of the Round Ta ble (‘53, Ad venture) Robert Tay lor. The tale of Camelot. ‘NR’ King Rich ard and the Cru sad ers (‘54, His tory) Rex Harrison. King of England. ‘NR’ The Pro duc ers (‘68, Com edy) Zero Mostel. ‘NR’ (:45) All the Pres ident’s Men (‘76, Drama) Rob ert Redford.Twore port ers in ves ti gateabur glary.‘PG’ 172290 I Did n’tI Did n’tGirl MeetsGirl MeetsLivLivAus tinAus tinTwitches (‘05) ‘NR’ (:35) LivGirl MeetsJessieAus tinUndercverGirl MeetsJessie 166327 Home Vid (TVPG) Home Vid (TVPG) RebaRebaLast ManLast ManLast ManLast ManRebaRebaRebaRebaGrem lins 2: The New Batch (‘90) ‘PG 13’ 120269 Amer i can Pick ersAmer i can Pick ersAmer i can Pick ersAmer i can Pick ersAmer i can Pick ersAmer i can Pick ersAmer i can Pick ersBack to the Pres entAmer i can Pick ers 106304 Bo nanza: The Ride Bo nanza (TVPG) Gilligan’sGilligan’sFacts LifeFacts LifeFacts LifeFacts LifeChris tineChris tineRay mondRay mondRay mondRay mondQueensQueens 401218 Golf AcdPGA TourGolf AcdGolf AcdGolf ingTour WklyWorld Long Drive Championship (Re play) Pre Game (Live) World Long Drive Championship (Live) Golf Central 136248 Two & Half Two & Half Mike & Molly Mike & Molly Mike & Molly Mike & Molly Para nor malAc tiv ity3 (‘11, Hor ror) Lauren Bittner. Home’s horror tape. ‘R’ Para nor malAc tiv ity4 (‘12, Hor ror) Katie Featherston. Katie and Hunter. ‘R’ Amer i can Hor ror Story: Mommy (N) Amer i can Hor ror Story: Mommy (TVMA) 184282 To Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nounced 159220 WakebrdBig RedScan AllNASCAR Amer icaProFan tasyNHL Live (Live) NHL Hockey: Phil adelphia vs Boston (Live) Over timeNFLFan tasy 127251 Snapped (TVPG) Snapped (TVPG) Crazy TalkCrazy TalkSnapped (TVPG) Snapped (TVPG) Snapped (TVPG) Snapped (TVPG) She Made Me (N) Snapped (TVPG) 242246 Dumb est (TV14) Dumb est (TV14) Dumb est (TV14) Dumb est (TV14) CarbonaroCarbonaroCarbonaroCarbonaroCarbonaroCarbonaroCarbonaroCarbonaroRoad SpillCarbonaro 196277 Man/FoodMan/FoodFoodPar a diseFoodPar a diseTop 15Top 16Top 17Top 18Un known (TVPG) Un known (N) Un known: Ma yan Bi zarre (TVPG) 300501 Un bro ken (‘14, Drama) Jack O’Connell. Olympic POW in WW2. ‘PG 13’ (:20) Godzilla (‘14, Sci ence Fic tion) Aaron Taylor John son. Godzilla fights ma lev olent creatures. ‘PG 13’ Fight Game John Wick (‘14, Ac tion) Keanu Reeves. Ex hit man, King pin. ‘R’ HBO First Look The Leftovers: Off Ramp Soul saving. Doll & EmReal Time 310515 (:15) Dreamgirls (‘06, Mu sical) Jamie Foxx. A 1960s R&B group strug gles with fame. ‘PG 13’ (:25) The Broth ers (‘01, Com edy) Mor ris Chestnut. ‘R’ (:10) Disturbia (‘07, Thriller) Shia LaBeouf. Neigh bor hoodmur der. ‘PG 13’ The Knick (TVMA) HighFi del ity (‘00, Comedy) John Cusack. Man in ves ti gateshisro man tic trou bles.‘R’ 318545 (:55) Co caineCow boys:Re loaded (‘14) Story of Mi ami and drugs since the 1980s ‘R’ The Lovers (‘15) Comatose man transported to past. ‘R’ (:20) Prophet’s Prey (‘15) Abuses of for mer FLDS leader. ‘NR’ Home land: Super Pow ers (TVMA) The Af fair (TVMA) In side the NFL: 2015 Week 6 (TVPG)

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