The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 2, 1945 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1945
Page 4
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TuesSay, January 2, 195. THE DAILY CLINTONISN Foot R Behind Ihelcen EX-STAR BOARDER? THE DAILY CIMT0NIA1N mi At th Mociti WABASH Sunday, Monday uid rnesilav An earful of music and an eyeful of charm is promised Sunday VS7a-1w rTJalUa lasM HOLLYWOO Ik Clinton PlsinetetOeT absorbed tn ltoa Published Dally Except Saturday and Sunday at the Wabash Theatre when Pa- gmrgfi L. Carey - Editor and Publisher HARRISON CARROll I at uw roatomce as t.union, innim good part in "The Virginian," IS proudly introducing his brother, Capt Patrick Tully, to Hollywood. Capt. Tully was citd for his dis aa Second Olaaa Matter ladxua Republican Edtt'.-lal Kiss restarts SyedlcsU Writer HOLLYWOOD. The four Crosby kida did their swan song as actors in "Duffy's Tavern," or so says their crooning pa. Even quitting now, how- covery that a mixture oi Kwajaisui mud and coral was as gooa as ce Phone 32 Phon.&l ment aa a base for airfield run ways. He saved the government uncounted dollars. . . . John Emery's tryM v. the qur- 4 t at Gary, r ramount's "You Cant nation Love" bows in with a star-stud-ded cast headed by Johnnie Johnston and Betty Kliodes. The novel story Idea Is said to provide today's war-weary public with some nreded belly laughs even while poking fun at the rationing system. Relating the Incidents which bring the point-rationing system to a mail mid-western college in order to supply enough males to go around, the picture suarkes with gaiety and is a mirthquake from start to finish it's said. scenes for "The Spanish Main" will. jjir Lindsey ana tne hava to be carefully shot until nis hair erows back after the shaven- MiPUBUCAM wraO CCVJTlAaV and P h 1 1 1 i p poll ha wore as Baron Tanalca in have earned enough In their two acreen ap- "Blood on the uun." . . . ivonna De Carlo at the Mocambo with a, new escort. Socialite BUI HolllngS-' worth. t - y ulJ pearances to pav tor their college educa Warners nearly lost their he tion. Not Uiat Bing couldn't afford to send discovery, Lauren Bacan, when a heavy truck barely missed alde-awiplng her car in the morning Shocking Story At long last Western ranchers think they have discovered a fence that will keep elk and deer out of haystacks. It is an electric fence, similar to ones used by some his sons to col Harrison Corro.1 mists as aha was anving u me lege, but he studio. thought they might as well have the cash of tneir own. LL Bob Tavlor srot his Christmas leave after all the first he'd had in 15 months. His other trips to Hollywood were on government a Meving Mayor F H '. iGuardis, mayor of New York t.:j. na had IS official residences since he took office gignment. One small role In "A Bell for Speaking of cash, looks aa If John Wayne wilt cash to on the weirdest at investments. In New Ouinea. He gave a $25 grubstake to a prospector whom the Japa had chased away from a gold claim 75 miles out of Lae. He just received a letter returning his $25. And, from what John tells the gang on the "Invisible Army" act, there win be more coming. The prospector in Killed 29 Nazis Adano" was enough to convince John Hodiak'a standi n. Marine Bgt. George Bohannon, that fee didn't want to become an eotoR His now ambition is to be a film cutter and Hodiak has arranged for him to work as an apprentice witn &aroa- sists that the stir now has an interest in the claim. ra McLean, one of the top cutters PRICES INCREASE FARM YIELDS The productive capacity of American famts is highlighted by figures which reveal record-breaking crops in 1944, de-sp; - he shortage of labor and agricultural - ...".'fiery. A' T,a p"'?7, the assurance of profita-I . : an important factor in farm j "": i This is what one would nat-i: aH : - :cct. Farmers can hardly be ex-- ' o push Nature to produce surplus r unnecessary to the nation and de-to crop prices. 1944, according to available statis-'V the farmers produced 900,000,000 i ".cis of corn more than the 10-year av-:, 1932-42; 300,000,000 bushels more wheat; 140,000,000 more bushels of oats; 800,000,000 more pounds of peanuts; 500,-000,000 more pounds of tobacco and similar increases for a long list of food and feed crops. in the business. Bhe did "Wilson,: and saw the picture 100 times. Deanna Durbin'a latest escort is Alan Curtia. Incidentally, Deanna slipped quietly into court m the 20th, and arranged for her final decree of divorce from Vaughn. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Do lores Moran's sister, Marjorie, will be sworn into the WAC by the time you read this. . . . Stunt Mao Charlie Phillips, who was hurt on the Laurel aim Hardy picture, asks She's now a ree woman. The death of Harry Langdon re L "J vives memories of the daya when he was the big-shot comedy star of the First National lot, with a me to say he is okay and Decs: to work. . . . Maureen O'Hara had to rlap Binnie Barnes 11 times for a scene in "The Spanish Main." The bungalow of his own and a staff of gag men which included Tim Whelan (now a director). Arthur Ripley (now a producer) and the hut one was a dilly. Knocked poor Binnie into a fireplace and hurt her back. But don't blame Maureen. Taking a Backward Glance Director Frank Borzage made her treat Frank capra- Jerry uiesier, one of the country's most famous trial lawyers, was Harry's attorney keep on trying until she really let go. . . - Hollywood's knitting champ, Joan Crawford, lias switched to making a pateb-wark then. Connie La Rue ecstatic over Jack's Christmas present John ton of Three Rivers, Mich., have returned to their home after visiting Mr. Earrington's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Farrlngton of west of the city since Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collier of South Fourth Street are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Tom Watson, of Lansing, Mich., several weeks. Mrs. Ralph Banning of west of the city left Monday for Mt. ClenienB. Mich., to join her husband, who is employed in the air corps of the I'. S. Army. Mrs. Banning was formerly Miss Ernestine Harrison. TEX YEAKS AGO TOIIAY FlliJ Appointed KoaU Kuwrvior At the final meeting of the Parke County Board of commissioners for 1934. held Monday, George E. Phipps. Democrat, was fice and assumed control of the city administration for the coming four years shortly after noon yesterday. The exception was ThomaB Gritfths clerk - treasurer - elect and one of the two Republicans to be represented in the new administration, who is recovering Decker's canvas. "The Thames Em bankment." The La Rue reconciliation, by the way, is working like r. -maim. . . . Faye tTnerson quilt on the "Mildred Piero" ... Jan Clayton trekking to Tula Rosa, N. Mex to visit her folks. . . . Did you know that Harriet HilUard made her stage debut et the ere of six weeks? In "Six. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch." . . Barbara Blair and Bob Lowerjr dancing at the Blltmore ftawl said confirming to friends that theyH be married in March when Bob's vorce is final appointed temporary county road tuost welcome gift was permission John Cof- from a recent operation In the STRIKE j PUNISHED Tl 2 public has been fully advised, by news associations and radio broadcasts, nbout strikes which occur in the nation. The result is that considerable sentiment lias been built up against labor unions, which, to state the fact mildly, have had a bad press. Not much publicity was given to the recent action of a Boston local of the Teamsters Union, which penalized truck drivers for engaging in a "wildcat" strike. The snap strike tied up a large share of Bostons trucking for more than a week. Seven members of the union were expelled, a number .of -others fined and the third crnnn finpd hut the fine was sus- fin Democrat, who has served In county Hospital, Acting as ciern from her Warner bosses to stay east until Jan. t. . . . Character Actor Tom Tully, who was so fine SCT. JOHN S. MORTON, Boone-ville, Mo., soldier who received the DSC for killing 29 Germans in France, points to a bullet hole in his helmet mad during the fighting on Metz-Nancy front. He the position three years. as Bhirley Temple s father m 1 1 Be Seeing Too," ana who nas was uninjured. (Intcrnauonml) treasurer in his place was Mrs. Belle Miller, whose term in that office has Just expired. The Mayor was first to receive the oath, administered by Miss Ila Jenkins, city Democratic chairwoman. Next to be officially seated in office were members Phipps is retiring county assessor who was defeated for re- election by Orval Pratt, Kepubli-, can. and failed to win the posi- , tion by a recount. j The board of county commissioners has been composed of Edgar Overpeek. all Democrats. Nor- : msin hud steMullen re hold-over I ! IMF IN MAN'S CLOTHING VINfr P.uckiiu; Ducks After plucking ducks or geese of the feathers and pin-feathers rub them with cornmeal to remove all down. Another good method of removing down is to pour melted para-n over the fowl where the down occurs, let it set, then pee. it off; with it will come all the obstinate down. of the new council, William Na-1 sob. G. R - Wood, - Clarence 1645 BY AUTHOR - OlSTMBUrED BY KIN6 FEATURES wmoiw being i Wright. William Wier and w . J. , r T , ,, j . officials but Overpeck penaea. iNOne OI me exjieueu wia i-a" iBuccwd,.d ,,y Howard Ktark. Iff- ever rejoin the union anywhere. Appeals publican. llr. Kink BecomeH are possible but the prospect of reinstate Pergonals Richards Jones of Decatur lias r"turii-d after spending New Y'-ar's day with his wife and mother. Mrs. Elizabeth Jones of South Seventh Street. Mr. and ment is regarded in labor circles as very : u?,1y Hall tli(ni poor. I Before an audience which - packed the City Hall Council Mrs. John Muir of Decatur were Chamber. Mayor C. M. Zink and PRINCIPLE his official family v.'ith one ex- I visitors in the afternoon eeption took formal oath of of- Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Farring- The people of the United States, iff they expect a world organization to be ef- j fective in preserving peace, should make i Mated Vitamins Best known of the B vitamins is Bl or thiamine, which keeps nerves steady aod the disposition calm and cheerful. Then there is niacin or nicotinic acid, which does most to ward off pellagra. A third B vitamin is riboflavin, which is needed for normal growth and health. -uosea 3feus poo3 e uaaq seq stm aoueip Xfl -qaa os it oi dn 3SueJ asain joj pied sasud aq puts pajinbaJ oui sairidM am aie sejq .03 pn nappe yna wo jiain ajqnopaJ o uoigai aqi ui sjaqoiea axeus n o) wo uo8 seq leadde ney Soper came to tell Craig there was to be an inquest that afternoon and to ask him if be knew a Frederic Miller. "nouest" cried Craig. "Look here. Miss Cable aught to have a lawyer's advice before . . ." "it's only a formality," snapped Soper. "She's not to be asked to testify now. The doctor's the only necessary witness just now. And Nugent. What I'd like you to teli me now is, who is Frederic Miller ? Your father has given him checks totaling fifteen thousand dollars in the last two years. You must know . . ." "But I dont!" "Never heard the name before ?" The District Attorney's eyes were little and suspicious. "Never! And I dont think my father knew anybody of that name!" Craig looked perplexed. "Did von ask Alexia Mrs. Brent?" CROSSWORD - - - By Eugeitc Sbeffer up their minds to accept this simple prin-1 j uv umuiptcui ain oj fjeiSitu ujo m 3Jeu fa uoiioanoa sji aseajoui ot uo panea uaaq seq 'ejujy qinos 'u)aqazt3 liOJ UI 3Jcd aieus 'MJ "Certainly. She knew nothing of jinsaj a se pue imuas ai(eus )o san. -Iinenb aSjei 8uisn aj luaieduira it either Well, haven t you any idea who it was that struck you that night?" His eyes were on the bandage on Craig's temple. "No." ue3U;v aqj ui pasesua wwaj, 4l P!V atS No frontier, no government no is-1 sue, whether about Poland, or Greece, or ; Italy, or any other country, is important! enough to jeopardize the unity of the Brit- j ish, American and Russian people, now ef- ! fectively destroyed the power of Nazi Ger- j many. ; "TEARS OF JOY" j A Berlin-born actress, who fled Ger- j many in 1939, recently became an Ameri- can citizen and reporters testify to her "tears of joy." j This information should amuse some 1 of our native-born grumblers who express I their loyalty by complaining about every-1 thing and denouncing the government. "Arc you sure it was anybody? anything, for It was eirtraordinsirt" ly thick and solid. Still, it migb not have been quite closed. . ' ( Nicky hesitated, then lifted his elegantly squared and tailored shoulders again. "Think it over, Craig," he advised. i "You didn't hear anything, sua if you did, it's nothing to me." - "Drue is nothing to yon I" "You heard me." ' Nicky's bland face changed m little; his cruel lower lip protruded. lie got up. "I see it's no use to talk to you, Craig. Oh, by the way, fonr divorce is still in good standing, t presume ?" Craig's straight, dark eyebrow, made a line across ha face. "What do you mean?" "Oh, nothing," replied Nicky airily. "Except Drue is in circulation again. Prettier than ever. I'd forgotten" he stopped, laughed a little "well, no nut quite forgotten. After all, she did leave you onoe and I daresay you remember why. So if she is absolutely free . . Craig declared shortly, "Drue is perfectly free. As you know, Nicky. Now get out." When he'd gone, Craig my for long time looking at natoiiig, with very grim expression. ' Law in the afternoon Alexia came. She looked very beautiful (not at all like a recently bereoVed widow in a handsome sea-gownlah dress, emerald green and trailing. It seemed to me that Craig's jaw set itself a little rigidly when ha looked at her, but he promptly seat mt away. Drue was sitting at the wrltmg table when I reached her room. Ber Francis lay like a little brown mtuT on the table beside her, hss head a her arm. "Sit down. Sarah. What happened? Did Vrr Chivery drive yoa away again?" "Alexia, tins time," I said a Utile grimly. "Oh, Alexia." Her eyelid went down and she patted the little dofS vigilant head. And said SHsddeniy, completely without expression, "He's in love with her, yea kaow. I suppose now after a decent interval they'll marry." I repressed an evil impulse la make a caustic comment, and ana went on, "I was wrong ... I thought if I saw Crsis; agaia but 1 was Cans far Prayer Wheels Old UE cans are used for prayer wheels in Tibet Natives run a stick thrac-h the end of the can for an axis past 2 their prayers on the out-woe, give the wheel a good spin and they're on their way to heaven." H v ' i'lM? WL1Z zrzi vL, r-H r vMWi 34 WOP ib tyy WsW " Mm ,.W,. Ur 41 44 41 44- ySW 45 777,t 7Z, 47 "A 50 i 51 i" ZD "I wr wrY 11 You could have fallen." "But I didn't. 1 was in "the hall. Somebody bit me and dragged me into the linen room. So it must have been a man." "Not at all. A woman coulu have done it. Good morning," said the D. A. And as he left, Nicky entered. 1 remained, in spite of the look Nicky gave me. which invited me to leave, lie was limping a little. "Hurt your foot, Nidt?" queried Mr Be Prisoner CHAPTER TWENTT-SEVEN Dinner for both of us was sent up on a tray; no one came but the cat agrain. Iielphine meowed hoarsely and, when I let him in, he went to Craig's bed, jumped on the foot of it, purred loudly, and went to sleep, j with his slitted grape-green eyes opening now and then to look at tile door into the halL Alexia and Maud disappeared rectly after dinner, feter and Kicky went for a long night walk. Later, because the house was so still, I heard their return. Or rather, I heard Peter's return; N icky apparentl- got tired and returned iirst. 1 saw him as he passed Craig's room, for the door ' wafc a little ajar, on his way apparently to Alexia's room, and a moment later I saw him return. He glanced in both times and smiled airily, looking like a young leopard on the prowl. It was much later when I heard Peter's return and by that time i had closed the bedroom door. There was no chance to talk to Drue. Once or twice during the niht I glanced into the hall. Mr. Wilkins or his double sat in a chair just outside her door. The next morning the police were prowling through the grounds, and later Kugent questioned me about the affair in the meadow, the trooper having reported the shooting to him. "Perhaps someone believed that you have seen more than you were willing, publicly, to admit. You gave me that impression, too." "But 1 saw nothing! Besides, no one last night could have known 1 would be just there, above the meadow." "Well, can you suggest another motive?" I eouldn"t. of courae, and Nugent went away, ieat ing me with mixed emotions. Alexia telephoned that morning for a full mourning outfit, and 1 believe Maud assisted the polive in going through the papers in Con-raxi's desk and the aafe. It was that morning, too, that reporters arrived; Chivery and .Nitny saw them. Later one of the papers had a picture of Dr. Chivery tiiien as he was stepping into hit ear in front of his own white-picketed gate. Titere was a picture of Drue, too, faer graduating picture which someone had discovered. She looked very lovely above the stern seventy of the Bishop collar our nurses wear on state occasions. Some of the papers made much of her brief marriage to Craig. None of the papers reached as until after the next morning's train, which was just as welL Crair's condition was good, so far as the wound went: but there was a kind of nervous, fine-drawn look about his mouth and eyes. The police did not question Drue that morning. She asked about Craig and some of the shadow in her eyes seemed to lessen when 1 told her he was better. j About ne-thirty. District Attor-1 Craig and Nicky said, "Someone drooued a flashlight on it, in the ruckus the other night. Accidental. WASHINGTON Paul Thompson of Clinton, Ind., spokesman for nation's cattlemen, on proposed new OPA controls over beef production and on-the-hoof prices: "They now propose more and unenforceable regulations . . . pushing the black market into a field where it will ly, 1 hope." and glanced at me and lowered his silky eyelashes so there was only a half-hidden but definite ly malicious gleam back oi mem. 1 looked blank, as if I'd never heard ef a flashlight aad Nicky blurted. "Craig, look here. Oughtn't we to do something ?" "Do something?" "I mean well, murder's murder. There's either a motive or it's a 53. indefinite article 54 pi oniontory 55 oealt out in doses VERTICAL 1. Jeep tub 2 wme vessel 3. lake in New York 4 English school 38 comnand 3tf citrus dnnk 40 reverential 41. b-annp 4i ward? off 40 macaw 44 auove 47 city m Nevada 50 sailor 52 ventilated ' ''' !-:' ) v: ' I i w ,. ' f - f ' 1 " - t." " j 1 Usi. " question of a a homicidal maniac. "It's in the hands of the police,' resoonded Craig. "But, Craig." said Nicky, leaning spread over the country like the flood waters of the Wabash PJver." ELIZABETH N. J. Dr. Charles H. Schlichter, head of the New Jersey WMC procurement and assignment com-mitee, charging private patients offering high pay lure trained nurses sorelv needed by the Armed Forces: "If the civilian public does not cooperate the government is going to crack down. Our wounded men must have the care and attention they need." forward suddenly, "do you know who did it?" "No," declared Craig. And added hluntiv. "Do you?" "No Answer to yesterday's puzzle. "N-no," said Nicky slowly. "That is of course taw poUee tomk it was 5. note in the ; scale ; 6 frightens 7 minus t. land-measure father 10- raw rude 11 capital of Korws. 14. pair : 16. alter 19. harnessed 20. hurl 21. portion 22. wings 24. soft 27. musical art-form of Schubert 28. expanded 29. being 31. Ireland 23. rubbers 36. washers 36. encuire 41. mother 42 Persia 43. the birds 44. group Of three 46 single unit 48. born 2M HOblON'TAL 1 rrn-likc hit with ortn hand 10 river in Itaiy 12 Italian-make vtoim 13 ointments 15- edible root-stock 16 devastate 17. house addition 18- makes wrathful 20. homan patriot 21. cooking utensil 23. twiheht 24. Scotch cap 25 iving 26 passageways 25 goiae&s of earth 30. Liacksnakes 32. buries 34- symbol for teiiunura 35. swayed drunken ly 37. tiling:, in law NEW YORK FBI Director Edgar "No. It isn't nonsense. Yea see, I know. He's still in iooe with nor, Sarah. Nicky says aa. Besides I know . . ." She took up a sen and traced a circle with it slowly. "I'd better tell yon, Sana. 4 trnnk that's what started everything. Alexia aad Craig. I mean, Yea see Alexia was in the garden trita Craig a few inmates before he was shot. Nicky told me. And 1 think" eaindfei of toe ueupn eatsias her aoor, she wmspertsi "1 tolas' Conrad shot him." "ShotCrttiy!" j "Sh! He'll hear you." (To be continued) Drue." "Thanks to you " "I didn't tell them everything I could have told them." said Nicky isi a curiously tentative way. "What do you mean?" "Oh. Their conversation, for instance. Conrad's aod Drae's. just before he died." Caig's eyes sorrowed- "What do you mean? 1 suppose you listened." Nicky shrugged; ft was again tentative, oniy half -assenting. "WelL" asked Craig, "what did you bear?" If tne library door had bees dosed, 1 didn't think he had heard ImTt TTr7 L tq me MAJ. GLENN MILLER, 39. famous dance band leader, who has been reported missing by the war department, may be a German prisoner of war, according to latest reports. Though Miller was lost while flying as a passenger from England to Paris, the plane may have been forced down in enemy territory. Miller was director of Air Force band. (ImcrmtiomlJ AH-pSrfT AjM)lMjfcTlL. Hoover, disclosing capture of two more Nazi saboteurs, landed on the Maine coast by submarine: 'The landing of these two men, and other matters I can't disclose for security reasons, indicate the German government has a very intensified program of training and infiltrating agents into the western hemisphere." i u-jo 49. peculiar Atetac tine f MivtiM: 21 nusBles- 51. v.-ithfn Via by K.ii Feslurei Eyndiule, Inc. t i2. paid noUO

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