Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 18, 2015 · Page T17
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page T17

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Page T17
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Page T17 article text (OCR)

17 ROC TV • Democrat and Chronicle • • Sunday,October18,2015 MOVIES SPORTS KIDS TUESDAY EVENING OCTOBER 20 DSHDTV 239307 Heat Night (TVPG) Blue Bloods (TV14) Blue Bloods (TV14) The Green Mile (‘99, Drama) Tom Hanks. A special con vict. ‘R’ Manhattan (N) Manhattan (TV14) Manhattan (TV14) Lo mejor (TV14) Al rojo vivo (N) Caso cerr.Caso cerr.DecisioneNoticieroCaso cerrado - (N) Celia (N) Bajo el mismo cieloSe ñora Acero (N) Al rojoTitulares 200202 CNN News room (N) Jake Tap per (N) Sit u a tion Room (N) Sit u a tion Room (N) Erin Bur nett (N) Coo per 360° (N) CNN Spe cialCNN Tonight (N) Coo per 360° 208355 Clos ing Bell The day’s last hour. (N) Fast Money (N) Mad Money (N) The Profit (TVPG) Shark Tank (TVPG) Shark Tank (TVPG) Rich GuideRich GuideShark Tank (TVPG) 140206 Fan tasyNFL LiveHighlyHornInterruptnSportsCenterPlay offE:6030 for 30: Down in the Val ley NBA Pre. Bas ketball (Live) 144209 UEFA Champ. Soc cer (Live) ESPN FCSportsNationHornInterruptnNFL LiveCol legeFoot ball: Lou i si anavsAr kan sasState(Live) SportsCenter 691 Or angeHigh School Foot ball (Taped) Syr a cuse in 60Col lege Soc cer: Hart ford vs Syr a cuse Or angeOr angeCol legeFoot ball: USC vs No tre Dame 241241 Ink Mas ter (TV14) Ink Mas ter (TV14) Ink Mas ter (TV14) Ink Masetr (TV14) Ink MastrInk MastrInk MastrInk MastrInk MastrInk MastrSweat Inc.: In ter val Sweat Inc.: In ter val 160331 Jer sey ShoreNew GirlNew GirlNew GirlNew GirlAwk ward (:40) Teen Mom 2 (TVPG) The Craft (‘96, Drama) Fairuza Balk. ‘R’ Find ing Carter (N) The Craft (‘96) ‘R’ 162335 Bas ket ball (TV14) Bas ket ball (TV14) Bas ket ball: Re union Black Ink CrewLove & Hip (TV14) Love & Hip (TV14) VH1 Spe cialYou Got Served (‘04) ‘PG 13’ 170299 SpongeSpongeSpongeSpongeAlvinAlvinHenryThundermAcad emyThundermiCarlyiCarlyFull HouseFull HouseFull HouseFull HouseFriendsFriends 180311 Mid dleMid dleTim Bur ton’s Corpse Bride (‘05, Fan tasy) Johnny Depp. Wed ding mis take. ‘PG’ Ho cus Pocus (‘93, Fantasy) Bette Midler. Witches re turn to Sa lem for re venge. ‘PG’ Monica the Me dium: Finals Week (N) Stitch ers: Dark ness Falls (TV14) (N) Stitch ers: When Dark ness Falls (TV14) The 700 Club (TV G) (N) 105242 (:03) Fast Five (‘11, Ac tion) Vin Die sel. ‘PG 13’ The Day Af ter To mor row (‘04) Dennis Quaid. ‘PG 13’ The Lost World: Ju ras sic Park (‘97) Jeff Goldblum. ‘PG 13’ Mod ernMod ern 138245 Bones: Cheat Re treat Mar riage re treat. Sherlock Holmes (‘09, Action) Rob ert Downey Jr. Dead, killer oc cult leader returns. ‘PG 13’ The Book of Eli (‘10, Drama) Denzel Washing ton. A no madic stranger pro tects a rare book. ‘R’ Pub lic Mor als: a Snow flake (TVMA) (N) Pub lic Mor als: A Thought (TVMA) (N) Pub lic Mor als: a Snow flake (TVMA) 131254 (2:00) Pet Sematary (‘89) Dale Midkiff. ‘R’ Stephen King’s Thin ner (‘96, Hor ror) Rob ert John Burke. Obese man is cursed. ‘R’ Trem ors (‘90, Horror) Kevin Ba con. Peo ple at tacked by flesh-eating worms. ‘PG-13’ Tremors II: Aftershocks (‘96, Hor ror) Fred Ward. Gi ant worms at tack. ‘PG 13’ (:15) Tremors 3: Back to Per fection (‘01, Comedy) Mi chael Gross. ‘PG’ 108252 Grey’s Anatomy: Grandma Got Run Wife Swap: Abroad: Red Curtis & (N) Wife Swap: Abroad: A. Beresford & (N) Wife Swap: Abroad: Melissa & Adam (N) Ce leb rityWifeSwap (TVPG) Ce leb rityWifeSwap: Pat and Gina Ce leb rityWifeSwap: Robin Leach Ce leb rityWifeSwap: Amanda Beard (:02) Ce leb rityWife Swap: Foley; Sabato 182278 Gold Rush: Blood, Sweat (TVPG) Yu kon Men (TVPG) Yu kon Men (TVPG) Yu kon Men (TVPG) Yu kon Men (TVPG) Yu kon Men (N) Re bel Gold (TVPG) Yu kon Men (TVPG) 118265 The First 48 (TV14) Stor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor age 107249 (:54) Workaholics (:25) Workaholics Futurama (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Nightly (TV14) (:28) Daily ShDrunk History Tosh.0 (TV14) Tosh.0 (TVMA) Tosh.0 (TV14) Tosh.0 (TVMA) Tosh.0 (TV14) Tosh.0 (N) Drunk History (N) Daily Sh (N) Nightly Show (N) 114236 Sex & CitySex & CityBotched (TV14) Botched: The Serial Botched (TV14) E! News (N) Botched: Dr. Nassif Botched: Boner Free Zone (N) Botched: Boner Free Zone 185312 Little House on the Prai rie (TV G) Little House on the Prai rie: He Loves P1 The Waltons: The Out sider (TV G) The Waltons: The Torch Dew Drop Inn. The Waltons: The Tail spin (TV G) The Waltons: Founder’s Day (TV G) Mid dleMid dleMid dleMid dleThe Golden Girls The Golden Girls 124329 Good Deeds (‘12, Comedy) Ty ler Perry. Life changed. ‘PG-13’ (:56) Diary of a Mad Black Woman (‘05) Kimberly Elise. ‘PG 13’ Being Mary Jane (TV14) (N) Being Mary Jane 270402 La vecinaEl gordo y la flacaPrimer impacto (N) IncluidoNoticieroMu cha cha (TV14) An tes (TV14) Lo imperdonableYo no creo (TV14) PrimerNoticiero 261370 Re flec tionHoly NmeRo saryJe susSaintsChoicesEWTNNwsAr me niaDaily Mass (TV G) An gel ica (TV G) EWTNNwsRo saryEWTNNwsThreshold of HopeWomenGr 110231 GiadaGiadaBare footBare footPi o neerTrisha’sChopped (TV G) Chopped (TV G) Chopped (TV G) Chopped (TV G) Chopped (TV G) (N) Af ter HourAf ter Hour 639 Col legeFoot ball: Villanova vs Al bany Daily NewsLoudMthsYeahJetsCol legeFoot ball: New Hamp shire vs William & Mary (Replay) JetsSportsSportsSports 631 TBAWeek Foot ballYan keesYankeeographyYan keeWeek FtbalYan keesRun ningForbesPenn StateCenterStagForbesCenterStagNo tre DmeHOPE WkNets Mag. 209356 MSNBC Live: with Kate Snow (N) MTP Daily (N) MSNBC Live (N) Hard ball (N) Chris Hayes (N) Ra chel Maddow (N) Last Word (N) Chris Hayes 139247 Pre-Game (Live) 2015 MLB Playoffs (Live) Postseason Seinfeld (TVPG) Big Bang (TV14) Big Bang (TVPG) Big Bang (TV14) Big Bang (TV14) Big Bang (TVPG) Big Bang: Grif fin Conan (TV14) (N) 260372 The 700 Club (N) HageeRea ganPraise the Lord In terviews & songs. (TV G) NowPot ter’sTrin ityMeyerReignEl e va tionPraise the Lord In terviews & songs. (TV G) 634 NHL Hockey: San Jose vs New York Rang ers in 60Game 365Dev ils PreNHL Hockey: Ar izona vs New Jer sey (Live) Post GameCountdwnCount downDev ils 183280 At lantaAt lantaSay YesSay YesCake BossCake BossCake BossCake BossCake BossCake BossCake BossCake BossCake BossCake BossOur Lit tle Fam ily (N) Cake BossCake Boss 635 (2:30) UEFA Champ. Soc cer (Live) The Cur rentRe portPregameNHL Hockey: New York vs Co lumbus (Live) Post GameGame 365NHL Hockey (Re play) 129237 Be low Deck (TV14) Be low Deck (TV14) Be low Deck (TV14) Be low Deck (TV14) Be low Deck (TV14) House wives (TV14) Be low Deck (N) Peo ple’s Couch (N) Watch WhBe low Dck 112229 Fixer Up per (TV G) Fixer Up per (TV G) Fixer Up per (TV G) Fixer Up per (TV G) Fixer Up per (TV G) Fixer Up per (TV G) Fixer Up per (TV G) Tiny HseHunt ersFixer Up per (TV G) 205360 Shepard Smith (N) Your World (N) The Five (N) Spe cial Re port (N) On the Re cord (N) The O’Reilly Fac torThe Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O’Reilly Fac tor 176296 GumballGumballTi tans Go!Ti tans Go!WabbitTi tans Go!Ti tans Go!Ti tans Go!Be CoolGumballKing HillBob’sBob’sCleve landDadDadFam ily GyFam ily Gy 122244 Lep re chaun’s Re venge (‘12, Hor ror) Billy Zane. Teen girl is cursed. ‘R’ Rap ture-Palooza (‘13, Comedy) Anna Kendrick. Pair of teens fight the Antichrist. ‘R’ Men in Black II (‘02, Action) Tommy Lee Jones. Kay & Jay re turn. ‘PG-13’ Face Off: Movie Magic #1 Short films. (N) Face Off: Death Be comes (TVPG) Face Off: Movie Magic #1 Short films. 132256 Moonfleet (‘55) Stew art Granger. ‘NR’ (:15) Young Bess (‘53, Drama) Jean Simmons. Elizabeth I learns about royal life. ‘NR’ (:15) Green Fire (‘54, Ad venture) Stewart Granger.Seek ing em er alds. ‘NR’ A League of Their Own (‘92, Comedy) Tom Hanks. Women play ball. ‘PG’ (:15) Sleep less inSe at tle (‘93, Ro mance) Tom Hanks. Son plays cu pid. ‘PG’ 172290 LivLivBUNK’DBUNK’DAus tinAus tinJessieJessieGirl MeetsBUNK’DGirl MeetsGirl MeetsGirl MeetsJessieAus tinUndercverGirl MeetsJessie 166327 Home Vid (TVPG) Home Vid (TVPG) RebaRebaLast ManLast ManLast ManLast ManRebaRebaRebaRebaThe Pro posal (‘09) San dra Bullock. ‘PG 13’ 120269 Amer i canAmer i canAmer i canAmer i canAmer i canAmer i canCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCars 106304 Bo nanza (TVPG) Bo nanza (TVPG) Gilligan’sGilligan’s Is landFacts LifeFacts LifeFacts LifeChris tineChris tineRay mondRay mondRay mondRay mondQueensQueens 401218 RE/MAX: Fi nals Les sonsPGA TourLearn ingRE/MAX World Long Drive: Fi nals Pre Game (Live) World Long Drive Championship (Live) Golf CntrlLong Drive 136248 Two & Half Two & Half White House Down (‘13, Ac tion) Channing Tatum. Agent fights roguemil i tary in vad ers. ‘PG 13’ Cap tainPhillips (‘13, Drama) Tom Hanks. A cargo ship is captured by pi rates, re sult ing in a standoff be tween cap tains. ‘PG 13’ The Bas tard Ex e cu tioner: Be hold; Gwel Yr Death sentence. (N) Bas tard (TVMA) 184282 To Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nounced 159220 Bat tleofPowerNat.PowerNat./DriveNASCAR Amer icaProFan tasyNHL LiveNHL Hockey: Dal las vsPhil a del phia (Live) Over timeNHL Ri valsTop 10Men In 127251 Pretty. Strong.Bad Girls ClubCrazy TalkCrazy TalkBad Girls ClubBad Girls ClubBad Girls ClubBad Girls Club (N) Pretty. Strong. (N) Bad Girls Club 242246 truTV Top Fun niesttruTV Top Fun niesttruTV Top Fun niesttruTV Top Fun niestJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersA Ru insHack MySix DegreeA Ru ins 196277 Man/FoodMan/FoodFoodPar a diseFoodPar a diseBi zarre: Chi cago Bi zarre: Aus tin Bi zarre Foods (N) Booze Traveler (N) Ho telIm pos si ble (N) Bi zarre (TVPG) 300501 Par ents ‘PG 13’ Real Time with Bill Maher (TVMA) GreenlightGrudge Match (‘13, Comedy) Rob ert De Niro. Re tired box ers. ‘PG 13’ The Leftovers: Off Ramp Soul saving. Taken 3 (‘15, Ac tion) Liam Neeson. For mer op er a tive pur sues kill ers. ‘PG 13’ Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Amer i can Sniper (‘15) Bradley Coo per. ‘R’ 310515 The Last Castle (‘01) Robert Redford. ‘R’ (:05) Autumn in New York (‘00, Drama) Winona Ryder. ‘PG 13’ (:50) Ver ti cal Limit (‘00, Ac tion) Chris O’Donnell. An av alanche traps a climb ing party. ‘PG 13’ Work ing Girl (‘88, Comedy) Melanie Grif fith. Sec retary moves up. ‘R’ The Knick (TVMA) Vi sion Quest (‘85) Mat thew Modine. ‘R’ 318545 (:15) Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang (‘15, Doc u men tary)Den nisRodman. Walk ing Tall (‘04, Ac tion) Dwayne Johnson. ‘PG 13’ Play It For ward (‘15,Doc u men tary) ‘NR’ Home land: Super Pow ers (TVMA) In side the NFL: 2015 Week 6 (TVPG) (N) No tre Dame (N) No tre Dame In side the NFL: 2015 Week 6 (TVPG)

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