The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 2, 1945 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1945
Page 2
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Tuesday, January 2, 1945. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Two rreiu news v.-;is made iv Ml chh-f J. I-Mar Hoover, in h nwvial New Year' !ay u.s ionlerefjce. He refused to reveal how his agents picked up I lit trail of the Nazi ants. but if wan obvious that their capture repre FDK, Churchill, Slaiin Meeling ToIIellehl Soon Two Enter Picas Of Innocence In Circuit Court (Continued from pac II officials who allegedly interfered with tbermy oieraiion of Ms property here. In his report. Gen. Byron declared an opportunity mas given to Ward s oi! jeers and representatives to conduct the business "under army direction and In accordance with terms of the executive order, and with the least disturbance to the normal operations of the properties, and without prejudicing the legal rights ot the company." Avery has opposed the government's seizure on the grounds it "5 a violation of the constitution of the I'nited Ktate" and that the presi- iln ii. Oary. Mai'Kun't ami Millie. ficitt Ciiristmas with Sir. ami Mrs. Kd Scaring. Sr. and family. I ;ui'Ms at tlx iiounJ !' ir. ami Mrs. Sam Katun. Christmas day wrr jMr. and Mrs. William Hushes. Mr. and Mrs. Owar Oard. Mr. and Mrs. jCltarlefc' Sjiurr. Jr. and dauKlit.r. Hetty Wilson. Mr. and Mr. Homer iKatoii and ton. Charles Wesley. Mr. J and Mrs. Howard Kalou and UauKh-1 ter. Darliue Jo and Miss Martha Eaton. Mr. and Mis. William Duplies I spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. i Charles Wright al New- ;oshen. Itoherl Iewis. AT ftalioned al iBi'iiker iiil! and Mr. and Mrs. Hus-jwll U'wis and eon.-jlack. f Detroit. jMrs. Elia Im-Hi Huttb.s mni Mr. and Mre. Ktau liuchos were rcrent diit-linr quests vf Mr. and Mrs. Harry 1 wis. i Mrs. IVsk.v Melr. is visiliitf.' Mr. land Mrs. diaries Mel is and daushier I Joan of l-'airvipw. Mr. and Mrs. Huneil Branu of Ularsliail. ID., visited Mr. Hraun's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Jirann. ; recently. ; Christmas dinner suests of Mr. and Mrs. Tola Crawr were llteir lon. Joe and 1aun)itr. Jennie Cook. of Terr Haute and Iheir rand-fiil-1 dreu. liiliie Joe and Beverly Granser land Johnnie Cuess of Terre Hanle. M. and Mrs. Havil) of louisville. Ky. and I'aul Kairns of ;ary were sented another spectacular bit of j sleuthing for the Fill annals. j if ail Forced re1-iitiaK j Hooer said Culepausli and Oiui-j pel made their daring landing from j t Jm ir r-boat carrier via a rubber ; boat at Hancock I'oint. Frenclunan' Hix, between socially 'prominent liar i H:ir!:or and Winter l!aA. Me., on i ite jjiht of Nov. Thev had .- ! Vi In cash. .3 caliber revolvers, j -doipass'r-s and forged credentials, j iacJuding draft papers and birth j certificates. They cam ashore attr the Nafci : u. cruiM'd tip and down the Maine coi st for u week waitinfi for an op-. Kij-tune Hiotiieiit for the lauding, ""hey pjekid a perfect Si)i . isolated a'ld r. ild vet v.-jibin threw s. of a I igliway which I' d f ;l Haupor. Me., less :o ti'Ak'K away, hi- though t here were no w itnexses. I I i -o er d eel a red he as to re that j 1 ! ey were the only iijen landed by 1 !:e tsnb. j H I ftadio, liiforniMtfiMi j lit th tra lej by fiwt and made ii eir way to IJaiiKor, thence y train u Boston, whei'1 they livd in the l.t st ll'ieflels for several days before ntinuing m to New York City. I M oer reeahd that they were in I . I i ; re Of Budapest Is Matter of Hours I Continued from pa It In the western part of the city, Soviet troops stormed neiy strong- points. Throughout the day's figbtaug. more than 1 .t'M German otiicers and men were killed and 4-29 taken prisoner, the communique Raid. T wo ( ; ertna n t ran sport pla nes, ferrving supplies to the entrapied IJudatM'Ft defenders, were shot down by Russian antl-1roraft fire, while other forces knocked out 21 enemy tanks and 1 3 armored carriers. Mvmm in WIkU Russian troops advancing toward th town of Lucener. in CsechoSovak-ian territory, captured 14 inhabited localities and the railway station of Rapovce. Captured locaiities Snclu-! ded Mikusovce, less than two miles SOUth Of Lueetjec. More than It til (German officers and men were killed in the course jof the day's figiatSng. and much war ma .erSal was captured. Army in Complete Charge at Wards; Alter Draft Ratings c fCofitlnved from pa? II ' j of the tuaiil ordf,r firm Snad rooit act- , lively opposed the army's eon trio! of ; tflae empny b-ul had refue4 to she : any help 5ra ofw-'ratiniB: tine biusime&s. ilUSS N w Vork City alMJUt a we- k bo-I On other sectors of the front ihnt ja tjiey were piefced up separate- wm H martal changes, Oae comply. They already had begun to eol- J iuunij -flHL J ct hn ae radio euipnitent a i ,- 9m (Coutiuued from page J) Jadr Johii W. Mc;onuaek. Jiarkley and Ale Cor mack ated as rjtokesmen fur 1h Mioviji as (liey left 4 J i White House. They tav ru; luriljer infoiniation on (he nie4jt itijc weiweu the Al lied Jiis Thiw. which has hn expected for so.i lime in Uw of she general war eiluafion and llw- complex Internal ion al i)iohleine w-bieb have ivsuiied Irofij Allied m--ouj.ia-Hivn of Italy and liberation of Hark ley Kid lie could no dis-Iclos1 anyihins d'linite on (lie j;Jft-,eral leiisjatie lii-ojMjByls b f llie President but that hiv 'iuesiiaf wiJJ ; sjeak lor ittw-It'.' The leaders of the '"Hi TimV ij.owejs hae met nty once before j - - ii TeheraM in ly-'Uiher 154.'i j hre wjUitary siraty of tJK ; sfX"ond front invasion of Kuiope was : jllauMed. i The new cwnfejenc1 obviously In the ol'fins In tbe near future would ' bring Mr. IiooseyjJt msn4 Mr, Ckmvh-UI toseiher asain for one of their i u lime jo u b (nit i u ; s " 1 1 ic3i h a v ! foreshadowed new deveJoiiHiii nts on iht fjj;htjK and diidoiuatic fjouts. F. 15. 1. Capture 'JVo JVazi Asjenln LantliHl I Still Continued frotu pae 1) as the type (tf trial whether raMi or jjiialitary. T'hiny ' Hjoaatllas ko.. wheu t-'mM ;ejMiiaii abOtetirs were Jituded by i lie 'Ma 'Me asaet hod om I jtmg Ma r. d and in I'londa. ail were tried by s iMK-m i m i ii u a ry tt rib u n&i and we ekw-ut-Mfl after jiliie Siuipirewi p Count upheld leaiity of the trials. The other it wo sti'i! are ei jg- imi pin sow (teririu s. AwMOUijceojent of t'heSr capture Maitiiw., Jios-ejjg'ella Massa. aaiid Kawi' SaaipsoB. ;ajues were pOfiyd sai-4 refi-eslioieuls were seized. The Jionor guest reieiv-Rd ij.aiwy howdy ; its. Mrs. fjilie WJlbom bwstess ;;ior Hie party. Mr. j4i:u4 Mrs. Jaes Mooiu-ey x-jul a week with Mrs. M'0wae?--s wi -ner. Mr. Margaret Valilosia iitid v;jp". Mr. K.Gw-'trjaT .Seairiiiws. S wisitijjg Jier idaiiiitej-. Mi'fe. Wini'tt a arr-t-d l Wd-u-nUv on tUirt- of dealing a lluik car taluwl a ll.TOO from Karl I'oHer of uoiih of Dana. He Is all.-ji'l to hav taken the machine IUt !. driven It arrotf the Indiana state line Into lilinoii and m recked ( on - jt 5Sj;hay J. Accordine to otlicera. lie a niitrinlv Injun d but able to uralk to the home of hi father in Hest-ille. 111., mhere be ptnt the night. The lo!oine dar lie raid lo have hitch-hiked hi ar back to Dana where be mas arretted In his room at the Dana hotel. Half Century Club Host To 165 at New Year Meet Turkey and all the trimmings were served to the 165 people present at the Half Century Club an- After the supper, a pecal pro- pram was taven T me ouierem people presient. TO'iere were about ta minutes of visiting and commua-, Ity sinking. Sacred Colon Green was a sacred color to both the Mayans and Mexicans and com of their best carvings are fousA in jade and greenstone. Greater Fretoeaey . " WJaen speak of an "octave" in Hoe ether spectrum, we are using a -term that denotes an electrical Ire--quency t ice as great as some other irequeirccy, just as in music, when a note has twice the frequency of another, we sjaeak raf it as being an octave above it in patch- PROM SKtfflY,. STUFFY MSTtESS Of InstAnty, relief from tniffly, sneezy ci'.ifei of bead colds ftarts to conae wiiten yww put a Siule V-P0-n3J ctp .-h.i ntftnraa. Alao toelpc pwweiat many coliSs Irio 4ereiCipjjiS af usd to woe. j us! tiT it!! F yiiow .tai!'.ec!txras in loader- vS f HmdCofds! Tjtai tot 01 Jk d titial ordT a to "enlorce orders of the WI.B iilcli the coun have. declared to be merely lea)!y unenforceable. advisor?- and M'Arthur Airmen Blast Seven Jap Ships in New Blow ffVtfi tinted rcum wire 1 ) Iwi they ftank hortly aJter our piane departure." Meanhile, the communique ported, on leyte Islarad. vSctrSos Atueiican ground foixe killed Jap durine the da" moppine un op- Jeratiionip, brinffine to Mfi.'SigJ the i3umljMjr of enemy dead Sn this campaign. Kleven primners were cap-it timed, the con.iinui3ique jid. ttM k lindofn OutMMl A force of fifteen enemy plane at ticked AfMerScan jositions on Miuth Mindoio Inland arid nolnt-foKhter and ami aircraft fare destroyed j'tturee of (he J.ap aSmeraft. i Fithter planes ranted over south-1 em Liiazon. -espHodiine an ammtmi-itSion train a rod damain ilirt other ij in sftafine attacfe w!).ii3e heavy bonab-!!ers bat X-S!l.on airdrome at Manila and re-eommiaiiiHRaiic1 pllanes destroyed ffv ememy aircraft Sn the iMitm &r- iea. , destroyed and m barges stank or ' d-itjtiaged im jkw rijid. Slke P-Wftiy Ailvftwytite. tiHOier Ajjriikes were iruad saaitiisi eaierwy at irdrici,ae,s au4 t&vfw t ;il;liifljo-jJs m the lioraaeo. tVJ-i-'brf-s.. Moi!iiiiwa.w., .New (tjiuiaii-ea .and flSjaiiiUiir-cHi-.uJinJjjoHs areas. - - co to cnwvtru FrvoAT U FOOSrl 'JM ! I i I I vefl as Sa,1vnialion of al'WG to the Hleriwdi hierarchy. A !Iid Airmen Iar Into 1 1 tli Dav of Attacks fConttnued from page Ik Kupreme bead-quart er awno-unced Zn Universal Christmas Guests Call At Many Homes; Lt. Makosk Home on 15-Day Leave Mr. ami Mrs. Kenneth McCullough mid! daughter. :laudia. of Anderson. Mr. and -Mrs. !,ouis Mi'flHland and son, Dounie, Mrs. MarpaM t'liinn of Crawfordsvilk. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tivncl) and tA. Tom MaUos-ky vere Oirislnnis ilium r quests of Mr. and Mrs. John Antus and tlauh- Charles Moo in -y of iinry spent lite liolidays lieiv visitijiK Mr.-. Mttrf!r1 Vailosia and praiidson. Hunnie. Sunday dinner quests of Mr. and Mrs. Kdward Ke;U'.inK wen- Mr. and M m. 'la rent' Moo ney . ' haii -s Moouey. Mrs. Margaret ViilloMa and Mr. and Mrs. Janus Mooney. M. Tom Makosky rcjiily vum-missioned second lieutenant ijom his traduatioH Jrum OCS al Vale U niversity, has own transferred to Cotb-sird Field. Fort Knox. Ky. H? rwent-ly pent a a I day leave with liis j,ar--nts, Mr. and Mrs. Joliu Aiitus. Mrs. Hose Mary .Searing and ehil- limofA ODD SPOTS? Not Before Your Eyes! Not Even After New Year's Eve! Not on Suits or Dresses Or Drapes or Anywhere in the City! That's Our Resolution for '45! Let Us Make Clinton a Truly Spotless Town As far as Suits And Dresses And Drapes And Everything Is Concerned! "A CITTue BETTER ?msteads 4dxUbat.Al.je4 craft durSsag ullw day Slew The pa.Kse reastan tn4ed to , Med I turn bomber aiad fighters la-offiejalls fn other where it lie 1 be4 at Jap airdromes on Jbe 'm?-govemnaeBi took over Ward's jJilawts. yain l-s-flaigds of Patany, NegwE a4 Oeia, Kyroa anwo'iiriC4-4 that iwo.obiu -nd heavy timn flujit i'vH (or-ware'li.osi wre ia ten 4er iiw le- 1 age facil2H- at iSassa airfS-84 on troit fceSJitaie it be ojjerait Son f . Mitddanao whiile medjtums bonubr4 fiur Ward stores flliere. njall jsbipping off amal lflaud 3n t;ejii. Byro' reijort 4if!oM-4 ihvA avao yuii.. Thw fw-i tanks were 4,24i(! KwitrtiieB amd rejori-4 25 places lost. Tiie losw-'e SuflMn-d ok it he 3ej-joaaiis weje Sim additiiona to the enemy craft destroyed unce S'azi Kkid Marshal Karl Gerd Voja fiid-ftl ia'iiiirjcllied his Iec, 16 .offeusiive bringing the not a! of NazS pla-nes destroyed to .around tA. The K tack Sm sr Oiwaa plaoes -n- gaged niai-nly Siia iral'jjjg actdoin a - gainst the A)Jk4 air fields a1 a do - emi conies,, afiliudiiig Bjusw-Js, , hm . Essential OUs Essential iis include citroneJlt. lemon crass, and velaver. basic ta manufactua-e of menthols- oei-tfumes- j he vill tueet with 1 'HuiJ'OitJg Njvovei3 eaders o ila.lwr tlie seizure for . "he p'UiriwseK of ipiu-Hiajg halo ej'jeft war labor diren-u-e ad io deten- 3.1,1 iirje the aniOitint of wage liiicrrf-'aw-s ii1 Pi retr'Q.aci'eiJy. ' J- wiL v B- M u' ! fey, was rejmbay report-4 Ho have uijatijowed the federal gm-Nd imy affisecu sprays 'e. . ; aI j ' " ' ci . I JisiOd I'M PdS:liM'OUTj I STEP ASiP'c, CI'r.VL- ( FOPEVE f m SUCKING V" aint ix?y U- nr ''t'-A Thimble ynJ vl: Y Theatre , , l AM VULCAN- fsjSO ri AU17 VOU SETTER - fVi p . SN 4- A 1 Ifuesls al (heir parents. Mr. and Mr. jKalli linirs over Hie weekend. ! Mr. and Mrs. ". II. Kians of Wiia- i slow. Iixi.. were Sunday suesls of ! Mr. and Mrs. Join) IMUufl. 1 Christmas 4iuer kuwsjs of Hr. !an3 Mrs. J. I'. la11oji were Mr.-rad : Mrs. Wili)ai Surr and daUfcb'r. Judy Kay and soa. Jat-k. Mr. 'and Mrs. Clen) Iawsoin and family .)! Mrs. Jotifli ,al1.)J3. Tviii UrariO of Clijeajro viltl Bjer uarenis. Mr, and Mrs. WllltWH Prann over tite ChrisiNaa iiolinlay. Mrs. linoeli Foos. wlso lias h"'ti worliint' al la I'orte retvruei to her home for an extended visit. Mrs. Vii'Kinia Bossert and son. Bernard Kay of Fairwew sj.eut wt with their aunt and node. Mr. and Mrs. .ftmhei-s Judy. Mr. and Mrs. AnVbeirs Judy spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. o White-sell and fainily of easr of liljerty-ville. Other rues1s were Mr. and Mrs. i'.aymond Wiiit-eseai. Mr. and Mrs. Cart Myers and dau-ehl-er. Ruth. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Myers of lirauil isild Mr. and Mrs. WJ ilium Jirann recently. Mrs. KdKar Branu of Chieasru is-iieii Mr. and Mrs. William Krann .rfie.f'iiily. 3''oi'es:t Curry, CKM. of Creal La It seu1 t!ie w-(-ekend with a'auil WrU;"ht AMM S at the liome of bit parents Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Wright. Paul Wripht. AAM . stations with 1he it's navy at Banana Kiver. Fl;i.. spent a 15 day Heave witb iiis parents. Mr. and Mrs. K. H. WriRiit. J'iiul riif.eij, t'.Jliif lillW tAH "ow a ifliirht enEinner. He J'ettlJ'Jwd to Corpus Clint!. Tex. Miss Anna Mae Strinsfeilow Clinton ivisiuid Mr. and Mrs. E. Wright recently, j Jimniie Stiehfa of fiary spent some time .visit inc 'with Jw Spurr reel -n t ly. Mrs. Abe.rna.1foy .received word that "her son. Wayne WhittitiK-ton. who is in the hospital at White Morse. V- T. with the f. S. Coustrue-tion Co. is reported to :Ue improving sa t ist'actorily. Mrs. Victoria Molle is ill at ,ber iioiue. juiuiita 'Wilson was honored at her home with a birthday party recently. Those present were Caroline Cole. Mnrilyn -Cole. Marline Dawson, iim-mie Searinsr. Larry Lee Cable, Bobby rtit-r dr urn d.iiup lifiit- ihr-f i -,irti .st tii'ic 1 fl-iiO!:. i ,111 b'1 IlillUlUft' un , mari.- iru ;. an in- u.-..-d ivr i. -.t: ai;d mi.v.Lrtini; p. Allied Truck Equipment, inc. liMtii(tiMin(iii. 7., IimI. SERVICE SMOOTH TRACTOR TIRES e$f one Treat! CATIOMftVO I'llOM-: T:l2 IM". - ! PAPFYF f VOLCANO I - fire , n 0 A J? (1A i7m, r THE BAl'GUM AN M A RA'I'.I. MoDKL I.JMK AND MA'J I K1M, SI'K1.A!1'K Tlir fnsif!!! ruti'iitif prp.irlcf oil 1 1n m,i In1 onr man (mm I'-u-'k i'iih Spri'L.rl" pile -r tm. fiili-nlrd viI.tiU.t d-.--L.rvH fv .; ro-P- virn i - uV TTT! lOH VOUg PICTURE i 1 1 IT isW I THAT HAiK THT FCE'.THQSej AND CgME TO 1WHK OF i C J ALL MAKES OF 77 ES RETREADED- ! h l!n w7sE5FULlV-, about it i- iV hJtr m PROMPT RETREAD YOUR wi 'pi I tillie Jff 0m4WM M a jjm CROUND CRIP TREAD DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM TRACTION Let our factory -trained experts retread yourtires. You get positive cleaning and maximum traction with the Firestone i ' tVlTT ill LitCE THAT AMP ML. 5QT TIME FCg QUAggEUN6 , I I k THn IIP MakNwbM ' slM Supario Triple-Braced Design. MO I I".'1' I I I V. -iK ' : M V Ik it I - . If IA?.'. I 1 V If POLAND'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY mrm, rM fPMm ATS.

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