The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 3, 1997 · Page 33
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 33

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1997
Page 33
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2B THE PALM BEACH POST WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1997 m sl New Palm Beach Gardens law Molestation suspect pleads not guilty By Jill Taylor Palm Beach Post Staff Writer STUART The attorney for a former bank president charged with sexually molesting a girl over is a Catch-25 for aquariums V 1 a seven-year period nled court papers Tuesday asking for a bond reduction and entering a written plea of not guilty. Jimmy Myers Brown, 57, of 2256 N.W. Fork Road, was arrested Monday and is being held at the Martin County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail. Brown was president of American Bank of Martin County until 1995 and now operates an Internet service, Treasure Coast She recently agreed to talk to investigators after she told another woman of the alleged abuse and that woman reported it to the sheriffs office, according to court records. The woman agreed to talk to Brown about the incidents while wearing a hidden microphone with detectives listening to the conversation. : The tape was not released Tuesday, but detectives quoted portions in arrest documents. "I feel so guilty about it and so sorry it ever happened," Brown told the woman, according to court records. Spotts said he believes the entire recording will present a different picture when the comments are in context. "A lot of it (the arrest complaint) is embellishment," Spotts said. "Statements suddenly become confessions." Meanwhile, records indicate at least three other women have been identified as possible victims and more charges are possible, investigators said. Sim :- Vi-J Frank Cerabino Brown On Line, according to his attorney, Michael Spotts. The charges stem from statements made by a woman who is now 18. She said she was molested by Brown from age 6 until she was 11 in 1991, according to arrest records. Interchange plans get mediocre response ' If you live in Palm Beach Gardens, you can't have more than 25 fish in your household aquarium. Really. ; It's the law. "Not more than 25 fish may be kept or "maintained in an aquarium," reads the city ordinance, which was passed a couple of weeks ago by a unanimous vote of the city council. Imagine that. A guppy-density law. A piece of gourami setback legislation. Bleeding-heart concern for bleeding-heart tetras. Help for domino damsels in distress. I didn't realize that fish zoning had come of age. Or that Palm Beach Gardens code enforcers could knock on doors to investigate fish-crowding complaints. "Step back, ma'am," they might say while whipping out their SWAT Suburban Warfare Aquarium Team identification badges. "We just need to count your fish, ma'am. We've got a confidential informant who says you've got at least 30 humpback limias, sailfin mollies an.3 coolie loaches in that tank next to the sofa." The ordinance was passed to deal with nuisance animal complaints in the city. "That's weird," said Jeanne Mango, who manages Petland of Palm Beach, which sells aquariums and fish in Palm Beach Gardens. "I never thought of aquarium fish as being a nuisance to neighbors. About the only bothersome thing fish do is eat each other." Mango said the fish-density guideline for aquariums is 1 inch of fish for every gallon of water, which means it's not uncommon for the popular 55- gallon tanks to have more than 25 fish in them. ; "They're crazy," said Todd Bailey, the owner of East Coast Aquarium Service in Riviera Beach, . when he heard of the new ordinance. "We've got : some residences that have 1,000-gallon tanks." Even Palm Beach, which limits the total number ' of household cats and dogs to 10, has specifically exempted any limits on aquarium fish. The Palm Beach Gardens regulation of aquarium '. fish is not modeled after any other city's laws, said " Carole Wallace, one of the city attorneys in Palm " Beach Gardens. ' .It happened because city officials inadvertently repealed pet regulations while updating city codes, !and a recent cat problem made council members westbound Okeechobee to the southbound lanes of 1-95. "My main concern is the cost of the flyover," said Donn Bram-mer, a pastor at First Christian Church on Congress Avenue, northwest of the interchange. "If the cloverleaf could handle the traffic and we could save $2 million, then do we really need it?" Construction is scheduled to begin by the fall of 1998 and finish in spring of 2001. There were no demonstrations by residents or city officials, as there have been at other 1-95 hearings. Plans show the removal of all but one of the interchange's existing cloverleaf-style ramps. Only the on-ramp from eastbound Okeechobee to northbound 1-95 would remain. A new bridge over the interstate would be wider and taller. And a ramp soaring above that would connect cars from By Matt Reed Palm Beach Post Staff Writer WEST PALM BEACH City leaders have griped for years about a proposed interchange at Interstate 95 and Okeechobee Boulevard, but the public seemed to react with a yawn to plans presented Tuesday. About a dozen residents showed up to look over maps and drawings at a state Department of Transportation workshop. want to put tough, new animal nuisance laws on the books. In the rewrite, council members decided that no Gardens resident should be allowed to have more than four pets in any species. You could have five pets (say three dogs, and two cats) as long as each weighs no more than 10 pounds, according to the new law. And you could have more than 10 household pets (say six mice, five gerbils, and a canary) as long as they weigh no more than 1 pound each. It's a strange bit of lawmaking. For example, you could have three 100-pound dogs and you're OK. But if you have two turtles, a hamster, a parrot and a 12-pound dachshund, you've got an animal nuisance on your hands because your five pets don't each weigh 10 pounds or less. Discussion on regulating the weightier pets led to a question about fish. "The staff thought we should include fish to keep people from breeding them," Mayor Joe Russo said. But the law doesn't say how many aquariums a person can have in a home. So, it really doesn't limit anything but fish density in any given aquarium. I pointed this out to Mayor Russo. "I felt we should have taken the fish out," he said. I mean, who cares how many fish people have? If you have 40 dogs, that could affect people, but 40 fish? We don't feel that this ordinance is perfect." So the city won't be going out of its way to reel in gill-ty aquarium owners. "We'll only go to follow up on complaints," attorney Wallace said. So here's my advice: If you're a Gardens resident with too many fish in your tank, keep them quiet. No loud splashing. If your goldfish wake the neighbors, I'm afraid the law's against you. Cl 3713 S. CONGRESS AVE. LAKE WORTH 3323 S. DIXIE HWY. WEST PALM BEACH II EH A ABC DELIVERS mijunm 1-800-942-WINEorFAX 1-800-411-VINO REASONABLE RATES ' PROOF OF AGE REQUIRED i-O pi MONDAY FRIDAY 1:30 AM -4:30 PM. 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Akre said Mastriani has since left his job at the school district. Stallworth's complaint was filed by Fort Lauderdale attorney Norman Ganz, who represents 13 other blacks who have filed a class-action discrimination suit against the district. WEST PALM BEACH A Boca Raton builder sued Whitehorse developer George Elmore on Monday for breach of contract and interfering with business relationships. Orange-wood Homes says in its Palm Beach County Circuit Court suit that Elmore did not provide required landscaping, and took control of the homeowners' board without the builder's approval. Orangewood is seeking $1 million in damages. The 245-home project is on State Road 7, south of Forest Hill Boulevard. Elmore, founder of Hardrives of Delray paving company, could not be reached for comment. WEST PALM BEACH A grand jury has indicted William Jordan Lee, 54, on first-degree murder charges in connection with the Nov. 12 shooting of his stepson, according to the state attorney's office. Lee shot George Howard Taylor, 33, in their suburban Boynton Beach garage after Taylor jokingly criticized Lee's parking abilities, sheriffs deputies said. PORT ST. LUCIE The city commission - whittled the list of potential builders for the - new city hall down to three Tuesday after " hearing presentations from five firms. Although commissioners did not vote on the ranking of the three top firms, they did each announce their preferences. The Weitz Co. Inc. ranked first in the unofficial tally, followed by The Morganti Group Inc. and Barth Construction Inc. The St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant will conduct tests of its outdoor warning system at noon Thursday. Sirens within 10 miles of the plant on Hutchinson Island will sound a one-' minute test. Before and after the test the sirens ; will announce, "This is only a test." The warning system is tested every four months. PORT ST. LUCIE The city of Port St. Lucie received 150 applications for the assistant city manager position, which had a Nov. 30 deadline. Among the applicants are Michael Swanson, Jack Adams, Jerri Brooks, John Drago and Frank Thomas of Port St. Lucie; Anthony Saliba, Gerard May and Herbert Ricardo of Fort Pierce; Christopher Vaughn of Stuart; and Mar-jorie Poznick of Palm City. WEST PALM BEACH Even if an appeals court overturns a judge's ruling that the city's $12.5 million sale of the Municipal Auditorium to the Jehovah's Witnesses is final, a referendum could not be held Dec. 16 as planned. There aren't enough poll workers available and too few polling sites, according to the city clerk. No referendum could take place before January, the clerk said. 9.99 Rogue 13.99 Beaulieu , 14.99 I kst. 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The woman was not seriously hurt. She could not give a good description of the robber, according to sheriffs reports. UEFRAUMILCH IX AA .... CWRKT UUVKNOII, UUW0NIMT Q99 7 1.HTR 11.99 uk ! ,7. I.IT IS ' 1 si;,! -J L" -2.00 as 99 r49 16 7 1A99 8.99: 4.49:, U MERLOT 750 ML 1.KTR 1.51TB v Canadian Premium K.I ,. 14.99 Windsor Canadian m 14.99 Canadian lord Calvert . 15.99 Wild Turkey 101s ,7.24.99 Seagram's 7 its 16.99 Evan Williams Black . 7.15.99 AS I . CHARD. BIN IK, I I 1HIIU7MIIS1 B Beringei Ljj WHITE ZWFAJlOa SIMI CAJfRNn SAUVIGNOH I 1799 If 750ML CH I 750ML H 750 ML saint BRGndaiis IRISH CREAM LIQUEUR , 18.99) l" -5.00 as 13.99:, h Mi 1A99 UD III?-? Black Label Columbian Crett Sutter home NAPA RIDGE MONTEVINA mnwun 49 mi 15" WfflJL TURNING I.KAF SCHMIDT SOHNE LANCERS WynrJham new TVS lawlTtl 49 STUART Lisa Costello's attorneys filed her seventh appeal Tuesday, challenging circuit court judges' rulings to keep her jailed until she tells prosecutors what she knows about the February 1996 disappearance of New Jersey businessman Frank Black. Cos-tello, the girlfriend of millionaire murder suspect Alan Mackerley, was arrested in June 1996 on a contempt charge for refusing to talk about the case. Prosecutors offered her limited immunity for her testimony, but she repeatedly has refused judges' orders to talk. Her attorney, Richard Springer, argued last week before Circuit Judge Paul Kanarek that the contempt charge is useless because Costello will never talk. Kanarek denied her request to get out of jail before Mackerley's trial begins. His first-degree murder and kidnapping trial is scheduled to begin Jan. 18. STUART The Martin County grand jury that cleared county commissioners of Sunshine Law allegations this year will call at least one additional witness Dec. 16 to testify about an issue that was not resolved in the previous sessions, Assistant State Attorney Chris Taylor said Tuesday. The grand jury issued a report Aug. 11 finding no evidence that county commissioners broke any laws after reviewing 15 potential violations. Those included allegations that commissioners met privately to discuss firing former County Administrator Peter Cheney and settled lawsuits in closed-door hearings in violation of the state's open-meetings law. But the grand jurors criticized commissioners for micromanaging departments. Taylor said the jurors, who can call as many witnesses as they like, indicated in August they wanted to interview an additional witness about an issue not addressed in their earlier report. FORT PIERCE A former custodian at Windmill Point Elementary School filed a lawsuit against the St. Lucie School District Mon ROSE. MM wuwea. git ummu, " uimn 150 ft m MANISCHEWITZ Denaka 80 VODKA LOS VASCOS Gallo. UNDURRAGA tmnm au OOKHIT, gbmA tmm. J 77 1 mm MHHEL 599 m mi KOTHBLKV WESTON taffljjttlln 7M 29.99 KaIcII BOP CoQnoc m 21.99 m Mey be Mm 21.99 Beny Mann 10 n.91.99 Coonolsief 10 m 99.99 Blanton 93 Irb. m 31.91 Southern Comfort 7.. 1.99 Kamora m 9.99 Raynal VSOP 9.99 E C Brandy M 7.99 Hennessy VS m 11.99 Orbttaej fc& tnrty m 11.99 CAU LAPO.TOLU Fortant 99 19 m urn hi, I M mm m utn, iTT 699 m i 17. LTR. tut mat Blossom Hill Riunite 750 10.99 ' D0URTHE mwc, A99 799 FRANZ REH UHUIMUa T?9 i.iin wish, (row. The county commission took the following action Tuesday: FOR RENT: Voted to allow county staffers to rent out properties along 36th Street and St. Lucie Shores in Palm City. The county has been buying property in that neighborhood since 1992 to make way for the proposed Indian Street Bridge and its approaches. County staffers will start fixing up the houses beginning with a $435,000 waterfront home and should have them ready for rent within three months. Construction on the bridge, if built, would not begin until at least 2005. ADULT BUSINESS: Discussed changes to rules governing where adult businesses are located. Commissioners told Assistant County Attorney Fred van Vonno to add provisions ensuring those who live within 1,000 feet of planned adult businesses be notified of the proposals. They also directed van Vonno to research the pros and cons of allowing alcohol to be served at these establishments. VOICE MAIL: Approved buying a voice-mail system for the county for $69,000. PARK: Approved buying land for $28,825 next to Lamar Howard Park in Golden Gate to expand the park. uuv. GMROONIUT. MIHIOT 7m I ism UUMAUKO.WKO B&G BWOIrtMlUf. KC. DUBOEUF umrumoui SOOD rUEIM, OK TAYLR TAWNY PORT CHEMHI FETZER ifrouil C99 ' 13 mn 'sr- 10 err wui 0CFF! 1 1 U70 mn 1199 0 iUis 10!?, sin Otsi I VCDXA HTTSftniiLrra CORDIALS LIQUEURS I BRANDIES aKmuBiw m pwctimcMitnu mmfm COXE ' 1A5? VIIIE 1 tmi.,.'mmimam U 1.75 mmmWim w lth. m assr,iiMmB SCHWEPPS vsc ftFiaoM "" wan 119 vm MM MJ, itacnnn HTTMC QUI NU KAIU8 S"14 ABC 'PREFERRED' Iffie. Vt SAVt ADDITIONAL $$$.. 0. AOVCRTISED tPfCIAU trrmt foa dftails.

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