The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 2, 1945 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, January 2, 1945
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INTONIAN FHE DAILY CL TDK WEATMT.R Clear and very eold today, becoming cloudy and not quite ho 'old tonight stud Wednesday. Occasional light snow lute tonight and Wednesday. Mailed la Conformity With P. 0. D. Order No 19687 The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion And Parke Count! f'rice Three Cents. Volume 33 Number I K IJN JON, INDIANA, TUESDAY, JAM AKY 2, J 945. 0 jlUuil rn" r r " 4 Yanks Junrlion Above FDR, Churchill, Stalin Meeting Set' Soon as Europe War Nears Climax WASHINGTON, 1). C. 'resilient Iloosevell disclosed today that he will meet with Prime Minister Churchill and Soviet Premier Josef Stulin soon, for what may he the climatic International cop' .euro of the Kurop-eau war. The chief executive, who divulged his plans to administration leaders of congress, did not Indicate the dale or place of I he forthcoming nieeliug. Key Town, Cut German Salient InTwojPattonH Sr itogne Russ Capture Of Budapest Is Matter of Hours Keds in Control of 'ZOO Works in Hungary Capital Strike Into Kast Sector; Cweh Advance Continues MOSCOW, itussiu. Russian w Marine Veteran Allied Airmen Roar Into Eleventh Day of Blows on Nazi SupHJne i wm-Pronged Confer on t 'impress Plan Mr Iloosevell conferred with his congressional "iilg l-'our" cnlurg-eil today to a "lllg Five" with the addition of Vice-I'resideni elect Harry K. Truman on legislative plans lor the new congresB which convenes loiliorrow. The President told the group that he would like lo send his state of (ho union message to congress nexl Saturday. The budget message will urobahly lie hcurd tho following Tuesday. File in ( 'onferellee Tile I'resiilenl met with Truman, Vice President Henry A. Wallace, Senate Majority Louder Allien Hartley of Ky.. Spoukor of the House .Sum llayhiirn and House Floor (Continued on Page 2) Kl Army in Complete Charge at Wards; Alter IVftft Ratings Army Workers Named At Ten Ward Companies; To Ke-List Dieharged Men einr Aon Tin. arinv lodnv In stalled Its own operating personnel prnporlios takeji over by the-govern-ai iho ten Montgomery Ward and Co. inriii lust week and ordered reclass ified in Hie draft those employees dismissed for refusal to obey orur. Ilvion ill ( bulge These and oilier il'ifinile steps showed Hint 'he administration of the big mall order iouse bad passed lroin the hands of Howell Avery, board chairman of Wards, to Major General Joseph W. llyroll. - The moves were listed In a preliminary report filed with Secretary of War Sllmson, and issued in Chicago by Gen. Hymn. Avery and oilier high executives iiiiwMwien on Paso 11 Charles Stringfellow listed in Who's Who Of American Colleges A graduate of Hose l'olytechniciil Inslliule wilh the current graduating class. Charels A. Stringfellow, ton of Mr- and Mrs. Anion Hlrlng-fellow of Vine Street is included in the furthcoming cdilbm of "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities." piiblicalion which yearly lists the nation's outstanding college and university men and women. Stringfellow, who received his de-ri-ii. in chemical engineering from liose Sal unlay, was proiuineiil bolh in academic and social circles while in college. He was president nf bis junior and senior classes and was president of his fralernil.v. Theta XI, for one term. He was also a member of Iho Debale Club. A gradnale or Clinton High School in May, HI I-', Slringfellow entered Hose in June of 1(142, completing his college course ill two years and nine months. Willie in high school he was a member of several school clubs and was on I be staff of The Old Gold and Illnck, school yearbook. On" Koh. 1. stringfellow will begin work in the chemical engineering department of I lie Commercial Solvents Corporation I n Terre lluule. LONDON - Th Allied aerial caiu- paign to; destroy Nay.i1 communica tions leading up to the western trout from Germany reared into its.illtli consecutive day loilay wnen eireaius of American bombers and fighters headed out from Hrltain loward the continent. ( nlled Slates heaiioua iters con firmed Hint 1' heavy bombers of I be eighth air force were out on missions over Germany. Tie- daylight uorties got under way in the wake of a night foray by heavy bombers ol' th". Royal Air force which a ttacked I he German railway marshalling yard at voh-winkel. east of Dusselilorf und a benzol plant with an estimated 1,0110 Ions of bombs. Ten IKiys of A I Kiel. Ill the previous day.i of the unbroken air cycle it was calculated that American and Rrltisb bomberr; based in Fnglund have battered the foe with more than Ml, 000 tons of high explosives. The nigh! operation lollowed up a gigantic aerial duel over the contill out .yesterday which ,.cost the Nazis some 300 planes. . i The Nazis sent their pi r force out in strength over France. Ilelgiuin and Holland in an atlempt lo disrupt Allied air supremacy and fierce dogfights resulted. ItS I Downed Allied supreme liouilijiiurlors In l';irls disclosed that In the Initial fully a total of IRK Herman planes won destroyed, while Hie London Daily F.xpress reported thai 221 enemy craft were shol down In the biggest defeat yol administered the Unrmuu uir force. Some !2!i German planes were destroyed over RAF airfields on the con-tiiiont. May Start New Ilrive The London Dally Mall said Hint the large-scale Nay,i aerial operation possibly might ennstitule a prelude lo another German ground offensive ou Hie western fiool. (Continued nn Page 21 Rep. Wes M alone Ke-eulers Civilian Life After Service Corp. Wesley Maluno, or Clinton, receully re-elected stale representative from Vermillion counly. was honorably discharged from the P-nlled Stales army, Friday and was in Clinton loday contacting local re sidi nls preparatory lo unending the opening session of the lndi;iia suite legislature in Indiuiiiipniis lotuor- rnW. Corporal Malone enlered the nrni- cd forces 21 months ago and has been stationed In the medical corps ill Fori Lewis. Wash., since lusl September. Mr, and Mrs. Mutoiie and their son will continue lo Hie in Clinton, and he will delay making plans for iho future until af- I lie session of Hie legislature. "1 have been gone so long Hint 1 feel Hial I have losl some contact willi Hie local slluullon," be mid Hie Clinloniaii. "I will deeply appreciate any suggestions on mailers which are lo. or should, come he-lore tlie legislature," W Congress To Face Major Issues of War International Measures To Provide Greater Fart Of Senate Measures; Home front Issues Come to Fore WASHINGTON A new congress rides Into power tomorrow Willi members sobered by military rwrr-si's ami distressed ovir Ihe I urn of interniitlonul political issues.. Tin' new 7llh congress may 1'" " fighlins congress. Or It ni.v adopt n somber tone under the , stress of ' mounting wiir-l Iiiih casualty lintH and l In- admit led need for tin' nation to lighten lln boll fir u "victory push." Admlnlslrnllon Hull's Holise TIP' administration comes into its own again in the house lh" 7sln congress. Mocking Now Deal measures nl will and froiiuenlly rebelling agalns! President HoosbvoII, democratic leaders wore hopeful of maintaining control on most issues in the now legislature. House minority lou-di'r .Martin declared, however, Hint "we inii'iiil to I"' in there righting mi nil iiniiiirtiint legislation. Tim republicans scored n put gain of one in Hie somite. They still are numerically inferior, tint 11 would appear likely that a coalition would block extreme New Deal measures. The senate line-up Is Denioeruls, 07; Itepiilillcnns, :IS; Progressive, one. llltlTIIHlllXml IHKIII'H In addition lo War Mnblliznr Ilyr-nes' now liuine front prngrum, including recommendations for a 4-1'' worlt-or-fiKht law, international Issues occupied the minds of legislators pouring Into Washington for the session. Especially was this true of Hie senate, which may lie called upon lo rullfy treaty setting up an international organization to preserve peace. Senate debute over the International Issues is expected to lireuti out early In the new session. Sen. Wheeler iDi Jlont., will furnish an issue tomorrow when he introduces a resolution calling upon the senate to i Continue" on oaBB XI American Industry Auks 'More Steam' In War Production The nation's war production chiefs sent out another urgent appeal today for 'more steam" In the output of sorely-needed arms, muni-lions and other supplies lo offset (lie time lost through absenteeism and plan! shutdowns , over the New Vein's weekend. A nationwide checkup showed that I he holiday period brought sharp curtailment In the production of much of the criuipnielit needed urgently hv American fishling on the world's furflung baltlefronls. Koine war chlel'B termed tll! l08a Ileal, and stressed that only lielir-perfecl produclloll would enable (II Joe lo have the proper materials to iiurei! the day of victory. Allliough some wur plant areas gave outstanding demonstrations ! patriotism by working on the holiday, -others fell down badly, especially those in and around lK "astern cities where opportunities for New Year's celebrations were the most numerous. . IMg. Gen. Stewart R. Heimel. head of the New York ordnance district which embraces some sun of the state's most imiiortalll wur plants, told International News r-er-vice that only 15 percent of Hie plants under his jurisdiction opera -ed yesterday. 'Some of these, he added, fiiiiclloned with only one-tour h of (heir normal personnel on the job. In Philadelphia, where army trausporatlon troops already are being used to load ships because ol Hie Hbseuteeism or stevedores and longshoremen. Wl'U officials reported that less than BO per cent ol the city's top priority plants hud sulfi-cieut manpower available yesterday to operate. . Coal production slumped in both the hard aud soft coal fields of Pennsylvania. The Glen Alden Coal Co the world's largest producer ot hard coal, was unable to function yesterday when only about In tier cent of its force turned out. li was estimated that 15tui0(i tons of hard coal were lost New Year's Iuiy and an additional 87,uuu torn in western Pennsylvania. Some war plants in Cleveland ami Columbus were hit by absenteeism hut 1VPH officials there expressed satisfaction with (he holiday turnout which was considered better than on previous holidays, one plant, tlm White Motor Co., t-ed each employe and stressed the urgency of production a mi as a result there was a an per cent aii. n-Ilance yesterday. i I I I ' APltM Kectiws Air Medal f SIllH Kecgeunl Itiehnrd L. ftllll'. husband of Mrs. Uose'iiaev SI nil, ol Clinton noil son of Mr. aud Mrs. Arthur It. Slullz oi King, man. lull, bus been iiwarded the Air Medal lor "inerhoeiuiis iich-levemenl uhile piirjiclpadug in bombardment llll.ssiiiu.s over ene-my lerrliocy." The auurd was ini-.lioilliceil by Hie eolnlimiitling (iell-oral of (be Second .Lihciiitur lliiliiber Division of Hie I'Jglilh Air I' core in I'jigl.iiiil. Sgl. Si oil., u (nit juniier on (lie l.lberalor ''Meaven Can Wail", lias pei'ilei-palell in (en neriill eonibal lois-hiollN to turgetN ill Gel-iunny mill enemy-occupied Foropo since go-fug llllo oversells eoitlbill tliree iilimiliN ago. Prior lo entering service lie was employed Hi iiie 1;. I. (ill Pout lie .Veillolirs ami Coiuimny. M'Ailluir Airmen Blast Seven Jap Ships in New I?low Iiiiigayen tJull Target Of Bninhcr Attack; Ships Lett Sinking in Atfack (I F. N F. II A I, ,1 Ai'A I'TII l it S HFAIiqCAKTFHS - A heavy strike against Japanese shipping in Hie Lin-gayep llliil, north of Manila, was reported today. In General Doilgla: MacArlhiir's regular coiiimuniiiie. The coinnitiiiifiue reported that three iineinj freiglilnrs, Iwo cargo ships, Iwo destroyers ami one destroyer escort were sunk or serioiiily damaged In Hie raid which marked Hie .furl bent northward pciioiratinn of M.'irArlllur'H heavy aerial unit over Luzon to dal". All ImilIHgi'll Hmerely Tlie enemy freighter.'! were all S.OUO-lou ships, the coiuniunfiine said, Imt failed lo i.tale which of the vessels were definitely sunk. However, (lie coniniuiiiitiie indicated llliil all the enemy vessels llia.v huve been destroyed with (lie com iiieiil I ha I the ships "were sunk or so seriously damag' il as lo w; (Continued on lagu .nil 2) Hie day, l!.e planes of the Gioiip mad" a relurn trip over Hie .same coast, bill llli" li lowing glider.. Imlele'd with lillbollie Hoops ami i Olliplllent. The gliders were If leas ed o'er designated laoil'lig zom s. Low Allilllili' .Missions Hull) missions were prrloiMid nt an altitude ol less lliau limn I' el. despile some nek-ark and ground lire. All pluoes ol Hi" Group re-I iirucd safely lo I io ir base. The in i-1 Morions afliii'Veineiit of all members of "Cerny's cirrus" called for a high degree ol skill anil courage, and reflects groat credit upon th;' military service of the Culled Slales. .SIXTH ARM V CKOFP. Pfc. Max W. Hopkins of Clinion route three, l't'c. Harold W. Keown of route two and Pvt. Theodore II llehnian are members of Ihe :i7th Infantry Regiment of the nniih i Coniniuefl on page o f c r y i troops fought I heir way through ao(l more blocks of houses ill the fliiining cily of lludapesi loday iiikI reports were that Iho fall of the Hungarian capital n now a mailer of days, if nol hours.. A front dispatch wild (.hat the Cer-niaus were setting fires .within Hie cily of Hutlupesi in an effort to check the Soviet onslaught and that the whole city seems to he in flames. Itelr.'iil House by House In the pest section of the cily, on the .eastern hunk of Hie Danube, t he KUKHians were driving the enemy hack house by h(iw as the Germans established their positions in cellars and attics and flung back desperate artillery, iiiacliiiieguu and rifle fire. The Soviets circled to penetrate the Herman rear, breaking inlo fortified houses. One unil iu one day destroy ed two companies of Germans in this manner, the Soviet eoinmiiniiiue said. The railway station of itakos. in the eastern par! of the city, was occupied by the Russians. (Continued ou Page 2) Two Enter Pleas Of Innocence In Circuit Court Harry Kunyan Charged With Knife Attack Here; Car Theft Case Is Heard . , . . , . , .. ' Harry Kunyan, fid years old, of Clililon, entered a plea of not guilty to charges of assault and buttery with inlenl to kill this morning when arraigned before Judge Kvernlf A. Duvissnn In Vermillion Circuit court. He was placed under :i,l)(H) bond awaiting trial und remanded lo the county jail until bond is posted. Hiinyan was arrested Saturday niirio foiiowinc an ulieged knife at tack upon Floyd Judy. 4fi yours old. of west of dllnlon. who Is in the Vermillion County llospllal suffering from severe stall wounds and wilh his throat parity cut on both sides. The allercallon occurred In the Dixie liar on Main HI reel. Judy was slashed several times with a knife before Iho two could he separated and suffered from severe shock and loss of blood. He was given emergency treatment- by Dr. W. V Currish, anil although in u serious condition, is expected to live, Riiiiyiin was arresled soon after the iillack by City Patrolman William Humphreys and placed In the city jail uiilil Sunday when lie was removed lo the county jail at Newport . Victor Winisetl, of Dunn, entered a plea of not guilty lo a charge of car llieft this morning, when he was arraigned before Judge Kvurell A. Duvissnn In Veriuilliun Circuit Court. He was remanded to the counly jail in default of $2,000 bond to await trial. (Continued nn Fm John A. Dirgos .Succumbs Saturday After Heart Attack John A. Dirgos, li!l, 1017 North Seventh Hi reel, died at Hie Vermillion Counly Hospital at 2 p. m. Saturday following a heart attack earlier in the day. Surviving are Ihree sons, TSgt. Frank Dirgos. I'. S. Army in llel-liliim; Jack. Saginaw, Mich.; und John Douglas, Cleveland. Ohio; and one sister, Mrs. 'Mnry Cennovich, Cleveland, Ohio. The body was taken to the Krisl Funeral Home where services will be held at 2 p. in. Wednesday. Iturial will he In Walnut Grove Cemetery. Joe Claret to Dies At Home of Niece in Kockville Joe Cluretlo. 57. died at the home of his niece. Airs. Loon Modesjjt of Kockville last week. Surviving are one brother, August! of Oklahoma, and a brother and two sisters iu Italy one niece, Airs. Mod-, esitt. Kockville and one nephew, Jye Cluretlo. of Telle Haute. The body was taken to I he McMul-lin Funeral Home at Kockville and will remain there for services io he held Wednesday at 1 p.m. llurial will he in Walnut Grove Cemetery in Clinton. From Bastogne iJiitton Hurls Blows At Enemy Flanks in Belgian Salient; Yanks driving For San Hubert in West An attempt by American troops in itelKiuiti to join forces north of li.isiogne, cut Hie Herman salient in iwo and compel a general Nazi re-iv,.:, I oi- surrender emerged as the immediate aim of the Allied high eoininaiid today. Focal point of the baffle raging in frigid weather under cloudless skies eonlinued lo be the town of Hast-in'iie- once a mere pin-point on the imp and now u inline to rank with Gettysburg. Cliateau-Tiiierry and St. Mihiel. I ighl To Hold llasdigiie lis enormous importance from a military viewpoint in connection i, Hi present operations was empha-siieil by the Germans themselves, io attacked repeatedly in an effort i dislodge the firsl army forces ' liicli held out valiantly until re-I'eved by troops of the third urniy -' iiler Lieul. Gen. George S. Putton. id who are st ill now fighting -lo re- . In the twon. Anieriraii strategy in the current. rations been apparent when a onimuniii'ie from .Gen. Dw iglit '"senhower's heailiiuartorii aiinoiin-""d eatitiire of the lowus of Rem-I'giie, Huberiiioiif ii lid Warilin. The firsl two (ire six miles west, ol iiaslogne, wlille Wardin lies tbrnu miles lo the southeast, .iti'iko Out Jlotli Ways II was evident, Iherefore, that Gen. Palton was sinking out In both dlr-(Coiillnued on page 6) Train Wreck Kill ' 354, In jures 178; Cause is Sought OGHKN, I'tuli. Conflicting re-eorls mi the Southern Pacific train reck on the Great Salt Lake rock-ill in which souk! 00 persons wore ilP'il. left the cause of the crash in G i , ii l,i today pending official nn-' 'innceiiionl . .VI, F,. llardiiliin of Ogden. fire-lau aboard (he train Hint. ploUKh- i into the rear of the Sun Franciu-o hound Pacific Limited Sunday, iiyg -'sled I rum his hospital bed tilsl lie collision may have resulted be-iuse "the signals set out to hall i he second section were not placed ;ir enough nwav from the Pacific Uniilod. which bad come to a slop '7 miles west of Ogden." The llaginaii who placed the sig-mlii was W. S. Diierdon nf Ogden. He was among I hose fatally injured- H.'irdnian. who was in the cab of Hie locomotive wilh engineer Jame;: vicDonalil, HI. estimated the overtaking train was running at 4H miles per hour. I). I'errazii, assistant mi pi rioienileni of lb" Ogdep Division, iiiid liii investigation re leu led Hie speed was "not morn Hiau 20 miles per hour at time of i he crush." .McDonald was found dead in his ah seal, possibly from a heart alack just lii'lore Hie collision. "MeDona'il ii lips rent ly ,';aw and 'lenid the signals loll mad" no ef-; , , 1 1 lo sine the ir.-iiii," ILirdmati do land. "His f.Hliiic lo apply III" lio'l Li-licy brakes I'l-llllill cilher i roio ii lie. il l ultio'k. or perhaps b"-laioi" he lig-'ireii he had more time n stop Hie Irani." Hardman adtb'il. Ihe de.illi led loday stood at 41 toil 7!i i.' i ioiisly injured, but fur iter rev i.-.ions may bring the death hill lo ii r. as several of Hie injured are 111 rriiieal oond i I ion . A Inlal of I TS pi imiiis were hurt, although Homy suffi'i'ed only minor injuries Ol' Millie li . LCI iS'A I! in i. N. .1. Several ne n weie le-lii vi il killed and a nuiither hiiineu or injured eiilv ("day 'xle u an evploMon r-'l a hie roa-lal lank er ahlao al I he Fail iVivnl Prub c tt'i. ii". ir i iiiid.' H"ok. A iHiinher of survivors, Mown into Ilic water by the blast, were picked up l,y Navy and l oast Guard criil'l p.ilrolling Hie urea. One rarly r, said Ih'ee men. one dead and Iwo injured, vv-r found on a rubber rati discovered lloitling nearby. In Hie Marine Corp since flie day jil'ler Pearl Hai'liur In MM I, Cpl. Iteginalil W illi lock, Mia of Mrs. Ol'll'llllc Wliltlock of l'lllive, bus been mi epteil for V'-lii training. Now NlHliolled Hi Nejv Itiver, .V, ('., be mis in Held telephone end Nigiuil corps work wilh the r7ih liivlsion all Niiiuioer ami uiik III Hie Hinilli I'm illi lor three nioiiilii. He bail previoiisly been in Hie Pacific loiiilial rune fur Ut months, coming home in I'Vliru-niy, IIH4. He will be in Ne Kiv-ee inilil Ki'liiiinry when be will elller college duller Hie V-18 pro-Kl'alll to receive offici'l's tl-nill-lug. Demand to Place IPs in War Work Heads Byrnes List War Mobilize!' Maps Out Ten-Point Program For War, Peacetime Economy WASHINGTON, I). C. liecom-mendallons for Impressing 4-K'a into war work via Indunlion into the armed forces were laid out for the new congress loday by war niohillzer James K. Ilyrnes, who warned Unit he expected draft culls lo be increas ed In the near inulure. In a most comprehensive report on Hie war program and planning for a peacetime economy, Inlended for IContluneft op page n i New, Current County Officials Take Over Duties as Year Opens Two newly-elected officials assumed duties at the Vermillion County court house when Hie new year began Monday and re-elected officials began their new terms. Only changes in I he iill-llepublican sel-up of the court house were Loren Griffin, who look over Hie sheriff's office and Molvin Hickman, who became Hie ni w treasurer. (Irllfln succeeded OH Poller who lias served I wo terms as sheriff. His office assistant will lie Ills daughter. Miss l.orena Griffin. Hickman lakes the place of Curl (Continued on Page 5) Conn., graduated from the Admiral Furragut Academy at Toms Itiver, N. J., and was a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for two years before entering the navy in the summer of 1942. Gimpel was an active German agent in Souih America for seeral years before he was arrested there. Interned in Texas under a Pan-American agreement and eventually repatriated in his homeland. Confer on Charges Atlorney General Francis Middle was lo confer with Persideiit Roosevelt today on the format cluuges to be placed against the men as well (Contimteu on Page 9) FBI Captures 2 Nazi Agents Landed Clinton Man Wins Honor h Sonlliern France Invasion; Two in Top Iiegiifieol In U.S. by Submarine; Ready Charges NKW YtlHK, N. V. - The Fill revealed some of I In- details loday or another masterpiece in wartime counter-espionage the dramatic cap-lure of two Nazi agents Icsb (ban a mouth alter lliey landed via submarine ou an isolated section of the Maine coast wilh instructions to saho- tage American war production. Neither, however, managed to do more than make his way to New York' Cily. where Hie Fill nailed them before they hud a chance to carry WITH T 11 IO TU' ML FT II A I it FORCF,. - Technical Sergeant Kruno R. Ileltrame. husband of Louise A. Ilellruuie, and Hie son of Mr. and Mrs. Lino Ileltrame. all ol' 017 Norlli Sixth SI rent, Clinion, Indiana, has been awarded the first Cluster to Hie Air Medal for the part he played 111 the invasion of southern France. Sergeant Ueltrume is a crew chief aboard a C-4 7 transport plane of a veteran troop carrier group oi the 12th Air Force, uirectiouulely known us "Corny's Circus" after its colorful commanding officer, Colonel John t.'erny of Harrison, Idaho. Fly Over Kiviern Before dawn on D-day. August 15, the Group, from a bane In 1 1 illy, flew in over the anti-aircraft de-feuded Riviera coast of southern France, Hi airships devoid of protective armor or defensive weapons of any kiud. to drop paratroops behind tlie German defenses. Later In oiif any of th schemes blueprinted in llerlin. Their arrest marked complete frustration of Adolf Hitler's i-eiolid announced attempt lo disrupt (lie American wur effort willi speciall.'' -(rained saboteurs. One Ainericail-borll one of the two men was an American by birth who had served a brief hitch ill the I'. S. Navy before he discharged at the convenience of Hie government for having suspected pro-German sympathies. He was William Curtis Colepugh. Jii. alias William II. Caldwell. The oilier was Krich Gimpel, alias Kdwai'd G.-orge Gret-n. :i:l. ol Mersem-vg, Ger-iiiaiiy. CnlepuuMi was bom at Mamie, t

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