The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 30, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1944
Page 6
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Saturday, December 30, 1941. Page Six THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Victory and Peace Goals of Germany In 1945: Goering (Continued troro page li liitiuen Jiave been buttling JJritish run! envnrnment troops, b:u) telegraphed acceptance of all of the British military coinniander's conditions for an armistice. There was no official confirmation of the report which said acceptance was aignilied in a telegram sent to 1'riine Minister Winston Church ill who returned yesterday to London. Bitter Straggle" For Nazi-Held Town is Raring (Continued from page 2) FOR RENT CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH 2:17 Rlackiiian street Or. Frank S. Keener, Minister Mrs. Frank S. lierner, Pianist Read Landers, Director of Music 10 a. m. - Bible school. John Carnell, Supt. 11 a. in. Mornng Worship. Sermon theme, "Lo I am with you." 6:30 p. m. ; Young Peoples Service, f 7:30 p. m. Evening service. Sermon theme, "Greater Glories of Eternal Prestige in the New Year of Hearing is Set Jan. 8 in US W' l'llc QfMTTSt' IConllnii'''i rroiu page 1) '..,.,,,. rri"4..r ;'..:l pi.iii iv; uy nv..,- u'i.e for ll:e enin p:iny ImmiI.s ;hk! l e-I cords. In i ll 'i'l, lie was told to ln-!p hililsi il'. if lie could find tlii'ili. M.vplaill No ll:'col'ds J'liriiicr, il w.ts ,i 1 1 lion nee d Ihe eoniiiany f-xcci'li cs tihd lieparl-nieiiL heads would make io anil',;,! ,10 esplain ali; lvfon! iilihhli'Ml b.v Ihe army, ., Tiie ce was no comment from gov ernment1 officials or army officers rotiay on i he pussiv" n .iis.unee Imwn by (lie company oil.eciis. i hey itno remaineil Khnt on what I he next move of the government would he but it was considered lii;ely th.-tl there vioiUd be nite bi jure l!ie hearing on Jan.S. Pa sh Acf ivilv Heli i lid i 'S 1 Ane Points New Blow iCfmliniied from ;iage 1 town nf ?.!!rey arid euiiir.g Jhe :;;:;;! that lemhi lo IJbi atiiont. itejiiu'r! cjaims of purely ilefcn-sivr? figln imr by A merifanK in Die HCi veloL f?eetor f()!loved .ili d re-ennnai.anee reH)rl s (iiru lo:-iio.; e uiiieh apparfiiily were made in tbe nature of reuroiipiiig for attack than preparations for williifiaaf. IJfiili fler a lid Alli-d eonimun-inui-H eihpliasi'i d tliet only Jural ;ic- tivity pre; front rjuri! i"d "li Hit 4e-f nr.s nf i he the day hut tie ie wre forces are roneentraled lo the inmost to serve exclusively the needs of the front." Ho added that iho German lionielanU "with neer-flasglnfi zeal" was working "to Increase our mu n it inns output and safeguard tlie German people's food supply." j Later PXIV trnnsmiltt-d an ml-'vance new year's statement, by D; I Robert hey, Nazi purfy organization 'leader, ' Nasi "political leaders," and oi ner siaiemenis iy a men Speer, minister for armaments (tnd ' war Production: Konr.tiiin JliiTl, Herbert l.anor service einei, ano I Bucko, minister of food and prodtic , tion- . j In his message to Nazi parly pel- llical leaders. Dr. Ley recalled IKH Adolf Ililler in 1035 had said Hint, (lie Nazi party bad lo provide llie llliuie iii-uii.iii hi. lit- miiii Men- . , , , , . , , renie and general leaden-hip to Ikm chosen from its organization." Nazi Iailei-ship is Total "These words hav? now beeo(.,e- a fact." said Ley, declaring lhat 'vb - F - tiny" in 1944 bad brought the N.izi parly Into "lotal leadership." I "Munitions and production are the responsibility of I lie parly.'' lie said.1 "The rural population in mobilhu-d , by the party. The party is biiilirngj protective walls In the east, south and west. The parly is organizing the Volkssturm. The parly is the t son! of German resistance. The parlj is Germany. Archhishof) Nanicd Kegcnt of Crecee By Exiled King (Continued from page I) a plebiscite to determine their permanent form of go ei iim-ni , I. y. olficials tineftiivocally exjiresnod tlif belief lhat a referendum would vi to King fleorge's return to power. One official said the negative vole might be as high as 90 percent. ATHENS Newspapers in Alliens reported today that the lefl-v.-iiif: eam, whose iiiKiirgeni mill- PCCO' Illiy -More llonds! j I l; j j THE FIRST METHODIST Hl'IM'H Clifford C. Jordan, Minister John W. Iteerter, I'lnirili Sihool Supt Mi. J. W. Hewler, Minister of Music Mrs. Ira church, Organist 9:30 a. in. Morning Worship-Mr. Howard Ellis, the artist theo- logue, will bring one of Ills art il lustrated messages. 10:45 a. in. Church School. Mr. Ellis will deliver an illustrated address to the entire school in assembly 6 p. in. YuuiJi Fellowship. Mr. Ellis will speak to the youth. 7 p.m. Evening Service. Mr. Ellis will beautifully Illustrate the subject: "The Holy City." 9 p.m. Watch night program beginning with a recreational hour, followed by a cultural program, closing, with the cnndlo-light dedication service. 7 p. in. Monday. Scout meeting and gym session. 7 p.m. Wednesday. Mid-week service. 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Choir rehearsal. The Modern Marthas CIjirs holds Us January meeting next Friday night the place to be announced later THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF CI.IXTOX j Corner of Fiflli and Walnut j Itay Crawl; Minister ' I " :(;eoi'(re CIiciiIihH, Minister of Music Mrs. Ted Morgan, Pianist 9:40 a. m, Graded Church School, good orchestra and u class for everyone. 10:45 a.m. r Morning Worship, sermon subject, ''Look Before You Leap". 6 p. m. Baptist Youth Fellowship and C. V.'. C, ' 7 p. m. Evening Worship, sermon subject, "My Most Embarassiiig. Moment." 7 p.m. 'Wednesday, prayer meeting. It will be in ciiarge of Hie Missionary Society for the next six times. SHEI'ARIISVII.I.E NEW TESTAMENT CHI RCH Rev. Joseph E. Hiimericklioiise, Castor. 10 a. m. Sunday school. 11 a. m. Morning Worship. 7:30 p. m. Evening service. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday prayer meeting. Verse of the week, "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today and forever." Thought of the week. "Jesus came to save men from the guilt of sin: lie Is now saving men from the power of sin, and ultimately, He will save them from the presence of sin." r.Aiitvnnv lltl-ill I. H. (fOdtvin, Minister I'airvlew 9:45 a. m.i Sunday School. Andrew .Simpson, Supt. 7:30 p. m. Worship. New Year Meditation. New Year Communion Service. 'enter 10 a. m. Sunday School. Ernest Myers, Supt. 11 a.m. Worship. Communion Service. Sal, in . v 10 a. m. Sunday School, li. E. Randolph, Supt. 1945." 7:15 p. m. Sunday prayer service. evening Monthly .15 p. m. Wednesday. business meeting after prayer 8'r- vice. 3:30-4:30 p Friday. Children's m. hour. 8 p. m. Friday, teachers meeting. Visitation and I IHST PltKKHYTKliMX t IH IK'II Thinl imrt Milllierry Itoy I.iliberg, Minister Mrs. K. O. HiilehiiiMiii, Miisif, Opal N'evins, Sunday School. 9:30 a. m. Sunday School. 10:45 a. m. Morning worship. Sermon subject, "A Tale That Is Told." li p. ni. Young people. IIILM HI'.ST I'I'.KSllYTKIilAX Hlh and Oak streets lloj Llnlieigr, Minister. Mrs. Anna (iiinnoe, 8. S., I'lorenee Auer, Music 9:30 a. in. Sunday school. 7:15 ). m. Evening worship Service. Special music by Eslher Giinnoe. I'HIHSTIAX f'HI'RI H I,. F. Ilel'oisler, I'astor f'orner Itlnrkitiftn anil Till streets Frank f ran ford, Hupt. of Hihle School 0:30 a.m. Bible Study. 10:45 a.m. The Lord's Supper and Sermon. CHKISTIAV KCIKNCB SOCIETY Z8H 1-2 Itlnrbmaii St. (Ptlhlan Hall) 1:30 a. m. Sunday School. 11 a. m. Chore. Tetimnnl, meetings every 1st 3rd Wtjnesday of each month. Vermillion County Storks Gel Set For 9th Derby t rvmltniieVI P "no Pair 1 1 hlait llros.. first pair of shoes and (Isniiin llros., a Kursey Chair. Cillis' I'liarmacy. rfix Hygeia Iml-tler. and six liygeia nipples, and a Mennen Ilahy Kel; Ainione llros. Dairy, a (iiart of milk every day for Iwo weeks; IllaUeS, Neighborhood Slore, electric six-bollle sterilizer; HeiBhey's I'lov-er Hhop, a baby cradle filled Willi flowers; Ilonaeorsi liros. Grocery, dozen cans of Heinz baby food; Model Cleaners, certificate for il In cleaning and I'ara- co's An Jewelry .Shop, a gold chain and cross. This newspaper will carry reports on the Derby until the final winner is announced. tvidences of fevrh-'h uriiviiies lie-'force maintained, the tempo of their bind llie lines on i-iiber si.i and j air action, flying 2,200 soriies yes- each hour maiie inure i;r"ba!ily a t terday. 'major Allied rf. n he lo for. stall j M ' whatever Von Ittind' i!! may haiel .' o n p j up bis sb-evo. j Interesting social newttveryday Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Flnt day Iniertlon: lie for each reading line (one column line, like 00s of then). Next two days Iciertlon: the same le charge (7011 get three daya at double the coat of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the same 8c charge (you get a whole etk (Ire days) at three times the cost of one Insertion). Each group of three day thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (like this) 10c per line. All classified ads Including mem-nriama anil nottaea of all kinds must he paid In advance except those by I regular customers whose accounts (re paid monthly or those from organisations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible for Its payment. FOB SALE GENUINE PVREX OVEN WARE and flameware in sets and open stock, bright pottery, famous Hallware teapots, Cory coffee- i makers, oven glass oval roasters. Volo Hardware, 233 North Ninth Street. , . , tii OFFICE FURNITURE, GO O D sturdy chairs, desks, filing cabinet, miscellaneous tables, stands. , sectional book cases, pictures and etc. Dr. Zink's Office, Elm Street. t45.v FOUR ACRES OF GROUND, NEAR Klondyke, house, barn and outbuildings, all with new roofs. Al-j dona Skinder, 3448 S. Emerald I Ave., Chicago, III. 152.x ( I COL. 36753 DON'T EVER CHANGE, l Wish You Were Waiting For Me. Ginny Slmms, vocal. 50c plus tax. White's Pharmacy. INNER-SPRING -MATTRESS AND spring. Good condition. 332 South Third Street. t4 4 BRICK, ASiV KIM YOU WANT. Clinton Auto Wrecking Parts Co. Ernie's, I'lione 8, Clinton. 83tf A.B.C. ELECTRIC WAS condition. P. Noblitt, Phone 97-R-3. riitj GOOD Montezuma 14 5 x FIFTH VEIN COAL. CHARLIE R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t7-17-44 f BUSINESS SERVICES FOUND A LARGE STOCK Or' Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guar anteed. 9th and Bogart Mobllgas Station, ioe Glacoletto, Clinton. 32tf PEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford I 63109 T-frre Haute or Dana 14 26. I We pay all phone charges. John 1 Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. 1137 DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FREE : of charge by Dwiggins and Sons, i licensed dealers. Call us as soon as ;, they die and reverse charges. Dana : Feed Service, Dana, I'lione SO. j tBxf 'IRESTONE RECAPPING SERVICE 1 for cars, trucks and tractors. Prompt dependable tire service of all kinds. Poland's Home and Auto I Supply. tf JARANTEED 24-HR. REFRIGER-ation Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Donebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 105-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 R YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE, EAT nore fresh fruit. Our oranges are letter because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. tl6f CAPPING AND VULCANIZING, five-ply passenger car tires, plen-y of -Ethyl and anti-freeze. The as Market. 11-2-44 H'CK DRIVERS ;ool COAL AT ll times. No Hailing. Paved road. Miles Best of Clinton, Hazel Itluff. SAO Coal Co. fiSx It'RDSALS PASTE WAX FOR your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. RENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. t85f LOST TEAHI. HEADS IX rilONT 1)1' Murfhy's store. I'lease return to 610 Nonh Main Hlreel or call . 457-J. Ml Black Eversharp fountaiy pen. Reward for return. Homer I.. Mllrh-ell Post Office. tiZx 25 War Bond between Clinton and Crompton Hill, lieiurn lo Clin-toniaa Office. Reward. tlox HALE HELP WANTED BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly , Hill -" ' fcurn, Cllnlonian. a FOUR ROOM APARTMENT, MOD-ern R 3 Briar Hill. Also ICO acre farm, at bottom of Geneva Hill. See John Seidel, B 3. M5x 250 ACBK STOCK AND GRAIN farm. I'lione Hosedale 82-11. Annie M. Newton. I44x MODERN ROOM. CLOSE IN. Walnut Street. Phone 616H. 2.11 t SIX HUOAI MODEKM HUl t. 11. M. Wisehart, 98 or 330. 146 HELP WANTED CMNTONIAN - NEWS CARRIER boys for route open on seventh, eighth, and ninth streets. Cull 32. Clintoninn Office. PAID NOTICES NOTICE! Jerusalem Lodge No. 99 V. & jX A. M. called meeting, Tuesday, January 2. 7 p. m. Work in M. M. degree. Thomas Connely. W. M.; Charles Brown, secretary. t46 .NOTICE! Louise's Lunch Room, under the management of Mrs. Louise Aher-natliy will be open to Ihe public on January 1 at Universal. t45x In Memoriam In memory of my dear husband, William Certain, who parted this life on year ogo, December 30, 1943. , III silence you suffered, with patience you bore. God called you to him to suffer no more. I loved you dearly, God loved you more. I hope to meet you on that happy shore. Iva Certain. In Mcinoriani In loving memory of Jesse Hayes, who lost his life six years ago Dec. 31 in the Crown Hill (i mine fire. Sadly missed by His Family. Crompton Hill Students Complete Drive for Trailer Crompton Hill's Seventh and Eighth Grade Itoniber Club have completed their drive for $1,150 in Series E bonds to purchase an army bond trailer. The drive, starting Oct. 1 and end- hng pec 5, totalled $2,618.95, in the two and one half month's lime. Members of the club are awaiting their plaque from Washington, D. C. They were the first school in the county to fly the school-at-war flag award'-d them for a 90 per cent record, which they have had since March 1944. They are also the highest ratej elementary school in bonds and stamps In Vermillion county. The class sponsor. Miss Tegwith Hisc, entertained the 40 students Willi a part last Friday afternoon al the Crompton Hill school house to celebrate t lie event. This is the second purchase of army equipment and they arc planning new goal for the following school term. Wny They're Dongnnuys During the Mexican campaign the American soldiers called the Mexicans "adobe boys," because their uniforms, covered with mud, were the same color as the adobe huts. Then, during World War I, tlie word, now spelled "doughboys," was used by American soldiers to describe themselves after they were covered with mud during tlie battles in France. Wi Cranberry Products Ursolic acid, cranberry seed oi end cranberry wax are recoverec from the skins ai:d seeds of cran berries. i:ii:Ti:itv itu:.MintiAi MOM MKNTS and M AltKIJIlH Terre Haute Monument Co. lilfKI.L V. I I I K rbona 3X1 Rrprciienlalive l 8. Srxnlli, Clinton Wltil The Compllmeau OI THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Of rice for MATTIE MORRIS 1154 S. Seventh St. Just Come La And Ask For Them! Watch This Hiace Every Hay VOL'R NAME MAI BB NEXT ! i i ! ; Three miles koui h of lbistogne ihe Na.i." clung to a small patch of t!,e main highway to Arlons from tvhieh they never have been cleared. (N'lieral MiseiiJiower's RpolteK-m;;n Mtid. JJouglihoy unit h are battering rJ tlie -Nazi strip, which does not block the corridor to Hastogne --now severed also by a secondary road to ti e west. Southwest of Jfoermont the (Jer-i.uiti:-- :-eiil u(i men in eight boats tmt.e tlie Mans lliver nar (lie innc- tiiin of iho Wefisen ("anal, the t-j io I; r.snian revealed. Tlie patroiB i!invi" along the canal a snort diH-j taiice, ti:en were "briskly engaged j compb-ed to flee back acroHS i he m en wit n u 11 Known losses, i'aliol Ai tion I'larew i'airol r.ctivity also spurted on the nurilierii flank from Ilochefort to die Moiirichaw area but there wax no clunce in positions. Artillery lire likewise wa.s intense. Tiie t r-dri ing armor and infant y force;; commanded by Lieut. i n. (.eorg? .s. pailon entered tbo d( Moircy, J I) miles due west of Hasiogne and cut the road leading jiito Ubranionl. souUiwest pf, from the northeast. .'i::aei'oii!; IJelgian towns, including fi mage, Magerotte; Morliet anJ Siherl. were again liberated fronj tjerniaii control. Tlie Nazi UMJ agency said In a iirelesn dispatch lhat Gen. Dwight I). Eisenhower had tbrowij 25 Aine-Jk':!!i f.nd lirltish divisions, including lite bulk of their armored weight, into fierce flanking jabs -e-aiier llie CfHiHti'ielPiJ (Imfnun bul"o! German 77oops Step Up Activity Along Western Italy Coast f Continued from page 1) Fa-.-iiza. I'lancs of the Mediterranean air !)e Sun., Mon., Tues. 40c Musical Comedy in Technicolor "Show Boat Serenade" News Novelty ,i i s': yvN n e . Only il and 3oc LIVE" Tf : . fS' . ,,-,T- laughs Jove ami music! 't 1 k It's gay, it's yount , it $ tunetul. it's funny . . . Ihu laugh-and-love story of the girls who uso their points lo get around lh manpower ihorlogol COLUMBIA TOEATnS Xo. fflli SI. Clinton, Intl. FRIDAY and SATURDAY, DEC. 29-30 AUMISSIIIV II and Ulic FORTY THIEVES H'lTII William (Hopalong) Boyd Andy Clyde "SAY UNCLE" Ion Errol Comedy "MONKEY BUSINESS" Paramount Short Ted Weems and Marine Band Melody Master Continuous Monday New Year's Day i 2:00 11:00 P.M. No Advance in Prices . ' u v- v SUNDAY and MONDAY, DEC. 31, Jan. 1 ADMISSION' 0 and 2.V A GUY NAMED JOE Spencer Tracy Irene Dunn "HARE RIBBIN " Bugs Bunny Cartoon RKO New s No. 33 TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, Jan. 2 and 3 ADMISSION 0 and SOc 11(11 111 K KKATI UK YOUTH RUNS WILD Bonita Granville Kent Smith Plus MAKE YOUR OWN BED Jack Carson, Jane Wyman, Irene Manning Betty Rhodes Johnnie Johnston Marjorie Weaver Johnnie "Scat" Davis Marie Wilson Bill Edwards D'Artega and His All-Girl Orchestra 0.,t(i,4 linn mutt kmp THURSDAY, JANUARY 4 ADMISSION It and 2IK- DAYS OF GLORY Taniti ra Toumanouva Gregory Peck "LETTER TO A HERO" RKO Short THIS IS AMERICA, No. 2 Flicker Flash Baek M-O-N-E-Y FOR WINTER NECESSITIES SECURITY LOAN CO. "CALL OF THE PRAIRIE" ! Big Doulile Feature Final Tonight "TOMORROW WE I'lione (2 Blackuiin St. CLINTON, INDIAN'

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