Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 18, 2015 · Page T14
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page T14

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Page T14
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Page T14 article text (OCR)

14 Sunday,October18,2015 • • Democrat and Chronicle • ROC TV KIDS SPORTS MOVIES MONDAY EVENING OCTOBER 19 DSHDTV 239307 Heat Night (TVPG) Blue Bloods (TV14) Blue Bloods (TV14) Blue Bloods (TV14) Home Vid (TVPG) Home Vid (TVPG) Home Vid (TVPG) Home Vid (TVPG) Manhattan (TV14) Lo mejor (TV14) Al rojo vivo (N) Caso cerr.Caso cerr.DecisioneNoticieroCaso cerrado - (N) Celia (N) Bajo el mismo cieloSe ñora Acero (N) Al rojoTitulares 200202 CNN News room (N) Jake Tap per (N) Sit u a tion Room (N) Sit u a tion Room (N) Erin Bur nett (N) Coo per 360° (N) Coo per 360° (N) CNN Tonight (N) Coo per 360° 208355 Clos ing Bell The day’s last hour. (N) Fast Money (N) Mad Money (N) The Profit (TVPG) Shark Tank (TVPG) Jay Leno’s Ga rageThe Profit (TVPG) The Profit: Eco Me 140206 In sid ersNFL LiveHighlyHornInterruptnMonday Night Countdown (Live) Mon day Foot ball: New York Gi ants at Phil adelphia Ea gles (Live) (:20) SportsCenter 144209 His & HersSportsNationFirst TakeHighlySportsCenterHornInterruptnBall Up Mil lion2015 WSOP2015 WSOP2015 WSOP 691 Col legeFoot ball: Utica vs St. John Fisher (Taped) Thru wayThru wayOr angeOr angeHigh School Foot ball (Taped) Or angeOr angeThru way 241241 Po lice (TV14) CopsCopsCopsJailCopsCopsCopsCopsCopsCopsCopsCopsCopsCopsCopsCops 160331 Teen Mom 2New GirlNew GirlNew GirlNew GirlRi dic u lous (:40) Cat fish: The TV ShowCat fish: Falesha Awk wardFak ing ItGirl CodeTodrickRi dic u lousRi dic u lous 162335 Behind the Mu sicBehind the Mu sicBehind the Mu sicLove & Hip (TV14) Love & Hip (TV14) Love & Hip Hop (N) Black Ink Crew (N) Love & Hip (TV14) VH1 Spe cial 170299 SpongeSpongeSpongeSpongeAlvinAlvinHenryThundermAcad emyThundermiCarlyiCarlyFull HouseFull HouseFull HouseFull HouseFriendsFriends 180311 (1:30) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (‘10) Daniel Radcliffe. ‘PG 13’ Harry Pot ter and the Deathly Hal lows: Part 2 (‘11, Fan tasy) Dan iel Radcliffe. Finding the three remain ing Horcruxes. ‘PG 13’ Switched at Birth: A Mad Tea Party (N) Ho cus Pocus (‘93, Fantasy) Bette Midler. Witches re turn to Sa lem for re venge. ‘PG’ The 700 Club (TV G) (N) 105242 NCIS: Bal ti more NCIS: Swan Song NCIS: Pyr a mid NCIS: Na ture of the Mod ernMod ernWWE Mon day Night Raw (Live) Mod ernMod ern 138245 Bones: Pa thos Arastoo in fected.(TV14) Cas tle: A Deadly Affair (TVPG) Cas tle: He’s She’s Dead (TVPG) Cas tle: Un der the Gun (TVPG) Cas tle: Punked Time trav eler.(TVPG) Cas tle: Anatomy Mur der Hos pi talworld. Cas tle: 3XK Triple Killer. (TVPG) Ma jor Crimes: Op por tu nity(TV14) Ma jor Crimes: Hos tage FBIpart ner ship. 131254 Hal low een 5: The Re venge of Mi chael Myers (‘89, Hor ror) Don ald Pleasence. ‘R’ Hal low een: The Curse of Mi chael Myers (‘95, Hor ror) Don ald Pleasence. ‘R’ Hal low een: Res ur rec tion (‘02, Hor ror) Busta Rhymes. Deadly contest. ‘R’ Hal low een (‘78, Hor ror) Jamie Lee Curtis. A psy cho stalks and slashes teens. ‘R’ Hal low een II (‘81) Jamie Lee Curtis. ‘R’ 108252 Grey’s Anatomy: ThanksMem o ries While You Were Sleep ing (‘95, Ro mance) San dra Bullock. ‘PG’ Gone (‘12, Thriller) Amanda Seyfried. Sis ter ab duc ted bysis ter’s kid nap per. ‘PG 13’ G.I. Jane (‘97, Ac tion) Demi Moore. Fe male sol dier is cho sen to train as a Navy SEAL by a US Sen ator. ‘R’ (:02) Bi og ra phy: Demi Moore (TVPG) 182278 Street Out lawsStreet Out lawsStreet Out lawsStreet Out lawsStreet Out lawsStreet Out laws (N) Street Out laws (N) Vegas Rat Rods (N) Street Out laws 118265 The First 48 (TV14) The First 48 (TV14) The First 48 (TV14) My Haunted HouseMy Haunted HouseMy Haunted HouseMy Haunted HouseMy Haunted HouseMy Haunted House 107249 Key & Peele: Alien Im post ers (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Futurama (TV14) Nightly (TV14) (:24) Daily Sh (:56) SouthPrk (:28) SouthPrk SouthPrkSouthPrk: Pee SouthPrkSouthPrkAr cher: Kill ing Ar cher: Honeypot Daily Sh (N) Nightly Show (N) 114236 Kardashians (TV14) Kardashians (TV14) Kardashians (TV14) Kardashians (TV14) E! News (N) Dash Dolls (TV14) Dash Dolls (TV14) Dash Dolls (TV14) E! News (N) 185312 Little House on the Prai rie: Proud, 2 Little House on the Prai rie (TV G) The Waltons: The Bur den (TV G) The Waltons: The Pin-Up First prize. The Waltons: The At tack (TV G) The Waltons: The Leg acy Ashley Jr. Mid dleMid dleMid dleMid dleThe Golden Girls The Golden Girls 124329 Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (‘05, Drama) 50 Cent. Drug dealer’s rap. ‘R’ Mar tinMar tinMar tinMar tinGood Deeds (‘12, Comedy) Ty ler Perry. Life changed. ‘PG-13’ #TheWestBrooks 270402 La vecinaEl gordo y la flacaPrimer impacto (N) IncluidoNoticieroMu cha cha (TV14) An tes (TV14) Lo imperdonableYo no creo (TV14) PrimerNoticiero 261370 Re flec tionLoretoCath o licDi vineRise andBook markEWTNNwsSacramntDaily Mass (TV G) The Journey HomeEWTNNwsRo saryEWTNNwsWorld OverWomenGr 110231 GiadaIt alyBare footBare footPi o neerFarmhseGuy’s: Weighting DinersDinersGuy’s (TV G) Hal low een (N) Chopped (TV G) DinersDiners 639 (2:00) Col legeFoot ball (Re play) Daily NewsLoudMthsYeahOpen MicSuper Brawl Boxing (Re play) YeahYeahYeahSportsSportsSports 631 TBAWeek Foot ballYan keesYankeeographyYan keeWeek FtbalYan keesRun ningForbesPenn StateCenterStagForbesCenterStagNo tre DmeHOPE WkNets Mag. 209356 MSNBC Live: with Kate Snow (N) MTP Daily (N) MSNBC Live (N) Hard ball (N) Chris Hayes (N) Ra chel Maddow (N) Last Word (N) Chris Hayes 139247 New Girl (TV14) New Girl: Par 5 Friends (TVPG) Friends (TVPG) Friends (TVPG) Friends (TVPG) Seinfeld (TVPG) Seinfeld (TVPG) Seinfeld (TVPG) Seinfeld (TVPG) Fam ily Guy: Simp sons Guy (TV14) Amer i can Dad! Amer i can Dad! Big Bang (TVPG) Big Bang (TV14) Conan (TV14) (N) 260372 The 700 Club (N) HageeJew ishPraise the Lord In terviews & songs. (TV G) Ro dri guezPot ter’sBless LordEnd AgeKing domDuplantisPraise the Lord In terviews & songs. (TV G) 634 NHL Hockey: New Jer sey vs New York Rang ers in 60Be gin ningsPre GameNHL Hockey: San Jose vs New York (Live) Rang ersRang ersRang ers in 60NHL Hckey 183280 At lantaAt lantaSay YesSay YesSay YesSay YesSwipeSwipeMy StrngeMy StrngeMy StrngeMy StrngeMy StrngeMy StrngeMy StrngeMy StrngeMy StrngeMy Strnge 635 (2:00) NHL HockeyGer man Bundesliga Soccer (Taped) Re portNY Gi antsIn siderGer. Bundesliga Soc cer: Borussia Monchengladbach at Eintracht Frank furt (Taped) 129237 Teresa (TV14) House wives (TV14) House wives (TV14) House wives (TV14) House wives (TV14) Orange C So cial (N) House wives (N) Ladies of Lon donWatch WhHousewve 112229 Love It or List ItLove It or List ItLove It or List ItLove It or List ItLove It or List ItLove It or List ItLove It or List It (N) Tiny HseHunt ersLove It or List It 205360 Shepard Smith (N) Your World (N) The Five (N) Spe cial Re port (N) On the Re cord (N) The O’Reilly Fac torThe Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O’Reilly Fac tor 176296 GumballGumballTi tans Go!Ti tans Go!WabbitTi tans Go!Ti tans Go!Ti tans Go!Be CoolGumballKing HillBob’sBob’sCleve landR MortyDadFam ily GyFam ily Gy 122244 Beau ti fulCrea tures (‘13, Fan tasy) Alden Ehrenreich. ‘PG 13’ Un der world (‘03, Horror) Kate Beckinsale. Med ical stu dent sought in war of undead. ‘R’ Un der world:Evo lu tion (‘06, Hor ror) Kate Beckinsale. Forbidden love. ‘R’ Un der world: Rise of the Lycans (‘09, Thriller) Michael Sheen. Lycan-vampire feud. ‘R’ Rap ture-Palooza (‘13) Anna Kendrick. ‘R’ 132256 (2:00) Saratoga Trunk (‘45, Drama) Gary Coo per. ‘NR’ Spit fire (‘34, Drama) Kath arine Hep burn. Obscene woman. ‘NR’ Jezebel (‘38, Drama) Bette Davis. A Southern belle stirs up trouble. ‘NR’ Around the World in 80 Days (‘56, Adventure) David Niven. Man cir cles globe in hot air bal loon. ‘G’ (:15) My Man Godfrey (‘57) June Allyson. 172290 BestBestAus tinAus tinBUNK’DBUNK’DUndercverUndercverGirl MeetsBUNK’DMy Babysitter’s a Vampire ‘NR’ (:35) LivAus tinUndercverGirl MeetsJessie 166327 Home Vid (TVPG) Home Vid (TVPG) RebaRebaLast ManLast ManLast ManLast ManRebaRebaRebaRebaFool’s Gold (‘08) Lost trea sure. ‘PG 13’ 120269 An cient Dis cov er iesCiv i li za tionLost An cientelec tric ity.(TVPG) PawnStrsPawnStrsPawnStrsPawnStrsPawnStrsPawnStrsAtlantis Found (TVPG) (N) (:03) True Mon sters 106304 Bo nanza: Ga bri elle Bo nanza: Land Grab (TVPG) Gilligan’sGilligan’sFacts LifeFacts LifeFacts LifeChris tineChris tineRay mondRay mondRay mondRay mondQueensQueens 401218 PGA TOUR Golf: Open: Fi nal Round (Replay) Golf CentralThe Golf FixLes sonsPGA TOUR Golf: Open: Fi nal Round (Replay) 136248 Two & Half Mike & Molly Mike & Molly Green Lan tern (‘11, Ac tion) Ryan Reynolds. A ring grantssu per pow ers. ‘PG 13’ Man of Steel (‘13, Ac tion) Henry Cavill. A young Clark Kent em barks on a journey to be come the leg endary Superman. ‘PG-13’ Fargo: Be fore the Law Sur prising of fer. (TVMA) (N) Fargo (TVMA) 184282 To Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTreehouse (TVPG) Treehouse Mas tersTreehouse Mas tersTreehouse (TVPG) Treehouse Mas ters 159220 (:55) English Pr. League Soc cer (Live) Pre mierNASCAR Amer icaProFLWMar tinMar tinEye ofDeer HuntBat tleofPL WorldMen InPre mier 127251 She Made MeSnapped (TVPG) Crazy TalkCrazy TalkSex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex and the CitySex & CitySex & CitySnapped (TVPG) 242246 Dumb est (TV14) Dumb est (TV14) Dumb est (TV14) Dumb est (TV14) Jok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersBilly OnA Ru insJok ers 196277 Man/FoodMan/FoodFoodPar a diseFoodPar a diseBi zarre: Ar i zona Bi zarre: Bull Kelp Bi zarre (TVPG) Bi zarre (TVPG) Booze TravelerUn com mon (TVPG) 300501 VICE (TVMA) X-Men: Days of Fu ture Past (‘14, Ac tion) Hugh Jackman. Changing his tory. ‘PG 13’ Ol i ver (TVMA) Captivated: The Tri als of Pamela Smart The first fully tele vised court case. (TV14) Gone Girl (‘14, Thriller) Ben Affleck. Man sus pected of kill ing his wife. ‘R’ Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo The Leftovers 310515 Smokin’ Aces (‘07, Crime) Ben Affleck. Hitmen seek witness. ‘R’ Vice (‘15, Science Fic tion) Thomas Jane. Fantasy re sort. ‘R’ (:05) Edge of To morrow (‘14, Sci ence Fiction) Tom Cruise. Time loop. ‘PG 13’ The Knick (TVMA) The Break-Up (‘06, Comedy) Jennifer Aniston. ‘PG 13’ (:50) The Knick (TVMA) Bu da pest (‘14) ‘R’ 318545 (2:00) The Pro gram (‘93) James Caan. ‘R’ Prophet’s Prey (‘15) Abuses of for mer FLDS leader. ‘NR’ (:45) Need for Speed (‘14, Ac tion) Aaron Paul. Ex con seeks as sociate who framed him. ‘PG 13’ Home land: Super Pow ers (TVMA) The Af fair (TVMA) Home land: Super Pow ers (TVMA) The Af fair (TVMA)

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