The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 13, 1968 · Page 11
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 11

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1968
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Wed., November 13, 1968 11 SPORTS PETE RINKER Nixon Victory Short Of Mandate I ZD'UU ACE Ph. 833 4073 MARKING DEVICES, Inc. rying Connecticut) his mandate was clear, at least on the Issue of surplus distribution. Less clear was the mandate the people gave Richard M. Nixon in his skin-of-the-teeth victory Tuesday. The people spoke, but It was left to Nixon to decide what It was they said. to the distribution among the people He has said so! "$50,000,000! Nearly $5 for every Man, Woman and Child in the State. Vote for Harrison and divide the Surplus. See to It in time now or never. Huz-zah for Wm. H. Harrison! " When Van Buren won (car RUBBER STAMPS PERMA STAMPS RUBBER PRINTING PLATES MAGNETIC SIGNS PLASTIC t METAL ENGRAVING STENCIL CUTTING t SUPPLIES Complete Stack of Marking Devices- WASHINGTON (LTD In the election of 1836, when the Issues were simpler, a campaign poster circulated in Connecticut read: "If Martin Van Buren is elected President, Connecticut will not receive any of the Surplus Revenue He Is opposed 11:15 PM TONIGHT J 3623 SOUTH DIXIE Hwy., WEST PALM BEACH, FIA. 3340S JACKSON'S BYRONS GREAT STOREWIDE SAVE-IN STARTS WEDNESDAY IN ALL 12 STORES PRE-THANKSGIVING Trynrf savings for infants fashion accessories cosmetic savings health and beauty aids SAlf STARTS TUfl. A.M. limit 2 unlet thtjrw.M .ptofiocf Our price of 11 low, th value la tromondoui w cannot juoronttt how long Quantitioi will lost. Companion, or manufacluror' tuggttlod lilt pncoi and ore uiad for pgrpoio of tuitamof idtnl-fitgtion. Sorry, no moil o phono order 7.50 VAL. FABERGE CLOSE-OUT FAMOUS WESTCLOX WATCHES AT UNHEARD OF PRICES jy KtYINULUo WKAf ALUMINUM J C 20' VAL. FOIL 12" x 25' Colognt quorfolte features "Aphroditia". "Woodhue", "Tigrn", "Flambeau" in 1 - or hallUi romalt with INFANTS-TODDLER SLEEPWEAR K!,!2for$52H- styles for boys and girls. Choose pajamas, gowns, dusters; some with lace or embroidery trims. Pastels, infant M, L, XL, toddler 2 4. Ladies, Reg. $14 Men's, Reg. $15 9.88 each 3.75 890 PLANTERS Dry Roast Peanuts VAL. 13 34 oz 59" Exclusive Offer travel (tit. Cosmetics, At All 12 JB Stores Ladie's 7-jewel and men's 17-jewel watches styled with distinction. Ladies' boast Gold color cases and black nylon cord bands; men's a chrome plated waterproof case, black leather band to match every wardrobe! At All JB Stores Except Allapattah and Edison Canter. 1.49 RIGHT GUARD SPRAY VAL. DEODORANT 7 oz. 77' $2 VAL. BOUFFANT BONNETS 35(t SEGO LIQUID VAL. 10 oz. Choice of flavors 369' $ JB's exclusive closeout of Keinert's bonnets in two favorite styles, assorted 79t COLGATE INSTANT SHAVE VAL. lloz., regular, menthol, lime 389' m colors. Cosmetic Dept., At All 12 JB Stores 1.49 BUFFERIN VAL. 100's . . . . 83' r $3 VAL. "CHANTILLY" Hairspray 1.25 CORICIDIN TABS VAL. 25'S 49' $a Perfumed hairspray by renowned I Houbigant now at over 66 sav-mt ings! 6 oz. size spray can. Cosmetic Oept , At All 12 JG Stores ,F3c-lU $5 Plastic Vinyl Coated Wicker Handbags, many shapes, sizes; white, natural, black 3.99 69 ea. Hankies. Choose laces, trims, linens, maderias; white on white or color on white. . . .3$l $6$9 Beaded Evening Bags. Pouches, clutches; white, black, gold, silver, pastels 3.99 to 5.99 $1-2.50 Famous Purse Accessories. Wallets, clutches, billfolds, ID, key, cigarette cases 79 to 1.49 $6 Folding Umbrella. Solid color 100 nylon umbrella. Self case 3.99 $8 Dyed Rabbit Ring Collar. Dyed black in 23" to 30" lengths; frog clip closing 4.99 3.50 Famous Make Stinger Clutch. Multiple compartment. Assoited styles, colors 1.99 To $20 Holiday Handbags. Silver and gold tones. Many styles, sizes !7.99 To 6.95 14 Kt. Gold Pierced Earrings. Studs and drops. All with free caddy! 3.49 "Not at Allapattah or Edison Center. $5 Better Handbags. Pretend leathers, plastic patents, tapestries in colors. 2 for $7 3.59 ea. 98 TNT ROACH 1 ANT SPRAY VAL. 18 oz 55' 45 HERSHEY CHOCOLATE VAL. BARS, Giant 9 oz. . . $15 VAL. MIRROR TRAYS 386 Oval and rectangular mirror Irayi bv Motion. 2.25 SCHRAFFT'S "GOLD CHEST" VAL. CHOCOLATES 1 Pound . 1.59 6.88 2.99 Stretch Terry Sleep or Play Coverall, birth to 12 months 1.99 79c Infants' Side Snap Undershirts, 3612 months 299c 99c Infants' Cotton Knit Sacque, layette sizes 7.299c 1.00 Plastic Lined Terry Bibs, white and pastels 279c 1.19-1.39 Fitted Cotton Crib Sheets, white, pastels, 79c print 89c 49c Cotton Knit Terry Training Pants, sizes 0 to 4 3 for $1 4.00 Acetate Blend Blanket Sleeper, assorted pastels, S, M. L, XL 2.99 2.25 Cotton Knit Shirts, novelty appliques; M, L, XL 1.79 2.99 Cotton Corduroy Crawlers, assorted colors, M. L, XL. 1.59 ea 2$3 54 $6 Famous Make Pant Sets, angel or knit tops with stretch or corduroy pants; inf. M, L, XL, Toddler 2-4 2.99 2.99 Stretch Pants or Stretch Tops; 100 nylon, sizes 2-4 1.88 ea. $6 $9 Famous Make Jumper Sets; 2-pc. jumper and blouse for toddler girls 3.99 $5 $6 Famous Make Short-All Sets, in Cotton or Orion Acrylic Knits, 2-4 2.99 2.50 Cotton Corduroy Boxer Slacks, sizes 2 to 4 1,69 4.25 Perm Press Toddler Slack Sets; corduroy slacks with knit shirts, 2-4 2.99 $2 Opaque Crochet Tites of Stretch Nylon; Pink, yellow, orange, ivory, royal; 1 size fits 2-4. 2$3 1.59 ea. 3.25-3.50 Fleeced Cotton Thermal Sleepers; toddler 1-4, boys 3-8 2.59 ea. 2$5 All guaranteed 24 kt, gold plated non-tarnith. able finiih. Cosmetic Dept., At All 12 JB Stores 1.45 N0XZEMA SKIN CREME VAL. 10 oz 83' They voted for a change but Just barely and made hardly any change In the composition of Congress. The House, which Is supposed to more nearly re- ; fleet the public will, emerged from the election with most of the same old faces. Only fouf incumbents were dumped. In winning, Nixon traveled the course urged upon Harrison in 1836 by an advlsef who suggested that Harrison "say not one single word about his principles or his creed let ' him say nothing promise nothing.. .(not) a single word' about what he thinks now or would do hereafter." ' ' Nixon won election with remarkably few promises to per-' sons or of policies except to promise "new leadership." He won largely with the votes of the un black, un-ur-ban, un-poor. He drew support from the people of the mainstream, his "forgotten Americans," the church-going tax-paying, law-abiding citizens, "the millions of people," as he put li, ' i:i the middle of the American political spectrum vho do not demonstrate, who di not picket or protest loudly Neither Nixon nor Hubert H. Humphrey has publicly sought 10 Interpret the electorate's message. The third candidate, Oorge C. Wallace, saw it as vindication of his own policies, Wallace said In Montgomery, Ala., on Wednesday that the Wallace program "is living because the winner of the presidential campaign said al- . most identically ihe same ; things we were saying in Ihe . campaign. And I dare say, had . this movement not been in ex-.. istence, that would not have oecn the case." Richard G. Hatcher, the Xe. gro mayor of Gary, Ind., how ever called Nixon's election a victory for do-nothingness. "I had hoped in the wake of this election," he said Friday, "to be able to celebrate Ihe victory of politics of engagement over th politics ot avoidance." Because of the closeness of the vole, Hatcher said, "This election should demonstrate to Mr. Nixon the existence of quile another mandate. He should feel Impelled. demonstrate dramatically and immediately his concern wilh the overriding social issue of the day." Columnist Carl T. Rowan a Negro wrote that the dispossessed who are disenchanted with Nixon's victory "would do well to remember that the presidency generally brings out the best In men." He recalled that in the Senate, Lyndon B. Johnson was "an advocate of racial segregation. But," he added, "no president ever did more to enhance the well-being and security of Negroes than Johnson." Some commentators saw an opportunity for Nixon In the narrowness of his victory. The Washington Post said in an ediorlal thai "the voters , spoke a sort of double-talk; they don't like where they are , and what they have; but they don't have any clear idea what sort of change they think this is the time for. ..No great tides run. And while this doesn't.of-fer much of a pointer to a new president, it doesn't tie his hands much, either. , . , . "So, in many ways, Mr. Nixon Is freer to act as he sees fit, . and less encumbered by campaign promises or past com- , mitments than most candidates.. .He has, if nothing else, , a mandate for Ihe 'new leadership' he promised all along Ihe , campaign trail." The Wall Street Journal " found a blessing In Ihe election's closeness. It would not lead Nixon lo misjudge his vkv lory as, the Journal said, President Johnson had misjudged his. "Kour years ago Lyndon Johnson was determined to convert his landslide victory Into a new political consensus, and yet today the nation is so divided and uncertain It could scarcely elect a president at all," the paper said in an editorial. "For the trouble with Johnson's consensus was precisely Its artificiality. His big 1964 win Itself tended to obscure the public's conflicting moods..." Said the Baltimore Sun: "It is true that Mr. Nixon cannot be said to have a mandate and it is true also that these times are not times for mandates. That was one thing the voters were saying and they said it plainly.. .After Tuesday's voting the country is still the same country, not Ideologically of the right or the left, but sensibly down the middle.. .We can be pleased..." New York's L'l Diaro, a Spanish-language paper for the city's Puerto Rlcans which publishes Its editorials In En 449' 17 DIAL SOAP VAL. Complexion Size, 3Vi oz. savings for girls housewares savings 69 SQUIBB SWEETA DROPS VAL. 24 cc 269' $20 VAL MEN'S SEAT VALET 69 PRO TOOTHBRUSH VAL. Adult, Hard or Med. 51 FAMOUS MAKE SLEEPWEAR J5 to $9 2.99 to 3.99 Famous make sleepwear in nylon tricot, Brushed nylon or nylon tricot; beautifully detailed lavish trims. Choose peignoir sets, gowns, baby dolls, butcher boy pajamas; 4 to 14. 10.88 Hardwood walnut clothes tree with vinyl leat, change jewtlry troy. A JB txcluiive! 1.45 GILLETTE SUPER STAINLESS VAL. BLADES 10 s 79' Cosmetics, At All 12 JB Stores 390 RUBBING ALCOHOL VAL. Pint 5.98 VAL. 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Cannon Royal Family Bath Towels IF PERFECT 2.29-2.99 4 for $5 glish as well so the politicians can understand them, said: STEREO RECORD SMASH FIBERGLAS Boucle Draperies Single Doublet Triple 4T' W I 63"-90" L 96" W X 63" 90" L 144" V 1 90" L 'To really unify the country, Mr. Nixon will have to consid sa vings on luggage Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell featuring "Little Green Apples" "Gentle on My Mind" er himself primarily the presi I dent of all the people and not $14 $21 65 4.79 list merely of those who voted for 1.00 Imported Jacquard Kitchen Terries 2$l 6.99 Polyester filled 21x37" Bolster Pillows . . . .3.99 3.9921x27" size 2 for $5 2.59 ea. Famous Woven Jacquard Bedspreads, twins . . . 4.99 Full . . . .5.99 him." J Electric Ladyland by Jim Hendrix Textured boucle in Owens Corning fiberglas for easy care. Decorator colors. 4 2 Record Set 2-PC. LUGGAGE SALE 24" COMPANION AND M " rjctiWAfrrr w luh hrtu 9.JJ IIU 7 Not At Edison Center or Hialeah QUILTED BEDSPREADS "Su'spectTlees Into Jail Building- PITTSBURGH (AP) - Po JO 9.88 COMP. AT $25 per set Twins COMP. 118 Fulls COMP. 121 Duals COMP. 26 FULL CONCERT FOLK GUITAR list 49.95 15.99 Fine quality: fixed bridge, steel strings, spruce top. 'BEACON FAECTRTCT BLANKETS'" Twin Size Q OO REG. 11.99 9,00 Full Size, single control, REG. 12.99 . .11.88 Full Size, dual control, REG. 16.99 .... 14.88 Rayon-cotton-nylon. 2-yr. replacement guar. lice stopped Emmett Roulett, 9.88 11.8813.88 Exquisite fabrics and patterns quilted to the floor! Handsome black Stewart plaid goes anywhere in style, features soft sides, vinyl bindings, deluxe zipper! 21, to question him aoout a burglary at an attorney's At All Stores eicept Edison Center, Hialeah. Cypress J Roulett dropped a box he 'was holding, fled and dodged W. PALM BEACH, 715 S. Dixit Hwy. Daily til :30 P.M. PLANTATION, 3841 W. Iroward Blvd. Daily 'til t:30 P.M. CYPRESS PLAZA, 644 S. Cypress ltd. Doily 'til :00 P.M. SHOPPER'S HAVEN, 343S N. Federal Hwy. Daily 'til 9:30 P.M. SHOP JB LATE EVERY NITE Into a doorway of a large stone building the Allegheny Coun ty Jail. He was arrested there ana charged with burglary.

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