The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 30, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1944
Page 4
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Saturday, Dewaiber &),' 19i I UUI THE rAILY CLINTONIAN THE DAILY CLINTONIAIV ma MIGNONG. EBERHART WOLF IN MAN'S CLOIIie. ! . DISTRIBUTED BY KINS ftATURES SYNDICATE, INC. 645 8Y AUTHOR XuMtoliiiJ The WUr CUMontaa 1M n OUaton PWiitdr absorbed In 1IHM Published Dully Except Saturday and 8u4 ieorge L. Carey - Editor and Puhjlshm Mmuni at the Postof fice at cainton, Indiana m Seeond Cla Matter was running there in the meadow and vividly ffJ, mistakable. However I felt bout cached the rock wall a few feet Udlaoa Republican HAtu. lal NO BACK SLIDING THIS TIME! " PboMsa Phon 32 CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX Nicky practically invited suspicion, and so did his twin filter, AU-xia. She wus younsr, beautiful, married to a man she flatly declared Hhc had nevor loved and that man wag the father of a man to whom nhe had been all but engaged and fur whom, apparently, hc still cherished what appeared to be far fj-om a purely stepmotherly regard I thought of hr knncline beside Craig, and the things she had said. "You knew you always knew J nover loved Conrad. And then, . . all that is ended now for us hnth. env darling:," Craig hadn't away and began to scramble over it. Just then another shot whizzed lower, over my head and the stone wall. And I knew that the Bcram-bliuK figure was at least thirty feet from me, but that the shot came from somewhere iu the darkening, irregular meadow below, possibly from the wooded valley which fluemcd to outline the bed of small sti euai. Whoever crawled over the tone wall had duckod; at leaat no figure emerged from the shadow of A'tcJi him, it couldn't have been JSJicky shooting at rabbits or at me. Nobody else was around and I went to my room, took off my cape, and again cast my mind back over thf few things 1 knew of the murder of Conrad Brent. After a while I h4 to give up; if those shots had bees intended to remove me nd t thf same time any clue in my possession, I didn't know what that elm was. I didn't go in to soe Drue for, little belatedly, I bethouffht myself of my patient and the fact that h MauaDnwm and shrubs. ciiirMonlv a urn all automobile exactly said, Ob, int that ane, whirled around the bend in the hurrah, my father's dead and you re free!" Still, he hadn't said, road and began to climb the little ridgCj its lights streaming ahead. J crept out, running low in the shelter of the rock wall and into those "Don t be a fool, Alexia, or even looked it. Yet there was no real evidence against either Nicky or Alexia. Nor, as to that, against Peter Un welcome lights and stopped the car. In it was Dr. Chivery. He leaned bar or Maud Chi very. Maud had out to look at me incredulously as, keeping the car between me and WOUNDED SOLDI KK SPEAKS "The American people should never achieve a 'forget and forgive' attitude after t'ie war," declares Lieutenant Samuel the dusky meadow, 1 approached. "Mist Keufe . . "Somebody's shooting at me! From the meadow!" Another figure loomed up from the shelter of the wall and it was the maid Anna. Her braids had E. speaking from his bunk aboard slipped over one ear, giving her a rakish air whuh almost beued the terror in her eyes. She gasped, JJocto please, sir someone s iir .hip which recently arrived at :j. C, from Europe. v. tenant was wounded in the in-Normandy and captured by the .. He is bitter about the treatment i.-.nie wounded Americans, two of '.e reports, were given hypodermics man doctors employing euthanasia jrcy killing," which is not recognized Army. e words of the Lieutenant represent shooting in the meadow!" Neither Dr. Chivery nor I spoke; in the little glow from the dash-light his chin retreated still further and his slightly popped eyes seemed to take on a kind of reflection of the terror in the maid's face. all but run the household during the long years of Conrad's widow-erhood; it would not have been unnatural for her to feel a kind of jeaiou, her young supplanter, Alexia. .But Maud fairly exuded an almost belligerent respectability which did not go with the secret, horribly urgent emotion that finds its only relief in murder. So 1 went on to Peter Huber. He had appeared on the scene almost as soon as I had. He had fumbled around about the telephone call to the doctor; he had run straight upstairs at the sound of something falling and had disappeared. And while lie was no relation and eo couldn't prolit directly by Conrad Brent's death (a.s all of the others ntijrht conceivably do, .even the Chiveryg) he might have a motive if he were in love with Alexia. Yet certainly no man is going to murder a woman's husband without making sure that heV going to gel the woman and (if I Jiad eyes in my bead) it wasn't Peter Alexia wanted; it was Craig, and Craig knew it. Besides, Peter Huuer was only a friend happening to be there as un innocent bystander does happen to bt; on the spot. iir. Claud Chivery remained. He Then Anna caught a long, rasp had been presumaoiy aione, witn Dr. Cuiveiy uohii".g about tht roads in his little car and Anna fleeing from bullets in the meadow. On Lite way to his room I stopped and told the trooper on guard in toe hall what had happened. So I went on to Craijr's room where I found Peter Huber with him, both talking of Chivery. ''Who does he think did it?" asked Peter as I entered the room and Crave looked at me, said "Hello, Misa Keate," and replied to Peter. "He says he doesn't know. He says it had to be somebody that knew about digitalis. How much to giv and how. He says you've got to jiv enough to cause a heart block, as it does, right away. If you give too little there are all kinds of symptoms of poisoning nausea and con vulsions and but that isn't what happened." Craig took a quick breath nd went on hurriedly, "Claud i;a beejn look i ng it up in his reference books." Hefrow.;d. MIe says h doesn't know -.wio ii'i it. Bui . "But what, Cri'r' "Oh. Nothing. . . He paused again, frowned into spRi.e and said, "Jf only I cout get up and about: If I could even lind oui wno it ws touched the bandage .; Irs tennJe. "I didn't see anybody- I deJu't eve. hear anything. . . . Look, Pete, sci'-t around a little, will you? p!nd out, jf you can, exactly who was up a .id about till midnight or shortJy before, pind out what happened at dinner. ..." "Nothing happened at dinner," . said Peter. "I was thee." A touch of exasperation crwrsed Craig's face. "You'd better go now, Mr. Huber," I suggested, eyeing the tinge of scarlet that was coming up in Craig's lean cheeks. "Wait, not yet, Nurse," said Craig quickly. "Listen, Pete, keep your eyes opc and tell me if you see anything out of the way. And and another thing," Craijfc hesitated, shot me an oblique glance and said, "Look through the house and see if you can find some yellow J I ing breath and said, still panting. "I mean shouting rabbits, 1 suppose, fir. J I was walking in the meadow, when J I heard someone in the brush along along the brook. J L it frightened me. J I ran . . ." Her ees shifted to me and back to the doctor. "And ju. t then us 1 got to the wall-- the shots began." She paused again, then said, "Doetor, would you mind taking me back to the house? I I'm late. Beevens . . Without a word Dr. Chivery reached back, swung open the door the judgment of a man who has suffered for his country and who had, at first hand, an Opportunity to judge his enemies. They should be remembered by every American when soft-headed sentimentalists begin to talk about "mercy" for the Germans. I Taking a Backward Glance j f At the Mode. ) i. . i - i - - l U Alt ASH WABASH A had prescribed the medicine imi.lo thu soat umi 1 got in and mignt nave some as yei unsuggL- j so Anmit y(j d Anna. St iU silent, he turned I elect (j. JO. Bingham. Sunday, Monday .uid J'uesdav An earful of music and un eyeful of charm is promised Sunday at the Wabash Theatre when Pa SOME HELP FOR FARMERS Legislative action has been completed to revive Federal crop insurance which rras dropped last year after an initial experimental period. Dr.-'ing 1945, the plan is to provide insurance on wheat, cotton and flax and to use the experience gained as a basis for extending coverage to other crops. While insurance, protecting growers against bad weather conditions, insects and plant diseases, will not remove all hazards connected with growing crops, the insurance program offers some protection tosf axtuejrg Of., each individual will have to decide whether to pay the annual premiums or assume the risks himself. TWISA'TV YK AliS At it) TODAY Nalety Film i MiowB Here To croup of Miner A considerable number of Clinton members of the JoBenh A. Holmes Safety association saw four reels of the "When a Man's d Miner" at the minors' firs aid ball, last night. The picture, which tolls a gripping story of first jiid and roscue work, has an interesting love story interwoven and develops interest in the narrative unfolded, as well as iu the scenes depicted. "It's a shame several hundred men didn't see it," was an ex eu Sigmucauce; ana soinewnere in the history of that long friendship between the Chiverys and the Brents might lie seeds for murder. But again there was no evidence. It had grown duk as J stood there, although the sky was still Jight. so J. realized later tliat, on the little ridge, I was silhouetted from below against the clear gra light. A lemon-colored -''Lar came out above the eastern hills. It wa colder, too, so I pulled my capf more tightly around me and puller the hood over my head. A.nd it a: just then that J heard somebort running heavily across the meadow toward me. S o m e t h i n z h u 7. z e d s h a r p 1 v through the d' - k over my head; j heard that beiuje the crack of the shot. I fell upon my bando and knees behind the stone wall just a.-both sound came again. Whoever and started back for the Brent place. He took us to the, up tlie winding drive to the front door, where he deposited us. 1 thanked him and he drove off with, it seemed to me. that queer rerlei'tion of terror still in his eyes. Anna hurried to open the door for me. She had caught her breath and straightened .the blonde braids around her head. "Whu was in the meadow, Anna?" "1 don't know, SJiss." , So I ief her go. B'.it rhe knew as well as J did that our hunter wasn't shooting at rabbits. Ji was too dark to have taken a good potshot at anything smaller (hart a horse or a human, silhouetted against the gray sky. , J glanced in the morning room where Kieky was reading, if is baek was toward Jiue but his smalj head, gloves. Loose biggish. Don't let anybody know and if you bmj thew. ramount s "iou Can t Bat ion Bove" bows in wii h a si ar-st lidded cast beaded by Johnnie Johnston and Betty Bbodes. The novel story idea is said to pi wide today's war-weary public wilh some needed belly laughs even while poking s'uu at the rationing .sy. j.eni . Belat iny 1 he in-ei dents which bring t lie point -rationing rivi.tem to a nuH mid-w:::;fern college in ord1 r ' -j supply enough niyb's in j.;(f ground, the picture sparkes with gaiety and is a mirt huua ke from slarl to finish it's said. bring them here. Peter nodded "Okay." And then They are Kred Baldwin. Cayuga, bailiff; Mrs. Nina A. Thomas. Newport, probation officer; and Miss Joan Vallero. Clinton, court reporter. IVi'sonals Arthur Huffman of Lincoln, 111., is spending the holidays with his father, and sister. Mrs. Jiuy-moiid l-'oliz, of Wabash Street. Miss J Jo rot by Combs of Terre' Haute, formerly of Clinton has gone to .Florida for a three months acatioii. Mrs. Harry Miller of Jtossvtlle. 111. lias ret timed home after spending the weekend with her si si er. M rs. M. B. Halgren. and Mr. Hair. mi of Soul h Third St reel. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Mauship and family and Charles Botter of South J-'ourtli Street, spenl yes-. I.eruay at J-'ishrrs. Jiid., with Mr. M aiiKhi p's pa renl s, M r. a nd M rs. Henry Mauship. Mrs. Kmily Ahlemeyer of JJra-zil is visiting Mrs. Carrie Johnson and fa m i ly of ,Cli ica go o ver New Year's. I sent him away. But Craif; said no more of the mysterious yellow gloves and, still aware of his condition, I didn't ask further questions. (To he continued) Cnp.(rlb bj Mlfnno Q Kberhart; ptitrlbut(l L jLint i MifiW S0(iicu, AWL pression heard nfter the pictures were shown. BABACJU Saturday MiUnijght, Sunday and IVJonday "Atlant ic City" t he story of the world's famous playground, and Hie year's biggest musical comedy opens at the I'alace Thea-t re .Sin urday at midnight. Cou- stance Moore, J.irad Taylor and Charles (irapewin aje fey lured with Jerry t'olouna. J'aul White-man and hiw orchestra and many oi hers iu t be film. Incl uded at e ten big song h'ls. tH,l Mlil Sunday au'J Monday "A C uy Named Joe" c.o -starring Spencer Tracy and Jreue Du un opens ill t he Col umbja Theatre Sunday. Warm l"p Muscles give their best performance when gradually and thoroughly warmed up. Muscle tendon are pot-Jikely to be pulled or torn when warmed up. Champion athlete in all sports first take sufficient time to warm. up. . ,. The U. S. Bureau of Mines provided this film sud it is one of the series the bureau has for educational work. This is regarded as one of the best. Matthew Kerr, who is a Clinton man employed by t he bureau, has agreed to obtain I his film for a public showing at the Presbyterian men's Hub meeting, about the middle of Jaumir'. New J'roMM'iHur Moves Office tn Moi'RHii JUock Attorney Charles B- Swayne. who will be prosecutor of Vermillion counly beginning tomorrow, has moved his office from BITTER EXPERIENCE Not every mother who makes it a practice to lock her small children io the house when she goes visiting has the bitter experience of a woman in another state, who recently returned to find her home in ashes and three small children burned to death. The fact that such a tragedy does not result from the practice upon many occasions does not eliminate the risk that such mothers take. Small children under the age of six, are hardly capable of taking care of themselves and every parent knows that, even under supervision, the little tots run many risks in the process of growing DAN DUNN Y ONE . J f OlOANy DRIVER ON FIRST ROUND-UP REPORT ' T-HEN WEVE GOT TO START YES! TOM My MCKAY-WHO CRUISES OVER THE Owl TRICK FAIL ' TO 1 MINUTE ' 1 COMBING THE CITy FOR FROM HEADQUARTERS, CHECK IN TONI&HT ? ILL SEE? TWAT MISSING CAB ' AND ON PEACHTREE STREET vlK.UUNN.' IHfc HOYS' Pew. I HOPF. WE FIND IT !N TIME J l - - - . 3 DOKTOK KRUGO AIN'T . coktor krugo ain t Pf OVERDUE NOW; n ovtkwt now 9 "." -7:-- .i .a ; - r i TO SAVE THE DRIVER f to save the driver A : a the iUilh'i-I'ike building to apartment three in tin Morgan build-! inn. South Main" Sheet The! rooms vacated by Sw.-iyue have j been la ken over by -)r. A. !'. ' up. -J Item Ns.Ai imm -- m?r MARRIED 75 Years A nation-wide search reveals pnly five couples in the United States who have been married seventy-five years or more, although gtatistical reserach indicated that there might be as many as two hundred fifty Jiving couples married seventy- Wanmin iu addition to oilier rooms be has in t be building. , The new proKeciM or w i 1,1 not imvo a deputy for I lie Unim diato future, bin plans to appoinl one Inter if necessary. Swym; W eet ding W. A. S;tter!c who completes lis term today. Mrs. Audrey Johnson, who is five years or more. Three of the couples live in Texas, one in North Carolina and one in Georgia. A employed at the Monigonn-ry Ward Store in Kokomo. plans to ret urn there tomorrow after spending several days with her TILLIE the TOILER 1 (then she should beJ 1 1 ilona darlings i your, j Ivjell, peR-hU "1 n-,X- HPyMJSHEDfM SLASH IMS MY PAlNTe HAPS 'beiMS MM , i- i a i i rents. mxiu coupte, locaieu several monuis ago, i Mr. and M rs. Bruno Kow $ SLASHING I JJ! OTHER fr I ' r ' . j HEART OF AM M Sk1 rffS Wvj. v ARTIST lsP, and children of Milwaukee. Win., are isiting M r. Bow alski's mother. Mrs. Kaihtrine Kov.ahki of North Third Siren. living in Georgia, was unfortunately parted by death a month ago. Of the ten individuals, four were born in Kentucky, two in Texas, two in North Carolina, one in Georgia and one in tkx vi;,yi:s a;o TOIMV JtirllMlny lbill 'J u Ite Jan. f-'oiinal n mm iM'eun -nt is n , mill - fikt f 'm smm DRAGGED IX Every once in a while, some bright thinker takes a few thousand words to tell the people of the United States why the nation is at war. today 1 Jin t Abe Taylor lias heen appoint d general chairmati of Clint nn's bin hday hall for t he President to he held the night of January in coiijunetion with s o m e B.tinu similar parties throughout the In i ted Slates. Taylor stated lodity that he would apfioinl a general committee of Clin i on citizens litter in the week to aid him in staging the affair. Immediately t hereafter plans for conducting the sale vrc vvoiiuci ix iiic auuioiia cvui iicai u of Pearl Harbor, or whether they know that Germany and Italy declared war upon this country immediately thereafter. Thp T Tn H SI a f p if u-n u anf 1 ho j PQPEYE j I VEP VA breathes! UK TMiS I Ytaaukg Yfs Ixs iyilckSIrYTO fTT yf' FuEewx I VBeEATHiiviGJV VOUZS?) LAVA ) bo (f x-' An 1- J -y ruth did not go to war; it was dragged in-Vtwar. After Pearl Harbor and the Axis of tickets and the ball itself will be formulated. Proceeds f rum. the birt hday larat ions of war, we had to decide ther to surrender or fight. jme rope nus aii, (Jnristmas party this year. Taylor pointed out. will he divided on a national basis. 70 penent to he used to rehabilitate infantile paralysis wctims in (he community raising the funds, or in t he geographic unit of which they are a part. flitigiiaui Xante j Court Aliaeheh j kge to war prisoners, internees, refu-I'The message of peace sent forth iinto a sorely tried world the mes- peace proclaimed by the angels on Is of Bethlehem, will be to you a Announcements of Venn i I lion County Circuit Court attaches c;i pf tjie approaching end of your wtl Itake offiee tomorrow (who ere ;iiiU(Uinced tod:r' hv Jmi':e j

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