The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 30, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1944
Page 3
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Page Three THE DAILY CLIN10NIAN Saturday, December 30, 1944. were AIM D A? I who is 91 years old. They Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Social Notes jty Saturday of Terre Haute were Christmas 1 guests of their mother, Mrs. Mary Gcdrlck. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Monagahan, .Mr. and Mi's. Charles Smith Weed of Terre Haute and Airs. Joe Ua is and son Billy of Illinois spent Cliri .linas i Willi Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bryanl. J Mr. and .Mrs. Claude llaj. s liad : as Christinas guesls Alt-, anil .Mis. Octet L tUub'H New Your'H dinner Fairview Notes Of Holidays ( Many Local People Have Guests Over Christmas; Community Club Meets party, Vermillion Room, n. m. promjlly. Tuesday WWC Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Maxine Cummins, 7i0 Keb-ekor street ut 7; 30 p.m. Golden Star Club, 7:30 p.m. at tiie home of Mrs. Muil.o Morris, South Seventh street. .Mrs. Huinaii.a Kelley and MIsk Lawrence Hawkins and family. Mrs. Dollln Griffin of Center was the Christmus guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harrington. Mrs. Anna Barron of Terre Haute spent TueHday with her Bister, Mrs. Donald Heiuorio and family. Mrs. llay, Martin of Boswcll, Arthur Kennedy of Clinton and Basil Kennedy and children spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Kennedy. Mr. anil .Mrs. Fernaud Wailly and sou Feniand of Chicago are spending several days with relatives. Miss Wilma Pence of Indianapolis is spending several dayB here. Carl Pence of Norfolk, Va. spelll his leave with relatives. Harold Slreet of Centenary spent Jack Dunkley Honored At Youth Fellowship Meeting The December meeting of thn (Jen-tonary Met hndlKt. Vouth Fellowship held at Hip home of Hilly and Jack Dunkley wan a combined Christmas and surprise birthday jtart.y in lionor of Jack DunMey. Tie1 ineeiir.if way opened hy slim-In til-- (.-la:-. soul:. ".Ie:-;ns ('ails IV timi Chii.' d' volionf, were given by 1v.i1i.mi HioMt'd. , i)(,fiij-..' li,.- l.iisliu-ss session a jib ; .: mad" I fi the Crusadi for and son, Airs. Pleana flail aiid" chfid-n n. Airs. Bernlee Kispert und son, .Mrs. Vera .Murray. Alls. Myrtle Short and Mrs. Alary Turbevllle and daughter. Refresh inents were- served and a social time enjoyed. FU'i i Truck Operators To Call ut Ration Boards It'll e;n r.Meis of trucks must ill ai i heir local ration board for ! sn'iiie cmi'ions. it was aunotinced loiay. i-'e1 ral ration hooks have been in.iil.-il hill have been returned: lie :. '.! . Iruek operators must call a' ui !';,. sd their enrreel add- . i. mi he obtained anil their gas-"'I fella will he given to them. Cement Clinkers A new process for simultaneously producing cast iron and Portland cement c-iiuker in rotary kiln hai reportedly been used successfully in Spain, Germany, Denmark and Japan, but has not been tried in the United Stales. Kerniuid Wailly ami sou 1-Vnisuul ot Chicago, Mrs. .''.'I' Adamovich and son Bobby of Clinton, M-s. Jenni--Stoyakovich. John M'cluiel. Ceoi-.e Kuezevich, Jr.. iMr. and -Mrs. I-'ore-.i Gilbert and children S::ndiu and Billy Gene of Terre Haute :,nd Alls. Imogene Crane and ilaiihur. Installation Services Held Thursday Evening For Job's Daughters Hilda Ijoii Httliuoml Install. -l As Swr Honored (Jiieefi At 'ftuH4tl(ht i VivmonicN; Hall OmoiHll in KcrpiiiK with (Inliilnv IiupresHlvo candlelight .iiital!ai i t 1 1 Borvtci'8 were hold for tli it-v. uNi-cors of the local Uriin-l o)' Jolt' DuUKlitcrs at tin via-Hlnr inw.tiiii.' held Thursday evening in t li M..-unic hall. The hall was altrartn fly , rVroni-tvd in kerpinx with thr holiday s- .'t-Bon and two larffe knowuhmi lt ml as Bfuitinpls In front or (lif iilti'r. ?.Iini;i- Mi Forty Guests Entertained At Annual Christmas Party Mrs. M. .1. Tonner, superintendent of the primary department of the Find Presbyterian Sunday School, Fairview Park Happ.' Hour met at the home of Mis. .M i tl-recently. After the tui.iatss -bunco was played and prizrs iu ni ii!. ?d'-s. liiith Cinder Clirhi ;u.ri ! him- (awarded to .Mrs. Louise nietii M 1.1- II &i ii and C!:i r short lalkH' entertained forty sniiiU guests rc-HIiiKU- carols I cent ly at Hie annual Christmas party i In Id in i lie dining room of the Martha Jean Ahernathy of Indianapolis spent ihe weekend, with their parents, Mr. and -Mrs. C'luude Aber-nathy r.nd family. -t Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Slater und sou of Anderson Bpenl the weekend Willi relative!.. ' Mrs. Maude Slater of Anderson ami Miss V!!m? 'Uer of Indianapolis spent the weekend and ClirlslnuiR with their mother, Mrs. Ida Idler and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McWelhy. Dennis Wilbur of lndianapoll8 spent Ihe weekend wiiii Miri. Id'.i Eller. Mr. Gibbs of Anderson spent the weekend here with friends. Mrs. Grace Wilbur and daughter Putty returned to Indianapolis after taking care of her mother, Mrs. Ida Eller, who is confined to her bed with a broken thigh. Mrs. Eller Is the weekend and Christmas with his mother, Mrs. Alice Street. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peck had as Christmas guests Mrs. Martha Heed y: untr. co, high and travel and y.r. ' i; Murray, low. Those alienil'ir.- v. -:e Mrs. Lucille ('rail, l.oni ;e CnllrUi s presented wlifi a f;i!t church. grreip A ChrisniMS rrifl The children gathered around an from i he land daughter, Airs. Helen Cnlletti of Chicago, .Mr. ?"t Mrs. Kenneth Peck of Indianapolis and Mr. and -(b.'ti-e v :?h enmvrd at the rlose of uUracliv'tv decorated Christmas tree distribute)! the Santa Cl.tus Mrs. Forest Claybaugh and duughter turo snowmen wu pl;ifcd nbout hp ; (!jl n. , ., t in ir. Tirhmoi,is of r?rp wliil-room and the silver decorations add-1 -m(i 0un worn p'rvod hv randlelfpht ! tills he meeljnir. Tte!efhmonis of cplrp whiio of Clinton. n a lnnr; talil i -sis sealed Miss Wilma Pence and Carl Pence ed to the wintry seen--. Prior to the instiillaiinn erVlPfi!. j Tiific, i.rrHMlt 'WfTO Mrs. Rlllfl prevent 'wer spent Christmas with their grand I Clll'is! ni;;H all and fcdi J pioup itirlnr The lulilr llalni'e c.nud mother, Mrs. Mattle Hunt and aunt, arnls wire sunt; by in the afternoon a w;tH taken. i:-, decorated with min-. Santa Chins. anels eentered with a large EW YEAR'S Mrs. Minnie Parker of Rockvllle. Mrs. Audrey Wallace of Gary getting along nicely. j and Hjiowiiit'it spent several days with relatives. d'.inii Willi silver rein- red si' i" Harry Guin Is spending the week rreohinenls of eliocolate deer, li GREETINGS Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hope of Indianapolis spent, the weekend and Christmas with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Weber and sisters and with his sons, Harry and Jesse Gum and family in Chicago. f:idu 11 ev. and Mrs. Van Liru. Manlin Jane Wriirhf. T(m Wright. Pohert Cl'ider MiMrrd V.'alters. Mario Mv.-rs, Knlhryn How. lid, Howard " Enid TTep, Lillian Cam'i-b'll. n Foliz. Krnest Kidder, Perl Hrown. Mr and Mrs. Dunlcley, Mrs. lohn Dunkley and Bill and Jack Dnn kley. Jolly Birthday flub Holds Recent Banket Dinner Here The Jolly Birthday Clnh int Billy Mildazls is spending the brother. week with his uncles Harry and Charles Becker of Indianapolis Jesse Gum and family In Chicago. milk, drop cakes and dixie cups were served and favors were given to all those present. Centenary Clubs Meets With Mrs. Elva Walters Recently Mrs. Elva Walters was hostess recently for the members of the Cen- Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Moses and the regular business meeting was held at which time. J.ouise Call, out-; going queen, presided. Miss Hilda Lou Salmond was in- ! .stalled as honored queen; iietty June Davis, senior jn im'e.-s; Mi. s . Katherine Sawyer, junior princess; Miss Margaret Ib-ne Piiini, suido iind JUIkb Marion Keilson, marshall. ! Miss Louise Call acted as iustal-! ling officer and was assisted hy Missj Harbara Durgan, iustulling secretary Miss Mary Lou Cillfoy. installing mar-1 shall; Miss Virginia Shew, Installing' guide and Mrs. Wynne Denipsey, : pianist. - j As Miss Salmond was escorU'd ! east to her station, Job's Daughters with gilt crowns and each carrying red roses, formed an aisle. Misfj (Jilfoy sang. Simply Adore you".a' Miss Salmond, was. presented red i spent Christmas with his sister Mrs. S. F. Whiilock and family. 1945 Fairview Park Community Club 1L ---:- met at the town hall Friday night. After the business session, bunco ; Thursday at the honi" of Mrs. Krvin jtenary WSCS with Mrs. Van i.leu, Good where a hnBl;1 dinn"r was played and prizes went to Dom daughter Betty of Dana spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Shull and family. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Parents of Detroit spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Lulu Pavey. Carol Yvonne Parents returned to Detroit after spending two months with her grandmother, Mrs. Lulu t-'ifis Mnny lo joyed at noon assisting. The meeting convened by singing Giovluinl, high. Mrs. Lydla Johnson, bunco, Mrs. Ruby Wlsneskl, low and We thank you for your patronage and your patience during the past year. Shortages of merchandise and difficulties in service have made these most trying times but you, our customers, have been most patient and loyal We Thank You ! For the New Year We Wish You HAPPINESS, HEALTH and PROSPERITY "Silent Night". Mrs. Van Lieu gave the scripture and prayer. Mr. Elsie Houston gave the lesson which was an article on the author of the poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas". ' A gift exchange, contests and delicious Refreshments were enjoyed by ten members and three guests, Mrs. Ruth Walters, Mrs. Jane Wright, and Doris Mae Wright. Members were Mrs. Elsie Houston, Mrs. Maltha Wright, Mrs. Kuth Clu-der, Mrs. Edna Shew, Mrs. - Bessie Kaiser, Mrs. Charles Cluder, Mrs. Lydla Smith. Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Mrs. Sophia Davis, travel. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith, Jr. and children, Curtis and Wilma of Glen Aires spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith, Sr. and brothers and sister, Mrs. Alma Uselman and sons. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Prickett and son Wayne spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Prickett and sister of Cheneyvjllc, III. Nell Dunn, Jr. of Indicnapolls spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Dunn, Sr. and sister Betty. were received. Officers wei-e - leei.-d for Hie eoni-inti year v:ith ATtv 1. nc stteintn as president: JWrs. lor Siinni r. vle.-president: irs. T:y N'e'.vlon. see-retary; and Mrs. Cki Conner treasurer. Out of town ruests were Mfnnle Bodle of Anderson. Ind.. Dorothy Clark and two children of Terre Hau'e. Memhers attending were Mrs. Rkel-ton. Mrs. Oils Hntson. Mrs ("!l!dys Oreen and children. Mrs. f'leo Rk'siw. Mrs. Amanda Push. Aunt Belle Hld-dle, Mrs. Ksther Hlddle. M'-s. Bertha Uollinrrs. M-K. Podo Dunn. Mrs Oladys Skinner, Mrs. Conner, Mis. Newlon. Mrs. Elizabeth Mae flood and Mrs. Amelia Hood. Pavey. i Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hall of South i Bend, Ind. are spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. Alex Reynolds and Mr. and Mrs. James Hall. j Fred Reynolds of Terre Haute spent the weekend with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Alex Reynolds. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Black and Mrs. ! Martha Singleton were Sunday ". guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rey- nolds and family. 1 Mrs. Esther Crane of Monon is j spending the holidays here. Sunday guests at the home of Mr. 1 Theodore Newport of Indianapolis spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Neil Dunn. ' : X Mr. and Mrs. Crup Noakes and roses for each girl. She was then presented the cape and crown of her office and the honored queen's pin which she will wear during the term of office. The new honored queen then presented Miss Call with a past honored queen's pin. Other officers chosen hy Miss Salmond to assist her during her term of office were installed as follows: secretary, Miss Myra (irlfnths; treasurer, Miss Vera Jane Eaton; librarian, Miss Helen Edler; senior custodian. Miss Eileen Donald: junior custodian. Miss Norma Le Knopka: first messenger. Miss Barbara Lowell; second messenger, Martha Jar-dine; third, fiss Mary Lee Vrabic; fourth. Miss Caroline Whitcomh; and fifth. Miss .Mary Evelyn riff in; chaplain, Miss Sally Cogan, pianist. Miss Dolores Long; inner guard, Miss Edith Graham, and outer guard. Miss Dorothy Helen Guinn. Approxinately f -guwt a attending the installation services and refreshments of punch and cake were served. and Mrs. Claude Hayes were Miss j Florence Traversa of Chicago, Mrs. , (Mary Gutish and daughters, Francis Surprise Birthday Party Held For Mrs. Van Horn Mrs. Sarah Van Horn was the honored (,'iiesl at a surprise party held Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Kdtrar' (ieller on Walnut street. Mrs. Van Horn received many nice and Barbara and uoDert Payne or I Clinton. ! Mr. and Mrs. John Kitchen and j sons of Anderson spent (he weekend J witli relatives. ! Russell Holt of Brooklyn. N. Y. j spent several days here with relatives. .. Mr. juid Mrs. J'erry X'lark were Sunday guests of Morey and Maude Mrs. Ida Miller of Terrfc Haute, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lew Hendrlx. Mrs. Ella Ingram and family moved from First street to Washington street. Floyd Foster and Boh Osmou of riinton were Sunday guests of Ralph Kerr. J.ohn .and, Edn Mae Kerr are snending the holidays with relatives In Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Betty Kerr and son, Ronald of Clinton were Christmas guests of Mrs. Sina Kerr. Mr. and Mrs. Aithur McCrea, Mr. and Mrs. Enos Ralston, Harry Mc- Hugh Van Lieu and Mrs. Becky Wright. Guests Honored with Dinner At Myer's Home Thursday Marie Myers entertained with a dinner Thursday night honoring Miss Kathryn Howald of Brazil, Miss Mar-jorle Mc.Collum of C16verland, Mrs. Ruth Mitchell of Terre Haute and Miss Wenonah Lawson of Harmony. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Cluder, Robert Cluder and Jack Hunkley. Tjie group speot Ihe evening singing and popping corn. All the girls returned to Tern: Haute where they nre attending the State Teachers College. . Mrs. O'Page Honored At Birthday Card Shower Several guests were present at a surprise binhday card shower held at the home of Mrs. Mablo O'Page Friday evening. Ilelt of Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Kennedy were Christina, guests of Mi-, and Mrs. Sam Smith of Crompton Hill. James Shewey of Paris. III., visited recently with IiIb sister, Mrs. and useful pil'ts. I , Gaines were played throughout ; the evening. Those present were Mrs. Mabel O'l'ane. Mrs. Esther Bynum, j Mrs. Charity Ionian, Mrs. Mowbray, i lire, liose Taylor. Mrs. Harry Kelley, (Mrs. 11. C. Huffman, Mrs. Wallace, ; Mrs. Belle Cogan. Mrs. Louise Har-I wood, Mrs. V. II. Mccracken, Mrs. i William Brown, Mrs. Dom Pastore, Mrs. H. I:. Kim-more, Mrs. Celler, Mrs. I'"le K' aerin'.'i and Miss Virgin- ia Hope, granddaughter of Mrs. Van ! Horn. i ! I'. T. A. 1I;KTINC i Tlie regular nieetinLr of ihe Fatr-lii-nv l. T. A. was imlii .-it the school ; house last Thursday eei,im-. Crea and Roy McCrea were called to, Alice Swickard. St. Louis, Mo. due to the death of Mrs. Helen Houkiss und daughter, their sister, Mrs. Daisy Stevens who Sandra Lee of Chicago "d .Mr. and' passed away Dec. 18. Funeral and , Mrs. John (iedrick and son. John. Jr. EAGLES AND GUESTS- NevYear's burial was held on Thursday, Dec. , i Those attending were Mrs. Cecil Anstead, Mrs. Esther Bynum, Mrs. charity lnman. Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Tlnm Par.tore. Mrs. H. K. Sizemore, Mrs. Pete Renpgiarl, Mrs. William liliodes and Mrs. Pete Taylor. A social evenlnir was enjoyed by all. 21 in St. Louis. Roy McCrea of Detroit Is spending several days with his brothers and sisters. Mr. and Mrs. James Lechner of St. Bernice spent Sunday evening with Mrs. Sam Kerr. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Cordan and daughter Ida of Universal spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Charles PAslIY Diiring Ihe business me-tintr a report of ', w:ts i-irn!" from Ihe Ciiisl'iias Hiilklay Festival. This l-eeort was ;.'i'.rn !) J!asil K- lined v. ilr, anil Mrs. Lauron Millor und t Louden. i (IniiL'lilciH und iUiss Dorothy May Miliar ol' Indianapolis. Mrs. ('. Hain- DANCI gooi jvirsic KNTKKTAINMKNT .Mr. Kananr l't'p'ji'led u lota uf 117 !);irriit-!i-;ie'n r in. iiitier i. r'ollow- i 1 J ' r Ihe bll--iness ll'.eefi!:g !tie (')irfst- i'ias pntr-rain was enjeyed. I t Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cline and daughter Charlene of Clinton spent j Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Oeorue : Cline, his parents and brother, George. i Mrs. Sadie Louden and son, Larry of Clinton spent Sunday Willi Mr.; ::l i!i. H 11 I .1 : & r.f Mi y dinner cue-ii'l .Vrs. Armii le. elt M "el el ml Pvt. Fun i i s we l.ihlre Ui-t'isli'v and Mr?. Mafitft Tlammer-j i Ir-y of fliiiinn wrr' f-nUTtain'-d wild 1 ;i nirkfv (iiniMT nl ihe Iiotiih of Mr. , 'iini Alert. Carl .Miller on Christmap !,,:,v- j !;iid Vri,rltl. F;on of Mr. and Mrs. j Kitii.i U Wriiiji of roiiin two, Clinton rci-i'nily rp'tirued lo Ch'Vi-land,-Oliio , : a ) i i r spr-iidin.T t ho (''jritilinas holi- i ll hiits'in, A rl. I'. M. and Mrs. Charles Louden. Jack Whippo of Lyjord spent Christmas with Mb daughter, Mrs. George Cline. FUN FOR ALL id;;ys wit'i l,is priroiils and brother,! lUiuu M.'irie T.rlltilell of Ind ana nolis 'A. M. V1. yc Robert Paul Wright. spent the weekend with her parents li O 15 K K TA'S BEAUTY SHOP 17 North T(ti SI. jrtoi; imi-w PKRMAVKNTS GIVEN AT N Hi TIT Mr. and Mrs. Charles Louden. EAGLE'S HALL 120 H. Main SI. Thursday pvening gnesfs of Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson and :fnlvln Holtday were Mrs. Walter son of Paris, 111. and Glen Clark of Bernard Salmond Indianapolis spent Christinas with Class. Jr. and Mrs. Terre Haute. A r. LT THIS TIME of resolution- ALL MAKES OF TIRES RET RE AD ED- PROMPT SERVICE mw Mr. and Mrs. Edward Waugh, Indianapolis, former Clinton residents are the parents of a son born ThurH-duy, Dec, 7. The infant weighed seven pounds two ounces and has heen named Donald Hteveu. RETREAD YOUR SMOOTH TRACTOR TIRES e their parents Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Clark and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Hobert McCrea and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCrea and children of Indianapolis spent tho weekend and Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McCrea and other relatives. Mrs. Mary Newklrk spent Christmas with her daughter, Mrs. M. H. Ncal and ramlly of Clinton. Mrs. Wlllard Meeks. Mrs. Rose Walhelm of Danville. III., Mrs. Stella Walhelm and Chester Walhelm are spending several days with Mr. and Mm. John Thomas and children. Mrs. Walhelm is in the Spars and Mr. Walhelm is in the navy, on leave after overseas duty. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fox and Mrs. Audrey Wallace of Gary were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shores. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Holt and Mr. and Mrs. Milford Shores and daughters were Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Srores. Junior Grlndle of Texas called on .Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shores Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hawkins received word that their son. Law malcing it might be apropos to recall the words of a wise old philosopher of a long forgotten era. He said: "Every first of January that we arrive at is an imaginary mile-stone on the track of human life; at once a resting place for thought and meditation and a starting point for fresh exertion in the performance of our journey. The man who doe 3 not propose to himself to be better this year than he was last must be either very good or very bad indeed." We wish you a very Happy New Year GROUND GRIP TREAD DESIGN I0R MAXIMUM TRACTION Mrs. Anne Cooke. Montezuma, was admitted lo the Vermillion county hospital as a surgical case yesterday. il nfa flw Cr lAt our factory-trained xprts ntreid yoortires. Ton gat positire cleaning and mnimum traction with the Firestone Triple-Brtced Tread Design. NO (ADONtNO UXTtfKATl KfOUWCO Farmers Required to File Estimate on Federal Tax All farmers are required to file an estimate of final 1944 federal income tax return hy Jan. 15, 1945, aecordiiiK to information received hy I'ostmaster Homer Mitchell. Arrangements have been made for a deputy collector to be at the Clinton postoffice on Jan. S, 9 and 111, from 8:30 a. in., until 4 p. m., to assist taxpayers in filing their re rence Charles Hawkins has returned BLATTS ROSEN POLAND'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY to California after spending the past year in the South Pacific- and will come to his home here after the first of the year. Warren Dugger 1c Fireman of New York spent 11 days furlough turns. Ha PIIOXE 732 214 S. M tlX ST. with his wife and parents and other j CMVTOX, I XI). their gn Read Oar Up-to-Date Sport Newi relatives. They culled on grandfather. Arnold Dim i; of J.

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