Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 18, 2015 · Page T7
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page T7

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Page T7
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Page T7 article text (OCR)

7 ROC TV • Democrat and Chronicle • • Sunday,October18,2015 MOVIES SPORTS KIDS SUNDAY DAYTIME OCTOBER 18 DSHDTV 88 Paid Program Paid Program The Er nest Angley Hour In Touch with Dr. Charles Stan ley CBS News Sunday Morn ing (N) In side Buf falo Face the Na tion (N) The NFL To day (Live) NFL Foot ball: Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills from Ralph Wil son Stadium (Live) For give or For getNew ly wedNew ly wedCatch 21Catch 21Amer i can (TVPG) Live Life!EdgeFam TimeMannCross Creek (‘83, Drama) Mary Steenburgen. ‘PG’ Char lie 1010 Paid Program Raw Travel (N) Roch es terMassTo day Week end (N) Meet the Press (N) Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Ac cess Hol ly wood (TVPG) (N) PGA Tour: Year in Review Countdown (Live) NASCAR Sprint Cup (Live) AbbottAbbottF TroopF TroopWel comeWel comeGilligan’sGilligan’sSavedSavedSavedSavedBradyBradyBradyBradyGilligan’sGilligan’s 1313 This Old House Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Good Morn ing Amer ica Week end (N) Many Voices Full Measure This Week with Stephanopoulos (N) Paid Program Paid Program Sports Beat Tim Mc Carver (N) Mon ster (‘04, Drama) Charlize Theron. Prostitute be comes a serial killer. ‘R’ 14 La tinoOur WorldPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidAbil i tiesMcCarverKick off (Live) PaidMaryShel ley’s Fran ken stein (‘94) Rob ert De Niro. ‘R’ 2121 Sign ingSes ameSes ame StreetCu ri ousCu ri ousKrattsWordGirlCyberBizKid$Re li gionKnowCon traryOpin ionCitywiseRead (N) Mas ter piece (TVPG) Con traryWash WkMcLghlinOpen MndEu ropeGlobalAmer ica ReFramedMid dle (TVPG) Be tweenReadHeart landCol o radoCol o radoStart UpCon traryWash Wk EasyViewMex icoFast FoodChowCiao ItaliAmer icaKidsAsk ThisWoodshopGreenerSoupStellinoBakeCook’sBakeKitchenMar tha 3131 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Dragonfly TV Paid Program FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace Full Measure (N) Roch. Press Box Rex Ryan Show Buf falo (Live) FOX NFL Sunday (Live) NFL Foot ball: Wash ington Redskins at New York Jets from MetLife Stadium (Live) PaidPaidCitywiseMiss ingZoo CluesCool estInnerloc’sHard CorePathOut doorsPaidMistyAnt ler IceMad Dog RushOut doorsWild Penn.Com mand 216305 FellowshpCath o licTurn ingLead ingIn Touch (TV G) Choo ChooChoo ChooDive, OllyDive, OllyDokiDokiThe Ka rate Kid (‘84, Drama) Ralph Macchio. ‘PG’ 239307 MeredithPaidLord WayCrefloDa vidPaidLaw & Or der: Rit ual Law & Or der (TV14) Heat Night (TVPG) Heat Night (TVPG) Heat Night (TVPG) Heat Night (TVPG) PagadoPagadoPagadoPagadoRaggsNoo dleChicaLazyPagadoPagadoPagadoMindfreakEnfoqueCriss An gel (TVPG) Vídeos ms (TV14) Antesala 200202 New Day SundayNew Day SundayNew DayPol i ticsState (N) Fareed Zakaria (N) Re li able SourcesState of the UnionFareed ZakariaCNN News room (N) 208355 Op tionsPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidWen HairPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid 140206 Coll. FtblNFL MatchSportsCenterSportsCenterSportsCenterNFL In sid ersSunday NFL Count down (Live) Champ.Col legeFtbllPre view 144209 SportsCenterCol legeFtbllCol legeFtbllOut sideSport RptSportsCenterFan tasy Foot ball NowCFL Foot ball: Ham ilton vs Montreal (Live) 691 Col legeFoot ball: Utica vs St. John Fisher (Taped) OrangeOvOrangeOvHeart landPokerOut BndsOrangeOvRacelineFan tasyWrld TennOrangeOvOrangeOvFoot ball 241241 PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPowerNat.PowerNat.PowerNat.PowerNat.The Expendables (‘10, Ac tion) Sylvester Stallone. ‘R’ The Expendables 2 (‘12) ‘R’ 160331 Ri dic u lousRi dic u lousRi dic u lousRi dic u lousScary Movie 3 (‘03) Anna Faris. ‘PG-13’ DemiRi dic u lousRi dic u lousRi dic u lousRi dic u lousRi dic u lousRi dic u lousRi dic u lousMid dleMid dle 162335 VH1 + Mu sic Top music videos. (N) VH1 Top 20 Video Count down (TVPG) Bas ket ball: Re union Cou ples Ther apyLove & Hip (TV14) B.A.P.S. (‘97, Comedy) Halle Berry. ‘PG-13’ 170299 LopezLopezSpongeSpongeDinoAlvinAlvinSpongeSpongeSpongeTMNTAlvinAlvinAlvinLiar Liar Vam pire (‘15) ‘NR’ Shak ers 180311 PaidMassHarry Pot ter and the Pris oner of Azkaban (‘04) ‘PG’ Harry Potter and the Or der of the Phoe nix (‘07) Daniel Radcliffe. ‘PG-13’ Harry Potter & Half-Blood ‘PG’ 105242 White Collar (TVPG) PaidPaidMir a clesPaidSVU: Con fron ta tion SVU: In fil trated SVU: Un der belly SVU: Cage (TV14) SVU: Cho reo graph SVU (TV14) 138245 Law & Or der (TV14) Law & Or der (TV14) Law & Or der: Panic Law & Or der (TV14) Law & Or der (TV14) Law & Or der (TV14) The Lord of the Rings: The Two Tow ers (‘02) ‘PG-13’ 131254 (5:30) The Dark Knight (‘08, Ac tion) Chris tian Bale. ‘PG-13’ Constantine (‘05, Horror) Keanu Reeves. ‘R’ Res i dent Evil (‘02) Milla Jovovich. ‘R’ Res i dent Evil:Apoc a lypse ‘R’ 108252 Sub-DPaidIn Touch (TV G) Amaz ingDa vid JereOsteenTry ITStep It Up (TVPG) MoviePre mium (‘06, Comedy) Dorian Missick. ‘R’ 182278 PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidAmer i can Mus cleGold Rush: Blood, Sweat (TVPG) Alaska: Last (TVPG) Alaska: Last (TVPG) Alaska: Last (TVPG) 118265 PaidPaidDog Bounty (TVPG) Dog Bounty (TVPG) Be yond (TV14) Be yond (TV14) Be yond (TV14) Be hind Bars: (TV14) Be hind Bars: (TV14) Be hind Bars: (TV14) 107249 PaidPaidPaidPaidSouthPrk (TVMA) SouthPrk (:27) Beverly Hills Cop (‘84, Ac tion) Eddie Murphy. ‘R’ Black Sheep (‘96) Chris Farley. ‘PG-13’ Tommy Boy ‘PG-13’ 114236 PaidSkincareE! News Week endBotched: The Serial Botched (TV14) Botched: Dr. Nassif Dash Dolls (TV14) Dash Dolls (TV14) Dash Dolls (TV14) Kardashians (TV14) 185312 LucyLucyLucyLucyMid dleMid dleGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenFirst Daugh ter (‘04) Katie Holmes. ‘PG’ Oc to ber Kiss (‘15) Ashley Wil liams. ‘NR’ 124329 (4:00) BETIn spi ra tion Gos pel and religious events. (TV G) Jones Gos pel (N) Voice (:32) O.J. Simpson (:34) First Sunday (‘08, Comedy) Ice Cube. ‘PG-13’ Un der cover ‘PG-13’ 270402 El chavoEl chavoPagadoPagadoPrograma pagadoLa rosa de (TV14) Al Punto (N) Derecho-admisFútbol (Directo) Fútbol Liga MX: Querétaro vs Toluca 261370 PopeSt. Luke’sMi chaelThe HolySunday MassLit anyofBook markGod WpsAt Home (TV G) (N) The HolyHoly Mass andIn Con cert (TV G) Chestertn 110231 PaidTry ITWeek (TV G) Bare footGiadaPi o neerTrisha’sBbby FlayTBAPi o neerPi o neerSouth ernTrisha’sThe Kitchen (TV G) Worst Cooks (TV G) 639 SportsSportsSportsSportsSportsSportsPaidPaidPaidPaidSportsSportsSportsSportsRed Bull Sig na tureRed Bull Sig na ture 631 Yan keesRun ningPaidPaidPaidPaidYan keeYan keesCenterStagDraftKingsMo ments Brook lynNBA Pre. Bas ketball (Live) 209356 Locked Up AbroadLockupBusi nessPoliticsNation (N) Up Pun dit panel. (N) Me lissa Har ris-Perry Po lit i cal talk.(N) Weekends with Alex Witt (N) Meet the Press 139247 SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeldFriendsFriendsFriendsFriendsZoolander (‘01) Ben Stiller. ‘PG-13’ Road Trip (‘00, Comedy) Breckin Meyer. ‘R’ Role Mod els (‘08) Men tors. ‘R’ 260372 I Will Bless the LordJ. FalwellT Ev ansPisegnaTouch ingKing domTurn ingWalk WrdWin ningReignCar pen terSchullerIn TouchGra hamWrit tenJeffressNow 634 PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidNY Gi antsNY Gi antsNY Gi antsNY Gi ants 1st & 10Knicks in 60Pre GameNHL Hockey: New Jer sey vs New York 183280 PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lanta 635 NY Gi ants 1st & 10NY Gi antsPaidPaidPaidPaidBelmontNHL Hockey: San Jose vs New York NauticaDev ils PreNHL Hockey: New Jer sey vs New York 129237 Couch (TV14) Vanderpump RulesVanderpump RulesVanderpump RulesDash Dolls (TV14) Teresa: Tre of Life Manzo’dManzo’dManzo’dManzo’dDon’t BeDon’t Be 112229 PaidPaidMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketFlip pingVir ginsFixer Up per (TV G) Fixer Up per (TV G) 205360 FOX & Friends (N) FOX & Friends (N) FOX & Friends (N) FOX & Friends (N) Sunday Morn ing (N) MediaBuzz (N) News HQHousecallNews HQ (DC) (N) FOX News Sunday 176296 Ti tans Go!Trans formPokémonTi tans Go!Ti tans Go!Ti tans Go!Ti tans Go!Ti tans Go!We BareWe BareTi tans Go!Ti tans Go!Clar enceClar enceTi tans Go!Ti tans Go!GumballGumball 122244 PaidPaidPaidPaidTwi lightTwi lightTwi lightSi lent Hill: Rev e la tion (‘12) ‘R’ They Found Hell (‘15, Hor ror) ‘NR’ Blade II (‘02) Wes ley Snipes. ‘R’ 132256 Andy Hardy’s Pri vate Secretary (‘41) ‘NR’ Silk Stock ings (‘57) Fred Astaire. ‘NR’ Movie Stars (TV14) Movie Stars (TVPG) Gilda (‘46, Drama) Rita Hayworth. ‘NR’ Anna and King ‘NR’ 172290 Sher iffJakeDoc McMickey (TVY) So fiaBlogBlogAus tinLivJessieJessieJessieLivLivLivBestBest 166327 CMT Mu sic CMT pres ents country mu sic vid eos. (TVPG) (N) Hot 20 Countdown Vid eos and news. (TVPG) In stantJam (TVPG) Cow boys (TVPG) Cow boys (TVPG) 120269 PaidPaidThe Hunt (TVPG) The Hunt (TVPG) The Hunt: One Shot The Hunt (TVPG) The Hunt (TVPG) Ice Road Truck ersIce Road Truck ersIce Road Truck ers 106304 Chris tineChris tineChris tineOld Chris tine (TV14) GoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenThe Golden GirlsGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenGolden 401218 PGA TOUR GolfMorn ing DriveEu ro peanTourGolf: from Oceånico Vic toria Golf Club in Vilamoura, Por tugal (Live) Golf Cen tral Pre Game (Live) Cham pi ons Tour 136248 PaidPaidBuffy: Fear, It self Mike MllyMike MllyHow I MetHow I MetHow I MetHow I MetIce Age: Dawn of the Di no saurs (‘09) ‘PG’ IceAge:Con ti nen talDrift (‘12) ‘PG’ 184282 Un tamed (TV14) Un tamed (TV14) Un tamed (TV14) To Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nouncedTo Be An nounced 159220 PL WorldPre mierPre mierPre mierPre mier LeaguePre mier (Live) (:55) English Pr. League Soc cer (Live) NASCAR/DriveAmer ica’s (Taped) 127251 PaidPaidPaidPaidHouse: Clue less House: Safe (TV14) Snapped (TVPG) Snapped (TVPG) Snapped (TVPG) Snapped (TVPG) Snapped (TVPG) 242246 PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidRoad SpillRoad SpillA Ru insA Ru insTop 20 (TV14) Top 20 (TV14) Top 20 Fish er man. 196277 PaidPaidMys ter ies (N) Mys ter ies Old book. Mys ter ies (TVPG) Mys ter ies (TVPG) Mys ter ies (TVPG) Un known (TVPG) Bi zarre (TVPG) FoodPar a dise 300501 MouthAgent Cody Banks 2 (‘04) ‘PG’ The Kid (‘00, Comedy) Bruce Willis. ‘PG’ Night at Mu seum: Se cret ‘PG’ First LookFight GmeReal Time (TVMA) 28 Days (‘00) ‘PG-13’ 310515 Ed (‘96) Matt LeBlanc. ‘PG’ Breach (‘07, Thriller) Chris Cooper. ‘PG-13’ (:25) Transamerica (‘05) ‘R’ Belle (‘14, Drama) Gugu Mbatha-Raw. ‘PG’ Jackie Brown (‘97, Drama) Pam Grier. ‘R’ 318545 Run away Bride (‘99) Richard Gere. ‘PG’ In side the NFLJim Rome (TVMA) Au gust: Osage County (‘14) ‘R’ The Amityville Hor ror (‘05) ‘R’ The Lovers (‘15) ‘R’

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