The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 29, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1944
Page 5
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THE CLINTONIAN Friday, December 29, 1944. - n r OMA NEXT By Jack Sards " Pago Fir " ' iVhH '', . Wash Oven Wash the inside of the even and racks with soap and water, rinse, and dry thoroughly. If inside is rusted, clean with steel wool and paint with aluminum paint. Allow oven door to remain slightly open until cool. Work Continues In Main Office Of Ward Store mmmmm with ( lie orders and this threat prompted government seizure. "The government only goes in on an interruption of the war effort and not merely on disobedience of WLB orders," Biddle added. The attorney general said the Department of Justice welcomed a test of the President's right to seizure. The action, lie pointed out, was taken both under the provisions of the Smlth-Connally act and under the President's powers as commander in chief. (Continued from page 1) Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CmROPRACTOK X-Ray 2351 Blackmail Pe rrysville Farmer Wins Place on Cover Of National Magazine A color photograph showing wartime implement repairing on the farm of Ellis Vokel, who lives near Perrysville in Vermillion county, Is one of the illustrations on the cover of the January Issue of Capper's Farmer, which features scenes depleting the ingenuity of Midwestern farmers in keeping their equipment going under adverse conditions. Vokel Is shown altering the coupling Joint of his combine power-take-off shield. He took up welding as a hobby several years ago. Now he maintains a country shop for the accommodation of neighbors. He owns both acetylene and electric outfits, Bays a story describing the cover illustrations. "As war has advanced farmers have had to rely more and more on their own resources for Implement repair," the story points out. "They've tinkered and coddled machines that normally would have been discarded. They've put outmoded equipment back to work. They've kept some going years beyond normal service expectancy. They've designed and built devices to fit emergency needs and to save labor." All-Out Civilian War Effort Urged In Leaders Reports (Continued from page ) Bowl Teams In Final Drills For New Year's Tennessee Vols Wind Up Rehearsals for Meeting With USC in Rose Bowl; Cotton, Sun Bowls Ready PASEDENA, CAL., The name of Buster Stephens, No. 1 Tennessee University halfback, lias been bobbing around in football conversation these days as one which may go down In Rose Bowl history when the Vols meet the University of Southern California on New year's day. Vols Use Running Plays With an admittedly weak passing attack and one which has completed not many more than 15 aerials the entire season against regular opponents, Tennessee is working on a running offensive that has as its goal springing Stephens loose from initial tacklers. And Stephens, once in the clear, Is an 180-pound streak, difficult to bring down. Tennessee sports writers accompanying the Vols admit that while Stephens lacks the seasoning of former great Tennessee backs such as Bobby Dodd, Gene McEver, George Cafcgo or Bob Foxx, he's on Klw PMtum tyrndlcsta All UisM bodily Heeled by tw,c military policemen last spring.'j,. Today there were no military policemen, there were, in fact, no nii-lllary personnel of rank lower than first, lieutenant on hand. However, there was an undercurrent of 'apprehension, engendered by the decision of Avery, who haB challenged the constitutionality of the seizure, kto stay on the job and continue to run Ward's from his office "unless they throw me out bodily." Tills, the military apparently was not of a mind to lq.Lt. Col. A. H. Raskin, army public relations officer attached to Ren. Byron's staff, said: "Vi e Arr.iy do- s not want to 113 rights." C':i. Pr .'cfu Indicated t hi t Avery Is actually opei'iitim Die fur-flung biii-'in'.'SJ t'.e exception of the 10 stores, but ti nt tho Army might lake over the entire business. Col. Raliin said he "believed" the Ward workers would receive wage i-. JIIll MOnteuo Who uas - V Jr fij' C flJ Sttaft . I BeosM& op Fob Mis i VauSi eou-r vvVfH use oiA H9W QUINTUPLETS rliv coughing of CHEST COLDS Whenever the Quintuplets catch cold their chest , throats and backs ararubbed with Musterole. So Musterole must be Just about the beat cold-relief you can buyl Musterole lwlpa break up local congestion in upper bronchial tract, makes brcuthlntt easier, promptly relievo cough-ing and tight, sore, aching chest musclea due to colds. In 3 Strengths: Children Mild, Regular, and Extra Strong. A Ho warned that the Japanese army is bigger and stronger now than at the time of Pearl Harbor, the Nipponese industrial machine with its accumulated stockpiles of raw materials and slave labor is still formidable and geography continues as the enemy's powerful ally. "it we could bring our armies face to face with all the Japanese armies on some Asiatic battlefield we would, without a doubt, win ,de-eisevely and bring the Pacific con tr increases and back pay as ordered Classified Adt Sell Most Anything in War Labor Board dicertives. Avery's unyielding refusal to heed his way to reaching the level of these these direct Ives, and to grant maintenance of union membership ub or Volunteer greats. dered by I lie WLli, resulted in the strikes and disorders which led to Coach John Barnhlll intends to use a tricky, swift double reverse with Stephens on the ball-receiving THERE ARE MANY REASONS : WHY YOU SHOULD: government seizure of the Ward properties. flict to a speedy close. "There Is not the slightest question as to our superiority both In numbers and In efficiency. The same thing is true of our air forces and our navy. Such a lest of strength, however, will be avoided by the Japanese as long as possible, "We will have to defeat them the hard way." . The year-end review reinforced Patterson's summary with details of 1944 achievements in war production and a discussion of projected requirements for military victory and postwar reconstruction. WPB Chairman J. A. Krug cautioned that the nation faces the "blunt truth" of war production schedules failing to keep pace with "the aclual urgent demands of our Right of Government Seizure Main Issue In Ward Case: Biddle Japanese Claim Ataek on U. S. Philippines Convoy (Continued trout page I) end as his main attack weapon and Stephens may go places with the able blocker, quarterback Billy Bevis, out In front of him. The Volunteers went through an uneventful practice session yesterday, Today will be their final intensive workout, the team will taper off Saturday with a light drill and Sunday morning will merely "go through the motions" on the Rose Bowl field to get the feel of the turf. (Continued trom page 1) allegi'il that Japanese ground forces Hulluaheru Islam! northwest ol New lluinca shot down "7ii enemy output valued at wore than five Helium Uses Many new uses for helium have been developed in recent years and it is expected to play an important role in the nation's peacetime economy. Its use in the treatment of asthma, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases, in eliminating or reducing caisson disease, in the operating room as a part of non-inflammable anesthetics and in welding magnesium mcta! are generally known. Mtny other potential uses are being studied, H3 WAC Fare According to tho Third WAC Training Center at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., about 4'j pounds of food per day per WAC are prepared. Of this about 5 per cent is left as edible waste; and this 5 per cent docs not mean only food scraps loft on trays, but also includes leftovers. air planes" and damaged 1-12 oth billion dollars per month. ers. the war executive that the labor board's orders were merely "recom-liiemUitlons" or-"advisory." "The question of whether a WLB had a right to order maintenance of membership is not in this case at all," he said. "The terms of WLB orders cannot be brought before a court. The only question at Issue Is Asserting that "a manpower Bit- GENERAL MAC ARTHUR'S HEAD nation of the utmost seriousness con QUARTERS, PHILIPPINES General Douglas MacArthuv'a communi HELPS YOU RELAX KEEPS YOU IN TRIM LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY EL PASO, TEX. The University of Mexico football team already was on hand today and busy at practice and the southwestern University squad will show up tomorrow for the 10th annual Sun Bowl game in El Paso New Year's Day. The Mexican players are light, and flashy, averaging only 165 pounds, but they were undefeated this season and are the champions of the Mexican College league. fronts the country," WMC Chairman Paul V. McNutt said an estimated 300,000 worgers are needed immediately for critical war programs. He pointed out that the civilian labor force decreased from 63.9 to fifty-three million from September, 1943, to September, 1944. whether the government had a right to seize Ward's properties in seven cities." The attorney general asserted that Avery had created a threat to war production by his non-compliance que today disclosed a third successive aerial smash at Clark airfield near Manila with the consequent blasting of an additional twenty Jap planes, bringing to 144 the number of enemy aircraft destroyed. Quit Mincloio Admits The communique also reported that there was no enemy ground or air activity at Mlndoro Island, indicating that the Japanese have given up at least temporarily their ef FORT WORTH, TEX. Tho Texas Christian football team was due for a hard drill In the mud today for Its Cotton Bowl game New Year's day with the Oklahoma A. and M. cowboys1 St Dallas: - ' "Wa w3k Wm forts to harass American .. forces- The cowboys arrived in Dallas yes-' terday, but TCU will not make the short trip until Monday, the day of the game. Coach ( Butch Meyer of TCU said his boys were the underdogs in the annual game, but that . they are In the best of spirits. Army's Silver Star Awarded To Capt. A. M. Krekler (Continued trom page 1) which control the southwestern sector of the strategic island, due south of Manila. The third strike was launched nt Clark Field Tuesday and the communique merely reported destruction of 20 Jap planes witli another listed as probable, failing to mention whether ground Installations were bombed as in the two previous raids. (The Tokyo radio reported that American surface units bombarded the northwestern lip of Hohol Island, southwest of Leyte in tho Vlsnyns. "The enemy, however, made a hasty escape when the Japanese unit on the spot effected a daring counterattack," Tokyo said. The report was recorded by the FCC hut had no confirmation from any American military source.) KcM'l Air, Sea Attack The latest anil heaviest atlempt positions on Mindoro was made Tues-which was repulsed wilh the loss of of the enemy (o strike at American day in a combined air and naval raid three Jup destroyers and three planes and damaging of an enemy battleship and heavy cruiser. Meanwhile, nmppimr operations on Leyte Island continued as !)12 Japs were killed and 16 taken primmer. There was no enemy air activity over Leyte, the communique said. Light naval units, presumably P-T boats, patrolling the Leyte coast, sank two enemy luggers. Itouihcrs Hange Wide undoubtedly saved the lives of nine of his men and reflects credit upon himself and upon the military service. Captain Krekler has been in service for four years, two years in overseas duty. During his overseas tour he has been In action in North Africa, Sicily and France. In command of a tank group. Captain Krekler has been wounded In action three times, once in Sicily and twice in France. He was In the initial invasion in Sicily and went ashore on Normandy witli American troops in the first hour of D-Day, June 6.' 'He received his second lieutenancy at Fort Knox, Ky. and has reached his present rank in promotions while In combat. : fci Nova Scotia Apple a Cash Crop Apple growing is the most prosperous form of farming in Nova Scotia. Thimble ,xfjc, &fcfl Theatre MSW-iJ Iz'&fMl WUtew$rd starrms (tssssM m IJ Jmv t'ttintimfBSBi r FEDERAL AGENT, W "OPE ! I WAS FOUR "1 ( 'i SEEN HER. TSUI CLUMB W PHOM HEAOOUARTERS soeson; )- offioerdiotouMblooksawavwhen mistah'V inavaller SL P,HHJ WL 1V SEEAWOMAM BJL I HEARD IT ..Tffi'SP.iA IIIS'IWS AT P PI tVt RUN OUT OF HERE feSi. rJJX AWAV SHE WENT) E"'I - i mmm I Z I r -.SKI.,-- : I American bombers continued the smashes against a wide range of targets in the Philippines and the southwest Pacific. Heavy units hit the Talisay airdrome on Negros Island in the Vis- ayas with fill tons of bombs w Mitchell mediums blasted pero' -wl and supply concentrations at n Roque and Zamboanga on Mi-.'a::- o Island. Several warehouses v.- re wrecked in the Mindanao : .i 1 which cost the Americans one 1 lane. NEW YORK, X. Y. Tho Jap-ane.-io donu'slic radio said todi'y that singlf1 H-29's, "ba.ed in the Marianas," liad carried out throe raids ovor south-cf i; ; -al Honshu ho-twoon 8: SO last n'mii- ind 5::hi a. in. (Japanone time) dun.. ' which in-condiaries wero dropped, shortly af terward tiic radio announcpd that "enemy planrs" were raiding the same section again tonight. ieiisve i Lao real u d ';. Secret "?Kofr' WE ISKS.n , Operative WJ , VSS&m. fiXj?- COLUMNIST WtlJ CT ? HAND ENCOUNTER9 A.W CVar '-T' 'J . MANEUVERS f (j SX , SOMETHING AMI fC T. -. " 48 DAN INTO r;. Jfiv- KT V Yt- S v METALLIC" Vf position- itK LS) N-r- iVW AVvlH MaK '' AND IS SLOWLY kl Wm f - i W , v fcit'U - ' j THE PISTOL ll jf-,'r ' ': MUZZLE , L.i .'''A aJSIlSli LV Aa V '" -aTv-1- . CLORANt? 1 Klkr il VVAW'f ;.'.;: .',v I the detectives i-gjsssggf K?lf VsTK Bronofiifis Creomulsion relievos promptly because it ?;oe.s right to the seat of the trouble to help lr.osen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw. lender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion Wilh the understanding you ruu-st like the way it quickly a hays, the (,at,h or j ou arc to hiiVe voiu inenev Lack. ,j CREOMULSION .Jl'lil0""'- THE DAILY CLINTONIAN "Vermillion County's Home Neuspaprr" for Cough;, Chest ColJs, Bronchitis

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