The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 29, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1944
Page 4
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w t - . -. .,-Jxvr friday, Decemhpr 29, 1844. itagc. Four .THE DAILT CMNTOJUAJI .TOMBSTONES MAKE POOR ; FOUNDATIONS THE DAILY CLFNTOIYIAN Behindllieften KL.i in i mi ncu' i tin ir-aw-s. 'iir -srsr i-; I -: HOLLYWOOD , JlteaMJahed M The Weekly CHatonUa 1M Tfca diBton PbUndeader absorbed In IBM Published Dull Except Saturday and Sunaaj ttwrge I Carey - Editor and Publisher I M the Poatofflce at Clinton, ma lama At the MocU$ j PI, I MUM , lrjilay mid. Niiliirduy A beautiful wartime romance provides the emotional ungle. fn 'Marine, Haiders" UKO Hadio'B gripping pieturo of the famous fighting corps. Starring I'ut OUrieii Robert Kyan niul Itutli Hussoy t tie film deftly blends lis loin slory bo-liveen Kyau unil MIhs HiiHsey wflli .ilvid scenes or Marines on (undalciinul in a blg-ncelc invasion of I lir I'liiilppines and in t liihuralc glimpses oi' tile rigorous iruliiijig ol' "rookie" .Marines lor jungle romliat. M Second Ouuh Matter Indian Republican Edlt..-tl AaaarJaaaai . By HARRISON CARROLL lihiK t'caturi'S NjlidkBte rllrr HOLLYWOOD Some of the stars v.'ho have been sympathizing Willi Richard Dix for having dropped out of the silpol'-cpic.l got a rude shock Phone S3 , phone 32 Member Imimm &WUBUCAM oiwm A CCVJITIMf Edmund O'Brien has written ' a bonk about his ,C)(perienoes with the "Winged Victory" troupe. Calja it "Mission Accomplished." . . Jeanetto MjtcDonald training east early in January to catch up on a Iwo-year backlog of recording!. Keep an eye on Charley Foy and Mrs. Marajen Pyas, widow , ol Major Dyas, who survived the death march from Bataan only to be killed over here in a plane crash. Remember Stanley Smith, who used to be a leading man for Paramount? He's working in the Warner publicity department. . I just getting well from a seriei of illnesses and operations after being hurt In football picture. . tills week when Kich sold two apartment buildings, one of 09 units, another of 22. The reported price, and in cash, was $450,000! And this repre- ts k I s e n t e d o n 1 y I F 'ii I na, t ' "'e ,c"' I I i pstate 0,6 stal' ' a fiii.n lias been buying H All SII l i lilaj and Salunlav . One ul tlio 1'inesl porlrayalH of ol( cliaiacter types ill the movies is i :in ii i el L J.yini lo he seen In one of Ilia best parts in the l.'HC emotional drama "Tomorrow Wo Live" starrlnj? Jean I'arker und Richard Cortez at the Waliasli Theatre, in 'this exeitliiK picture Lynn plays an old " Desert rat" flighting lo tave his beautiful dauBhte- from the clinches of a psyche :.ibic gangster. "Call of the Prairie" coming to the Wabash Theatre Is tin. Ha,Hso Carroll mUn." So Rich should worry about euper-cpicH. And, 'for that matter, Columbia pays hiin a nice chunk The Bob Youngs have sold their 12-acre Tarzana ranch to the Bud Abbotts. The Young Jdds now want to live In town. i of. money lor the "Whistler" series. SUGGESTS EQUALIZING TAXES Fiorella La , Guardia, Mayor of New York, advocates a national taxing policy wi' "uniformity of taxes throughout the c in order to avoid placing business i .' is..'.. in any section of the coun- latest of I he series of movies built wound Clarence E. Mul-ford's famous "Hopalong Cassi-1 ily" Btories. William Hoyd plays ( A large number of fan letters, particularly from the Middle West, took the hide off of Humphrey Bogai t for participating so strongly in the Koosevelt campaign. Humphrey says to heck with it. In fact, he's just sold a story to a national . weekly defending the rights of actors to mix into politics. Title of the story is "I Stuck My Neck Out." If a coast, artillery major who shared a taxi with Claire Trevor (she boarded it at the R-K-O studio) will get In touch with the star, she's anxious to return his suitcase full of clothes. -He got off the taxi first and grabbed her bag by mistake., He must have .been amazed ..when - he opened,. it In find a makeup kit and a back-,, less evening gown Claire ivas 1 wearing in "Jolinny Angel." i y .': :. (..advantage. 'i !'?. , something of a novel sugges- I;,, c joryes consideration. Tb.-! Mayor would eliminate' duplica-.' !! . axes the over-lapping of fields of tue. role, of iVHopalpug" In the series. X9 V : and the unbalanced tax situation ,.i the various states. He suggests ncome and corporation taxes should i ..a f Apprently,. the arrival of his five-year-old adopted daughter was too much for Bill Bendix. He bad to go home from the "Bell for Adano" set with a temperature of 101 and the family is in an uproar Lrying to take care pf Bill and to keep the baby far enough away from him so it won't catch Baclerlal Crowlh Bacteria, molds and ycosls, the chief causes of most food spoilage, grow rapidly at temperatures .around 70 desiacs, Fahrenheit and slowly ,leUveen j degrees and 40 degrees. Some row very slowly at temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees but there- appears lo. be no microbial uction nl temperatures below 15 degrees. , Fresh foods should be chilled promptly and Itcpl coid until prpperly frozen., . HOLLYWOOD HI JJNX: t The army corporal who drove Martha Til ton around Saipan in a jeep has sent her the year's oddest Christmas present a pair -of brass lmucks made out of Jap car- tridges. The corporal must have read those stories about Hollywood wolves, ... In spite of the radio campaign to identify Bert Gordon as Boris Tsoris, Gordon's fan niail still comes addressed to "The Mad Russian." . . . Peggy Ryan is having dates with Joan Davis' singer, Dave Street. . ... Last June, at his ranch near San Diego, Leo Carrillo lost a family orest out of his ring. This really should have gone lo Ripley instead of me but Mrs. Carrillo just discovered the enpraved stone in the gizzard of a turkey! South Fourth street. Ho plans ri'tiirn next Sunday. Mifs Anna Sabo ofs CIiIcuko, Taking a Backward Glance .rather f'oolwcar . United States per capita con sumption pf leather footwear exceeds. pair of. any other country, says the department of commerce Iihr tten viRilintr during: tho hol .It to the national government with no (..Vie income taxes anywhere. J. One of the great difficulties of state and local governments in assuming a proper responsibility toward modern society is a lack of income. While most of the states are enjoying abnormal revenue, due to the spur of war incomes, the state and local rovernments, in normal times, have a probiem to secure adequate funds. I W are not inclined to agree with the suggestion that income and corporation taxes should be left exclusively to the Federal Government. Perhaps a better solution vo-.'ld be to leave the levy and collection of these taxes to the Federal Government with a plan devised to distribute a percentage of total collections to state and local governments. This would assure, we believe, adequate revenue for these units to carry their proper burdens of idays with her mother, Mrs. Iier-nard VoKoly, of South Sixth Si reel. Mist Anna Carroll, who has been working in Chicago for Sev ern nmnllitt. Koent the Christmas Lieutenant Colonel Charlei- Vandfl. former radio executive, back from I lie Middle East and greeting hla pals. , . , Officials at the Biltmqra hotel here have told Joe Reich-man he can stay there indefinitely. Dave Wolper promising Eddie foy, i Jri he also will be in the movie ol ! "Clad To See You." . . .TJie-OJ. at Fort Bragg, N. C, got a nice Christmas present from Td Straeter a miniature piano auto-' Sin plied by 152 Hollywood celeb". ! holidiiys with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Thomus Carroll. Every time Linda Darnell went lo a night club in New York she used to send her husband Pev Marley a post card from the place. She must have done okay. He got 22 cards. . . ( You .should get a oad of the star sapphire ring Pat O'Brien brought back from India ''or his wife, Eloise. . . . Congratu-ate the Ben Blues on a baby boy. A strapping youngster, too. Kiht lounds, )2 ounces. , . , Sergeant Bird That Can't Fly The Kakapo, or wall-parrot, ' a wild bird of New Zealand, hu.' walked around for eo many genera '.ions and used its wings so rurcl that it has qujlc fnrgottcp how te fly. Even if it wants to roost in, .& tree at night it has to climb like t cat pr a bear .and climb down agau in thr morning. Mr. and Mrs. O. J. JenniiiKS TWENTY VK.lliS ,iO TOh.AV Severe Weather Moves 'onl; Klircts are Shown In Work at ltft Mines A very substantial betlel'Uient In coal activity, in the Clinton field, has been noticeable since (lie last coal wave was definitely forecasted. All nine of Hie local mines I lint have operated at any time, re-cenlly, and whose coal Is shipped over I ho C. ii K. I., are busy today and. in addition to Ihese, all and little dausbter and Miss Ma- ip Voel relumed to (heir homes n f'liiniirn veslerriav aflnr visit ing allien ChrUtmus with Mr. and Mrs. U M. Vogel, uf South Fourth street. Mrs. Jennings was Cormnr- Hill ("lest and Lyons Quintet IMay Tomorrow The local Mill Crest quintet will meet the strong Lyons Whiz Hangs tomorrow night at the Hill Crest gym at 8:00 p. in. Hill Crest was defeated earlier ill I he season by the Lyons crew by a large score but the local boys are out Willi a st rengtltened team to give them a hnltle of the season. Tills promises lo be a treat for tlie fans and a fair crowd Is expected. Lyons defeated Hie Midland Sho-Me's by the scorn or 3" lo It: The locals d"feale1 Ibe Nho-Mo's li'iini two weeks ago. There will be a curtain raiser at 7:tiu between the Hill frost Juniors and the Clinton Aces. Iloth teams have been playing fan! basketball and real action is assured. Personals Miirel Vogel, student at SI. VI-alor's college at Ilollrhalinais, III., Is visiliiiK with liis parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Vorrl, of y Mifis Jrpiin Vogel. Curihie , llarriuon, w h o is MIGNOM EBERHART If OLFl Mi'S CLOTHING boarriH show Ilinkley's 1 mid II. i Added lo these tare tlio Newport ' leaehiiiK in a inmerHily near I'itlsbuix'h. I'a.. is suendiuir sev- Cl943 BY AUTHOR ' piSTMBUreD BY KINS FEATURES SYNDICATE, INC. ira! days will) his parents. Mr. and Mrs. It. F. Hurrison, of Kim NAVAL POWER AT ITS BEST ' The landing of American soldiers on the island of Mindoro, in the Philippine group, reportedly made without the loss of a man, represents an astonishing pro SI rent. mine, Tine ltidge, Interstate and Shirkie 1. Home boards show these 15 mines working. Oilier evidence of activity was reflected ill what was stated at Jackson yards. There was chipped from I hose yards 210 or 212 TUN VKUtK 'ears, r'rlday; 22.1 on .Saturday j and loduy it was said shipments i might go over 225. These figures are much above the average of recenl wcekB. .; TOIMV Norlli Kud Mewei I'litlis i 'oilillete(l I'lans fur Ihe north end sewer, ordered; prepared by Ihe city ailiiiinlstraiion scleral, wpelts ao are completed and ready for acceptance by the city, it was announced lytlay by Alayor Henry Owens. The surveyini; work has been done by William I'arrett, Newport, who estimated Ihat mater, ials tor the project mlejll lie secured and relief labor flliuisied, it was indicated they, fell there CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE "Such a fuss about nothing," Craig paid, but winced nevertheless as I worked. "If it had been a Jap bullet" "Vou'il be. dodging bullets soon enough," 1 commented. "So long, as I dodge 'em," he grinned. : ''When do you go?" "The end of this week." a: "Nonsense!" I'l i get up now if you'd let me." , VAniJ start your wound bleeding." "Olcay, okay," he said but looked rebellious, so I realized I'd have to watch him. I eased him back onto the pillow. The pain of even that slight motion brought moisture to his forehead. Well, it was just luck that Die bullet had missed his heart. He "Susceptible! Oh, you mean . . ." There wasn't anybody to mean except Alexia. ; Craig yawned. . "But then ..." I was struck by a sudden and far-fetched speculation, if Peter Huber had fallen madly in love with Alexia, there existed a piotive for Conrad's murder. But Craig guessed my unuttered thought. "lie didn't murder my father to get Alexia! Pete's a good egg. Besides, Alexia doesn't go for him." Which was true enough. Alexia had certainly wasted no time in making her intentions clear and they obviously had nothing to do with Peter Huber. 1 put away my instrument case. After I had made Craig comfortable and was sure he was warm, I CROSSWORD By Eugene Shcfer was little prosper! of raising su - I relaxed und crrinneU a little. "The Drue was sleeping. -The Httla dog, Sir Francis, lying on the foot of the bed, growled in a kind of formal way. It didn't wake Drua and I retired quietly and went for a walk. . , J-.--. No one was In the hall below, so we weren't then under close guard. The front door closed heavily,. b-hind me and I walked, along tht driveway toward the public road. The. air felt moist, but it wai not snowing. Dusk was coming on and it was very quiet. Twenty-four hours ago I had had my first Indication of smoldering tragedy and terror in that house that lay behind me. The drive went down a long curve among clumps of evergreens. When I reached the huge, stone gate-posts I stepped out briskly along the public road which wound north and west. ..... , , - Somewhere along the way, Del-pliine, the cat, picked me up and I looked down at his battle-scared ears and wondered what had roused him so suddenly last nignt. A footstep? Clothing brushing against the door? Or had it been something more tenuous even than that; an awareness of. movement outatda that door that was denied to merely human ears? And I wondered, too, what had struck the door so sharply and so hard. Like a hammer. Presently, - having .skirted ... a meadow and reached a little ridge, I could see the village pf Balifold about a mile or two away. Del-phine decided to. leave and-did lo, on secret feline business into the meadow where his gray body slid into the shadowy growth near at hand, and vanished.; Leaving me fieiclil funds in the city to pay for miHerials ns is necessary under the relief setup. Mrs. Miller To Ite li liiiK ( ily C'lrrk Thomas Oriffith, city clerk-treasiirer-eiecl. announced today brave soldier!" he inurmuredj deriding his weakness. "Vnu're luekv to be alive," I said impulsively. "Air. Brent, what do uon think really happened last that Mrs. Ilelle .Miller will con linue the work at Ihe eliv nfl'ln jection of naval power. . . Moving from Leyte Gulf through Suri-gao Strait and the Sulu Sea, the American striking force navigated waters ringed by Japanese landing fields and, supposedly, the 'happy hunting grounds" of Japanese submarines and torpedo craft. ,That the expedition was successful attests not only the thoroughness of defeats inflicted upon the Japanese Navy, but the growing impunity with which our fleet disregards land-based aircraft. : The carrier ship strength of the American fleet has reached such proportions in the Pacific that it is now possible for carrier-based aircraft to overwhelm Japanese land-based aircraft. Striking from the decks of , their carriers American planes blast Japanese aircraft stationed at island bases and- manage to maintain aerial supremacy despite frantic Japanese efforts to send in aerial reinforcements. It should be noted that the use of amphibious tactics alone has made possible the steady advance of American ground forces into the Philippine islands. Such tactics are only possible to the nation which controls the surrounding waters. Intelligently and boldy utilized as in the present instance amphibious offenses catch the enemy unaware in his weak places and move forward, with slight losses, to inevitable victory. . Washington : President Roosevelt : ''This country is determined to show its gratitude to its returning veterans by providing educational and vocational oppor for Ihe net weel; or so while he rT"" s s pi. i a 9 IP II ' PU 30 i' 33 wr 1 1 Hw 1 1 hr is convalescuiK from an api de.ctoniy. night?" , "I don't know what to think. "Do you think it was accident?" I persisted. He said thoughtfully after a moment. "My father had no . . ." He had heen about to say no enemies. pushed aside the heavy curtains and opened the windows to air the room. It was cold, much colder than it hud been the day before, with the lowering kind of gray sky that threatens biiow. The day went on quietly. District Attorney Soper went away after the talk with Craig. State Police Lieutenant Nugent vanished, too, but 1 believe busied himself for some time about the house. Once a policeman came to the door with an ink pad and took my fingerprints; I must say I didn't relish the little attention but did not intentionally smudge one hand as he seemed to think. The glass slipped. He would have taken Craig's fingerprints, too, but Craig seemed He underwent the operation I Sunday at the Vermillion County I .lospltal and expects to returu He stopped and changed it. "No , i i i.ik.," Ha home the firsl of next week but will not bo able lo work for short wl ,1c. Mrs. Cril'l'iihs. a eraduat of Jlrown' Illlsillcfis Colleae at Ter ire Haute and an experienced ste- noniaplier, will learn the work with Mrs. Miller next week and : wl'l then aid her husband when asleep, and i wouldtl t permit rousing him. The policeman went away, and i caught a glimpse of Lieuten ant Nugent down by the stairs, he takes office. -Mrs. Miller, however, will be the acting city treasurer. Veesonals Miss Katherine Tuck of (.Jury -ST 8. small i: ;ct 9. personal one WOU1U muruer my paused again and then went on, his eyes still closed, "My father and I had our differences. Yet we loved each other. The differences we had didn't separate us." "I'm sure he felt as you do. I m aure he was proud of you " "No," interrupted Craig quickly. "No, he wasn't proud of me. Not that I've ever done anything to make anybody proud of me." "I meant, about your getting into the air force. Having a son going to fight for bis country." Craig laughed a little, on an un-ateady note; then explained, "You don't understand. T"t as one of our differences. He wasn't afraid; " it Isn't that. He just didn't want uie to go to war." "Why not?" "Because he because . . . Oh, it's nothing. Miss Keate." I waited, thinking of what Craig had said or rather had failed to aay. Then he added, "It was nothing my father could help. He'd felt that way for years. And, anyway, he changed lately. Since December listening but not talking .to pee- .Vt'llS. The thing that worried me more than anything else .was the hypodermic or rather its whereabouts. Who had it and why and above all else what did he intend to do with it? I use "he" in a general sense; it seemed to me most likely, that Maud's bright little eyes had ferreted it out. - And I could do nothing; to search the place for so small is spending the holidays with her mother, Mrs. Andy Tuck, and ! fu illy of South l'lflh Street. I Ihe Hev. and Mrs. A. H. Nor-I throp and daughters, I-'lorenee j Eliiabeth and ViiEinla Allen, nnd j Miss Louise Sallerlee returned lo 53. symbol for sodium 54. native metals 55. blasts VERTICAL 1. rigid 2. hevewge 5. takes into custody A. akin " fl. symbol for tellurium 6. dresses, with beak 7. decimal units 38. goddess of agriculture 39. game of chance 40. printer's measures 41. small compact masses 43. smoke-pipe 45. Iand-measur 46. assists 47. toward the sheltered side 50. fidgety 52 employers alone. Standing on that bill, I begin to think again of the means or Conrad Brent's death. The use of poison presupposed a murderer with some knowledge of drugs, accessibility to digitalis, and a certain amount of ingenuity in inducing tha victim to take it. And to take it before Drue had returned with her unlucky, hypodermic dose . Who could? Craig Brent had merely denied words, tliat. were suspiciously prophetic, Against this bt had told a story to account for,. the bnuise on his temple which not only aounded true but indicated a line of inquiry the police would do well to follow. And while there may. be few real alibis for a poison murder, (till ha had been under my observation at the time Conrad was. induced to take poison.. He .wai also in a drugged state, winch would have ony lo urcKon. III. after sucndliiK the past week with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Satterlee of ' Mulberry S!rt--t. an object would be difficult. With the police, about it was impossible. Yet if found, it would be the Dis trict Attorney's triumph and vindi Miss llelty I.oil West tunities. As a nation we shall be better enabled to discharge our heavy responsibilities in the post-war, and, as individuals, to live happier, more useful lives in freedom, justice and decency." Washington, President Roosevelt: '.'They (our servicemen) know the determination of all right-thinking people and nations that Christ mases such as those of to cation. ...-. I fro;:';. (on Hill has returned 1 had begun to wonder if Dr. I lii- her home alter UsitiiiK at i home of lier uraudiiarenls. Answer to yesterday's pvzzlt. LCbivery had forgotten that ha still Mr. HORIZONTAL 1. commence 6 Kgyptian deity 30. note in the scale 12. weird 13. regenerated 15. mountain lake 16. closely confined 17. twilight 18. Roman magistrates 20. son of Adam 21. variety of letlure 23. continuous loud noise 24. equably of value 25. aptitude 26. endured 28. French article ( 30. secure in place 32. gone up 34. fitreet railway (abbr.) 35. independent Russian unions 87. seed container had a patient in the brent house when he did finally arrive, late in the afternoon, looking at least ten and Mrs. James Trosper of Cllu- ton. Miss Ilosemary Trosper ited her sisler. Jlrs. Marion West pr nou.i 10. Jacob's third son 11 British Arabian protectorate 14. have on 16. supple 19. dawdlers 20. Turkish magistrate 21. restaurant 22. spoken 24. individual 27. claws 28. masculine name 29. finishei 31. knocks gently 33. text-book 36. evades 38 lyric poemi 41. give notice of danger 42 extent 43. cardinal numeral 44. comfort 46. ventilate 48. before 49 S-shaped worm 51 toward R2. personal pronoun A R tIJS I N sLlN J I E scleral (lays aj:o. -Mr. aud Mrs. Clenn U'liiil.ieli that we have known in these years of and son. Charles, and .Miss Cla- prohibited clear thinking at quick action. He had been shot the previ years older. After I had watched in m examine Craig's wound and taken a few orders, he told me to go. "Get some fresh air," he said, with a kind of glassy heartiness, looking at tiie corner of my cap. "You needn't come back for at least an hour. I'll stay with Craig." As I .Mr ous night. It was. not likely that lahelle Hoilis of VoliiiKsloli and Mrs. Clyde Shew nnd liolierl. of Fairiiew. Mr. world tragedy shall not come back again to beset the souls of the children of God." Washington Sen. Hiram Johnson son. seventh. I mean. Since we entered the war." . He changed the subject brusquely with, ''Pete will be going too. He thinks in another few weeks." "Pete? Oh, Mr. Peter Huber." Craig went on, moving and wincing. "Pete's been here several weeks. Came on from the coast to gel into some branch of the service. He's waiting now to hear. Ouch . . ." he said, moving his shoulder experimentally. " makes it hurt like that?" "It's doing all right. No infection. Did Mrs. Brent know Pete in school, too?" "Mrs. Brent? No." The corner of his mouth twitched. "Pete's more vi Its susceptible." I two potential murderers existed n their immediate circle bath intent on cutting off the Brents, root and and . Mr. and and -Mrs. Harry Kelly of I'linloii and Mrs. w. J Sanuuenitli son Hillie. of Clinton. .Mr. .Mrs. Howard Shannon. Mr. ( R I Calif., on fighting between British and hesitated, he added, "I want to talk to him." So I had to leave. My room was orderly and quiet. 1 and El S I 5 fl a k si --L -j? - .las iorces in uiwce: ivieu are ucmg buuc own like dogs with guns we made! -Mrs Tommy White of Terre Jlaiilc. and Millard lienkle of lie No. I didn't think that Crai f had murdered Conrad- Brent. And it was true that he had done his best to divert suspicion from Prue. (To be continued) fXnrrifht bf wia,i o KMrhart: BuuiwMj a,'4 r.twii i..;. tat, went through the bathroom between our rooms and knocked softly ana God. can't wejaause to say to Greece: Mr. ii-vinathyis-with you even though we troll, spent Christinas with and Mrs. ( H. nkli' of 1 iew. Avrraff limr f lololjoa: XT Riniim. Jjiit t)' Kiutf FVntkiti-9 ..Mi.ln Mv. Inc. fair n Drue ft door and, as she didn t ii:i-i, 1 i.yeurd it cautiously. y not be able to help you!" " I 4

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