The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 29, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1944
Page 3
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Tago three Friday, December 29, IB 14. THE DAILY OLINTONIAN (j Clinton Social Notes Airmen Hammer t A German Supply Lines in Belgium (Oontluued from page 1) Nazis Fall Back Before Spirited 3rd Army Blows (CaatUwt r r 1) the memorial fund. Ftlday Orange lodge, called meeting, al the hall, 7:30 p. m. Important. Huppy-fSo-IiUcky Club, Mrs. Mabel Jenkins, spaghetti supper at Anton-Inl s reslaiirant. Return to Jenkins home for eting. Rcbokali staff to practice at 7:30 The following officers were installed by Mrs. I). V. f'ottrell: president, Mrs. Leon Modetdil: Mrs. Clarence Hpurr, aeeretao ; Mrs. Waldo Kevins, assislanl secretary: Mrs. Winnie Uil-foy, treasurer; Mrs. Uurl Jiiggs, assistant treuauriT and Mrs. Joe Adams and Mis. Itili y Adams, project Mrs. Clifford Bell Hostess for Annual Christmas Party Parke lliuiirnwkiTH Kc Club 3l'iiilpr Nolfl jarty. Outgoing Ofl'li-cri. Art' AMKihtaiiU Of HlM4H. MlTll.lll HWll. STOCK HOI,. f, KWfdcil. Allied i air activity over southern Norway appeared steadily increasing today, iollowlng heavy explonlons heard i in. i iiiiiing during the night from the Hulden district some 10 miles southeast of Oslo, tflark Xeiir Frontier 'the blasts were so heavy that houses trembled in a HwediHii town f'2 miles from the frontier. Ah an while, residents of some Swedish coast towns reported a convoy hut tie raged off the southern coast of Norway, with the combat eouiinuiiiR for some two hours. Ob-fi'fwr8 said th whole sky seemed ubla.e. jfcfltt Itt-porl Naval liallle The (ii henhui K newspaper Ny 'I'lil ppoi'li'd two battled belweon iirnr-Aii and Allied fleets were under way off the Vaeder Islands and .fi(fi.kaei Ii described the latter en:.a.M'ijeit a s t be biggest yet l'o(j;;l'.(. near (be Swedish coast. p. in. in (he nun. Saturday Ocletlo Club's New Year's dinner parly. Vermillion liooni, (1 l. ni. piuinjilly. Tuesflav Artist to Present Picture Lectures at Church Sunday Howard Ellis, the guest, artist of the Methodist Church, will present Warner Sallman's famous picture, "Christ at Heart's Door." in the morning worship period at 11:311 a. m. Sunday, Dec. 31. The picture is a clolh mosaic made in Hie .Sallman studio In Chi-cago, under his supervision and guidance. It Is assembled bit by bit on a 111! by 54 drawing board, which is lighted with colored lighting effects and looks like the original painting from which It was taken. In the 10:45 presenlalion before the Sunday School. Mr. Kills will give Hie picture, "The 'Artist who forgot Four Colors." Also as a feature of this service, there will be presented for the first, time Sail-man's new painting which was made for I he Crusade for Christ of the Methodist Church. The services close witli a 6:00 p. m. program for the Youth Fellowship and the 7:00 p. ra. meeting In the auditorium featuring the story-picture "The Holy City." The annual watch night services will follow. leaders. highway und railroad bridKPB a"', junction points behind (lie German UneB. The big armada theii veered off to blast mtnhallfi)g yards ut B.w?en, ScliafffiihUTtf and J-Yank-furt. "VW Although h;iiil Cf-'inJ f )"'' f- i"'' of fog HhroiidiN'j niusl art '.is of IUI-eluni and J.u wiuhnni Mm uiiilln'r ovi r (he bomi-i-rsi- l;in;'ls was good arid Jiiohl of Oh bombing v. a, done vitsita My. A! rs e I'.i lillctl, oul-golllg . p:. . ill. d Willi a table pi. Tlie Parke Homi'inakori Ec Club I id. inn r. ad -p,ingl (Mild, ii Siar t lub. 7:.t p.m. ai the home of Mrs. Matlle Morris. Hoiilh Seventh, street. Chrr ( l,n Norrls. ciotnei'd Belief was expressed that German forces trapped in the Kochcfort area may slHl be strong enough lo make another bound forward. The question is whether Von Rundstedt believes any such attempt could be worthwhile, or whether he will choose retreat. . . ration lai.ii. Towns On the eastern end of the "bulge" troops of the third army under l.ieul. Gen. George 8. Patton captured the villages of Kttelbruck and Eppel-dorf, both four miles southeast of Dieklrch. Headquarters officially disclosed that Urig. Gen. A. C. McAullffe com I! With the a!tnojn'i of dusk, an- of li er Ki' -at fa rot of t A F h -.i v y bombers drnnnl our cf tifii bnuof? in raslern Kin-land and nutrrd a- I 1:1 n ll Will li' reinsrled and d moil .Ian. 3 ;l ilo- home of :l villi ?lls. Mailha Mor).-NVv.lon, assis- d v.:i l io'H n. lo Id i. .(). !l, Mrs lla.ol 'v rat Ann .1 H-ir id Airs 'I tin cross the coast. The daylight forays followed nirht ottarl-R by rtAF h'avies a-L'i-inst. tl.e TChineipnd r.nlroitd ciijcts of Bonn and MutH'inidl.irlbiH-h. Tue latter is one ot (h- main :;iiii-ly centers for Nazi reserve unit a in Uv north. Hen.Hn?; vto ".Mrs. Joe lii ld lis (.'hrlKtiiiua purly recently al Iho homo of Mm. ( Ill lord Hell uxi-ttil by the officers of Hit' club. The house was beautifully decorated with a large Christ mas tree, red candles and sprays of evergreen. A covered digit luncheon was aei'eti at noon followed by the proKriini. The program opened Willi I lie re peatillK of the club colled, saline lo the flag, and song, "It Came t'pon a Midnight Clear". Mrs. Anne Ai'-ains reported she had sent chrbfin.'s-cards lo the boys in service including chewing gum. 4S bags, CO II. W. and three scarts had bei n made and 3 T , ) 7 0 111 wur bonds have heen sold. The amount made lor in.' ljinl .since June was 250.5ii. Mrs. Hazel Newlon gave an excellent report of the work of the club. This club will be eight years Tin manded the 101st airborne division during the siege of Ilastognc prior to New Officers Elected At Happy Hour Bunco Meeting Mis. Tlielma Curry was elected presid. nl of Hie Happy Hour Bunco Chlb al I lie regular meeling held Wednesday evening al her home. other oilier elected were Mrs. Mrs. Mulaliiu So.v.ick. secretary; Mrs. linseiaary Searing. Ireasur-r. Kliza belli Trol l ey. ice-jiresidenl The ilra'ving of myslery pal names was postponed until Hie m xl inei'ling which is !o lie held Thursday. A llow-er donalion was taken up for the flowers io Ii" sent to -Airs. Anna Boy-nelt. a member who is in the county liOfpital. Following the business meeting, the dramatic arrival from Washington by plane and jeep of MaJ. Gen Maxwell D. Taylor, l-'lies lo Command I Ail.-oi's. A!: - !i'l--. Adam. Mr Fred !,',da"'s. Mis. im. If re. ! Claud- Honiotl. Ml P. I.'lla Rennetl. Mrs. Tied Tleivcll. Mrs. Karl lligirs !',h's. Hay IUg!:s. Mm. Delia CeHrell. Mlrs. ( laode Cohurn. Mrs. .loe Clm-leiio, .Mrs. Ora Doyle Mrs. Winnie jcil'ov. Mrs. Allnol ifaiiiillon. Mrs. .Chester ModosIM, M:. I. eon Mode-isltf, Mrs. Din id J.TniVsUt. Mrs. Gen. Taylor left Washington on Christmas day, flew direct to France GREASING See Peck's Texaco Sta. 120 No. Main St. and rode into Bastogne on a Jeep on Dec. 27 along with the first relief Week's Events In Quaker Mrs. B. C. Cooke Injured In Fall; Holiday Guests Noted in Local Residences Rev. and Mrs. Mclvin Smith left Thursday for Louisville, Ky. to visit their son, Virgil and family for a few days. The Christmas program at the Claude Vnwton. Mr. w sildo Newton !Mrs. Jnme3 Km it. Mrs. Geil rude : bunco was played with Mrs. Troskey winning high: Mrs. Malfalda Soyack patrols of the third army and immediately resumed his command. . Units of the JOth armored; division of the first army alBo were Inside Bastogne during the siege, the INurnberger Mrs. Perniee Nnrnner-j ger. Mrs Flora Rperr. Mrs. Anna I Thomas. Mrs J")la Whllten Mr" old in January. Mrs. Albert Hamilton, Mrs. Claude lieunelt, Mrs. Clyde Weaver and Mrs. Fred Dennett were appointed on the program committee for 1945. Mrs Joe Claretlo and Mrs. James Nardi will serve on the committee in charge of the sale for the blind and Get a modern auto "grease-up" S , To help your motor-wear to "ease-up" f-Come to US, and come TODAY, . OUR greasing pleses EVERY WAY. ; PECK'S TEXACO STATION: GAS OIL - GHEA8ING - VI M AXIZING - ItKt'AI'H ISO N. Main I'HONK 7.1.1 headquarters spokesman said, while the fourth armored division of the bunco; Mrs. Searing, low and Mrs. Vetfa Brann, travel. Mrs. Katie Giigllelmetti will be hostess for the next meeting. Jivin Janes Enjoy Annual Christmas Party Recently Mlsg Dorothy Craft was hostess to the Jivin Janes recently when their annual Christmas party was chprch Friday evening was well at third army carried out the belief. The besieged garrison, headquarters disclosed, totaled nearly 10,000 men. Liquidate Nazi Pocket tended. After the program carols were sung at various homes in the Wright Van Duyn. Mrp Fveiyn Shaw. Mrs. Pla'irhc II !;;. s. Mrs. hwy Mcl.sln and Mi, opal l.invs. a new member. Social Sisf ctr Enjoy Recont All Day Mooting Mrs. Jennie Roberts wn bnfw for the Social Sisters Club nt nn nil day meeting WodneFdiv. (Juesls were Mrs. Marv Alice Hitr- neighborhood. Robert Bennett and son of Chris- Allied assault forces liquidated a ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP 187 North 7th St. PHONE I84-W PERMANENTS GIVEN AT NIGHT man, 111. spent Christmas Kve and Christmas with Francis Bennett and Nazis who had been held at her heme on South Fourth regiment of pocketed between Rochefort and Cel- family. Mrs. Howard Smart, A. J. Walt street. Refreshments were served by candlelight followed by the games. The low and Olive Holier of Clinton. Mr" hall and son, George, visited Oscar Ingram and family near Indianola, Mar'ha I,ee Opolln snd Mrs Katie grab bag presents were distributed Brown. A delicloes eo-ered dish din-; and mystery pal presents were ex- 111. Sunday. Mary Jenney of Lufayette Is a les. The trapped Germans had been subjected lo a fierce artillery barrage before ground forces closed in on the enemy unlls. Hard-hitting Yank third army units forced the withdrawal of the Germans on the southeastern flank in the area of Echternach, near the Reich-Luxembourg frontier. As the Germans pulled back generally in the Echternach sector, Lieut Gen. George S. Patton's troops moved guest at the Francis Beunett residence for a few days. Rev. and Airs. Leo Downs of near Hillsdale attended church here Sun day morning. Rev. Downs was for , ner was served cafeteria style at changed. At the close of the party, noon. The mystery pol Christmas Christmas carols were sung, gift exchange was enjoyed and mys- Those present were Misses Norma j tery pais were revealed. New names jeane Weir, Dorothy Helen Guinn, 'were drawn ror the coming year, phirley Cottrell, Helen Louise Hope, I During the business meetlns. th Normalee Konopka, Juanita Jackson, 'following officers were elected for, Dorothy Snowberry and the hostess. 1 194G: president. Mrs. Ortha Heber: J 1 vice-president. Mm Opal Porter: j a,ri!,tma8 Dinner GuefitS secretarv-treysnrer. Mrs. Grace Luce j -wiiii Mrs. Neil Miner, as assistant. At Taparo Home Here I A coolest was enjoyed with frn. I Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taparo and Dorothy Hell winning high and Mrs. ! daughter, Sharon nose, of Walnut merly the minister of the local church. Our Hearty Thanks! As the coming of the New Year marks the end of our term in the Sheriff's office, may we thank you for the splendid co-operation which has made the past four years happy ones. It has been a privilege indeed to serve you. May 1945 be a Happy and Prosperous New Year for you and yours. OH arid Martha Potter Russel Kyger and family visited up to the Sauer River as far as Ros- port, four miles east of Echternach. The northern flank of the German salient nlso underwent stern hammering and an official headquarters EAGLES AND GUESTS- NevYear's PARTY DANCING GOOD MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT Sat., Dec. 30 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Craft at Cayuga Monday afternoon. Mrs. Roy Bennett with her daughter and sister of Chrlsman, III. were guests nt the Frances Bennett home on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Southard of near Rldgefarm, III. called on Ella Thompson and family Wednesday Oliver Heber, low. The next meeting street had as their Christmas dinner , spokesman said that the Nazis, who i will be held wilh Mrs. Kern Wright j guests, Mrs. Itose Hertoglio. Minnie I failed to make any appreciable gains ! on Wednesday, Jan. 10.' ! Berloglio, Mrs. Louise Nolle, Mr. anywhere In the past 48 hours, were i . land Mrs. Albino Fenoglio, all of ,ing forced to fight defensively In ! Afternoon callers Christmas day ' Clinton, Mr. anil Mrs. August Taparo ! roo5t sectors. afternoon. Mrs. B. C, Cooke suffered a brok al the homo of Mr. and Mrs. William land son, Dennis Anthony ol crn ten-Hedges at l'nivcrsal were Mr. andlary and Mrs. Aldo Guglielmc'tti of Herman Hedges and Mr. and Torre Haute en wrist last week when she slipped on an icy walk while visiting at the Mrs and children. Evening guests were Mr. and Mrs. home of Mrs. May Whetstone in Mrs. Edwin Hedges Billy and Eddie. Horn Venardi and daughter, Carol Jean of (iary and Mrs. Pete Baruzelli Dana. She was taken to the I'arii Hospital Thursday afternoon and was later released after treatment Soviets Lash Out At Vienna; Make New Budapest Gain (Continued mm pat 1) Mr. and Mrs. Harold HcdgoB and Sr. and Mrs. Mike Bkorich of Blan- and observation. Mrs. Harold Hedges, Jr. of Pontlac, j ford. .Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Carl Richardson j ami sons, iiiiiy ami Hobby, were! Holiday Guests Present Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ellis and Mr. 1 Christ urns Day guests of Mr. and! a T?A,at.A WaAia Hnmo 8 P. M, Fl)N FOR ALL!! EAGLE'S HALL 120 S. Main Nt. "routing" the Nazi garrisons of several towns In the wooded and moun Weekend guests at the home of Mr. nnd Mis. Edward Hardie of Universal were Mr. and Mrs. John Pad- Mrs. William Hedges of I'niversal. Mrs. Cora "W. Harrison w-hp has been visiting her son, .Air. and Mrs. Wood Harrison of New York lias returned to lo r home in Clinton. and Mrs. A. J. Moore spent Christinas with Mr. Kills' parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Kills at Rockville. Joe Youmans and family ot West-field are spending a few days at the home of his father, H. R. Youmnur.. Rev. and Mrs. Melvfn Smith call ed at the homes of B. C. Cooke. Ella Thompson and I.. J. Moore Tuesday ufternoon. START tainous country. Advance to Tovaras A "swift" advance, uccording to the official Soviet communique, carried the lied Army spearheads to ish and daughter, Maxlne 'and son, Sgt. An bur Padish of Gary, Ind. Rgt. Padish is stationed at Galveston, Tex. Other guests present Christmas eve were Mr. and Mrs. William Spurr and daughter Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Tovaras, just north of the "power Mrs. Miles Hewlett of liana spem j Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John : Howlett and daughter. Clnudtn. Several local people attended (he I 4 m Have Your Dry-fit aniii; Done "THE MODEL H AY" fully fortified stronghold of Tata." At Tovaras the bulletin said, the Germans were "routed" and violent battles flared on the outskirts of Tata. Here the Russians were only 67 FKCNE 13 PHONO 55 323 S. MAIN : 536 S. FOURTH miles from Austrian territory and but 93 miles southeast of Vienna Itself. In addition, they posed a threat to the important railway- Carvel Vaughn and son, Donnie, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spurr, Jr., Mrs. j Hetty Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles jSperr. Sr.. Jerry Spnrr, Mike Honula and Miss Kflie Wilson. ' j Mrs. McCracken Hostess I For Acme Club Thursday .Mrs. w. il. Mccracken enlertain-I ed the memhors of Hi' Acme Club at ' her homo yesterday. Ilunco was played at three, tables ; wilh .Mrs. Fred .lackel winning high; ! Mrs. t iaude l-'ollz, second hiL'h; Mrs. ! l-:d CunninKhain. bunco; M rs. Cecil lAnstead. low; Mrs. Harry Kelley, travel and Mrs. 0. O. Hiatt, free for ! all. highway hub of Gyor, which lfeB 31 MODEL CLEAMER miles to the west. Gyor is the last main communications center lying between the Red Army and Austria, Moreover, by reaching Tata, the War-days leacli "conserve all ways" Clean i lntlies al-.vnjs "Weill more days" So lei Ol Ii cleaners, clean lor VOC, And keep your ivai-cluils looking, new! Soviet legions were only 65 miles southeast of the Slovak capital of Christmas services at the Friends Chapel Sunday evening; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crist of near Perrysville were Christmas Day guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bennett. Mrs. Robert Shields visited Monday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Kunkle, Sr. at Bethel, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Jones and daughter, Lucille, visited Tommy Monroe end family in Danville, 111. on Christmas Day. . Mrs. Esther Donovan of Indianapolis visited her son, David, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Hughes on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Cooke, their daughter, Alice, and granddaughter, Carolyn Cooke, spent Christmas Day at the home of Miss Cooke's parents, Mr. and Mrs, Warren Cooke of near Dana. Mrs. Howard Smart, A. J. Wall-hall and son, George, and Mr. and Mrs. William A. Walthall were among the Christmas guests at the home of Ciay Thomas and son, Lewis of Scottland, III. the New Year RIGHT Buy That SUIT and COAT Better Clothes at the Same Prices Bratislava at the junction of the Slovakian-Hungarian-Austrian bor ders. Meanwhile the battle for Budapest The next meeting will be in two weeks with Mrs. Glen Brldgeman. increased In Intensity, and Red army infantrymen were officially described as "tightening the ring of encircle ment" around the Germuu-Hungar fOSRITAL Ian garrison remaining within the capital. ALL MAKES OF TIRES RETREADED-l PROMPT SERVICE '4 ube, the Germans were driven from On the eastern bank of the dozen more suburbs, including one I l ien Sollars of Rockville was ad-inlited to the Vermillion County only three miles from the city, a the Russians advanced over battle Hospital yesterday as a medical case. Raymond Smith, Bloomitigdale, fields Uttered with enemy dead and destroyed equipment. Donnalene Overpeck, route one, Mrs. RETKEA0 YOUR SMOOTH TRACTOR TIRES "The enemy Is suffering enormous losses," declared the 'Official com Lucille Bryan and baby, West Terre Haute, and James Delbert Sykes of Hillsdale were dismissed from the munlque, which told also of frantic efforts on the part of encircled Nazi couuty hospital yesterday. forces north of Budapest to break out of the trap. In the Danube bend above the Hungarian capital, where 600 Nazis-including a general and eight colonels were captured, the enemy launched a tank-paced counterattack a- GUILD'S Colds In. ground grip triad design E0R MAXIMUM TRACTION 1 1 S Lt onr factory-trained POr 1 ' t t eipsrtBretrfadyourtlrijs. i' I m, in You get posltivo cleaning VV JT II iy, ""T!: d maximum traction VVOgSrii, VI K with rir.ston. VAf WY ,h t.rt Triple-Braced Tread c i-Design. a, .A , ' fO SSSaS WO RATIONING galnst the inside of the Russian ring. ."A majority" of the Germans were "wiped out," the communique added, while the remainder "laid down their Open Unti 8:30 P. M. Saturday! NOTICE! The first allotment of Commercial Motor Trucks for civilian use will soon be available. International will manufacture the following models: K-3 1 ton K-5 I'i ton K-7 2 to 3 ton K-S 3 to 5 ton K-ll 4 to 6 ton If )oii have tt Mniiii or ran ijiih-I it s tor a Irin-k, iuqiiire ut the: WABASH OIL CO. Kim ai the Itiver llridu:' arms and surrendered." Other Red Army units, advancing northeast of the town of Saiiy. fcained up to six miles over the particularly difficult Czechoslovakian terrain, dislodging the enemy from strong-points and fording several small rivers. . Cfl ROSENBLATT'S Most young mothers use this modern way to relieve miseries ot children's colds. At bedtime they rub Vicks VapoRub on throat, chest and back. Crand relief starts as VapoRub . . . PtNtTRATES to upper bronchial tul.-cs with its special medicinal vapors, STIMULATES chest and back surfaces like a warming poultice. - Oiten by morning most of the misery of the cold is gone! Remember 0NLV VAPORUB Civet Toil tlusspe- double action. li s time-tested, Iiome-proved...the best-known home remedy lorrcliev- m m f gm inH miseries of f thilJrcn's colds. V O u POLAND'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY Miss Catherine Knrlcf and sister. BUY MORE BONDS IN '45 U Mrs. Barbara Vrsnik. returned home today after spending the holiday I'HO.VK 7:til 814 8. MAIN ST. n.iNTox, ixn. Hi relatives and friends in Ht.

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