The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 29, 1944 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, December 29, 1944
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion And Parke Countie Mailed In Conformity With P.O. D. Order No 19687 THE WEATHEB Cloudy today. Light snow tonight, warmer today and tonight. Saturday mostly cloudy and warmer. Volume 32 Number 253. CLINTON, INDIANA, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1944. Price Three Cents. HI JULb UuxllJ 11 L YANKS CHECK GERMAN DRIVE Right of Government Seizure Main Issue In Ward Case: Biddle WASHINGTON, D. C. Attorney Yanks Lop Off Nazi Salient In Belguim; Pattern Cw1- Line VfcA. J ' General Diddle said today there are ety - i ,.. c no plans to forceahly eject Sewell Avery, board chairman of Montgomery Ward, from the properties of the mail order house which were eized by the government for non To Hit Foe on 3, ront iieto' ... w- Work Continues In Main Office Of Ward Store Two Sets of Bosses Run Ward Business as Army, Avery Take Up Stands; Control May Be Extended CHICAGO, III. Business ns usual was the order of the day at the Montgomery Ward & Co., executive offices today despite the presence of two sets of bosses. The army Insisted It was running the 500 million dollar mall order business. Avery Insists Ross And .Sewell h. Avery, adamant compliance with War Labor Board wage and union security orders. At a news conference, Biddle de Silver Star Awarded To Army Tank scribed Avery as "harmless" and added: Commander Captain Albert Krekler "We are still anxious and hopeful that Avery will come along. We are Awnrd of the Stiver Star for gal permitting him to stay in Ills office. We are asking for no resigna lantry in action has been made to Cuptnln Albert M. Krekler, son of tions." "Tough (illy" Nazis Fall Back Before Spirited 3rd Army Blows Fsy-thest Penetration Of Nazi Drive Sliced by U. S. Attacks; Nazis Withdraw Slightly; See New Blows PAIilS With the westernmost Mrs. Helen Krekler of Hazel Bluff, In the samo breath, however, the tank eoiiimuiider with the 7th Tunic Mattallon in the European area. BELGIUM JlS - j '"""Mt 1 I GERMANY 1f ,'' . tMUv l a wzEHsfflL ,f ' y -luj"'P"rj " '"y'r'''tl''"l''ST (e if- WXA 'a io jo y ' 7k ffj . ' 1 ry attorney general virtually dispared of obtaining Avery's voluntary ac board chairman, Insisted lie was still According to the citation received y Mrs. Krekler from the War Detriment, Capt. Krekler won the ceptance of government seizure, as the boss. seriing tliut "he's a tough guy and Shortly before noon Maj. Gen. high awatd for uction in Normandy, probably will stick to Vis guns." Joseph W. Byron, who seized the properties yesterday on Jhe order ''ranee on July 15, 1944. "When five of IiIk tanks were dis- Biddle staled that Awry did "nothing illegal" in refusing to obey of 'President Roosevelt, arrived at ibled and burned by intense enemy the WLB directives and agreed with the plant. auk fire." the citation reads," (Continued on I'age 5) Gen. Byron, went directly to the tip of the German salient in Belgium already lopped otf and the Nails forced Into a general withdrawal In the southeast, Allied troops "now hold the initiative" on most active Capt. Krekler disregarded the grave risk involved by going on foot in eighth floor offices provided for him and his Rtaff. be face of fierce fire to each tank . Avery had not publicly appeared Hid assisted tho wounded men who and his secretary said he did not sectors, headquarters of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower announced today. were unable to get out. know his whereabouts. Position I ni hanged 'When he had placed his men comparative safety, he courage Earlier, as the 70-year-old Avery ously returned to the forward po sition, etill on foot and under con All-Out Civilian War Effort Urged In Leaders Reports Japs No Pushover After Nazi Defeat, Patterson Warns; Forecasts Made WASHINGTON Undersecretary left his Luke Shore Drive apart ment, he declared: mamnl MMm centrated enemy fire, in order to locate t lie enemy tanks und bring "My position has not chunged and never will change. I'm going to ('apt. AlbrW M. Krekler SMASHING at the westernmost German spearhead pushed Into Belgium, American forces have checked the German drive toward the Meuse (1) while an American relief column, punching forward acrosa a four-mile front (2) struck back to within five miles of the communications center of Bastogne where surrounded Yanks are holding out. A report from the British 21st Army group headquarters stated that the Yanks had counterattacked on the northwestern flank of the German bulge (3) and had recaptured Manhay. (InttriMional) I.m'al Mopping L'p Local mopplng-up continues between the Muese River and the town of Marche. a headquarters spokesman said, and Field Marshal Gen. Karl Gerd Von Rundstedt's troops are gradually pulling out of the western tip. where American troops counter-attacked and upset the Na-:.'s' carefully-laid plans to strike for Mece, Antwerp and Paris. ,r. American advances along a 85-iille front on the southern flank intinue. t 'at lOntlre Itctivat The headquarters spokesman em-''tasized that German local with-lrawals on the western end of the client cannot yet be described as a "treat, but merely as removal fit spearheads which received a "bloody irtillery fire upon them. "In doing so he was wounded by shell-fire but refused to be evacuated until his men were properly cared for. His display of gallantry (Con flu lie o nn Page fi) Nazis in Disorganized Flight Before Stern of War Robert P. Patterson today sounded the keynote for the American war effort in 1945 by flatly warning that he had "found nothing Japs Claim Attack on U. S. Convoy Airmen Hammer German Supply Lines in Belgium N 1,500 American Airmen Over Vital Foe Lines; work now and every day." Xo Confusion The confusion which marked seizure of the mall order company properties by the government last April was noticeably missing today. Ward executives occupied their usual offices, and performed their usual duties. Army officers appointed by Gen. Byron to help hint conduct the business occupied the suite assigned to them only a few doors from Avery., offices, fiom . which he was 'Continued on page t) support the notion that we can Moving Westward in Mindanao Sea dispose of Japan in short order once erniany Is finally beaten. Patterson's statement, issued In NEW YORK, N. Y. The Jap Advance of 3rd Army WITH AMERICAN FORCES IN anese high command claimed today a- list of new year foreoasts by top the sinking of six "large transport! military and. government leaders, re and the damaging of two others In jected unanimous official demands BELGIUM The Yank Third army ground forward steadily today, envel attacks yesterday on a U. 3. con none under the Impact of American lor all-out civilian participation in the war program to achieve the ul voy of 30 transports "heading west assault. ward in the Mindanao Sea through timate defeat of Germany and Japan oping at least one more German, strongpoint as evidence accumulated that the Nazis were feverishly preparing a defense line to cover a proj Soviets Lash Out At Vienna; Make New Budapest Gain Fresh Gains in Savage Street Fighting; Columns Swing North to Austria The Undersecretary said future Action Flares in North LONDON, England. Thousands of Allied warplanes gutted German communication lines leading to the enemy salient in Belgium and Luxembourg today, dumping hundreds of tons of explosives on the Nazi nerve centers for the seventh consecutive day. A force of 1,500 American planes, including more than 800 heavy bombers and 700 fighters, pounded (Continued on Page 3) military pluns are not being devised ected withdrawal. with the expectation that Japan will U.S. Navy Triples Size but Production Faces Labor Cuts WASHINGTON, D. C. The linked States Navy will enter 1945 , with a fleet of combat vessels three times the size it was when war Disorganized Retreat he a "pushover" despite the note (Continued on Page S) ' sat American Negro Columns Break Up Fresh Nazi Drive ROME. Italy. German forces One report described bow the en worthy list of United Stales naval Surigao Straits" by Japanese uir units, Including the Kamikaze special attack corps. A communique, broadcast by the Tokyo radio and recorded by the FCC, said that Japanese air formations Wednesday night attacked the United States air field at San Jose, on Mindoro Island, Betting fires at "1C places" and "causing a big fire to start at a gasoline dump." In a separate communique it was (Continued ou page 0) victories in the Pacific and successful operations In the Philippines. (Continue oo page 6) emy began a "disorganized withdrawal across the Sauer River after their attack had been beaten off with substantial losses to themselves. MOSCOW Soviet tanks and in fantry, covered by withering artillery broke off their attack in the Rer1- Other accounts indicated the Nazis barrages, raced over the lust 57 miles before the Austrian frontier were blowing up bridges and erecting! roadblocks, while prisoners said their units had been assigned to, today while other Russian .forces All Clinton Schools Qualify for Flag . In Bond Purchases buttled deeper into the western sec screening tasks" to aid a German tion of Budapest and overran 1 started but faces criticul manpower shortages which threaten its full effectiveness, the Navy Department revealed today. An official report showed that on Jan. 1 the Navy will have 61,045 vessels on hand but of these more than 54,000 are landing craft and assault ships needed to land "American troops on enemy beaches, deeper and deeper into enemy territory.",,, , 1,107 Combatant Ships retreat. Clinton, Blanford Homes Damaged In Fires Thursday Homes in Blanford and Clinton were considerably damaged lust night as fire of unknown origin swept the Anne Osmon residence at 415 South Fifth street at 7:45 und more of the Hungarian capital's All Clinton city schools have now German paratroops were being. eastern suburbs. filtered Into fullering units to spur qualified for the schools-at-war flag awarded for 90 per cent participator The Ked Army's offensive bore he dwindling morale, according to Prominent Ilelt Township Farmer Dies in Jonestown 1 Edward F, McCown, 81, promi down on the Austrian border on in the bond buying program during another prisoner. i broad front west and northwest of the Sixth War Loan. It was anno n the Marche sector. It was an-. the encircled Hungarian capital. nounced two more towns were cap-' ccd today by Mrs. Delia K. Swinehart fCnnttnueo. on pugs 2) nent farmer of Helt Township and tured while the Nazis fighting in a- county war finance chairman: former Helt Township trustee for nother were surrounded and faced i South School, Loren Reed, nrin chio Valley of Italy after American negro troops of the Fifth Army ser verely mauled the enemy armored columns. Allied headquarters announced Miat with the enemy drive 'petering nit, only minor clashes occurred lsewhere on the U. S. Fifth Army ront. Harassing artillery fire and ctive patrol sorties against the rtritish Kighth Army front high-'' 'tallied that part of the trans-Italian battle-line. ' ; However. Canadian elements of Hie Eighth cleared Nazi forces loiigly emplaced in some houses in the south bank of the Senio rir-n' southwest of Alfonsfne, and an i fm y attempt to Infiltrate acrosa lie stream was crushed. J Warplanes of the Mediterranean 'Hied Air Force kept up their mas-'' ' ive assault against enemy communr ,; rations In the Po Valley battle ai" a, and sent strong missions Into the ' ' cart of Germany. Among 2.600 sorties flown oh Of actual combatant ships It will have 1,167. This figure does not include patrol, and mine cruft, auxiliaries and district craft. The total fleet, tonnage will be eleven million nnihilatfon. cipal; Glendale School, Miss Irma i'lamea completely deal roped the tavern and residence of Joe O. Marietta. Hlanford. The Osmon fire was believed to have started in the basement near the furnace, firemen said. The flames swept up the cold uir duct into the two terms, died ut his home in Jonestown at ft: 15 p. m. Thursday. Field Marshal Gerd Von Rund- Pesavento, principal ; Central School Universal Man Is Hurt in Crash On Ice-Coated Road Mr. McCown was a member of tedt appeared to be preparing a de- Miss Agnes McGinty, principal; Sac- 707 thousand tons. the Jonestown Tinted Brethren fensive line all along one sector of red Heart School, Sister Francis Though warmly praising labor's Church, a member of the Modern he frontthe northern flank where, Marie, principal; Junior High School great contribution to this program living room where curtains and the Christmas tree were burned. Woodman club of Clinton, und be e previously launched his most de- Ray Shew, principal and Senior High the report added: Hazardous driving conditions "Operational plans for 1945 have termlned assaults. At least fi8 tanks , School, Mrs. Heln Johnson, princi- longed to the Brotherhood of Hallway Carmen of St. Berniee, were blamed today for the uutoino Fire, smoke and water dumage are dug in in one zone and a staff pal, have met the qualifications foi beept based on estimates of the real bile accident yesterday near West to the house wus heavy, firemen re ported. fflcer has declared that the Nazis' production capacity of navy sup I he schools-at-war flag. Terre Huutc in which Henry Lewis Universal, sustained several cuts An early morning blaze razed the pliers. , Right now, however, even realistic schedules are not being defensive line is being "echeloned in depth," In addition to these schools. Perry-sville, Dana, Cromptnn Hill and and bruises about the face and se achieved In a number of critical and Suvivors include the widow, Al-da; one son, Homer or Terre Haute, and two granddaughters, Mrs. Betty Salmon d and Miss Barbara June McCown, both at home. The body will lie in state at the Frist Funeral home until noon Saturday. Services will be held at the The possibility is not being over Blanford in the county have celved the flag. essential items, largely because of vere chest injuries. The accident was reported to have occurred when the Lewis machine Thursday, oil plants and railway in- manpower shortages and a high la looked that Rundstedt hopes to reform his battered units behind the defense zone until reserves arrive, Two reports were made by Issuing tallatlons in Germany. Austria and home and tavern in Hlanford at 2:30 a. m. today. The buildings, both completely destroyed, were connected and had recently been remodeled and redecorated. Attempts to call the Clinton fire department failed when the telephone wires were burned out, it was agents In Clinton with the Rosen bor turnover in certain areas. This situation has caused delivery lags skidded on the ice-coated pavement and careened to the left side of the hen renew the attacks. Enemy move Czechoslovakia were attacked, while the bombers' escorting fight- blatt store reporting soles of $8,700. In a wide variety of categories, from ments and concentrations in other u. Is. Church or Jonestown at 1 p m. Saturday. Burial will be in Riverside and the J. C. Penney Co. store reporting sales amounting to $(,181.- packing machinery and oxygen the- fit rafed enemy airdromes. -At least eight enemy planes wer strnyed during these operations. sectors also are being studied with care. runy suits to aircraft carriers and said. spare parts." Carriers, Cruisers Critical lilch cost the Allies 11 planes llst- road, colliding with a car driven by Charles Shewmuker. Shewmuker escaped injury while Lewis was taken to the Union Hospital In Terre Haute for emergency treatment. Both cars were damaged In the collision with the Lewis machine being taken to Mike's Auto Body t as "missing. ' On the critical list at present, the Christmas Seal Sales in Tuberculosis Tax Div ision Field Agent Defenders of Bastogne Beat off Waves Of German Tanks, Infantry for 9 Days WITH THE AMERICAN FORCES Enemy troops take full advantage To Be Here in January Drive Reaches $1,270 in Township Shop in Clinton for repairs. Meanwhile the icy condition of the roads and highways near Clin ton and the streets in the city cuu i. 1'. Higginnotliam, field agent f the Indiana Gross Income Tax :vlslon, will be In Clinton, Jan. !. 23. and 30 from 10 a. ni. to 3 . in. to assist taxpayers in filing IN BASTOGNE In Bastogne to- of the thickly wooded hills and It is light men who have held this liti- slow progress cleaning them out. sed numerous machines to Bkid Into lortant Belgian road and rait center Thunderbolt fighter-bombers are curbs and ditches, it was reported. A freezing ruin fulling this after or nine days told me how they beat giving the ground troops close sup- lie annual 1944 Gross Income Tax 'turn, it was announced today by off attack after attack of Von Rund-tport, constantly dive-bombing the noon threatened to increase the fohn W. Keeder, auto license Nazi-infested woods. highway hazards. branch manager. The "battle of Bastogne" began Your 1944 annual Gross Income Tav return Is now due and must be uedt's fanatical panzer and Infantry roops. The epic stand of these battle-veary doughboys Is ended now. Early this morning (Wednesday) iust before daylight, an American filed and paid on or before Janu ary 31. 1945. After that date It will be delinquent. The annual return report added, are carriers and cruisers, some of which have been delayed by labor shortages as much us seven to nine months, rockets, where demand is soaring, high capacity ammunition and 40-nim guns, maintenance and repair parts for the fleet, airplanes and advance bases, certain new types of aircraft, radar, wire and wire rope. It estimated that about twenty-five million feet of wire rope needed in the coming three months will not be available until June or later unless more workers are obtained. Shipyard Workers Short Equally Important, the Navy stressed the shortage of workers at shipyards, particularly on the west coast and said a total of 133.000 workers will be needed for repair Work alone. The report Indicated that 39.971 vessels were built for the Navy In 1944 against 24,187 in 1943 but only 420 combatant ships against 608 in 194 3. "denoting a levelling off in the need for more warships and escort vessels and the tremendous Increase In landing craft, auxiliary attack ships and other supply, yeasels, which have carried the AllieU.oKenalveiito enemy shores, both la Kuxoye and the Pacific." trmored column, battling up from Service Men, Women To Be Honored New Year's Eve Special New Year's Eve exercises in honor of the men and women In the armed forces will be held at St. Bounce. Sunday night, it was announced today. The program will be held at the Vermillion County Insurance Agency office In St. Ber must Include the taxpayer's entire Clinton Township sale of Tuberculosis Christmas Seat sales reached 1.270.45. by Dev. 26, Mrs. Frieda B. Wilson, chairman of the township drive, announced today. At the same time Mrs. Wilson asked that all those who have accepted the seals but who have not yet remitted their money to do so as soon as possible in order that the drive may be ended. The prompt response and good will of Clinton residents is appreciated by the seal sale committee. Mrs. Wilson said. The list of new donations includes: Senior High School, $27.99; Central School, $22.64; Junior High. $22.41; South School, $18.88; Glendale School. $10.10; Crompton Hill School, $19.13; Universal School. $16.61; Falrvlew School. $15.07; Jacksonville School, $9.05. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson. $10.00; Aimone Dairy, $7.00. $5, Trt-Kappa, Delta Theta Tau, Blake's Neighborhood Store. Gillis Pharmacy, Marcel'o Bondi, Truck he south, entered the town and nade contact with the defenders. land's Home & Auto Supply. Adone Gregory, Rlcauda Slates, Guy Brig kb, Nick Knranovich, Palac Theatre, Sluuts Auto Supply Co. Northwest Coal Co.. Mrs. J. N. Frist J. H. Gilmour, Security Loan Co..t $2. Mrs. Alva Anderson. Letlia H. Adams, Irma Avenatii. Julio Ber-to, Antoinette Bui ma, Deno Bona-rorsi. Mrs. Fred Boatman, Ray By-bee, Anton'tta Basso, Douato Balle-rini. F. L. Banks, Angelo Bono mo Wm. R. Ban gen. Frank M. Bay.dng-er, Victor Bouucchl, Milce F. Bat-tasso, Roy Cashner. John Crowder Mrs. Wilmont Connor. Dominick Costa. Hurry Cull. Mrs. R. J. Collier Mrs. Ada Cloyd, Mary Carrera, Andrew Costa. Charles Crowder, Ira Church, Nelson Collins, John Carried, Everett Davidson, Mary F. Davis, Ruth Davidson. Roy Divan. John Dunk ley, Harry Elegy, Mrs. Wm. C. Elegy, Cecil Turclii, Joe Ferro. Ottavio Gambaiani. Pete Franchetti Tony Ferro, Beu-lah Fisher. Dennis Grounds, Ray- Continued on page 6) grnsB income from January 1 to December 31. even though quarterly returns have been made for the preceding quarters during the year. Battle on Snow covered Hills on a foggy morning Dec. 19 when, according to the defenders, "all hell broke loose." Von Rundstedt's forces attempted to overrun the town with attacks in mass formation. They paid dearly for that. "We knocked them off like flies and our artillery really did a butchering job on them," decalled a bearded sergeant from Chicago who himself killed four of the attackers with the first hand grenade we threw. Hold Off Panzer I'niU American tanks and tank-destroy Other Allied columns fighting to relieve the embattled town were The field agent will be stationed niee. till locked in combat with the enemy t the Automobile License Bureau. Dr. S. I. Greene, Helt township and if any unusual problem is con trustee, will act as master of cere m the snow-covered bills just out-tde Bastogne. The battle has been especially , nected wiih tax returns, this opoor- monies and the program will be unity is made available for assiat- broadcast to the crowd by loudspeaker equipment furnished by the fierce In the area extending about nce. Mr. Reeder also announced that 10 miles south and southeast of the Frist Funeral Hp me of Clinton. ocal people applying for store 11 'own and the Nazis are launching Starting promptly at fi:30 p. m., the exercises will feature an address by ers held their positions in villages just outside of Bastogne for two days throwing hack panzer spearheads time and again. (Continued on Pag I) reuses may obtain them at the local license bureau rather than send-i Ing to Indianapolis for them. - numerous local counter-attacks in ;n all-out effort to halt the American advance. liev. Belva Skidmore and ainsical numbers. ers Union Er Nolan treasurer, Po

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