The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 12, 1968 · Page 28
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 28

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1968
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

2& Palm Beach Post, Tuesday, Nov. 12. 198 Special Limited Enrollment Period Ends Midnight, Sunday, November 17, 1968 pepD $10. a wk extra cash in com wheim yy g to th AT LAST, HERE IS A PLAN THAT ACTUALLY PAYS YOU: extra cash up cash from your first day in hospital extra cash direct to you extra cash want to extra cash in addition to Medicare or any other insurance! Ad Now-GET FIRST MONTH'S PROTECTION to $10,000 extra to use any way you FOR ONLY $1 NOW This Introductoiy Offer lasts only JL more days. Money back in full if not 100 NOW . you and your family can join this Extra Cash Income Plan with no red tape, no questions to answer, no medical examination, no age limit, without having to see a salesman and without any qualifications whatsoever. But you must mail your Enrollment no later than Midnight, Sunday, November 17, 1968. Why You Nd Thli EXTRA CASH Plan In Addition To Ordinary Hospitalization And Medicare You know, of course, that the tremendous jump in hospital costs has forced millions who already have hospitalization to dig into savings or go into debt. Even with Medicare, they risk using up their savings or, worse yet, turning to family and friends for help. In fact, very few people have enough savings, hospitalization or income to cover the TOTAL cost of being sick or injured. How long could you stay in the hospital without worrying about the pile-up of daily exinses? Who will pay for the expenses of costly X-rays, doctor bills, drugs and medicines? And how about the expenses at home rent, food, telephone and others that iust go on and on? With expenses like these, could you avoid having your savings wiped out and your family life upset? Barter Safe Than Sorry Wouldn't it be comforting to know these problems could 1 solved by your Extra Cash Income Plan the plan that gives you $100.00 a week IN CASH tax-free trom the very first day you're in the hospital for up to 100 full weeks. .$100.00 a week tax-free cash from first day in hospital! . to a maximum of $10,000.00 for any hospital stay lasting 100 weeks! . Money mailed direct to you not to the doctor or hospital! . in addition to hospitalization, Medicare and Workmen's PAYS YOU CASH PAYS YOU CASH PAYS YOU CASH PAYS YOU CASH Special $1.00 Offer Expires Midnight of Date Shown On Coupon Belowl To introduce you to this remarkable new Plan we are making this unusual offer with a Money-Back Guarantee. We will provide you with this tax-free "Extra Income Hospital Plan" Form 478 for one full month for only ONE DOLLAR. To take advantage of this offer, fill in the Enrollment Form on this page and mail it with just $1.00 before Midnight of the expiration date shown. A full month's protection will go into effect on the very day we accept your Enrollment Form. When you receive your policy, examine it in the privacy of your home. Show it to your lawyer, your doctor, your clergyman or any trusted advisor. Then decide for yourself . . . and while you're making up your mind, you'll be protected by this wonderful Plan. If the Extra Cash Income Plan isn't everything we say it is, return the policy within 30 days and your money will be cheerfully refunded with no questions asked. However, if you decide to continue this worthwhile protection, you may do so at these low rates: Union Fidelity Monthly Renewal Rates A at Enrollmtnt Monthly Premium 0-39 only $3.80 40-54 only $4.80 55-64 only $5.80 65-74 only $6.80 75 and over only $9,10 NOTE: The regular Monthly Premium shown here (for your age at time of enrollment) is the exact amount you will continue to pay for the life of your policy. It will never increase because you pass from one age bracket to the next! It won't even change because of frequent claims or the amount of money you collect. It can change only if there is a general rate adjustment affecting all policies of this type in your state, How Con We Offer All This Protection for So Utile? If you're lucky, you can buy ordinary insurance at any time and pay regular rates. But NOW with just a stroke of your pen you can get Union Fidelity's $100.00 a week ($14.28 per day) Extra Cash Income Plan for the special low cost of onlv $1.00 for the first month. And how is this possible? BECAUSE UNION FIDELITY ENROLLS A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE AT ONE TIME . . . direct by mail. This highly efficient "mass enrollment" cuts our costs to the bone. We are able to issue thousands of policies in a few short days. By this method our overhead expenses are reduced drastically. And the savings are passed on to you! satisfied. No age limit Join Even If You Are Over 65 This Extra Income Plan Pays You Cash in Addition to Medicare and Other Insurance! Even though Medicare will pay most of your hospital expenses, it just can't cover everything. Your Extra Income Plan help9 solve this problem by paying $100.00 a week, in cash, direct to you, for as long as 100 weeks . . . and gives you the privilege of spending this money any way you want to. With your total benefit amounting to $10,000.00 you'll never have to turn to your children or charity. You'll keep your financial independence and enjoy the peace of mind that this Plan's EXTRA CASH will give you. Absolutely NO LIMIT On Age This Plan welcomes you no matter what your age is and without any qualification! whatsoever! Even if you're over 75 you're still eligible . . provided, of course, that you fill in and mail the Enrollment Form with just ONE DOLLAR during this limited enrollment period, EXTRA CASH Gives Peace Of Mind and Security, Helps Replace Lost Income Everything .costs more these days. (Who knows better than you?) Hospital costs alone have TRIPLED in just a few short years . . . and they're expected to DOUBLE soon. While 7 out of 8 Americans have some hospital insurance, most find that benefits simply don't cover ALL the bills that mount up when sickness or accident strikes. Union Fidelity created this low-cost Hospital Income Plan to help cover your UNCOVERED expenses while hospitalized ... to put EXTRA CASH in your hand for bills from the doctor, the surgeon, the nurse, the druggist or anyone else who provides service and treatment you need and want. You may even have enough left over to help REPLACE any income you lose because of your confinement. And remember: Your EXTRA CASH is paid direct to you . . . and you use it any way you want to. These Are The Only Excluslonsl The new Union Fidelity "Extra Income Hospital Plan" has NO WAITING PERIODS. It covers you immediately for every possible kind of sickness and accident except, of course, hospitalization caused by mental disorders; act of war; pregnancy, childbirth or miscarriage; or care provided in a government hospital. It even covers you for any chronic ailment or pre-existing condition after your policy has been in force for only 2 years. EVERYTHING ELSE IS COVERED! J J. Can you drop met Can you raite my ratetf No. We will never cancel or refuse to renew your policy for health reasons so long as you make your premium payments on time. Also, we guarantee that we will never cancel your protection or adjust your rate unless we take the same action with regard to all policies of this type in your state. You, of course, can drop your policy on any renewal date. 12. What it not covered by thit policy? The only conditions not covered are hospitalization caused by mental disorders; act of war; pregnancy, childbirth or miscarriage; or care provided in a government hospital. You are even covered for any chronic ailment or pre-existing condition after your policy has been in force for only two years. Everything else is covered. 13. Can other membert of my family take advantage of thit tpecial offer? Yes. Just add their names to the Enrollment Form when you fill it in. 14. Why it ifcii offer good for a limited time only? Because by enrolling a large number of people at the same time our underwriting, processing and policy issue costs can be kept at a minimum. These savings, of course, are passed on to you. 15. Do I need a medical examination or a ttatement from my doctor? Definitely not. Just fill in the Enrollment Form and send it off today with $1.00. 26. What other advantagei art there of joining thit Plan now? By joining now you do not need to complete a regular application just the brief form in the lower right-hand corner of this page. Also, during this enrollment period, there are no other qualifications no "waivers" or restrictive endorsements can be put on your policy. 17. Horn doet the Money-Back Guarantee tcork? Examine your policy carefully in the privacy of your home. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return it within 30 days and we will promptly refund your money. Meanwhile, you will be protected while making your decision. iS. How do 1 join? Fill in the brief Enrollment Form (be sure to sign your name) and mail it with just $1.00 for the first month's protection to: Union Fidelity Life, Dept. MM, 1515 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19102. After the first month you continue your protection a! Union Fidelity's low monthly rates. And bear this in mind: the rate you pay now will never be increased because of changes in your health or age nor will your benefits ever be reduced! A Nationally Respected Company As important as the cash income itself, the low cost and ease of enrollment, is this one vital fact: Your policy is backed by the resources, integrity and national reputation of Union Fidelity Life Insurance Company of Philadelphia, an old line legal reserve company licensed in 49 states and Washington, D.C. Easy To Join No Red Tape-No Salesman Will Call Join NOW. During this limited enrollment period there are no qualifications whatsoever . . . but you must mail the Enrollment Form BEFORE the Midnight deadline. We will issue your "Extra Income Hospital Plan" and put it in force the very same day we receive your Form. Why not take a moment right now to fill in your Enrollment Form and mail it with only $1.00, the "introductory" cost for your first month's coverage. $1.00 No Risk Money-Back Guarantee! Because we're so confident this Extra Income Plan that PAYS CASH direct to you is the best low-cost protection now available, we make our famous Money-Back Guarantee. When you get your policy look it over. You must be 100 satisfied that your Plan is exactly what we promise and exactly what you want. If you're not, send the policy back to us within 30 davs and we will REFUND YOUR MONEY IN FULL ... AT ONCE. But meanwhile, you will be protected. And if you decide to continue this wonderful protection, you do so at the low rate that will never be raised because you grow older! JOIN HOW-"T0M0RROW" MAY BE TOO LATEl This is a limited enrollment. YOU MUST ACT NOW The expiration date shown below can't be extended. If your Enrollment is mailed later, it can't be accepted. TIME IS PRECIOUS! Get your Enrollment Form and $1.00 in the mail . . . todayl MIDNIGHT, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1968 Middle Initial Sued or K. D. STATE. AGE .ZIP. SEX Male Female U SUNDAY, , I ft NOVEMBER 17, A T 1961 T below: (DO NOT repeal name that appears above) Company? No Yes . .DATE. print UNION FIDELITY "hy LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY the State of Union Fidelity Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 19102 Florida 18 Important Questions Answered That tell you how Union Fidelity's $100.00-A-Week Extra Cash Income Plan gives you the protection you need at amazingly low cost! SPECIAL LIMITED ENROLLMENT PERIOD! EXPIRES mmrni mm OFFICIAL ENROLLMENT FORM No. 01-470-261-01-M NAME Please Prim) "rs Miss ADDRESS city. DATE OF BIRTH. Month Day IMPORTANT: This Official Enrollment Form must be mailed no later than midnight of I alio apply (or cocine (or the memberi o( my family listed Htm much will ifti'i policy pay me when 1 go to fha hotpttatr You will receive $100.00 per week. t. When mil my hotpitalitation benefiti ilorl. The day you enter the hospital. J. Will I be paid II I am in the hotpital lor leu than a full eek? Yes. This new Plan pays if you are in the hospital for only day, or a week, a month, a year. 4. Doet thi$ polity hate any "stailitif period t" before 1 can ute iff No. It will go into force on the same day we accept your completed Enrollment Form and $1.00 premium for the first month's coverage. 5. How long will continue to receive my Extra Cath? For every day you are hospitalized for as long as 100 weeks for every covered accident or sickness. 6. h there any red tape to join? No. We only ask you to complete and mail your Enrollment Form before the deadline date shown. No questions to answer. No salesman will call. 7. Suppoie 1 tolled benefit! for a certain lickneu or accident. What happen! if I am hotpilalhed again for the lame condition? You go back to collecting your $100.00 a week until you've been hospitalized for a total of 100 weeks and have collected $10,000.00. Then, if the same condition puts you back in the hospital after you've resumed your normal activities for six months, you become eligible to receive $100.00 a week again, for up to 100 additional weeks, Any new condition will be covered immediately, of course. 8. How may f ute thete benefit paymentif You may use them any way you wish for hospital and doctor bills, rent, food, household expenses or anything else. You alone decide how to use the money. 9. Why do I need your Extra Cath Plan In addition to my other iniurancet Chances are your present hospital insurance won't cover all your hospital and medical expenses. Even if it did, you will still need extra cash to cover all your household expenses. JO. May I join if I am oter 65? Yes. You are welcome to join no matter what your age is. This Plan has no age limit. NAME (Please Print) RELATIONSHIP SEX NWtJnJT AGE 1, " 2. J. 4. 5. ll Do you carry other insurance in (If "yes" please list policy numbers.) 1 have enclosed my first monthly premium of $1.00 and this hereby apply to Union Fidelity Life Insurance Corn-any. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania IV 102, for the Extra Income Hospital Plan, Form 478. 1 understand the pany policy is not in force until actually issued. If for any reason I am not completely satisfied with this new protection I may return my Policy for cancellation within thirty 130) days and my payment will be prompily refunded. RW SIGNATURE X iin Do not

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