The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 28, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 28, 1944
Page 4
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lit' Thursday, Deccmbor 28, 1944. IDE DAILY CLINTONIAN ITffgc Four HITTING HOME! THE pAiLY CLINTON1AN Behind the Seen: MU , MiUllfced aa The Weekly IJMntonUn 1M 1 Ik CMaton Plalndeatler absorbed in 1V4M Fnbllahad Dallr Except Saturday ud Suda iaorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publish) rf Tmi nnstelln makes any lnonc a.. UARRItON CARROLL f At the Movie ) COLCMBIA Thurmlny Horoscopes and telescopes play an important part In M-G-M's delightful domestic comedy, "The Heavenly Body," now ut the Columbia Theatre. William Powell and Hedy Lamarr star in the hilarious tale of an astronomer's wife who takes up astrology. James Craig Is cast aB the willing third angle. William Powell is a professor of astronomy who lias dlscoved u new comet. When lie must work at night on his tllseov- nrv wile. Illuverf i)V MISS Lll- I at tne roatoffics at t'nnton, inaiaaa M Second Olan Matter Indiana Republican Bdltr..1al 4amrtaoim Hint Feature, Kyndirnto riler HOLLYWOOD An Errol Flynn trip enst hardly cornea under the head of literary events but the Irish tar. this time, docs have a manuscript tucked umior his turn. It's his new ad Phone 88 ' Phone 32 McAttnhmm tSlfUBUCAM Editou. marr, becomes bored. Under the venture novo 1, once called "The Other Side of the Moon," and now, simply. "The Longboat." Of course, don't Wnme me if Hie ;itork cluh ices more of Prrol than his pub-lishers. He won't have time for too much whoopee, however. "The Don from his two race horses (what optimism!) he plans' to add th rash to the Abbott, and Costellp fund for life -or -death medical cases, like the Nubbins youngster. . . . Though 11 pounds thinner, Pat O'Brien has returned from the China-India trip literally boiling over with energy. SHys lie never felt better in his life and can't wait to get back again. ... Rni. say Ames took the boys and girls in gin rummy at Palm Springs. The Bill Bendix's new Bel-Air home, which they take over In February, comes equipped with a nursery for their adopted baby daughter. Bill is crazy' ahout tin house. He says, "It's the kind tof place I used to dream Of when J was on WPA. ' , In a fight scene for Universal'! "Blond Ransom," a double for Don Cook swung a chair and hit a light fixture which careened to the sidelines and conked Cook, the very man they were trying to save from damage and, as it turned out, the only casualty in the entire melee. Influence ot u iioighbor he takes up astrology and Ulll's troubles then begin. W A BASH WeiLiicsilny ami TliurMlay ' Belly Field, who hails rrom Boston, plays her first film role as a Bostonian In Paramouut's thrilling new picture. "The Great Moment." showing currently at L Harrison Carroll the Wabash Theatre. Prestrn St urges, the miracle movie- tier, wrote and directed 'The Great Moment" which tells of the tips and downs of Dr. Wil Juan" picture is supposed to roll in the middle of January. After three hair-cuts and three dye-jobs for "The Spanish Main," Binnle Barnes winds up with her locks dark brown, and as short as Jnfrriil Bergman's curls in "For Whom the Bell Tolls." But the topper is to get the proper Technicolor highlights, the dark tresses will have to be sprinkled with lish scales. liam Morton, the Uosm i iwiiitsi. who triumphed over pain b li if ciifcovery of ether -v.: per :r. an Cinit'sthetlc; Joel M 'j '!'-1 linper- 'Tiiftes one of Am.,!""'!'!''; great uSl.cralded heroes, Di. William Mo:(.n. III In il? K mMK 1 Frances Langfortl grieving over the reports that Lt. Col. Robert B. Westbrook is missing in' action. The officer, who had many Jap planes to his credit, took Frances on four piggy-back rides" In his P-38 and, later, named Ills new machine "The Florida Thrush" in her honor. Hollywood remembers the colonel well. He danced many an evening at the Mocambo during his recent leave here. . . . JAPANESE BRUTALITY. Xlere is an item for Americana to remember when the time comes to settle ac-cc 'its with the Japanese: v 'w months ago when the Japanese r .ioo-'c' American forces in the Philip-1 ' c j, ' p iecided to transfer prisoners (v Japan. One ship, which had 1 .: lit r,r.;iplies to the island, started on ( o .-n-ar;o home with 750 survivors of Ba- '1."" - i -l.ed beneath the hatches. ' '' '"; "ip way, the Japanese ship was hit i - American torpedo. Only eighty-two .icans escaped and they have given an -nt of Japanese brutality. V " .ptain Fred J. Gallagher, who served -""'tanker General Wainwright in the Philip-'pines, describes how the men rode for nine-u-i teen days and eighteen nights, packed -" shoulder to shoulder in the holds of the "stinking ship" until its sinking. Lieutenant Harvey Benson, of Grainger,. Teas, who served at Corregidor, says that fi'c hundred men were "put naked into the forward hold, measuring about fifty Dogs Sense Alr-Raiils : In lhe days when Mndrid was bo-coming a ' rubble heap, air-raid warnings were sounded according lo the dogs. Soon after (he begin The gate-man at the Ed Gardner's house was given a list of all guests expected at the Veronica Lake-Andre DeToth wedding and orders to admit nobody else. Which would have been okay except that the bridegroom's name was not included on the list, nor was that of Judge Charlie Griffin who was to perform the ceremony. Somebody had to come down and identify both men. HOLLYWOOD HI-JINX: On the hack of her Christmas card, Kay Sabichi tells me that she and her ning of the siege ft was discovered that, a full half-hour before the farthest outposts had any warning of an approaching raid, practically every dog in the city hcwled. trembled and hid'. As the dugs were ' never wrong the air-raid warnings were regularly sounded according to their actions. This gave the people an e:;tra half-hour's 1 1 Taking a Backward Glance For the second time, Fay Hol-ilen's sister and brother-in-law, the Bill McQuades, have been bombed out of their English home. The last place to go, with all their possessions, was a cottage in Hempstead Gardens. A buzz bomb obliterated It Mr. and Mrs. Noble Johnson, of Terre Haute, were dinner guests last evening of Mr. and MrB. Mark E. Nebeker, of South Main Street. Miss Jane Ristine, of Indianapolis, lias returned home after spending Christmas with her aunt. Mrs. J. AV. Pierce, and family, of TtVKNTV VICARS AC TOUAV Hunti'm Hunt Hie ami husband, Lt. Jack Whalen, are expecting a baby In July. . . ': MaX Gordon paging Carlos Ramirez to play the lead in the Broadway pro.' dtictlon of "The Life and Loves of Cellini." . . . The Malibu area will have its own little theater. Howard da Silva and his wife, the former Louise Taylor, are planning to house the prganization In a barn on their ranch. . . . Helen yorrest and Fred Brady at Bob' D4Uon'. . . . Anne Miller with Vincent Fotre at the Mocambo. . . .Jacqueline White with Lt. Bernard Greenfield at Billingsley'a Tropics. '. . Georgia Glbbe' Operation won't' cost her a personal appearance tour after all. The theaters are giving her new datea following iter recovery. by, foi'ty feet". Every time there was an alert, the hatch covers were closed and . cno time the men went thirteen hours without fresh air. When the ship was fi South .Main street. Miss Ristlne's parents, Mr, and Mrs. B. F. Ris tine. returned to Indianapolis Fri Crowd Quickly Turnips quickly begin to crowd, so must be thinned out as soon ar they arc large enough to handle, and because they devclup so ffst they should be spaced 3 to 4 inchef apart in the first thinning. Thr leaves of the varieties which are grown for roots are good for greens when' yuung and the thinnings may te so used. But I'Ue all cabbage relatives', this crup is much subject to aphids. which injure the lcav.e as the. plants g'-ew older. v day. As a surprise for Linda Darnell, Pev Marley got Xaviei Cugat to sketch a life-sized portrait of the star on the wall of the fireplace in her bedroom. . . . For the first time since her arrival in Hollywood, Ann Richards will move from the Studio club. Klv.' ". I t v-i other fiiris will shave a:s : : .::T::'.t. . . . Say They'll Try Train A limiting trip planned by live Clinton men, who left for the Ozarks Saturday morning, ended up their hunting a warm place and they arrived back home, Sunday. Ernie. Uoetto. in Ilia Cadillac, was one of Hie party, with Tony Marietta, Floyd droves, and Max Haskell, with droves' and Haskell's hunting dogs. The returned hunters say they got 100 miles TEN YEA US AH) TOIAY ExrluutgUcs Mrrt Interesting sound pictures por son will assist the hostess. Robert Benco returned home last evening from Indianapolis where he spent the week end visiting with friends. Mrs. Jessie McRae, daughter of Mrs. Kliza Mayfleld Is visiting hero from Canada. Mrs. Mcltae with her mother has returned home from spending Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Ira Harmon in Hruccvillo. Mrs. Jennie Greene and Miss Anna Bingham of Springfield, 111., returned to their home today after visiting here tor several days with Mrs. (Jreene's sister, Mrs. B. D. Medjll of Hlackman street. .Mr. anF Mrs. Herscliel Seleh have returned to Chicago after visiting several days with Mrs. Selch's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Herder of North Main street. Mr. Selch Is reported to be doing well in his business making concrete blocks with cinders as the traying the development of the nirfhw idea as pertaining to ail toinoblles and the construction of Chrysler motor curs provided m MIGNONO. t'rtaiiuupt for members of the WOLF l !A'Sl i:LI)ll?lli 1 nally sunk "it was seen that 140 men had j perished". Finally, on the nineteenth day, the men heard a shot from a heavy caliber gun and J found themselves in the water. They - "were greeted by machine-gun fire from every ship in the Jap convoy who had low-' ered their boats to take up Jap survivors. When the pistols of the Japs in the boats ' failed,; they then used their bayonets on the boys. Only the darkness saved those who managed during the night to reach shore". ) FARMERS' INTEREST IN THE WORLD. The interest of the American farmer in a well-ordered world is emphasized byj Professor F. A. Pearson and Dean W. I, Clinton Harry Caldwell secretary, beyond St. Louis and after having much trouble keeping on the road, which became sleet covered, they decided to give it up and go later this week by train". They got well chilled before they arrived EBERIIW Herseltell ChoeK, In charge of the program, secured the Chrysler O '04S BY AUTHOR - DISTRIBUTED BY KINS FEATURES SYNOlCATB, IHO. pictures in Tern Mfitite. back liolhe. They got back to St. Next week the meeting will be in charge of the new officers CHATTER TWENTY-FUUK "But you told everybody it was accident . . ." bepan Sopor explo lected December 20. They are Hoy Htaats, i resident, lr. V. N. Kel sively and ftuffcnt broke in with, "Who shot vou ?" base. ' C rail? closed his eyes wearily. "I ly, vlc-president, I'aul Fletche. treasurer and Harry Caldwell, sec rotary. Dominick Garino, shipping of North Ninth Street left could have told you all I knew of it yesterday if I hadn't been drug Ne,v members of (he board of Louis Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hunyan of South Fourth Street attended the wedding of Mrs. Runyan's sister. Miss Helen Chunn, yesterday when Mies Chunn became the bride of Maurice Loser of Terre Haute. The bride vhn is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chunn of Terre Haute is a landscape artist. The Tri Kappas will meet tonight at the home of Mrs. Sara Kelly in Walnut street Instead of Wednesday night. Mrs. Max John hall last night? When something; bumped against the door and you went to look?" ' ' "Why why, no onel That is. h, some time (perhaps half an hour before) I saw Nicky jn: the hall. But not after the bump on the door There's a dent here," I put my finger on it and he looked at it. Something very queer in his eyes stopped me. But he said only, "I advise you to tell me. Think it over," and went away. ' " u' ' ' When I entered his room again, Craig was lying with ' his'' eyes closed. Trooper Wilkins advanced a little toward Drue who was still at the window. "Wait outside," I told him, and with an uncertain j control are Ray Med lock, K:ir! jTalbo't and Herschell Cheek. ged ?o thoroughly. "The girl had the revolver, loo!' emphasized District Attorney So per. j faso is, Kiisfern Start j Hold lnslfllUition IM(s Saturday for Mansdill's Heallll home in New Jersey where he plans to remain indefinitely. 11. !,. Scollaid of Terre Haute, visited yesterday with his mother. Mrs. Alice Morris and his aunt, Mrs. Sarah Murray and family of West Hlackman street. "Mr.' Conrad Brent wasn't shot," tiu ally I wanted to know who shot nie; I wanted he evidence." Soper's culil little eyes practically lost themselves in suspicious wrinkles. "That's not Miss Cable's story. .She didn't say you sent her to look for the revolver." Craig shot a glance at Drue. "Didn't she?" he said impcrturb-ably. "Well, that's the way it was." Nugent remarked, "The revolver belonged to your father." "He kept it," said Craig, accepting the fact of the revolver's ownership without question, "in the desk in the library. He never locked the desk; anything valuable he put in the safe. The safe is behind one of those panels in the library." ' "You mean anybody might have taken the revolver," said Soper. "Obviously." Nugent was looking thoughtful. He said, "Was the hand you saw wearing a glove?"' "I haven't the faintest idea. There was only a kind of whitish outline." Soper said, "So you think the Joint installation of officers was : Joint installation of officers was held Thursday night by the ; Masonic and Kastern Star lodges Myers, of Cornell University, who, after a study of the prices of farm products, conclude that "the primary problem of agriculture becomes (a I the more general problem of stabilizing world prices, which is impossible for any one country, or (b) stabilizing prices in the United States, which is much simpler if we could agree that it should be done". .-, The agricultural economists do not be- I of Korkville at the Masonic Tern i pie. The new officers of Parke look he did so and I closed the door CRtSSWORD - - By Eugene Sbeffer said Nugent. "Craig was shot" "Miss Cable was not here when I was phot," interjected Craig. Soper paid no attention to that. He said, "How do we know she's telling the truth about the revolver "Why did she keep it, in that case?" queried Craig. ""Why, to clean olf her fingerprints! Or perhaps she was excited. Ijeft it in her room when she went "'tieve that government-sponsored restric-j after him. "Are they gone?" Craig asked. "Yes." And then I said slowly,-"There was a glove on the hand, wasn't there?" His eyes flared open. He looked very straight at me for a long moment. Then he said definitely, "I don't know what vou 're talkimr to get the digitalis and forgot it. same person that killed your father tried first to kill you?" We found it; she had to explain it. And also she saw a chance to throw dust in our eyes; to suggest that Craig' accident was attempted murder and thus, that the person I about." I Which was about what I might 'lion programs can increase total farm in-;come, although they may successfully ; raise the total income for some crops. The i i difference, they report, is small and they j Pppint out that to raise farm income under j V recent government programs, it was neces-' " sfcry to add parity payments. , I The. Cornell professors point out that I don't know," answered Craig, "But I do know Miss Cable was in have expected. ' who shot Craig and the person who i l i vA b i" wy '""'"'Tw"' Tn 222 22 : 1 42c. gf : 1 JJ Z4( IS lb pl li j m 41 42 XZ; 4S 44 4S r ; 41 Zy. 49 4 j Lodge 8, V. & A. M. are as follows: worshipful master, Darrell Davis; senior warden. Hay Spaw; junior warden, Clarence Graham; trensurer, Paul Pike; secretary, Perley Davis; senior deacon, Lee jAVhitted; junior deacon, Frank J. jllatmnn; senior steward. Clarence Harrison ; junior steward. Cecil Fielder; tyler, Ceorge F. Laney. ! Tlie following were Installed by j fho Kastern Star Chapter: worthy j natron, Mrs. Earl Dowd; worthy pr.tron, Wallace Hobson; associate matron, Mrs. K. E. Wood: asso-I eiate patron, Dr. It. E. Wood: j secretary. Airs. Parke Warden ; , treasurer. Mrs. F. W. Lealher-i man; chaplain, Mrs. Rebecca Tenyue: marshal, Mrs. Cecil Spaw; pianist, Mrs. Alfred Fisher; j conductress. Mrs. Paul Lucas; as-I soclau1 conductress. Mrs. S. H. Shessi-r; Ada, Miss Mary Eliza-jbeth Meeks; Ruth, Mrs. Carl Wll-( son ; Estlier, Irs. Loren Garner; M"r:ha, Mrs. Cecil Neet; Electa, 1 liss Mary Cruys; warder. Mrs. C. C. Harrison; sentinel, Perley Da- vis. ' '' Killed Conrad were the same. "No, no," protested Drue. "X didn't. I . . ' "I can corroborate Miss Cable's story of the revolver," I broke in hastily: "Or at least part of it." But when I had told them of seeing New York when I was shot." j "All right. 1 can't make you tell "How do you know that ?" me. But there's one thing you'll "Obviously she wasn't here." . j have to explain, if not to me, then Lieutenant Nugcnt.said abruptly, , to the police. You said half asleep "It's all right, Mr. Soper. She was yesterday 'there'll 6 murd&r in New York; I checked that and done. Tell Claud.' What did you the telephone call to the Nurses' I mean?" -Registry office." He looked at me through half- Craig went on quickly, "In any shut eyes whose expression I case, it isn't likely that she Would j couldn't read. And he denied it take a pot shot at me one night and ' flatly. the price of, cotton, with the exception of the Civil War period, has followed the general level of commodity prices in Europe. For almost a century, the price of wheat in the United States has fluctuated around the world prive level. Moreover, during the last half century, our farm price of pota her return to the house from the di the next night poison my father be- "I don't remember it. I could cause she wanted to see me and he have meant anything. Unless I was 0) posed it. The motives seem referring to the attack opon me. Go mixed." After a pause, Craig added, "She had no motive to kill my father. She doesn't want to marry me any more than I want to marry her." toes has followed the general levels of commodity prices in the worid, as has the New York price of milk. , Washington: Secretary of the Navy James V. Forrestal: "In spite of all the Japanese have been able to do, both with Do you mean to say," asked So per, glancing in Drue's direction, rection of the garden they were not ery much impressed. "Could you see what she was carrying?" asked Nugent. "No, she was wearing her cape." i "So you didn't see that it was a revolver?" "Not exactly. It had to be something small." "But in fact you are not sure she carried anything." " "Let's get back to your accident," said Nugent abruptly, addressing Craig. "Did somebody shoot you? Ifso.H'fto?" This is what happened. I was walking in the garden; it was dark, no moon. There was a rustle in some shrubs. I turned around, thinking it was the dog. I stepped a little nearer the shrubs; anyway, : I could see a hand. Barely see it, the do you mean to say that if Drue aneaa aim tell tne police." "1 will," I gaid. And Drue whirled around. Her hands were doubled up, her crimson ' mouth tftfht. "Craig, you needn't have lied fof me!" she cried. ' "I didn't," he said. You didn't send me for the revolver ..." "Oh," responded Craig,' "that. Bat the rest of it was the troth, wasn't it? 1 mean, you didn't come here with the intention of of" he smiled a little, though his eyes were very intent--"o a i reconciliation? I'm sure you didn't. Th ?frs. Melvin Kirkman and sons. Carl and Wakefield, of Higgins street, visited yesterday at ; the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Cable, your former wife, came to you and suggested that you remarry, you wquld refuse her?" At the risk of sounding unchiv- Kirkman of Lyford. 1 j Miss Jean Corrado of Cnlcago spent Christmas with her sister,; alrous," Craig said coolly and distinctly, 'yc8." ! Mrs. Jesse Cervo and family of At that point, 1 declared, l imc s VERTICAL 1. European shark 2. of grandparents 3. wax 4. to journey 5. noted 47. sour 48. a bryozoan 50. an amphibian 51. understand 52. Emerald Isle 53. an air 54. misconceive 55 peruse South Fourth Street and her mo upl The patient must rest." Instantly Nugent stalked toward ther. Mrs. Olympia Corrado, of the door. But Soper said, "Your South Tweirth Street. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Van Duyn father was a rich man, Mr. Brent. their Navy and their land-based aircraft, we and not they are winning the campaign for the Philippines. We now dominate the waters around those islands and the air over them." . New York: President Ford Frick, of the National League: "Baseball never has asked Washington for any favors and won't do so now. And we have nothing to indicate that we will not be able to play next season. We expect to play as long as we have enough men to play." of west of the city had as their smile lelt h: lips, but his eves were still very" intent, watching Drue. "It's something neither of us want. That's why I told them And at that instant Trooper Wilkins knocked on the door: He looled apologetic when I opened if.' But Drue had to go with him all th same. - . Answer to Saturday's puzzle. rest was in the shadow; I think there were outlines of a figure. And then something bit my shoulder, as if somebody had given me a kind of dfiin- r guests last evening Mr. and What are the main provisions of his will?" - "YouTl have to ask his lawyer, John Wells. Are you going to release Miss Cable?" District Attorney Soper turned HORIZONTAL 1. discernment 5. urge on 8. moist 12. above 13. deface 14 canal in New York 15. elysium 17. father 18. football team 19. ascended 21 before 22. criterion 23. minor fault 27. a support 30. small stream 31. bein 33. knot 34. giraffe-like animal 36. worldly 38. coagulate 40. deception 41. compound in resinous W hen the dvor closed behind her 6. aeriform fluid 7. large 8. stop 9. awned 10. mud 11. mason's hammer-point 16. mockery ' 20. endeavor again 23. away from 24. northern bird 25. idleness 26. channel, shallows '28. fislVs propeller 29. charge 32. narrator 35. promise 37. machine for harvesting: 39. pithy 41. float of logs 42. unbleached 44. rent 45. a melody 46. break 4S. ever (con tmctedi , a fine. magenta. "Kelease her! No chlTrlsQlRlAlsn1lEiT reIpeil no o n Afr e d miJt 2je iRr"i S L AGtNlEpoTsE E O SQSriMN C A S P o sfr a!lQa5 Tg n a s i aPpUMJp e e lIeisitDcIa Irdnieisis She stays here under guard or in '; vimvu m? eyes ana laf very jail quiet. Eventually I "bestirred my- "But I need her." I said quicklv. 5eif i n,y du!,e' Crii liy hard slap. 1 realized 1 d been snot. I think I started for the shrub; I must have called for help. I remember stumbling and then that was all until they were carrying me upstairs. Beevens and Pete. Then Chivery came. "But I didn't see anybody clearly in the shrub; 1 just knew somebody was there. I didn't even really see the revolver," he said. "But I im Mrs. Wright Van Duyn and son. Paul, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Crece of west of town and Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hayrs of Gary. MNi Virginia Lohrmann and Maurice Harper were dinner siiests of Mr. and Mrs. Harper's aunt. Mrs. Sol Mishler. of Helt's Prairie, Christmas Day. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Gallatin of Beaumont. Tex., who are spending the holidays with-Mrs. Gallatin's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas of South Tenth Street, have gone to Martinsville, HI., to visit Mr. Gallatin's parents. Mr. "I need her to help me nurse Mr. Iwn tne "a- m cttr- Brent." I rerces "nicn. certainly, were not . cuiiuucive io convalescence, can get another nurse, ih, ,.n,vM,r,u;u .. snapped Soper. "She stays under j,vp hitrt " r.. i guard of in jail." aioi rub. eot him int r-.u F "L AjBonwTFI. i CIHiA P AP EljRojViEiR R L NflS ElRVEn rRE y e tlJe" sis eTnIJa RjT Guam, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz: "I have the utmost admiration for the exertions and successes of our forces ashore and afloat everywhere in the Pacific. They have jnet every expectation. I have only admiration for their courage and Well. I didn't war.t another oa iamas and took a look at th agine that Miss Cabie found it and that thai i. the revolver she had in her room. 1 asked her to try to find it; I had a kind of lucid moment, the wav vnu do when you're drug dressing on his wound. nurse; Anna could give me any help I needed. Nugent drew me into the hall. "Miss Keate." he said in a To be continued) Afrge tfm t tolution: SJ minute. Uitt. ly King i'Valutri SnduU, Inc. pine-wood iv- liKUiiuUiuU lluw vuice, "Who was here in the aud Mrs. R. E. Gallatiu. ged, i aAeJ hrr to look fur it. Nv

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