The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 27, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1944
Page 6
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r Wednesday, December 21,391 1. THE DAILY CMNTONIAN Page Sis PHOTOS SHOWING JAP VER530N OF PEARL HARBOR No Souls The ex-pression of this Idea Is ascribed to linger Man wood, chief baron of the F.nfilish Kxi-heqner in 1592, Edward Coke, celebrated Knu-lisli jurist (i(I05i and Lord Thurhnv, English chancellor (early 19th Cauilal novernment , The District of Columbia is gov erned by three commissioners, appointed by tlie President of the United States with (he advice and consent of the senate. In a genera! way, these commissioners are vested with jurisdiction covering the ordinary features of municipal government. Aii other municipal oilicnrs are unnointed under Civil Service. IIELP WANTED Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices CF.MF.TUItY MEMORIALS i,. -w r MOXI ME.VTS and MARKERS CLINTONIAN - NEWS CARRIER boys for route open on seventh, eiRhth, and ninth streets. Call 32. Cllntontun Office. '. Tcrre Haute Monument Co. Slll l.l. V. I.I'CK - I'lione S82 The chief of police niny be selected outside Civil Service, but as a practice he is selected from the uniformed force. The citizens of the District, as such, do not have a voice in determining who these olliciais shall be. I PAID NOTICES lt.tri-vfilu(l-e 40B S. Seventh, Clinton First day Infer Hon: Se for each leading line (one column line, like Me of these). Next two days lesertlou: the same le charge (you Rot three daya at double the cost o( the flrat day). Next three daye lniertlon: the came 8c charge (you get a whole keek tire dayil at three tlmea the oat of one lniertlon). Bach group ot three daya thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (like thle) 10c per Una. NOTH'K! Siecial MeetillK of L" ul 227t All lubor lein holders of the Vermillion County Coal Co. are requested to attend a nieetiiiK Dec. ;lu. 8:00 p. ni. at the Ninth Street K of P Hall, to discuss nnd vole on boI- llnment nf claims. J I 111 TllOinas, g. Features 9c-35c FALACE 14 3x WESTERN ROMANTIC ACTION AT ITS WESTERI -f WESTERN BEST! 1 i All classified ada Including mem-oriami and notices of all kinds must be paid In advance except those by '.' - -'x - i XOTK'K! . Jerusalem Lodge No. 99 F. & A. M. called meeting. Friday. December 29, 7 p. m. Installation of officers. John Griffiths. W. M.. Charles Brown, secretary. t43 rerular customers wnose accounts . nnM mnnthlv or those from 5 1 W.A K Vk t-S H IJ1 C. h'a TP -A UT R, 1 ganlsatlons whose bills must be lowed before being paid. In mm the nerson asking publication of the notice will be held XOTK'K! Tri Kappa CliristmnH Dance. Dec. 27. AruKon Hall Room. Leo Baxters Orchestra. Call (144 for reservations. responsible for its payment. L-'L -WjEii-'SiflS BElflllliSI bOVD oe JKl FOB SALE MALE HELP WANTED FOUK ACRES OK GItOIND, NHAll Klondike, house, bain and oul- ' ' ' ' liuildinES. all Willi new roofs. Al BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES 10 years or over. Aplly, Bill Blackburn, Clintonlan. PUBLIC NOTICE dona Skindor, IM48 S. Emerald Ave.. Chicairo. 111. t52x 'C6L.' 3G732 1NKA PINKA DOO, THESE PICTURES of the Pearl Harbor attack, sent to neutral countries by the Japanese for propaganda purposes, have just been released bv the U. S. Navy. Japanese caption describing picture above reads, "Our Sea Ea;,'les determined attack had already opened, and a column of water from a direct torpedo hit on a Maryland class it, rising-. On the surface of the water, concentric waves are traced hy the direct torpedo hits, while murky crude oil flows out. In the distance the conflagration at Hickman Field hangars is seen." Picture at left shows scene aboard a Jap carrier during- launching of the Dec. 7 attack. Jap caption reads, ' The moment at which the Hawaii surprise attack force is ahnut to take off from the carrier." UK S. Navy photos, (Internntionali Hot I'atatla. Jimmy Durante, vo-,cal. 50q plus tux. Whitu's macy. t'4 SLIGHTLY USEIJ HOT WATE11 ear healers, - Reasonable. Hoosler Starting Thursday For Three Big Days TO WHOM IT MAY fOXCKKS: Notice is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners of Vermillion County, Indiana will receive sealed bids up to the hour of Two (2:0(i P. M. on the 2nd day of January. 194 5 for the quarter ending March 31. 1945, for bread and pasteries to be delivered to the Vermillion County Poor Asylum, in such smnnnls and quantities as requested I'ete's Gas Station. 4th and Vine t-ilx I I I IktJJUli COL. 36752 1'BISIOXEHO DEL MAli Ken. Xavier CiiKat Orch'estra. bite plus tax. White's Pharmacy. by the superintendent of said Insti ItlilCK. AXY KIXD YOU WAXT. tution. Each bid must be accompanied by Cliiiton Auto Wrecking Parts Vo. Ernie's. Pliune 8. flinton. Hotf a bond, or bid bond in the sum of BOD' MOTIfER VIEWS' A. B.C. ELECTRIC WASHER. UOOD $5ol.(M. The Board reserves the right to 9c WED. & THUR. 35c condition. P. Xoblitt, Montezuma Phone 97-R-3. t45x reject any and all bids. - 1 IRA J. CHURCH. Auditor. Vermillion County, Indiana. 1220-27 44. FIFTH VEIN COAL. CHARLIE R Ferguson. Phone 136-W. Stern American Defenses Slow Meuse Advance iCoutlnued from page 1) Color Cartoon "My Boy Johnny" Bargain Matinee Thur. 17-17-44 f SLED AND SET OF TIRE CHAINS. TO WHOM IT MAY COXCKRX Notice is hereby given that the estimates for supplies for the Vermillion County Poor Asylum for the Quarter ending March 31, 1945 is Jesse Mnden, Lyford, Ind. t40x THE PCTURES ! 9 & 25c 2:00-2:30 P. M. 9 t , '. J FIFTH VEIN COAL. CALL 592-J. liny Mvr t4 ox- now on file in my office. lioche III t h- collier ot the area l.a-1 overrun hy the enemy, supreme Sealed bids will be received hy the Board of Commissioners of Vermil ;MSRACLE;ANPRSTON'STURGES lion County. Indiana, to 2 o'clock p. business SERVICES FOUND A LARGe"sT0CK OF RnnHnar Car. Truck and Tractor on January 2, 19-15 for furnishing said supplies as set out In the above headiiuai'lers reported few clianxes in the slluation. The encircled American Harrison at llleitocm; was still heins attacked from all sides .'It; hours hko and 11 relief column dis-uatched from the Third Army front to ihe south was still beiiiK held in Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and named requisition. All blddera must hid on separate quantities, as per pound, per each, A completely different hit from the man who mod U .1 UAMnn'c fruli" nnA Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th Bnd Bojjart Mobllgas Station, Joe Uiacolctto, Clinton. 32tf per dozen, per gross, per yard, etc., end bids must be made on forms L if' AS I,! C . jjr-Vp, CT Ho'' The Cont,uer'n9 prescribed by Hie State Board of Accounts, which may be obtained at DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, 1.... n- amnii nmmnt service. 4 ifc. vr cheek. Anieriraii I l oops si ill hold Cellos, four miles from the .Mouse, farthest point of Ihe Cerniiiii advance before the Yanks caimlit their second wind and drove the (ierinans out. The nearby town of Ciney also is in American hands. lie office of the County Auditor at Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford Newport, Indiana. The bid will be for the particular 63109 T.rre Haute or Dana 14Zb. We pay all phone charges. John Wachtel Co.. Terre Haute. tl37 articles listed in said requisition but if the needs of the poor Asylum should require a greater or less quantity than shown In said requisition the items or articles shall be furnished at the same price as such items or articles are to be furnished DEAD ANIMALS ItEMOVEII FREE of charge by Dwlgirins and bona, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Knnrt Service. Dana, Phone 60. Vary fJriddle Cakes Griddle cakes can be varied by lidding fruit like blueberries or finely chopped apples or iiincopple to the batter before mixing. Other interesting variations are possible by using diilcrc-nt types of Hour or cereal meals sueli as conimeal, buckwheat r.ur, soybca.- (lour or whole wheat dour. as set out in the bid of the con t5xf tractor. Each bid must be accompanied by a bond or bid bond in the sum of $5on. no. The Hoard reserves the right to re fWS A Paramount Picture t , f FIRESTONE RECAPPING SERVICE for cars, trucks and tractors. Prompt dependable tire service of all kinds. Poland's Home and Auto Supply. tf tiarring MOTHER and sister of Lupe Vclcz, Hollywood actress who took her own life rather than bring into the world a baby without a name, are shown at the bier in Forest Iawn Memorial Park. Los Angeles. Left to right are Pvt. Gordon Anderson, the late actress' hrother-in-law; Lupe's mother; her sister. Mrs. Joseflna Anderson, and Eiiel-mire Zuniga, traveling companion of Mrs. Villalubas, true name 'f Lupe's mother. f International Soundphoto) ft l f. -E?, ' ject any and all bids. JOEL McCREA -BETTY FIELD IRA J. CHURCH. Auditor of Vermillion County. .Indiana. Hnrrv Carev Wni. Dc ma rest v f Franklin Pangborn Porter Hall if y -t Vy ' 12, 20-27 - 44. WrifKn and Vtfdtd by PRESTON STUBGES GUARANTEED 24-lllt. REI'UKiER-atiou Service. Commercial and Domestic. V. L. Horn-brake, Phone 1(134-4 Clinton or 1115-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-4 5 FOR YOUR HEALTH'S HAKE, EAT more fresh fruit. Our oranges are better because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. tltif Rub-a-Tub NOTICE OF FINAL HKfTI JiMEXT OK KSTATK Notice is hereby given to tile cred itors, heirs and legatees of Oliver A. COLUMBIA Davis, Deceased, to appear in the I Vermillion Circuit Court, held ut Newport, Imliuna. tin the 8th day of January. 1 94 4 and show cause, if any, Vliy the FINAL SETTLEMENT' Tuesday and Wednesday RECAPPING ..AND VULCANIZING. Five-ply passenger car tires. Plenty of Ethyl and anti-freeze. The Gus Market. 11-2-4 4 ACCOUNTS with the estate of said ' WITH Protecting Milk Dairy products are easily contaminated. To protect the family's health, milk should be kept constantly covered in spotless containers and at a maintained temperature ol no more than 5tJ degrees. If contained in paper cartons, wipe the snout with a clean cloth before each pouring. If stored in bottles, wash the outside of the bottle, being especially careful to cleanse the mouth and cap. p Seed Treatment Iia-votor treatment is used for seeds of cabbage-family, tomatoes, eggplant and celery. Kor seeds of the cucumber family and peppers, corrosive scibliniate is used. Still another rnc'lu d is to use "certified" seed. Such seed is Erown under controlled conditions and usually the fields are inspected to insure that a minimum ot d:sease is present. Another step to prevent disease is to treat t!,e seed with a funaiddal dust to prevent seeJ-mt and damping-ofT. Seeds of most vegetables usually sudor from seed-rot and damping-oll unless st, treated. Some seedsmen treat the seed with a fungicidal duit belore packaging. 1 X l decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified to- then and there make proof of heirship, and receive their distributive shares. WITNESS. Hie Clerk of said THICK DRIVERS (iOOfl VU.Mj AT all limes. Xo nnitiim. Paved nal. St Miles west of 4'linton, Hazel Itluff. 8 O foal Co. ViHx BURDSALS-PASTE-W A X FOR your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. Court, this 11th day of December, 1944. CARL R. BIGGS. Clerk of Vermillion Circuit Court. Edbert P. Zell, Attorney. 1213-20-27 44. AUTOGRAPHIC REGISTERS RENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance nioxins. 4 n(i South Fourth Street. Phone 454. ts5f Admission 9c and 20c DOUBLE FEATURE LADIES OF WASKii.GTQN With Trudy Marshall Ronald Graham PLUS THE NAVY WAY With Robert Iotvry Jean Parker FOB KENT FOUR ROOM APARTMENT. MOD ern R II llriar Hill. Also li acre In Mfmoriam lu loving memory of my husband and father, August llerna-bei, who passed away two years ago. December 2. 1942. Sadly missed iiy w ife. Josephine Hcrnahej and Daughters. Josephine and Dorina. farm, at bottom of Geneva Hill See John Seidel, It 3. t4',x v LET US DEMONSTRATE ITS MANY ADVANTAGES Standing Timber The U. S. forest service estimates 1.7u;i.CSl,00'l.o(iO loard feet of standing timber of saw log size in SIX ROOM MODERN' HOUSE. H. H Wisehart. MX or s:w. M3 FEMALE HELP WANTED W OM A N AS hT)I SI:KEEI'ER. Write P. O. llox ;;:;3, Newport or Phone 53. t4.i THURSDAY Today' twill tempo and ihortogt of nlp demand farter wayi of handling every job. The writing of routine records it ono job the WIZ register can do ' 172 FASTER. , ', Why not enlist the oid of this modern, time-saving, ' rernrd-writinrj device in YOUR busi Grub Injury Strawberries should not follow a grass sod. Grub injury may be ex FOR SALE OB KENT cessive unless the soil has been cultivated for at least two years ON THEtR WAY to gladden tne heart of every housewife are bright new metal wash tubs, the first in two years from the American Can company's plant in Atlanta, ia., which has been shut down due to metal restrictions ai'lectinK this prn-llirt. The worker above is "seaming" bottom of tub. llatciaationall ness? The daily man hours you taye J will help ease the strain of your war-( dspleted staff and its many other ad-' vantages will make you a confirmed WIZ user for many years to come, uivo us a call NOW end let trs show you the complete line. FOUR ROOM HOUSE. LIGHTS AND water, located at 1250 Vine street. Phone 740-J. residence, 31!t-J. II. A. Busenbark Acency. Rockville. Hid. - Penal Offense The wasting of lood is a penal offense in England. Wit The Copinel Ot THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for EVI2LYN CKAFT VWl S. Seventh St. Just Come Is And Ask For Them! Watch This Space Every Day JOm NAME MAT BE NEXT - Admission !)c and 20c THE HEAVENLY BODY With Hedy Lamarr William Powell "Hunting The Devil Cat" Yitaphone Yuriety Warped Skillet M-O-N-E-Y FOR WINTER NECESSITIES Tiie Daily Ciintonian "Vermillioa County's Home Newspaper" Ale you trouble with a wa:peu -Kiiict'.' here s li,e leincdy. licat siMv.v i(sr Li minutes, turn upside cuwn and piare a piece of ! '.,xd over l::e entile bJJttom. Ham- mer on tne .-oid unt.i the ski'.let is - fiat. 11 the t-Uve la to-.jrd the lti- uf t:.L' i-K:i.t 1. on tne in-i sic:e. To i '-ever.t do r.ot I puur cnij .-ur uii a Uii iil'et. SECURITY LOAN CO w,.'.vy.Yfjri''4rvVi'.ti--r3r:t.; phone .il, W r.-S - ti.r-.l!-.V. 4 224 Blackinan St. CLINTON. INDIANA rrif "arnrviiTma- n -

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