The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 12, 1968 · Page 22
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 22

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1968
Page 22
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22 Palm Beach Post, Tuesday, Nov. 12, 1&68 LE THE t- THE LITTLE WOMAN I LIKE. FOR S INSTANCE -WHAT? WELL, THOSE ARE ' (household EXPENSES, -AREN T -nJrJ Answer to f'ttioul funic SEVERAL. JtJEXPECTEO- ) mOuSHOi0 EXPENSES ) CAME UP AMO 1 RANJ ) rJPlQjypJ 5l-iEET-. lototeMs mIaIrir ow airil-eJi5 vl i ngFjigl K short r v. DAGWOOO 1M GONG BLONDIE KT- fyOJ SOX A MINUTE l MEDICINE MAM? 7Toa i MONEY T4(S A This and That ACROSS . 1 Maniple (eccl.) 6 Forerunner of television 1 1 Spheres of action 13 Father or mother 14 Take umbrage 15 Cast anew 16 Folding bed 17 Wine cup 19 Ankara 20 Cloth measure 21 Body of water 22 Stray 23 Congers 26 Vacation spot 29 Dolt 31 IeEal point 32 Malt brew 33 Feminine nickname 34 Make enduring 37 Leaping amphibian 40 Blood money 4 1 Light brown 43 Crimson 45 Altitude (ab.) 46 Swiss canton 47 Winglike part 48 Theater usher 51 Closer 54 All 55 Landed property 56 Percolates slowly 57 Tops of heads DOWN 1 Mockery 2 Interstice 3 Cuddle 4 Number 5 Girl's nickname 6 Scottish sail T WI5M YOU'P SPEAK TO REDEYE EX ABOUT MIS PIPE SMOKING ,T WHAT 6 TME PROBLEM? "It's a long story little measles, his brother is mother is at the beauty election bet T 2 13 14 5 Ti H 16 " 20 HOROSCOPE FOR TOD AY n 17 21 INewspaper JACOBY 24 25 I 126 29 30 32 I 5b i 46 49 50 11 I I lNE matasjd THE T0 WE A' DRESSES I eousMT N ESTEOAY '- S V . i- HIM To GIVE THAT THING-UPJ -i t'll HAVE TO I wusr WAIT HERE AND DIANA UP FIND OUT. THEY'LL TO SEE BE BACK.' if aZ GIVE UZZ ALL THE " INFORMATION YOU CAN. I YOU'LL HEAR FROM US SOON. (Qv i IMn ii, i h. i I... ip Tnbuitr iOu i- O WHAT Ware) WOULD YOU J YOU LIKE TO 1 RICH? KKIOW? 'rjhCr 123 27 28 I 131 33 34" 35 13 3T 40 42 43 44 45 47 48 "5T 52 1 53 56 57 ' 11 I 1 I I I November 12, 1968 By Sydney Omarr "The wise man controls his desliny. . .Astrology points the way." ARIES (March 21-April 19): Slight mixup is overcome; your creative talent wins. Don't be discouraged by apparent red tape. By-pass individual who broods, worries, makes mountains of molehills. Be a self-starter. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Avoid making your own rules. Classical methods win points. Best to be receptive; let others take the chances. Accent today on home, security, value of property. Be conservative. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Much movement, Journeys, ideas feature your day. Check messages, calls. Make views costal clear. Avoid scattering efforts. One you work with could be confused. Be aware, alert. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Good news concerning money yard 7 Circle part 8 More expensive 34 Feminine appellation 35 Marked with lines 36 Gibbon 38 Biblical mountain 39 Obliterate 40 Boxes 42 Baseball team Set within Musteline mammal Wound with a dagger Supplications Impair Permission to use Bargain 44 Challenges 49 Cant 50 Bitter vetch 52 Extrasensory preception (ab.) 53 Indonesian of Mindanao event Chair Capital of Norway Visible form ft! 8 10 15 19 22 Inttrnmt Assn.) ON BRIDGE gathered two tricks in each suit except trumps for a plus 500. This was less than the 650 they would have scored for bidding and making five hearts but it was good enough to get then 10 match points out of a possible 12, because at most other tables there was no real interference bidding by North and South, and the hand was played at a part-score contract. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) 12 Q The bidding has been: West North East South 1 A Pass 1 A Pass 1N.T. Pass ? You, South hold: AQ 10854 VA10 453 A7654 What do you do now? A Pass. You prefer two clubs but you don't want to make a second bid that might encourage a further bid by your partner. TODAY'S QUESTION You pass. West bids two diamonds and your partner doubles. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow 1 possessions is indicated. You get Impress higher-ups with enthu-solid backing where most siams. You get opportunity to Score More, Not Most to Win Billy Smith is down with at football practice,, his shop, and Herbert lost an to his father." needed. Read between the lines in concluding any transaction. You are in driver's seat. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Minor restriction should not be permitted to upset you. Stress on papers related to leases, special permission. Cycle high. Move on your part gets ball rolling. Take initiative. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Scpt. 22): Overcome any tendency to be tense. Key is natural grace, rhythm. Harmonize relations wilh associates. Avoid disputes. Discard rumors. Much may happen behind scenes. Wait for facts. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Overcome tendency to exaggerate. Perceive events as they actually occur. Some triends could be misinformed. Check information to avoid extravagence. Better bargain is available. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Put ideas to work; have confidence in your own abilities. Day to advance, elevate standing. prove basic theroy SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Your long-range plans crystallize. You can see beyond Immediate indications. Know this take overall view. Catch up on correspondence. Fine for advertising, writing, publishing. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Friendly suggestion could prevent money loss. Be willing to try unique methods. Stress originality, independence. Mate or partner may be concerned with budget requirements. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Accent on partnership proposals. Co-operate, but don't get involved without knowledge of facts. Get promises in writing. This could avoid future complications, misunderstandings. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Light touch proves successful. Means don't force Issues. What you need could be presented on silver platter. Valuable information gained if your manner is relaxed. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you surprise many by displaying sense of humor during time of crisis. You are a fierce competitor and a wonderful friend. Completion of major project is out of the way; now go forward. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for LEO, VIRGO, LIBRA. Special word to PLSCES: highlight versatility. Don't be bogged down to one procedure. TMAT'S PROBLEM I'VE GOT TO TAKE A SPIN t UPSTAIRS L-'FjitI to get away ri FROM EARTH'S V DIRTY AIR yV. MAGNtTIC WW0 AID CAB POBT GET HERE THI I'M DARIN BUT I'M NOT STUPID BUT NATy WILL BE WATCHIN A-NP LISTENIN'.I IF VOU TU-THEM I CAME 0'JT W.'TM YtJ I'LL CHOP VDU ANPYOJR FLY- WAGON IND SMALL ECONOMY PIECES .' ByNeg Cochran QUIET DOWN.' HE TOLD ME TU WAKE HIM BEFORE VOU LEFT, BUT I FORGOT TO.' GET IN THE CAR BEFORE VOU GET THE NEIGHBORS IW OW THIS, AWP I'LL TAKE CARE OF THAT5TUFI- MVSELP.' FwWAT?f -x I TOWQRRQW THE NOTE TT'S A LITTLE ROUGH, A BUT SO FAR fZMi WE'LL AARRV ) " I . I - I REDEYE I ASSURE YOU, MA'AM, VOU'RE NOT THE FIRST VICTIM. WERE WORKING ON IT QUIETLV. DICK TKACYk phantom: THE FLINTSTONES LILABNER HIANDLOUL STEVE CANYON! 7 HOW'S YCUR PlET COMlN5 jS ALONS, Mm (EVERYONE Lsm.i fr r THREE I V TO MAKE ) 0 ( READY AND FOUR TO SO Y JJ uW THERE ARE SOME NATIVE l? I HUTS NEAR THE MISSION ATOP "WAlKtR'STABtE" ' ": -.m-WiMk ) CARMICHAEL 1. 12. MANAGER He sajp i Was LAZY. STUPID AP INCONIKETtNT--- IP FlREP- r WE'RE KEEPING IT OUT 1 Or THE NEWS MEDIA TILL THE CASE IS CRACKED. THE DOCTOR SAID ALL I COULD HAVE FOR BREAKFAST WAS DRY TOAST AMD COFFEE .' WILLYOU I COULD MARRY J NEVER ME r MARRY AMYOME THOSE CRUMMY M AND THEIR S3IBHBVbut whv 7 WOULD CRIMINALS f TAKE A HAIR? ' IN THE PHANTOM'S YW Y SOMEBODY'S LOCKED C v: A TREASURE IN I HERE. WHY? laXyff. r V 1 wh-whatVthose are wu soldiers 60in6 to come ivpotxhereani NORTH 12 A AK10 7 V93 97542 KJ EAST(D) 5 WEST 32 V K 7654 K63 762 VAJ8 AJ8 AAQ10984 SOUTH A QJ9864 VQI02 Q10 53 East-West vulnerable West North East South Pass Pass Pass 1 2 A 3 A Pass Pass ble Pass 4 V 4 A Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead A 2 You don't need to gather the greatest possible number of points to have a good score in match point duplicate. All you need do, when it is your hand, is to score more than most other players will collect with the same cards. East's two-club overcall was made in accordance with best modern standards. He had a very good hand but did not want to make a takeout double with nothing in spades. South's jump to three spades shut out West effectively. As a matter of fact a pass would have done just as good a job. When the bidding got back to East he looked at his opponents' convention card and saw that they were playing pre-emptive jump responses in competition. Then he doubled. This was a perfect example of the modern all-purpose double. It was primarily for takeout, although East would not mind if his partner left it in and showed just the sort of hand East held. A good hand with a good club suit, lots of high cards, and fair support for the unbid suit. West recognized the bid and went to four hearts, whereupon North bid four spades. Had East been clairvoyant, he would have bid five hearts. That contract would wheel in because of the favorable position of the king and jack of clubs but East wanted a sure profit. He got it all right. West opened a club and the defense X?v Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time fnoLer ri it aafaw F KID WOULD ASK BH5POM6 U TURNED THIS fj I Tl'r kIPFD A A WHAT WAR HE WAS IN! M PLANT INTO AN A AS A l TIME I NEED A A s ESSENTIAL V DOLLAR-A -YEAR ?'"-?. nfy V INDUSTRY"-HE MAN, WHICH PROVES 33&&S-J--L VdL X MAPE SEASICK ft B GOVERNMENT 3TwANT TO KNOW AAV X ICAW , 1 PILLS FOR THtJ SQUANDERS MONEY! ADVICE TO YOU, YOUNS MAN? WORLD WAR V A' 1 l"Ts-" 1 DON'T WAIT TO BE DRAFTED! V TWO-'AND K.PO? -j ENLIST.' THE ARMY WILL DO f BOSS-0 I W?t!'A il PHjUtW YOU GOOD.' WHY, IF I WERE FEARLESSLY fyjll VvaVy !" &7likfl J YOUR AGE I'D JUMP AT J VOLUNTEERED W$k VV Wt p. THE CHANCE TO TO GET Of if '1V'Xl '.Tsfl' Listening to who's AI -' jtn V N? BLOWING ,vCHARGE"ON 17 . BUT LITTLE ME AintV I money may roarin6 THEKE ON THE SIDE AWAY FR3W WHE B0AP PLOCfc! OONNA B ON SOAR 7 r WHEN THEY ASfc THE NASTY flOESTIONS... OUT OUR WAY I DON'T CARE IF HE PIP WORK HALF THE WIGHT ON HIS CAR GET HIM OUT HEREJ HE WOT ONLY USED MY TRUNK LID FOR A WORK BEWCH, DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO ulTW- llcan 1 1 urr.' 1J IV I ' OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople PACIERSI1W0 RECEIVERS! AW, MY WORD, IT'S GOOD TO T HAVE see you lad3 EMJoy-y every" iM6 vrxjR6ELf: With BUL6Y - HEALTHY Zte9C!l THE WAV 6ACK UNlDl-ErATD UMITA4 WE5T5lDe lip AjftLJ Whi FERD'NAMT 1 ff I : - J jj r J ' ' "" -: . MR. POOPLES... A YOUNG ) MY PINOSAUR " I I WELL, FHEVVENSAKE, I J AS ENTHUSIASTIC VJ r, 3 LACY TD SEE YOU.SIR- 3IW-I COME IN, MY I HAVEN'T SEEM HIM SO ...HEY.' AS HE IS, I THINK f0 - V AMISSOOOLA PEAR, YES, INDEED, I ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT CANT i'D BETrER' J A FROM MOOi J CO DOME RIGHT IN.' j k. ANYTHING SINCE-... I CO IN inlJI TTvI?It3 r T I 8CN 0EATIM' US CAM RYWE WEEiCiwae Udomt have I MEAN, AWOS: CHANCE THEIR QUARTER- OP THROWS, 30HNNY STOPPlN L00K5 LIKE HE'S TUCAA r I n A 4HCVELIN' 4HOH.' MEET COACH HOOPLE WHY1 MOTHERS GET GRAY Mil

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