The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 27, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, December 27, 1944
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Wednesday, December HI, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTONISN COMING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS THE DAILY CLHNTONIAN f ' Behind the Icen i At th MovUt 1 WABASH Wedmexday and Thursday Betty Field, who hails from Boston, plays her first film role as a Bostonlan In Faramount's thrilling new picture, "The Great Moment," showing currently at HOLLYWOOD I fiHsana x The Weekly OMatonlan IMS 1 TV OUmtoa Platndealer absorbed in 1V0M FnbUsned Dally Except Saturday and Sunday leorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher mtarai at the Poatofflce at Clinton, Indiana I aa Second Class Matter By HARRISON CARROLL Hiss Friturel Syndicate Writer HOLLYWOOD The family crest i Indiana Republican Bdltf. 11 Phone 83 Phone 32 engagement ring Andre De Toth bought for Veronica Lake went on all right, but a few hours later her finger was the same roof were disappointed. Lana and Turhan, incidentally, posed freely for the photoga and Lana also posed with Clark Gable, who got the biggest hand of the evening. I believe Jon Hall was next. Interesting new twosome ire Charley Foy and Marajen Dye, widow of the late Major Dyes, who survived the Bataan death march only to be killed later In this r. foil? the Wabash Theatre. Preston Sturges, the miracle movie-maker, wrote and directed "The Great Moment" which tells of the ups and downs of lr. William Morton, the Bostni dentist who triumphed over pain by his discovery of ether v:iuor at an anaesthetic. Joel MsT.vt Impersonates one of Amor'ca'i'fi great ir. heralded heroes, Di. William Movtcm. Maminum Xmiuaut Diwttm i - . .1 ! V--'" "usv' . Association swelled to several times its normal size. They had to hunt for hours (it was Sunday) before they Anally found a jeweler to saw the ring off. '-....jr.- country in a plane crash. .. i 1 Monte Blues steel nerves won the praise of everybody on the "Bart Antonio" set. He let a knife-throw er .plunk two blades between his COLUMBIA Tuesday ami Wednesday Observant sports fans may rec shoulders. Naturally there was a board underneath his coat, but this didn't protect his neck and head. ognize two prominent athletes of their day In Paramount's "The Talked to Lupe Velez. She leaves on the 18th for a five-week personal . June Allyson and Van John Harrison Carroll son are having dates. FOR PSYCHOLOGISTS. Mej. Gene Raymond Is plenty The people in the United States who appearance tour at a very flattering figure. Presumably, Fiance ;Harold Ramond stays In Hollywood. If they don't marry before proud. His brother, Robert Mar expected the end of the present wars to usher in a new era in world affairs, with lowe, has been promoted ,to -first lieutenant, and is piloting a flying Lupe leaves, friends will bet you the ceremony ne"er lanes place. Navy Way," arriving tonight at the Cloumbla Theatre. One, a well-known professional fighter, is Art Lasky; the other is Benny Friedman, perhaps the greatest exponent of the forward pass in the foot! .1 playing days at Michigan University. In the ceremony, Robert Low-ery, Jean Parker, Bill Henry, Roscoe Kama and other players in the cast, appear with personnel from the Great Lakes Naval Training Base. the abolition of everything that they dis fortress in attacks on Germany. The fortress' name is "Miss Me Again." ." ; Did you know that Lynn Bari ar:'!wa and the beginning of a golden day far hn:;:i"'tv, are suffering from shell- has been with Twentieth century- Fox longer than any other feminine star? Neither did I, but it's true i ?, ...nection with evident differ-'s'nions that exist between the Lynn signed with the studio in C'U 1932, two years before Alice Faye. Instead of a week, Susannah Foe. ter now plans to spend two months in Carmel. She has fallen In love with the place. "What a romantic spot," enthuses Susie. '"'You: can look out the window and see Valentino racing past you on a horsel" She was only 13 and didn't get any HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: The bomber, "Ready Teddy," sponsored by Barbara Stanwyck, has survived real opportunity for a long time. Since 1938, however, she has appeared in 40 pictures. Mrs. Eddie Rickenbacker will be her best role, says Lynn. Ironically, the assignment to play the wife of the World War I ace means that the star must give up her own flying lessons. She had just taken one, but loved It. Hoover Moratorium Originally designed as a one-year International' postponement of all payments on intergovernmental debts, reparations, etc., was proposed by former President Hoover on June 20, 1831; confirmed by IS na-tlons by July 6, following. Once stopped, however, the payments in wiost cases were never resumed. 22 months of missions over Ger many and the crew now is being made into instructors. Every man in the plane, and even the dog to ascot, wor3 a St. Christopher's medal sent by Barbara and, miraculously, Paul Henreid and two stuntmen were knocked off the deck during a free-for-all for "The Spanish Main." In the nine-foot fall to the stage, Henreid hurt his knee. in an the missions, nobody was wounded. . . . Frances Rafferty's mother and grandmother, both bedded by flu. . . . Producer Bill AbuHshinf Utensils Didn't Work In 1070 Cornelius B. Paulding, a New Yorker, led a movement to eat without knives, forks and spoons, claiming that by dining with one's fingers the pioneer spirit could be recaptured. Very few people were (nterestid. Rev. and Mrs. John C. Olffen of Mulberry street, spent Christmas Taking a Backward Glance ? American and Russian govern- i.i regards to various areas in aow any person manages to be-.jnvinced that a bloody war, fought - . .iccessful conclusion, will automatic-' ' i ;volutionize human nature, is a mat-L '? eminent psychologists. The hope has been fostered, no doubt, by the delusion that the United States has gone to war in pursuit of noble ideals and that the people of this country alone possess the intelligence or probity necessary to correctly settle the perplexing problems of all mankind. We yield to no one in our hope that, out of the present war, there will evolve a better understanding between the nations r.nd peoples of the world. We do not agree, however, that the way to bring this about neccsdcr.tes any break with our allies, which, in our opinion, would result in the very danger which we are anxious to . avoid. The present world situation requires some exhibition of confidence in the good will and good faith of friendly powers if. in the future, we expect cooperation and collboration toward any goal. Thomas begins directing his first picture, "Cheese It, the Corpse;''! on his 11th wedding anniversary. (-, Martha Montgomery with Dr. John Duzak at Lyman's. . . . Orchestra Leader Sonny Dunham will play All In one corner at.Ciro's for the Press Photographers' Ball were Lana Turner and Turhan Bey, Ava Gardner and Artie Shaw and Steve Crane and Sheila Ryan. Those who had been predicting a battle the and the advent of Christmas halted the work on the dirt grade a- TWKXTV YEA ltd A0 TODAY five dates to aid the Canadian War Loan drive. " - next time Bey and Crane met under 1 Katies' iiviiH cross the Lyfoid bottom, It Is the belief of G. Elmer Garrard, the Being IvfltiiK'lied With A 'ontst contractor, that the small section to be completed will be done long Clinton Eagles announced that Indian Population Totai Indian population is estimat-ed at about 360.000. About 53.000 are actively in the war 23,000 in the armed services, 30,000 in war work. The birth rate is rising, is higher than the level for all population groups. The annual death rate has been cut in half but is still above the figure for white Americans. Rejections for the armed services run about 9 per cent. their headquarters are opened to with their daughter, Mrs. Perry Tichenor in Evansville. They report Mrs. Tichenor's condition as greatly Improved. Mrs. Fred Porter of Indianapolis, is visiting here until tomorrow with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brlsco Harrison of South Main street. Mr. Porter was here for Christmas but returned to their home Thursday evening. Miss Glenn Jackson, who is attending the Conservatory of music at Cincinnati, O., Is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Jackson of Walnut street. Mi-, and Mrs. Prank T. Kell have returned to their home in Cheap Ante License r Burch Brown, of Fulton, M4, had to put out Just 50 (rents for his 1941 state auto license. On Ms way io the license office an animal Streaked into the path of his car. He stopped, found a dead wolf. The county clerk day for the circus that is to open at Dreamland, January 5th. Invisible Chameleon Combining a leaflike look and ability to pose for a long lime without the slightest motion, the African chameleon named Rnampho-leon boulengeri, makes himself invisible on any tree branch whenever danger is near. The popularity contest opens today and the Eagles are seeking paid him a J1U bounty. enough entries to make this fea before spring. Work on the concrete bridge causeway, consisting of eleven spans, was finished before the middle of December. The main dirt work yet to be done is just a short section at the east end of this bridge work. The contract for paving from Ihe Clinton bridge td beyond Mecca and then in other sections, on toward Attica, havlng been let, the s!ate engineers and the contractor. Charles Clark, plan to put ture a success. From now till next Thursday night, those enter- ng receive a thousand votes as a start. The prizes announced are IMF IN n CLOTHING S i) I&45 BY AUTHOR - DISTRIBUTED- BY XING FEATURES SYNDICATE, INC. ' Blackmail' street after spending a diamond ring, a white gold wrist watch and a string of pearls, for first, second and, respectively. A commission is to be paid Christmas In 8helbyville, 111., visiting with Mrs. Hell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Stone. Mr. and Mrs. Stone also celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. JAPAN TO EXECUTE AIRMEN? The Japanese Government has formally notified the United States and Great Britain that it will "hold responsible" cap highest 1 through the proposed paving in those not among the ing and failing to hear anything but a rapid murmur of voices, I didn't care whether Craig Brent three, the management states. The members of the Eagles' lived or died, I hated him for being the cause of Drue's presence in that helping organize CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE After a moment Nugent asked, "Who do you think shot Craig?" Again the defiance went out of Drue. She shook her head. "I don't know, I don't know . . "Don't know I Ol course, you don't knowl It's an obvious attempt to divert your inquiry, Lieutenant. I'm surprised that you can't see tured airmen who are "clearly found to 'committee are JaliVto-oolir Vvxnlron oata VJialiorl nran. Ill-omened house. and get the season ticket selling ia"l Kut the 8C fell upon Drue again. Nugent Vet also on hand and the trooper -wUlj the shorthand tablet. Ahnv Wil hovering in a corner but Peter hdd gone. After a closer glanee at Grain I sent Anna away and took lip Ih post at his side with my fingers eh his pulse. I did feel a wave of compunction. There was a flare of color in his cheeks and his eyea were too bright "I sent for you, Hiss Kate," He said, "and for Drue. I thought this Once I did go upstairs. The door Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dudley and daughter, Mrs. Helen Bonebrake, have returned to their home in South Seventh street after spending Christmas with Mr. Dudley's sister. Mrs. J. J. O'Farroll of Danville, 111. to Craig s room was open and tices of warfare". i nut i-m on i.yfoni Roai TEN YEARS AGO TODAY Mixtion Itetporte To our desk this morning comes another communication peeked in cautiously. Peter Huber This is diplomatic language to intimate is Not To imhj raving was sitting in a chair beside him, Although the severe weather smoking. Anna was standing at the window, her back toward the room from major and Mrs. B. J. Whit- and her head bent with a handker ner, directors of the City Rescue Mission, reporting the Christmas concerned both of you." J chief to her eyes. Craig and Peter were talking in low voiees. Craig CROSSWORD - - - By Eugetie Sheffer looked all right, certainly the au "I'm afraid you 11 have to bt quick," I told Nugent. "Ten minutes ..." 1 ; Drue went over to stand in the activities of the mission. "We wish to thank the citizens for their cooperation in providing through this girl's story." Soper came close to Drue, his face red and threatening, shaking a pudgy but forceful forefinger under her nose. "Now, you see here, Miss, We want the truth. You did quarrel with Conrad Brent, didn't you?" "I didn't quarrel with him. I asked him to permit me to stay and take care of Craig." "Yon quarreled with himl You were heard yesterday afternoon thorities were not hounding him. went quickly back to the bench our Christmas dinner," the letter downstairs and they were still in shadow of the window curtains t th light fell upon her white skirt and the little morning room. her face was in the shadow. I was there when they emerged We weren't going to question Drue was drawn-looking; her lipi were chalky. She looked at me with when he tried to send you away. you, if we could help it, until you were better," began Nugent. haunted eyes. They took her straight All right," said Craig. "But upstairs, and put her in her room, You blamed him for breaking up your marriage. You came here in the hope of getting young Brent states, "and can report our gift and dinner a complete success which made the day a great deal brighter for nearly 40 persons. "We wish to remind you that we have service at the mission Sunday evening at 7 o'clock," the letter continues, "and we are giving bread free, one loaf to each ;erson, each Thursday evening. Bon't send children after it but first, exactly what is your ease under guard. I followed. Soper, giving me back again. But his father wouldn let you, so you killed him." suspicious look, had turned into the that Japan does not approve the bombing of Japanese cities and that American airmen, captured after such raids, will probably be executed because of the death of civilians. It will be remembered that some of our fliers were executed after the first aerial attack on Tokyo in April, 1942. With Tokyo and industrial Japan suffering more serious damage than ever, under the systematic bombing of Superfortresses, it seems probable that the Japanese will carry out their threat and execute American aviators when captured. ' , If this proves to be the policy of the 'Japanese Government, it will not be adequately met by warning the Japanese ers that this country will hold them re-' sponsible for such executions. Once it is definitely determined that our fliers are being executed in Japan, it will be proper for this country to consider reprisals, but, in doing so, we must bear in mind the thousands of Americans now held captive 1 library. Drue s face wasn t white any against Miss Cable?" "I'll tell you," answered Lien-tenant Nugent, and did: Drut had quarreled with Conrad Brentj ih had held him responsible for he separation from her husband. Nugent couldn't have failed to I1 z I5 fe S h V Wffi I9 ' " 3 jir I: r Mvt&Z. , 2. , , 57 38 W 40 41 42 -t 4i so 77?. i se? that my room connected with more; two scarlet names were in her cheeks, her eyes flashed. "I came here to nurse Craig," she said. "And Drue s. But the trooper already on come yourself." tifto Parochial ("that is' said Nugent "from you. guard didn't stop me when 1 he wai my husband until his fath tered my own room. And of course School Contract er "Drue, Drue!" I cried. Mr. Brent . . .") she had had difft talis; the medicine was mifHnt from its customary place, and th$ . I went straight through the bath' room to Drue. And Soper said, "Arrest her, Nu The contract providing for the Clinton School City to take over She was standing in the middle gent. I insist upon it. I'll make you responsible if she gets away. It's a murder charge, there's no use in of the room, facing the door, bead up, htnds clenched at her sides as (the Sacred Heart Parochial School t operations today was approved by was the mark which t, ti of a hypodermic needle on U li" of Conrad Brent. He ex;jl:i that, since no one else knew i.y thing of the missing box of pills) there was only one construction that if at bay. When she heard me she prolonging this thing. Take her j AllUIIJUjr UCIK 'ill iUU f I . whirled and suddenly crumpled away. . . ." according to a dispatch to The down on the bed. Oh, barah, "I don't think there's enough evi dence material evidence to con' Sarah, what shall I do?" I sat down on the bed beside her Daily Clin'onian from Indianapolis this afternoon. The rr-jtract provides that the Sacred Heart Church will furnish viet" countered Nujrent coolly. could be placed upon their absences plus the hypodermic and the fatal amount of digitalis found in Conrad Brent's body. And that wan that Drue had removed the m-diri 4 1 I I I Y I 1 I VA I I II "Enough evidence!" snorted the and took her hands. "What have you told them ? What did they make District Attorney. "What more do j free of charge the use of the pa- you say 7 Tell me. yon want? There's the hypodermic. rTTTTl II wr administer a fatal dose H In the end it wasn t too bad; by Japan. Artie Shaw, well known band leader, rochlr! school building, equip "Am I to under1'--- which is to say it could have been "We haven't made sure that she I1JJ! worse but not much. had one." ment, heat and janitor service. The same teachers will be retained for the remainder of the They had questioned her at "You will, yon will! No os ask was recently discharged from the Navy after a year's service in the Pacific theater length, but "I kept saying I didn't 12-2b your whole theorv presumption thr here with the 1 a reconciliation that her purpose j . 1 . : inely strone that niirwiui rii term providing they are qualified know. I remembered what you said. ing her, she'd only lie. xes, and you" he pounced on me, his eyes angry, bright slits in his red face ttnder the State Board of Educa- and told them I wanted a lawyer." ton requirements. She pressed her hands over her "you are putting ber up to it. well, The contract further provides face, "f unny," she said unevenly, we II take care of you, too. Besides, how hard it is to evade making a that no sectarian education be there s the witness, . . . "Nicky Senoo.." remarked Nu givon during school hours, it was father because he opposed hert'1 There was an edge in Craig's voicei He went on. "Because that's ujt of the question. As a motive that is preposterous. Neither Miss Cable nor I have any desire to remarry "Then why." asked 3ooer. "did direct statement. You employ all the spirit of lying and yet you can't make yourself conquer the fact. Well," she took her hands from her gent softly. "And he says he won't swear to it. Besides, he didn't see stated. PcrwmaJ VERTICAL 1. winged 2. water-raising wheel 3. lavishes extreme fondness upon 4. minus 5. fifth caliph 6. exceedingly small 7. out-moded 8. warbled 9. Italian seaport 44. beasts of . burden 46. restrain from proceeding 47. Amazon river estuary 49. gentle breeze 51. light brown 52. inquires 53. clinch, as a bargain 54. citrus drink 55. spirit 56. wild plum 57. thing, in law her kill him. He said only that she Miss Adeline Ciaotto has re face and stared at the rug, "they of action. He comes home with the opinion that most morale broadcasts "just rub sal" in the feeling of overseas servicemen. Mr. Shaw points out that the men in the trenches know "the people who are broadcasting gush are sleeping in beds without planes coming over". We can imagine that some of the pep and morale talks, needed on the home front to awaken sleeping civilians as to the necessities of the war, sound strange to men risking their lives under enemy fire. was tn the library with Brent. turned to Chicago after spending don't know I gave him the hypo -she quarrel with your father ?"lV "He said they were having a row. Christmas with her parents. Mr. dermic not certainly. But oh. That kind of thing goes a long way Craig lifted his eyebrows. with my father ? That was no and Mrs. John Cinotto, of North Sarah, what can I do! with a Jury. Don't be a fool, Nu difficult achievement.' - Well, I said what I could which Eighth Street. gent! You 11 get the evidence. But put the girl under arrest; make Really, Mr. Brent," said Sober Mr. and Mrs. Loren Wright of looking shocked. "Your father . ..." was little enough. I told her we'd get a lawyer. I told her they had nothing but circumstantial evi Universal visited over Christatas sure veu've got her. Ail the evi in Chicago at the home of their "I know, I know," cut in Craig. "But though this is an inquiry ints Answer to yesterday's puzzle. dence in the world don't do you any good later if you've let the girl who dence. daughter. Mrs. Ben Welsh, and IE "But they convict people on cir 10. lubricate 11. malt drink 19 French security 21. tremulous 23 topaz humming bird 25 writing :mplement -er Gynta .nother 28. military assistants 30. sharp mountain spur 31. Greek letter 32. goddess of the harvest 33. comments 34. perched 36. pertaining to sight 39. instrumentality 41. rose essence 42. English author 43. eagles 45. ornamental waist band 46 small valley 47 cushion 48. mascdline name 50 city in Brazil HORIZONTAL 1. also A. lighting device 8. portico 12. game of chance 13. Charles Lamb's pseudonym 14. accessory seed covering 15. aptitude 16. evils 17. river in Egypt 18. rows 20. customary practice 22. comfort 23. sweetsop 24. mineral spring 27. hub of a wheel 29. heads ean character 34. calm 35. haste 36. weather-cock 37. doctrine 38. give forth 40. weed Mr. Welsh. did it get away. Arrest ber. . . "Ill take her into custody' said murder; there's a duty towards the living, too. However, it is lfkeljr that my father asked her to leave cumstantial evidence. Don't they. Dr. C. W. Ashley has returned Sarah?" Just then 'there was a knock on Los Angeles Mayor Fletcher Bow-ron, on scheduled release next month of ininterned west coast Japanese: "With IE Rl E g JR E TSE N lr a pip ta c TTSieerj OVE pljM A Bj j PAR AD I S EJ eIUe vjEN Alft pjAHl-l' NbBf5 kiu NBs L'AnT and she resented being kicked out. But so far your evidence is alto get her circumstantial. . You east prove " : . the door, and it was the trooper Wilkins. the man on guard. He said to his home at Cleveland, O., after spending the Christmas holidays with Iris parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Ashley of Vine Street. Mr. and Mrs. Gurney Foltz and our police force inadequate because so they wanted us to come to Craig's room. "There I beg to differ with you " Right away, please," the troop interrupted Soper. "If we find her hypodermic outfit and it has eonw tained digitalis ..." er added. the Lieutenant slowly. "Custody 1 What do 700 mean by that?" "IH keep her here. In her room. Under guard," declared Nugent. And in the end, incredibly, that was exactly what he did. But first they questioned her again, and made me leave before they began. I retired ungracefully and sat on the bench in the hall watching the door. Never before in my nursing experience have I let anything come between me and my patient but I frankly while I sat there, eyes clued to the door of that room, try-1 When we entered Craij;' room, he Craig said quickly. "But ifes) haven't found H. And even so. the piet eInIe v a A Cl PTETlfR F RIO e EE3E r umejerii;lS TIAIR ORE ead many of its officers are in the armed forces, we just can't guarantee them protection." London, King George VI: "The lamps which the Germans put out all over Europe, first in 1914 and then in 1939, are being slowly rekindled." son. Raymond, of Universal spent Christmas day at the home of Mrs. Follx's brother, Bert McDowell, of Dans-Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mitchell and son. Darrol, of Danville. III., and Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Shew were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Dowdy of the Range Line road yesterday. gave us both a remote ana impersonal look: Dru? r.i!,?hi have been the barest aciuainLtue certainly anything bnt a woman jk s- wasn't here the night an attempt was made to murder me." He looked terribly grim around the mouth, - (To be continued) , once his wife. District Attorney Soper was Atrrage lime ! ftolatioa: 13 miKtrs. L)it. by Km Features Sjnditmte. lac there, suspicious the uuiant hu eyes DWrtMiMd if ILafsj i

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