The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 27, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1944
Page 2
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Wednesday, December 27, 1944. I" age Two THE DAILY CMJJTONIAN lied Air Force, Rave close support in ihe Allied ground units, in the ::y lost st "RPTUHM" BLOOD TO BAYTLOC'.D WZJEP.5 Irs. .1. K. Smith mill ikiiiRlilrr Knlli-, . i ; ;: ol' IJnsturi, .Mas;:, v.'.'lv f-'tlcsln i Po Vallev yesterday, the commtutt- St. Benik'e Cicle Meets fiie reporten. 7X T7rr Reds Smash Into Inner Defense Of Hungary Capital (Continued from page 1) BorlieH. Siruletfie bombinR planes mnashed nt oil inslallnllons In Ger-nian-lield portions of Poland and hi Cerniany. Craft of the Balkan Air Force maintained attacks against enemy forces In Yugoslavia. SI:iU Local Police Make u I If,.li.lav Afl.ri.ultt Cli r!t mas day of .Mr. and Win. .Mwl-v i ii I'll fill in and liitli' Kraml-clauMli-Iit. sui" ICili'ii ItruukH. who is 111. Air. ami Mrs. KilKiir linker wpn-iTillril Id T"i'ii' llniili' Sumlay bi'-rail:;i' ill' tin' miililin llllli'SR i)C Mr. I .a I. it's I'allii'f. Sir. mill Mrs. Ciilli'lt Ki'lta nf !).-(roil. .Mi.'h.. iiri' siicliiliii.u tin1 Christinas liulldays with thi'lr iliillKhti'r. Mrs. I.nvi'll M'ilir and Mrs. Max Mryi'l's. Miss Ci'Cil Shi'iv fit' Titi'i llailli-was a ui'i'k I'lul uui'st vl Ii.t pari'iils Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Show. Mrs. Noam! Gibbons nf (Irailil liapiils, M it'll. Is a hnusi' kiii'M "I' hi'r sim-iii-l.nv and ilaiiKlil.-r, Mr. I Mrs. I'aul I ! nr and family. Thi'j ill iitti'iidi d tlm l':itiijly, rtltviKT Kivi'ii at thi' Inline id' Mr. mid Mrs. Kdcar Katun mi .("liristmas day. Twenly-fulir wi'i'i' iiri'sinl. I Baptist Mission Circle Moots at Forehand Home; Holiday (Suesls JVofed Mr. ami Airs. Arinur llrusaw ol ILarvpy, 111. :irr tmesis of Ihoir son-in-luw and il;tim liter. .Mr. and Mis. Her I. Coonce. Mr. ii ml .Mrs. climbs W ranch of Sioux City, low a, formerly nl "SI. Hern ire wore cucsts ol relatives lure during ihe holiday season. Mrs. Aliv Hrooks of Tern- Haute unent Christ inns with her mot her. Mm. .MrtNift Phillips mid family.. Th' Mission circle, with 1fi lHi'Il liirs, two children and one nric. ivi . ..." Several aneslH were made by (ho local and state police over tho Chris! mas holidays. II was announced loday by Chief of Police H. K. tiff '.W.'4J . . ' i ' . ' 9 i I i i i r 'i A. ! f t , L i -J . V- 1 lb;-. r .I" I Burst present, njoyoi a Christ mm "Carry-In" dinner with .Mrs. Join Forehand. Al'Ier the dinner the vtin-lar in eft i tip was hi'ld with the cir cle voting to donate two dollars in Clarence I'liyin; was fined $25 and costs and 1S" days on the penal farm when be was cliai-Rcd for reckless driiiii!: Friday. Dee. 22. l'ayne had to pay the fine but his time was stl.spellded. Kd'vard linbinson. New Ooshen, was charged with public Intoxication and profane lantfiiasre by the city police Sunday and was fined 1 and cost. A fne of $5 and costs was levied on T. Jones for drunken driving Sunday. The police stated that his operating license was revoked for 90 days. .Milan I'hilopovich. Universal, was filled $1 and cos(s for public intoxication Sunday. William Farner. route two. was ihaiKid ?1 and cost and sentenced to days in the county jail for causing, disturbance Sunday. Farnr cr's sentence was suspended because up In Iho norlhw.'Hl ri'iiclii'il tin? l"-u h at I hi- I'lirlilli'il rily KkzIitkihii. Clltlllll.' 4ll f (III- lllHl IlllllKC 'KCI1M- way I'm- Nazi inill" mill ImiIHIiik j-i-i in lv Iiidiili' Muihipi'Kl. Ilnlli lank and liilantry fiirri's lilt into Kuzli'l'piui mi t lif Hiutli bank nf I In- Danillii! whlli' nlli.'r rmVK sl-iiiiillan.'Ousl.v i)uiiril Hi.' rail rna-tlona of Porog In I hi' Kami' urea. "Thus. Ihn Ki-oiipliiK (ho eiioniy has lioon illl .iff fr.mi nil roads of rcli'i'iit." III.' Sovii't liiBh -nmnianil snld In annoiiiiciiiK Hip now victory. iiulliHntP ;i'rinn..M Large crntips of the eiicinled llei'-man forceR were said to tie iiihI.tko-'ng annihilation at the lianda of the "Jovlet forces. The encirclement of Budapest was jehieved after week-lone lighting in which the Soviets drove around to Ihe northwest of the city a distance of 1 20 miles. The feat virtually eliminated the last lan-'P Oernian-held bastion alone the route to Austria and the backdoor of the Iteicll. Move lleynnil Itll.lHiK'st (Further. .pi'OKross by the Kovie's beyond Diidapost was reported by (he (lernian Transocean aei'iiey which said that the Tied army launched briik-Uiroi!Kh thrusts toward the road junction of Nor. 40 miles west of Uudapest and only fill miles east of the border of Austria. ) Thousands of (Jermans were put out of combat in the furious bailies west and soutjiwest of Hiidai est and j much Nazi equipment was destroved Mr. and .Mrs. Harry Hopkins i-- ci'ivfd word from their sons last week slaline that they are well. Pic. Max Hopkins is with the Seventh Army under Ceneral Piitrli and l'I'c. Georue Hopkins is in Italy. j Mrs. John Hoard and Sirs. Vernon j Oliver attended the funeral of Mrs. Dolores linker in Owenshei!;, I ml. I last Thursday. Mrs. Maliel Kimnons Oliver of Indianapolis enjoyed the Holiday sea-1 son with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Clone Kminons. ! Miss Klllllia Hello Holner of Olivet I the Christmas neighbors club ami Tlve dollars for tho pension fund I'or retired ministers. Mrs. John Crimes gave the devotions. (Joing to Heth-Icheni; Mrs. Klmer Stevens pave the lesson. Wise men still look to lieth-leheni by Edward Huplies Powder. A gift exehanpe was enjoyed by all. Mrs. H. C. Moore of Corpus Christi. Texas, a former member was the guest. Mr. and Mrs. William Carripnn of Danville, 111.. Mr. and Mrs. Ualnh THESE VETERANS, home from Hie wars where they spilled tiieir i.-.oe.l on tho bnUlchckls, visit the Roil Cross donor bleeding room in Detroit, Mieh., to repay the blood bulk for the life-saving plasma that 'hey received when wounded. The men are all palie.iU at Percy Jones (Internationa!) CidleKe. Kankakee. III. is the Buest ' of her parents for tho Christmas va- -nr--r-ir- " " " ' " 7 of untul behavior. - ation. 7 . c . B-29 FORCED DOWN' AT SEA BUT CREW IS RESCUED Mr. fid Mrn. Ai K. FoItK U-efe Vernon Huv was fined $2 for violations Sunday, it was an nounced. .... All the men were Hied In the city cuai't. . Wrfclit an(Tjf5mfl QTi fiU-rVt ind Mr.'- and Airs, IJenry (ihjss and son Botjby gn rijern1jm-rf , u;)Jar dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.' Clarence Holljnger. , , i Robert1 carmicha.-l or yavy'Vier rame home on iurloiieh- for a live da visit with his pititittj Mr. and Mr. William Carniir.hafl "in! family. ,) f : " i;. Mrs. Alicp.firoftks or Yf-rr $Imm accompanied hy her mother-in-law. holiday pucais or Mr. aiwl-ftlw.Frank Watson of fioar-Pftris, lU.'i ' Mrs. John I'awley, who lias been seriously ill for quite some time ifi eonvatescinff nicely. Mr. and Mrs. .lolin White of lle-ment. UK, Mr. and' Mr. (. W. Miller and family, of (MuitujtaiKn uid Mr. and Mrs.- Slanley ,W,orlimflC also of Champaign were Christmas dinner miests of Mr. and Mrs. Ccil Mar-key and children. Mrs. Jennie O'Briant of near ho-ean. 111. has come to St. Hernioe to niend the winter with her son Carl OT.riant and family. Mr. and Mrs. Klmer Stevens had as pre-Christmas quests Mr. .and Mrs. John Foltz of Kokomo. lnd. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Mackey entertained the Hoy Scouts with a Christ or captured. The hili command said 'hat on Dec. 25, 2.340 Germans and Hungarians were taken captive. Germans Lash At (wives will he come home to.. Mrs'Gay"or JWrs."G!um"?f St i..,. f ', 4, ' r ? ' i. ' . ' f-frf . - --I r x : w , , rl h 1 " . . ' ' ; - - --l.'v t Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On ' Creomulsiuti relieves "promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel gem: laden phlegm, and aid nature to sootiie and heal rav:. tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Crcomuli-inn v. ith the under tanaine you mtj.-t like the way it quickly allays the roii:'.h or yov are to hae vour monev bark." GREOMUiSIGN For Coujl-s, Chest Ccids, c:onc!:i!i: Fifth Army Post On Italy Coast (f npHnnHl F" -in ruf tl sonnel bombs in the vicinity of San Benedetto and heavy bombs northwest of Grindana. Eastward, Canadian troops of the Eiphtli Army maintained iho initia-; Irritable, depressed moods are often related toconstipation. Take Nature's Ilcmedy (XR Tablets). Contains no chemicals, no minerals, no phenol derivatives. NR Tablets are different act different. Purely vegetable ft combination of 10 vegetable ingredients formulated over 60 years ago. Vncoated or candy coated, their action is dependable, thorough, yet gentle, as millions of KR's have proved. Get a 25( box today ... or larger economy size. AH druggists Caution: Take only as directed. Nff TO-NIGHT; TOMOKItOW AUtlGHf All-VEGETABLE LAXATIVE mas party on Saturday eveninp. : F-iht hoys enjoyed the evening play-ins? Rames and singing Christmas; songs after which they were served with a lieht lunch. A gift exchange. was on of the high lights of thej evening. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Kollz and daughter. Mips El rip Foltz of Terre i Haute and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Jones . mil M'vs r.minye Junes were Sunday! -iiets a I n Cliiistiiwis I in in ihej tive in the Ilanacavallo seetor and unshed beyond the town of UoswHa o mop u fortified buildings inside he town. Canadian patrol; also were aetive I discovered ahum the Senio river, t h- west bank , U'VU'1. "'" .'''v iM"' V'JS:,. "''"'lis f which has bem fnrlifi-d by the TO"tT-TinrJWt-'S.',"Rcl'TS- tskt? pert lit-iwfWB Uie Jnt eicrn ant-st-.Kijoy. Jfcjwu - t ; rii mis. " .-v-"-. ---- an aaaziiftv.'a'Jo . '. tiewSTIiWGW.. i Henry ;iass, niel wild rjuiie a ser 3 f r: If P s ious ;ieeiiei)t S;'turda while coa still r down a hill west of town. II 's ONE WORD SUGGESTION FOB ACID INDIGESTION- , Killed Ch!fd (irrmii us. Nazi troops he hind 1 he ; barricades wore heard sinuniK ('liristnias carols, front reports .said.! Art ilb ry-sutpori-d Ki'ht h Armv troops contijMied U mop up German rearKuard units bet ween iJai-naen-allo and Kaenza. i 1'iiihtcrs and fif-'hier-boinbers, 1 -imu strong, of the Mediterranean Al better lw 'ft 3 eondilion is hnprouiuT at ihis time. All SL r-) Wrmillion Counlv til Jl TJUI INVASfOM MST? JAP SUPPLY jUKE 55;CHUNGKiNG PAC1 FIC ; CHINA IjES ; 'T! ocean ! , HANOf --k LV0A j py4jgjtiFSj??gri7T VgrjU Don't Forset... t fh.'.V The Annual Continued rrofn pac 1 I 'hasiziiiu; 1'iai niniler. of the . 1' tv TRI KAPPA an (JeiiatinR their s'-rvices he He itihiio nri to consid'!' the i".U u to the hoard, addinu hr ration officials were depend-:t - re at extent upon puhlic ro- ; FORMAL DANCE WEDNESDAY, DEC. 27 nffha d "Tin1 cl'-rky in tilt i!: t the r.taif ol'i'iee . - .:'. i.if. ?" wa i F ( . t S 1 " ' f . - - ; i - - f , - 1 1 - y " "Ut " s i ' . j ?" & f THAILAND", zlZZ.'r ..lirriivrs-- I J g CHINA SEAa tee and panel tell , ent on. "tti'-y can U And Don't Forget To Have Vour Clothes Cleaned At - i!ieri t.i do," t "m chaime any thinir unless they are j ,ri'r-(i o do so. - ; "Verniillioii t'onnty has never yet j lailtri in anything ;lie was asked to' do." he said in the comdiiFion of his -siaitn:iit to Clinton and county res-! .1.-. now CI V in he si"""" - 1 Mm' . "'s put this o'.er in a bijr j HOW THE INVASION ol Msndoro h i? put Ute American forces within quick jumping dis'.ancc of the China and Indo-China coasts and placed the Jap supplv line in constant danger is indicated by the above map. Once the MIndoro air strip is functioning, bomberfl can destroy enemy routes in the South China sea. (International) V.l. I,,,H,, Sii;:;-" si:;nip No. 4 is llie only nar stami' n-inainiii vahd and no i . hoifW'th i-"d i.r t)lu. i;'.t iens m lints t hat he- m f eru ' -aljd priir to Dee. l.nt.Mi:i 'Shock in? . CondltlOTlS RICH, "A LITTUE 0TTER " ? 1 r KceB005i1 Wf..?1-!- i ii. (mi?. r--'t i-onits hH ir. i.l'.f t;." ;t n . i S", and hlue points valid hp1 Aiiici iean Kclicf Columns Near IlalojMie iarriint i (Continued from pai?e 1) ! Found in Some Army Hospitals in Probe Getting value or; or tho fooj you eat lsvourr.o. 1 heahii pioi.I'-ui viifnlu-r ". '.. '.'-. A- ;:i'd Itl'. Kutien point .-: ! u oi" lut ter li.-'K Ijern rai-u'd to ;v , r.r. j'up- N'Miif a iMOind and some d . . L:et::l-les meitt m : I i WASHINGTON. I- The . luliiions ; as ! i poi i n lir-i fur sum' time have h. el '. I j (!;. list. Anieri k. tins hand ot ail- n; 1 1.! a : , isi. nc. ei sIh.c!, ! Biii.-H' annv Ikp tculay l iIih 1m'( i conuuittee at'icr the 1 P-atliH 11' nf ed lor (la piiei; iron otll1Llers has In-' lio air hy annv t r; i hup- I nsi-.i:"' j t S. Siipc rforls AUTHORITIES at Dixon. III., hold Norman Burton, 15. who has confessed, they say, to the brutal murder of Sara June Tyne, his live-year-old niece, who wa ltillt-d by blows from a hammer oiid then stabbed four timer " a knife (Jnterr.-' laie- rit'idit'l'S . Ilespll Seemed emhat'h .vUHMMea ! In sot! I. and wound' i i hit count ry id hosii!als h; iIm KufMp'-i in qua rte that al time must hopi-SS posit loll battalions of boys ;s of America liave k against the tor-tauarieal hordes. you eat 00 cr 2.fiy p;miu.s i-uriy. To do tills, iri- vti ...r,', -i' have an n-.'.Mj'j- :c oi rntur stomach ti! "t; p li-h r:t .i. rt; blood nr.;. ; h- pri -t .;. lmpro;r tin'!, f ii r,:.;v,r v :'- rtPS. CGlCs. Ill'- II I' 'T ' . T i' " '" o: -. . impair the Js. tioisnd ri-:!'i.T T :-t'. 1 (.i-. A pmmi i -":;.'!. : ' i"1 70 to 7.')', Ur:U'!:y t.i.cO :. n ttimnch ti'.pfPtn.e e:rv, ' o:i.- to wr noiuiiii i "'V- bloat in?; . . . Inii- i" pi' ' " 1 body pnerfrv...tiu? ; tii . . 1 i ii eultlnplinifrvoj 'Ti! : -. 6o v.'tth nmp!" som:t -l: c; r PLUS KICil. RE!-i;:Out ;. enjoy that house orwell-be;-". v ' . i nrtew pUyaiCil ii'-nes . . . rav.. i-.-i neml If you firf m.btet to ---t f FUBpfft df uch-. l r-rl-b. i .. ' i: Of your tuubie. ' c compUfatiun er tori -iU : . r. TontcTmay be jii , v t t ; : Is especially :.n ' t :,r-:;;;r'. ' f re W;s5 Tokvo In "Ah Heavy Raid ' font :!Mi'd from pat:' I ? i eas'ialt i- f mm ; war thair-j v . -i' !;) where The tl,i:"-i: l!l ; 1 oo (,.re'S wiT iioin ept ne by :.. ! Hi:l . reli Mn;iri!irt-;(ii lien.- in d"lyiiiE; the ird :nid ilie 1. S. pov- t lit M Now ;:i; ti n finally in stL-iit. IS wild fi- sli AiiH-rionti forces moving diiii ! di- up frufi! the smnh wiilini the mi!- ot ili- omskiris ol l?;iwioi:iie. :y ; omeland w ith thr !. i lie !";H-to!-ie- 'vo of J:i;.a!:V biuc .- ;ir Labor j-'ioiuU U':ir l.iil-or Ho:i eriinitiu." Kdw a rd A. ercior ot ihe Hoard. workers wtc enmrd'-te sluiid Mfisi fit' ilio! ai- r-rai i ind th it-el led at tint ;vo i;it around tii" j ut in ;i "virtuiflly 1 w n ot t i-e store." ( who diti not report : iameliorate th l"at. ti- said in a report to eouirre l:i OIK' emu ul'se.-l'.l lie)1 ; r-pH't re-. 'T-!ed the i. S" !oi:nd to haw I..-.'!) itisi-niont lis previously a nd "e. us-d to disnii.-- tleir evij fh-!' C.:ses of yituih were mad- puhlie in tr which ili.l tin; ' -;iJ the iiiriiviuu '1 ho-o! als v h. r- -oy;;. I.aie I 1, pliMH r.t N; mporarily l-nueke wen li:; uood -v t' flow OI vn.'vi' iJIU1'-;' tne stomach and (2) i"b STRENGTH wbtn dii-cn Hansel!. It) it: . ' 'i: Violence Flares In Ward Strike at 4 Detroit Uranelies : f of the Zi liiHi'tx-r C(in:-r"ea!rd that for work are members of the Vnit'-d i Retail Wholesale and IVjiartinent ; Stctre Employes i CIO i . but it was reported i ! r a t A FL union members j in ihe plant were prparinc a s ni- j pathy strike. j A Matem.-n; issue,) by the fid h- cal said -h- -tu t-loynj. "joi'ied in tb-j Tnese i " ' tou to enjoy tbe 1" '-i , 1 : snake use of lt ia .. vou maVFetrPVMi.n.i ...... ' , ' horn animated . . - more u'.::a' Build Sturdy Health Snd Help Amcriia Win Thmwands and thm;'1: ' ; j bwucht to v . : ..; WTe fM!'Id o h" H. Kaltdi Iiu-ie is were droppet on r he mair. d of Unrein i:t tli" Vit- t.i y 7" pounds i-ah mhiute tiur- i lifinr for thiny da.--. mi Siftr for Jmis p;efuie Ml v. :;;H is in stole for '(ninii' "!,-t Ii. wliu iiii general co'ip- Continued Tivtn pac 1) A GET THE "PLUS-VALUE" OF REDIFORM AT MASS PRODUCTION PRICES "The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker . . . oil need a different type of sales book and we hove them. The world-famous Redifomt sales book line gives you greater variety, better construction, and finer quality, all at "mass production" prices. Let us quote on your sales book orders. The Daily Clintonian Vermillion CoMiitV Home Nwsiarw PHOVE 82 Mir t'oies while offi (:h rks Fiiioii jtre protesl strii e nl othr f It nienitiers t I who have b-'en pirketini: Ward's Ite- ! OrUsTRVOico." for ?b- past three week?. I 9 a National Labor j troit sior tietirine; tm the i osti-it' -on. 1 - iiu-;;' prnir I'. " Iintvm.-r.'s "Out ot iii-ip-, r -tl t: the yreiit n .1 ; :m was 'i'n r- Hansel! w In n h,. s;;i'l Th- first aecutnjdisfini' nts 1-y " li-.y's f'uve h-t-eii 'Vnciiuraidni;" liit tl'-y ar "far from the standards s'k:iiL-". h- aou-d that "we ;.r-- inn. i.y uny it! tatisti-d with v w- r ine far". an t'leciion at the siril,- tnr vk.. m : : r.-s o;' ih" ATI. - ! d To ;i;'V;ir ' !M;i'!on. l....ird - j AFL's pe-i-ifHl !": j Hnnl S'or--. j kaiwji tn Strike - K A NS AS CITV. - ( yi-ii'T L''! AV , (ii.l ti.. liieaco riiic of Mo; Lo prop. pi.;ilr u. V":;-d v.: ;,h. v-rv . in '.:n t-Hiployes r i- Co "s Chica- : ;d will' sTrike m '-riiin-nt ar- i i'r tiie bic j ie;.-,. ii nd Ie- ! "V!,;.l "JTo. - ' Kniph'V lira's Kansas f'v.y rt for v. ork toti,; nre rume Ttie fire ioss on farms in 1943 in country was abput SyO.OOO.000, an increase of 12i per cent over TOHJC ' 1 iET US S4-OW YOU OUR COMP4.I UJfr d upon by s ut" Sevrell in a I lorai helps build STURDY HEALTH A t ry t j expveii U uu "in i-roV

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