The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 12, 1968 · Page 19
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 19

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1968
Page 19
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New Sticker Will Say Wallace To Rise Again Actress Cannot Go Home Because Of Film Scene Palm Beach Post, Tuesday. N ov. 12. 1968 19 TV Situation Comedies Are Part Of Americana ; the same as they were fifteen years ago." ' '. Young hasn't considered aD-' BY SHKILAH GRAHAM HOLLYWWD, (NANA) Oncvieve Wailc, pretty blond star of the upcoming "Joanna," has received word that she cannot no home again. She is barred from returning to South Africa because of her flaming bedroom scenes with the terrifically handsome black actor, Calvin Lockhart. (ienevieve will be in New York for the picture premiere at the end of the month. Darren Mctuivin was dazzling in "Shine On, Shine On, Jesse (iil" in the new star television series at Universal, and he has been ottered two big films. "Can't accept," says Darren cheerfully, "until February" when he has the hiatus from his own TV series, "The Outsider." Edie Adams is rc-activating her hilarious take-off on Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Edie dropped her life-like imperson-night club act after John Kennedy was assasinated as she droped her life-like impersonation of Marilyn Monroe after the suicide. Jackie and Marilyn had one thing in common a child-like lisp. Fdie's caricature will include the wedding to Ari. What with Pearl Bailey being such a hit in the all black stage version of "Dolly," there is lalk in Hollywood that "Cuess Who's Coming to Dinner," which won as Oscar for dow on Main Street" was responsible for its failure. "Father Knows Best" was criticized for being idealistic, for not depicting the sad or tragic side of family life. As part owner of the show, Young was aware of the fact. "Our series wasn't structured to show all the facets of life. If we had had one of the family come near death, it would have thrown the viewers. We deliberately pointed our show to humor. In that sense it wasn't realistic. "But within its own framework, the Anderson family was honest. We didn't use any gimmicks. Jim Anderson was an honest, hard working guy who tried to use his wisdom, and he made a lot of mistakes. "I know the word has taken on a different connotation, but our show was wholesome. And most of the lime it pointed up a moral." Young appears occasionally in television shows, plays and movies. He will star with (iene Barry' Friday night in "The Name of the Game" (NBO playing a villain. He was the first sitcom husband who wasn't a clown or hapless Dagwood Bumstead. Today, he notes, husbands have been eliminated in many series. "Widows are the style now, or sometimes widowers," Young said. "Otherwise situation comedies are just about Vietnam Found Major Protest In Colleges "We'll show the way in Albania. We're going to keep the national headquarters going full speed and our volunteers (2 a day) will be as busy as ever." Gallion also believes the party must begin endorsing candidates lor local and national offices as soon as possible. He says it should be no problem since "we've got thousands pf requests from prominent people to help them out." The most important step, Gallion feels, is to fuse a sense of professionalism to the party. He compliments the "surprisingly effective" amateurs who have worked for Wallace, but admits they can be embarrassingly unpredictable. "All the party needs to ruin it," says Gallion, "is some Ku Kluxer mouthing off." The professionals prevent this kind of indiscretion, he says, and at the same time keep the sheep from straying away through unmended party fences. Some third-party people go a step further on professionalism. They believe that Wallace himself may eventually have to go. With all his skills, they explain, his national image has something of the minor league about it." Whispers one southerner: "George is really too blunt at times. And he's been hampered by the 'Nigra' thing, too. I don't think we ought to rule out a more appealing face Ronald Reagan, maybe, or somebody like that." Wallace doubters, however, have not surfaced in any numbers as of yet. There's no anti-Wallace movement afoot. He is still the symbol of the throne. "Without George," a California John Bircher says, "we'd fall apart. We need him more than ever now. For one thing he controls all the funds and it'll take a hell of a lot of money to buck the old two-party svstem." Katharine Hepburn, will be remade in a Negro version, showing a prosperous black family with a white man coming to dinner, and they are saying that the white one will be Frank Sinatra. June Allyson and Forrest Tucker, among the show folk who campaigned for Richard Nixon, received telephone calls from the President -elect, as soon as it was certain that he won the election, to thank them for all the hard work. Jill St. John was mobbed at Claridge's or rather outside the famed London Hotel. "I was completely taken aback," she writes, "because 1 hadn't been in England for three years. My producer, Jimmy Sangster kidded me, 'I bet you planted the fans to impress me.' 'To impress you'.' I'm the one who is impressed.'" The fact that Jill was married once to millionaire Lance Reventlow impressed the British reporters who love to bring up the subject of money in their questions. How to win a wife back: Shower her with fur. Buddy Greco who I didn't think was the rugged hunter type, returned to Hollywood from a successful engagement in Johannesburg, with the skins of three leopards that he bagged on safari in Africa. He has given them to his estranged wife, Dari. It looks like a reconciliation. Pat Neal has been offered a top role in Ross Hunter's movie version of the long-time best seller, "Airport." Pat says she will be in Hollywood for the Oscar show1, whether or not she is nominated for her performance in "The Subject Was Roses." I think she will be. David Niven, who is allergic to cats, is working with a black panther in "The Brain." "A Black Panther from Oakland, California, would have been easier," he writes. "I can talk and reason with a man." Sometimes! l'lUNCKTON, N.J. tUIMi Vietnam was the major cause of organized protests by col-lego students during the past academic year, according to a survey of 8(H) colleges released Saturday. The survey by the Kduca-lional Testing Service showed HEARING $ 75 AID Batteries Accessories Repairs, all makes RIVIERA OPTICAL ?405 lioodwor, Imtri both 848-4412 NEED NEW FLOORS? call GRIFFIN S5SSS5 Southern Blvd. at Lake Ave. 832-7561 Free Estimates BUSINESSMEN'S DAILY LUNCHEON SPECIAL. . . SI. 35 44 Cocoanut Rvtc irft .hp H 1 1 II THIS C'Ol TO LUNCH HON 1 0F WITH 74 tllKKi: SALAD NEW YORK (N.E.A.) There's a new bumper sticker soon to appear on automobiles in the nation. It reads, "George Wallace will rire again!" The slogan is part boast, part warning. And for millions of the Wallace faithful it is proud declaration that their master's will lives on. Wallace has long insisted that his American Independent party can not be suffocated by a defeat at the polls. "We too big, they's too many of us," he has repeatedly grinned. "We gonna be around now for a long time." Many of his admirers believe it also. And across the nation thousands of them have already begun working toward 1970, 1972 and beyond. "George didn't create this idea," says Hamp Graves, a top Wallace hand in Indiana. "He just got it moving again. And now, hell, ain't nobody going to stop us; we're going to build a permanent political force." The building of this permanence, says the Wallaceites, begins at the national level. They speculate the party may go through some hierarchy shuffling, confusion, perhaps even merging and renaming. But then, structuring will begin. Many realistic third party workers feel the movement must organize along traditional specifics: a national chairman of command. The belief is roots must go deep fast. The party roots, they say, are already fairly well grounded. Tom Gallion, Wallace's campaign headquarters co-or-dinator, says he has recorded "more than 1,000 official campaign offices in the country and about half again that many unofficial ones. We have over 100 headquarters in California alone. "The job now," says Gallion, "is to preserve as many of the offices as possible and to keep the volunteer workers interested. We have to establish tight communications so everybody'll know what everybody else is doing. to 8:00 P.M. - Daily and Sunday RAQUEL WELCH "FATHOM" Married Man" COLOR HITS ELVIS PRESLEY "CLAMBAKE" JANE FONDA "ANY WEDNESDAY" Davis Roads - lake Worth ustwooo S BLUFF" TOMBERQ FARMS FARMERS Actors Workshop presents. NOV. 14th-15fh-16th ENJOY AN ITALIAN DINNER, AT . . . MAMA GILDA RESTAURANT IN A TYPICAL ITALIAN RELAXING ATMOSPHERE ALSO SERVING STEAKS PRIME ROAST BEEF SEAFOODS AND YOUR FAVORITE COCKTAIL RES. CALL 833-3088 - 15th ST. & N. DIXIE W.P.B. By VERNON SCOTT I'PI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (L'PIt-Tele-vision's situation comedy shows are as much a part of Americana now as the hoked up horse opera of movies, thanks in no small part to actor Robert Young. Young pioneered the field as the star of "Father Knows Best" for seven years, winning two Tommys in the process. The show left prime time eight years ago, but still can be seen in reruns in various cities across the country. He tried a second series, "Window on Main Street," and bombed. Looking back over the years, Young knows exactly why the sitcom has become a television staple. "Essentially situation comedies or family shows are rooted in one thing with which almost every viewer can identify the family," Young said. "When you get involved with human relationhips on a family basis you reach almost every individual. It is a rare person who has not been part of a family environment at one time or other." Young explained his lack of family involvement in "Win- Theaters Today BOCA RATON "The Boston Slraneler." 2:25, 4:45. 7:05,9:25. (AKKFKKE "The Hich Commissioners." 2:00, 3:55, 5:50.7:45.9:45. COI.ONY "Valley ot the Dolls." 7:05. 9:25. FLORIDA "20(11, A Space Odvssev," 2:00, 5:00. 8:30. LAKE "Bill Wallace oi China," 3:30, 5:40. 7:45,9:50. LOEWS CINKMA 70 "Hot Millions," J:ui, 4:00, :W, 8:00, 10:00. LOEWS CINEMA BOYNTON "Marriage on the Kocks," 7:30, "Never Too Late, D:20. PLAZA "Boston StranKler." 1:00, 3:10. 5:20, 7:30,9:40. PLAYBOY "Odd Tastes," 2:00, 4:10, 6:01), 8:00, 10:00. "Bad Girls io To Hell," 3:00, 5:00, 7:00,9:00. KIVIKRA "The Graduate," 7:25, 9:40. BEACH IDKIVE-INI "Odd Couple." 7:00, 10:45, "Guide for t MarrledMan,"9:15. BOULEVARD IDKIVE-IN) "Planet of the Apes," 7:00, 10:45, "Fathom," 9:10. DELRAY (DRIVE-IN) "With Six You Get fcgsroll," 7:00, IO:30,"Clambake,"8:5.rj. SKYDROME (DRIVE-IN) "From Russia With Love," 7:l. 11:30, "Thunderball," 9: 15. TRAIL ( DRIVE-IN ) "How Sweet It Is." 7:00, 10:40, "Anv Wednesday," S: 55. Film Ratings m General audiences. rm Mature LIU audiences. Restricted audience Persons under 18 not admitted IS I ft GOES TO THE ELK'S CLUB EVERY TUESDAY FOR A GOOD TIME ELK'S AND GUEST BPOE1352 Slh & OLIVE AT 8 P.M. IMARINA INNi Form rly ti0 Woih.ngton Hotfl) VUin vottr httliduv it Vol i; i s x iimii;s uilh hi.' Our new facilities will oe available in December. Phone 832-8191 Catering Office BRIAN Fit I EL'S comedy success l'IIILl)KM'IIIA, HKKi; I COME! directed by KING I' AGE Wed. thru Sat. Nov. 20-23 8:."t0 p.m. tic kets $2.00 members KKKE 8:12-5194 SOUTHDALE SHOPPING . CENTER Between Parker Ave. & lake Ave. an Southern Boulevard LYOIN-MCKEL CAFETERIA 207 Royal Poinciana - Serving Palm Beach since 1 950 luncheon Specials daily except Sunday rUIlUiU Young Sleer Liver, Onions Dinner Only Dutch Chicken Pol Pie - lunch and Dinner Baked Swiss Sleak - Dinner Only 1 1:30 A.M. lo 1. 1 J P.M. - 4:30 P.M. OPENING WEDNESDAY NIGHT NOV. 13th BEUMY LATIM0RE with FREDDY SCOTT III it Tw' T-C-Ti, I I peanng in anotner series. lie made a fortune in "Father. Knows Best and spends more unit un tin ii'ui.M uiuu lit does memorizing scripts. Actor Young is one father who rcallv does know best. Bit Parts: Burbra Streisand has been voted the Star of thl , Year award from the National Association of Theater Owners ...Henry Fonda will star in "Prison Story" for Joseph L. , Man kiewicz... Robert Vaughn will star in Columbia's "T!n. Mind of Dr. Soames."... Food Lovers Meet ' JF.RL'SAI.KM i.M'i - The ."th Woi Id (Jastronomical Con-mess brought together Tid liioil lovers from J" counti'irs and 200 Israeli host delegali .ii a scries ol leasts that in'-' eluded a t pical meal o! Pie Hedouin Arab tribesmen. TERMITES? CALL TOMASELLO 585-2551 FOR (oariHi nit (ONttoi stivia Muuue Of TW tit WNU 1 COM t tOl tV'ICUDION 1 101 SK Palm Beach 8n.:;;i g t.ntrnnre ARE COMING! MIGHT PLUB ACROSS FROM HOLIDAY IMH Welt Palm Bruh DELICIOUS FULL COURSE DINNERS $295 LAN NY CKfcY HI.AVS HIASC ANIjI sinus it. HK LAKOHSLI. HAh 1 I ilplv 'll- ,t , ftracr mi: THE OCEAN For Reservations Call John D44-S271 Rod Taylor s ... f t V Chris, riumnm T IT CIMtMA CORFOBTI0ll W I W. B-l M I ill. MffiillMffi 1 I 111! .w"ir.. - ,..s. u M Sff MOVIf TIMtClOOfOHEEATURfTIMU j: ;;:, 2 big color hits AND THE ROCKING SOCKING "KINFOLK" AMERICA'S TOP SOUL BROTHERS U LIMITED FAGiG EM EM CHARLTON HESTON "PLANET OF APES" PS Italia .r."' ai'i .mi..n,n.iiire- ni .jm...ikbm- ri ... 2 In Color Swap Shop Sun. wsrorr u s no 1 Jack Lemmon-Walter Matthau "ODD COUPLE" dormitory rules, civil rights, and student participation in college government were, in that order, the next most frequently protested issues. The report said organized groups demonstrating against most issues rarely made up more than 10 per cent of a college student body. It cited as an example protests against U.S. policy in Vietnam, saying the demonstrations averaged about 5 per cent of their respective student bodies. The tindings were basedona questionnaire survey of deans of students in 80 accredited lour-year colleges and universities. Each dean was asked to note the extent of organized student protest over 27 educational, social and political issues during the l7-fi8 academic year. MONDAY THRU FRIDAYS MARKET BAR B.Q. DEPT. (ill ? ,, COLOR B VEHftUI -22- TRUE! STARTLING!! FACTS OF-IIFE FEATURETTE on the mysteries ol reproduction! "PLANET OF LIFE" CARROU BAKER IN "THE CARPETBAGGERS" AND STEVE McQUEEN "NEVADA SMITH" "' H SMORGASBORD A GO GO Guide For A ONUS NO I DtlftAr MACH 2 BIG DORIS DAY "WITH SIX YOU GET EGG ROLL" It was already famoui at the biggest belt-butter in town . . . but now the authentic Scandinavian Smorgasbord lun cheon at tht Colonnades Beach Hotel offers you even more delectables to choose from: more lesty appetizers, more huge platters of chilled meats and fowl, more sea food delicacies, more exciting casserole surprises, more salads, more tasty aspics, condiments and relishes. Yes, more of everything. Yet, and listen to this you can enjoy the whole shooting match including, oven-fresh bread and rolls, and dessert, along with a sensational view of ON U b NO I lAKt wofiiH Sean Connery (as James Bond) "From Russia With Love" Sean Connery (as James Bond) "Thunderball" z Bp I m the ocean, for only a dollar ninety fiva sentt, any day at noon Monday through Friday at the Colonnades Beach Hotel. Just over the causeway on South Oceon Boulevard in Palm Beach Shores, Singer Island. Brezhnev Arrives WARSAW, Poland (AP) -Soviet Communist party leader Leonid I. Brezhnev arrived here by special train Sunday a' the head of a Soviet delegation to attend the Polish Communist party congress beginning Monday. Palm Beach Jr. College Players Present "PHILADELPHIA, HERE I COME!" NOVEMBER 14,15,16,17 8:14 P.M. ADULTS $2 .00 - STUDENTS tl 50 Box Office 965-8300 Directed by Frank Leahy AWARD WINNER "THE GRADUATE" - IN COLOR SUSAN HAYWARD "VALLEY OF THE DOLLS" -IN COLOR ' CLUBS ORGANIZATIONS CHURCHES HOLIDAY PARTY GIVERS WE'VE GOT WHAT YOU NEED! TISSUE BELLS I BALLS CENTER PIECES ITALIAN LIGHTS HATS (All KINDS) SANTA SUITS FESTOON ROPES HORNS - BEARDS WIGS JOIIIIflY'S PLAYLAND v 108 CLEMATIS ST. PHONf 832-9444 N .it r - I III! lyV'iMrClIji $i iilP EliibigliEBiii JAMES -4r DEBBIE GARNER REYNOLDS "HOW SWEET IT IS" Corner Lake Worth & THIS IS THE TRUE STORY fe rur I nADCKITQ- : BECAUSE OF CERTAIN 1J Tin: OVERLOOKING South on Singer Island in Palm Beach Shorn ur 1 nc m SELF-CONFESSED g r j ' REVEALING SCENES '75V ...WE SUGGEST YOU SEE "HELGA" FIRST!!! ' j W ! ! BOSTON STRANGLER Starling TOMORROW f n n .KL W f il T I 1 I k i $1 hmhi"11 111 '" "'"'"I'll '"Wiihwiiiiimh- ' I mi.i iHi.iM - -tZSSzS u,,jar. N ? 1 ' A3 7 ,. "!' RXMnHHftTilLiTnfcTlti mm. thru fri. I ( o mm iM oner RUTH GASSMANN rvLTrTiMii-rrniiiiii-ii 1 BOSTON STRANGLER I inCKINO CHCI !('! JlWitlt "1 Tnnu ttitfiy 1 7 A dazzling trip beyond the stars! EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT 3 SHOWS DAILY 2:00-1:00-8:30 P.M. it fk GREGORY iVALCOTT. . 'St mi 'jj IN j 7 A Comedy Crime Caper A Multi-Millioa dollar piracy! FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THE AMERICAN SCREEN: ...the intimate story of a young girl. ii ii4ic Monru FnnHa ' , j Amidst China's most explosive era... stood a gentle giant! Oi M0Mm.,iv..SINKY KUHfiICK PB0DUCTI0N 1 Wf ? fcl SICHEOPMONIC SOUND 4 MFtlKXOlO Duffv, 1 1 JAMES COBURN - JAMES MASON ROCKING CHAIR THEATRE M A lAl M Hi DAILY AT 2-4-6-8-10 PM V JAMES FOX SUSANNAH Y0Rhv"s TODAY - "HOT MILLIONS" AT 2-4-6-8-10! m TECHNICOLOR f i 'J i wx eg STARTS TOMORROW yus i sunsminc sq m mi 3 LAST TIMES TO-NITE "MARRIAGE "NEVER 3 iv MC"'"" "Mil U Tly MAGAINt g I ON THE ROCKS" 7:30 TOO LATE" AT 9:20 J "MACIC TIDE" cTj

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