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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, December 27, 1944
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TECS WEATHER Light snow changing I" freezing rain. linln continuing until Thursday morning. Clearing Thursday aftor-nuun. Wanner today and .tonight. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion And Parke Countie Mailed la Conformity With P. O. D. Order No 19687 CLINTON, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1944. THESE EGGS WILL 3l-'JSX American Troops Launch Counterdrive On Germans in Luxembourg; Recapture 4 TowrisNazis' Westward nJe Blunted ., - , ubratf . U:' S. Superforts Blast Tc K&r Heavy Raid; Cripple Aircrati Plants WASHINGTON, D. C. II-2 ft Suprfortresses struck the Tokyo area with their heavy loads of demolition and Incendiary bombs In a daylight mission today. A preliminary War Department communliiuo did not mention the size of the aerial fleet nor the targets raided, but they may Include the Important Mitsubishi aircraft plant In the Japanese capital. Thi! eonimue.liiue said industrial objectives were rnidMl by I!--!' s ol the 2 1 st I'liiniber Command. The Huge Armored Battle Rages In West: Nazis Nazis Claim Fierce Tank Battle On at La Roche In Belgium; Yank Force At Basrogne Still Encircled 1 i LONDON, 'Kligland. A fierlnan military spokesman reported loffay that a "huge far-flung armored battle" Is in progress near Lamelio, He.lgluni, and that German military quarters consider it to be developing1 satisfactorily. : ! Larouche is on the Ourtlie Rivet northwest, of Hastogne. ,.',.' j tf'laiiti M TunLa .1 AT THE 2 1ST BOMBER command headfjuartors on Saipan island, roost of the E-29'.i, just a few of the thousand upon thousands of heavy bmnbi which the Superior! shuttle fromtrSaipau.ta Tokyo ai-e shown linl up as ordnance men load trailer with the eggs to be put aboard U-Ula for ths Tokyo run. Army Air Forces photo. (International) Planes, Artillery Spearhead Yank Switch to Offensive Inside Belgium Today's Corman communique MOSCOW , Hussiu. hoviet as-claimeil that 70 tanks of Ihe Ameri- saull forces smashed toward thecen-can Third and Seventh Divisions ter of lludapest today In lie; final were destroyed or captured yester- ball In to gain conlrol of the Iliingur-day north of Larouche In a "large- ian capital. scale armored battle." j Red army uiiIIh bull led their way "The battle in southeastern llel- through the streets or HVidapesI al-gtnn and central Luxembourg is In- t,.r crashing the inner ring or Nazi-creasing in violence," the Nazi com- .i,i fortifications before the city munique added. j and completing encirclement of the Itaiiogiic. Still Xiiiroiinded 'capital. American forces attacking from , AWIlt Atlw k SCRAMBLE TOKYO Violence Flares In Ward Strike at 4 Detroit Branches 50 Strikers Involved In Dearborn Melee; Strikes Near in Kansas, Chicago DETROIT, Mich. Violence flared at the Dearborn slore of the .Montgomery Ward Company today as the anny prepared to take over the firm's four strike-bound brunches in the Detroit area.. r Dearborn police reported that 50 men forced their way Into the Dearborn store and caused damage estimated at $0,000. Two An' Arrested Police Chief Irving Niclsou, said I wo men have been arrested but re- , fused to give their names. He said disclosure of their names may pre- Vent the arrests or others. I company orricials said thai Ihe I membership in the Royal Oak slore neared a showdown, j CIO pickets have been circling the I . (Continued ou Pago 2) Ration Board Asks 1 jafircfcts Mr- AT U. S. INFANTRY COMMAND POST, llelglum. The American Army shifted from the defensive to the offensive today as fog, which had laid a perfect smoke screen for Ihe enemy drive, lifted and our planes and artillery wenl to work. While startled panzer units scurried for cover, jamming troops into assembly areas, supply dumps and railheads writhed and smoked under the double-barreled pounding from Ihe air and our heavy artillery. IMMtO SI rating Attacks More lhan 11.000 bombing and strafing sorties In 48 hours blasted Herman communications and ripped Into moving up columns of Herman armor and Infantry in Ihe greatest :ilr offensive since the pasting administered to Ihe Falalse pocket In Norma ndy. An estimated 1.IIII0 Herman vehicles were deslroyed. Some 2.10 or the Luftwaffe's, planes which came up in full fight will not return to the fatherland Clear moonlit nights are giving Allied bombers extra time In which to work over 'rail centers such as Cologne and Trier to seal orr Nazi the southwest anoine sou nauemp,- ed in vain to relieve closely com ores- sed lormullons . around Hastogne, ac - cording to the Communique. In central Luxembourg, the com munique reported, new Allied attacks also failed. Only 111 the area west of Kchler-nach were the Allies able to make local gains. IxHig 1 tango WcnMn In heavy ulr combats lasting nil day fierman fighters shot down 3D Allied planes over the western battle aren. - - - ' "The -fire of our long-range Weapons against Liege; Antwerp and Loudon was continued." tlie communique said. LONDON. Kngland. Kar In the rear of German advance spearheads that clauked almost to the river Meuse berore being stopped by American counter-action, a great armored battle was reported raging along the Ourttic River in eastern llelglum today. Supplied !' Air Ceriuan broadcasts told of a violent, far-flung armored clash at the ancient town of La Roche northwest Reds Smash Into Inner Defense Of ;;; Hungary Capital h Budapest Encircled By, Kt;d Forces; Tank, Ground Forces Strike Into City , (Apparently planes of the Soviet ' ' ' ',, , . ,,.,,, j'i)iitl( (.,.rman strong- j Hrl!.n radio at Hudapest shut down at 7:07 this morning (2:07 a. . 10 WT) as a result of an aerial assault. The silencing of the transmitter which resumed broadcasting 41 'minutes later was reported by the KCC.) Kiicircleinent of Itudapest was comiileled by the Ihird llkrainlan army which occupied nine suburban eht'my' 'rosislanco centers, 'nt, last ltrklge A So let assault column, swinging iContlnnen on Paca tl Purple Heart Is Awarded lo l'vt. Robert Burgess Posthumous award of the Order of the Purple Heart to Pvt. Robert Burgess, who was killed in action with l!. S. Infantry forces in was made known lo his mother. Mrs. Harriet Hurgess of Clinton route three tills week n'.l. In the batilelines inside t.erma nv. Originally with the Signal Corps, j Burgess had been transferred to the infantry illusion. He had been In jservlce since May 20. l4:i and after training at Camp Crowder, .Mo. and Lexington. Ky. he was sent ov- lorseas in November, J94S. He was with the repair corps in In West Clinton and in Detroit. Mich Resides the mother he is survived by six sisters, Mrs. Don Strain. Clin (ton: Mrs. Paul Hart on. l,eorge,on l.: Mrs. -veil ittirns. uiuihiihihui;,. Ronnie and Rosemary Hurgess of inuianapoiiK ami Jejin Hurgess at home; four brothers. Don of Detroit; Collelt. Clinton Fred. Jr.. oi West Clinton and Willi a. home. Price Three Cents. Stern American Defenses Slow u Meuse Advance GiTnmn Crossing of Meuse Believed Averted, 36-Hour Old Reports Show; Fierce Battles Rage Over Front ,' WITH ;AJHBltfCANi T'ORCKK ts M'XIC.Mlioi'IM; American troops ..onntin llick,ini;i,,aloinj t.hq .southern Ihiilk? bf -normal idrlve- In Luxembourg have recaptured four towns, and' arri now. batfllnA"for: a .Hill. ,, , . . . . ! ' ," .. Within .Mile of Town The country ultaottlnK Vantia loiiKhf within one mile of still an--ih"r l.iwn. Anione ihe place, lakeh ' hf the Americans was llnller, six miles west of Ivslef nnell. ' ' . '' Al Mie same lime, ihe Americans, mlvanceil llnoiiKh wooiled areas west ;.ikI soiilhwest of Esternach while to the northwest, the encircled Amer lean earrison at Bastnjrne continued to hold off the Germans despite en-my pressure on all sides. PARIS. France. Reporting on the bailie of Belgium as of 31! loins ago. lien. Uwlght D. Klsen-lower s headiiuarters today disclos- .1 conliniied heavy fighting in tha ;iuvelot area and at Hastogne, while simliesnian unnounced that the , hole enemy drive westward has wen' blunted. 'III off t'rossillK ili.ulil was expressed thai Nazi ield Marshal Karl (ierd Von Itund; le.H's Army wil! be able to ctohb the leiiae Itiver ill any appreciable rengili. Oirilje ..soul heastern. .flank, of Ihn eriniin d'riVi ', American troops can-irid llaller. six miles west of Ks-' irnaeh. and a-lvniiced through vooded an as west and southwest of 'sternacli. according to a froutliri 'i:;palch from International News Service Correspondent Frank Con-liff. stoKlie Holds Out Al liasioane. Coiinlff reported, an. neircled American garrison still Is i.oUIIiik out despite enemy pressure in all sides. While Herman broadcasts reported a major battle in progress at Continued on page B) ' ' Pro Athletes' ' t-F Status Under Draft Uoard Eye WASlUNt.'TON. 1). f. Selective .-vr lee Diteeior Lewis II. Ilershey Is xiiected "within a Tew days" to or-'der all local draft boards to re-ex-j mine 4-F classifications of profes-I lii.ual aihletes in line with a request Tom War .Xlolillizer James r. 'Syrnes. It was generally vttncfrtl today hy auilinrilalive .iiariers in Wash-ingloii. Iiiwever, llial tills action will not materially reduce the number or professional baseball and football players now deferred for physical reasons. As one government spokesman pointed tiul. the army's physical MandardK have not changed since l lie athletes were classified as physically until for military service. "H Hie army didn't take him In Hie first piac'. chances are it won't lake him now," the spokesman de- clare. I. Meanwhil. War Manpowe.r Commission official nsifd flatly the 'MC ojipneH a "work-or-fiEht" or- dt-r for profeKsinnul atlileteit hiipIi an as itiutosd hy Hu n Serretary of 'War Newton ft. MakT In Um 1 0 T K i'ii'i-se;i:;oh of WorWI War 1. ' ' lifl :nd Tootball plant oott't us' many peoph- in their on- jerallotu - . Hie official explained wit Hie asaertion thai from a manpower hiewpomt these sports activities don't cut into the manpower poal - - -' " The livrnes order, requesting the closing of all horse-racing and dog-raciug tracks, also called for a review of the 4-F status of professional athletes. A Selective Service spokesman expressed opinion that a few "borderline" 4-F cases might. IT III" physical ailment for which Hie man was ih-rerred had been corrected, he placed to 1-A as a result of Hie reexamination. "If a man has a iiuiictur-tl eardrum, lie iniglii sliil lie a good bate-ball player Ion Hie army still won't take him." it was explained. Selective Sen ice said Hersh"" will issue a "memorandum" to all local hoards "within a few days" requesting the re-examination of alh-lef.'S In 4-F. Volume 32 Number 251. carrier, 26 Other Ships Sunk by Subs Japan's PreTWar Shipping Total Cut in Half With Newest Attacks; 72 Jap Planes Hit at Manila WASHINGTON, I). C. American submarines have sunk n largo Japanese aircraft carrier along with 20 other enemy ships, the Navy revealed today, and to date have sent one-half the Japs' known pre-war shipping to the bottom of the Pacific. Seven War Khli Seven or the latest bag of 27 ships In Far Eastern waters, the Navy announced, are war combat vessels. The combatant vessels sunk were, i In addition to th carrier, a convert-I ed light cruiser, a destroyer, two es-' cort vessels; and two destroyer trnns-:S ports. ' ' ' ' ' ' The other vessels were composed of. ten medium cargo vessels, three Binall cargo vessels, one small transport, two medium cargo transports and two medium tankers. , Hit "l'ainful Spot" The carrier Itself was not descrlb-, ed by name or type but her loss was described by' Secretary: of Navy James Forrestal as a blow hitting at one of the ''most painful spots" In the Japanese fleet. The new score brings to 99 the total of Jap combatant ships sunk by U. S. submarines. The total for non-combatant ships is 934. American submarines to date have sunk a totnl of 3.5000.000 tons of Jap shipping since Dec. 7, 1941. I This Is approximately one-half the total of the Jap tonnage estimated at the time of Pearl Harbor at seven million tons. KN. MACATtTHUR'S HHAD-QIJARTKRS, Philippines. Destruction of 72 Japanese fighter planes In planes In raids Sunday and Monday bn Manila's vital Clark Field was reported today in General Douglas MacArlhurs communique. An additional nine enemy plane were reported probably destroyed ir. the raids which were carried onl Sunday nnrl Monday. A total of 44 ' ons of bombs was dropped on Ihe Mabalacat runway at Clark Field by heavy bombers while American fighter cover fought ofr enemy Interceptors." Six American fighter planes were lost in the actions. "IContlnuen on Page t) Slate Agriculture Bill Joins Forces Of Several Bureaus INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. Co-ordination under the Department of Agriculture of various state divisions and bureaus which now are "functioning as orphans'' is included In the proposed farm legislation recommended by the Republican Agricultural Advisory Committee. The commute met last night In Indianapolis and drafted a program for presentation to the Republican majority legislative steering committee. The programt if drafted into bills, would be presented at the coming session of the Indiana General Assembly. The farm representatives also advocated a return to standard time instead of the present one-hour-earlier war time. The Wabash Valley flood control project received the support of the G. O. P. committee members. They also proposed that facilities of the College of Agriculture at Purdue University be enlarged. Other suggested legislative measures: A farm chemurgy bill. Legislation for eradication and control of Bang's disease and mastitis In milk cattle. An act to enforce all bakers bread with riboflavin. Revision of county drainage ditch maintenance laws. Liberalization or soil conservation district regulations. The Republican Agricultural Ad-vistory Committee also went on record as opposing diversion of high-wav funds for building of air strips. Vermillion County Wins "A" Eating in Seal Sale Vermillion County was given a Class "A" rating In the Christmas Seal campaign of the National Tuberculosis Association, it was announced today. The recommendation. Class "A . nn the fact that informa tion submitted to the association in dicates that the American reueru- Hon of Labor and congress oi industrial Organizations have fully complied with all the standards sel forth In the by-laws of the Indiana Tuberculosis Association. M. A. AiK-rhaeh. eveeuthe secretary of the association, staled thai Vermillion County maintained an evceptionallv hich standard of work ean ts carrying on Its work in an effective and businoss like manner. j ; I manpower being lunneiea lino me ' mf,n Pni,,rmi die slore "carrying Malmcrty and llastogne salients. j dubs concealed under (heir coats, I upset counters, demolished class su- Ipset ierman Timetable j per-struct ures. show cases and stock. LONDON, F.ngland. An inillea- R0y Scoggins, head of the I'nited lion of how seriously American re- j n,.uil. Wholesale and Department sistnnee disrupted the Nasi offensive : store Workers. CIO, gave a dllfer-tlmtahle on the western front was t.n version, however, given today by the Luxembourg ra-', i.Ki,( strike llreakrra Inke-oll potni was nni kivii. iu only 21st llomher Command base, innonneed to date is Saipan ill Ihe Marianas. I Admit Tokyo ilniil i The Tokyo radio sulci Il-2(l's from buses in the Marlunns bombed 'the Tokyo area "sliorlly after noon". The Japanese Domei Agency Irled to play down Hie mid liy saying explosives and incendiaries were dropped "nt random, causing lii'luiiilii-ant damage". A spokesman at the War Department sn lit Hi' assniil! was the fill li major al I nek on Ihe enemy capital area since Nov. V.'i when Ihe Kuiier-rorts hegiin their campaign lo ile-slroy the Japanese v:ir machine. Many Nuisance Unlds There have been many nuisance raids on Tokyo. Ihe last or which was reported Chri.itnias Day by Ihe enemy radio. Meanwhile, the extent lo which Hie big American planes have been blasting Japan was shown in inter niltional News Service dispatches ,,., Kui , wllif l, ,,,, ,,, , the first month's operation from that Mariana base Ihe II -2'I S have Ml Ihe (Continued on Page Z) Ccrmans Lash At Fifth Army Post On Italy Coast t Keselring Hurls Fresh Offensive at Yanks; Air Battles Rage Over Bologna HOM 10. Italy. A (lenuall offen sive thrust against American troop! of the Fifth Army near the wes! coast, of Italy which forced Yank nulls lo make a withdrawal was nounced today by .Mediterranean headuuarters. Attack mi Itolll Sides i ,The troops of Nuzi Field Marshal j Allien. Kessetrina launched llieir al lack on bold sides ot Hie Imvn of Caliieano. ill tlie Itiver Val-j by, about 211 miles from I lie I, Igor- J ian Sea coast. The bailie an a is j silunled some :I2 miles southeast of; the port and muni base of Spe-j zia. . I Tlie Cerinan allack was pressed; "in sonif slrenfilli." Ihe heailoun 1 1-j ers announcement sanl. 1 lie coiinier-atlacking Nazis shoved oil after Ihe enemy hammered Hie Aiii'Th-a positions Willi 'arlillery barrages. The situation in t lie battle area was obscure at Hie moment. Step I'll Artillery Kesselrillg, coincident. Willi (III; Calllcano allack, stepped up nrtiller fire over liie center or Hie Iran:?-pei. insular rroul imuiedialely soulh or llolognii. I'laues of the Herman ail-force also re-entered the fray below i'.ologiia. The t.uriwiiffe dropped anli-per-( (Continued on Page 21 . "! Voting Charts Available Tabulations of voting by precincts in Hi',' November election are avaHa hie al the Daily f'linlnnlaii offir It i was announced today. Those wishing charts iiiiiv call for then, at the of-! rice. For ten davs these rack Aul' rieali fighting men have bec bolding with bulldog tenacity the important town ot Hastogne fighting agaim-t oer- wlielllllUg O'l'lii ano rv I linii m( Nazis could throw al them. Writing with their OIOOU one Ol Hie 1UOI.I glorious chapters of American inili tary history, these boys are credited with having played a vital part in causing Von Kundstcdl's offensive to go astray. The Bland they are maUiiig may be compared with other famous stands in war annals the tierr,-fight at Alca'-ar during the Spanish civil war. the stand niab- by Itrit-ish paratroopers at Amlo-in - anil has prew-nled Von llumlstedl front stabilizing the southern flunk of his drive to Hie west. The Americans foiled efforts by Von Kundstcdl's 7th army to establish a strong de- fenslve line to protect that flank Completely cut oil and surround (Continued on Pace 2j 1 j I' t j ; ' of Hastogne, where a sizeable Ameri-1 The award, given lo all I'niled can unll. although encircled, Is still 'states army men killed or wounded righting valiantly with the alii of action, is one of the oldest hon-supplies dropped from the air. orH i the service, originating in It was particularly significant that orE Washington's command of the Hermans placed their greatest American troops. emphasis upon the battle at La pvt. Burgess. 20, was killed Oct. dlo. 1 "Fifty of our people went to the According to German prisoners Dearborn store to sing and stage an and captured Nazi documents, the orderly demonstration," said Kcog-Luxembourg transmitter said, the 'gins. "They were set upon by the German high command planned to company's imported slrlke breakers seize Luxembourg city on Dec. 17. 1 and a fight ensued. We didn't try Liege, Delgium on the 1sth and to damage any of the property but Metz. France, on Ihe same dale, j we did try to damage I lie strike Then the Nazis were scheduled le breakers." lake Antwerp on the 22nd. Brussels j Meanwhile, a juridlclional dispute bv Christmas and Pal is by New , between the CIO and the AFL over Roche. That town, dailng from the tCnntlnnen on Dag ft) Indiana Driving i Hazards Mount But Zero Weather Ends INDIANAPOLIS. Hid. Holiday , Kngland and In France before trans-stragglers continued to pour in and . ferrlng to the Infantry out of Indiana over treacherous Hefore entering service he had ra,l lodav will, little promise of, been employed at Ihe round-house Rationing Orders!,,,;; American Relief Columns Within Mile Of Belcagured Garrison at Bastognc Year's. All of Ihe dales except the lus have passed and none of the-objectives has been taken. Vermillion County Cooperation With Full Investigation Of New Ration Rules Sought by Farm Leader WASHINGTON. D. C. - Hop. Androgen (Rl Minn., today promised a 'full and complete" investigation of I he recent OPA clamp-down on food rationing In view of the record Hit crop Iwirvest, the highest ou record. Andresen, a Farm Bioc leader and member of the house agriculture jomniittoe, declared he wants to 'inow "if the New Deal is using tlie rationing and unrationing of essential foods as a political or disciplinary expedient." Sirk lroin- "Considering we bad the largest food production in tlie hislory of the l nlteu states in uh I intend 10 make a full and complete Investigation to find out reasons for t his finis tic rat Loning at this time." he .isserted. A n d-rso n t w i 1 1 -d the New I (( I 'or lifting food rationing restrict ions .lunntr the 1 s4 4 election cimpuign .:lld then - US h p-eilie'd W:imp- them on aealn after th- ballots w-re counted. ' j ...nut.. 'i r,.v,.m,.r,i in .irk h,ir conditions although relief from aero weather was forecast for tonight. rv iillek hieliu-aVK made llrlv- harsardous In the Vincennes and i.i aiuii.tu In tlwll ; , ..i,.., : , rain and freezing temperatures Te.iic.ed rnr mis ncroon Two inches of snow fell yesterday tin the Crawfordsville and flreenfield (districts and It was freezing to Ihe pavement todtiy. Hort Wayne, which is on the edge of the vanishing cold wave, recorded lowest temperatures last night at 4 degrees below zero. The city also had the deepest snow of the atate. six inches compared with five at South Mend, two In Indianapoliti and none in the southern portion. No other city dropped under the zero mark, according to weather bureau recordings. Temperature readings Included South Ftend at & above. Marion. 1 above; Indianapolis Airport, 12; Terre Haute, 26. and Evansvilie 24. Seasonal winter temperatures returned to the midwest as a brief cold wave traveled eastward, its severity diminishing on the way. It fell on sections of Pennsylvania, however, with little moderation. Hlack Moshannon. near Bellefonte. reporting 14 below zero and II rook -vllle. about 50 miles from Pittsburgh. K below. Sub-zero .temperatures were re- j norted also in Ohio Toledo 13 below and Cleveland. S below but j ihe forecast wa for rising tempera-' Hires as m-ns the case generally in ' t;ifp to the w-m. 1 I i Calls, complaints and Inquiries concerning in- .....!. j 1 : r :wk. 'he Vermillion County Kution IJounl nsy todiiy. In ealliiiri for public cooperation th new and PtrhiKent rutionlnt Itrncmiii. :uy II. Itrfirus. chairman or thi' hoard, urned Clinton und Vermillion County resid'-nts to become dcfiuu luted with the new ration values throunh Ktudy of the ration eiiart. lie uru'ed the destruction of all coupons now discharKed a void. Thi reiuet was made through the OPA in order that ntanipa now-voided may not be used in food pur-chaHn ihrouch either accident or design. It was explained. Mr. Bribes thanked both the members of the various ration panels as well as the nubile for their work and cooperation in the past In his Btate- nient. Now we Ptill have a preater job to do in rationing." he said, "This job belongs to you and me and everybody. It is up to the public to see that it is done ritrht and I ant depending on you. "(Jet a rationing chart and read it until you acquaint yourself with all the alues. Then destroy all of the coupon diseharcd as void. "It is not a question of whether r not you like it .' he continued. it mftt I;, toa-. Vou can sure "no.nrd quite a lot of trouble." (Continued on Pape 2) I vonir v V A,n. ri.:,i. relief coluiiios fiave pen-iral-d to wM ,,.. and one-third miles ..r Matogne llelgiuiu. "where the iso- .1 A rifU furriNnii Is lioldltlg out against heavy Herman pressure ,.M .l.l.. 1Kb Ilritish radii re-, norted today "Numerous" German tanks were destroyed as the Yanks attenipted to enter the town, line said in a broadcast heard by CBS. PARIS. France. Behind the revelation that Field Marshal Karl Herd von Rundstedt's desperation drive lo destroy the Allied armies in the west has gone wrong is a dramatic story of the heroism of American boys which will stir the soul of people at home when It can fully be told. This story concerns the defiant rand tveine made at Bastognc bv several battalions of the finest nd most daring troops in the entire 1'niie.i Slate- Army. I

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