The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 26, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1944
Page 6
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, Tuesday, Deremlicr 2(5, 191 1. THE PAIEY CLINTONI AN Page Six Slout Field Air Crash Kills Four; Holiday Toll High (Continued from page 1 HELP WANTED Behind is By HARRISON CARROLL KinK IVaturi'H Synilii'Uto Wrilrr HOLLYWOOD The Maharajah of Kar.uilhala has taken time off from the affairs of state to write Dorothy Lam our for an autographed pic ture. Aral, relieve it or not. he doesn't want a in a sarong. The In'iian potentate n.L;!;c: particularly for a photo of Hip star in an cve-n i 11 g go 11. When the war is over, he also wants Dor'ithy and her hus-band to visit liim in Ir.'lia. Harriton Corroll The palace, lie says, will be theirs. At first I thought he 'was kidding, but Lon Chancy insists Ins doctor has advised him to break up his long selies of horror p up Ills long aenea 01 nunui p.- lures with occasional comedy role-, , t ,mti.iu 1 he tnn. r i f ; '4 i gfr of develoring a neurosis. It parly a bis star ::vl I happened to also has to do with Die itMiciift 1 poxvder our noses before the same makeups In the horror films which minor. She still was n brautifm keep the star from eating properly j "man hut she had a haunted ex-or even from relaxin.f in a chair. predion when rhe l" at ly"s-L6n tried out the advice by play-, self. I don't want to ever bo that ine in Abbot and CostPllo's "Here 1 way. if you aie not m p.i'ture. Come the Co-Eds" and now he's . you con't have to compete with ready to put in with the doctor, every new r p of face ,. Ami I ' . . don't think the averaeo Hollywood The filicide of Lupe Velcz Is th" i star even has :.: many beau.; as a greatest shock HoKw.'ood has had ; (dennsrapher. The rcnllv rw wc-n in vmrs. Hun-lreUs ri-; to defend 1 cc-etn to l,e a.'iaid of t'.n in. reached St. Louis, hut hail been ordered Jiack to Stout Field because or bad weather. They believed thai the hip's crew mistook nearby Weir Cook Airport tor Slout Field. INDIANAPOLIS. lilt!-- Death and injury due 10 traffic aecidenis niar-j red the chrlsiiiias holiday despite 1 limited lraM-1 on Hoosier highways,.; Snow Storm Hits ! Numerous accidents occurred, but ' lew wen- serloiui. A snow slorni 1 Christmas afternoon created travel; hazards. ! Al Kokoino. Will'ord J. St. llilare. 2 1, v.-is fatally injured when two ail-j tnim.biles collided oil all ley street. I Miss Jam- Kcssler, 17. also of Eoko-nio. was injured. A track Pus trolley, manned by a young woman oui-i.-itor, and a street ; car collided in downtown Indianapo- : lis, cailHiiii; Iniury to tls persons and 1 tying mi holidav tralTie. i l ent- Solilii l Hit i Four (ieoree Field soldiers were among tiie seven persons hurl wtien 1 wo cars collided in-ar Princeton. Edward Idsoii. II. of Clii- i-.-o. was driver cf the. car which crashed prcilon wllli the soldiers' alitomo-bile. IIAltniMMI R':. Pa. A board of inquiry scrutinized th" fire-scarred and twisted wreckage today of on armv transport whlrli crashed 11110 a fog-bound ridge near -New Cumberland ' Airport Christmas morning, kllliar! 10 soldiers and Injuring 17 others. The twin-engined craft was en I route from Jacksonville, Fla.. to .M'mnoapoliji. Minn., according to ot-' fleers of ill" Jllddleton Air Tecbni-: cal Conu.iand. The soldiers were re-' porledlv on rui lough. Iniiicivi May Die Fifteen of the injured were taken 'to Harrisl'lirg Hospital, while two : oiliers wer ip-ated in the Infirinary at I he New Cui:iberl.".nd Army Reception Cei ter. Physicians held slight q.M. BIG Features Siarling Thursday :-i"r. -v- AUTOGRAPHIC REGISTERS 2 -r.. WIfTftN ROMANTIC t Suk&iA&A WITH 1 - SceiMrJ back to the "Alonsr Came Jnnea' set was 11 si::M on her di-earini; room door, "No 'i'crmiti s." Vou catch on if you rc id the testimony on tlie liiw.'iiiil bel.v.i"tl Lo.-.'lta and her hu..h:in'l on 1 lhi'try fc'h'gcl. . . . Tom Ncal aii'l Vir!;i Line are ii!ltin;; one of !:eir rooms vilh the W' t lr.i:;tin.' Ht'.K rniilk and y.liov ociire pi-:i i"nl. Seeiv-:) ;i givca a copmial !!':L, v,i:'i:ever fhat means. . . Tiv Au-:trilien Air Fi I'ce c.-mie to li;o l.'f He. lo ilelivcr t'hri.iiiKiS pr'.'r.Mt-l lo OMii from Ann Rh h-ir':' and h-r family. . . Eiic Keldery. the Hiinnarian actor, and t'-a San Jenl'. Para-nirrmt's I'll ! to P.'.i an ftcrlet. f uiryitff on tlieir own "::ood-v.ill anion'' natiim.'i'' enmraien. Eoth Clsy M'irr and ln-r baby, Karbara Jeanne, have be-it - Kifin-'"' to h's in "A " 10 Adanc." If Kay A! 'M;;.;e ninnies A "tlliir Came.on, she'll 11 i t HoMy.vo-iil -iii,..,,i nr,k "I :on't think it' 1 -, i sin h a gran 1 life in t'-c nnivies, siie fcii-l. "The other ni.".ht t a HOLLYWOOD HI-.HNKS: After le r,ni:-hes Ins "Whistler" m-lo-drfima for Coltmo'in. Riehai-l bis may 1:0 a rr.y: -'cry piny on Uiwl-"-1V. It v.f.ind l.e ins fust time Ili 'lC snnre (''.!! v.::en lie cnpcal'd v.'h Ivi'.vn'd O. IWrf-a in a !1 :r:; r:il!d "Fn.t It List." . . . 1 r a 11 c e s R.-.n-'riy's h-i ' r::oom. jlrj. John Horton. is r.n-'lnic rcr iil'n-ija'.ed h ll-rs ovc.-si as. He's a gooi il-ieh snt'-t nivl Fia-iees i:i in:ikin:r a sei anlin'i'.l r h,i rhriv ir-.s. . . . Hill Fyllle cel : lamlv i:i living u lo pienie' ions, n b-,tii in "A , ., life nets rt:-r bill ! I:val S al" and in "Colonel E:iin:4h.-1n, s P..-id." . . . I.'niveisal's new romance threat. Charles Kor-vin, gcitini plenty of rtarea win-n lie end Ins wile'C'l Ciro's with Louiv" Al'nmto.n and IW) La-.dry. Ijefi-ye Reeves 1 1 .'.'eMufr r hml orris: l.- Clan-i tie Colbert in "."'1 I-i We I!-iil"7) ):a been i t-.l lo a r" -T He's ... the '; I Vn'.oiy' com- Cgcoitscs I . . r , MPS liiy.l SUA' SON STEWARD, .n:-r le.i-v n'-' 'it v.-.n-i-r, v.ij,, ,B,t !' r in a In' in a -c--ii-il s- v i :;l y- :'rs n;--). cave li.;:'t i-i a sun at 7'',n-"-, .- J-. 1-.- siu: it ii--3 ifufinitional) m in ' i: v ii k vi n i i.s MllM tiHW mid M JIKLI!S Terre Haute Monument Co. iill.l.l. 1 . I ' n- llii anji It.-pr. .ulaliie h. fc.'t'iilli. I liiilun M.oihor v - . - i ,' A 5l -. V;1 , 41 ' 'Li PUBLIC NOTICE NOTIl'K OK FIN A I' KKTTLKMKNT OF KKTATK Notice is hereby given to tile creditors, heirs and legatees of Albert S. Wolfe, deceased, to appear In the Vermillion Circuit Court, held at Newport. Indiana; on the 22nd day January. 1344 and show cause, if anv, why the FINAL SETTLES! KXT ACCOUNTS with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship. and receive their distributive snares. WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, this 22nd day of December, 1944. CAUL K. BIGGS, Clerk of Vermillion Circuit Court. Win. H. Beeler, Atty. 12211; 12-944. CLAIM FII.KD IX DECEMBER ALLOWED AT DKCF.M I1KK hl'M - I AL TERM, 1144, GENERAL FIND: Carl It. Biggs, clerks ..if $ 30. SO Daily Clintonlan. same 17.28 T. II. Woodburn Prtg. Co.. same 301.35 130.00 T. R. Woodburn Prtg. Co., aud. off. exp. Karl O. Dickon, treas. fees 171.26 125.70 192.03 14.30 T. R. Woodburn Prtg. Co., trens. off. e.p. T. R. Woodburn Prtg. Co.. same Burroughs Adding Machine Co.. same Abel Asbury. rec. off. e:;p. Typewriter Rebuilder Sales, same , - 411.IO 1.25 100.00 4.19 25.00 20.53 21.50 . 6.10 672.11 100.00 31.00 9.70 Oil E. Potter, shrf fees Oil E. Potter, shrf ofr. exp. Augelo Tasso. dep. . shrf mileage Dally Clintonlan. supt. ch. off. exp. Fred Hayes, same Burroughs Adding Machine Co.. assessor off. exp. J. L. Saunders, health off. fcal. and exp. Elizabeth Saunders, health off. clerk 1 Otis Elevator Co.. court house rep. Albert Jenkins, same Alfred Jones, same 15.00 10.77 2.3li Indiana Institutional lnd. C. H. supp. r Audrey Fultz. same Public Service Co. of lnd.. power ... 1 l.o Carl Welch, jail supp. Audrey Fultz, same K.50 10.40 j 202.95 210 20.fio i 3u0. 0" i I 9.50 ! 23.0) I 4 I.2S I Modern School Supp., P. A. rep. A. J. Doughty. P. A. supp... J. W. Reeder. same .1. L. Saunders. P. A. Dr. Modern School Supp.. P. A. supp. Chirks Regal Store, same . James Pinson. same A nd rev Fultz. same Hi.Sii 4.40 X7.5H 2.55 4 2.00 9.0O 59.93 25.00 125.00 Arthur Bishop, same Daily Clinteiiian. election exp. Aha P. Smith, same Audrey Fultz, same J. L. Saunders. P. A. supp Daily Cliutoniaii. public prtg. Daily Clintonian. same H. S. Call, bond premium Carl It. Biggs, reg. exp. M. J. Peterson. 411 Club Fair exp. 1 000.00 Daily Clintonian. pros. Mltvs ift. exu. 3.00 Edbert P. Zell, same E. P. Zell. same Vigo County, change of venue GRAVEL ROAD It EI Jl.oo 19.20 9.S; FFND Stasis Auto Supply 48.i J. E. Russell l.2k Indianapolis Commercial -- 5. ' Clark Cherolet Sales 173.40 Audrey Fultz 3.95 Rolands Home Auto Supply. Garcia Hay 25. 00 DEPT OF Pl'BLIC WELFARE COLUMBIA ' Tuesday and Wednesday Admission 9c and 20c DOUBLE FEATl'KE LADIES OF WASHINGTON With Trudy Marshall Ronald Graham IMS THE HAVY WAY With Robert Lowry Jean Parker hope lor tiie recovery or some of the injured. The plane was believed lo have overshot the airport and crashed into tiie side ol' the snow-coven d ridge when lb" Pilot's vision was obscured by murky weather. Toughens Egg As hifih temperatures toughen the egg and lower the food value, best results are obtained when the egg is cooked at a low; cvon heat. PCKOl THE P' U'nco Oc FINAL TONITE 40c Of PUN ffi&i'l Uuh Riot! .1- K UAI CV -'I M SM - :J III! 11 MILLIARD v ii::t a.'Tll HUGHES i,ii ncF . N T S. i:.' '21 Hichart lHE FrMk FOREST v Fnu fuo . Fsiir mii Musical Comedy Cartoon News PALACE For Three Big Days 1 1 s 1 ROY I I' wtiting aevice in vu" dcilv man hours vou save , he doily man Hours you aj j i at. ' a i ir, ..lis wm vj -C ACTION AT ITS BfUERbS bO!IB M Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices ttw . Jta-m tnurilnn: Re fOT each uinr una tons column line, Uke - tho.a 1 Next two daya icaertlon: the lime le charge (you get mree u.. touble the coat of the flret day). i traa lnaertton: the a rhim (you get a whole keek rive dayil at three tlmea the ..... A nn InaArttonl. Each group ol three dayi there- Blackface (Uke thla) 10c per Une. ah oia.aifioit arfa including mem- ortama and notlcee of all kinds must k. -.m in advance exceut those by regular customers whose account are paid monthly or those from or-ganliatlons whoe bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter ease the person aBklng the publication of the notice will be held responsible for 1U payment FOR SALE FOI'Il ACMES OF OROl'XD, NEAR Klondvke, house, barn and outbuildings, all with new roofs. Al-dona SUnder. 344 8 S. Emerald Ave., Chicago, 111. MAPLE STORKLINE IJAI1V BED with steel springs and hair mattress. Good condition. Mrs. John Pitman, 521 N. 3rd St. l'hone 797-J. COLI..M11IA RECORD 3li7.-,r, WHITE Christmas. If Vou Are But a Dream. Frank Sinatra. 50c plus tax. White's Pharmacy. 139 COL. 30732 INK A DINKA DOO. Hot l'atatta. Jimmy Durante, vocal. 50c plus lax. White's Pharmacy. SLIGHTLY FSED HOT WATER car .heaters. Reasonable. Hoosier Petes Gas Station. 4(h and Vine. 14 1 K COL. 3C54C GOODNIGHT SWEET-heart. The Very Thought Of Vou Ray Noble and his Orchestra.. 5"r plus lax. White's Pharmacy. LARGE SIZE HEATER. GIRLS TAN coat size 12, electric train (no track) other metal toys. Harley Kennedy, Hilltdale. lnd. t"x CAR RADIO, 15; TABLE RADIO. $15; dolls and other toys. i;o:J, North Third Street. I4x GARDENIAS FOR THE DANCES and all occasions. Place your order early. Hershey's Flower Shop.. 1 19 FAT HENS DRESSED AND DELI V-ered. Mrs. J. F. Carlin. phone 1-W. t40x ONE 7 CI". FOOT ELECTRIC ICE box. practically new. J. F. Carlin. phone 1CC-W. t40x ItltK kT ANV KIXlTvoi' WANT. ( Union Auto Wrecking Turin In. Krnie's, I'lione 8. Clinton. lf JriFTHVE!XCOAL CHARLIE R. Ferguson. l'hone 136-W. 17-17-44 f SLED AND SET OF TIRE CHAINS. Jesse Aladen, Lyford, lnd. tiox KIFThTeTx COAL. CALL 592-J. t4ix BUSINESS SERVICES FOUND ' A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car. Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 8th and Bogart Mobilgaa Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 22tf DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, Jarge or email, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Trre Haute or Dana 1426. We pay all phone charges. John Wachtel Co., Terrs Haute. tl37 DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FREE of charge by Vwiggins and Son, licensed dealers. Call us aa eoon aa tliey die and reverse charge, liana fr'eed Service, Dana, l'hone CO. t6xf (J L'AR ANTKKD 24-HR. KKFKIOKH-atiou Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Bonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 1G5-J-2, Montezuma. B-l-45 FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE, EAT more fresh fruit. Our uraiiK are better because they're fresher. Mc-Crackeus Market. tliil HECAI'I'INO AND VULCANIZING. Five-ply passenter ear lires. Plen-fy of Ethyl and anii-lreeze. The tias Market. 11-2-4 4 Till 4TKtlilVFl:K lilMIII t L AT Mil limes. Sit wailitm. fated road. 8 Ml lea wen! if liololi, Hh'I Itlnfr. I 4 il t". BlTtDSALS FAS I E W A X FOR your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone S22. JJENNET TllA.NSl'ER LOCAL AND long distance melius. 4i'C South Fourth Street. I'lione 454. tWI CI.INTONIAN - NKWS CAKKIKll boyH for route open on hociiiii, eighth, and ninth streets. Call 22. Clintonian Office. FOR SALE OR RENT KOl'U KOOM HOl'HK. I.HiHTH AND water, located at 12.ri0 Vine street, l'hone 74H-J. residence, 31H-J. H. A. Ilusenburk Agency, Kockvllle, lnd. 142 " MIDNOTTCES NOTICE! Tri Kappa Christinas Dance. Dec. 27. Aragon Hall Kooiii. U-o Baxter's Orchestra. Call 014 for reservations. FOR RENT I'OI II HOO.M APARTMENT. MOD-ern It 3 Briar Hill. Also C" acre farm, at bottom of Geneva Hill. See John Scidel. It 3. t4 5x WANTED TO RENT FOl lt OR FIVE KOOM MODERN apart meut or house to rent. Call 5B9-W. t28x MALE HELP WANTED TO PARKY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly , Bill Blackburn, Clintonlan. In McMiioriani In memory of Rudolph HeriiiK, who died four years ago Dec. 2U, 1944, His memory Is as dear to day. As in Hie hour lie passed away. Sadly missed by his wife. .Marie, daughter, Mrs. Lottie Seifert and two sons, Fred and Henry. (-HICAGO III. Hogs 13.0110. In- ..i.wiin.. r. oon Hired: mostly 25 to S.'.c biger than Friday s average; virtually all g'lod and choice 1B0 Hit and up tl4.7.'. the ceiling; few good and choice 150-lHl lbs tl(.25-14 -sows steady at 14. I he ceiling. Cattle 14.0H0; calves 1.000: yearlings steady; medium weight and weighty steers . dull and weak; choice yearlings to $ 17.75; bulk steers 13-1.50; heifers steady with best $15.75: bulk $11.5o-$15; cws 15 to 25c higher; hulls 10 lo 150 up; vealers steady at ? 15.50 down. Sheep 10.500, including 4.5"0 di rect: strong; choice fed wooled western lambs $15; oters held to around $15.25; medium and good $13.75-$14.25. CHICAGO, 111. Salable esti mates Wednesday: Cattle 10.000. hogs 13,000 R.OOO. , sheep INDIANAPOLIS, lnd. Livestock : Hogs 5.0110. J 00-400 lbs 20-3'lc higher. Fnder 10 lbs steady. Top $14.80 for liiO-400 lbs. 100-l(i0 lbs $12.25-$ 13.25. Sows 25c higher. Hulk good and choice all weights $13.7 5-$ 14. Choice lightweights $14.05. Cattle 1.50(1. Caln-s 500. steers, heifers and cows mostly 25c high'-r. , ..-A ......A 11-.-ll, Klwru 10 75. Two loads light Klei is $15.50. Sev-1 en loads ui'-diu mand good $l:i-$l.-Common and medium $9-$12.50 Load good and choice theifers $15. Part load $15.25. ealers very un- 1. Kew sales weak to 50c lower. Later trade steady with eitreuie top i0C higer. E-treme to pJH. Klieco 1.000. Lambs mosljy stea dy. Quality considered. Hulk good to low choice $14.25-$14 .75. .Medium to low good mostly $11-$14. (Prepared by Office of Distribu tion.) Chilean Copper Of approximately 8,'JOO copper mines in Chile, three United States-owned mines preduce H2 per cent of tiie copper. Most large-scale nitrate operations are likewise loreign-owned. Before the war the entire output of iron ore went to one United States company. Of the six leading commercial products of Chile, four are minerals-rcopper, nitrates, iodine and iron ore. Gnannteed PARTS and SERVICE On AU Make tat RADIOS and WASHING MACHINES Taylor's Radio Service M K. 1Kb St. rbone 792 markets of ! ( 5 ' J, " Vh ft ' II i' U her, cspcciaily the grips, makeup people, etc., w i t h w horn she worked. Lupe dWn't have many close friends amor.T the Holly.'.w! great, but she was universally loved by the lesser people. The Hollywood Canteen, now n rig in titiition Willi m- n- y in th bank, is making jwl-v.-ar pls-nn to conlinue opcrai.on as an ai-l to returning gerviecn 11. .7i!:n iiaifi-1 ' pc-t project Is t'i l. ::-;'! ::e a soli's of lectures and e'i - Ivica clinic to "It- 1,-. , niwv want to J.L.V , -1 fir in work ii'iVJWI. Oil ov.,, . . ..... . t,rai h I he industry, '. Bing Crosby, who hate? to work la'.e. stayed on t!:e "Dufy'a Tavern" set until 11:30 p. m. to licln finish the Swi:iin;; on a Star" i.un-.'-er. If the Fhwiting had eor.-1'nued lieyon-l midnight. I'ars-finiunt would have br 11 out Ihon-F.mdj of extra dollars. All th" -.;:s v.eiul-i have ra, to le pa ' ;'r: e-!li 1 i:'!:iry. . . . First V.;;tig Iret ta-.v '.'':(.:, ne 1 ; ' - r . A. S. L'.fnll -f; CitiMIIS TelepiiOlie 'o. Nancy L- 's I llerth.l heeler ' j ,. Ilonato I :' Helen I'arle 1j Ocy C'ollier 1 Fern Wrirht , Don Clark 4 Tom McDonald Paul Thomas ' s T. R. Woodburn l'rti'. Co. 2 Daily Cliiiloinaii 9 lturrcnie.hs. Aildiii' Machine Co. 1" IRA ." HI'I'.'H. Audiior. Vermillion Com 1219-2U-- II. Zest in Salads For vanety an-i zest in snloJ-s, combine ilircdded or chopped cabbage- with shredded ean uls, or arnt-rd onmn. Use it v-itii ehopped or shredded raw fi-mach, '-.'-cl celery, apples, grapeb. nuts, drn-d fruit or hard-cooW-d e-f,. Int-.reri'.nu i-nt combinations un'n ie i;ionine ano apple scallop, cabbnp.e .scall-n.rd with bits of 'ii'ln. cri.-p Inicun or n,lt poik, cabb??-: in ves'-taldc ciion-der. cnbliaue wi.h fiieese sauce and cabiiae scaiinpid'l peanuts. LOANS -. . S50 S100 S2C0 S250 3!td S300 Yes. you can obtitin a loan bnwd ..r ,:irt,iiiL' -.itiilitV HUll 'OU pay' Intercut ONLY for the time you have the lonn. The Public l."-a Oimpany 'ili as-Bist you quickly and ini.ately. if you ore rieadily emhloyei) in 3 factorv. office. More or elsewhere. Come in and talk on r your money problems ith us- " Jr" ranire your jiaymentB to Buii your incline. Costs are reasonable. Intenxt ra!e i'r tier month on unpaid nu ance for aiuouni" up t" 'lab: amountB l&o to :;', 1 I"' month on unpaid bah nee. A JaO.dti loan renaid in fne IliDlllll-ly inslallmenls of fl0. ea--h. coata t4.r.U but if repaid in 1" daya, cosu ouly G"r. Vou may borrow to pay old bills, your doctor or Dentist, taes or inruran;n . . , or any worti.y purpose. If a loan can help you, phone or come to the 1'ublic Loan Company. Find Here the Cash I i I U 'jr'f LET US DEMONSTRATE ITS MANY ADVANTAGES ATE Today't twifl fempo and shortage of h'p demonA faster wayf of handling ery job. The writing ot I routine records is one job the WIZ register con do 172 FASTER. . j Why not enlist the aid of this modern, time-saving recotd - nest? I Th will help ease the strain of your war- depleted staff end its mcny ether oi-vantog will make you a confirmed WIZ user for many years lo come. Give us a call NOV and let us show you the complete line. THl'ItSDAV Admission 9e and 20c THE HEAVEKLY BODY With Hedy Lamarr William Powell "Hunting The Devil Cat" Vitaphone Variety Loan You Need. 8 Tay jo ray 12 I'ay nienm. uient. iiientw. 7.12 5.11 IS.B! tl4.a5 Kll.Ta K10.O-. m-iHjt-A msi.ia i.s K.'S.I7 H.7 ISJ.i7 I. .J4.3 tf-M.:i.- Vilth Ttie .'mpme Ol THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tii kets To The WAUASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for LOIJF TTA DEVAXIS f.'.1 Tike St. Just Come lo And Ask For Them! V e''h Tbi Vj-H'-e Fvefy INiy VOl "K SSKE VAT I1K NEXT NOT A SLOGAN . . . BUT A POLICY! "THE FRIENDLY FIRM." Personal Loans to $300. The Dally Clintonian "Vermillion County's Home Newspaper" SECURITY LOAN COMPANY Phone C2 I'lione 12."- 25 lilucl.mau St. CLINT"- INDIANA SiV'i Main St.

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