The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 26, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1944
Page 5
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, Tnse Flvt. TIIF1 - DAJLY GLINT OMAN CALM AND EFFICIENT By Jack Sords REVIEW OF YEAR IN SPORTS NOVEMBER- Massive Air Blows Strike Nazi Lines In Belgium, Reich (Continued from page 2) ff: Tuesday, Dccismlier 2G, 19 11. Wildcats Ring Up 4! r 10 Win over Wiley Hungerford, Foster Lead Scoring a Cats Hand Loss to Wiley Crewmen; In Hard Fought Battle Clinton sent another Wiley le;nn down the defeat road Ftiday nieht til the local ftym when the Wilde. its razzlGrdazzled their viiy to a 4 I - 4 victory over lint 'IVrre Haute Red Streaks. It was speed versus height as (lie Wildcats slipped and slid throuKh the Streaks defences to score their victory. The majority of the Wiley shots were scored on tijj-i us as the tall Streaks favored close under tlie basket playing nearly the entire V ft A4601T, elooJ& Mis fjeoAe MgAp I III I op -ike 4SW MSn i 'l? as.PcofSs-tF "a 7 I . Jack isN'ofA Fi-Asy PtAye? Rj-re ise mp vJiio se-cs op -fine, PiAsA (ierinans two or three days to restore their supplies to pre-ollensive strength. Airmen Itlm-k ItullheuilM During the period that Allied planes were grounded, the (icrmans extended their railheads into regained territory, hut Allied ground pressure against the northern and southern shoulders of the enemy salient deprived them of Iheir extensive use. Tne Nazis were forced to revert to motor transport. A headquarters spokesman placed great emphasis upon the aerial phase of the campaign, stating that it would be of utmost importance in final outcome of the battle. 7.5M Holtie An official statement disclosed that since clearing weather enabled resumption of air operations, a total BAaccooef, ooes -we Pgt5pt. -Me m ,. . ...-. . -.! , v.v.v.v.v.v.v.-, .v. v. game. .' . The score was tied at least five times during the match and shooting was fast and furious as both teams had difficulty finding the basket on long-range shots. The Wildcats batted their way to of 7.500 Allied sorties were Mown, during which 312 (ierman planes were destroyed or damaged, while 435 armored vehicles. 2,!iSC trucks. 685 railway cars and 27 locomotives a 16-14 first quarter lead in a dem onstration of nip and tuck basket were put out of action. Yesterday alone, attacks by the i4 okea iaoiJs g&ATibi'e&pwe ARM, SMOlftfREff rifffee PAM& 5oO ball. The Streaks took matters over Kighth and Ninh Air Forces south in. the second quarter power-driving their way to a 27-21 hall-time score. JiMMvccowtey, of Trier cost the Germans 13(i armored vehicles, 1.037 trucks and IIS - Ther'third quarter saw plenty of railway cars. Five heavy (ierman (runs were silenced and 2d nthers A10OMMitilCAieK of fe;e au- AfAeevcA I 4& tail X?lWi&X, . damaged by aerial bombs. Knfct to Hungary Information in 1'aris indicated (hat today's air strikes embraced not only the Belgian battle-front and derma n industrial cities but extended as far eastward as Hungary. ., CO cZlAMP(J5 i?P UST :SAS34 1 1 hat made escape noxt to impossible. KllcilTleineiK, ear I Complete enclrclinent of the Hun battling as the Oats scored ,14 points while holding the streaks to erght to gain on the Wileyans, going into the final period with 80-35 score.. ' , , . . The Cats took the game, over in the. fourth period, scoring repeatedly to pans up the Terre Haute crow.' The Cats scored nine ioinls in the eight minutes of th final period, while the Streaks were able to nail four to make the final tally 44-40. Floyd Foster, on call now from the U. S. Army, and Max Hunger-ford shared scoring honors, Foster snaring eight baskets and one free throw to score 17 while Iliingerford rang up seven baskets and four free throws to score 18 points. Lee was high point man for Wiley I rationed canned fruits and juices were reduced 10 points per call, and LONDON. England. 'About 150 Fortresses and Liberators of the V-niled stales Kighth Air Forces today attacked two rail yards in the Co- Encirclement Of Budapest is Near; Vienna Drive Gains .('uDilnutMt From Page 1) One-"lan Food Control Office Urged hy COP r'i--Iaii Iiwliana Aviation Council Proposed in liill INDIA.NAl'OIJS, I nil. - - Creation garian capital appeareu piuuauio within a matter of hours as the Russian high command hurled freah troops into the three-day-old drive to cut off the city. The Red army, meanwhile, surged up toward (lie Hron River with Hie the point value of tomato catsup and ( bill sauce was slashed from 50 to :!0 points per 10 to 14 ounce size container. Meanwhile, Itep. Jenkins, of Ohio, chairman of the house republican bienz area and bridges on the railways between f'oblenz and Bonn. Wore than 300 Mustangs and Thunderbolts accompanied them. (Continued rroin page 1) of an Indiana department of aviation with five-member aeronautics com liudakeszi, a western suburb ot the - green corn, siin- i'ree sine lust.' Kept, 1 or wax heaiis, asparagus Hungarian capital. capture of Dolny-l'randorf, some 60 i miles northwest of Budapest. The Soviets already hold the town ot . Device, vviihin five miles of th? riv-1 er and less than 100 miles f"om mission and a lim-lime onecior is oronosed in one of three bills rec Filiscsaba. a rail junction some 13 miles northwest of the city, also was taken, thereby slicing the last with seven field goals while Fabbion ranked second with nine points. The Kittens dropped the curtain raiser to the lied Streak Bs with a 22-15 score. railway route available to the encir cled Nazis. i food study eoininiUee. charged the adiii'iiislralion was responsible for the present food situation by not 'carrying oul reconimendat Ions for appointment of one man to handle food problems. I Jenkins said his 44-nian group 'probably will have to broaden its program in the next, congress he- canse of future food problems, in-1 eluding those in the postwar era. j OI'A oliicialK were unable to say whether the new program would end i with the defeat of (Jerniany or how Vienna. Observers pointed out Uiat the Hron is the next natural defense line the Hermans can employ in holding the Red .hordes from the The (lerinan-Hungarian force de- acJi and peas. in addition, the iv-d point value of butter was raised from 20 to 24 points f; pound, ail red and blue stumps which became pood before Dec. 1 and all sugar stamps and home canning certificates ecept BUgar stamp 34 were cancelled. Another phase of the expanding rationing program will go into et't'"d at mid niu lit mxt Sunday v, hen 8 5 ommended by the governors commission on avia! ion. The fact-finding body, of which Hevscliel A. Hollopoter of Indianapolis is chairman, presented its lind-ings and reniommendations to Governor Henry F. Schricker yesterday and they were reli asrd for publication today. The recommendations also were submitted to Ralph F. dates, incoming governor. Sprouted Soybeans Sprouted soybeans are olten incorporated into dishes such as our American chop suey, but they can also be used alone as a buttered vegetable. The cooked, sprouted beans can be served as sauted bean sprouts or chilled and served in a trussed salad. . ti . I end-Lease Lend-lease food deliveries in 1943 were more than 11 billion pounds: to the British Empire, 42 per cent; Russia, 51 per cent; North Africa, 5 per cent; and other areas, 2 per cent. I Austrian border. fedning liudapest faced the probability of sudden and complete entrapment as the lied arm) drew their pincers even tighter about the city. The enemy, according to calculn- West of Budapest, the Russians already had attained positions from which to launch still a second thrust toward Vienna, linns based upon the last Soviet be lone ii would remain in effect. They again percent of all meats The governors commission on av i commendalioHs at-1 placed on the list. ation made its r conimuukiue. has an escape gap little more than nine miles wide across a heavily wooded and roadless urea I added that a "wait and see" policy-given ajprolaib'y will lie adopted this time for inosl I about taking foods off rationing. Throw Vwr Scrap Into th rtcbtl Summaries: I CLINTON (44) F(l FT Importer 8 12 James 1 n 1 Curry -. 0 0 0 Hungerford 7 4 0 Watson' 0 2 1 Smith 1 3 2 Totals ,1 17 10 t; W't-tiif" , "() FT I'F Faubioij -J --'"4 . 1 J' sfi.w t:: f Scott -vrt-- 0 0 0 O'Lenry- 4 0 4 Lee 7 0 4! Phillips 1 0 0J Malloy 0 0 1 Totals It) 2 15 ter holding Jour public hearings at; Home front eaters wit South lienil, Kvapsville, Fort Wa ne, ( break when point , values - . I J J 3 ' .- 't' j'Zf . luittV IndiaaajuoMK, , mm m,t in addition to the. Iil4 creating a i department of Aviation. I he! I-1 r: v .,.,.e " ( A AlBKb HILL! A I INU.y (VIUUN I inu ; riiwM w y. "mm&tm' oronosed legislation includes n form airport act and an air marking act. The bill creating the Indiana Department of Aviation is patterned alter a uniform slate aviation bill Officials: Smith, Patterson. Thimble . -yt r cJT KpljS (PMSt Theatre : Jafjf AW SS Starring ' "f - SjXj!) Wfc&fa LAf' I - -- - z.Z. ... ... . ' . 1 i , . , -T-, ,t- cr l prepared by national association of 'state aviation officials. Indiana is j one of eleven states who do not already have a stale department of l aviation. The five members of the aeronautics commission are to be appointed by the governor and serve without J salary, according to the proposed bill. However the members are to receive per diem and expenses for ' the days when they meet on call of ,the chairman. A salary of $6. ("10 per year is j provided for tin' lull time director of aeronautics, ho is to In' appoint -rVi:. j ed by tile commission with approval of I lie governor. Tin: proinosed bill outlines his qualifications and .provides tor appointnrent ol . engineer experts and Either employes. - v A state aviation fund also i- provided lor by the bill. Inio it would Lt A FEU OV! WHO SELFISH THAN YOU ARgT WORLD OF A STERPtECE toiler ' .,, f jSi- MmfM Fy '' go annual appropriations of th islalure for all avialioii purposi ;s and all sums roclwd through federal aid. Any money .obtained, .through the operation .of the department o.( aviation also wouM ho into the lunde tor V"' ' - - (.nl5 ,.(ory"", rflKi"- ' Classified Ads Sell Most Anvtfiin :. t . the L i CRACKING THIS EGG" A 1 1 THAT DOOR? v H "V ' k W I I rK1 m PERHAPS I SHOULD- I A fyy jT "N (VJ-t VK,',-'rLj Dr. G. R. McGUIR1: CIIIROI'RACTOJ.' X-Kay 235V. Bl3'-'.t'in THE DAILY CLINTGNIAN "Vermillion 'minlys Moiue fc'fwaMr" I Secret l j "A M C., X B ' lf THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOULL: -j ! uperauvc , j VA I7jr CjJ tunned By the fearful shock of m 4 i j " f . Nrfe-1 1 S-Ie ..r U.S. t " ' ' " hlZCl C--;CM PLOT ar.B.1C fARTS OM- jSaa' WORSE Lgp. I w u KEEPS YOU IN TRIM HELPS YOU RELAX I HAiR- mjmm - II BREADTH a co mi-uom J& -Lh-S0& --s--r--i - .r fl: BARKY L3-'" t-aSc -CS LUCKY SXtlSKE BOWLING ALLEY .T-LT-'-r'-Ljfl . -1 '.. :-..-t. ' ' Je-

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