The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 26, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1944
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Tuosdrn , Dcppmber 2fi, If) 1 1. I'siri Two THE DAIt.Y CLINTONIAN isrtD-fttU tV'TuYMA! FLOSS ON 'AND ON AND ON NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE (Continued fjom page 1) UioJerd Pari'ett, hoij of yir. and JJrH. V. O.' I'iareii ul (his eiiy, to S:ui Dieuo, Calif,, where lit- is stationed, U.S. A-Apprenlico Seaman liussidl Ingram, Hon of Mr. and Mrs. iioy In- Indian .Summer The period of warm weather known as Indian summer occurs more or less regularly each autumii but it is not a definite period. Its time of occurrence and duration are extremely erratic, but in this country it usually is in the latter part of October or early November. II Is sin-; gram of Newport, is spending n nine the enemy in Cernuiny liOlH'd Ul illl Ail' St'l'V i Station in Kimliind. Hefore cnti'iini: tin Command day leuvo with his parents. Seaman ! Ingram lias just completed his boot Army Air J training at lln Naval Training Sta Forces, ho was employed us a tilth-- ! AUTO GLASS New Officers Installed At Local Masonic Ceremonies New uirieeis of the Vermillion Chapter, ii.A.M. were installed ul 0 culled eiiiivoeallon of t;ie organization Thunalay ill the local Masonic Hall. Those elected for ofliees and Installed at tills meeting were Leonard W. Hill, high prlesl; Theodore H. ileiinian. king; Hay It. (-hew, secretary; William S. Hell, cuiiiiiiii of host; Tin ' las A. Cnnnley. royal arch captain; -maid Diekelisnll. master of first 1.1I; and Hurry Newland. lyler. Hoy Hulls acted as installing officer, assisted hy William Vu.noliuJ-er, mil going high prlesl, who served US Ullll'sllllll. Officers io he Installed at u laler dale are John Diiiinnore, serihe; Hurry S. Cull, treasurer; ""' ' '" toy, principal sojourner; Al ,izo Jones, muster of third veil, and Thomas Crlfllth. masler of second veil. tion. Creal Lakes. III. U.S.A. Serjeant V n Crooke, husband of .Mrs. Mu a Harriet Crooke of Newport, Is spending a two weeks' !'u rhtukh here from Cunip Camp-hell. Ky. 4. : Mi keeper by the Wabash Ordnance Plant in Toriv Haute. 1ml. r.s.A. Lt. Dit Id Dt'vonald. J r., ttt of Mr. and Mrs. David iWonald. Sr. of Chiiimo, and nephew of Miss J)or-othy Devonuld of t'lfnton, Is now back 111 Hie 1'nilid Stales ufier be-In cupl u red by I lie (irniiaiiK and later repatriated In a primmer rv change in J-'ranee. lit- has been wounded and will be stationed fil tliu MeKltisky (jeneral Hospital in Temple, Texus. NEWS OF NEWPORT MEN IN SERVICE Jean ('. .Johnson, son of Mr. and Leyle Rattle Closed; Yanks In Key Harbor (Cnnlln ied Horn page 1) MOVING INTO THE MIST, the nun of an Infantry ( iviiiion trudge toward their objective over a snow-L-ovcrod held mar Krinkclter, Iieigium. This in a U,.. Army Signal Corps photo. (International) QUI-"" Tail Pipes Mufflers Starters Generators Brake Bands Kelined National Batteries - ERNIE'S - SEEM TO BE -SAPPY ABOUT THE WHOLE THING Mrs. Oscar K. Johnson of I nhlanapo- j '' This l ol al includes l,2:t:j ene Spurred Puppeteers Back in the 16th century puppet shows were known to Londoners as "motions" and were so referred to by Shakespeare, and Ben Jonson. Puppet shows had their greatest development in England under Cromwell, when the Puritans closed the theaters. Many actors then becam puppeteers. my airerafi smashed by airmen from Admiral William K. Halsey's Third Fleet. lean l-neiny Pockets While Hie hiird-hilting Yanks have broken (he back of enemy re- f , " - 1 1 J . y " , K ' 5 - y? , t-!f AtV J r ('linton, Ind. JMtoim H us, wen Known in .ncwjioii, raau-nted from 11a sic Kiitfineerintf School on Dec. 4. as Fireman Kirat Class. He is now assigned to a special tfchool periainiiiK to (he sluiiy of Doisel motors at Richmond, Va., moving there Dec. 8. Jean entered the Navy June :ii) and look bis boo' training al (treat Lakes, III. He I: a graduate of the Dana Hih School and was a student of Ceneral Motorn Tech al Klin I, N)F.tynH,,uW calli-ij into , the sen ice. sislance on I.eyte, (hey still have the ; long and arduous job of wiping out j pockets of enemy resislnnee in the northwestern sect in of the island. Highest Ceiling Prices PAID FOR YOUR USED CAR , -j U.S.A.- LieuteiiapL (Iothi;faitdej- - Oaylord Parrel t, son of .Mr. ami Mrs. W. I'arrett, arrived home Sunday la The roniniuniuue icpoi'led I hat l his work of cleaning out nests of Japs is already under way. Troops of the 2-1 Hi Diwsion have cleaned up the west coast, in the vicinity of Sa.hi Isidoro while 7lh Division ' fortws-landed at Puerto Itiillo on ihe west shore of Onnoc Bay io ml off nop" of Jip eseupe. Tim1 Snd- n i'ii Ji-f.ry Division and (he First Cavalry Divi i!i:i'(ni; you kkm,i MJienrl several '('l;iys with his paiM'ii I h.. tn. (hidr. 'Pnrre,'vio was 'hImIIoiu. tl af Melbourne, Khi.. is eiiroule to WILSON, JUSTICE and OSELLA I'hone 427 At 'TO M.U.KK bin new base al San Diego, Calif. I ' U.S.A. ;t:tr, s. :tnl St. Yeoman Been ad 'class 0 era Id Chipps, son oC Mrs. Ihnlah ( hipps. sion were-rapidly moving Inward the west coasl lo link up with the uthoi' American forces and wen1 ..encountering in null y iio resistance, the communinite said. Jap CiiMialliew Sour MWw, itiwii TA ami4A .nwpl left over Ibe WeeKelid for St. Louis Mo., afier spending a 12 day eav GRINNING HAPPILY, these Gomun prisoners captured by the 83rd Infantry Division march through the streets of Uurzenich, Gjinmny. They know they are on their way out of the war for the duration. This i3 an official United Stales Army Signal Corps photograph. flnttirnational) with bis molJier. Kiom Si. l.ouis The 1 1 H .221 enemy casual! ies Yeoman (,'hipps will drhe will) 1-t. The Annual TRI KAPPA1 MacARTHUR DECORATES TOP ACE Make Back Rest If the patient needs a back rest, try slipping a washboard into a pillowcase behind the pillow, "lean" a folded card table or bread board on a slant against the back of the bed; or use a slraight-back chair, bottom-side np, so that its legs lean against the head of the bed and its back forms an Inclined plane; and cover the support with pillows. liLW OF AyV use 6 66 Cold Pnwrgth&aiJbaHiii ; FORMAL DANCE WEDNESDAY, DEC. 27 were broken down into the followiirr figures by I lie communique: f4, .'!.''$ abandoned dead; 18,500 estimated dead including those not yet collected and those buried by theVnemy; 30,000 troops estimated lost in the smashing of ten enemy reinforce-m ei! I convoys : 9 , S 9 0 na va I ra I i n gs in the crews of 41 transports, aggregating 104.250 tons, and 27 warships which were sunk; and 403 prisoners. ' Americr.n casualties were listed as 2.623 lcile,!, S.522 wounded ami 172 missing for a total of 11.217. These figures show Hip Japs losing at least ten' of their own men to every American, a ration which has come Io he expected in Pacific island war faro. 2 - kit: -:je : And Don't Forget To Have Your Clothes Cleaned At ((misteads I l "A LITTLE BETTER- ? Pack Nutrients Potatoes pack plenty of nutriments, including th. much needed vitamin C. They're high in calories, contain calcium, protein, phosphorus, iron, thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin A. I'otato Scab Both- chicken Bird sheep ip'inur$' me. mora, likely, ts-produce !,uab 0m1 potatoes than is horse or now manure. . this cheese food that's digestible B. I. PAVEY ABST11ACT8 NOTARY PUBIJO NEWPORT, IND. Kes. 7U4 Walnut St. Clinton, Ind. Tel. 410-J as milk itself I SPREADS! SLICES'. TOASTSI MELTS PERFECTLY! r Times h MAJ. RICHARD I. BONv of Poplar, Wis., whose score of 40 enemy planes destroyed in combat lops American fighters the world over, is shown auovc receiving Ihe Congressional Medal of Honor from Gen. Douglas MacArthur at a Leyle airfield. ( International) You Dont Have to Drive Far to Have an Accident Io you mint your iieeiileiit prepaid, or want It ('.).!.? You ran't cliiMise when or where you will have an aeeident. Von lunr to take oiir accident when or where it comes. Are you Insured? The new Stale I arm .Mutual Auto Insurance policy is a JiCgul I'escrve, un-asrssable poliey, eovering you mid your wilt in every way, while driving jour iar or t car not owned by you. it also covers, at a Kinall vtm charge, jimr ; farm or residence liability. . , t ,( C.l,l OK WIWTE ' ' -' - helow zi'ro western New York a-niiinil 5 helow hy tomorrow, the Weather litiieail said. Enemy Attack Falters From Main Goal; Fall Strength Drive on Meuse Zero weather was forecast for iinrJherii Kent itchy and from a lo 10 aho e for soul hern Kenlut'liy for to-night. 1 (Continued from pags 1) The cold area will move soulli- FOREST AIKMAN, DANA, IND. wartl on down through Tennessee, North and South Carolina, (Jeorgia, northern Alahuiua and northern l ississipiii and will wind up Willi freezing temperatures in northern sl.liitinii, hill 1 here er'i'liiiiily is no rciisnll Io' lie peSKillliwIie. M.i 1111 llc-l I nils TlM! pnssihilily is h no inciiiH nlied mil iinl iripiiled fiiilnr,. nl ihe Nazi offensive iniiy eimiile ihe M,'' , Jtr Mure liil'oriiialinn . ;. i; : fl Florida tn morrow night and Thurs day morning, itei Weather Bureau said. Allien in Kel a rrnek at his hes( uuiri J ifO ,,cW " Ilrilitli Patrols Foil Plot To kill Mimcliill At the famous D-X Sign, you'll find a friendly D-X Dealer who in. Ihe open. Willi the n-.ult that the var liia'y still he t'iiiisherl sooner than M would liiid our Iruops roiitiiiued tn slilK their way tlli'nllKll Ihe ie-flied Line ami across the Itliine. Von It iinilsletlrs ori;iniil plan llll-(linihtedly was iiilemleil tn deslroy Hie Allied anuies ill Ihe wcmI hy reaehine. .Men?,: tpiiehl and fcaininj; eiinlrnl of tlie river c s-ineu. A 11 11 111 l r of tailors me re.-poii-j silile lor li e 'ai ,!an oiiiK wrong. 110 1 Ihe le.,.-i of whiili was the gal-lanl 11 sistaiire of Ainei'ieau iroops. When Hi,, full sioiy ean he told, il 1 will he a ejowiny eliapler in miliiary (Continued from page 1) arht' of fv)h,si had been disrov-ri'd im'vionsly in the st-wcru of equipped to provide your car with all the protective and preventive services that are essential for safe, economical winter driving. Have him take out the winter squeaks and safeguard the chassis against dangerous winter wear with D-X Guaranteed Lubrication... check the transmission and differential lubricants... the tires, spark plugs, battery, radiator. Weather the winter Atbt-n.-i but did not rctal wln?n' or wlnii. Thf Klas offr'ifd stiff opjosilion to tin- British fnn-i'n in the fit hi i uwr in the fort of I'iraitts nnd in tin-lion hern Jiai l of At In lis bin I hi (oinniiiniijuc isstn-d at tit ii. Srobir's 1m -adijunrtei's said lai't- nu ns ui both ciihs had bi-t-n rl.-a rrl il the r.-lnds. Ili it ish foiTfH also t rmiMt hened 1 1 1 "'j i' hold oil I hie -At hcins-l 'ii-acnn llislory. storms the D-X way! Drive in... at the D-X Sitm. Af MID-CONTINENT PETROLEUM Break Near in Indiana Wave of Sab-Zero CORPORATION loatl hy rhajiir: a la ruu ai'i'ii bc- (wrn tlu 'jNiit and i'liau-ron id iu-sinu. nt troois. . Hi Fnrane Resins An improvement ovt-r existing material, fural is the experimentally developed group of furane resins made completely from agricultural ; waste materials. Tnrse plasties can i Weather, Snow, Ice (f'ontii, . ij horn para 1) in Ibr Aliiifi' sl;t inui ranuf wln-r-I lie nit nil iv th nj.ju-il to 1 .s b low Z'-di but all of north ni Minm oia w;us t- ii'-rii iiciiii: mi b-zt ro wi ui ln r j whh Itiilmh iMj,oiiirm II In-low and Ab'x;intlria lo b. ,. The ii! n-!ii ! was siill ih iM'i'liit; mi-r nmst i't (In- II j'y li f'HT'l'.i'XV r ..WWfll IIBIlllli M I 1 GET THE "PLUS-VALUE" OF REDIFORM AT MASS PRODUCTION PRICES "The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker . . ." all need a different type of sales book and we have them. The world-famous Rediform sales book line gives you greater variety, better construction, and finer quality, all al "mass production" prices. Lei us quote on your sales book order. The Daily Clintonian 1 I be molded, JatmiKited, cat, sprayed, and used as an adhesive. I You Can Depend On This Oil i was ino - . as anil south. I hie i:r;ulii.illy it Willi (he t-.iMiT " ciu.' lor for Famous Diamond 760 . . . the safe, fast-starting, easy-on-the battery oil. Have your D-X Dealer drain and refill the crankcase with this lop quality luhricant to fiIit w inter engine wear. 'vi million i'i I.fassachust ua l.:r;:.trr set aside one veek eadi cai lor i- :.i.g war ! on lats to keep 11 n, '. iro nig 1 into v. iid. r t .-is in U edi o.jins, pott! ( i y i.otiM -a, burns, sheds and even i.iiit-s, v. l.eie, uutlng ti;e cola1 ir.ontlir, tht-y ran do an Uui edible JlU'Uid t'i ifvitUl. t.4i!l. I'lio.vt: corinb i.ihH i-.iiiii r loirii'Mow ii.ui tuti and 1 11 Mai ' M-l lurti r Ii in-lonioi i tiw and 'I'nm sd.i . v I'ttuhmd st.ttt s will havt I 10 to lo Utjtis i w t al lii r H,.- .uitii The N. i ttralln-r t LET US SHOV YOU CUR COMPLETE LIN a,;inj

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