The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1944 · Page 22
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 22

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1944
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

Friday, December 22, 194 1. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN : C . f) 1 leH BETTER NEW YEAR Lr. I HAPPY HOLIDAY Dogs of War Several different breeds of dogs have been enlisted by their owners in the marine corps dog section, but the majority found best suited to military training and field work are either Doberman Pinschers or German shepherds, between one and five years old. The dog "boot camp" was started at Camp Lejcune, New River, N. C in January rf 1943. A MERRY CHRISTMAS wfL ill 67 n il I a'' MARION HAVtS t THE SEASON'S BEST TO OL'K CU STOMERS AND ALE THEIK FRIENDS Hi ! 5 4 ICHAEL PARKER slid into hii ADAMSON'S BEAUTORlUM ' A M AI lK AIUMKOV Naval Battle Battle of the Monitor and the Mer-rimac, forerunners of the armored warship, took place in 1862. THE CAPITOL GARAGE Santa Claus suit with a groan It had been a long, hard day and the atrctch from seven o ciock hj ; ( h'orinprly ( Union Car Miliulrv) nine remained before the big oe- j I GIVE you my word; I wai never more flabbergasted in my lie than the afternoon I found Jennis Muldrow looking through Bill's closet. Dill is my husband. I must have made a sound gasped, maybe tor she turned around with a jerk. If 1 ever saw tui on a human countenance it was on hem. Then sud- partment store wouia cwse. Seated on his throne, he glanced resignedly aown me iw "c . , . . ... v ... proBdiing him. It was then that he ? Jf WW f0 X?'.? O qu. k.F Th afivfit maiim him choke . u.. ' 1 :S ! denly I had an inspiration. I laughed --- . : tmn nnti him VOlCfi trCm with emotion and his voice tronv hloH whi-n he snoke to the young' Best ..Wishes from DIXIE BAR stcrs. Her turn came at last and THE KEYNOTE OF CHRISTMAS he took 'A I weakly. "You gave me a start, Jen-S ' nie," I said. "I didn't know anyone was in here. Were you looking (or i? your coat?" i "Yes. I I was," she stammered. 'A 1 Perhaps it would be better if 1 be- V- ' . ..... : V-.. ,1- 3CV her on his knee as he had S others. "What's your j done the he V name, little girl?" he asked in hia Christmas Cncer A bridge club was meeting at my " - as-M'.a house. Just the usual crowd, two WIS "Marianne Parker," she answered ( HI softly. $J "What would you like for Christ-: mas?" The answer was given Instantly. I "A doll and a carriage and . . . uh &t i.';'-;--i". m-.-r... . , al))eJ Jennie Muldrow, only a few n minutes earlier, had invited us ail to 4 a dinner party at her home the week before Christinas. That night Mildred Carr phoned me. "Mary," she said, "did you see 51 m ft I 1 I . . . " Marianne hesitated and poked a finger in Santa's padded stomach ". . . is it real?" she asked. a pair of brown pigskin gloves any- j At this Holidoy Season we feel prompted to tell you how deeply grateful we ore for the consideration you have so kindly extended us in the post year ond to wish eoch of you a Christ-mostide of happiness ond a year kcnith and oroSOCfitV. Michael Parker had no answer to wnereT i tnousnt tney were in my purse but I can't lind them." 4 1 this and she looked up into his face. The next day I told Mildred I CLINTON SAUSAGE COMPANY joi: AIHOI.A This Clmslmns. as always, liaiiiiiiess is the hey note It ilelei mines ill blessings ulii'h uie inns In enjoy and ui unliii. futle the orcasion more and more each jiussiiij! year. May joy and ha)tinest prevail through-nut the land and may the greatest oj all occasions be one tchich you uill long remember. rti i, in ;i;i:i'iitli couldn't find the loves. Jut as I CLIKTON BUS STATION J 1 thought," she answered. jji "What did you 'say?" g I "Mar', I hate to say this, but I'm v , terribly afraid we have a thief in AND LUNCH COl NTEK Mr. and Mi. MuH Hal Icy Suddenly she burst into tears. He longed to tear off his false whiskers and tell her that everything would be all right now. But instead he said, "What's the matter, Marianne?" "I want my daddy to come home," she sobbed. "I want that more than a dpll or anything." "Well, that's a pretty large order," said Santa, "but I'll see what I can do." Out in the brisk nieht air Michael . . . - . " i aiiir ntiHt " ( MP KIIKIiltll.I. ARROW I recalled Jennie AUTO STORE Muidrow in Bill's closet, but I didn't .ft mention it. "Why, Mildred!" 1 ex- ', claimed, "What makes you say j that?" ! "Well, Betty Hicks lost a compact yesterday. I dun'l mean she drop- j me?. me?.-Kme?. i i Parker regretted having fought with S Wilson. The incident paraded across if. H,p) 1! n 11 1 V PC- 11 J JOYFUL CHRISTMAS 1 w i wq 1 WdtWfU 9 1 LA GRACE HAT SHOP s Jusl a few words to each of you, thai we may express our Christinas sentiment and a wish for I lie Sew Year. May it see the realization of your fiery hope and am If m GRACE O EOIRKE 31 BASSO'S NORTH END GROCERY bition. RIVERSIDE INN 11 jr lII.IVK KK;KXK HtXKHJKAX (HltlSTIXA a "What would you like for Christmas?" bis memory, as it had a thousand times in the past few weeks. After If U I ever saw guilt on a bamaa countenance it was on bers. i ped it somewhere. Slie had it at your house. But w)en she got borne it was gone." I "And that Isn't all. Kitty put a 4 months of studvine and planning, he i i . r I ri tA m 4 4 J l riau gone to wiisun, we pidiu mali lovely AppenzeU handkerchief in her ; SI . 5 , bag when she left home, but morning it wasn't there." GCCD O-IKR AMD HAPPIM6SS VICTORY DINER I started to speak but Mildred said quickly, "Now don't say she was iust mistaken. Mary tCdswurth, tc- nger, Wltn a scr.eme wai was suic-fire for speeding up plane production. Wilson was brusque. "You stick to your engineering," he said. "I'll worry about production." After telling Wilson, among other things, that he was the plant's biggest bottleneck, Parker angrily went and restless, he had gone cause that isn't all. Guess what Mar & 4, 4 -5 ti a Fox told me'." This was just rhetorical, so 1 didn't answer. Evi- MW;KIT I'KtliMtV a . ' .. was turned. pytketed a tie 4 I away three weeks ago, telling Elsie, JJ his wife, that he was out to get a 4 I real job. But no one would take him without 4 a release. As the days passed he i longed intensely to be with his fam- 5 I ily again but pride would not let him of Raymond's! Martha was facing a mirror but Jennie didn't notice." "What do you think? CouJd Jennie be a a kleptomaniac?" A j return a failure. Finally, funds run -1 V 'i ning low, he took the job as Santa Claus for the Christmas holidays. Ktl ll I HHIKTMAli a 11 tiie wJ o- pnne anew lliai lute i (lie mty binding fxiuer f Hie .; !'!. In ilie-dal-ti 1ji)S of lute liiler Mli.n Hie brielllueM of Miiile inakm amle anti-ndfi lor lark of (ii(!iiiie over-head, we nnam fcend nr in. heai-ty i ' li r I I in a jr'eilnj;M. Snow was beginning to fall. Last er ac SI. "I don't know," I answered. I J said nothing about seeing Jennie in A Bill's closet. 1 never die tell anyone i jj but Bill. He was inclined to pooh- poob tiie whole business. i j The burning question was: Should , X Our Christinas prayer this minute 6hoppers were thinning out. A Si A , year is tor a lasting peace and the safe and early return of all our lovej ones. WILSON & WILSON He walked aimlessly among them, wondering where he could go. knowing that home, tonight of all nights, was out of the question. Suddenly he remembered the words of a child who had sat on his knee that afternoon. When Michael, as Santa Claus, had asked him what A I 31 4 r IFIRST and LAST INSURANCE w wuwu ivi v,t.uit l.c lieu .v- a. Si1 Russell Frieda ! STOP CAFE 0. 1 a s a 5- St" 4 plied, "It doesn't matter. Even i MARSHALL & SON we go to the cnrisimas party or not? There was a difference of opinion about what to do. Martha wanv ed each one to make up a watertight excuse and stay at home. Mildred Carr said ruthlessly. "No, that won't solve anything. Jennie must resign from the club. We can't have a criminal in it. She must understand she isn't wanted." Tlie more determined Mildred became, the less I wanted to humiliate Jennie. So finally I said, "Girls, you can all do what you like, but I'm going." The tiDshot was that all of us ap- Christmas doesn't seem to matter j sjt A A il JS 33C J.5i ZfiHS iS'i . i.i.i,,..i.; .J.i,i.i,,.il,ti, .!-,,. I peared except Mildred and her bus- J band. I Jennie pave us the surprise of our ! i J any more. I just came here to keep up my mom's spirit." He paused. "Tliere won't be any real Christmas for me until my pop tomes home. He's in Africa, you know." All at once Michael Parker realized that he, not Wilson, was the bottleneck. With Elsie in his arms he murmured, "I've come back the same as I left a fool, a complete fool." "Well, not a complete fool." she countered with a smile. "Wilson telegraphed. He wants to know if you can be in Monday morning to supervise the setting up of your new system." "But bow did you know that I'd be here?" Marianne ran out from her hed. s- s st- JOYFUL CHRISTMAS room and threw her arms around his ' & 4 J A A A i waist. "I told Mother." she an-1 r nounced. An amused twinkle came into X1 WE THM lives. She had a small, beautifully trunmed tree, with attractive looking packages ieslur.g in tiie blanches. We sin. ply gasped. "Jen-Die! You shouldn't have done tins!" She laughed. "Reaily. it wasn't much tioubie. In fact, 1 had a lot of fun." After dinner the presents were distributed. 0ie by one tiie missuig articles came to light. Kitty's lace, as she bfted her Appenzell handkerchief out of a dainty velvet case, was the funniest thing I've ever seen! Kaymond Fox unwrapped a tie holder from which a tie was hanging, and Bill did the same. Ever body was lauglui g uproariously by this time, yel looking decidedly siieepisii. too. I was gazing in fascination at my present pictures of my children. Just to make it unanimous, she said, there was s gift for John Muidrow. "I've been looking high and low for that tt me " 1 heard him say. fit lr w tl to uveurrn Kn.ptr Cajoa. Tker is m finer eccesiea in M Hi rear iSim Cti'irtnm it's the seawa toward wkich ecdi ef as leak witk ttftt nlclsriM. The fiwm ml out, riM chnrluiMX ef frirWIr miMc'mt'i, Hie H'" " d teceiviflf, ffce (iprdtHm of tare end eood omIim. all ceaifciM to ke life wtrttiwkii: We hae rea fill ko.e a foyfiil Ckr'staws om4 t fiffe to 44 out esprenioa ef eparecia-fiM to Mr loyal rie end customers. We with ran a Merry Chrifltmas. All during If 44 we have we have IE IE T n s y I suppose you asked Santa Claus to 2 ' send me home?" I "No." "Well, that's stiange. That's ex- y i actly what happened." g ! Marianne giggled. "Daddy," she been ttoring up our Speed Griil have A -i A A i 4 ; i 1 : A 'A I A ' A : A i " i . 4 tude to lite peopU We send you sincere and hearty greetings, full of Christmas cheer for each of you. And we add good withes for happiness and prosperity during the next twelve months. community, at they fey J'fc. a-.? Don strain aid, "the next time you try to fool anyone you hac better cover up that funny little mole between your eyes. I could tell that anywhere." BlTfcttatd sr Wevters KwMpr ttaaa. st o come in day after day. A'oir that Christmas is here it is time to mule delivery. So here it comet . . . our gratitude to you 1m(,i St-lltl 4 Ill-iM IliilL 14 i i 4 A EDITH KELLEY'S BEAim SHOP E. G. REID ! Freshea Leftovers I To freshen leftover bread, take last slices and heat them in the i oven right in the bread paper just ' 4 1 1 4 rodesirable QuaUty Rubber is not witnout its undesirable qualities, one of which is the great swelling encountered in the presence of mineral oil and tea consequent loss in strength. 2 im one great bit wish jvr e a big. happy, tttrry 3L in t'lirisliiias Iav as you wouid pan rolls, iuey come i Christmas. 1I2 t. l iflKll M. ais,sj,jm.fiimiifcii i

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