The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1944 · Page 18
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 18

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1944
Page 18
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Friday; Dert-nifck 22, I9'44. Page Four THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Ilureau of the Census, which now , meanijig if the espionage act U. S. handles statistics on imports and ex- J S. 50.; ;il and Its transmission tinrta I reretved the information but or t',! revelation of its contents In Santa Tries Chimney for Size any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law." 1 ) - I "V I" I Christmas Lollipops Shrouded in Deepest Secrecy in Congress WASHINGTON. D. C. . Hep. Prod L. Crawford (R) JIlcli., has solemnly warned his colleagues against "any discussion of the under a warning that ir I discussed it publicly I laced a possible 30-yeur sentence." Crwford said he received the statistics on Imports of candy from Cuba by registered mall in a letter from J. C. -Capt, Director of the Ccn- Cfvcistmcv President Plans Quiet 'At Home ' Ch ristmas To Broadcast Sunday WASHINGTON', D. C. President Ruu&evelt will spend n iint "at home" Christmas with members of his family. As he has done for ninny years, the President, after a Christmas eve dlnnpr restricted to the Itooso-velt family, will read Dickens Christmas Carol, With him over Chr!"!i!it wilt lie IDdaytd j stis, marked "confidential" and con- Good Spread Abundant and point-free peanut butter is delightful as a spread and may be used in many ways in cooking. It can be used in place ot all or part of the fat in recipes for muffins, baking powder biscuits, simple frostings, cream sauce, scalloped vegetables, drop cookiet and cream soup. I FAI ON MARTIN JR Christmas Lollipop" on penally of subjecting themselves to the danger of a $10,000 line and 30 years' imprisonment. "I have just made the startling discovery," lie told fellow-Congress- inining the following rubDer stamp rt'arning: "This document contains information affecting Hie national defense of the I'liited Slates within the said tree, A SSUREDLY, Mamma," Jules Greillon, "this she mos pretty. Ifn uiirvevort with nrids the elit- I men. "that certain types of Christ- Mrs. Roosevelt, and his duuKlitnr ; I'l.v A Mrv, Mrs. John HoelllKer. and her three! I v.:f , t . children, Kleanor, Curtis, and John- to 1," , g'v;g'icgg'g!'sggg'g1gigis't'g,eg''''e'tet!l't'gp'lg't'cl tering spruce, with shiny toys piled j mas caudles are now a military sec-beneath. . ret." HI, n ll !- . t im nt.J T 1l n V hlOll ef- I rOMP MENTS , ies, rapa, ivmrie ugiceu, i j mu mn n,-i - ' was nice that Mr. Bonsour keeD the flcialiy warned." ho added, "that if tree good fof you this long. Perhaps j I reveal information I have just Mary Ann, she will now believe." ; learned about this great secret I Again the old sadness came to I will be subject to a fine of $10,000 Jules Greillon. Poor Mariel "It was or imprisonment, tor noi mu.e u,., nie: nirs. r raimnn i'. iiuukcpii, jr.. and Franklin D. Ill, and jotinu Christopher. Th? President will make a broadcast to the nation and armed forces all over the world at 5:15 p. m. EWT, Sunday. The East Room of the White House was bright today with a hupp lighted Christmas tree. Christmas wreathes were hune be 3- 5. 30 years or both. ; "It all came about when 1 at-1 j; ,1 I I n OF THE SEASON . XL And oil good wishes for a Merry f , American Christmas not well that a Cajun couple should be childless, yet God had sp willed It and their habit of calling each other Mamma and Papa, begun leniDted to get some Information 1! concerning the shortage of Ameri- , rmnrth years ago in hope, had long since j can-made candy. Seeking infurma-been droDDed. I tlon as to whether hundreds of I Santa Clans, complete with sack of gifts, drops in for an informal FRIGO'S NORTH END LIQUOR STORE tween the columns in the White vsit wuh the WACs of camp in Maine. He finds them building House lobby with n Bpray of misti fireplace and chimney for their company day room and tries the Jules' eyes dimmed as he remem- tnousanos or iinuiuus u ,JUunuB bered how the child had come to I candy had been imported for Christ-them, early in December, just be- I mas from Cuba, I telephoned the than XAnrJi, tn Uai tnr Vai chimney to determine just liuw tight a squeeze It's going to be on Christmas eve. usual three months of muskrat trap- ilS Ping. !3S toe. hanging from the lobby chandelier. Poinsettlas and palms also decorated the lobby. The President and Mrs. Roosevelt held their annual White House Christmas party for members of the White House staff. Mr. Roosevel presented each member of his secretarial staff a scroll of his D-Day Mary Ann was five, chubby, yellow haired, daughter of his cousin from the hill country north. She was an alien to this lower coast land of marsh and water. But there Infects Brain Covering Independent Stores Gain Meningitis is an infection of the Independent stores hav gained on covering of the brain and spinal ! chain stores in the past five years, cord. Influenza meningitis is caused j according to the census. Ninety-two by a bacterial germ known to scien- , per cent of all retail stores are in-tists as Hemophilus influenzae. In i dependent and they do 74.7 per cent prayer, which he made on June fl jci, nmiu lie mam uu juno ,.;. .1 iu .f ,,m., Infln. ! nf lha fallal K,nta mnororl nrifh as American troops plunged ashore F . , Ji.j m L ln,e In Normandy on their continental in to epidemic influenza or grippe, : m . which is due to a virus, an entirely different kind of germ. vasion. At the bottom of the scroll was the simple inscription: "Christmas, 1941, from F. I). R." V Cs - JJ , : , j Unsafe Mineral i Neither "colloidal phosphate" nor rock phosphate is safe to use as a ; mineral lor feeding dairy cattle or i other large farm animals for any i length of time, as both contain too ' much of the poison fluorine to be ' safe. Tig l Manganese Scarce Manganese, important alloyed with steel, comes from Chile in greater quantities than from any other American country except Brazil and Cuba. J ;' B-l Vitamin B-I or thiamine is important in normal functioning of the nervous system, normal growth and appe lite. Deep inourhearts; each of u?hi?T'sccTeTTChrisnna; hope. What more can we wish Ivou, than that'yourjl i ( -'-v-vji eWf ..-V-f4.-"'."- - MM: ? And lor the' conning year-we d like. hope come true? I A- !' ?ar i i i i I i i St i Si i I to see the fulfillment of cvery ttesire you hold, dcay, the season';allu ? had been no closer kin, no one else to take her after the highway crash in which both parents had been killed. ,Vi Greillon came back to the present. gf "Now, Papa, all is ready," Mane ; was eavinu "Tt ic hut to wait OUiet- I IT- Best Wishes From the Clinton Township Official Family: TEACHERS JANITORS BUS DRIVERS OFFICE EMPLOYES Advisory Board: Harry Van Duyn, Lee Richardson, Valzah Reeder WILLIAM S. NISBET Trustee Clinton Township .uu -( ly until she wakens. ; k; cul a M&itof One - A In her bed, snuggled in the blankets against the chill of the February dawn, Mary Ann could dimly hear the voices in the next room. In the other room the oak in the Season you will Alutayi. to a? ? rK S'rZ St'ifi S'; fireplace crackled merrily. Warmth ajt. ; ir,:Ht ..lT-i irjw.-i . anfl cneer niietj. inc. mace. , 13,, fl,a ft.,A Dittins thnra waiting 15" ! quietly but anxiously, scarcely real ized this or that the bells and holly, the red and green paper, and the glimmering tree made the room a different world, a child's fairyland. DIANA SWEET SHOP . tA' SA' 5A : feel better, Jules wondered? It had been a mistake, taking her down to the marshes with them. Yet once i, U I 11.. r,il g mere, uiey uuuiu nctiujji icavu ui.n, if. ! the season was done. . It was iH i the furs that brought their living, v. u ,rr i! iff a Tj : made them, not wealthy, out wen off, able to take care of a child. . if Hi They had tried to explain to her that trapper folk postponed the holiday until they returned to the little communities clustered here and there on solid land north of the rat country. "And Santa Claus won't even come?" Mary Ann had asked, wide-eyed. More than anything, Jules remembered and regretted that moment in their little marsh hut. He had looked helplessly at Marie. "But no, my sweet," Marie had tried to explain. "He will come lat- s a- TiAll Around tlie Town All .Around the, World- ??v er, oacK in nmoaner. I - 1 v. r ... J. And she had never understood. 3j ! Greillon was sure that it was this rai j that had become the barrier be- j tween Mary Ann and them. Somc-i i how they could not break through it. ? ! "She does not have the faith in us, Sj( ! Mamma," he had said to Marie, jar : "Perhaps later she will," Marie j had said hopefully. Mary Ann stirred and rubbed her i$I I eyes. It must be getling-up time. ; Funny that Mrs. Greillon hadn't iff called her. She always did. Mary j Ann wriggled out of bed, padded to Si I the door, opened it. :m "Oh!" cried Mary Ann, catching 2 i her breath. Then, in sheer ecstasy, ft I I, HI, i i i S i i I I I V . . fysjnost, "treasured gijtjhejmmineticejf tberelurn i of ourmen and tinmen in service land 'edclfday oj ' theNewYearji'ill find us'chser to the 'return of all peacetime' pleasures.. j -'.;.- iv ' ;'w:.:-:' i,isr'-t--' - - ' ' Tit tToieacb of 'out friendsfjereathome, 'weextendtlit -very best wishes of the Yuletide season , plusthejiopttbat 1945 jvillbrhig your fondestisbes into being for yourself and your j' loved one, FRIST FUNERAL HOME "Ohl" It couldn't be true, yet there It r -ataT J . I -ng ...... V J7- fU "5 was! A really, truly ennstmas tree, i oil hritrli nnH hpnutifiil. A hl( red stocking hanging c-y the tirepiace. And toys piled up under the green branches, and the most beautiful i The room was all cozy. Mary tXl si I H: Ann's eyes sparkled. Santa Claus had come after all as Mr. and Mrs. 1 UlCillUU HUM OB.u, M- ....... , wt- , lieved. There they were smiling at ; Ji: .Hi bcr-.. m Oh, Mamma, fapa, sne cnea, n "Rout!! Clans reallv dirt li Thin earth s K-ole have as their strongest desire a lifetime of peace and freedom from oppression. That is why I hey sought the manger to welcome Him who was to liccomc their teacher. That is why on this Christmas, 1'IH vcars after, they look to the benefits of Victory as the greatest of gift, the richest of blessings, rekindling into reality the lesson of 'Tcacc on Earth, Good Will to Man" 1 .- ;? ! come after all, just as you said he would, didn't he? Mamma and Papa Greillon looked at each other smiling gently, eyes gleaming. "Yes, my sweet," Mamma said, tenderly. Released by Western Newspaper Union. .h .H A KARAHOViCH FUNERAL HOME Makes Own Nitrogen I Unlike most garden plants, the soy doesn't draw heavily on the soil's supply of nitrogen, but manu-i factures its own fcod from the free i nitrogen in-the air.

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