The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 2, 1997 · Page 95
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 95

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1997
Page 95
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M Si THE PALM BEACH POST TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1997 3D NEWS AND VIEWS ABOUT SENIORS TODAY Juggling Workshop, 7 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Tuesdays, YMCA of Martin County, 1700 S.E. Monterey Road, Stuart. Start with simple, easy, beginning steps, learn to juggle three objects in as little as one -' session. YMCA members attend free and the cost '.for non-members is $3; family rate, $5. For more . 'formation call 288-6567. Let holiday gift suit relationship -with grandchild r By KENT S. COLLINS Los Angeles Times Q: My budget is too small, my ideas . too few and my bones too tired to find J. good gifts for my grandchildren this holiday season. Can you suggest some inexpensive, bound-to-please, easy-to- ..: get gifts? Grandma Peart A: Give gifts that suit the relation- , ship you have or would like to have,,,.. with each grandchild. If you are . giving out of duty, give money. If, however, you are giving to enhance 'Lost lips' don't have to sink looks Volunteer training, the Exchange Club CASTLE is in need of caring individuals who have a desire to help children and their families. "Kid Coaches" and "Parent Partners" become friends, mentors or role models and TAR OF THE WEEK Dear Anita: At 62, 1 feel young, for the most part. What is bothering me is that my face looks different. My photographs when I was younger showed my lips being more full and luscious. Now they seem to have shrunken and appear smaller. What do you know about "lost lips?" Dear Reader: The loss of the lip Kne and the relation Phil Grosser For Phil Gresser, the recent Thanksgiving holiday has special meaning. The Palm Beach resident has been buying food for the poor and for struggling young families for years so that he can prevent needy families from going hungry during the holidays. ships, to THE l..:u i will, then 3EN1QR W reduction in the volume of the lips is a normal part of the aging process. However, there are new, permanent methods for lip enhancement According to plastic surgeon, Dr. Alan Jacobson, Alloderm, a natural product, is inserted into the lips to offer fullness and to create a new lip line. He said it is painless and takes 45 minutes for the entire procedure. Dr. Jacobson also de , firing smiles to the faces of children. Or make -parents feel better about themselves and their chil-. dren and help families grow stronger together. The "v .training class is Tuesday, Thursday, Dec. 9 and 11 ; ,from 6-9 p.m. at Exchange Club Castle 3525 Midway jioad, Fort Pierce. Background fee of $16 is requested, refundable after case assignment. For further '-Information call 465-6011. X.'. B Standard First Aid Class, offered by The American Red Cross of St. Lucie County, 6-10 p.m. 1, .Fee is $20 which includes textbook. Classes are at j291 South U.S. 1, Antigua Place. For additional f information and registration, call 461-3950. T B Tri-County Computer User Group, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, monthly meeting at Club Med (off Morn- 'ilngside Boulevard) Port St. Lucie. For information "call 879-3811. B Turn-of-the-century collections are fea- ' "tired at the Elliot Museum, open 10 a.m.-4 p.m. J daily, 825 N. E. Ocean Blvd., Hutchinson Island. 'Includes exhibits of fashions, antiques and shops. Admission is $6 for adults, $2 for children 6-13. For ' additional information call 225-1961. .What started at one grocery store has become a food drive, says Sharon Geltner of Jewish Family & Children's Service of Palm Beach County. The agency, a nonprofit social service organization serving all races and religions, was inspired by Gresser's Anita Finley STARS? vA generosity to start a kosher food bank U I ' 1 And the JFCS named Gresser as Li af 1 an honoree for National Philanthropy Gresser Day recently held at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach. Looking ahead times together. - A grandmother in Michigan recent-1 ly wrote to brag about giving Reader's Z-Digest to a 10-year-old granddaughter. The 74-year-old lady was delighted to ; be coaxed and cajoled by the little girl - into reading articles to each other. "My granddaughter likes the sto-ries about heroes and good deeds," wrote the woman. "The stories are short enough for bedtime. She learns . new words in every reading." - - The magazine rack in the children's section of the public library can also yield ideas for gifts to read. The short articles of magazines are common ground for grandparent and grandchild to share and learn. v. A small book just out also might ;; encourage relationships between young grandchild and grandparent. Grandma, Grandpa and Me by Stuart .... Hample and Eric Marshall (Workman, $7.95) offers cute quotes from kids about their grandparents: "My grandfather comes to all of " my ballgames and roots for the team. ' ' He always tells me how great I did, T,-even when I stink." Tyler, age 10 D "If you don't have kids, you don't get to be a grandparent. That's the deal." Jeff rey, 8 But it also offers quotes about the '' things that make relationships: Never ' - forgetting birthdays, love for love's I sake, respect, sharing and manners. ; : The best gifts whether to be read or otherwise require shared v scribed a process in which a synthetic material is inserted into the lips using a tiny incision with similar results as the Alloderm. Remember to always consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Dear Anita: Thanksgiving was the usual hassle for my wife and me. Our son and his wife insist on having the dinner at their home and won't allow any of our friends to come, so we always eat and run. They don't understand us and we don't want to hurt their feelings, but we don't want to stay and spend a lot of time with my son in-laws. They are cranky and aggravating and complain about everything. Dear Reader: Families are often friends you didn't get to pick. Don't give up. Why don't you have the "bird" at your home next year? Then you could also invite your friends. Anita Finley 's STARS Seniors Taking Active Roles in Society specializes in seniors' concerns. Write to her co The Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach,.Fla. 33416-4700. THE BEST YEARS B Indialucie Chapter D.A.R. meeting 10:30 'lj.jn. Thursday, home of the Regent. The group welcomes new members and can provide assistance -, in genealogical research. For additional information, directions and address of the meeting call 287-3759. B Fort Pierce Jazz Society Jam hosted by j jimmy Van Go and Ossie Wright Jr., 7-10 p.m. Gresser's desire to help the poor is an outgrowth from a World War II incident in which the ship he was on was torpedoed and many of his crewmates were killed. "The boat split in half, taking the lifeboats with it," Geltner explained. "And seven of the 48 died immediate-ly." Gresser stuck with the ship, staying below, to help his fellow seamen, until he got permission to go topside. He scrambled aboard the remaining half of the ship that was afloat and watched helplessly as three more of the crew died. He was moved to help others less fortunate after that devastating experience. "Nine guys help me do it (distribute food,) and we get about 75 meals," he said. "We hear later how much the families enjoyed the meals." CAROLYN SUSMAN ED HECHTMAN , , Thursdays, the Common Ground, 131 N. Second ; Street, Fort Pierce. Bring your own instruments. hree. Call 4bU-JAZ. IN PALM BEACH COUNTY ';,v- B Michael Rose Orchestra, 8 p.m. Tuesdays, ..-.Eddie D'S (in Crystal Tree Plaza), 1201 U.S. 1, HENRY... AT YOUR AGE. YOU OlD &MEStM)b PP.- WHERE .? North Palm Beach. Jimmy ralzone, Wednesday SHOULDN'T WEAR SHORTS.' DID SHE COME UP WITH , -:through Saturday; Jimmy Falzone with Scotti Cle- ... YOUR LEGS LOOK LIKE THAT CRAZY I PEA? bOOQPllOFOlDSeWi'S -ments and Bobbi B., hndays and Saturdays; Juamta ' Dixon, J.J. McKinney and Ed Koch, Mondays. Enter- tainment starts at 8 p.m. Call 626-7373 for more , 'information. use. .-.i. . B Christmas in the Village, 5-10 p.m. Friday-. 'Sunday, Yesteryear Village in South Florida Fair-- grounds, 9067 Southern Blvd., West Palm Beach. Lights, decorated homes, strolling minstrels and .- miniature train. Tickets $2 adults, children under 6 Cfree. Call 793-0333. If your question fits this space, send it to The Senior Forum, co the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, CA 90053. 7 ',v vS"fciYWA-. i New Magazines For 'New Women' Famous actors, everyday Joes get same treatment ; fibrget recipe lists and rlaundry hints these publications boast sexy updates and focus jjon fitness. I By Alex Beam The Boston Globe X. So what do the new women's J magazines tell us about the New Z Woman? Three new publications have appeared more or less multaneously Jane, Sports II- lustrated WomenSport and Con-f de Nast Sports for Women f vying for distaff mind share and Redbook considers men to be: potential ex-husbands. B Jane road-tests: cellulite creams, stiletto pumps. Conde Nast Sports for Women road-tests: running shoes. Woman's Day road-tests: seven versatile new chicken recipes. B Somehow Jane missed this: SI WomenSport chronicles success stories of pregnant athletes, including ultramarathoner Sue Olsen, who competed in a 24-hour race 30 hours before giving birth to a baby boy. B The Jane poll asks: Would you consider being a surrogate mother? (Yes: 33 percent.) The Condd Nast poll asks: Would you let your date beat you in sports, even though you're better? (Yes: 5 percent.) The New Woman poll asks: Do men want more sex? (Yes: 70 percent.) B Firm butt, then: Alternate-leg kicks, vertical scissors, jumping jacks McCall's. Firm butt, now: In-line skating. "You feel it in your butt right away," champion Peggy Tillinghast tells Conde Nast. B Scorpio rising: "People may get disgruntled by your successes in September but by October they'll all be begging for a piece of your cake." my horoscope in Jane. Or is it? "A group you belong to or a project you're working on is central to you this month." my horoscope in McCall's. Women are athletes and men competition in this new magazine from Sports Illustrated. All-Access passes. As for the K-Man: "We're so sorry, Mr. Kae-lin, but we don't have any more tickets to give away." ' Even New Women have to eat: Jane prints six recipes, most of them elementary. The current issue of Good Housekeeping has 23. . B Articles in Jane you won't find in Good Housekeeping: "I Hate the Spice Girls"; "Helium May be an Acquired Taste." (Helium is a Boston band.) Vice versa: "Pet Insurance; Is it Worth It?"; "Does Pre-Treating with Detergent Work?" B Jane celebrity interview: "Did you know there's a fish in Belize that can reproduce with itself? That's so groovy and empowering." Drew Barrymore. GH celebrity Interview: "I am more balanced because of David and the children" Michelle Pfeiffer. Conde Nast Sports for Women celebrity interview j. the almighty Clairol advertising I dollar. f My conclusions thus far: New Woman much like the t Old Woman: I've been savoring J the debut issue of Jane, the hot - new Disney-Fairchild rag that ,s'eems to be targeting the same demographic as GQ. Those GQ Ijlen who are looking for second ;Avives, that is. The eponymous jhhe is 34-year-old editor Jane jPratt, a twice-failed talk show host, whom 77ie Wall Street Jour-fyal dubs "a firecracker who has 5nade more noise than money." C: " In 246 advertising-choked Images of Jane, I spotted three flashes of semi-originality: C 1. "It Happened to Me," a $rown-up version of YMs terrif-li: "Say Anything" column. Instead of menstrual mishaps, Jane showcases the unpleasant consequences of testifying in a sexual harassment case. a 2. "Fashion Isn't Brain Surgery," a brief essay on fashion by '1 . a brain surgeon. 3. Posing as a personal assis-JaTit to John F. Kennedy Jr., Kato yaclin and others, a Jane staffer ;Mes to score complimentary lickets to an upcoming U2 con-eji. John-John and Carolyn get SUSHI From ID studio executives stand outside, rain or shine, for up to an hour, waiting to be seated and possibly abused by a man they say makes the best sushi in town. The nondescript-looking eatery, located in a Studio City strip-mall, does not take reservations, has no valet parking and lacks any of the other amenities of a trendy restaurant. The clock on the wall runs 30 minutes fast to encourage diners to leave when they finish eating. At the handful of tables, customers are allowed to choose their sushi from the menu, but a seat at the sushi bar, where owner Kazunori Nozawa presides, is where the real action is. While New York's Soup-Nazi grudgingly allows customers to pick their own soup from the menu, there are no such niceties here. When you sit at the sushi bar, Nozawa decides what you are going to eat. Sit down, shut up Here the old adage "The customer is always right" has mutated into "The customer knows nothing." With a piercing look that some might take for total disdain, Nozawa assesses your palette and decides what you are going to eat. "He has a professional eye," his wife Yumiko said. "He knows your tongue and tries to treat your tongue. Some people like tuna with lemon or prawn sauce, but he refuses. If they want to argue with him or pressure him, he kicks them out." At least two or three times a month customers find themselves banished, never again to savor the delights of Nozawa Sushi. In this restaurant, the mandatory "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" is not lip service, it is a battle cry. Behind the counter another sign spells out the rules to new customers: "Today's Special Trust Me." And don't nibble on your sushi. It is one piece one bite. This is not negotiable. Nozawa, 52, does not mince his words. "They don't know sushi, American people, so I have to teach American people good style, so trust me," he said. "I have to teach Americans sushi manners. If you don't like it don't come back here. I have the'"' most high standards." Standards are pretty low else- where, according to Nozawa. "In -other sushi bars you can ask for tuna with cucumber. Noooooooo," .. he shouts with a pained expres- .". sion on his face. . "Some customers I just don't need. I don't need them putting things on my fish. I don't care Other sushi bars are McDonalds style and if you want that get out of here. Bye bye, OK? I love money but I don't need that type of cus- -tomer." Better than sex? His speech is delivered at top' volume in front of all his custom- . ers. Indeed they might better be," called his devotees. Many diners approached the sushi bar before leaving to shower' Nozawa with praise for the "expe-... rience" with which he had graced their lives. One suggested it was better than sex. Tim Zagat of restaurant guides,? Zagat Survey said it was the com- bination of good food and an odd- ball chef that made the restaurant;, a winner. "This is one of the highest-rated restaurants in the survey . . . it is fabulously highly rated," Zagat said. "If you have wonderful food and you see the abuse element as a fun thing to come and see it can be amusing. As long as your ex-'r pectations are right it can be a", turn-on." Nozawa said he has been mak- -ing sushi for 34 years and still it is not enough. His quest in life, he said, is to make his rice softer and softer. This is what makes him happy. "Rice, fish, seaweed, wasabi' and soy sauce, that's it. Five kinds and five kinds of best is the best way," he said. "I have the five best, and the technique too." Emmy-winning actress Helen , Hunt, star of the situation comedy: Mad About You, said the "sushi is-simply the best in town." : ! Other famous actors, and char-; acter actors whose names you; never remember no matter how; often you see them, also eat a$ Nozawa Sushi. But they do not gef : any special treatment. ; "We don't know who are the: 2 very famous people. They're aIU- just customers," Nozawa's wife;:' said. 7 i Weight lifting and running shoes are hot items in Conde' Nast Sports for Women. that could run in GH: "It's funny, I have a very psychotic, wild side, but I also love knitting." Tea Leoni. (On second thought, maybe not.) B Jane advertisers you won't find in the women's sports mags: Virginia Slims, Misty Light Slims, Parliament Lights, Kamel Cigarettes, Skyy Vodka. B Old Woman asks: "When my husband and I first met, we made out all the time. Why doesn't he like to make out anymore? Are most guys like this once they're married?" Red-book. New Woman asks: "I have been told that lifting free weights can stunt your growth. Should I continue weigh tlifting?" Sports Illustrated Women Sport. B Jane considers men to be: meat. SISW considers men to be: competition. ftailman explains 'Santa Claus Coming to Town' Holiday TV mas Donkey: An orphan donkey leads Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Animated. (:30) 249395 6:30 p.m. FAM Bear Who Slept Through Christmas: Curious Ted E. Bear tries to stay awake. Animated. (:30) 230647 7 p.m. FAM Santa Claus Is Coming to Town: A mailman (the voice of Fred Astaire) explains why Santa has whiskers, lives at the North Pole and brings presents once a year. Animated. (1:00) 788869 8 p.m.TNN Marty Christmas Party: Marty Stuart, a country star who does his concert tours in an imaginary star ship, survives a crash-landing at the North Pole. Q (1:00) 649227 XToday's holiday television sjibws: Tim. ffl Q Good Morning America: NASCAR cfwmpwn Jeff Gordon; Italian Chnstmas; guilty plsures (Part 2 of 5); personal finances. Q (2$0) 72043 35753 7-5 a.m. SHO Movie: Babes hi Toyland (1961) Ray Bolger. Bamaby tries to keep Tom Piper from Mary Contrary. Musical ((1:55) M681227 7:90 a.m. AMC Movie: I'll Be Seeing You (194$) dinger Rogers. Girl from prison loves shell shocked veteran at Christmas. Romance By (1:30) 646482 y, 1 p.m. m Perry Como's Irish Christmas: Como sings carols and Irish airs at Point Theatre in Dublin; the Artane Boys Band; the Chorus of the Glasnevin Musical Society. (2:00) 64598 2:15 p.m. STARZ A Hollywood Christmas: Rare clips and deleted sequences show film's treatment of the holiday; host Jane Seymour. (1:30) 2477260 5 p.m. FAM Bugs Bunny Looney Christmas Tales (:30) 524598 5:30 p.m. FAM Noel: An elderly glassblower's tear of joy brings a Christmas ornament to life. Narrated by Charlton Heston. Animated. Q (:30) 242482 6 p.m. FAM. Nestor, the long-Eared Chrlst- t 10:30 a.m. NIK Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas: Muppets perform the tale of a poor little otter and his widowed mother. Music by Paul Williams. (1:00) 438550 11 a.m. (BID Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: "Mike's Dream a Chnstmas Tale" On Christmas Eve, the spirit of Charlotte Cooper (Diane Ladd) helps Mike re-examine her life. CJ ( 1 :00) 20666 78840 f

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