The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 12, 1968 · Page 6
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 6

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1968
Page 6
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Drew Pearson "You Have Visitors from the Mr. President!" White House, Election Played Big Part In Bombing, Truce Talks The Palm Beach Post A JOHN H. PERRY NEWSPAPER Joha H. Ptrry Jr. Prta. W. W. AtWrWy Jr.. Tim. Cacil B. Kallay, Pabluhtr. GttwraJ Mantgtr R. H. Kirapatriek, Editor C. E. Ntubautr, Eiae. Editor R. Maria Eltii, Circulatio Diractor Publuhad Each Day Eicapt Saturday and Sunday a 2761 South Duta. Waal Palm Btacfc. Fla. 33402 By Parry Publication. Inc. S td data pottaia paid at Wtat Palm Btach. Florida Mtmbar of tha Aaaociatad PrtM TKa Aatociattd PrtM ia aicluaivaly antitlad to tha uat for rtpublication of all naw Mtmbar Audit Buraau of Circulation 91 SIRIPTION MTLS-l.tRRIER political mileage from the bombing pause. Now that the bombing has been stopped, the President aM aaa I imr tad Saaday 1 ytar HMO nontha ...lit 70 3 month. .. .112 35 lHk I 95 Single Un Pott or I'imM 10 Sunday Poat-Timta . .26 I watt A Saaday 1 ytar 131.20 ( montha ...115 60 3 montha 37.60 (weak 1.60 Saa4a) Oaly 1 vtar 310 40 6 montha ....15.20 i montha 12.60 1 wttk f,.20 TmM t aaay 1 ytar 131 20 6 montha ...615.60 3 montha 17.80 1 ttk I 60 Daily Otly Patl at Tiarn 1 yatr 120 80 6 montha ...110.40 3 montha ...15 20 1 watk 1.40 HAIL R4TKS Payabla in advanct It- f Timet 1 Saadty 345.00 123.00 11200 MM.I.K t.DI't P..I A Sunday I ytar . . . 6 roontha 3 montha . $45 00 .123.00 .112.00 Poit or Timet I 20 Gtneral r. ft Leslie Carpenter "t '.: rut'. WJ.K.. . MV W t VfeUr National Advtrtiainf Reprtaentalivea John H. Perry Aiaociataa Suite 502. 19 Watt 44th Street. New York. N Y. 100.16 Gen. Creighton Abrams, the American commander, has acknowledged that a serious enemy offensive Is now Impossible and that the enemy can no longer build up for a surprise attack without our knowledge. Hit-and-run guerrilla attacks can be expected to continue, but it would seem that North Vietnam is moving in good faith towards a truce. Three Air Force generals who like to travel in comfort have fixed up a C-135 transport plane with a plush, new Interior for their personal use. They are: Generals James Ferguson, Jack Merrell and Harry Golfsworthy. They sent the plane, serial number 6122663, to Tinker Ait-Force Base, Oklahoma, for remodeling. There they ordered installed sound-proofing, interior walls, overhead lighting, bunks, reupholstered seats and an easy chair and table. The plane Is also being fitted with new navigational and electronic gear. The Air Force, when queried, stated that the generals had scrounged interior fixtures from scrapped Air Force planes and that they would be permitted to use. the plane only on authorized, official trips. America's astronauts are eager to accept whatever personal risk is necessary to beat the Russians the moon. Tuesday, November 12, 1968 Good Suggestions WASHINGTON It's clear to those who read the secret dispatches that the American election played a part in the timing of the bombing halt. The South Vietnamese wanted to elect Nixon and tried to delay. The Russians figured Nixon would win so they persuaded the North Vietnamese to make their move before the election on the assumption it would be easier to deal with Lyndon Johnson than Nixon. The Russians became convinced in September that Nixon would win the election. Therefore they persuaded Hanoi that they would get the most favorable terms by seeking an agreement during the campaign. They argued that President Johnson should be willing to end the bombing in order to help elect Hubert Humphrey. Once the United States started down the road to peace, Soviet diplomats felt, Nixon would be unable to turn back. The first break came on Oct.9 when the North Vietnamese made cautious overtures to the United States at Paris. Eventually this led to the bombing halt which President Johnson announced on Oct. 31. The South Vietnamese also had the American election in mind, however, when they refused to participate in the new peace negotiations. They remembered that Nixon, when Vice President in 1954, had favored sending U.S. ground troops to what was then French Indo- China and they figured he would take a harder line as President and save them from making the concessions which Johnson was demanding. So their leaks about the bombing pause and their refusal to attend the Paris talks were intended to prevent Humphrey from getting any David Lawrence . , ,i M ,t . fV.-.W. ' il' !Tf J- a. -IT ! W ' '' V-t. ft lkf W I H if, 1 By Mail' Daily Only Poat or Timaa 130 00 1600 too Otly 115 00 38 00 5.00 Sunday Poit-Timea ... 1 .3' Want Ada 833-4033 Prisoners Johnson Plans To Rebuild Demo Party For '72 Win Two recent suggestions by Floridians for the control of crime should not be allowed to die on the vine. Atty. On. Karl F"aircloth, attempting to organize a program he says "will make Florida the state mobsters will avoid," proposed use of federal tunds from the new omnibus crime bill to set up special units within state prosecutors offices to fight organized crime. The program would include establishment of an organized crime training school for prosecutors, creation of a central repository for organized crime intelligence in Florida, and development of a coordinating effort. State Rep. Elton Gissondannor had an even more ambitious plan. He suggested creation of a U.S. law enforcement academy similar to the U.S. military academies. Under his proposal, graduates of the four-year law enforcement academy would be obligated to serve in law enforcement for four years, and this would fulfill their military obligations. He estimated approximately 1,000 graduates a year would thus be pumped into federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. It is reasonable almost imperative that some such step be made toward raising the level and increasing the prestige of the police profession. The war on crime is one we cannot afford to lose. next will push ahead and seek a ceasefire. He is ready to scale down the fighting in South Vietnam as fast as the enemy will do the same. He is keeping Nixon informed of these moves In considerable detail Reconnaissance planes and spy satellites are now keeping an hour-by-hour check on military movements in North Vietnam. Electronic devices, Infrared cameras and other secret gadgets are also monitoring the movement down the infiltration routes into South Vietnam. President Johnson has assured his military commanders that he will resume the bombing if North Vietnam takes advantage of the moratorium by building up its strength in the south but it-looks as this would not be necessary. Here is the military picture today: Enemy Infiltration south has dwindled from 25,000 men in July to 2,000 men moving south in October. Five of the seven North Vietnamese divisions in the south have also pulled back across the border. The demilitarized zone has been cleared of North Vietnamese units. There are no enemy concentrations within 50 miles of Saigon. The reliance nowadays on a nuclear balance of power in the world has raised many doubts as to whether large military forces are necessary r- to maintain peace. There is a growing belief that the United States should form stronger alliances with other free governments and persuade them to supply some of the manpower for military operations that may be required to prevent large wars. The new president's domestic policies will not be easy to formulate so as to get themth-rough Congress. In most Instances, a coalition In Congress is going to be necessary to Implement the policies of the administration, as was the case in six out of the eight Billy Graham Events W ill Shape Course Of Nixon Administration About Those headquarters and ran the party from the White House. His distaste for the National Committee went back to the days when he was running the Sen- ate in the Republican administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower, and his fellow Texan, the late Speaker Sam Ray-bum, was running the House. The pair of them felt they spoke for the Democratic party nationally, and they resented intrusions by people like the late Paul Butler, who was then national party chairman. Times have changed drastically, as Richard M. Nixon will be the first to recognize. The Johnson-Rayburn attitude during six years that Democrats controlled Congress under a Republican President was that the nation's best interest required cooperation between the Capitol and the White House. Democratic chairman Butler and an advisory committee he set up were constantly prodding congressional Democrats to be more hostile to Eisenhower r The election is over and it's more than two months before inauguration. Time now to do something about the men of the USS Pueblo, and the men of the Army craft held by Cambodia. The Pueblo's men have been confined by North Korea since Jan. 2.1 That's 91;, months. The Army men were captured July 19. That's nearly four months. And precious little has been done to obtain freedom for any of them. Talks are held, of course, But we've been talking with the North Koreans, seeking settlement of the Korean War, for 15 years with no results. In case anyone has forgotten, we never achieved peace, only a truce; a cease-fire which in fact has been violated time and again by the North Koreans, often resulting in the death of American soldiers. What reason is there to expect results from an occasional talk about the Pueblo's crew? Within the past few days Cambodia has again refused to release the 12 Army men held since they strayed across an ill-defined border July 17. Communist North Vietnamese troops flit across the border between South Vietnam and Cambodia whenever it pleases them to raid American or South Vietnamese installations and flee back into the sanctuary in Cambodia when that seems more profitable than fighting. This Cambodia accepts. Why, then, the bellig- erent attitude toward the U.S. and its inadvertent border violation? The only reason for such humiliations and such disregard for American rights is the U.S. policy of recent years the no-win policy that prolonged both the Korean war and the Vietnam war, that denied victory and multiplied losses in both, that has drained the U.S. of treasure and our young men while accomplishing nothing. Remember the Pueblo, the LCU 1577, the disgraceful half-peace of Korea and the no-win of Vietnam. And put responsibility for the whole sorry mess on those who hasten to involve the country in foreign wars, then permit the conflict to drag on endlessly. They tell us: "You never had it so good." That sounds somewhat hollow to the men of the Pueblo, the men of the LCU 1577, the POWs in North. Vietnamese camps, and all those who loved the 29,000 American dead in Vietnam, and the 54,000 in Korea. Space officials are t.ow trying to make up their minds whether to take a chame on j manned flight to the n oon .ind back next month. !'hc safest course would be inc simple swing around the moon. But the astronaits would like to make several orbits of the moon before heading back to earth. This could be dangerous. years of the Eisenhower administration. Mr. Nixon, who served as vice president during that period, is thoroughly familiar with the kind of com" promises and conciliatory moves that have to be made in order to get a majority on the legislative proposals submit-' ted by a chief executive. Consultations have already begun for an orderly transition of government operations. Many of the new president's advisers will soon start their collaboration with cabinet officers and the heads of agencies dealing with domestic problems. One of the most Important tasks that lies ahead for Mr. Nixon is the selection of an attorney general. He must find someone who has the determination to rise above politics and prosecute those who are violating federal laws. He probably also will ask Congress to pass legislation that will enable the federal government and the state and local governments to work more closely together In law Inforce-ment and in the Imposition of penalties which will help tc deter crime. For example, the rich young ruler came to Christ with not the least Idea of becoming a disciple, but to find a way to further enrich himself. His emphasis was on getting, but Jesus spoke of action, sacrifice, and the cost of dlsci-pleship. He used the words "God," "Sell," "Give," "Come," end "Follow." With this, the rich young ruler left the scene. He was interested In "getting," not "giving." He was good, for he said, "These I have kept from my youth up." But he was good for nothing. Following Christ is not Just trying to get all we can out of God; It is placing ourselves at His disposal, and allowing Him to get something out of us. What good Is "peace o mind," if we lie down ant sleep while the world goes to hell? What good Is healing, unless we use our sound bodies to glorify Christ and do His work? Bible Versi Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gets understanding. Proverbs 3:13 Russia Bomb Halt Key WASHINGTON President Johnson will take a highly active role in trying to rebuild the Democratic party into a 1972 White House winner. Johnson learned the hard way that when a party's national organization goes to pieces as he allowed the Democratic National Committee to do so does the election. He will directly Involve himself in revitalizing national party headquarters with talent and money. Lawrence F. O'Brien, brought in two months ago by Hubert Humphrey, is one of the most able pros ever to serve as Democratic chairman, but O'Brien, tempted by the offer of much more money outside active politics, has to resign now. The membership of the Democratic National Committee will select his successor, and it will be done with the advice and consent of Johnson. The President dominates the committee and wants his man in charge of party affairs. Any outgoing President releases power with pain. Johnson's motive in wanting to put muscle in party headquarters is to correct a mistake he made and to recover the White House for a Democrat. But there is also the fringe benefit of Johnson's remaining a dominant figure in party affairs. As President, Johnson dismantled Democratic national LETTERS to the EDITORS Workers Do Care Editor: The air Is full of false accusations these days, hoping, I believe, to persuade those who are short on reading and thinking. The one I object to (mostly) goes: "The nice middle class they don't care" What a dastardly falsehood! Never since our country was founded has the great class of decent, hard-working, non-complaining people been so burdened. Taxes take so much of income earned by the sweat of their brow (not like the non-paying millionaires smugly growing richer by avoiding taxesi that moonlighting, wife-must work, early ulcers and heart attacks strew their way. Yet these same generous people pound on weary feet soliciting for "heart," "dystrophy", as well as civic and' educational benefits for their communities. Where in thunder would these good people gel time or strength to scream, swear and burn'? They're too busy doing their best for all. Demonstrators using half as much of their destructive efforts could make the difference between wrong and right disappear. M.J.N. West Palm Beach policies. Johnson and Rayburn ignored the advice. Today Nixon prepares to take the presidency with both houses of Congress under Democratic control, but without the strong and effective leadership of the Johnson-Rayburn combination. There is scant discipline of Democrats in either house, which will make everything harder for Nixon. Nixon has leadership problems in his own party on Capitol Hill. The big reelection victory of Republican Senate Leader Everett Dirksen in Illinois could hardly have come to Nixon as good news. Dirksen Is one of politics' most unforgettable characters. But he is getting older and less effective all the time In keeping his Senate Republicans in line. Dlrksen's able deputy In the Republican leadership, Sen. Thomas Kuchel, was defeated In this year's California Republican primary, and there will be a scramble among the liberals and conservatives in next January's Senate Republican caucus to pick a new assistant GOP leader. Johnson's foremost assignment in the recent campaign was to deliver Texas to Humphrey. The result is Impressive. Texas Is the only former confederate state to go for Humphrey. It is also the largest state to elect a Democratic governor. Johnson ended on a temporary basis the long and bitter feud between outgoing Gov. Connally and Sen. Ralph Yar-borough. Humphrey could never have won Texas' 25 electoral votes without Connally and Yarborough Jointly working for the national ticket. They finally secured the trump card and played It to the mutual benefit of our two nations, which anticipate a race war in the distant future where they will be compelled to once again Join military forces. DR. H. R. COX West Palm Beach Baseless Criticism Editor: I congratulate you and Dr. Joyce Brothers for her thoughtful comments on the recent wedding of Mrs. Aristotle Onassls formerly Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy. I have never encountered more hateful and utterly baseless criticism as I did about Mrs. Kennedy. How soon we forget all the devastating grief the Kennedy clan has gone through! I am sure they would turn back all the wealth they have ever made to have their loved ones back on earth. What light have we to criticize. Mrs. Kennedy when she attempts to find some measure of happiness for herself and her children? Can any woman look Into her own heart and say that she would have turned Mr. Onassls down? I thinknot. For the love of God, when is this country going to stop stirring up agony among ourselves and our families? When we tear down one another, what is there left to build with? DRUSILLA ANGST Jupiter Avoid Selfishness In Christianity WASHINGTON - Everybody is speculating as to what kind of president Richard Nixon is going to be. But he probably could not even answer that question himself. For not only are the problems that confront the nation's chief executive challenging, but solutions often are dependent upon circumstances beyond a president's control. Mr. Nixon, of course, has some definite ideas about the way he will approach his job. He is not the "know-it-all" type, but rather the sort of man who earnestly seeks advice from individuals who are knowledgeable and experienced In particular fields of governmental operations. It would not be surprising, for instance, if Mr. Nixon sets up 20 or .10 task forces to make comprehensive studies and constructive recommendations on specific problems. The president-elect Is well versed In politics, but he has the courage to rise above the pressures of special groups when the aims they seek are not in the public interest. The appointment of competent associates to the Cabinet does not mean that the persons chosen will have the last say on Important Issues. Mr. Nixon will reserve, as has every president, the right to speak the final word. But, as many of his predecessors have discovered, there are risks in all decisions, and sometimes an expected result does not materialize or merely complicates the problem still further. Unforeseen contingencies, of course, may affect settlement of the Vietnam War. Mr. Nixon is not going to Ignore the sacrifices that Americans have made, nor back down from the position the United States has taken in Southeast Asia to help small nations exercise their right of self-determination. Between now and Inauguration day, the president-elect will be In close contact with President Johnson, particularly with respect to the Vietnam War negotiations. It has been suggested that Mr. Nixon might make a trip to Europe or Vietnam or both. Useful as some talks with the heads of foreign governments may be, the American people are not likely to look with favor on such Journeys. There are dangers Involved and risks that should not be taken. Besides, the work to be done here in Washington in the pre-inaugu-ration period Is of greater importance at the moment. A spokesman for Mr. Nixon has said he has no intention of going abroad unless President Johnson requests it. Undoubtedly Mr. Nixon will persistently seek to reduce American military forces abroad. During the campaign, he advocated that the draft system be abolished once the Vietnam War is ended. There has, of course, always been some objections to a professional army, but a volunteer system might prove successful If It were tried out. Logical Complaint Editor Now that the people may express their opinions without being accused of playing poll-tics, I feel free to express my analysis of the action of the President regarding the bombing. In my opinion, the most important question is: "Why did the President wait until a few days before the election to stop the bombing? The next question appears to be: "What gave him reason to believe that a bombing halt would be a step to end the war and save many lives on each side?" Having been interested In social and political science for a least 50 years, and having been Interested in foreign relations for an equal period of time, I have reached the conclusion that the President has secured the cooperation of the' Russian leaders, who have finally won their goal of eliminating the Influence of Communist China In Asian countries, and are now in a position to act In a way that will be helpful to them In this struggle. Having been assured by negotiates In Paris that they now possess sufficient Influence to persuade North Vietnam to end this struggle, they have assured President Johnson full cooperation If he will make the first move so often demanded by North Vietnam. As to the timing: that depended upon Russia, which always acts when Its leaders too, have reason to believe It will be helpful to them In the visualized struggle with China, and free them from suppling supplies and money to others. Had Russia been able to eliminate Chinese Influence sooner, this action would have taken place sooner. Do you believe that God will give us all things? Why don't you emphasize "peace of mind." K.L. Indeed, I believe In the pow- er of prayer, and that God Is able to supply 'all our need according to his riches in glory.' But, when we think of Christianity as a "cure-all," an escape from responsibility, and a sedative, we twist It Into something it It Is not. It is easy for people to lose themselves in a selfish search. Ain't It The Truth! "PURLICIST. n. A flack who tries to cover up news that should be revealed and who manufactures self-servl-ving news where there Isn't any." Dictionary of Opl- A suit filed last month by the Florida Education Association, attacking the constitutionality of a statutory 10-mill limit on local school property taxes, takes on added interest with approval of a new state constitution which makes the millage limit basic law. The FEA suit claims the law means that property-rich counties with small student populations can have better school systems than poor counties with large student populations and thus violates the constitutional protection of equal treatment under the law. If carried to the highest court In the land, It seems very probable that the millage limitation law will be held invalid. It may not be necessary to carry it that far. Logic, in this instance, seems to be on the side of the teacher organization. And while logic is not always the prime consideration in legal matters, it may well be decisive in this case.

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