The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1944 · Page 14
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 14

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1944
Page 14
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Pafie Eight THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Friday, Decfc mber 22, 1944. Pick Toy That Will Help Develop Youngster ly ao fine II I knowledge your fbr spirit of cooper; your cooperation Three Wise Men Historical Puzzle; Relics at Cologne Biblically we know very little about the Wise Men who came from the East bearing gifts to the Christ Safety features, durability, educa tional and recreational values, at in the year just clos tractiveness these are the factors A A A A A A A A to consider in selecting a toy, ac cording to Phyllis B. Davis, assistant extension specialist In child de velopment and family relations at the New Jersey college of agricul ture, Rutgers university. It is also essential to consider whether the toy is sufficiently advanced for the 4 A A A A A A A A A A A A A P E A C E e CONTENTMENT PROSPERITY May you enjoy them all in the year to come S I N C E REST GREETINGS TO EACH OF YOU The Public Loan Co. child, or so far beyond him that he will tire of it before he is old enough ing. We are more appreciative this year than ever before because we well realize the significant factors that have made the past twelve months trying ones. Your problems are our problems, if you will permit, and we want you to know our genuine feeling of appreciation for your courtesies. May Christmas be truly a good one and may the New Year see the realization of your every dream and ambition. Child and, having adorned Him as the King of the Jews, returned to their own country. It is generally accepted that there were three Wise Men because of the three specifically mentioned gifts: church tradition has identified these as Melchior, Caspar, and Balthasar: Melchior, king of Arabia, brought a casket of gold; Caspar, king of Tarsus, brought myrrh; and Balthasar, king of Ethiopia, brought frankin to appreciate it. A healthy, normal youngster ought to have a year-round diet of Age-old and simple as the Christmas story is our greeting to you: "May you enjoy the best of everything!" YOUNG'S GROCERY w A I 3 play things it s a definite mistake to confuse and spoil him with a shower of toys at Christmas, when . ft- A A cense. These gifts are considered I jj 5 I the stress should be on giving rather than on receiving," Mrs. Davis ad im South Firm si. come gold for a king, frankincense for a high priest, and myrrh for a great physician. Collectively, the Wise Men received the gifts of charity and spiritual wealth, perfect faith, truth and meekness. When they returned to their own eonntrv. thp thrpia Kinrra rpnntprtlv WILSON, JUSTICE AND OSELLA AUTO SALES I'di'iiii'i-ly Culi'iimn A !itt Co. vises parents. "The wiser idea is to give him his toys gradually throughout the year, as he is ready for them and needs them. A young child should have a variety of play things. However, he'll only become distracted, destructive, and disorderly if too many toys are always within his reach. All he needs are a few at a time." Just as there are different types of toys for each age level, so there are toys that serve different purposes in each age group, Mrs. Davis points out. There are manipulative toys, toys for physical devel sold their possessions and went I W,lWll?.lW0.,0.0, ARGET ON I H&J S- G G G G G G aws kk tjtw;j toncf tiifl? Legend continues, that they were martyred in India for their faith. The bodies of the Wise Men, transferred to Constantinople in the fourth century by the Empress Helena, mother of Constantine were enshrined at Milan for a while after the first Crusade. Frederick Bar-barossa authorized removal of the relics to Cologne where they remain to this day deposited within the magnificent Cathedral of Cologne. ; S;ii iSVw 9L opment, balance and skill, toys for dramatic, imaginative play, toys to teach arts and handicrafts, and toys to encourage an interest in nature, 7-I rr Lhc J- our '01 0 FREEDOM OF M mm I m There isn't enough space to tell you how very much we've enjoyed your patronage these past months, so we'll just wish you the greetings of the season and hope that you have a thoroughly enjoyable holiday. FREEDOMS Rich and Poor Mingled During English Yule Jo say Mtrry Lhrtslmas science, hobbies and pets. A child needs some of each in the form best adapted to his age level. Toys for babies should be selected primarily from the standpoint of safety. They should have no sharp edges, no loose parts small enough to be swallowed. Animals with eyes glued or pinned on, toys covered with poisonous paint or made of glass or china are also taboo. The best choice is something that can be washed when it becomes' soiled'. FREEDOM OF CHRIST1S During the 1400s and 1500s before .the Puritans got the upper hand, the golden age of English hospitality reigned. At Christmas time castles and manor houses were filled with guests by the score and the hundred. Kinsmen and neighbors were there fa i To Wish you a Httpty AVw Year FREEDOM OF LUCE'S GROCERY St i st Si i st st i st i Si i i St Si tt Gifts away! We hope you'll be the target for scores and scores of nice things this Christmas. And we wish, too, that you may spend a most enjoyable and happy holiday. Greetings everyone! 1."." S. Till Ht. wurunic ounia '0. 0. fa Siva and on certain days the tradesmen and tenants, for all were equal at this season. The 'ostler could dance with the mistress if he had the nerve to ask her. And he usually had after the wassail. The great halls were a din of 1 il Tit rt'ttfw ultl jriciuhtiipj FREEDOM OF geniality. There was light almost DEL RIO CAFE V enough to pierce the wood smoke. And there were the savory aromas Bonucchi and Fenoglio To pite thanks ir tin. Roasting beef, roasting mutton, fowl that art ours. and brawn (the flesh of the wild pig, which had been caught and fed good 0. 0. grain to the point of arousing his THE ONE-HALF CENTURY CLUB AND AUXILIARY Oct! m m. t " . '0. & & mmmmmmm'm'mwMWMimmi suspicions; too late, of course). The dark ale flowed and added its voice by proxy to heighten the noise. At the peak of all this there was brought in the Yule log a relic, incidentally, of the Scandinavians' pagan worship of Thor. With a brand from last year's log the new one was fired. The light from these roaring flames would shine out through portals opened to the knocks of caroling and wassailing bands who, more often than not, were brought into the hall to eat of nutmeg cakes and brawn and mustard. 0.m wmrm mm. mm. m.m 5 r,ttt!0 - . Jraf g 3 iU " Santa Claus moves into Orlando, S Santa Claus moves into Orlando, .IV 3f ria., traveling by tank. It might have been that Santa remembered last winter's threatened meat shortage and feared far the safety of his reindeer. 1 w W: TUBS SiniinK of Proper - t m 0i f pk the true opprt-ciotion of the l& Chnstmos w?ujn Jjjt Christinas Elf Conrnrneil With Well-Bring of Cattle Jule-Nisse was n exactly a Danish version of Santa Claus. He was an elfish little old man who lived in the attic and was primarily concerned with the well-being of the cattle, keeping them quiet and contented, caring for them if the stable-hands neglected their duties. Nisse's name and association with Christmas probably stems from his legendary tenancy of houses where peace and contentment prevailed. 'Tis said he either avoided homes where contention ruled or played all sorts of gremlin-like tricks upon the The Service Slars hanging in your window are showing the way to Victory, just as the siar of Bethlehem guided ihe Faithful to the infanl Jesus. As.another Christmas approaches let us renew cur faith in Ihe Victory which the New Year will surely bring. No mother whot turn of events, no matter what may be-foil us, somehow, someway, Chnstmos is sure to come It moy be with scores of remenv brc ices from those we know-it may only be a word of good cheer from one real friend, but from these expressions comes And for that reason, there will always be a Christmas And as loncj as there is u Chnstmos we welcome the opportunity it i affords to express our greetings St to everyone HAPPINESS YOU! Mr. and Mrs. Cards A perplexing etiquette problem in this season of sending greetings is that of how to sign husband-and-wife Christmas cards. ' There are two types of cards, formal and informal. Formal ones are usually engraved as a visiting card would be with Mr. and Mrs. Informal cards, printed or signed by hand, ordinarily follow this rule: It's best to have the husband's name first, the wife's second and the children's, if any, afterwards. For example, "John and Martha Jones and John Jr." If there are just husband and wife, the person signing the card writes his or her name second. Never send a card without a Mr., Mrs. or Miss Prefixed to the name of the person addressed; never use an initial for the first name. LOADS OF i TO M '0. occupants thereof. I ANTONINI'S RESTAURANT Danish youngsters, mindful of 10. F. HOUSTON Nisse's long memory and watchful eye, put themselves upon their good behavior as Christmas approaches. $ INSrit.WCK 0. Libets Liquor Store "House of Quality" I rC(CifClC!(flCiC'CC:tCC'flclcC'C m. m.m. m.m. nm X i:no iimi .MAitTiiA i.ini:i (ILhristmasC A A A A A A A HEER "m m&'m mvm ymrm 'mm 'm m Legends of Holly Holly was much admired by the Druids who believed that its evergreen leaves attested to its favor with the sun god. Legends related that the crown of thorns was plaited from the holly. Before the crucifixion the berries were white but turned crimson like drops of blood. Another is that holly is hateful to witches and is therefore placed on doors and winduws to keep out evil spirits. A more modern legend is that whoever brings the Christmas holly 7 G 's?'? G Early Christmas There is no mention of a Christian observance of December 25 as Christmas before the fifth century. There is, in fact, no record to indicate what date Jesus was born. Various researchers have set the day as January 6, March 25, May 20, April 19 and November 17. In order to win Christian converts away from their observance of the pagan G?-7G G A A A A A A A A A 0. into the house tirst. either husband or wife, is the one who will rule the ensuing year. mid-winter festival, early churchmen induced them to observe the birth of Christ Jesus at that time instead. Thus in time December 25 came to be established ts ' I; t-3k 3k st To wish you a cvry A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A M A A A A A A G ; 0. Vt 01 0. G fc i G & a- f Was llavl! i,rrrunnpr of Iwffv'i C.Urttmat Th, Same Old Santa Same old Santa, some old joys, Same old dolls and sleds and toys; Same old holly, same old tree, Same old gifts for cherubs wee; Same old carol, same old light, Same old stockings hung at night; Same old words of merry cheer, Same good wishes for the year. Rump nlH Christmas! Kppms in 2 21 exftnog. U assail (from It m llttti; "Your Health!") uns inherited fnun ihw early Siixon of fair Wy Kmvrnu' Hay. The ambrosial enncociion itself, teried from a tarfte fold, titver, porcrhtin or turned uood Ctreen-narm"j t easel, wan rich uine, spiced and sweetened and uith roasted apples floating on its top. Wassail was "apple-toddy in our early Colonial homes. To all our fiml friends uhom iSlSW lie haiv fowl privitrgil to tstt W? our licarly gooil wishes 2EXn for a Merry Clirislmas and J a Happy New Year to you lQLl('t and jour families. - jVjjJ 5kT A , MERRY CHRISTMAS Celebrate Christmas traditionally with food friends, bright holly and Church terriers to make it a memorable day to look back upon. : That's the way it ought to be. A A A A A 0 N3 5 At this season of the year our minds turn toward Christmas and all tiiat it means. Christmas should be a time of joy and we hope that yours provides a full portion of happiness this holiday season. To one and all we wish "a Merry Christinas." Christmas Tax Greeks in the southwestern part of their peninsula dive into the waters of the harbor to recover a wooden cross thrown in by the archbishop. The villager who recovers the crucifix lias the right to levy a small Christmas tax upon each home in the village. Quarrelsome Natives A policeman is stationed in the shrine of the Prince of Peace because sects in Bethlehem quarrel among themselves about Christmas, even on a Christmas day. n A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 0 5i St 3k St 0 RED'S MOBILCAS Service Station PATSY and LEROY'S MODERN MARATHON SERVICE A A A A Undesirable Quality Rubber is not without its undesirable qualities, one of which is the great swelling encountered in the presence of mineral oils and the consequent loss in strength. 3K Big Business Cement is big business with a record output, in 1942, of 35.000,000 tons, which involved the firing of some 60.000.000 tons of raw materials, mostly Umcstone. RIVERSIDE MILLS t i..m:.'('i.; wik;iit 0 O Q&QlbQl&0& ff: it -mm m'm Mm mT&M 'm&&

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