The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1944 · Page 12
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 12

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1944
Page 12
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Friday, Decniler22, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTON IAN Saint Nick Lived In 4th Century Welcome Gift f X i M :3ft 4& ; SALUTE! To the day when the world will enjoy agnin "PEACE ON EARTH AND GOOD WILL TO MEN." TRI-COUNTY NATURAL GAS CO. Jr -v ' i"i Jl, v (if,1! W : J ffb. J t I : Xrfl hmSUm.Mi " T!t m is IS. lu I'loli. lt J Mur. '0 jl 1 J i. d. johnson! g WATCH ItKI'Allil.MJ 3 'y I ,s.iia..3iSisiJiSiis i I QANTA comes to you tin year vwiii a je.'. full of Cluislmas cheer. The very 1,,:h1 wishes to each anil everyone. , All good things lo you unci yours. BLAKE'S NEIGHBORHOOD STORE Li Sin. and MRS. h HARRY ULAKE On Christmas Eve, American children will be tucked snugly in their beds while visions of sugarplums dance through their heads. Listening breathlessly, they may hear sleighbolls in the snow. Santa will be about, his pack laden with dolls and drums, painted carts and picture books, and unrationed good cheer for young and old. The real, live St. Nicholas was born in Asia Minor and lived during the Fourth century. The Dutch settlers brought many legends centering around him to America. He was an extraordinarily studious youth and, after his father died, much concerned about the fortune he had Inherited. He, therefore, conceived the idea of supplying financially embarrassed maidens with doweries, the young ladies having no idea where the money came from. In his youth, Nicholas visited the Holy Land, and as a result, do-sired to spend his life in a monastery. However, he was bidden to "Go on; live among men . . ." Later, as the Archbishop of Myra, he was renowned for his gracious-ncss, kindness and understanding of children. The feast of St. Nicholas, patron saint of Russia, is celebrated on the sixth of December. On that day, in many European countries, the children are visited by St. Nicholas and given nuts, apples, candy and small gifts, providing they have been well behaved throughout the year. The modern American conception of Santa Claus was first expressed by Washington Irving who, in 11)09, described him as a tubby, Jolly little fellow speeding across the sky in a reindeer-drawn sleigh. In 1822, using Irving's description and supplying additional details from his own imagination, Clement Clarke Moore told his children the story of "The Visit of St. Nicholas." A year later, the poem was published in the Troy Sentinel. Many years passed, however, before Dr. Moore, being a professor of divinity, publicly acknowledged having written the now famous poem, which has been translated into several foreign languages. Thomas Nast, creator of the GOP elephant, the Tammany tiger and the Democratic donkey, apparently dressed Santa in his red suit through a series of sketches appearing in Harper's illustrated weekly. VALENTE'S ' Xortli 'rim GREETINGS i i f m m -5E m May the teachings of Him whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas, prevail at this lime when the world looks to the enjoyment of peace and contentment. ' 0. f VjC Columbia Theatre m 1 I F)i GROCERY Mntli SI. . "J. ?- 8 l It is a woniar'i war, too. And for Christmas Su...a brought this little lady the uniform of a Red Cross nurse. The cape is blue. The uniform is of white cotton with the Red Cross emblem. Wandering Old Lady Is Santa in Italy Santa Claus doesn't visit children in Italy. It isn't because they are all naughty, but because there is no Santa Claus in Italy. No ono runs down to a well-decorated tree on Christmas morning to look for presents. Brightly colored flowers decorate the room instead of Christmas trees, and presents are not exchanged until January 6. On that night, an old, old lady, La Befana, walks from house to house and leaves a present beside each little child she visits. Exactly 1,940 years ago, according to the Italian legend, La Befana was very busy sweeping her kitchen when several men dressed like kings stopped in front of her cottage. They asked her where Bethlehem was, but she had never heard of it. The men told her about a baby which had been born in Bethlehem, and mentioned a star which had been guiding them. The old lady wished she could accompany them when they left her in search of the infant Jesus. But La Befana stayed home. It was getting too dark out, and besides, the baby could wait until tomorrow. Later that night she noticed the sky quivering with light. The clouds seemed to takd the form .of angels.' All thought of sleep left her. Rising, she carefully wrapped two gifts for the Holy Baby, then ran out into the night in the direction the kings had gone. Fast as she hurried, she had not reached Bethlehem when the star disappeared and dawn filled the sky. She frantically asked the way to Bethlehem, but no one could tell her. And so La Befana has constantly traveled since that day, searching for the Christ Child. On the Epiphany, 12 days after Christmas, she goes from house to house, looking into the faces of babies. With each she leaves a gift, hoping that at last she will give her presents to the right child. King for a Night at Wassailing Tree Fete "lirrc's lo thee Old apple tree! Whence thou nmyst btul, . And whence thou miiyst blow, And whence thmt mayst beut Apples pnnw; Hats full. Caps full. Bushels, bu.iliels, sack full. And my pockets full too! huzza! Huzza: The rendering of this doggerel rhvmo fnllnwpri hv the Dassinef of the cider jug, was a popular feature of Christmas during the middle 19th century at Devonshire. This completed, the male members of the party discharged guns into a selected apple tree said to result in bumper apple crops. The men would then knock at the farm house door, guess as to the kind of roast in the oven. The one who guessed correctly was king for the night. Place Ban on Christmas Puritanism brought over with it in the Mayflower the anti-Christmaj feelings. In 1659 the general court of Massachusetts, following the example of the English parliament, enacted a law providing: "anybody who is found observing, by abstinence from labor, feasting, or any other way, any such day as Christmas, shall pay for such offense five shillings." The law remained in effect until 1681. The repeal, however, was bitter to old Puritanisms, which kept up an even protest down to the early part of the present century. Pious Custom In the west of Ireland, Christmas takes a pious note. A candie is left burning in the window as a guide to the Holy Family, should it be needing shelter. And food is left on the table between meals in case any souls from purgatory should revisit their old homes. Speed Drying To speed drying of automobile finishes, parts are moved through tunnels of light" m which hun- dreds of electric lamps provide heat from icXia-red radiation. CLINTON ICE COMPANY Sincere Best Wishes We Extend BBFTJJ1SS of the Grant that more happier days re just ahead. MABEL MILLS Beauty Shop jvcn'itn'(iKVPi if v v X TO ALL fldlERICflOS AND FRIENDS OF AMERICANS v y y y y b t i ! (6 t z i I FcFSI'S SINCLAIR y y SERVICE STATION y " kM.J.:.A..iMMiIlkk3lliliMlJl f - At mm: eitttrivkW. k TTully ami mistletoe, soft lights and Cliriiiliius trees, gifts that mean an outpouring; of the spirit. Santa Clans iM'omiii"! With gratitude for roiirrontinurd frirnd--hip we pauc during this Liinr Christina-reason of 191 1 to ih you the happiest Christmas of them all. WELKER'S Auto Service It T Wvlllt 27 3 v. oood wih for a Mrry TWENTY CENTURIES The birth of the Saviour did not, then and there, establish peace on earth and good will among men. Caesar did not topple from his pinnacle at the precise moment: people continued to grumble against his decrees and wonder what new law would oppress them next. Herod, king of Judea, did not join the Wise Men in adoration of the Holy Child: but rather, authorized the slaughter of the innocents in an attempt to destroy Him. But: There were shepherds watching over their flocks some two or three miles from the Stable of Bethlehem : the Angel of the Lord appeared unto them: Wise Men, having seen His Star in the East, hastened to bring symbolic gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. On this Christmas day, we remember the children in His Name for theirs is the Peace of tomorrowand, hearing the carols of good will above the present turmoil, we are the shepherds of Bethlehem. Young Charmer This eager youngster is all set to turn her charms loose on Santa, and with results that will leave his pack considerably lighter in weight. Decorative Shadows To achieve a colorful decorative effect, take a bowl of pine branches and make it "spill" backward toward the wall. Bright light from clear-glass Christmas lamps, either bunched in a bowl or concealed from view behind the bowl, create the lovely shadow patterns pictured. The shadows may be tinted by adding one or more larger lamps of contrasting color. Boxing Days In England, Boxing day usually December 26 formerly was the day when the old squires distributed Christmas boxes to the help on their estates. It has since become a sort of legalized blackmail an excuse for delivery boys, the postman and others who have served you during the year to call and collect a tip. Bauxite Ore The United States obtains much of its bauxite ore used in manufacturing aluminum from Surinam, Netherlands colony on the northeastern coast of South Ajiitrica. M tea -j Orntmol Moy seawn of good cheer ond fellowship ore thot of your one? who are In ditfant thi Chrntmo time, will be unoble' to Chriumai with you, moy on eHtro bletiing compensate. , are ture It it their will celebrote Christrrvat They hove fought rhot you might enjoy other occoilon to freedom-loving Ameri- Wc Wc ' ft i : m 0. I . 1 1 Let's it's All American bo o fine , If there loved londs ot ond who iperid you receive to We that you os usual. voliantly this and dear to be happy Christmat. Our every thought this Yuleride it for those abou! us whom it hos been our prtW-lege to serve and those whom we would like to serve in the future. Your consideration ond regard mean much to us and we are grateful for your friendships. May this be a Christmas never to be ' forgotten for its happiness and contentment.' becoute vil III I I TI'ol. I I l:ull ttl KK.TTII. ItotV CLINTON PURE MILK CO. Season ''sm greetings 1 K K s ti:i m wvrToi.A It) ill I'lT. JOHN CI TFATTUl. Siiillint-I I'ih IIIi' ami IC.4t l.H S Kl I FTTItl.A t CLINTON HOTEL J AND VERMILLION ROOM ijy mil and Mits. .mux c;i i:iu:i 0 lii l-.umiM TV - re In l:un- Soiim-m Ix i j i iOOaif ' - K.riiH-Mlirn'

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