The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1944 · Page 10
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 10

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1944
Page 10
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Friday, December 22, 1944. Page Four THE DAILY CLINT ON IAN Scientific Journals A world survey made several years ago indicated that some 750,-000 articles of genuine scientific interest were then published each year, in 15,000 periodicals. Prices Paid Prices farmers pay today including interest and taxes are 38 per cent higher than they were in August, 1939. In the past 12 months they have risen only 7 per cent. Xmas Tree Selling Grows Into Million Dollar Industry S The Christmas tree trade has pro they pointed out, is a doctor's wife in New York who makes from 000 to $ 3 0,000 a year thinking up new ways of saying hello or how arc you in rhyme, "The manufacture of greeting cards is an extraordinary profitable business," the spokesman declared. "Finding Christmas cards or birthday cards or gei-well-quick cards is more of a habit with the American people than they realize. "This year they want to nettle flown and lace facts and they like soher cards. The smnrt-aleek numbers that were so popular a short while ago don't sell at all now." Religous Themes Replace Comedy In 41 Holiday Cards Sophistication Losing Out in Christinas Card Business, Survey Shows WASHINGTON, D. C The (MiiIhI Child and the wine men have notted Scuttle tiujis and languid jjent lemon irailini; cigarette mnoke out of the i v W y v y if if V A Joyous Yult, Of gratttr cheer. A MerruD ''And llifpy Yfar! McCREA'Sf What Was Legend of Star in the East? "The New Testament docs not tuide us in attempting to identify the Christmas star," Dr. Dins-more Alter, director of the Griffith observatory, . Los Angeles, Calif., stales. "He know what the heavens appeared like 2.0U0 years ago and there is only one reasonable theory for the announcement of the Wise Men, who said, in Matthew II, 2: " 'Where is He that is born King of the Jews, for we have seen His star in the east and are come to worship him?' " "In 6 B. C, there was a grouping of three planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars which might have provided the ancients with their long-awaited sign of the Nativity. "One year earlier 7 B. C Jupiter, Saturn and Venus were similarly grouped. "What makes the astronomer pause at accepting this theory is the passage in Matthew which reads, 'The star went before them.' That, many scientists assume, must have been a psychological rather than an actual visual impression." ' trees and largely supplement the local supply. In recent years there has been a definite trend toward tree standardization. Tags attached to the trees identify the distributor and show height class. Foresters recognize the Christmas season as a boom to the economic practice cf forestry, provided the trees are cut without excessive waste ani in such a manner as to keep the land continuously productive. Properly done, the harvesting of Christmas trees is sustained timber yield on a miniature scale. The cutting of Christmas trees on many forest areas allows for necessary thinning or weeding which growth would otherwise be wasted. In other instances the use of some marginal land for the growing of a Christmas tree crop yields a profitable income, especially as a side line for farmers in many parts of the country. i Stove Top Keep the top of the stove in good condition by rubbing it each day while it is still warm with a piece of waxed paper or unsalted fat, rather than blacking. Clean the nickel, chromium, or enamel parts with soap and water. D-X Service Station Christinas card picture, the ureetinK card industry agreed tills Christ mas. The greeting card manufacturers, who have run printed good wishes into l'lU-miUion dollars a year, gathered in Washington to discuss the 4,000 or so designs which they produce each year and to compare notes. Card Shortage Predicted They agreed that there will be a shortage of Christmas cards from now until Christmas and that the cards which are available will feature religion, the home and such miscellany as stage coaches and covered bridges. "The trend is definitely away from sophistication," the manufacturers spokesman declared. "People want the wise men, the start of Bethlehem, the Babe in the manger or home scenes and a big enough ' gressed from the stage when the householder cut his own tree to a well-organized million-dollar industry. The mst popular species of tree lor Christmas use is the Balsam fir which ordinBrilv accounts for about 60 per cent of the total Yuletide de-mand; spruce accounts for about 25 per cent and Douglas fir 10 per cent. New England and New York State shippers market their trees in New York city, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington and other important eastern cities. Trees cut in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota are aold in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and other large cities of the Middle West. Oregon, Washington and California ship their trees (Douglas fir) i to points on the Pacific coast and as 'far south as Tucson, Ariz., and Aus-Itin, Texas. In recent years appreciable numbers of Douglas fir trees I have been sold in Chicago and even in eastern markets, j Most Important Market. ' New York city, which is by far iflie most important market for i Christmas trees requires about 250 ! carloads annually. About two-thirds ,of the New York demand has normally been supplied by Canadian shippers who also send large num-iber of trees to Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago. The carload lot Christmas tree business in the principal cities is generally handled by two or three jobbera or wholesalers who in turn sell to retailers. However, in many instances small growers of trees auch as farmers, market their own TO TE3E f U Christ's Christmas Tree Concealed Holy Family Mary, forced to rest during the Flight into Egypt, sought refuge within the hollow trunk of a huge pine tree. Towards evening when the soldiers of Herod approached, the tree lowered its branches and concealed the Holy Family. The Infant Jesus blessed the old pine and, according to legend, by cutting a pine cone lengthwise, we may still see the imprint of His hand. blank space to write a short note on." His colleagues agreed that getting verses written for the cards is a headache. Technique In Verses "About as many people try to write greeting card verses as try to write short stories," they estimated. "Most of them are flops; it takes a knack like baking a three-story cake. "You must realize that the verses 0 Mince Pies Were Symbolic Of Magi's Visit to Manger The Christmas mince pie had a Christian symbolism in the beginning. The pies represented the gold, frankincense and myrrh brought by the Three Wise Men to the manger; the crust symbolized the gold, and the mixture of spices the frankincense and myrrh. Originally the pies were made oblong and followed the shape of the manger. There was a superstition that there was no luck in store for the man or woman who did not eat a mince pie at Christmas. To eat one, it was believed, was to be sure of having at least one happy month. To enjoy a year of happiness, a person had to eat one pie on each of the twelve days after Christmas. We eagerly await the coming of the New Year because we are confident (hat it will bring untold happiness and joy and contentment for each of us. From the exigencies of the turbulent months just closing we find courage to face the future. Americans have been united closer than ever before and from this attitude will grow a more tolerant feeling for our fellow man. We await the future with great anticipation and take comfort at this glad Christmastime from the friendships which we have enjoyed in the past. on cards are not poetry, nor are they jingles. They are messages in verse tr 0 & from one person to another and they Strawberry Mulch V. Apply mulch for strawberries after the ground freezes in November, spreading it about 4 to 6 inches deep over the plants. Uncover planti in early April and tramp mulch between rows. Efficient Machine The dairy cow is the most efficient machine in the world for converting such raw materials as legume hay, silage, grains, and pasture into the most valuable and essential finished product, milk. must say what the person wants to say but better than he can say it." Housewives suffering from the K misapprehension that verse-writing is a lucrative business submit reams of copy, but to no avail, they disclosed. The minimum rate for the verses is about 50-cents a line and the average is about one dollar a line. An exception to the general rule, AIMONE DAIRY JOHN JOE ANGELO k &t& Chimp Christmas $ VL J Mt5l Iff I ' jr -r tf ffll Ik'' - - .1 3j . JU I LJJ TO YOU OUR '0 Mi r v I FRIENDS AND ' II I CUSTOMERS j ! -1 i - J i i plu ' In d fBnsteadsi 7i A LITTLE BETTER" i The two performing chimpanzees of the Philadelphia zoo are guests each year at a Christmas party. Here one of them finds that the apples and carrots decorating the tree are very tasty. One of the chimps plays Santa Claus at the annual affair. Serving of Boar's Head One of Old Yule Customs Of the customs that grew up around the Christmas festival in Merrie England, the serving of the boar's head was one of the most stirring. It endures to this day at Queen's college, Oxford, where the 50-pound tusked head a lemon in its grinning jaws is borne in on a great silver dish, escorted by trumpeters . ' ft zcUrtzv . -season,- and candle bearers. It is served up with a wonderous flourish of music and mustard at the high table where sit the dons. In the olden days there was an appropriate chant, half carol and half ritual, that the gentlemen used to bellow at the moment the dish touched the board: Then set down the su-irteyard. The foe to the vineyard, Let Bacchus oroun his fall. Let this boar's head and mustard 1 Stand for pip, goose and custard, And so ye are welcome alL i 3k 'ft ft ft S J ft $7 ft ri - i S 4 ft I w ft H m ft l 1 1 W"1 'A - ft I I Cod Rest )'e . . . Cod rest ye merry, gentlemen. Let nothing you dismay. For Jesus Christ, our Savior, Was born upon litis day To save us all front Satan's power W hen ue tvere gone astray, O, tidings of comfort and joy For Jesus Christ, our Savior, Was born on Christmas day. a Late Christmas There are still millions of Christians who observe January 8 or January 7 as Christmas. They allow for the 12 days difference in the old calendar and the new. The Eastern mn Orthodox observes January 7. In North Carolina one church group observes January 6, as do a number ft ft i I sr. of other sects. The shining 'star'of Bethlehem which heralded the first Christmas is symbolic of the joy in our hearts which we want to share with cne and all as we say'MERRYCHRISTMAS.'' Theme Chances The Nativity theme in Christmas carols gave way to the sentiment: "Bring us in good ale." British Santa : Father Christmas is the British 1 for Santa Ciaus. Kg Dairy Ration Crea, a synthetic nitrogen com Yalerine's Market CHESTER AMI AI.BKKT VAI.EItlNE pound, can be used to furnish 4 to 5 per cent of the protein equivalent a for a 16 to 18 oer cent Drotein dairv ; JjTSs 1 raUoa-

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