The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1944
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

; THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Friday, December 22, 1941. Page One Women Marine? Send Christmas Greetings ? ir if B MAY THR B T War, Christmas Take Up Attention Of GIs on Front Air Duel, Bombardments, Alarum Vic with Gift From Home for Attention nn ft 0. - ft. river and Hint our ar!l!!'ry liad op-tieniil up lo rhovk any potential maneuver. "Tliey Miimt have allotted snnie-tlilni: over ihere," aald Lieut. I,aw-renrc llramlon of New York City an lie Indirated Die dlrrrtlon of our ar-tillery flro. He liad Juat Hiiuelrlied a report another Nazi paratrooper had tii'4-il allihted Willi the ekplauliou it waa a Yank pilot who hud hit III'-ailk ; fler tiein knocked out fu an air duel. I aaw Maj. len. ctiarlea Orharilt ntudylne a map In hia war room. He waa whiKiliriK rontentedly hut iwiiue-wliat orf-kf ?. And I lie tune? It waa: "I'll Get ISy." eoiinter-meaiiurers and blunt an-saull, I found one soldier (lalifntl)' unwrapping his Vul"tid presents. I.leul. Gerald Kitlzgerald of llronvullo, N. V., lolled notes on Nazi moves fu a r"llar brightened bv a garlshjy decorated Christmas ( ree. "That'll a pertly Kllrk 'hrlim tier. Isn't II?" Fitzgerald remarked rhrerfully. "Those Jerries hopped off faisl bill wo arc alter lliem now." Just IIh-u our ark-a'k batteries opened up In the street above us niiji lhlr Kiitinral roughing and Kgl. Nello Aria cif Atlantic City. .". J., patiM'd In Hie task of untying a Iferibhoried purka;.'e lo remark: "There they rome again. This present Imi'i es;ety what I wanted out It will do " fc.-ep 1mm' W 'all li Sgl, Herbert f.'o'f'i of r,4 Weft IJtinHig l'l.jre t'hjrago. K;rt, ICarl WITH THK I'. NINTH AK1IV. I. II atonic I"'' Anirln iron" today I rruzr melange of aerial t.-... .5.i. L duel, rakitia bombardment, perlod- m I leal paraeliutist alarum and m ft Ilu( the Nazia won't. parations for Christmas. Kiel,) Mansbal Karl tlerd ion liundwtedfs forceful rlnoMr iear-lieaded by soujied-un fanatirirui by elever payrholojiical needling had re-puied the "sitfckreig" serenity of !be oat two weeks and reyiared it with seething alertness along the entire I Koenia of 1717 I1 il Kt I J.-ieiofon- line. ! ville. 111., and 81. Harry Wet-el of Slarines' Artillery After operating in many wars for nearly century and a half without any artillery of its own, the marine corps first used organic artil-Icvy units in Han Domingo in 1916. In all previous engagements involving artillery, marines had been supported cither by naval gunfire or by army artillery units, as was the case in France. THROUGHOUT THE WORLD From llie joys and hoppmeii of our os-scooiions with our acquaintance and loved ones may we obtain the contentment ond cheer so necessary for a successful Christ - mo;. Allhoujh there may be mony of our loved cnrr, who will not sit about the festive board ot Christmas, or who may not be with us to enpy the pleasures of the annual Christ mas tree, may wo feel their pretence from the thoughts they may have of home and of cur thoughts cr them in distant lands ?Vfiln MoillitM Hourly I'hiladejphia kept Hove walrh on The fnrreaised tension waa every- Hie reports of the battle hut kept where In rnf!. -nee. The rerdentialgl rifcli on oiieiiina- their prej'eniK. Thecc threr member of the Marine Corp Women's Keaerve (end ibeir yulelide creeting from Cam leieuue. New River, N. C. Special s cnriimaf pro? ramt are we oraer of ine etf in uut ttmp, wiu ine iimui carol tot evergreen trees. I . I of rfvllians were arrutfnzed eiere- "No matter what you fcet from Jy, I'rowlin- reronuaisaaure rar&jhomr it i always weleome," said jwitted Into siajs pili-s and dew-rted , s(, t;otK-h. "KsiM-rlally at C hrist-j iuiu'- for Nazi paratroopers who mas time." i wight tie iurkinj; tliere. X walked to another command Tliere Is no attempt to minimize post while American auns were un- 1 'ft ft. i K'K Visits tne 5aiesrin I s Don't Peel Potatoes Scrub potatoes and don't peel. Pop them in a pot of boiling salted water ana cook covered. Use them in soups, salads, chowders and stews. Whip them until light and fluffy and use them as a crut for a meat and til seriousness of this new Ormuii treat. S By H. I. I'HIU.II'S leashing- one of the most savage serenades I've heard In many weeks. It was hardly Yuletjde ihmkIc hut death takes no holiday in this area. W. P. CILFOY S p TEXACO SERVICE STATION i r-ierywMiy, iroui me K-nerais jdowfl to the Ol's, wem'd aware that toe winter fighting in this area may ae reariied a rjjiiiaeiir siae. i Yet In the midst of these violent SaJs "Hiike" Our f.iuew vegetable pie. Serve them with I learned that the Nazis had he- minced parsley or sprinkle lightly gun "smoking" our side of the Kocr with chopped chives. w w taw T &&t f nasi tm mm mm mv.mzn mmm. m.m. mm mm mzm mmz ft ft . ft &WWW!iW'i0riSSsjS 'Twas the night before Christmas vhen all through Ihc flat Not a creature was stirrin' ij)t)ude roe mi Si;clJ; My etockin's, a little the worse for the war. Wa hung on the back of a three-leg ycd cha ir; Outside snow wa fallin' in beautifuj (5a!;es, But I didn't care I was too full of aches; I'd worked in a store through the holiday strife. And was plannin' to sleep tor the rest ol my life. When up from the airshaft there came such a clatter I leaped out of bed to see what was the matter; ! thought at the time 'twas the nut down o;;e flight, Who starts tap his radio late ev'ry nijihU; So I went to the window and loudly did cry. "It this Christmas Eve or Die fourth of July?" When what to my dead-with-sleep eyes did appear But a hinkydink sleigh and tiny reindeer! And who should be dririn right up to the door But one of them masquerade guys from Die store 1 said to myself. ''What can be this nut's game?" When he clucked to his reindeer and called 'era by name; "Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now Pran-.-rl Now Vixen! On Comet! On Cupid! On Donder and Bhtzni" An' ust as Vm dopin what fieri lie will do. Eight up to the housetop the whole outfit flew! And then in a Iwinklin' I heard cn the roof The prancin and pa win of meat on the hoof; ' Jst imagine mv feeiings. with sleep nearjv .dead And some sap with an ANIMAL ACT OVERHEAD ) As I drew in my neck and was turnin around. Down the airshaft my visitor came with a bound; A big bag of junk he displayed -v.-ith a grin. '. And he acted to me like he'd lik- to nov in. He was chubby, good-natured .-:nd onin with glee. But I askTott, dear reader, whf.-t was it to me? The point that I make is 'twas then 2 o'clock. ft ft ft M I S s 1 9. ft ft And a man in my room without stoppin' lo knock! I was thinkin how noivy he was and how slick When he says to me. "Lady, I'm only St. Nick . Well, a poor tired store slave in no mood for fun, 1 gave him a look and I staked him, "Which me? 'As a Christmas rush salesgirl." I said, "you'll agree That a look at St. Nick is no big trrert to me; This has gone far enough and tl is bunk's gotta stop-Take the air with them goats or I'U yell for, cop!" He spoke not a word but went on with his work. And filled up my stofkin's, then turned with a jerk. And layin' a finger aside his red nose, And, givin' a nod, up the airshaft he rose ... He sprang to his sleigh with a of his head. And 1 pulled the shndes down and fell into lrd. "Merry Christmas!" he called as away his deer fh.w, And 1 just gave a yawn and I answers, "iez you!" ft. I ft ft ft ft ft ft I few 'ft S & -it f. .'ft i At f V This Merry Fellow Comes To Say Christmas Joys Be Yours --In the Good Old Fashioned Way Years may come and years may so, but dear old Santa h vrtn us forever In riis sparkling cyesy ruddy cneelcs and provocative smile ere reflected trie spirit of happy times which we wish to all our friends for all the years ahead 1 Don't think the jolly fellow's cheeri-ness is reserved "for children only"! We all need him and we can all enjoy his bountiU friendliness. So dean out the chimney and make way for that dean of Christmas joys! Santa's coming with his bag full of generosity and a silhouette whose corpulence tells with every mirthful gesture that Christmas is the time for friendliness and for looking forward to a New Yea-, which we hope will be rich n rood cheer for you end yours. 'A HE ft -5 S s s I?, c At 5C HRISTMASJ77??? i 31 -I s 3 ft U 4 9 5 'MS f i-isi,ns u ii h i4 rr j. I- ttt 4l !. 'j fUttrullH!' va '1 LEWIS HARDWARE ND BOCK STORE IT'S trs

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