The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1944
Page 3
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0 Iber 22, 10J1. THE DAILY CLIMONIAN Page Three Kile Returns In 1040 42 per tent of the total run l er of Federal tax-re-L;: r-s avic tiled by women. I Watch Hay DoiA't lose the value of your hay by late cutting, improper curing, ex-cessivpe handling or poor storage. nton Social Notes leialo members, Mrs. Ernest Huleli- To the Fartherest Corners of the World Our Wishes Co This Christmas insun, M"3. raul lliompsou, iUip Clay N'eal. .Mrs. Morey White, Mr? y y ; 5 i Pai;l Cafeboer. Mrs. Mark i.yua sv. .Mrs. Louis I.rmslra. Mrs. J. MAS wcraicis Friday Jolly Houieniakers Club, Christmas Party, Mrs. Mary .McKay, South Main. Hobekabs to meet at 7:3 p. m. for Christmas party. Each member to bring two sandwiches and a 20c gift. Saturday Primary department of Presbyterian Cliujch will have Clirislmas party at Cie church from 2:30 lo 4:30 p. ui. Bring 10c gift. Monday Jerusalem Chapter, 254 OKS, regular meeting, 7:30 p. m. at the hall. Tuesday Regular meeting of Pythian Sisters, 7:30 p. in. Wakofe Club Christmas Party Is Held Monday iMi-nl W akofe 'lul SImiiImth "3 Jinjoy Party At Terra llaut llenibi-iN Iti-sidence. Plaiw Tor Annual Itall Divusscnl Alius Hazid I.aughli" entertained the iikii:Im rs of Ihe lural Wakoe CTuli at. Hie annual clii-isi mas party Mouilav eieni.ig ui I. t lovely home on Houih .-'iMh si reel. Terre Haule. The looms Miroimhiiifl Hie house were deeont I'd in keeping with the holidays and a large clirislmas tree was allraelUely d'coraled. Those serving on Hie committee for the parly were Miss Tiiiinl I.aliti, Mrs. I.lilliau Ashley, Mrs. Marina Cosleiio. Miss I.auglilin and Mrs. Mary Ann Davis. A short business Meeting was held j lteedel'. Mrs. Jnh.i Gilmoui and Misi-I Gertrude F.wiug, inactive Ji"lH lj'i Inn-sent were Atra. Maurice Ib-tany. and Miss M: ry j'oner uud ?.Ii.-s Ms- rii; Marietta f St. Mary of-lhe. Woods r-olloirw. ' Arlive members unending win ' Mr.: Charles Held, liner. Mrs. Jiil) SCOTT'S BEAUTY SHOP li VI'HIiVN "Cookie" DEVA.MS Wood. Mr. l(t-x ( '! i i"l I. Wr, Har- SflftCtICICIl'ClltlCltltf'S:iC'f!ClC'ltW'!f!f''Cl"C!C,tC,C'txtxtt ni.l wiwohnri. JIh May Johnson. Midwest COP Move to Seize Power Expected (Continued from Page One) cause of the Polish and Greek situations. Along this lino, the Policy Committee of the Hepubllcau majority slate legislators adopted a resolution urging adopliou of a legislative resolution opposing any attempt to remove the constitutional provision that any treaty adopted must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the L'nited Stales Senate. Republican Governor-elect Ralph F. Gates emphasized the middle west spirit in a statement concerning the national committee meeting. The statement of Gates said: "I am of course delighted to learn that the Republican National Committee, of Its own volition, has chosen to honor Indiana Republicans by holding its first after-election meeting in Indianapolis. Hoosiers Komi Itasln "Hoosier Republicans, through their sweeping victory last fall, certainly did their full part in upholding Republican doctrine and principles. By their sweeping victory, they established a fine basis from which the Republicans throughout the nation can continue their struggle against bureaucracy, dictation, spend-thrift government and other undemocratic attacks upon our American form of government. "It is right and fitting that the .Mrs. H. A. Ilns-cman. .Mrs. VaU-Cerrteh. Mrs. Charles schelsky. Mrs ity )inner Hotel jr Held Ar Dame I'latis ; At Mt'i'iiiifi Tri Knptm Sorori-; Christ him d uiji-r 1 tin- Clinion Jiot'O : Mrs. CI;m'cs Utd-ird stivH, v cdius- served a( sniiHl e deeoralt'd if) the scheme. Christum hi during the din- i dinner, (lie mem-iddejit;er lujnic on it when; Kame:i unti pypd. HefreshiiienlH le close of the pai- t in charge for Iho diss Meyer, iMarynette While. (Mrs. Fred Mi-yor f Hurlow. pp the party were Fred Mover. Mrs. Charles Hurlow, r .lames P-ilion. Mrs. f'ertis I.od den. Mrs. John fientloy. Misses Kiith Ann Wood. Jiosf-mury Wright, liar-hpra nurgan. KHro Mover. Milrinone at which lime it was voted 10 Dli I he an ultra-violet ray lamp from lnianiile paralysis Funds for the and Mar'ha While. Minora Marietta. Gertrude JTerron. Flnlse C.lnznor, Mariha Jane Ham'crford. Dorothy Furlh- Vermillion County Hospital for I he annual er plans were made n.-mnald. Mariorte Caldwell and llcity Aim Dick. Tim- annual Tri Kappa Dancn lia been planned for Wednesday December 27 Willi M'ss Marjorio Caldwi'll Vermillion Room Scene Of Christmas Party Thursday Mrs. Irene Turchi and Mrs. Elizabeth Cuerrl were co-hostesses for the Christmas party of the Centenary Ladies Came Club held Thursday evening at the Vermillion Koom of the Clinton Hotel. A delicious turkey dinner was served at tables decorated with lighted candles in crystal holders, and evergreens. Following the dinner the members adjourned to the basement where bunco was played with Mrs. Elizabeth Guerri winning mystery, Mrs. Adelaide Zamberlctti, bunco; Mrs. Delfena Cambaiani, high; and Mrs. Anita Gambaiani, low. The exchange of mystery pal gifts was enjoyed. Those present were Mrs. Linda Pacinian. Mrs. Katie Curry, Mrs. Adelaide Zaniberletti, Mrs. Anette (111-lio, Mrs. Mary Muzzarelli, Mrs. Mildred Aimone, Mrs. Anita Gambaiani, and Mrs. H. A. Jlaman as co-chairman. Itcserv.-.tions are to lie made by calling Mi The dunce is to start at ::!0 with Leo Baxter and his Orchestra. President's bull to be hold January 3d. Pit was played ill several tables Willi Mrs. Theima Prall and Mrs. Delia Coldner winning high prize and Mrs. Vlasla Karanovich, low. The members gathered around the fireplace near the .Christmas tree where Miss Taimi Lahti played Santa Claus and distributed the gifts. The refreshments were aorved buffet style. Those attending were Mrs. Mary Helen Henry, Mrs. Delia Cloldner, Mrs. Hay Shew, Mrs. James Ashley, Mrs. Dom Costello, Mrs. Mary Louise Costello. Mrs, Eugene Davis, Mrs. Jack Ciilfoy, Mrs. Vlasta Karanovich, Miss Lahti, Miss Laugh-11,1 Mrs. Edward Lalioche, Mrs. The proceeds from this dance are used bv the sorority to further its VICTORY CAFE -Christmas Menu- jsh, patroness, ufko Irta'S !Y SHOP rlh 7lh St. K 184-W ANENTS frT NIGHT philanthropic work in this community and slate. Catholic Woman's Club Holds Party Thursday The annual Christmas program of the Catholic Woman's Club was held Fred Meyer. Mrs. Henry Paloncy Thursday night in the club cottage I t Mrs. Christ Pesavento, Mrs. Tlielma Republican National Committee should recognize,' not only this Indiana victory, but its power and strength throughout the middle west, by holding its resurgence meeting in Hie heart of the middle west. The national committee's decision is also a great tribute to the Republican state organization. . ." Ernest M. Morris, of South Bend. G. 0. I, national committeeman, will be in charge of aria n ts. The national committee will have a dinner the night of Jan. 21 and the Indiana committee will be host to a breakfast for the national leaders and Hoosier legislators the following morning. Ks Mrs. Deleana Taparo, Mrs. Mary Hess, Mrs. Eva Holbert, Mrs. Mary Varus, Mrs. Mary Sharp, Mrs. Katie Bonucehi, Mrs. Clementine Guer Frail and Mrs. Jack Scott. Mrs. Mary Helen Henry and Mrs Chris Pesavento will be co-hostesses for the next meeting which is to be ri, Mrs. Delfena Gambaiani, Mrs. An-gellne Ferro, Miss ltosalie Muzzarel-li, two guests, Mrs. Katie Varda of Terra' Haute and Miss Ann Mene-ghiiif, and the hostesses. held January 8. Brazil Woman Guest At Circle 2, WSCS Meeting Twelve members and one guest, on Nebeker si reel. The program was opened with prayer for peace and several members gave special Christmas messages. Mrs. Dom Costello presented the Christmas story and all present Joined iu singing "Silent Night" and "Adeste Fideles." Sisters of St. Francis of Sacred Heart School were guests and were presenled with a gift. It was also voted to give a liberal offering to the orphans of Vincennes, Ind. at the chriBluias collection. The spirit of Christinas reflected in the decorations nnd the guests were served at small tables. Each table was centered Willi a red lighted candle in a crystal holder. The Miss Bruner of Brazil, Ind. of the circle 2. WSCS of the Methodist 0SKITAI Churcli met at the home of Mrs. D. C. Shaff yesterday. Cream Of Tomato Soup ROAST TOM TURKEY & DRESSING $ 1 .25 BAKED CHICKEN and DRESSING . .$1.00 I FRIED CHICKEN $1.25 SUGAR CURED HAM STEAKS $ 1 .00 ROAST BEEF or PORK 90c Whipped Potatoes Candied Yams Peas Cdrn Victory Salad or Head Lettuce Cole Slaw Pumpkin or Mince Pie Coffee or Milk The meeting was opened by the 1 f LES 3UESTS Us IITY Icing I MUSIC AINMENT PR ALL S HALL luiii SI. Dec. 23 Guy Milligau, route three, was I admitted to the Vermillion County group singing, "When You and I Wero Young, Maggie." Mrs. C, (',. Jordan was In charge of the devotional period during which she read !he account of the "Birth of Christ" I hospital yesterday as a medical case, i if from floodspeeds Modern Transla Oliver Hickman, route one, was admitted to the county hospital llilslj' : morning as a medical case. M Mrs. Ina Harotto and baby of j Jjj I Blauford, and Mrs. Clova Nelson and i Mr. and Mrs. Willard Callahew, Montezuma, are the parents of a daughter born at the Vermillion County hospital yesterday. The Infant weighed eight pounds 13 ounces and has been named, Murslia Kay. Cpl. and Mrs. Donald Kennedy are the parents of a son born at the county hospital this morning. The buby weighed three pounds 13 ounces and has been named Donald Victor. Mrs. Kennedy was formerly Miss Geraldine Wilson. tion. She also offered prayer. During the business meeting it was decided to hold the meetings favors were unique miniature cribs of I he Nativity. Christmas sifts were exchanged at the close of the program. Those serving en the coioinillee were Emma Marieiia. Fern Marietta. Mary Prs-IroiH. Angmit I.indsey. Irene Harris and Craee o'ltourke. II was also reported that I lie el oh has purchased a lal'jro qiiilHily of flirhillliaK seals Forl-si memit'-rs attended the rliri linas parly. The next meeting will be held January 18. every olher month and plans were also made to fill a Christmas basket for a needy family. Miss Eva Stokesberry pave the oiiijy id jmoiiimi...,, n., - from the county hospital yesterday. , A ' Mrs. Oscar Allen of Danville. Ind.. j g mother of Mrs. H. E. Peck, is n -U Christmas story. "Why the Chimes ported to be Improving. Hang." Following the business, the liosless assisted by her committee, Mrs. J. A. Wright, Mrs. Anna Por K M. Nazis Gambling All Bat Will Fail, 'Ike' Tells American Troops ter and Miss stokesberry, served refresh men ts. . & A ' GO TO CIIUIIOH SUNDAY R. O. R. BREDEWEG ! Baptist Guild Girls Hold Monthly Meeting Tuesday The flnihl rilrls of the First Bap (Continued trom page 1) Gen. Eisenhower said that the OPTOMETRIST '4 gyes Tested Glasses Made For 0 Those Who Need Them a ilium Kt. CI.INTOV, IM). IMione m tist church mel at Ihe home of Pally Holler, iiii Sonlli Sixth Btreet, Tuesday evening for their monthly aieetini,'. Do id ions were given by Williel-niiiio N'owling and the lesson by .Mrs. Crawl. Germans, by rushing out from their fixed defenses, may give the Allies the chance to turn their "great, gamble" into their "worst defeat." "So I call upon every man, of all the Allies, to rise now to new heights of courage, of resolution and of ef- ffiie Reason of ' QhMmal Following Ihe meeting, gifts were deli- fort," the general continued. exchanged, traines played and Sl'l'X'iA h notic:e! k&. 'ill not aerve innsiroas umner ITON HOTEL ClrllNG ROO'.I "Let everyone hold before him a single thought -,- to deslfoy the enemy on the ground, in the air and e very w he-re - destroy him! "United in tills determlnalion, and Willi uushakeabic faith in the cause for which we fight, we will, with God's help, go forward to our greatest victory," rieu:- rei'reshnirnts were served. Tlio- e present were Mary Catherine ilk. mon, Winifred Craft, Dolores oak'. Fatly Holler, Mary Sue Tucker, Norma Nolan, Alary Alice .Sonlli. Fatly Nolan, Hetty Cray, Wil-hrinino Nowiing, Lois Adams and the sponsor, Mrs. Crawl. The next meeting will be held in January at the home of Miss Nowiing. 9 EVER THAT SAME STA R LOSED ALL RAT DAY, DEEMEEE 25 i I CHRISTMAS DAY IMMM WMWM wM.M CiauiTted Ads Sell Most Anytbini ,'IION OF. A Eight Members Attend Club Meeting Recently Mrs. Clark Shirley of Kim street entertained the members of the Stllch-In-Timo Club at her homo re- .cnllv f t ? ?- Eight members were present and I the Christmas contest prize was won S.hy Mrs. Shirley. Gifts were exchanged and delicious I refreshments were served In the din-jlng room which was decorated in: J I keeping with Christmas. S I Mrs. Fern Shell will be hostess: js. 'fur Hie January meeting. I k The wi$e men saw it over the hills of old Judea ... it glows in the Christmas sky tonight, though clouds may obscure the heavens. It is a beacon of hope in a world in which there is ever so much room for improvement. Its spirit travels around this earth, encouraging, sustaining, and beautifying. Our Christmas greeting to every man, woman and child in this community ... a greeting as warm and hearty -we hope as if it were made to each in person with a friendly smile and a shake of the hand. "Under The Big Clock" 4 flfi I 4 llrJ I HI STFK HONOKEI) William S. Nisbet, county trustee, ua? the honored guest at a dinner ctven at the Jacksonville school-house Thursday afternoon. Those attending were William Payton. principal; Mrs. Ethel Crumley, Mrs. Clio King. Mrs. Vivian Stickle and Georgo Dickenson, janitor. The dinner was served at a long table decorated in keeping with the holiday season. , A. n. o. ru n siekts A delicious chicken supper was served for Ihe members of Ihe AHC Club at the homo of Mrs. D. O. Bur-gan of Walnut street Wednesday evening. Mystery pals were revealed during the evening and a lovely Christmas parly was enjoyed by all. The next meeting will be held in to weeks at the home of Mrs. Merrill Smith. Mrs. Lena Marie Greulich of Indianapolis. Ind. has arrived today to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Greulich ESE LAST SHORT DAYS OF 1944 lieu beainiiis faces tell that Christmas is cry, very near, wc are reminded again of ic supreme value of friendship. He wlio as no friends, though lie may have amassed fortune, cannot be liappy. We have many friends in this area ricnds from many years luck as well as riciids who have become friends during this iabl year. These friendships are a great uurce of ridc and happiness to us. To all these friend, wc widi a very Merry niristmas Season. i i . i It's Chriitmostime! 1 1 Forget your cores ond Special Greetings To All Those Serving In The Armed Forces. remember thot Son ta's obrood in the lond Moy your stocking be big enough to hold oil the good things vse wiih for you. RYC0 WEDLOCK JEWEL CLWTON STORE MARIAN'S BEAUTY SHOP RAYMOND MKDLOCK I'booe till) 4110 V. IMh -a O I ? O A and sister, Itiiib. of AsU si. I t'S.'t't'tH't,t't''t't't'V,t!''

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