The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 21, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1944
Page 8
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Thursday, December 21, 191 1. THE DAILY CMNTONIAN Page Eight ETC DIRECT HITS THIS JAP AIRCRAFT PLANT G fYiraniifather of Newport 'Resident Dies in Waynetown , Last riles were held at 2 p. in. Wednesday in Hie Christian Church at Waynetown for Charles Dwiggius. 83, Wuynelown business man who BUSINESS SERVICES l t : ft ;;tV t few p trri JvL'r" ytrAz 4&1 I khS nf Waviielown; stiei'ioai! if Attica; and John of Goshen; four grand.-lill- die l M is. and lion One and four great !n .innciiiinrcu. Dwigeins died Dec. 12. I !l 2!). a son. Lus.e!!. an Army avia-inslruetor during World Wur was Soiled April 14. lfs. at Ellingleu Field. Texas. jle wa.i the grandfallier ol Wilson Dwiggins of Newjiort who owns and operaii s a store In this city. Smooth Gliding ' To urge a Hat metal curtain rod into the heading of a curtain, first (it a smooth button in the end of the rod und you'll have smooth gliding. CEMETERY MEMOItMI.S MOM -MEM'S and MARKERS Terre Haute Monument Co. biir.i.1. v. i i is vbuiui m Ib-iirrM'litutlv 4HS H. Kv'iilli, (.'Hilton 9c FKI. & SAT. 35c Big Double Feature 2 BIG PICTURES Taction m more action in this THRU LING SACA OF THE WEST! ff'ftTP fH Mystery Rider to Dares Nest ol tip AL rum ST.IUM1N M' mm THIS, THE FIRST PICTURE of the bombing of the Mitsubishi Aircraft plant at Nagoya, Japan, by B-29S based in Saipan, shows smoke pouring from more t lan 40 direct hits on the important Nip aerial industry target. This photo was received in this country by RCA radiophoto. (International Soundohoto) NELSON CONFERS WITH NIMITZ i died at 11:45 p. in. Sunday in ins home following a lu nay a heart ailment. Rev. En d Hone officiated. Horn Nov. 2!l. 1 K 1 . near Wayne-lowll. lie was llie son uf John C. and Susunnu Fouls Dwiggins. He was married Dec. I I. 1X2 at Waynetown i to Susanna llrant. Mr. Dwiggins was proprietor of a grocery and meat market lu Wuynelown until about n yur ago when lie turned the business over lo a sou. Yeruer Dwiggins. former resilient of Newport. Active in business and comiuuniiy Hie until his last iiiin-ss. he was also a member of the Wayne-Christian Church. Surviving are lime sons. Vemer "PCKO' TH PICTURES til) Jlmi" ISollds if Tl A ri. ?:rzn Kit .-f n lu nnd CI hi VALt-ACE . !);; d fcy Mtl.lK 16VIN FINAL TONIGHT 2 FIRST RUN FEATIRES rvilt STCPV . . lit VU ; markets w i )! , .. , , .a I -: - '; 1 r'i f I ; b "H : kll; eh ' v ,- r- 4- HiEL and HARDY In "THE BKi NOISE" SPECIAL REPRESENTATION of l'rcsidcnt Roosevelt, Dona)d M. Nelson, is shown above, left, as he stopped at Pearl Harbor to confer privately with Adm. C. W. Nimil.z. commander-in-chief of th U. S. I'aciic Elect and occari arras. The former WI'B chief was en rout to Washington following a mission lo China. (International) Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Firt day Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Neit two lay Irecrtlon: tie eame Ic charge (you get three days at double the cost of the first day). Neit three dT Insertion: the Mine 8c charge (you get a whole ee five days) at ibies times the cost of one Insertion). E group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (like this) 10c ler line. All classified ads Including mcm- i - ... all bltiria must one ms suu ouuww " " - , . . , i .... I h.aa ht ' ne paw in auvauco w, regular customers whoso accounts re paid monthly or those from organisations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking thf publication of the notice will be held responsible for IU payment. FOlTsALE C01-. 3B738 WON'T TAKE VOIK Love From Jli, vocal liy Lynn HicliardB. It's Funny To Everyone Hut Me. vocal by Flunk Sinatra. Harry James Orchestra. Ovc plus tax. White's I'liarmacy. MAl'LE STORKLINE UAliY BED .iih steel springs and hair mattress. Good condition. Mrs. John I'itman, 521 N. 3rd SI. I'lione 797-J. ,i,lx (jxe"smai.i7"axd ONE I-AIIGE sled, pie-war. Iliiycie. fair condi-'t full. One pair boy's trousers, size Hi. 903 Nelieker Street. CIS COL. 37)3 MEMI'IIIS HH.'ES. Sleepy Time Gal. Harry James Orchestra. 50c plus tax. While's I'liarmacy. SLIGHTLY L'SL'D HOT WATER car heaters. Reasonable. Iloosier l'ete's Gas Station. Itll and Vine. His ULI'E TWEED Sl'OIIT (.'OAT, SlE 14. like new. f3. 222' Elm I Street. Apt. (i Call In ji. in.-- 1 p.! m. i"H ONE GOOD MAJESTIC COAL , range and one pre-war three way - floor lamp practically new. Mrs. J. F. Cariin, 431 Elm St.. !3Kx LARGE SIZE HEATER, GIRLS TAX coat size 12, electric train (no track) oilier metal toys. Ilarley Kennedy. Hillsdale, Ind. t:ix EVEItGREENS FOR HOME DECO-raiions. i'lnre yonr nrlr early. Ilershcy's Flower and Gill. Simi. Ull IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR Him. Seal Covers. For all makes of ears. I'alsy and LeKoy's Modern Marathon Sen ice Station. 13'J CAR RADIO. $15; TABLE RADIO, $15; dolls and other toys. tio:l North Third Street. Ilo.s TERRIER AND TOY SHEl'HERD pups. 1213 South Eighth Street. FAT HENS DRESSED AND DELI V-ered. Mrs. J. F. Cariin, phone 166-W. tlox ONE 7 CF. FOOT ELECTRIC ICE box, practically new. J. F. Cariin. phone 10I)-W. tlOx TRICYCLE, GOOD CONDITION. E. Adams, seen miles north of Clinton on road 63. I ::s FrACTICALLY NEW SILVER FON shoulder scarf. Mrs. C. M. 1'oor. 541 .Mulberry St. I3K. ijRIciT, ax v KIXIl YOl' U.iXT. (')inloii Auto U' raits Co. Ernie's, riione 8, (iintoii. 8."ilf FIFTH VEIN COAL. CHARLIE Ji. Ferguson. Phono 136-W. t7-17-44 f PLED AND SET OF TIRE CHAINS. Jesse Maden, Lyford, lnd. tfOx FIFTH VEIN COAL. CAU. 592-J. t40. FEMALE HELP WANTED M A clFl N i'rol'EIiATORS, MI'ST have good eyes, physical condition, high school graduate) .Night shin. F. S. Machine Tool Co.. Western Avenue, Apply alter II a. in. 1 3x MALE HELP WANTED MARRIED MAN FOR Y E A li around farm job, full time employ- j nient. Henry Ileaton. Jlosuhilo, 2 ' miles east of Linld. I3!lx HOYS TO CARRY I'Al'ER ROUTES. . 10 yenra or oier. Aplly , Hill lllackburn, Clintoulau. FOITND SMALL HLACK AND iWIITE DIM! with nielul studded collar. Call Louise Inc. 1 - - ' HELP W AM TED CLINTONIAN - NEWS CARHIFR buys for route open on seienlii.l eighth, and ninth streets. Call 32. I Clilltoniau Office. 1 FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car. Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing 8Dd Itecapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bosart Mobiles! Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 3 2 If DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, ' lares or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Trre Haute or Dana 142H. We pay ail phone charge. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. U37 of charge by Owlpgios and Hons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Daua, I'lione 00. t5xf gi:arantT:i:d 24-nn. rkkrioer- otion Service. Coniiucrclal anil Domestic. F. L. lionehrake. I'lione JiKM-l Clinton or 10S-J-2. Montezuma. 8-1-45 FOIt VOIIK HEALTH S SAKE, EAT more fresh fruit. Our oranges are better because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. tlGf K E C A 1 ' i ' I NO A ND V V LC A NIZ I NO . Five-ply passenger car Hies, l'lell-ty of Ethyl and anti-rreeze. Tlie Gas Market. 11-2-4 4 TKFiTnmiVKiw (iOOD f().VL AT nil limes. No waiting. J'nveU i-oad. : Miles west of Clinton, Jluj'I lilill'l'. S & O t'onl t'. Jit'UDSALS FASTE W A X FOR your Iloors. Clinton Luinber and . Supply Co. Telephone 322. 13ENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance niovin?;. 4'Hi Sou ill Fourth .Street, riione 454. t85f PAID NOTICES TO Ol lt C( KTO.MEHS: Due to the fact thai we are unable 10 procure turkeys at a price that will e liable us lo meet O.l'.A. regulations, we regret thai, for I he first Cine since we have been ill business 11 will be impossible for US lo fill nnr Christmas llirkey olileili. Since we do not have u record of all customers' addresses, we are taking this means of notifying you. While we cannot supply turkeys, we will have a liberal simply of all other poultry. Telephone 77. Herder's i'oiiltry lloui-e. I'.i'Jx .NOTICE MOOSE! Members and lainiliis! You unasked lo he present at the .Christmas program. 7:3" p. m. Friday evening. December 22, Moose Hall, Third and Llaeknian. F. C. Guinn. secretary. 1311 SI'EI I VL NOTICE! So I hat our help may spend Christmas Willi their families, our dining room will lie closed Christmas Day, December 35. Clinton Hotel. 13!) NOTICE! Called convocation of Vermil-V lion Chaiiler 125 It. A. M. 'inorsday, Dec. 21. 7:ou p. m. Instal-lalion of officers. William Vashinder. H. I'.; Ray Shew, See. 138 NOTICE! All members of Locust Grove Mine to meet, ut Gcoiito James 237 North Seventh Street. Sunday at 2 p. m. 13!) NOTICE MOOKE! He sure and pay your dues before January 15 so you can keep in Hood standing. F. C. Guinn, secretary. 13!) FOR RENT FOCR ROOM IIOFSE. SEMI MOD-ern. Nice neighborhood. Close in. Auiilabl" Jan. J. Newly papered, i'lione o:m-W. 13s 3 ROOM HOI SE. 1133 ANDERSON St. Call at 1131 Anderaon. t3!) WANTED TO BUY GOOD I SED MANDOLIN OR Gl'l-lar. Harold iiaysinger, 130!) S. Sixth street. t38 FIVE OH SIX ROOM HOI'SE. Write 35!) North 3rd St. A. Carver. t:ixx FOR SALE OR RENT FtU'lt ROOM HOI SE. LIGHTS AND water, located at 1 250 Vine Street, i'lione 7 10-J. residence, 31H-J. H. A. Illisenbark Agency, Rorkvllle. Ind. 112 In MriiMiriuiM Lining and kind In all her ways, I'piigbt and jusl lo the end of her days; Sincere and Hue. in her heart mid mind. iie.illlirul inemorii'S. she left be- ilill 1 Sadly missed liy lier datigiilers, Mrs. Sara Goodue and .Mrs. Mary I.oyd. and Criindcliiblreii. Farm ftlortgagcs The pe.-.k Linn mortgage debt was alwut 11 's billion dollars and is now around b' billion. COMPANY I'hone 62 iALACF IHNIlill'l OF A CROOK SO SMART I l?n I -w "' ' . ' MARJORIE WEAVER PETER COOKSON TIM RYAN RALPH LEWIS nmns ' " MM CHirXGo, 111. HogsylD.OUO, including 8.001) direct; mostly 35 to 60c higher; (op $11.75. flic ceiling; good and choice ISO lbs and above I14.60-J14.75; few 150-1SO lbs $14-$14.65: sonic underweight hogs up more than 60c; sows 10 lo 15c higlir er will! virtually nil at $14, the ceilt ing on sows. Cattle 6.000, calves 1.000; fed steers and yearlings weak to 25c lower; top $17.50; bulk ?U.r,u-$l c-75; heifers weak, cows steady to 25i: higher; bulls weak and vcalers steady at $15.50 down. Siieep il.OOO, including 4.000 direct: no ea;-ly sales; asking strong or $15 and slightly above Tor good and choice fed westerns; ewes steady; the early top $0.50. CHICAGO, JR. Salable estimates Friday: Cattle 2.000. hogs 9.000. sheep 1.000. INDIANAPOLIS, ind.. Dee. 21. Livestock: HOGS: (Jiioo. All weights 25c higher. Top $14. K0 for around two loads choice 211 J -24 2 lbs. Hulk 20"-240 lbs,. $14.75. liin-IXO lbs. and 270-4110 His., $14.65. lS0-2"0 lbs. and 210-270 lbs. $11.70. lon-llio His. $12.25 - $13.25. Sows 15-25c higher. Hulk $)3.0-13.X5. CATTLE: X00. Calves: lion. Open- COLUMBIA THURSDAY Admission c and 20c CRY K1AV0C With MaiRarrt Sulla veil Ann Sotlicrn Joan Rlondcli "Wcdtiinc Stories" Leon Errol Comedy LOANS... 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It r.Hii $'j:.2 Ken. aa AO 7.12 200 iH..'W i"ii) - .-. 1 7 ll.l PUBLIC LOAN CO. L SECOND-FEATURE RICHARD TRAVIS IN "THE LAST RIDE" A High Powered OanKSrjMctyif STARTING 11 P. M. SATURDAY Through XMAS i r u Atlantic Charter in Formal Allied Treaty Is Goal of Congress (Continued fiom pae 1) el NaUiuis treaty," aid Sen. Kari-clifle il)) Md. "Of course, it is only a general stateinent of princiiIes and what we need is a concrete a-grfenient anions nations." "It would bo a lovely thing if Creat Urliain and Russia would put their names down on a treaty embodying the Atlantic Charter." said Sen. Jjrewster (It) Maine. KttijK Out ' "Churchill apparently considers it I conversation which meant -whatever Ihf imperial Interest requires. I as-! nuhi that in uod faith Hull and ' Steitinius iried to get IJrHain and j IltiKKiu lo lollow it, but 'they aro ! easing their way out of ft ince it is I not a formal donnm-al.' ' j "As far as J am 'concerned," afd Sen. Chavez () N. M.( "I was made t to believe, and still believe, (hat the I Atlantic Charter was and is a very live proposition, that it is one uf the things we are lighting for. "Jn my opinion a treaty that does no) contain the principles enuncia- ted by Ihc purports of the charter j --whether written or unwritten will not be received very graciously by the t'nited States senate." .Irrepled lty J'eopJe .Sen. O'Mahoney (D) Wyo.. said the Atlantic Charter had been ac-! Ceplei by the people "as a defjni-jfi outline of our traditional prin-1 eiplfrt end tbfir application to the s ii lenif nt ol this war." "Adherence to its principles ban been ivafiijjjM-d by Secretary ol .Sia'e Siettinius and by all govern-' lueiit olllcials who have been questioned about it," ho added. Petroleum Peli oleum has been broken Ifr constituents. into With The ConpUnteata Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN. There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Wailing At Our Office for C JI AS. I'ERONA 351 N. 8th St. Just Come la And AikFor Them! H'atrh This Sce VT Voni NAME MAT DK STKX" ing about sle.lily. Cleanup trade. Ee medium grade, sleemi ud .-.heifers. $ 1 I- I 2.50. Coiiiinon steers and heifers down o 4. Veajera mostly 5oc lower. Top $ I 7.511. t. S.HEE1'; 2000, ' Lambs . 25-50c higher. Yearlings 25c higher. Dulk good to choice native lillubs $11.25-15. iMediuui to low good mostly $10.75-$ I 4. Double' good and choice around !) 1-lb. norlliwi stern lambs. Double good lo choice 97-11). Texas yearlings 1 3. d'ri pared by Office of Distribution). Yank Pincers Mile Apart In Dri e on Leyte (Continued from l'is'o One) pi-inu-ly la rcitcb , ijicif IwM J.cytf porl. II. in u.nlikWy, Imiwcvit Unit Jlny will hf ntjJf csrHpi thut ini-(1t I lie nlcj l i'vch of Anicriciin air land Kv.i fon-i'a wlikli huv already I fnrcod t lie Japrf ahandun Ihfir effdrta to niiiforcf lliuir narr ihnna. Thf last convoy hcadi d loward Jj'.v- tt was cuui;ht iron) ihi uir nuii' tin w i I a Ko, and tli1 ri'inrtiriin Jups have . I bi'cn l'.-l't. to fi'lil di'lu.viiiK Ufiioii. I "Tho bat He ia rapidly diawitic lo ; an (Mid," MacAriluir (leclan'd hi his j roiniininiqiHf w'lifii uImi ri-p'1' '! ; ihat tin' ndviiiiHiiB Vi.nL h cupum-d; Ituuo i nunf h i H of FttpplU i and qnipnuMii. whk'li would iiuvf laHini , six inonllis for tin- Jais liad Ihfv lici'ii nhh lo hold oui. j Minihiro l)tif (ii-in-. 2.1unv'h1l'. Mncrtcaii imadrfs ol Mindori), sonili of Ijizoii, conliiuied to push forward wlthoui i'iifotiii!r-opposition and work u nil m wt-fi'j speedily puttiim uirflilU and oilor installntiona into simp' for furiliri' thruti'.a ugafnst the Japu In the I'lul- ipptlH'S. Jap uir activity uvtr Mindolo Was doscrihfd u.b liphl and nint- eiifiny planes whio shot down by lijrht nav- tal units and bhori'-basd anti-uir- 1 craft butteries. i Heavy bombers continued Ihfir j swt-f ps over Iji.oii, starling lare i fires and rain-inn exploRiona al l.e-I iraspi. Air patrols attacked an fin-my jeoinoy Sftn miles west if .Manila I and scored direct hila on a 6.h"i ion freighter. mm Ammonium Nitrate Ammonium nitrate is an economical form of nitrogen fertilizer because it is concent i a ted and requires less labor, bugging,, and expense in transput lau jn than ieas guiicentr;.t-ed terlilier. Il 'formerly clked badly, but now cuiiui m pellet form uhirh lemains dry and esy lo j i 1 : j i 1 jF0RL0V...and v I jpm, COUNTRY I ( I f7Zl But Not I W II $g) Michael 0 SHEA sll A) Anne SHIRLEY Kxlrai Ui nejielfinKHABT f , v S 4 M;,'"""" I LET US SHOW YOU HOW TO PAY WINTER BILLS THE "PROMPT CASH" WAY. PERSONAL LOANS TO $300. SECURITY LOAN 22S Hl.i'.kluau St. Tlione 232 211)14 Main Ht. CLINTON. IND. handle., t

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