The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 11, 1968 · Page 30
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 30

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1968
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

3fr-Palm Beach Post, Monday, Nov. 11, 1968 M SOMESOCfY REPORTED THE LITTLE WOMAN TUB POLICEMAN Answer to Previous Futile WANT Rain B-oNoie? 1 B-oMoie? 1 IP I ICpi IPjAplAI CAiP okay; MRS. il M I euMSTEAD- ) ,:1 r r-1 ' r I BLONDIE THAT WAS YOUR r. I've sot you NOW, PALEFACE I across 1 Come down hard 5 Winter phenomenon 10 Black Sea port ',. 12 Cultivating implement 14 Rents 15 Finery 16 Competent 17 506 (Roman) 18 Termination 19 Heavy downpour 23 Signal of distress 26 Spelling event -. 27 Cleansing agents- 31 Man's-name 33 As well as 35 Let fall 36 Nevada city 37 1,101 (Roman) 38 Hebrew measure 39 Event in . THIS NEW MATH 1 1 IS SOINS- TO BE j ! THE DEATH OF U MBY6T.' ll & O ; t L ill Noah's life 41 Female bird 43 Pig's home 44 Topmost branches 47 Man's nickname 50 Scottish county 51 Detest 55 Flood 57 Rain phenomenon 59 Machine part 60 Communion plates 61 Prayer endings 62 Biblical prophet DOWN 1 Bell sound 2 Caucasian 3 Employ 4 Ethiopian dignitary 5 Barber's forte 6 Some Mediterraneans II 10 11 14 16 - I & ) Kutf FnhirM SpftrficaM. Inc . I960 Worltj rtfKti rrvrrvrd "She's going to grow up to be a typical woman. Listen to her saying 'Buy-buy'!" JACOBY JUST YES.THAT THE STORY OF EVERY CRIMINAL! ITS ALWAYS THE Uttle thingK, mm m i iiiiHwiiiiiiiiii'r i ii i i mi i Listen to Wife At Bridge Table 1" yr 119 120 121 I p2T" 23 24 25 31 36 39 I 2b I"l27 28 32 I 133 34 mmlM 40 jl41 r2 ll43 THIS j44 45 47 48 49 rH50 M 1 55 56 rn57 59 61 J( PEARLS -DIAMONDS (Newspaper Interpret Assn.) : HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY Tl KNOW A f DOM T KEEP 7 V y V--n Is , nxf Til REDEYE :buta little bitty tt DAISY LET HIM DOWN-CC ATOP "WALKER'S TABLE "IH THE PHANTOM'S EYRIE HE FINDS" IT EHAN1DM! THE FLINTSTONES: STEVE CANYON "i f you've got to 00 SOVETMIN& ABOUT j. IT'LL MAKE A J BULGE IM MY f POCKET" r . HI AND LOIS Jl fifty 'Jul foN j!&r PIP YOU PASS SV THE H THE W0RP THAT , I HENRY RI2E HAP 7 Urge (Scot.) 8 Great Lake 9 Ripped 10 Palm leaf (var.) 11 Social starter (coll.) 13 Married 17 Heavy rain 20 Before (comb, form) 21 Quantity of paper 22 Bother 23 Bondman 24 Russian city 25 Chinese (comb, form) 28 Weapons 29 Bard 30 Active 32 Water bird 34 Food regimen 40 Mythological animal 42 Word of negation 45 Viewers 46 Snap (coll.) 47 Newspaper notices 48 Greek letter 49 Biblical land 52 Inspires veneration 53 Numeral 54 Bitter vetch 56 Shoshonean Indian 57 Watering place 58 Pork product 8 12 13 29 30 51 &2 53 54 58 60 62 want set out to get it. This could be your day. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You get to bottom of puzzle aids in building self-confidence. Money puzzle is solved. Discussion with mate, partner clears the air. Put facts on table. Air views you'll be happier. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): You might find yourself Involved with people of opposite views. Be considerate. Exciting possibilities come to fore. Accept social invitation. Be flexible. You learn valuable lessons. PISCES (Feb. 19-March20): Day to attend to routine matters. It may appear boring but could give you feeling of genuine satisfaction. You could make discovery of value. Key is determination. Maintain steady pace. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you have remarkable powers of perception. It is difficult for others to fool you. But you are capable of deceiving yourself. That new project Is going to work out in your favor. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for LEO, VIRGO. Special word to AQUARIUS: evaluate. Analyze. Key to what you want is present. Hatlo's The KIMQUATS STOOP IT AS LONG AS THEY COULP AND THEN CUT OUT FROM MRS. TRESVAWNS' PULL SOIREE-" Next pay they finp out they were at the bash of the season and didn't KNOW IT-" TV PHIL BERUBE AUSTIN, TEXAS I 7 i CAN'T THE r l WELL, SHE 7 ,lcv I DOES DRESS V .r l, .... RriilV, V I I r I rf N I lS) -AMD irTUFRP ANYTHING I DON'T Y THERE'S KiCBODY ) SPEAK ) HERE BUT THE family FIRE ) MEED -ITS ANOTHER BULGE J " ' NORTH (D) AKQ92 VK742 865 A7 11 WEST A84 V3 EAST AJ65 V 10965 AKQ93 2 KQJ10986543 SOUTH AA1073 VAQJ8 4 J1074 2 East-West vulnerable West North East South Pass Pass 1 V 2 3 V Pass 4 V Pass Pass Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead 2 Jim: "There are a couple of rules of match point bid-din? that vou have always stressed. One is that if you expect to oe nxea at least be fixed with a plus score. The corollary is that when you have your choice between CARMICHAEL POOR MOM; FIRST IT LAKYM&ITIS MOW IT' WRITER'S CRAMP r - Copyright 1948 lo nql Tlmti They'll Do It Every - N ft. A At)i Loveiy W WE WT?"" I rr. . ..' 7 iu you He Ale ASUJ THE HOST . 11 -H OUT OUR WAY APPLES WITH yi HAkJPLE5?1 THE SOMETIMES JZ A HAIRSASx DOESN'T LOOKP- A "rtff -MAY WE !L ALONE? II , BUT I iJm IN i Aooset?i ff CALL If TO H fROM 9 ll-ll XrvTELL.VES-OR-PERHAPSA WHOLE HEAD OF HAIR, AS LIZZ SOON WILL LEARN! By Neg Cochran WOT HAWPLES--AAARKER&.' I'M WATCHIW AN' EXCITIW WESTERN!, AM' THIS WAV 1 DOW'T HAVE TO WORRV ABOUT BITIW' INTO A WORM HOLE BVMlSTAKE WORRV WART -( '.T: TO REPORT mi, w T!r A THEFTfjfc 1 Mvl &NUC56LE UP j TO. .FOR A J ( BEDTIME ) ; 9TORY fofe A VEHICLE iF HENRY RIZE IS 60 TO THE AIRSTRIP WITH THOSE WOMEN ANOTHER 6AT THy WONY EXPECT c' ' T A ON BRIDGE ; sure death and a possible reprieve, take the reprieve." Oswald: "Here is a hand from the Mixed Pair event of the recent Long Island championships played at Roosevelt Raceway to illustrate this. The bidding went as shown in the box. West was Mike Moss, one of New York's brilliant young players. He chose to overcall with two clubs with his nine-card suit. He did not like the fact that he was vulnerable against non-vul, but he did have eight sure tricks with clubs as trump." Jim: "I see that when his partner doubled four hearts, Mike stood by the double on the theory that five clubs would certainly go for at least 500 points and that a miracle might take place at four hearts doubled." Oswald: "The miracle did take place. Mike opened his singleton diamond. East cashed three diamond tricks while Mike discarded his two spades. Then East led a spade, whereupon Mike ruffed and set the contract." Jim: "Quite a result. Imagine most other East-West pairs went down at four or five clubs. Mike was playing with Gayle, his wife, wasn't he?" Oswald: "Yes, and that may have been the reason he passed. When your mother and l lirst played together in the distant past, I made it a point to leave her doubles in. Some how or other, she always had mighty sound ones. Mike must nave had the same experience with his wife's doubles." (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) 11 Q The bidding has been: West North East South 14k Pass ? You, South, hold: AQ 10854 VA10 453 7654 What do you do? A Bid one spade. Vou have six high card points and a five-card spade suit. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner rebids to one no-trump. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Time MY PHONE WAS RINGING ALL PAY WTOOTIE DID A PANCE ON TOP OF THE PIANO AND HER HUSBAND FELL OUT OF THE SECOND-STORY WINDOW! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO WANTED TO LEAVE EARLY.'.' Km( rVttutn Inr , l"fi. W...W .l(hli trtv! r infers lM br Ml . faw. T.U. 14. V.l IW. off. WHY -. CAN I THE I II ZT TsS HAVE MZax sows?y WHAT ON 0PENIN5 A EARTH ARE V j A CAN OF I VOU DOINS HXPEANUTS J IN THE 111r-CLOSET, tji :ym V MUST be TTVs-so Nice 60ING'"HW6TOl OF YOU TO COME, November 11, 1968 By SYDNEY OMARR "The. wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIES (March 21 -April 19): Hold back on tendency to be extravagant. Today, you may want t throw caution to winds. But In delicate matter affecting loved ones you had better be practical. Children may be Involved, too. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): What appears to be an obstacle could disintegrate. Know this and don't worry without cause. Accent on domestic affairs. But indications are that path Is going to be smoothed, without effort on your part. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Stress on pleasure; enjoyment Is achieved from apparent minor efforts. Get into swing of routine. I Family members, neighbors have something to offer. Open your mind to appreciation. That is key! CANCER (June 21-July22): Money can come your way today. Lunar position spotlights material gain, values. What you collected can now be converted into cash. Be alert. Make necessary changes, decisions. Don't wait too long. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Cycle high. But to advance, you need family backing. Be willing to stand up for rights. You make contacts which prove valuable. Say what you mean mean what you say. Definite point of view is necessary. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You may find yourself Involved In mystery. Means some undercover activities draw you, cause you to make decision. Key is to adhere to principles. Don't knuckle down to threats. Study LEO message. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Lunar cycle swings to friends, hopes, desires. You have opportunity to fulfill promises. Those who prove their feelings can now be repaid. You can balance the scales do so. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Stress on your ambitions. You galit if you leave past head toward future. Weight on your shoulders Is lifted. Strive to movie beyond aura of defeat-Ism; Look ahead. Don't brood over! past. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec, 21): Good lunar aspect today coincides with chance to gain through knowledge. Facts you have been filing can be put to use. Know what you 'rfii s- . 1 1-1. 1 IFERD'NMD THERE POESNT SEEM I JUST TO BE ANY WAY TO GET OVER CONVINCE PEOPLE OUR PICTURES OF HISTORY ARE AUTHENTIC I'll -n isoooLA y ONLY THING f WE'VE GOT A THfcY WANT 1 AFFIRMATIVE .' ALL ANP FROM HIS PERCH IN THE UI6GA6C AREA BLOCKS ABOUT OF PoTEET ANP 8ITSYS CAR, THE FUGITIVE CITY HAVE BEEN HAS SOME COMMENTS... 5 ALERTEP.' t ' SfPST W 7 ZIP oH 10 Y0UK C jtnm-r StA fjfSfl m m IT- Vvl AIRPLANE. I IW j OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople Your attemptep 3EST6 ercmmm FEESLE EACH VEAK, BAXTER .'0UT I BLAME YcXl FOR gElMo , OF FATHER' HI6H 5PIRT5! 1 lT'5 oJiet now That YOUR FATHER HAS LEFTHOOPLE PEOPLE SHOULD BE M0VIM6 BACKITO ruAic TUE NEHSHBORHOOP, DON'T 3EALOU5 Y5UR : the IDEA OF A 816 TiME ISTAKlMO oust cloths off vojr eay A 1 rf" UP OUR STUFF rr-, 1 V AU-RISHT TT7 VJ .Si-XyrfyX ..I jwr-'' -M'J:'-i whpki vrti ir wiff 14 an V, 0MTIM&5 -1 0AXTEK EVEN L005ENl Hl4 TIE ihi V 1 Mi w " f-ZHMm I ! 1 fo&s ml ...DO YOU THINK WU COULD THE BOOK SW3 SHOULD FINP OUR WAY TO THE 1 CA(4 1 120) SHORE J BE NO UNION TV PRODUCTION I TRY ROAD . PROBLEM OFFICE? S7n-X)) I u ffeOn ALLEY QQP 1 rJjJ 1 "'"

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